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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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responded to new agencillegatio against him. we begin with a deadly stabbing at a metro station. a 15-year-old was killed walking out of the deanwood station. the same metro shop where a couple weeks ago another teenage boy was gunned down waiting for the train with his family. let's get to pat collins live at the station. >> reporter: chris, two teenagers, two teenagers murdered in two separate incidents at the same metro station 16 days apart. what's going on here? a young man stabbed to death at the deanwood metro station. the victim is said to be about 15 years old. murdered by another young man near these gates as both the victim and the suspect were getting ready to leave the station. so far no motive. so
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police say metro's security cameras recorded pictures of the suspect and recorded pictures of the deadly attack. it was 16 days ago that 15-year-old davonte washington was shot and killed at this very same deanwood station. davonte was on his way to get a haircut for easter sunday. 17-year-old maurice bellamy charged as an adult in that murder. according to court documents, bellamy shot davonte because he didn't like the way he looked at him. >> this is the second murder at this station in less than a month. what do you make of this? >> it's very troubling. you know, folks who travel on the metro all the time want to feel safe and, you know, the good news, if there is any good news from this, in all likelihood we're going to be able to close this case because of the security system that metro has here. the bad news is
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young person in our city to violence. >> reporter: so where were the cops this morning? where were the cops, a lot of people are asking that question. i'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. chris, back to you. >> thank you, pat. now, we want to let you know any minute d.c. mayor muriel bowser will make a statement. it's being called a public safety announcement. we're going to bring that to you just as soon as it happens. the mayor will make those remarks just before leading a community walk in the neighborhood where a 7-year-old girl was shot friday night while walking with her family. news4's sarah gord is live -- d ward is live in southeast. >> we're just a few yards from where the mayor will make that walk. we're on hartford street and knox place. this building is where the father took his daughter, into the hallway and got assistance from neighbors and they called the police.
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from here, maybe just a half a block. but this community is now seeing a lot of attention, attention they said they've needed for so long because there have been complaints and reports about gunfire and violence here. they say it's an all too often occurrence, and this incident on friday with a 7-year-old girl who was shot in the stomach who remains hospitalized and wounded this. this sort of brings new attention to it and some attention they say they've needed for a long time and it has knenetted some results as w hear from metropolitan police. >> we have made a great deal of progress in this case. we feel pretty confident that we're going to be able to get to the bottom of it. we want to continue to urge people to come forward. we don't want to discourage them from coming forward. >> reporter: now, there are resources such as surveillance video from the cams eras mounte on some of these buildings. we're expeg
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walk this neighborhood and make an announcement that folks around here hope will make a change. we'll have more on this as it becomes available. now to a developing story out of anne arundel county. an elected official facing charges says he's done nothing wrong. sheriff ron bateman released a statement saying he's never assaulted his wife. he ka you would it a, quote, emotional family dispute that led police to a home last night in pasadena. bateman is charged with second-degree assault. officers found injuries to his wife's face and damage to a door. anne arundel county police describe what they saw. >> minor abrasions, scrapes, bumps, bruises i would say with some swelling. >> police took sheriff baitedmanbaitedmateman's weapons and his credentials after his arrest. he says he's back at work doing mainly administrative duty. he's been in office and on the
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a would-be burglar is recovering in the hospital after a laurel police officer accidentally shot him. it happened just before midnight at the indus food international market. four officers were investigated -- investigating a burglary and saw something moving in the back, was startled and shot the suspect. >> he is a s.w.a.t. team member and a firearms instructor. he immediately rendered aid to this victim, even consoling him during the process while an ambulance was en route. >> now, that officer has been placed on routine administrative leave. the other officers had to use a taser to stop a second suspect who tried to run away. a rainy monday morning turned into a dry monday afternoon and it looks like we're in for a repeat. >> let's just c
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monday and get this over with. what are you saying? >> it's pretty much going to be the case. we saw showers this morning, a little cool to start, and we saw the sunshine and a nice day. the warmest numbers we've seen in four days across our region. 72 degrees is the current temperature out there in d.c. 74 richmond. 78 virginia beach. but take a look to the north. 57 state college. only 53 in columbus, ohio. some of that cooler air will move in tomorrow all because of this front. you can seed fro the front over the north and severe weather down south. nothing severe for us but we will see shower activity overnight and into the early portions of tomorrow. it will affect that early morning rush. rain overnight. the next few days still going to be on the cool side but nothing like where we were over the weekend, and then -- now we're talking. talk about the 70s and they stick around for a bit too. we'll tell you about that in the forecast coming up in a minute. >> thanks, doug. a new effort is under way to protect your car from being stolen or vandalized in virginia'smu
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state senator jeremy mcpike launcheded a petition asking vdot to dedicate money for security cameras in the lot. there have been a string of thefts over the past few weeks at the horner road park and ride and we told you how tires were stolen from several cars at that same lot last fall. they are three blocks on a busy road that could get you a $200 ticket. where you'll have to change lanes for face a fine. and donald trump could very well win his home state in next week's new york pry lear but "first at 4," why two of h own is
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some new insight right now into why we've seen flames and smoke spreading across montgomery county land dozens of times so far this year. reports reviewed by news4 shows the fire and ems department has responded to 60 brush fires in the county so far. a dozen of those were considered significant including one last month in germantown. among the causes listed, controlled burns that spread farther than expected, and one of them triggered by overhead power lines that fell on dry grass. it is one of the most controversial issues on the presidential campaign trail, the
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that you will only see on news4. and another dose of wet weather going to be moving in. when you'll have to dodge the rain drops and why you could heasome rumbles of thr u wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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make an announcement about an arrest in that case. chief? >> good afternoon, everybody. as we talked about earlier today, we had a 7-year-old that was shot in this neighborhood, and today i want to announce we're very pleased to announce that 27-year-old michael wiggins from southwest washington, d.c., has been arrested and charged in this case. i can't underestimate the help that we got from the community in this case, all the calls, all the support that we got in closing this case. the hard work of detective kenneth weeks and her partner
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they worked diligently with the court system. the weapon was recovered, and we do now have an arrest in the case. >> so we want to let everybody know -- it's good news. that the 7-year-old involved, we got a chance -- i got a chance to talk to her and her family yesterday. we continue to pray for her speedy recovery. she is very anxious to get back to school, and we're anxious for that to happen as well. we certainly don't tolerate any level of violence in our city and are shocked that a child walking with her family could get caught in this cross fire. we're equally shocked that what appears to be an altercation among teenagers at a metro station ended in one of those young people being dead. so we look forward very soon to being able to share additional information about the stabbing that
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metro. >> we can as we speak, i have my public information officer who is watching. we're going it recease some images that we have in that case so we'll be sending that out to all the news organizations and we'll tweet it out so everybody has that. so we do have an image of a person of interest in that case. >> we can take a few questions. >> does the person you arrested live in this area? >> southwest d.c., yeah. >> down what the involvement was? what brought him over here? >> it appears there was an altercation that led to gunshots, and then, unfortunately, the 7-year-old was struck by one of those gunshots. >> more arrests to be made or is it still under investigation? >> we believe we have the one shooter that is responsible for the shooting. >> chief, you mentioned some community involvement. was that the basis of your warrant or do you have video or anything -- >> i have to say without the community's help in this particular case, we would not have been able to make a closure, so we really want to thank folks. we go out a lot of times and we ask the community to help us
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in this particular case, like i said, i can't underestimate the amount of people that called in with tips and information, and one of those tips led us to closing this case. all right? are you guys good? >> thank you, everybody. thank you. >> so, again, we just broke in with that live news conference there. that was mayor muriel bowser and some of her officers talking about the arrest. a man named michael wiggins has been arrested for shooting that little 7-year-old girl on friday night. that shooting shocked a lot of people in this community. >> we're glad to know the little girl is recovering. she's hospitalized. the mayor says she's anxious to get back to school and they say they belie they were able to make this arrest with ethe help of the public. a man dead after crashing
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the man was driving here rutland road around noon when he ran off the road and hit trees. maryland state police are working to see what might have caused him to lose control. we're still working to learn his identity. the victim's identity. an important traffic alert now. new bus lanes opened along a stretch of georgia avenue in northwest. drivers who don't follow the rules could face big fines. as news4 kristin wright reports, the goal is to help buses move more quickly on one of the city's busiest corridors. >> reporter: if you're caught driving in the bus lane, the fine is $200. it looks like a lot of people may not even be aware of this change just yet. they're still driving through the bus lane. here is what you need to know. the new bus lanes are in georgia avenue between florida and barry place over by howard. it's about three blocks. the laennes are clearly marked s
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cabs with passengers get through. bicycles are allowed in the bus lane but you cannot drive, you cannot park in the bus lane. the only time you can drive in it is if you're just about to make a turn. you can enter the bus lane about 40 feet before that turn. the lanes will not be enforced on sundays. now, later this spring ddot is going to put down a red surfacing paint to make the lanes stand out more. again, the fine is 2 -- $200. absolutely i would not agree to having any cia officer carrying out waterboarding again. >> the presidential campaign has brought waterboarding back to the forefront of national security discussions, and tonight we have a preview of a new interview with cia director john brennan that you're going to see only on nbc news. richard engel joins us now with more on director brennan's stance
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donald trump is already calling brennan's position on this issue ridiculous. senator ted cruz has said he doesn't even consider waterboarding to be torture. what did director brennan say to you about some of the rhetoric from the campaign trail? >> well, this came -- it was a surprise actually. i went to the cia headquarters at langley and i was planning on talking about isis and that's what we talked about, about counterterrorism and what's being done to fight groups like al qaeda and isis, and we were talking about the agency's successes and failures, and director brennan said that one of the things that -- a lesson learned was about enhanced interrogations. that's the term for interrogation techniques like waterboarding and others. practices that were made illegal in 2009 under president obama. and he said that they're not going down that road. they're not going to do it again.
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about the republican candidates who say they want to bring it back? and in quite clear terms, he said we're not doing it. we're not going down that road. we've learned lessons from the past. they're not necessary, and the cia doesn't want to get back into that business again. and numerous legal obstacles have been put in place that would make it extraordinarily difficult for a future president to try to force the cia to get back into the business of waterboarding and others, and now we have very publicly an acting cia director saying they won't go back. >> and, richard, just to short of draw that out a little bit, i mean, you've had years of experience talking to intelligence officials. do you get the sense that brennan is speaking for the internal culture of the cia or is there a chance you get a new president, you get a new cia director who may be more amenable to some of these techniques? >> it wouldn't just be a matter of switching the cia
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there have been -- there was a justice department memo that was used as a justification for this -- legal opinion i should say that was used to justify the program under the bush administration. that has since been repealed. there's the mccain amendment. the fact that in 2009 it was made to be illegal. so many laws would have to -- mean legal hurdles i should say would have to be overcome to bring these practices back. that's one thing, so it wouldn't just be a simple matter of flipping a switch and turning it on again, but the internal culture at the cia, i think many people there felt burned by this. they felt that they were left holding the bag. the people who were involved in the program faced criminal investigations, length y investigations. there were public hearings on this. many people had to hire at their own expense
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and i think when you have all these combination of public condemnation and inquiries and criminal investigations on a program that was at the time sanctioned by the administration, even with that sanctioning, they had so much problems. so i think they felt that they're not willing to do it again. >> all right. well said. thank you very much, richard. as richard mentioned, the waterboarding topic was just a small part of what he spoke to director brennan about. the full interview with cia director robert brennan is coming up -- or john brennan is coming up on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. the tax clock is ticking away. "first at 4," what to do to make sure you're ready, and what you should do if you can't m
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it.
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l for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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pretty nice day out there, at least that's the way it's come as we made our way through the afternoon. we started wuf a little bit of rain early this afternoon, a little cool to start the day, but then the sun came out and the winds starting to blow. winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour and that's really helped the temperatures come up, all because of that southerly direction of the wind. take a look. plenty of sunshine across the area. it's our city
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lacrosse action. this weekend was very, very cold. we saw a couple inches of snow this weekend in southern maryland and parts of northern virginia. amazing snow on april 9th. this is what it's supposed to be like. 73 in brleesburg. 74 in fredericksburg. no rain or snow to talk about. we're not going to see anything for the next 10 to 12 hours and then we'll be watching this front come through. a cold front to the north. down to the south, some severe weather. this is what we're going to get in on, the shower activity. that shower activity coming in in about 12 hours. so let's time it out. tonight at 11:00, we're all dry. by around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, that's when we start to see showers. by 7:00 a.m. notice the rain
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we're not predicting a ton of rain but it could be a quarter inch to a half an inch. that rain then moves out and by 10:00 in the morning, southern maryland seeing the rain, the northern neck of fredericksburg, but everything out starting to clear out. and by tomorrow afternoon around 2:00, notice most areas with the exception of southern maryland seeing some sunshine tomorrow. on a day very much like what we saw today, the difference though the winds tomorrow will shift more out of the north. that's going to give us a much cooler day. temperatures tomorrow about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than where they are now. starting off not too bad. 56 degrees with that rain out there. showers, you'll need the umbrella. 3:00 to 4:00, 60 degrees, it will be on the cool side. 60 with sunshine. that's not a bad day at all. next couple days, we're going to stay on the mild side, at least where we've been the last couple days. we're well below average. our average high, 67 degrees. we'll be well below average
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nice on friday with a high of 65. plenty of sunshine and i do mean plenty of sunshine, wednesday, thursday, friday, even into the weekend. wait until you see the weekend forecast. veronica johnson has that in a few. developing this afternoon, protests in washington calling for changes that would affect the election process. the message they were giving and we were there as police put some of them in handcuffs. plus, a teenage girl's fight for her life. >> the daring rescue that was caught on camera "first at 4."
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now at 4:30, a county sheriff is defending his name and says he never assaulted his wife. last night police arrested anne arundel county sheriff ron bateman at his home in pasadena. he's out on his own recognizance but has been placed on leave. a tlaskraffic alert. new bus-only lanes are open. get caught in those lanes and you will get a $200 fine. and now at the live desk we've just received pictures from police of the person they're looking for in connection to the deadly stabbing today at the deanwood metro station. look at your screen. police say they believe this person and a teenager got into an altercation at the station just before 11:00 this morning. at some point they say the man stabbed the teen who later died at the hospital. if you have any information about this person, the perso
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it was just two weeks ago a 15-year-old was shot and killed at the very same metro station. news4's pat collins is working the story. he will have a live report tonight on news4 at 5:00. pat? right now new attacks in the presidential race. bernie sanders is no longer saying hillary clinton is unqualified. he's now saying she may not have the judgment to be president. >> meanwhile, donald trump says the whole nominating process is rigged. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill bringing us up to date on today's battles. >> good evening, pat and chris. it's just eight more days until the new york primary. for senator bernie sanders this could be a big test to see if he can take significant delegates. for republicans donald trump tries to hold onto his lead while saying the system is flawed. >> reporter: republican front-runner donald trump blasts the nomination process as rigged. >> we have a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. >> reporter: trump
4:32 pm
senator ted cruz manipulated the state convention in colorado to get all 34 delegates. today trump tweeted the republican party is in trouble. the cruz campaign fired back in a statement saying trump always complains after a loss. governor john kasich said ucruz supporters used unfair tactics. >> i keep telling people it's about accumulating delegates. >> reporter: political experts say trump's best option is to get delegates through the remaining primaries. it means big wins in new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, and most of all in california. >> senator bernie sanders questions hillary clinton's judgment. >> this campaign listens to ordinary americans and not just zillion air campaign contributors. >> clinton has sanders falters under scrutiny. >> in new york he's had trouble answering questions, trouble answering questions about his core issue,
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the banks. >> reporter: the democrats' debate is thursday with the new york primary april 19th. back to donald trump, his campaign plans to file protests with the republican party to have disqualify the entire colorado delegation. reporting live in washington on capitol hill, edward lawrence. back to you, pat. hundreds of protesters took part in a sit-in at the capitol calling for campaign reform. there have already been several arrests. supporters of the democracy spring campaign arrived in washington today following a 140-mile, 10-day march from philadelphia. they want congress to take immediate action to protect everyone's right to vote and remove the use of big money in political campaigns. >> by having thousands of us come to the capitol and sit in and demonstrate that so many of us care about this cause, enough tobe
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movement has momentum. >> the group plans to hold more sit-ins at the capitol over the next eight days. it seemed like winter would never end, but, yes, this week it's gone. we're going to have a very spring-like pattern this week. that means temperatures will be pushing closer to 60 and 65 degrees. of course, today very mild. look at the radar right now. it is dry. our temperatures out ahead of all that rain have gotten into the upper 60s, even low to mid-70s, but that's the rain we're tracking that will be making its way into our area as this weather front in ohio and indiana slips into our area and that means your morning rush back to rain but mainly light rain. just the small umbrella for the early part of the day. we'll start out at 56 degrees. breezy showers first thing tuesday, but afternoon sunshine as we see our temperatures hold steady around 60 degrees. and a better week ahead.
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minutes. >> thanks, v.j. it's been nearly 25 years since anita hill's testimony rocked a confirmation hearing. now she's reflecting on her time as a reluctant witness who accused justice clarence thomas of sexual harassment. >> it wasn't at all genteel. it was quite vicious at times. >> hill with the "today" show about a new movie premiering this weekend on hb osmo. the film dives into what happened when hill said thomas made unwanted sexual advances on her while they were working at the department of education. >> i think what we have to do though is to understand why my testimony and my experience and not only my experience but the other three women who weren't called, why that was so important to the integrity of the court. >> thomas denied the allegations and was confirmed to the high court by a narrow margin. hill says she hasn't had any significant
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thomas since that confirmation hearing. well, he said it last week and repeated it today. alabama governor robert bentley says he has, quote, no plans to step down. last week state lawmakers started the process to impeach bentley and remove him from office. it stems from an alleged affair between bentley and his long-time staffer while he was still married. some lawmakers say they can't trust his leadership anymore but today bentley said there's no basis for impeachment. the fbi says it still needs your help despite a huge number of leads in a notorious murder case. it's been two years now since the fbi named william bradford bishop to its ten most wanted list, and since his addition to the list, local and federal law enforcement officials say they have followed up on more than 650 new leads in the case. he's accused in the brutal murders of his wife, his mother, and three children in bethesda 40 years ago. the news4 i-team creaed
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exclusive details about the hunt for william bradford bishop. you will find that in the nbc washington app by searching bishop. a deadly case of road rage, but as the memorial for a former nfl star grows, so do the questions surrounding his death. and what's about to change at your local starbucks. "first at 4
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his side. they've been right there, two of his most loyal cheerleaders. however, two of donald trump's children won't be voting for him in the new york primary next tuesday. they won't be voting for any candidate, and that's because they missed the deadline to register. trump said his daughter ivanka and her brother eric didn't know the rules, and they're feeling in his words very, very guilty, but trump says no hard feelings. he understands. well sh, the u.s. coast gua rescued a teenager who became separated from her family during a kayaking trip in florida. they found the 17-year-old girl drifting three miles offshore after searching for her for about four hours. the girl said she was lost -- she lost her paddle after the bit hit a kayak. that caused her to drift aimlessly for several hours before she was spotted. they found her in stable condition but they did have some signs of mild h
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members of the rewards program you will see changes to the stars earning potential. >> instead of earning a star every time you visit, members will earn two stars for every dollar you spend. you will now have to earn 125 stars, that's about $63, to get your free reward. under the old plan, it took 12 stars to get that. members will also need to earn 300 stars to get upgraded from green level to gold. it used to take 30 to gain gold status. starbucks says under the new program most gold members will earn rewards just as fast or faster than they do today. the clock is ticking. millions of people only have one day to go until tax day. susan hogan will telling us what to do if those seven days just won't be enough. and their story was a medical triumph but it turned into a nightmare just hours later. now the couple that almost had the country's first uterine transplant breaks th
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>> you lose more than just the uterus. you lose a lot of the hopes and dreams that you hador the fu ftu
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we've got a nice mild evening. our temperatures will be starting out between 51 and 56 degrees early tomorrow morning. let's take a look because we are tracking some more rain that's going to be moving into the area starting at about 2:00, 3:00 a.m. in the morning. what to wear? then out the door. there will be some showers rfo this area, and, yes, right now it's looking as though nothing too heavy for our area. you can see it there making its way in at around 3:00 a.m. in the morning. so i think much of what we get will be between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. we'll talk more about that coming up two parents who made medical history and offered hope to families struggling with infertility are opening up for first time about that uterine transplant. >> yeah, the actual transplant failed, but as nbc's janet shamlian reports, they still have a lot of hope for the
4:46 pm
>> reporter: lindsey mcfarland made headlines across the country when she was introduced last month as the nation's first recipient of a uterus transplant. >> it provided me with a gift that i will never be able to repay. >> reporter: but just hours later and two weeks after the historic surgery, it was over. >> the press conference was at 10:30. by 2:30 i realized that my incision was bleeding and several hours later i was still bleeding, and so they took me into o.r. at 7:00 that night. >> reporter: the 26-year-old was sedated between doctors told blake they had no choice but to remove the organ. >> you lose more than just the uterus. you lose a lot of the hopes and dreams that you had for the future. >> reporter: it was heartbreaking. with three adopted children, the couple are parents, but lindsey, born without a uterus, always hoped to experience child birth, so the clinical trial seemed like an answer to those dreams. after a year of being monitored with a donor uterus inside
4:47 pm
couple's embryos. >> it's going to be a while before i work through everything just because we had such high hopes. >> reporter: the cleveland clinic says the organ had to come out after a serious complication. a yeast infection in the uterus that turned life-threatening when it spread to lindsey's artery. a major setback for the program. the only successful transplants have been in sweden. >> we would not proceed with another transplant until we have come up with a clear understanding of how this infection occurred and a clear solution to avoid it from happening. >> reporter: lindsey is not eligible for another transplant, but the trial will continue with other women once doctors study her case. if you could do it all again, would you go through it? >> we can always say that we gave it a shot, and that even if they just learn something from her procedure, that it was a success. >> reporter
4:48 pm
>> i can't wait. i'm ready. >> reporter: anxious to see their family, they haven't given up hope of having their own biological children. now a new dream. what's next for you in terms of your family? >> obviously we have the embryos that we got from ivf, and my mom has actually offered to be a surrogate. >> lindsey, who received letters of support from others in the trial, says she'll be there for them. >> reporter: what's your confidence level that this trial in the united states will yield a baby? >> i have high hopes that one of these -- one or several of these women will have that bundle of joy at the end. >> reporter: the mcfarlands say they have no regrets and are looking to the future. >> but beer exciwe're excited t go home. >> it doesn't end here and we're still excited about the future possibilities. >> reporter: both heart bre
4:49 pm
medical miracle. janet shamlian, nbc news, weston, florida. let's hope that failure leads to success down the road. right now, oklahoma bracing for a second round of storms after a massive storm tracked along the texas/oklahoma border. heavy rains made driving conditions treacherous. some areas reported seeing golf ball-sized hail and in some places hail completely covered the roads. there were no reports of tornadoes with the storm, but a storm spotter reported seeing a few tornadoes nearly formed during the outbreak. veronica, is that storm system heading our way? >> it is, but we're on the northern fringes of that storm system. we're not going to get anything, anything like that. just some wet weather for us, but down through areas of the deep south, once again today there will be more violent weather moving through. areas like louisiana, mississippi will see something similar i think this afternoon and this evening. for us, let me show youre
4:50 pm
start to bring us some rain. look at that. extends all the way down today into arkansas, and you can see those big storms making their way eastward through arkansas. through areas of mississippi. for us that front advances eastward. our first drops of rain here i think arrive after midnight, 2:00, 3:00 a.m. in the morning. it will be a fast-moving system for us, not bringing anything too heavy. as a matter of fact, i think by the afternoon we'll start drying out and warming up. so just morning showers, and that means the weather tomorrow will have a low impact on our day. now, it could be a little breezy when that rain does come through the early part of the day. i think our best chance of seeing the wind come up will be between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. temperatures way warm, our warmest day out of the workweek. today low to mid-70s across the area and we'll see our temperatures drop through the 60s this evening. here is the rain. your sky cast weather for tomorrow, that's at 8:00 a.m. by the time we get to lunchtime, 11:00 a.m., noon tomorrow, look
4:51 pm
sky starts to clear. 3:00 in the afternoon our temperatures will start rising. they'll be around the upper 50s to right near 60 degrees tomorrow. then they'll start falling to the low 50s. so for game time tomorrow, it is going to be on the cool side. 54 degrees by 7:00. there we go. so your future weather, i want to show you the rain coming into the area for tomorrow morning, 2:00, 3:00 a.m. we're wet across the area by tomorrow afternoon. our temperatures will start stepping down into the 50s during the evening hours, but the next change for us will be a pattern change. it's going to be dry for the remainder of the workweek and our temperatures will start warming very rapidly. that will be on wednesday when we really switch over to full sunshine across the area. that means that the weather conditions, yeah, we get to give it an "a," maybe even an "a" plus on wednesday and thursday of this week. if you're looking forward to the weekend, sunshine, where it's
4:52 pm
even milgder. this will be our warmest weekend since, get this, the second weekend of this past december. this weekend looking really nice. we'll talk more about the pattern change and what that means for your morning rush with that rain coming in on news4 at 5:00. have you done it? if not, the deadline to file your tax return is exactly a week from today. >> and if you're panicked at the thought of it, consumer reporter susan hogan is here with what you need to know about filing and paying on time. >> it is a panic situation. you know, you procrastinated an finally the deadline is here. april 18th is this year's tax deadline. so you've got a few days more to file than usual, thanks to the d.c. holiday, emancipation day, and if you can't pay what you owe in taxes, remember this. file a return or request for an extension by april 18th, even if you owe taxes. if you don't, the penalty, get this, 5% a month on the amount you owe. that's on top of
4:53 pm
and if you can afford to pay something, kiplinger's personal finance says pay it. >> because that will reduce the interest that accrues on the amount you owe. so the more you pay, the less that you'll owe in interest. so always -- and if you don't know, you know, you really don't have your act together and you don't have any idea how much you owe, at least make an estimate. >> you can also meet your tax obligation by applying for an online payment agreement and pay in monthly installments. you can also find out if you qualify for what's called an offer in compromise. it's a way to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount. and, finally, you can request they temporarily delay collection until your financial situation improves. whatever you do, just do not ignore the fact that you owe money. you can find help through our nbc washingto
4:54 pm
>> i bet a lot of folks get spooked and think i don't have the money, so i'm just checking out. >> the tax man will find you. they always will find you. it's so simple. you just think if i don't pay it, if i don't say anything, they will find you and you don't want those repercussions. the penalties are huge. >> and at interest. all righty. it's one of the largest educational events of its kind in the world. the fourth annual usa science and engineering festival takes place this saturday and sunday at the convention center. the d.c. convention center. with a sneak peek on friday. there are demonstrations and workshops in the works all with the goal of getting your youngsters excited about science, technology, engineering, and math. you can register for the s.t.e.m. festival right now. nbc 4 is the official local tv sponsor. we talk with the sponsors of the conference for "viewpoint." just search s.t.e.m. a former pro
4:55 pm
is dead after a wild case of road rage, but now the man behind bars says it's not what it seems. so who started the deadly confrontation? was it murder? or self-defense? this is news4 at 4:00. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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4:57 pm
the shooting death of a popular nfl player in new orleans is still sinking in for fans across the country. >> one suspect
4:58 pm
the murder of will smith who gained fame on the saints' defensive line. jay gray joins us live from new orleans. jay, what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, pat and chris, this is where it happened, a busy but relatively quiet street in the lower garden district. a place now marred by tragedy, a street where this city lost one of its heroes. as the memorial to former nfl star will smith grows, so do questions surrounding his death. >> there's a male down with about six gunshot wounds to the chest. >> reporter: investigators say the 34-year-old was gunned down during an argument after a traffic accident saturday night in the lower garden district of new orleans. 28-year-old car dell hayes is behind bars charged with second-degree murder in the case but his attorney says hayes was not the aggressor shooting only in self-defense. >> not only did my client call 911, but my client secured a witness who was about to leave the scene,
4:59 pm
for law enforcement to arrive. now, tell me if that's the behavior that's consistent with someone who is an animal out here looking for blood. >> reporter: retired smith was one of the most beloved players in saints' history. his wife in the car at the time of the accident was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds to her leg, her injuries are not considered life threatening. >> our thoughts and prayers are obviously still with that family. they're going through a very tough time. >> reporter: hayes remains in jail, his bond set at $1 million. and fans have been drawn to this spot. a growing memorial all day to pay their respects to smith and his family, the wife who was injured and still in an area hospital, and three children left behind. that's the latest live here in new orleans. i'm jay gray, news4. news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. in the
5:00 pm
look at the person they want to talk to about this deadly attack on metro. >> the victim is 15 years old. someone stabbed him inside the metro station. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. this all unfolded at the deanwood station in northeast d.c. around midday. there have been no arrests, but now there is a person of interest. we have live team coverage on this deadly stabbing. news4's pat collins begins our coverage now with the up-to-the-minute details on the investigation. pat? >> reporter: the first big clue in that case came just minutes ago, jim. sources tell news4 police are looking into the possibility that murder came as a result of a fight between the suspect and the victim before the stabbing at deanwood. this is where they say it happened, down on this side of the escalator before the two teenagers made it


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