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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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light on the road rage altercation that end with the death of a former pro football player. a new monument puts the spotlight on issues of equal pay between men and women. how are our area ranks when it comes to the pay gender gap. first new details about the young man charged in connection with the deadly stabbing inside a d.c. metro station. good afternoon, i'm chris lawrence. >> and i'm pat lawson muse. right now the suspect is getting ready do make his first court appearance. let's go to news4's pat collins, live at d.c. superior court. pat? >> pat, according to court documents, the suspect in this murder case, javonte hall, turned 18 last june, he's been arrested four times since then. two of the incidents involved a metro station. in one case, he was charged with assaulting a police officer and carrying a knife. and now, now he is charged with murder.
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the victim, 15-year-old john rufus evans iii, stabbed to death yesterday morning at deanwood metro station in northeast. charged in the murder? 18-year-old javonte hall, his image picked upnd recorded by metro security scam ras, circulated by police, who got tips if the public and then closed the case. >> police say the victim and the suspect knew each other. that they had an ongoing feud with each other. >> another senseless murder it appears that the two that were involved in this case knew each other. they had some kind of an ongoing dispute. and as a result of that dispute, we lost a 15-year-old, one of our 15-year-olds from the city. >> tyrogi wells is the victim's mother. she said she doesn't recognize the suspect. but she said
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was out to get her son. >> yeah i heard his name from my daughter. about him wanting to fight my son. this is like two weeks ago. >> do you know why? >> no, i don't. >> do you know why he had it in for your son? >> no. >> john ens was the second teenager murdered at the deanwood station in less than a month. 15-year-old devontae washington was shot and killed on the platform on march 26th. an arrest has been made in that case as well. the long form account of what happened at that deanwood metro station yesterday morning. we'll have more details about the murder coming up at 5:00. now back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. right now, team coverage of the crime concerns on metro. police are stepping up patrols.
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at the deanwood station. news4's transportation reporter adam tuss takes a closer look at your safety. >> following the second deadly incident here at the deanwood station had in just a couple of weeks, metropolitan police and the metro transit police promise an increased police presence at this station until further notice. and that's certainly what we're seeing here at this station today. you had police on bicycles, police walking around. in the station, on the platform. basically everywhere. but is it enough? we're talking to riders here about how they feel about this station. and there's a feeling of uneasiness here. >> everywhere i go, it's a risk. so -- it is what it is to me. >> coming up on news4 at 5:00, much more on what may have led up to this incident. plus what are metro transit police planning to do systemwide to prevent these crimes? back to you. thanks, adam. we sent you a breaking news
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now new information on the man's body that was found in georgetown. police are now saying it does not appear to be suspicious. two people were walking by the c & o canal and spotted a backpack floating in the water. that's when officers found the victim's body. they haven't released his name. but investigators say the man was middle-aged and a medical examiner will have to determine the cause of death. all it needs now is the governor's signature and the bill known as noah's law will become law. maryland lawmakers gave the bill final approval last night in the final hour of the legislative session. named after the montgomery county police officer noah liotta hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver last year. the bill would require ignition interlock devices for anyone found driving drunk. governor larry hogan said he's 100% behind this bill. just in to the live deck for a second d
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capitol police have made mass arrests of protesters on capitol hill. the group democracy spring is staging a week-long sit-in. to protest campaign spending. more than 400 were arrested yesterday, in total 3600 people from across the country are in the district for this protest and pledge to risk aarrests if their demands for campaign finance reform aren't met. many protesters marched from d.c. from philadelphia last week. president obama said he envisions a future where women and men are paid equally for their work. today is equal pay day. the president made that comment during a speech this morning, at the sewell belmont house in northeast washington, the home near the capitol is being designated a new national monument to honor the women's equality movement. it once served as headquarters for the national women's party.
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then america should be a level playing field where everyone who works hard gets a chance to succeed. and that's good for america. because we don't want some of our best players on the sidelines. >> equal pay is rapidly becoming an election-year issue. we'll have more on that in a live report coming up in our next half hour. well, the minimum wage debate is reigniting in montgomery county. today council members introduced a bill that will gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next four years. right now it tops out at $9.55. earlier, residents have been telling us why they're for or against the increase. >> i do know there should be an increase. just so everyone can live. and you know, survive. >> well you go back to school. you educate yourself. so that you can move up in the world. >> regardless of what happens with this bill, a smaller increase is coming. the county is s
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rate top out at $11.50 an hour by the summer of next year. let's turn to the forecast now. and our weather's going to turn cooler again. >> doug, it's hard to believe walking outside, but you're talking about a frost advisory for tonight? >> hey, doug? >> during the day yesterday, we're looking at temperatures now in the 60s. plenty of sunshine across the area. temperatures right now, sitting at 63 degrees. 58 degrees in hagerstown, 55 in richmond. 66 towards virginia beach. we're looking at the frost advisory. so 70s yesterday and now we've got frost. so frederick, leesburg, back towards warrenton, around winchester and hagerstown, martinsburg. looking at a frost advisory tonight with temperatures dipping close to the freezing mark. d.c. and areas above we're not talking about frost or freeze in our area. it is this area back to the
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your way through the overnight. coming up over the next couple days, we're going to see nothing but sunshine. say good-bye to the rain chances, say good-bye to the clouds. say hello to the 70s. going to take sometime to get there. we'll talk more in a little bit. >> sounds like it's worth the wait. house speaker paul ryan tries to put an end to the presidential chatter surrounding him. >> his big announcement today and what it means to the other guys in the race. and the special moment that brought an entire ballpark to its feet.
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some parents are digging in to find on plans to close two schools in prince george's county. they're slated to shut down after the school year. the school system says the schools have low enrollment. closing them would save money. parents have filed papers with the maryland state board of education appealing the decision. they argue the school system failed to comply with the legal requirements necessary to close the schools. the affected students would have to go to suitland high and william beans elementary schools instead. here now is a look at where you might have to share more of the road with cyclists in fairfax county. they're proposals to
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lanes to nearly 10 roads across the braddock district. it is part of a larger repaving project that v-dot is carrying out this summer. a community meeting to explain and review more project details gets under way at 6:30 this evening. it will take place at canterbury woods elementary in annandale. a sobering new report this afternoon from the virginia tech professor who helped expose the water lead problem in flint, michigan. mark edwards and his team released the result of their own second round of testing water samples taken last month. they show the water is still not safe to drink. but there are signs the water system is slowly improving. here's the ironic twist in the story. the experts say since residents are afraid of using the water, they aren't running it enough to rid the system of lead. court documents unsealed are giving us a deep, dark look into the mind of a man who confessed
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at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. robert deere junior told police he was happy attacking the clinic and he was going to meet aborted fetuses in heaven. he's charged with 1350 crimes, murder, attempted murder and assault. a american-made truck passes a new safety test with flying colors, the results raise questions about the sast of other trucks out on the road. consumer reporter susan hoping explains. talk about an unrelenting storm. what happened when hail, the size of baseballs starting
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on developing story involving a bill affecting the rights of transgender residents in tennessee. under the proposal, students in public grade schools and at universities would be required to use rest rooms and locker rooms that match their gender at birth. we just learned the bill has been put on hold for now. the bill's sponsor says the state could lose education funding over the so-called bathroom bill. the sponsor also wants the state attorney general to examine the bill before moving ahead. your big pick-up truck may not be as safe as you think. new crash tests are raising trunling questions. especially for one popular truck. -- troubling questions. news4's consumer reporter susan
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important information. >> a tough test for pickups, three out of seven large trucks evaluated eed acceptable or higher ratings to protect passengers in a crash. the institute for highway safety evaluated two body styles of each 2016 model year pickup, crew cab and extended cab. the crash tests involved rear impact, rollovers, side and frontal crashes. now the institute named the ram 1500 as the worst-performing truck tested. it said both cab versions received poor structural ratings and marginal overall ratings. >> there was so much structural collapse, as much as 16 to 17 inches of lower interior intrusion in both rams, that the footwell, brake pedal and lower instrument panel pushed into the dummy's legs. >> now ford f series was the only model tested that earned the highest overall rating of good and got the
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by the way, we did reach out to ram for a comment. they have not called us back. can you see more crash test results in our nbc washington app. search crash tests. new at 4:00, your next electric bill may be a lot lower than normal. if you live in maryland. starting today, pepco will start issuing the first of two $50 credits as a result of its merger with ex-lon. this affects pepco customers in montgomery and prince george's counties. pretty soon we should get information about rate credit for customers in the district. storms with heavy rain and baseball-sized hail did severe damage in parts of northern texas. take a look at this video taken north of dallas. the hail crashed through the windows of one home and damaged furniture. inside, winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour also ripped roofs off homes and other
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the injuries were minimal. some people were injured by broken glass from all the hail. when the same system came through mississippi, it caused some pretty serious flooding. you can see drivers getting caught in all that rain during yesterday's evening commute. the storms also knocked down several trees and some of those came down on top of homes. a california roadway is closed after a large portion of the street collapsed into a massive sinkhole. here it is, it is unknown what caused the damage. exactly caused the sinkhole. but it's likely due to a lot of rain recently. so far, about 12 x 15-foot section of road has collapsed, leaving a 15- to 20-foot deep hole. >> you look at all right and all of a sudden a little frost warning in mid april doesn't seem so bad, does it? >> not quite so bad, doug. >> i'll tell you what, the next seven days, we have nothing but sunshine out there. and boy do we need it we've seen a lot of verycold weather, a lot of clouds, we had snow a couple of days ago.
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dealing with nothing but sun. but it is going to get quite chilly tonight. out there now, plenty of sunshine, temperatures sitting at 63 degrees. look at the winds, northwest at 20 miles per hour. so we have some wind. gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour earlier this afternoon. so a little bit breezy. and it's a lot cooler than yesterday, 10 degrees. current temperature, gaithersburg, 59, 59 front royal and clinton, maryland coming in at 62. nothing on the radar, we're going to be high and dry. storm team 4 radar won't be showing chances for rain through the weekend. so we get time to dry out. here's the rain earlier pushing down to the south. the cloud cover also pushing south. that is a cold front. and that means behind it we have colder air making its way out of canada. you can actually see the flow coming down towards our region. so some areas will get down close to freezing. so getting out during the day tomorrow, going to be on the cool side. 57 degrees by 2:00, around
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temperature around 58. with a high tomorrow of around 60. 63 in fredericksburg and 57 degrees towards martinsburg. plenty of sunshine, but it will be a little cool for this time of year. average high temperature is now up to 66. so we'll be well below that but it won't stay below average as we make our way in towards the weekend, 63 on thursday, 65 on friday, 67 on saturday, gorgeous weather as we make our way through the next couple of days. it continues, if you're waiting for the 70s. well we've got those for you, too, coming up on sunday. high of 74 degrees. look towards 90, 80, stop right there. a little too early for that. 80 degrees, 79 in d.c. 74 towards the tuesday timeframe. so beautiful weather coming in over the next seven days. we have not seen a great stretch like this in quite some time and we have not seen a weekend with both days sunny and warm since the second weekend of december. think we deserve it
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region after the last couple of weeks. there is new video today of the event that led to a road rage shooting involving a former nfl star. why the attorney for the man accused says it helped his client's case. and a warning about the growing threat of cyberattacks. why your netflix account is at risk and how other people may be making money off it. and when do you think women will earn the same on average as men? that's our nbcwashington flash survey. can you vote on the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages.
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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despite advances in medicine, there's a huge need for organ donations in this country. and while hospitals work around the clock to arrange transplants, thousands of patients die every year waiting for a match. as jillian quarter reports, several groups are hoping to spread awareness and encourage more people to donate. >> every ten minutes someone is added to the national transplant waiting list. >> last year there were 127,000 people on the waiting list for organs. >> after he was killed on duty, senior trooper steven benson helped save some of them. >> between trooper vincent and the other
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charles memorial, six lives were saved. >> his son helped raise the flag marking national donate life month. the vincents were recognized for their strength and generosity. >> we would like to extend our gratitude to you for your ability to say yes in the middle of your grief, you reached out to other families and we truly, truly appreciate that. >> in 2015, steven vincent and 106 other donors became heroes even after death. >> giving sight to 134 people through the direct involvement with the coroner's office. >> they know what it's like to see part of a loved one live on. >> my brother was a cornea donor and his corneas went to egypt. >> his donation changed the lives of two people. >> when i think of that, i see sunshine. >> though a tough decision to make, the louisiana organ procurement agency wants people to talk to their families about their wishes to donate. >> 22 people
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waiting. >> it could be you that saves someone. >> a remote canadian community is under a state of emergency after 11 people attempted suicide in a single night. the crisis is centered in ontario in the first nation of ottawa in ontario. the problem has been growing for a while. since september, 101 people, or 5% of the population have attempted suicide. state of emergency will direct more resources to the nation. a canadian parliament official says mental health needs in aboriginal communities have been ignored for far too long. more than 50 years after the equal pay act women's wages lag behind those of men still. how our area ranks when it comes to leveling the pay playing field. and a doctor accused of trading drugs for sex. why police say this case exemplify as bigger pblem.
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less
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just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. a new congressional report highlights where pay inequality for women is getting better, and worse. according to the joint economic committee, d.c. ranks number one because overall a woman earns 89% of what men make. maryland comes in fourth with 85%. and
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all are above the national figure of 79 cents on the dollar for women. but the report also found the gap is even worse for black and latino women, who earn between 55 and 60 cents for every dollar a white man earns. equal pay is rapidly becoming a topic. this election year. republicans say pay is not a partisan issue, democrats disagree. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill now with more on this pay divide. edward? a little clarification, senators at the capitol who said this was not a partisan issue. so far today, none of the republican candidates have talked about this issue. senator bernie sanders said that the men at his rally today would support equal pay. hillary clinton pointed out that the u.s. women's soccer team made more than the men had had won the world cup three times but don't make as much as the men.
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women's national soccer matches can be just as exciting as the men's. but a lawsuit by five members of the u.s. women's soccer team highlights the salary gap. many women find in the workplace. the women's soccer players say they're paid less than half of what the men get if they make the world cup tournament. today president obama says american women need equality in pay and hit the republican congress for failure to act on pay equality bills. >> your work should be equally valued an rewarded whether you're a man or a woman. >> the data shows a wide gap in pay for some male-dominated industries. a female financial manager will make 33% less than her male counterpart. a woman accountant will make 19% less. and for a manager in a retail sales, a woman would be shortchanged by 25%. on average, women make 79 cents on the dollar compare to men. >> they want the whole damn dollar and they're right. >> ths
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a woman. groceries don't cost us less, rent doesn't cost us less so why should we be paid less? >> senate republicans say democrats are trying to make it political. >> today is equal pay day. and this is not a partisan issue. >> activists want action now. >> and at this point now, we've, we've, we've reached a breaking point. >> as you saw that page, that wage gap varies by state. the state with the largest gap, louisiana and utah. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence, back to you, chris. >> all right, thank you. > [ chanting ] hundreds of young people have come from around the country to have their voices heard. they're taking part in a week-long leadership program sponsored by the national 4-h council in chevy chase.
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convention-style rally and speeches. the group will talk about results of a new 4-h harris poll that shows 90% of young people nationwide do not have confidence in today's leadership. >> well the good news, they feel very confident about who they are and their ability to lead. so we want to put their voice into action and give them a platform. particularly with the presidential campaign that's going on. >> the survey also shows one of the most pressing issues young people are worried about -- is the rising cost of college. and anne arundel county's sheriff says allegations of domestic violence against him are not true, blown out of proportion. sheriff ron bateman released a statement asking for privacy and declaring his love for his wife, elsie. police charged bateman with assault after responding to his home on sunday. they say his wife had facial injuries.
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account of what happened when emotions were running high. he said his wife has recanted her story. you asked for it, and now here it is. sunshine across the area and i know you wanted a stretch of it as well. well guess what? you're in luck. we start with a look. first at storm team 4 radar showing you the rain is long gone. it moved out early part of the day this morning. scanning the area live, no rain to report even in the northern neck. head on down to areas like norfolk, eastern north carolina, it is plenty wet there. the rain this morning helped ring down the pollen count a little bit. the last 24 hours, it's still running high, with oak and pine being very high producers for this area. and i really think that our stretch of weather over the next couple days, dry, dry, and more dry through the weekend. early part of next week will allow the pollen count to rise, not just to high levels, there's a chance they could be very high. temperatures this evening under a clear sky, diminishing wind. down to around
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doug has more on the warmth headed our way for the upcoming weekend. there's new celebrities on loudoun county elementary schools these days, a dozen local farmers are now featured on baseball-style trading cards. take a look at these faces. showing off livestock and crops, grower tyler wager stopped by hamilton elementary school to autograph a few of his cards. this is part of a project to get more local produce on school menus, with loudoun county school and nutrition officials leading the effort with the usda. the cards have become so popular, a second edition is likely. we've got a handful here. >> they are pretty cool. they help to humanize who is growing the food that we eat a lot. i love lauren glazer who said why she loves her products, she loves bacon and ice cream. and mike snow, who said i didn't grow up on a farm, i got the bug in college. you know just interesting stories to kind of personalize the story. >> the cards areer
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has been in farming ten years, she loves specialty-cut flowers so do i, barbara. very nice. >> check them out, loudoun county. a special moment for a police officer who was shot three times in an ambush. coming up, the curve ball he threw after throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. and a complicated surgical procedure now under way, doctors separate twins who were born joineat the waist.d
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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two 10-month-old conjoined twins are still in surgery. and right now doctors are in middle of a delicate operation to separate them. the twins have been at driscoll children's hospital in corpus christi, texas, since they were born. so far, doctors say everything is going well. but there's a lot more work to do. the girls were sharing a bladder and a colon. so doctors have had to reconstruct those organs and the twins are going to need several more surgeries as they get older. fishing trip a father and daughter will likely never forget. while they were out fishing on saturday, dad felt something tugging at the end of his line. seconds later. the jaws of a big alligator appeared out of the
4:41 pm
dad immediately dropped the line and he pedalled off as fast as he could. you could hear his 11-year-old daughter screaming in the background this happened in baton rouge. the gators head was about three feet long so just imagine how truly big the gator is. >> i don't think they want to imagine. >> wow. not a fishtale. top software security service notes a surge in cybercrime these days. from the app on your phone to your netflix account. how sophisticated hackers are making money off your subscriptions. we just got an emphatic no from paul ryan. he's been trying to tamp down speculation about a presidential bid this year. we break down the impact ofhis an n
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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when it comes to delegates, senator bernie sanders is still trailing. he's got one clear advantage over his rivals, people like him. a new nbc washington app/gfk poll finds americans have a more favorable opinion of sanders than unfavorable. 48-39%. he's the only presidential candidate with a positive rating. what about his democratic rival? hillary clinton? she's seen favorably by 40% of the people polled, but 55% view her
4:45 pm
over on the republican side, even worse numbers, the poll finds 69% hold an unfavorable view of donald trump and only 26% of people have a favorable opinion. texas senator ted cruz, his numbers aren't that much better. he has the same 26% favorability rating as trump. but a little less than 60% look at him unfavorably. when it comes to john kasich, a lot of people say they just don't have enough information about him. while his favorable is higher than his unfavorable, 34% say, they just don't know enough. overall, though, when you look at the big picture, the poll finds that hillary clinton is the presidential candidate most voters believe can win in a general election. pat? >> well, he says he's putting the speculation to rest. once and for all. in just the last hour, house speaker paul ryan firmly let t
4:46 pm
to be part of the controversial gop presidential nomination process. >> i simply believe that if you want to be the nominee for our party, to be the president, you should actually run for it. i chose not to do this. therefore, i should not be considered period, end of story. >> the announcement comes amid the increasing likelihood that we're heading into a contested republican convention in july. and that so-called establishment party members could try to put another candidate in to the race in place. nbc's brian mooar joins us from capitol hill with more on ryan's announcement. brian, last year ryan said he wouldn't accept the nomination to be house speaker. we know he eventually did. so what did he say about that? why should people see today's announcement any differently? >> ryan said that repeatedly, that he didn't want to be the house speaker. but today he said apples and
4:47 pm
the house wanted him. so really, as far as a lot of people are concerned, he slammed that door shut today. but it's still open a little crack. ryan said he wants rules to be made, when the convention happens in cleveland in july. that will not allow somebody who has not run for the office of president, in this election cycle to get the nomination. but that again would be up to the delegates. this is something that paul ryan says he doesn't want. he wants to campaign on behalf of the party. and on behalf of the eventual nominee. who he says will not be him, count me out. those are the words of paul ryan. >> can you recap for us, where we are with the delegate counts for trump and for senator ted cruz? and how likely is it looking at this point that either can clinch the nomination before the convention? >> it's a real nail-biter for people who don't really understand the high odds that are mounting against donald trump right now. 1237 to win.
4:48 pm
to cruz's 545. right now trump has to win 61% of the delegates remaining, even if he sweeps the table. in new york he still needs 55%. so this is a steep climb. and here's where we are, pat. if trump doesn't win, it's good that he's an outsider right now. when it comes to cleveland, if he does not win on the first ballot, all of the party insiders are going to be deciding who the nominee is. >> brian mooar, thank you. a frost and freeze temperatures will get a little lower in some areas overnight. it's been breezy today, but as the wind settles under a clear sky, it's going to get nippy in some areas because of that there's a frost advisory that has been issued in areas where the growing season has started. frederick leesburg to include north of gaithersburg, warrenton, hagerstown. er
4:49 pm
winchester, front royal, loray as well. temperatures will be dropping to below freezing, 32 in martinsburg. 33 in gaithersburg. a little frosty, but i don't think a hard freeze coming our way. meanwhile for the overnight, some milder overnights, especially toward the end of the week. look at this, our average overnight temperature, 46 degrees, we closer to the mark at the end of the week. we start coming up above that by the time we get to monday, tuesday of next week and i think that we're done with the cold if you want to put the spring flowers in the ground, do so the date of our average last freeze in the green. d.c., i-95 corridor up towards baltimore, down toward fredericksburg, around april, the 10, the 20th. and a little later in the blue. i know a lot of folks say just wait until mother's day. but i think we pretty much good to go now. sunshine for tomorrow, we're going to start this quiet stretch of weather tomorrow.
4:50 pm
we've broken out the sunshine. your lowest reading is 32, 42, sky cast for tomorrow, i think it will be a pretty day. here's a look at the sky cast lunch time tomorrow. maybe a few high clouds, 60 degrees by 3:00. a cool evening coming our way. so every day this week for the rest of the work week, recess gets an a-plus, think the kids should stay out a little longer. maybe they can convince the teacher of that. your weekend looking nice, 67, 74, saturday, sunday. it puts us above the average high now for the second half of the weekend. and i'm calling this a festival kind of weekend. folks we've posted at least 15, 20 festivals going on this weekend. so download the nbc washington washington app. we'll talk more about what awaits us next week, close to 80 degrees on monday. coming up on news4 at 5:00. attacks on the technology you use every day are growing in number and sophistication.
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targeting your netflix account, stealing not only your movies and shows, but making money off you as well. reporter lindsay mathis explains what to look for and how to protect yourself. >> it didn't take long for andrew to find out someone else was streaming movies and shows on his netflix account. >> someone named loreen had created a user profile. i'm thinking that's strange because i don't know anyone named loreen. >> she watched kids shows, dramas. >> how do you think they got into your account? >> i'm not sure. >> this expert with the florida center for security explains that hackers are using mallware to get log-in information and sell it on the deep web. >> it's about $150 a year. they could sell it at 50% off and they're still making a lot of money by selling your account that somebody else is using. >> even though netflix blacks
4:52 pm
information, hackers can use those details to send victims emails, asking them to update account information. the partial credit card number makes the email look legit. >> and people fall for something like that. >> andrew believes the stranger watching his movies only did so for a week or two. he caught it early because it's hard to miss a new profile. >> they could have watched it under my user profile and i wouldn't have known. >> you can check your viewing history and see if there's any programs listed that you didn't watch. >> if someone is accessing your account, netflix recommends signing out of all your devices. then, reset your password. that should get rid of anyone who shouldn't have access. experts think other streaming services like hulu may be vulnerable as well. and indiana doctors accused of providing extra pain medication to a female patient in exchange for sexual favors. court documents say dr. tristin
4:53 pm
with this particular patient the following year. investigators say the woman complied with the doctor's demands over fears she would stop getting her medications. over time investigators learned about more patients. some didn't need those drugs, the doctor is currently being held on bond. and the medical licensing board will decide whether to remove, revoke his license on thursday. i'm mark segraves in the district. firefighters are asking lawmakers to keep their word. four years ago, the d.c. council and mayor unanimously approved a bill that would pay firefighters who come down with life-threatening illnesses as a result of their job, illnesses like cancer it would allow them to collect full pensions and health benefits. but four years later, the council and mayor still have not funded that legislation. coming up at 5:00, we'll introduce you to a firefit
4:54 pm
that's incurable. and he says he wants it make sure the next generation of firefighters don't go through what he's going through right now. >> thanks, mark. new video is shedding some light on an incident that ended with the death of a former pro football player. up next, why the attorney for the man who allegedly shot him says it's going to help his client.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
he got shot during an ambush. last night, philadelphia police officer jesse hartnet beat the odds when he threw out the first pitch at a phillies game. his bigger pitch came after in front of thousands of fans. that's when got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, she said yes. the couple got a standing ovation from the crowd in philadelphia. >> how sweet. new surveillance video may show the beginning of the car chase that ended with former nfl star will smith being shot and killed on the streets of new orleans. >> nbc's jay gray takes you through what that video shows. >> this restaurant surveillance video just released shows a vehicle that looks like will smith's mercedes suv bumping a hummer, driven his defense attorney says, by cordell hayes, as the hummer pulls to the side, the silver suv drives off and the hummer follows. minutes later, shots rang out, two blocks away. >> there's a male down with
4:58 pm
>> the scenario fits the description provided by hayes' defense attorney who insists his client was not the aggressor the night the former nfl star was gunned down. >> i believe the evidence will support that my client is legally not guilty. >> hayes' attorney has asked a judge to make sure all ballistic evidence in the case is preserved. suggesting there may have been another gun here at the scene. >> i believe that when the new orleans police department reveals everything that they've learned, which you all will have a different impression of this case than that that's been created thus far. >> and he says witness accounts of the deadly shooting will quote blow the lid off of this case. >> witnesses i have talked to, the stories that they've been, they've given me, is completely inconsistent with what was reported initially by the nopd. >> the police investigation continues as the city continues to mourn the loss of one of its
4:59 pm
heroes. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. now at a:00. the person accused of stabbing and killing a teenager at a metro station, is a teenager himself. while metro responds to complaints about its police force. >> i did not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> setting the record straight and hitting hard, how the country's third in command just tried to settle the score on aspirations for the nation's top job. and now at 5:00, the teenager charged in the deadly stabbing at the metro station appears in court this afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. we have learning more about what may have led to the deadly confrontation. it took the life of 15-year-old john evans, we're hearing from the victim's mother. news4's pat collins is live at d.c. superior court with the latest. >> back and forth they threatened each other
5:00 pm
media then at the deanwood metro station, it got physical. it got deadly. we begin our story now with the victim's mother. >> to me, god gave me a son and i got a son taken from me. just like that. >> she is trajie wells, she just had a baby bow four days ago. yesterday her older son murdered at the deanwood metro station. 15-year-old john evans stabbed to death there. charged in the murder, 18-year-old ja javonty hall. >> the two had had a dispute that was ongoing. and by happen stance, they ended up being on the same metro car and when they met up, this altercation ensued. >> according to court documents, the two men were engaged in a verbal altercation, stemming from social media. both threatened to harm each other physically.


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