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tv   Today  NBC  April 13, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this message. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with ckathie le gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. it is a wines day wednesday, hump day. april 13th. this is by one of our new faves. we got a really good show for you today, including academy award winner kevin costner. >> what? >> yeah. he's got a new movie called "criminal," unlike anything you've ever seen from him before. he's excellent. >> he did a great job. this is cool. we have a beauty expert here
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show off makeup trends taking the internet by storm. it's called clown or color contouring. right now she is applying this kind of dramatic makeup to our model. this is meant to cover up imperfections but when you look at it at first you say, oh, my gosh, what is she doing. here's what's pretty cool. you're going to be able to access the entire process coming up on our facebook page via facebook live. get your devices ready and later we'll reveal the results. but as you see, this looks crazy right now. >> hard to believe she is going to blend all of that in. >> greens and reds. >> i would have stopped her at that point. green is not my color. plus, we'll have a performance from a swedish 16-year-old who won "sweden's got talent" when she was 10. she's going to blow you away. and
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beauty and style items you need. yesterday i left here and went to have a little brief lunch downtown. i'm not down there very often but everybody told me about pete's tavern which is like a landmark. it is really old and it's got a million pictures on the wall. it's just one of those neat places that feels cozy the minute you walk in. so as i was leaving, there's -- that's gary. i get in trouble when i say "how's so and so?" i get in trouble. i don't know what happened to pete but i hope he is alive and well. i want to thank gary. also, i was with two of your pals, doug morris and l.a.
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>> it is a small world, hoda. >> by the way, doug's hands -- hot. >> i got some words of wisdom. >> ready? >> happiness often sneaks in the door -- >> start again. >> okay. happiness often sneaks in the door you didn't think was open. john barrymore. >> senior or junior? >> happiness often sneaks in a door you didn't know was open. >> are you happy, hodie? >> yes. >> you weren't expecting that. >> you're right. i wasn't. >> another thing you owe to jo ann dimarco who shall remain nameless. there was a s
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to judging their peers by how neat their desks are. or messy their desks are. >> yeah. so the number one annoyance is that people have messy, messy work spaces. i wouldn't think that's the first thing. i would say if the person is just rude or self-centered. >> i think it is weird that someone -- i would never judge anyone for having a messy desk. >> because you have a messy desk. >> yes. >> well, they say it's weird if something has a perfect desk, nothing on it. that's a control freak. take a look at each of our dressing rooms. this is you reading. you have your pictures, your pens and all that stuff. look at your tape dispenser. i was eating that orange. >> sometimes it's pizza. >> sometimes it's been there.
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what kind of a work space do you prefer? these are the two choices. clutter free, or controlled chaos? with "controlled" in parentheses. >> if there's chaos, there's no control. >> i can find anything on my desk. if you were to say where are yesterday's scripts, i wouldn't know where they are. >> or in your purse with your bowling ball. here's the thing. the question that was asked -- you always do this! you always try to change the question! >> there was a woman who had stuff on a person's desk. right? remember, you worked for her. >> that has nothing to do with the question. >> yes. there were tacks in one thing and paperclips in the other. >> i could have worked for a boss that walked over to my desk and said what's going on here? sh
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the paperclip thing and put them in the tack thingie which i thought was totally cray. but that's what she did. >> when i heard the story from you, i thought, you know what? tacks can hurt a person. i'm going to get those tacks out because i see them and i'm going to put them in the little tack drawer. otherwise, somebody's going to reach for -- >> that's not what you were thinking. you were thinking you like it neat. we're getting rid of the wine bot. chaos or -- what were yours again? neat freak. >> clutter-free. how can you work? >> neat freak. all right, all you clutter bugs. >> i love you! what? no one's even interested. >> the whole thing was supposed to be are you judging somebody. >> no
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helen mirren is dying for a role in an upcoming movie. i don't understand this? she could be in any movie she wants to be. she said it is her dream role. >> we're going to play a game. we have three options. we're going to try to guess which one is her dream role. new "star wars" movie, the new fast and furious movie is two, or the new "bay watch" film. >> she gave her answer during an interview with a british television host. >> you are gunning to be in a big action franchise. >> yes. "fast and furious." i would love to be in "fast and furious." >> are you kiding? >> no. no. that's an incredible fun movies. aren't they? they're just -- you don't act. amazing, they set all these things and things explode all around you. oh, it's unbelievable
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and that with cars would be my dream come true. >> so put that in your wine bot and drink it. >> wait a minute. you know what's funny? she said she wanted to be in "fast and furious." arnold schwarzenegger is -- how old is he? >> up there. >> there are a lot of people -- i don't know why it was such a big deal. >> she's so refined. but -- don't you love her? so here's a question. do you have a home phone, a landline, the kind of phone that you -- like that, in your house. do you know that nearly half of u.s. households no longer have land lines? that's because of the cell phone. they figure like why am i going to have that. we got to talking about land lines. >> it made us nostalgic. didn't it? >> did you have your own --
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no, no, back in the 1800s that was not possible. according to the national center for health statistics, fewer than one-third of people age 25 to 34 have home phones. that makes sense because they've had a cell phone since they were kids. >> i like a home phone. i remember so clear, we weren't allowed to have phones in our rooms. or boys. or even boys on the phone. we couldn't have that. we had nothing. we had zero. but i still remember the feeling of when the phone rang running to get it and hoping it was for you. when it was for you, you -- whenever you heard a little click click, i knew that my sister was on the other line. or my brother. i know you're on the other end, i can hear you breathing. and it was busy, whether it was busy. >> remember the emergency call to break in for long distance? will you -- does that ever happen still? calling collect. >> i just remember whenever the phone was long distance even if we lived in virgini and the call was from
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"it's long distance!" now my sister calls me from dubai, i'm like, i'm really busy, i'll call you back later. >> you talk to your sister in dubai every day? >> yeah. few times. >> it w >> i have one. we live next to the water and our reception is really bad sometimes. you get better service on the land. >> you also need one that's not electric. i mean it is like an old-fashioned one because if the power does go out the only -- >> you're going to like this part better. yet one more sex study. are you in a relationship and wondering if you're having enough sex? >> marvin gaye and "get it on." a new study says you don't have to get busy every day to be happy. they're saying if you have sex monday, tuesday, wednesday, thay
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someone who just has sex friday, you're equally as happy. >> what about saturday? just kidding. here's the thing. if it's bad sex, you don't want it. i'd rather have good sex once a month -- >> right. than bad sex. >> any time naturally than a lot of bad sex which you have, hoda. you told me. don't you love it when other people tell you how happy you are because of your -- what's lacking or not taking place in your own sex life? it's nobody's business! >> i think s.e.c. is one of those things people don't like talking about it -- >> you do. >> i do not. i think some people don't know how often people are doing it, what's normal. we'll collection in with our cloud contouring. >> oh, my gosh. now she's starting to mush it up a little bit. it's blending -- >> no, it's not. oh, my gosh, she still looks clownish. but keep
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kevin costner spent the last four decades by making women swoon by playing everything from a lieutenant, to a hunky baseball catcher boyfriend in "bull durham" who could forget his role as whitney houston's protector in "the bodyguard." >> but his latest role is showing us a whole new side in "criminal." costner plays a cold-blooded killer who is tapped by the government to be the guinea pig in a sci-fi experiment that transfers a dead man's memories into his brain. he joins us with the film's director. but first, take a look at th
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you thought you could trust him. >> billy! remember! remember! >> you've got me confused with somebody else. >> scary. welcome to the director of this movie. you did a great job. probably with kevin sitting here, you don't get too many questions, right? >> i'm enjoying watching him. >> you brought out a great performance. you start out as this very scary guy named jericho. you going to look at me. >> i was just going to see how he was handling it. >> you don't know where this movie is going to go. this is really uncharted
10:17 am
is -- >> it starts with animals and obviously everybody is going to try to make that jump to -- i think when it comes to memory, i think any one of us don't want to lose track of the people we love. if somebody said to me i can give you your memory back, i would take that. i don't want to fer get torget s of my children. >> you played two drastically different characters in one. how did you tap into that psychopathic horrible guy? >> i didn't feel i was any of those guys. this guy is a survivor with a lot of street instincts and he is reactive in a way most normal people are. there is a scene where he's having coffee, having a very good time and he's almost speaking in tongues, if you will, don't know if he's speaking in french or spanish and he's so happy for a moment an somebody ruins that for him. then he quickly reverts back to somebody -- >> i don't want to give it away so i'm not going to ask the
10:18 am
this scientific stuff can work. >> yes. >> so you go back and forth quite often because it is not perfect. a great challenge acting wise. >> they feel like they can control me but they can't. i think because of that criminal element, it gave me some freedom and the level of violence is spontaneous and it is fun to watch. >> a lot of that stuff, when you see the fight scenes, they seem so realistic. how much of that was scripted stuff and how much of that was just sort of happening as it was going? >> most of it was scripted. but -- >> the choreography of it, somebody says you can be four people. we've seen a lot of movies where someone goes in and they somehow clear a bar magically. and this instance, it was scripted what happens. but i work really hard on days off to go over there and go, what is
10:19 am
of the guy who survives in prison. i think that's why you enjoy that scene because anything and everything is fair game. >> you take the place in your brain of a cia agent. don't want to give too much away again. but he had a beautiful marriage and a beautiful child and i think the best part of the movie is when you start to see that in you in response to this precious wife and child. >> that's why i love the story. >> well, it is a terrific movie. i think a lot of people are going to like it. >> i loved it. i didn't know what to expect. when did i know love a kevin costner movie? >> when did anyone not love a kevin costner movie? >> congratulations. >> it is in theaters this friday. liliana vasquez is here with the down low. after this.
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on your phone. >> when i shop online i end up having thousands of tabs open from different stores. the cool thing about -- >> that drains your phone, too. >> it does. the cool thing about this new app allows you to bring all of those items in one centralized location. here is how it works. you log on to the app. when you go on the home page, it is called trending. you can scroll through. these are items that are trending on their site. if you see something you like, for example i love that dress. >> i want to get that for cassidy! >> you can buy it or you can keep it and add it to one of your collections. so let's say i want to add it for my friend's bridal shower. you go to your profile. what you see here is actually all of these different collections. you can shop within your collection. you said shoes. >> look at those shoes. >> i can
10:24 am
those shoes, i can -- >> wait a minute. those shoes are almost $500. >> ignore that. >> i can shop directly through the store website, then go right back and continue shopping. >> is it clothes or do they also have other things? >> home -- >> do they have birthday cakes? >> happy birthday! >> you guys! >> you are awesome. we love you, we love having our little sister on the show. >> you guys are the sweetest. it's become cool. we're going to show you the latest creation makeup contouring. our facebook page, we're live streaming.
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we are back on this wines day wednesday. since today is national scrabble day, we thought we'd quiz ourselves on board games. kath is across the street ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the answers right. those who don't -- yes, it is a kathie lee cd! joining me in studio, co-founder of mental floss and we're doing board games, aren't we? i'm excited that they've come back. >> national scrabble day. >> we are so ready. >> i have two very sweet ladies from michigan. one has recently moved here. welcome. this is your question, sweetie. what is the name of the patient in t
10:31 am
is it patient pat, cavity sam, or sick jack. >> patient pat. >> no. >> the correct answer is -- cavity sam. >> now cavity sam has fortunately recovered from many of the ailments from when we were kids but unfortunately he has many more modern maladies, like gamer's thumb, headphone headaches. >> by the way, i got tennis elbow from taking selfies. i think that's a thing now. kath, over to you. >> okay. where are you from? >> i'm from buffalo, new york. >> you look adorable. identify this 1995 film about a magical board game. >> i didn't think she
10:32 am
enough. amazed. robin williams. it is based on the zulu word which means many effects. >> okay. over to you. >> a guy from texas. which of these is not an orange murder weapon in the board game clue. candlestick? rope? or a trophy. >> trophy. >> wow. >> you know what's interesting? the people know about these old board games. like clue. especially somebody as young as that guy. >> trophy was not one of the original weapons but it actually is in the current game. they changed it. there are now nine weapons in the game. >> do they still have the same mr. mustard -- colonel mustard? >> some are the same but they've added some new ones to spice it up. >> kath, over to you. >> from ohio. which of the following words is not accepted in scrabble. swag, werk, or grr. >> werk? >>
10:33 am
>> it's not one of those. but i do have a word for you. remember -- >> what is it. >> oxiphenbutisone. next time you are playing scrabble, it is the most valuable word at almost 2,000 points. i'm sure that opportunity will come up. >> it comes up every now and then. are they constantly adding words? >> people are always up in arms when they add new words or slang words but the reality is, they've been doing that since the beginning of scrabble. it happens every year. >> this lovely gentleman and his son are from seattle. which game piece color is not found in the board game sorry? is it purple, red or blue? >> purple. >> purple. >> yes! >> how does everybody know this stuff? >> smart crowd. >> i guess they're still playing board games. >> it is the best selling board game this year so far on amazon. sorry is. it is based on the
10:34 am
indian board game called parchese. a lovely couple from arkansas. what is the total amount of money in the bank of a standard monopoly game? is it $20,580, $250,000, or $2.1 million? >> $2.1 million. >> so sad. so, so sad. >> very sad. they get my cd! >> the correct answer, i have it in my hand -- $20,580. how does that even buy a place? >> you can control the entire board with that amount of money. >> they haven't updated this? >> they have not. this would make the inventor of the game cringe because she actually created this game in order to teach people about the dangers of land grabbing. doesn't that sound like a riot to play a game? >> hey, thank you so much. kath
10:35 am
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with something like this. >> here to explain and show off this latest internet craze, clown contour iing. you did it. >> what was crazy, you're sweating because you did it. it was amazing. but at the beginning of our show -- tell us your name again? manisha. we saw greens and reds and it looked crazy. >> insane, right? >> it looked like there is no way you could blend that and mush it together. you did that over the commercial break. everyone on facebook got to see it live. they are crazy with the comments. >> four minutes. >> look how mushy gushy awesome that looks. so what happened to the greens and reds? >> so we -- >> i don't even remember where they were. >> the best way to think of the clown contouring is color correcting your face by looking at a color wheel.
10:41 am
cheeks and acne marks. when you use green over it, it neutralizes that. under the eyes she had a little bit of darkness. by using a peachy-orangey red it takes away the bluish greens there. you just blend it out. it is so important to blend it out. i blend it with these little babies. they're so cute and they're meant for color correcting. then the key to this is -- >> look what happened. can we just watch for a minute? she did this in four minutes. we're speeding it up but everybody on facebook got to see it happen live. i can't stop watching. look at the red. >> do people do this at home? >> yeah. i do this at home. it's one of the things makeup artists have been doing for years. >> do you think you could do it? >> no, i don't think i could do it. >> let's go over to carly. >> carly. patiently waiting. >>
10:42 am
>> it's this kind of day. >> what was carly's before? >> can we show it? carly had some rosacea. what we did was take a green color corrector and kind of put it over her entire face. that really just neutralizes all the redness that she has. just a light layer. the key is you don't want it to show through your foundation. >> how do you know what colors you're supposed to put. carly's gorgeous, but i can't believe what you did in two seconds. >> so if you -- it's all about looking at a color wheel. if you have redness on your skin, you can figure out what to do. >> where can people find that? how do they know? >> i google it. i was looking up which one goes with the other. >> apparently all you have to do is for more details, step by step instructions, go to >> how was thatac
10:43 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is presented to you by citi. we have an amazing talent, 18-year-old zar a larsson. she has taken europe by storm and now she's ready to do the same right here with the release of her new single called "never forget you." >> how are you? >> i'm very good.
10:49 am
>> how does it feel, you're 18, you're an adult now, coming to the united states and sort of launching your career here. how does that feel? >> it feels so good. it just feels like finally. >> you've been singing professional pretty much all your life. >> yeah. this talent show was almost half of my life ago. so it's like -- it's just like finally. i'm very, very happy for everything that's going on and i'm super excited. >> especially like your female drummer. >> this song is called "never forget you." >> here she is -- zara!
10:50 am
♪ it's very deep inside me but i feel there's something you should know ♪ ♪ i will never forget you and you will always be by my side ♪ ♪ from the day that i met you i knew that i would love you until the day i die ♪ ♪ and i will never want much more and in my heart i will always be yours ♪ ♪ and i will never forget you and you will always be by my side until the day i die ♪ ♪ until the day i die ♪ everything seemed so right
10:51 am
we went back and put up a fight ♪ ♪ once upon a time you were my everything ♪ ♪ it's good to see that time hasn't changed a thing ♪ ♪ i will never forget you and you will always be by my side ♪ ♪ from the day that i met you i knew that i would love you until the day i die ♪ ♪ i will never want much more and in my heart i will always be sure ♪ ♪ and i will never forget you and you will always be by my side ♪ ♪ loving everything we do ♪ sometimes you got to know that these things
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♪ i'm loving it everything we do ♪ ♪ and all along i knew i had something special with you ♪ ♪ but sometimes you got to know that these things are true ♪ ♪ i can't hide my connection with you ♪ ♪ oh you will always be by my side from the day i met you until the day i die ♪ ♪ i will never want much more but in my heart i will always be sure ♪ ♪ i will never forget you and you will always be be by my side ♪ ♪ until the day i die ♪ die ♪ yay ooh yay ♪ you will always be by my side ♪ ♪ i will never, never, never, never, never
10:53 am
♪ until the day i die >> yeah! >> oh, my god. >> and we'll never forget that. zara. it's not every day that l.a. reed shows up at a performance. this is a big day. would you call it a big day? >> why is that? >> we signed her when she was 14 years old. i can't believe so much time has gone by, four years. and look at you now. >> hold on. >> look at that! >> just for you, darling. >> certified gold, baby. already! congratulations! >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> that is talent. >> l.a., you know how to pick the best. >> they know how to pick me. all right. we'll be back with more, but
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
why don't we get a final check of the wine bot. see if you guys prefer clutter or clutter-free. well, whatever. you won again. >> did i win? >> no, yours is a glass and a half. okay, that's enough. we just want to say thank you to some friends that are here. diana and her daughter, robin, came to see us. she has to read one of my books. that does it for this awesome wines day wednesday. you, hoda, are finally going to take a couple of well deserved days off. >> but you're going to be very busy because you're going to be joined by the one, the only -- regis philbin tomorrow. >> right. i can't wait. love you, reg. and the stars of one of our favorite shows,
10:58 am
the fur flies when we're together. always a good combo. tomorrow's thirsty thursday so we'll have some but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change.
10:59 am
because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
11:00 am
right now nearly 5,000 verizon workers are off the job and on the picture line. i'm barbara harris with new information about the local workers striking and how it could affect your service. new information about an atlanta braves player being questioned by police after an assault at a hotel. and it's beautiful out there today, but a little on the cool side. when can you expect that warm-up? we've got the information coming up. i'm melissa


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