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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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jail accused of killing another teen. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm eun yang with new information on the deadly stabbing outside the deanwood metro station. police and the mayor just wrapped up a news conference. we're awaiting to see whether protests at the u.s. capitol grow in size. hundreds gathered yesterday, hundreds were also arrested. the message the protesters are trying to get across. i'm lauryn ricketts. we had the rain move out of here and some warming temperatures, do we have anymore rain? the answers are coming up.
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we have breaking news out of georgetown where a body has been found in a canal. what we know at this point is this is in the 1000 block of canal street in northwest. you are looking at if you video just in. a big police presence on the scene. little details. we do know it is the body of a man. it was found around 8:00 this morning. police, as you can tell from the video, are blocking off the area. weather awaiting for more information on the cause of death. barbara? >> thank you. more breaking news for you. d.c. police confirmed an arrest in that deadly stabbing at the deanwood metro station that left a 15-year-old dead. let's get to molette green with the new information. what can you tell us? >> barbara, good morning. we just heard from the mayor, the assistant police chief and metro's police chief to announce that d.c. police have named 18-year-old davante hall of no
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and charged him with second degree murder while armed. they have confirmed that he is the man you see in the surveillance video here that was released in the hours after the attack. we learned the 15-year-old, john evans, the victim in the case, was stabbed in the neck and that a metro transit officer got to him quickly, administered cpr. apparently the victim and suspect know each other, and had some sort of ongoing dispute. somehow the two of them ended up on the same train at the deanwood station. evans was attacked going through a fare gate as he headed to an escalator. >> senseless, another senseless murder. it appears that the two that were involved in this case knew each other. they had some kind of an ongoing dispute. as a result of that dispute we lost a 15-year-old, one of our 15-year-olds from the city. there are cameras all over
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this will be caught on tape. the perpetrators of those incidents will be brought to justice. >> that's a very important point that the mayor made. police credit tips from the community after seeing that surveillance tape with them being able to find the suspect and finding him so very quickly. the victim and suspect are not affiliated with any known gangs. d.c. police and metro police are stepping up patrols at that metro station. they say it would not have a made a difference in this particular incident here because the attack happened so fast in a matter of seconds. that is the latest live from d.c. police headquarters, back to you. >> thank you. he's accused of attacking his wife but right now the anne arundel county sheriff is back on the job. sheriff bateman says he will handle administrative tasks as long as the investigation unfolds. bateman was charged with second degree
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bateman's wife with injuries to her face at the family home sunday night. the sheriff says he did not attack his wife. right now lawmakers in montgomery county are considering raises for thousands of workers. the county council is considering a plan that would gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> reporter: minimum wage workers in montgomery county making 9.55 an hour are interested to see what county council is going to do with this $15 minimum wage bill introduced today. the bill would raise the minimum wage to 12.50 in 2018, $13.75 in 2019, and $15 in july of 2020. it is a good debate on both side sides. >> it's good just so everyone can leave and survive.
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educate yourself so you can move up in the world. >> reporter: minimum wage in montgomery county is already slated to go up to $10.75 this summer and $11.50 next year. in montgomery county, kristin wright, news 4. >> you could see rain blowing on kristin earlier in montgomery county. most of that has move to the east of i-95. that will take another hour or so. if you are joining us south or east of 95, southern maryland or the eastern shore, wait another hour or so, that rain will continue to move out of here. we'll all get sunshine. with that sunshine, temperatures will move back up. on average around 60 degrees, depending on your location. some areas in the 50s, some areas in the 60s. it will be cool and on the breezy side. wind gusts out of the northwest. not that nice, mild wind that we had yesterday. coming out of the northwest. they will di d
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but could they die down for the nats game? we'll let you know that forecast and show that you seven-day coming up. >> thank you. in about 30 minutes, president obama will designate a new national monument in d.c. the dedication celebrates the women's equality movement. the belmont house in northeast served as the headquarters of the national women's party since 1929. today it becomes the belmont paul national monument. today hundreds of people plan to protest outside the capitol for a second day. 400 members of the group democracy spring were arrested yesterday. capitol police are bracing to make more arrests today. the group wants lawmakers to vote on campaign finance reform. they say money has too much influence on elections and congress needs to protect american voting rights. the group is planning sit-ins all week. a critical meetings
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process for supreme court noinee merrick garland. judge garland met with chuck grassley around 9:00. we're working to learn what the two talked about. grassley has the power to decide whether the senate will hold a confirmation hearing for the supreme court nominee. many republicans say president obama should not be allowed to fill scalia's see the. > seat. the look of the role of first lady, and what would
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ rally. one man pushed another man in the face twice. police removed one of the men from the rally but they did not make any arrests. >> a new nbc news "wall street journal" maris poll shows the race for the democratic nomination is getting closer. 49% of voters say they would pick hillary clinton, that is a 2% drop for clinton. 43% of voters say they would go for bernie sanders. sanders has a one-point increase for him. am
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with a 46% vote compared to senator ted cruz's 30% vote. john kasich has 16%. both trump and cruz gained support in the past week, kasich support dropped by two points. now here's tracie potts with what's happening today on the campaign trail. >> reporter: even with a 33-point lead in new york, donald trump is complaining of dirty politics. >> it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> reporter: after his delegate loss in colorado. >> they took away their votes. >> 65,000 people voted in the state of colorado, they just didn't vote for you, they voted for our campaign. >> but now the cruz campaign is also crying foul after losing key convention positions in michigan. they're accusing trump and kasich of colluding to squeeze cruz out. kasich denies it he's
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tough questions on religious liberty. >> i'm a traditional marriage guy. the court ruled. i'm allowing the court ruling to stand. >> hillary clinton has a 14 point lead over bernie sanders in new york. she's focusing on gun violence. >> my appoint voted against the brady bill five times. >> sanders on trade costing buffalo jobs. >> secretary clinton supported virtually every trade policy. >> hammering local issues to win new yorkers one week from today. this could be tough for bernie sanders. it's a closed primary, only registered republicans and democrats can vote. so all those independents out there who have been supporting sanders, they won't get to vote in the primary. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. parents of officer noa n
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passing one of the toughest drunk driving laws. noah's law was named in honor of officer noah leota who was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. >> he is a real hero. >> he's a hero of all of this. i just had to do this for noah. i said that. you heard me say that a long time ago. i would always fight for him. >> as part of noah's law, if someone refuses a breath test they will either have to install an interlock for nine months or have their license suspended for that time. all the bill need now is governor larry hogan's signature. noah's law came at the end of a marathon final day for maryland lawmakers. the general assembly passed a new criminal justice reform bill. that measure aims to reduce en
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offenses and treatment. polygamy is no longer legal in utah. a federal appeals court restored a state-wide ban. opponents argued that the ruling could send families back into hiding. others say it will help police better prosecute crimes tied to polygam polygamy. >> talk about being dog tired. this black lab in south florida swam nine miles before being reunited with her owner. you can imagine? the journey took her from coral gables to biscayne bay which is south of miami. fergie's owner said her dog likely jumped in the water near her house because she had separation anxiety and wanted to find her. someone on shore called 911 what a swimmer to make it nine miles. very sweet dog. now, a rare look into the private lives of
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lady. >> at some point they all called the white house home. but a new book out this morning reveals that the special group of women is connected in other ways that may surprise you. >> now for the first time, a man, bill clinton, could possibly join their elite circle. here's andrea mitchell. >> it is a unique sister hood that mirrors the president's club. first ladies whose friendships can cross party lines, but also deep rivalries that linger. >> up with of my aides told me that when michelle looks at hillary clinton, she looks down her nose at them. there is the sense that the clintons do anhiyt ngfor power. the obamas see something unseemly with that. >> could be the criticism she endures during the campaign in 2008. >> it's very hard for michelle obama to forgive that. she hasn't forgiven things hillary clinton said about her husband in 2008.
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>> reporter: it's reported mrs. obama is closer to laura bush than hillary clinton, and wanted joe biden to run, and doesn't relish being first lady. >> it's something that i think people don't understand about michelle obama, she really doesn't like being in the white house, and hillary clinton can't wait to go back. >> reporter: her own transition to the public first residence eased by former first lady jackie kennedy. >> jackie told her, don't let the white house staff spoil your children. they'll do anything for them. chelsea had a bunch of friends over the white house movie theater and there was popcorn everywhere. hillary said you clean up every last kernel. that was summoning jackie kennedy. >> if she taught us anything, it was to know the meaning of responsibility. >> she was almost brought to tears talking about the friendship. she really admired the kennedys and jackie especially. >> reporter: but clinton does regret to be the first first lady to move her office closer to the president. >> i thought it fascinating that she was
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west wing office and blamed herself, in part, for the 1994 mid-term election. >> stunning amount of republican wins. the extent of gop rivalries overwhelming. >> thinking she'd gone too far and overstepped. >> with health care. >> health care. >> reporter: and now if elected, another first. the first first man. >> what do you do with a former president? >> i think he'll go out of town a lot. i think he'll travel a lot. he's such a good negotiator. >> reporter: she writes, there are times empathy trumps politics. >> when hillary clinton in 2008 was crying in new hampshire, laura bush's chief of staff said, gosh, can you believe this? this is such a put on. lawyer are bu laura bush turned to her and said you have no idea what it's like. >> reporter: how would a different kind of first lady, melania trump, fit in? >> she'd be the third first lady to have a modeling career. pat nixon and betedy betty ford did some modeling. that'd be the third wife of a president. >> the clinton campaign had no comment on the new book.
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the stories in the book false. >> the role of the first lady has evolved over the years, with each first lady brought in different roles and different responsibilities. it's interesting to see how much has changed over time. >> and the first ladies do seem to be so much more active, they are so much more active. >> i think it's a tough job. not just being the wife of the president. >> we'll have to see what happens if we do get a first man. right now the area is starting to dry out finally. after the break a look at when e morning rainth
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a developing story this morning. a cleanup is underway in arkansas after severe storms hit that area. strong winds took out power lines and took down trees along the texas border. more than 6,000 people lost power during the storm. we have to look at this video. a road fell apart, let's show it to you. it's not going to be back open any time soon. this happened in the city of madera in central, c california. if you fell in that hole t would be a 15-drop into a sewer. police believe the damage was caused by heavy rain. >> we're taking bets on what they found underneath there. an important effort to help
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the little bug takes part in producing about one-third of the food we eat every day. news 4 photojournalist seth brown visited members of the george mason honeybee initiative to see what's buzzing. >> at the start of this, i'm not afraid to say i did not like bees. i was afraid of bees. >> in general, you try to avoid them, especially on campus. you always see people avoiding them. >> you know the honeybee is the most important pollenator, and it's on the decline. >> we're looking to make sure they got out of the cage. she's right here. she's longer. she's bigger than the rest. she has the white. >> at george mason we have here nine hives. record what we see, how the co
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if we see a queen, a brood. everything we do gives us an indication on how well the colony is doing throughout the yea year. >> so we know this colony actually is in good shape. you need to take care of bees. >> a world without bees would mean the end to a lot of the fruits and nuts that we appreciate. >> all the peaches, all the apples. >> a lot of bees die from not being able to keep themselves warm in the winter. but we do have problems with things that most beekeepers see. >> see the big head? they don't sting. >> oh. >> that's why i can hold him like this without having issues. >> we are looking to expand this initiative. looking to deepen our search. >> we're connected t
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>> yeah. they help us live. so we should help them live. >> wow. >> i don't think i could do that. >> i was like, oh. >> kudos for putting that package today. that piece together. >> fantastic. >> very nice. >> is the rain going to go away? >> it is. >> when? when? >> it's mostly out -- >> chuck always says by july. >> i don't know if i would take that with the thunderstorms. he might be on to something. this rain is just sticking around for much of the day. much of the morning. once again another soggy commute into work. but the good news it's moving out of here. we are going to see very nice and quiet conditions. thank goodness. i don't remember a week that we had this quiet coming up in some time. it is breezy out there. we still have the clouds out there as well. i promise, we will get some sunshine. dry weather is returning. it is going to be a little chilly tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the 30s. but we're back in the 70s by sunday. so we got that
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that rain getting out of here. still an area in charles county coming up through southern maryland that will continue to move out. we are getting clearing in the shenandoah valley. that's only going to increase. high pressure building in. and there's nothing back off to the west of us. temperatures right now in the 50s. we're really going to stay around that 60 degree mark. one side or the other. depends on your location. much cooler than yesterday. winds are coming out of the northwest, they will die down by 8:00 tonight. that's good news, especially if you're going out to the nats game. they're playing the braves once again. hopefully getting another win out there. 7:05 is first pitch. it won't be too bad, but a bit on the cool side. the sun goes down around 7:30 or so. here is where these temperatures are going to be standing tomorrow morning. so yes, in the 30s around 40 in d.c. so we'll stay in the 60s tomorrow. i said around 60 degrees for today. i think we hit our
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early after midnight. sunny conditions, we're gradually warming up. we have that weekend forecast coming up. >> looks good for the rest of the day. a rock star heads to capitol hill this afternoon taking on the serious topic of violent extremism. and we're watching president obama right now. he is designating an historic d.c. home as a national monument. how it is central to the women's rights movement. and new crash test rests.ul
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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. right now president obama is in northeast d.c. at sewall-belmont house and museum. he's designating the home as a new national monument. the home served as the national women's party headquarters, it was named for alva belmont and ali alice sewall. bono is testifying in front of a subcommittee today to talk about the role of foreign countries to help fight terrorism. he will be joined by leaders in the field of security. an urgent new warning from u.s. health officials about the zika virus. they say zika is proving to be scarier than first thought with the mosquito that carries the virus now active in 30 dates. tom
11:30 am
>> reporter: if there's a ground zero in the fight against zika carrying mosquitos in the u.s., it's miami. where inspects. >> reporter: trying to kill mosquitos before they spread, an urgent mission to keep pregnant women in the u.s. from contracting the zika virus, already believed responsible for thousands of babies with deformed heads and brains in latin america. causing not only brain and head birth defects, but also brain damage that may not show up for years. so far the mosquito has been identified in 30 states, further north than first thought. health officials are concerned that pregnant women in southern states could be at risk as temperatures begin to ri
11:31 am
poor neighborhoods on u.s. gulf coast cities. and very worried we're going to see microcephaly cases in the coming months. >> reporter: most at risk, people living without air-conditioning or window screens, near standing water where mosquitos thrive. researchers hope to have a vaccine ready for trial in september, but the rollout is a long way out. the nih and cdc asking congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding. republicans in congress are insisting the white house use the excess money allocated for ebola research first. as researchers warn the clock is ticking. tom costello, nbc news, washington. prosecutors call it road rage, but the defense says the suspect feared for his life. cardel hays is accused of killing former new orleans saints player, will smith. hayes says he was following smith to get information. the former nfl player was shot six times in the ch
11:32 am
celebration of smith's life at team head quarters on friday. two people will receive awards in their help for the arrest of jesse matthew junior. last month he pled guilty to first degree murder in the deaths of morgan harrington and hannah graham. the local crime stoppers branch will award a charlottesville resident and a woman who spotted matthew in texas eventually leading to his arrest in 2014. a sheriffs officer prevented a possible shooting inside a waldorf baby shower. the charles county sheriff's office charged 21-year-old rodriguez nolan jr. after they say he grabbed a loaded semiautomatic rifle from a car. they say it stemmed from an argument with a man at a baby shower on saturday. guests saw what was happening and locked the center's doors. that's when someone on the street flagged down officers to help. >> he tried to hide behind the vehicle. th
11:33 am
out. the weapon was eventually recovered. >> investigators say the rifle was reported stolen in north carolina. metro might change the names of two of its busiest stations. adam tuss tells us which spots could get a name makeover. >> reporter: with all that's going on with metro, you might be saying a name change is not the most important thing on the books, but two pretty big stations could be getting name changes according to a presentation. that will be presented to metro's board of directors this thursday. one here at foggy bottom. they would like to add kennedy center to the name of the metro station here to give it more of a sense of place. the other station that could be changing, national mall, they want to add that to the smithsonian station to see if that would work and make it for a clearer understanding, an explanation for riders. these name changes come up periodically. we'll see if they get approved. if they do get
11:34 am
couldn't take effect for a couple years when the next phase of the silver line comes online. in northwest, adam tuss, news 4. starting today, starbucks is offering something new at some d.c. stores. the coffee chain is hoping the change will get you to make an afternoon stop there. and skies are starting to clear. the news is even better for this
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this just in. producer and reality star david gest has died. his body was found in a london hotel room. is he also the former husband of entertainer liza minnelli. a close friend says his news is being called unexplained by authorities. gest married liza minnelli in 2002. they separated a year
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back to you. new ratings about how safe you are inside a pickup truck. the insurance institute for highway safety says they're not all positive results. in fact, only one large pickup scored good. the highest rating in every category. some others were acceptable overall. but only the new 2016 ford f-150 super cab scored good overall and good on protecting your lower legs and feet. every other car scored poorly on how it protected those lower body parts in a crash. the over trucks that were acceptable, the chevy silverado, 1500 double cab, the sierra 1500 double cab and toyota tundra. turning to the forecast. yesterday when the sun came out and it started to warm up, i was
11:38 am
beginning. well, a little bump the road last night and through this morning. now we're actually getting a little bit of clearing in the shenandoah valley. that will continue to trend to the east as we go through the afternoon. looking good. great yesterday. it won't be quite as warm yesterday. man, we made it up to 73 degrees believe it or not in d.c. yesterday. not quite as warm. only because we have some northwest winds, and also a frontal system that passed through the area today. i'm going with the high of 64. most likely we were there after midnight, and that's when we took our day time high temperature. 64 degrees is most likely the daytime high. i don't think we'll get back there, we could get into the lower 60s. that sun angle now for april 12th is almost the same as it is at end of august. we warm up despite the northwest winds. winds will die down after about 8:00 tonight. we are look at that rain moving on out of here. still a bit of raint
11:39 am
other than that, seeing some clearing. finally getting some sunshine out in the shenandoah valley. high pressure building in. that will continue to be with us. not only today but for the rest of this week. so we're looking at sunny days. thank goodness. current temperatures now in the mid 50s. that's why i'm going on average around 60 degrees. we will have winds. they'll be gusting with us throughout the day today. gusting up to 30 miles per hour in winchester. dying down tonight. and we'll have clear skies tonight. with light winds, clear skies, nothing to insulate us, temperatures plummet. we'll drop into the 30s out in the shenandoah valley, low to mid 30s. so we're going to warm up. look at this sunshine. i'll pop this out for you. we go to monday with plenty of sun. temperatures gradually warming as we go through the weekend. we'll be in the mid 70s by monday. again, no more rain after today. at least for the next six days. guys? >> i'm e
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the stories lighting up social media. led zeppelin's lead singer, robert plant and guitarist jimmy page will face a jury over the opening chords for a song. a judge said their opening chord force stairway to heaven and another group's are very similar. ♪ that was a few bars from "stairway to heaven." ♪ that was a clip from tourist by spirit. you can make up your own mind on whether or not it sounds familiar. the trial is set to start next month. big changes are coming to starbucks. will it be cappuccino or cabernet? social media editor britney johnson has the latest. >> reporter: it looks like it's going to be cabernet. starting today starbucks is switching thi
11:41 am
begin serving wine in some places in d.c. the menu looks delicious, tough truffles mac and cheese and chicken skewers. >> a cappuccino in one hand and cabernet in the other. you can grab some free ice cream today. head out to any ben & jerry's today between 8:00 and noon to get yourself a free cone. here's a map of the locations in our area. i like super fudge chunk, phish food out of the point. no bowl necessary. talk about a lucky day at ball game. a fan at the pirates/tigers game in detroit caught five foul balls. the best part, the team's cameras caught him giving away every single ball he caught to young fans of the game. isn't that nice? the fan caught four balls during the ga
11:42 am
well. the season ticket holder made each catch within 15 feet of his see the. >> he has a hot see tt seat. >> he has a hot seat right there. someone else sits there, he or she won't be as lucky. looking for a deal? the day you should travel on if you want the cheapest first class flight. and history is coming to life on the arena stage. after the break, meet the man takin g the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "every time i think about those kids... it gets me mad" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave.
11:44 am
as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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actor jack willis as lbj, bowman wright plays martin luther king jr. in the tony award winning play "all the way" right now at arena stage. >> we will declare a war on poverty and by god we'll beat it. >> war on poverty. >> that's right. i got all kinds of federal programs in mind on health, education, literacy, jobs, you name it we'll change this country top to bottom. >> that sounds extraordinary. >> there you go. >> i would support legislation to that effect. >> good. right now i need to be able to go back to my people and tell them that this president is committed to civil rights. >> oh. >> and this bill, even without voting rights, is a strong bill with no further changes. if i can't do that, i'll lose their state, in their despair, i don't know what will happen. >> is that a threat? >> bowman wright joins us now to
11:46 am
thriller that dramatizes the struggle to pass the civil rights act of 1964. welcome back. >> glad to be back. >> we know you played a number of roles in theaters around washington. you played this role before in a different play, martin luther king jr. >> the mountaintop. >> let's talk about what it takes for you to conjure up that role. what is it in martin luther king jr.'s personality that you most want to capture? >> for me, it's his heart. mostly for me. and his essence and his truth. king -- one thing you want to remember about king before anything is that he was a preacher. he also had probably one of the biggest hearts i've ever known. i've ever heard about a historical person having. his heart was so huge. what he wanted for all people, not just for himself. sometimes the best way i found for me to learn from martin is to also learn for myself. i also want to put myself
11:47 am
shoes. and i also want to make it like the character is coming from me rather than me trying to imitate me. >> i think you're late taller than he was. >> oh, yeah. >> he was not quite six feet tall. >> he was 5'8" or something like that. >> there was something about his stature that made him seem tall as a mountain. why do they call this a thriller? >> you have to see jack. jack is great. the way the play is, it runs like a political campaign. from the beginning all the way to the end of it. you're watching all these things happen. you're watching our system happen. >> u myou mentioned jack. jack willis plays president johnson. he captures the sound, voice of president lyndon johnson. what is the most believable thing about his character? >> jack is amazing. what is also great about j
11:48 am
character to him. when you're watching it, it's almost like you're watching lbj. it's so natural, he comes off so -- it's so realistic. it's not like -- you don't watch an actor acting, you're watching him go through the process. >> this is as he was getting ready for an election, lbj, in 1963. what do you see of today in that play? >> today in that play that i see -- one of the most important things about this play that i think it raises the importance of voting rights, the importance to vote. and in this play, what we're going through now in this country is -- i believe that everybody needs to know as much information as they possibly can know what this play does, it tells you, you need to learn more about what we do. >> before you vote. >> before you vote. you need to read the articles. listen to the point of views. go to these poc
11:49 am
find out stuff. learn stuff. pick up a book, read yourself. >> be an intelligent voter. rather than just voting because it's your party or your friend said this know the people you're voting for. when you watch this play, you meet these different personalities, you see what they feel, what they want, and why some things are selfish, some things are for everyone, how hard it is to do good. >> yeah. >> how hard it is to do good. >> we have to come and see do you this. >> i hope so. >> sounds like you like what you're doing. bowman wright, glad to you have with us again. the play runs all the way through may 8th. if you have subscriptions that auto renew like netflix or onstar you may have no idea what you are paying for. olivia stern shares a digital way to save ne
11:50 am
for a car he didn't even own. >> $24. >> for a car you sold. >> that someone else is enjoying. >> reporter: that $24 was for onstar roadside assistance. just one of many subscription services that ed and his wife christy steigned up for and fort about. >> how many subscriptions did you have? >> probably 15, 20. this is unopened. >> the worst? shampoo ed bought not realizing he would be locked in. >> we bought it once, not realizing it could keep coming. >> busy traveling for work, the husband and wife team lost track of their bills, that's until ed signed up for something new. truebill a subscription monitoring service that saved them $3600 a year. >> what else? >> reporter: the co-founder says the average user saves $512. >> people are spending more and
11:51 am
more of their money on subscriptions rather than one-time purchases. >> reporter: here's how it works. you give truebill access to your bank card or bank statement. truebill says it never shares data with third parties and has read only access so nothing can be changed on your account. for now the service is free. >> how did you feel when you realized you were losing 3600 a year on the table in forgotten expenses? >> i felt bad about that. >> now he has a sub skrscriptior savings, too. if you have first class taste but an economy pocket you might want to try flying on a wednesday. a new report from fare compare says wednesday is the least expensive day to fly first class. if wednesdays are a problem, try tuesday or saturday. fridays and sundays are the morse expensive days to fly first class, and really flying
11:52 am
everyone is safe and even the plane is fine after this scary landing. the plane's front wheel collapsed on the runway at the airport in glendale, arizona the front of the plane dropped, the nose slid along the ground. we don't know what caused the wheel to break. thankfully everybody is okay. i guess the plane is all right, too. br> after the
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
you can now learn more about the medicines you are taking instantly. half of paitients re-admitted into the hospital are there because of medications. all you need is a web cam or an ipad and you can speak to a pharmacist directly. >> you reach with your provider a pharmacist and say these are my medications. you can show them the medications, i have this side effect. can you tell me what i need to do? >> doctors say tele pharmacy will be a big help for rural communities or hospitals that may not have a pharmacy. >> there's no evidence of brain injuries in living nfl veterans. 17 of 43 retired football players who were tested showed signs of traumatic brain injury. this is the first time any
11:56 am
players. one way of reducing the danger is by eliminating tackling during practices, and that's a step some ivy league football programs have taken. in news 4 your health, if you smoke you may have a tough time finding a job. when you do, you may earn less than non-smokers. researchers at stanford university say smokers earned about $8,000 less per year than those who didn't smoke. the results also showed nonsmokers were 24% more likely to get a job. the study looked into consideraticonside considering other factors including sex, criminal history and access to housing. let's go to lauryn rien riy to find out what type of day we'll be having. >> you may feel a couple sprinkles from souer
11:57 am
fredericksberg, but other than that, the rain is leaving. sunshine is moving in. we'll get sunshine continuing into the afternoon. we will still be breezy. it will be cooler. temperatures topping out at 60 degrees. a clear night. temperatures will plummet tonight. temperatures in the 30s. but don't worry, we're back around 60 for tomorrow. still with sunny skies and a light wind. low 60s on thursday. friday, low to mid 60s. thanks to high pressure, this is why we have so much sunshine. weekend looking fabulous. i would make some plans already. monday, temperatures will be in the mid 70s with warm conditions. a great seven-day forecast. >> thank you. can'twait. >> i have to bring my plants back in with the 30 degree temperature. >> you have to wait until may. >> that does it for news4 midday. thank you very much for joining us. we're b o
11:58 am
afternoon at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather uptes with the nbc wadash
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>> today on the meredith vieira show. should college students be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus? how a new texas law is leaving some professors scared for their safety. you won't believe the controversial prize one 16-year-old boy won online. plus bethenny frankel is here. she's talking about the real house wives of new york. plus, beautiful diy tricks to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. it all starts right now on "meredith." [ applause ]


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