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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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protests continue through the day. but we begin with tonight's story in prince george's county. three brothers charged in a shooting outside of a police station. that shooting led to the death of an undercover officer and we learned today the name of the officer who shot him. tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro with more on this. tracee? >> reporter: the chief says as soon as his name was revealed in court he spoke with this officer and his wife. he says that the family is doing as well as can be expected. he says what the ford brothers did damaged not only the colson family by taking away their son forever but also the life of this officer who shot him. five-year veteran officer taylor krauss shot and killed fellow officer jacai colson during a gun battle in front of the district 3 police station. >> from the very beginning, officer krauss perceive what had turned out to be detective colson as a threat and was
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that led him to take the action that, unfortunately, resulted in this friendly fire death. >> reporter: colson was an undercover drug officers who was off duty and in plainclothes when he arrived at the district 3 station to find a shootout in progress. police i was say he engaged michael ford in an exchange of gunfire before he was shot by krauss. krauss, a district 3 police officer, was once officer of the month. >> what the ford brothers precipitated was a tragedy involving some of the very finest police officers on the prince george's county police department. >> reporter: for first time since their arrest, all three ford brothers appeared this court for a preliminary hearing. it was ruled the men will remain in jail while the state's attorney prepares to indict them on second-degree murder and assault charges. >> and we intend to take as much time as we need. >> reporter: the ford defense team maintained michael ford wanted police to shoot at him and his gunfire, more than 20 rounds, never hit police. >> we don't believe that there was sufficient evidence for a
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judge to specifically find probable cause for the felony charges facing malik ford. >> reporter: today during testimony, a detective revealed that ford asked his brothers to post the video of the shootout on the world star hip-hop website. >> they were all hoping there would be some sort of notoriety that would come out of this as well. >> reporter: it was also said in court today that michael wanted that video to go to his girlfriend and some other contacts in his cell phone as well. it is still not clear exactly why officer krauss considered officer colson to be a threat. we're expecting more details on that to come out in court. coming up on news4 at 6:00, it was an amazing sight to see these three brothers in court today. the family reacts as they maintain that these are not the brothers they know. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins. >> tracee, thank you. a prince william county, virginia, woman accused of stabbing her infant daughter will remain in custody. leah
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she's accused of stabbing her 3-month-old this past weekend. police tell us it happened because the infant was crying. metro leaders have faced tough questions today on capitol hill. lawmakers just wrapped up a hearing about the fixes needed to improve safety on the transit agency and restore public confidence. adam tuss has been watching this all day and he joins us right now. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. and this got really heated at times. basically the big highlight of this whole meeting was metro's board chair jack evans coming here to capitol hill and telling the federal government that they need to kick in more of their share of money for federal workers who use the metro transit system. now, right now the federal government kicks in about $150 million a year. evans says that metro needs $300 million a year from the federal government. that would be an equal share from d.c., maryland, and virginia and the federal government.
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lawmakers here on capitol hill, they just didn't want to hear it and have it. listen to this exchange between congressman mica and jack evans. >> these people need to step up to the plate. virginia needs to step up to the plate. maryland needs to step up to the plate. and the district with that huge surplus now needs to step up to the plate. you sure as heck ain't going to get it out of my folks and the improvements can be made. so no other system in the country has the kind of resources into it. >> adam, i understand that metro's safety culture also came up today. what did the general manager say about that? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and obviously safety has been a big issue here in the weeks since the shutdown in the wake of all those safety issues that were noted in the metro system. the general manager saying that he has hired a new chief safety officer to bring into the metro system and kind of turn things around, and he acknowledged very
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publicly that there are some metro workers who do not focus on safety. that brought a response from congressman gerry connolly. >> a culture of mediocrity is no longer acceptable. what's been particularly frustrating with each of the safety investigations is the revelation that metro does, in fact, appear to have good policies and procedures in place. they're just not followed. they're not implemented. something i know mr. wiedefeld aims to rectify. >> reporter: so it got really heated here on the hill after a while and, you know, what we didn't hear really specifically was the general manager's plans laying out what he plans to do to fix the system. we'll have to ask him those questions ourselves, guys. ithe cdc has confirmed suggestions, suggested
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severe birth defects. this new report came out today in the new england journal of medicine. cdc officials say the study marks a turning point in its research linking microcephaly to the virus. they will now launch more studies to figure out what other effects zika could have on unborn babies. researchers say all women and their partners should take steps it avoid zika if they're planning to get pregnant. but they also say not all women infected with zika will give birth to children with microcephaly. back to you, jim. >> pat, thank you. they handle your phone, internet, and cable lines too. tonight nearly 40,000 verizon workers are on strike up and down the east coast. northern virginia reporter david culver caught up with those on the local picket lines and he joins us to explain what they want from the company. david? >> reporter: and, jim, you can hear them chanting behind me. now, some of these verizon employees have been out here since 6:00
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on strike they say for as long as it takes. pacing back and forth in front of verizon offices, employees walking off the job. >> we just want a fair contract. we're just trying to keep the jobs in america and we just want to work. >> reporter: we met tracy duffin, 16 years working for veriz verizon. what's your day-to-day job like? >> start at 7:30, work until we're done. we've been working forced overtime for years. that's not the problem. the problem is we want to keep the work here. >> no contract. >> reporter: in maryfield the union workers started early, many of them technicians who work on phone, cable, and internet lines. just about all of them wearing red in solidarity. on their feet until -- >> as long as it takes we'll be here. >> reporter: in herndon and alexandria we found similar scenes. small groups carrying signs marching. in a l
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said, quote, since last june we've worked diligently to try to reach agreements that would be good for our employees, good for our customers, and make the wireline business more successful now and in the future. unfortunately, union leaders have their own agenda rooted in the past and are ignoring today's digital realities. calling a strike benefits no one and brings us no closer to resolution. verizon says they're trying to talk too. >> you believe them? >> reporter: do you? >> no. >> reporter: as for those employees that showed up to work, strikers eventually made way to let them through only after a brief pause. so as to let their message soak in. so how is this going to effect those of you who are verizon customers? our news4 consumer unit working to get answers on that. my colleague susan hogan is going to have the responses and the broader impacts for those of you ahead at 5:45. wendy? >> all right, david culver. an
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in virginia with a driver pulling out a gun. this was in the busy neighborhood of arlington. jeffrey volan said he pulled out a gun because another vehicle was pulling him too closely. he's charged with brandishing a firearm near a school. a little boy who was hit while riding his bike over the weekend has died. 10-year-old james maple died yesterday. he was with his mother and two friends when a car hit him. it happened sunday afternoon here along mcdaniel road in waldorf. maple was in a crosswalk at the time and did have a helmet on. police are looking into whether the driver may have been distracted. >> reporter: don't expect to see atlanta's hector olivera when the braves play the nats tonight. he was locked up here in ar
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the scene, a hotel room. the victim, a woman. the story, coming up. and i'm chris lawrence following the candidates as they turn their focus to maryland. how some democrats and republicans are vying for local votes. and d.c. is still running low on ambulances to help you during an emergency. and in a story you will see only on news4, find out why this is happening even with the new private ambulances on our street. streetgreat time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece.
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funeral services were held today for a loudoun county woman who was shot to death. police say it was her ex-boyfriend, derrick lewis. christina fisher had just gotten a protective order against lewis 11 days before police say he came to her home and shot her. in that protective order she described multiple attacks by lewis. fisher had three children, including two of them with derrick lewis, who is, again, now charged in her murder. he played monday night against the nats, but just moments ago police charged an atlanta braves' player with assault. here is his mug shot. hekt olivera is accused of attacking a woman at the ritz-to
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pat collins is live in arlington city at the police headquarters. >> reporter: hector olivera locked up here for now. the charge, assault and battery, a class one misdemeanor. hector olivera, he was on the cuban national baseball team that won the silver in the 2008 olympics. hector olivera, he defected fro cuba and signed for a $28 million bonus with the l.a. dodgers a year ago. this year he's with the atlanta braves. today he found himself locked up here in arlington facing assault charges. police say the call for help came from the ritz-carlton hotel in pentagon city. it was around 7:00 this morning. the victim a woman. police say she had noticeable bruises on her body. she told police she had gone to olivera's hotel room last night. >> at this point i'm not sure what led to the
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and the dispute had occurred in which he was assaulted. >> reporter: and how would you describe the relationship between the woman and mr. olivera? >> they know -- they're known to one another. what their exact relationship is, i'm unsure. >> reporter: tonight this statement from the braves. we are extremely disappointed and troubled to learn of the allegations involving hector olivera. major league baseball has placed olivera on administrative leave effective immediately. now, olivera has retained two high-powered defense attorneys to represent him as this case moves forward. now, the bond in this case has been set at $10,000. it's expected that he'll be able to make that bond. i'll be back at 6:00 with more. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. pat, thank you. developing right now at 5:00 tonight. seven gunshots in the
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to the chest killing former nfl star will smith over the weekend. in addition to the release of the coroner's report today, smith's family attorney talked to reporters. the attorney for suspected shooter cardell hayes has suggested smith's mercedes hit his client's hummer first, but smith's attorney said smith avoided a collision during that initial incident. >> and seeing no damage whatsoever, they continued. suddenly this hummer drove up at great speed behind them and rammed the back of their car. >> a passenger in the suspect's vehicle claims smith was going to start shooting. police have confirmed there was a loaded gun in smith's car, but the family attorney said the gun remained in the glove compartment. in the race for the white house, the democrats remain focused on the big apple as they prepare to face off in a prime time debate tomorrow night. while some of the campaigns look beyond the new york primary with
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chris? >> the primary isn't until april 26th, but early voting starts tomorrow in maryland. today john kasich brought his campaign down our way and hillary clinton sent her top surrogate. kasich just wrapped up a town hall at historic savage mill taking questions from some of the voters in howard county. bob early joined kasich earlier in the day as they visited an ice cream shop. kasich plans to spend a good deal of time in baltimore where he hopes to pick up some delegates. >> my path to the presidency is to keep telling people what my message is and go from a situation where we have coke, pepsi, and kasich and now all of a sudden it's like coke, pepsi and kasich but people are still trying to figure out whether they like the brand because now they're beginning to see more. >> all right. hillary clinton is campaigning in new york, but her husband is stumping for votes right here in montgomery county. right no
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clinton is speaking at a rally in leisure world. again, early voting in maryland is open from tomorrow through next thursday. we posted everything you need to know about casting early ballot in the nbc washington app. just search early voting. back to you. >> chris lawrence. thank you, chris. and only on news4 tonight, our new nbc 4/marist poll shows a split between voters when it comes to fantasy sports draft. 40% say they'd support it. 43% say they're opposed, and 17% just aren't sure. the state's attorney has advised those betting on sites may not be legal. full disclosure, our parent company, comcast, and sister network, nbc sports, have invested in fan duel. it is ahead of schedule and under budget. the project to fix the dome of the u.s. capitol is nearing an end and it could be done in time
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inauguration. house speaker paul ryan gave nbc news an exclusive look at the renovations which are the first in more than 50 years. that cast iron dome was built just after the civil war, and it has taken a beating by the weather and, of course, with age. the restoration began in the late -- in late 2013 and since then crews have worked to restore the iron, replace the decorative ornaments, and even repair some of the windows. they're now in the final stage of just painting. >> i feel lick this is a pretty good metaphor for what most people think of washington. it was broken. >> it was broken. that's right. symbolism is not lost on me here. we had to repair this organization. we had to repair this place. >> if you watch the capitol, if you jog or hang out in that area, you know the scaffolding is slowly coming down. it will be gone in july. scaffolding on the inside of the rotunda is expected to come down in august. well, it's now easier
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capital bike share. there are now $5 annual memberships available. lower income residents can get the discount through nonprofits and government agencies. the regular price, by the way, 85 bucks. the program also includes a free bicycle helmet and cycling class. and riders can use the bikes for an hour instead of the formnorm half hour. tired of those robocalls? we'll tell you about a robo cop that could protect you from all that annoyance. plus, have you heard of pickle ball? well, it is gaining in popularity. this thing is skyrocketing, folks. i was schooled in it. i'll tell what you the fuss is all about. pickle ball? all right. jim, can't wait to hear that one. tonight, another cold night. a frost advisory once again issued. if you had frost this morning, you may see it again. i'll show you when we hitthe
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we've got a pothole progress report for you tonight. it's been two weeks since potholepalooza kicked off in the district and crews are making progress filling all those holes. more than 5,000 potholes are now smoothed over. and outside it is hallelujahpalooza. >> and now your storm team4 forecast. >> right, doug? >> say that
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i'm not sure we heard you. >> hallelujahpalooza. >> there you go. we're talking about -- >> i'm exhausted from saying that. >> just because of the beautiful weather. we've got sunshine across the area. plenty of blue skies. high pressure dominating the region now and that's going to be the case right through the next couple days. there is our look downtown. a really nice shot but we're still really cool and the reason, that area of high pressure way to the north. only 57 right now with that sunshine. the winds though are calm so we don't have much of a wind. it's been a little cool today. we won't call it chilly but cool but a very nice afternoon. without the wind, 50s and sun. that's not bad at all. 60 degrees down toward warrenton, 58 in quantico, 55 in maryland. cambridge one of the cool spots. only 52. tonight will be another cold night. frost advisory in effect. not for the metro area but for the same areas as last night. winchester, leesburg, over towards frederick. hagerstown
5:25 pm
you may see areas of frost, you may see it again tomorrow morning. cover the plants if you need to and make sure that you're ready to wear the jacket tomorrow morning. wear the jacket tonight for the nationals. going for yet another win against the braves. the braves are winless, so let's just keep kicking their thing, you know. out there today, tonight, going to be a little cool. 56 degrees at 6:00. plenty of sunshine though. 54 by 8:00 and by 10:00, around 49 to 3550. you may want to take the blanket if you can take that into the park with you. it will be a little cool. no rain to talk about. we will be dry for the next six to seven days. satellite and radar shows the clear skies all around our region. also shows another storm moving our way, but this storm will stay way to the north. we'll see a few clouds with it possibly tonight. then tomorrow high pressure builds right back in and we'll see another day with plenty of sunshine. cold start to the day. sunny, temperatures around 42.
5:26 pm
nice. temperatures around 63. so a tad warmer than we were during the day today. overnight low temperatures cool once again. 43 in d.c. 40 in fredericksburg. 37 in leesburg. 34 in martinsburg. you do not have to get exactly to freezing in order to get frost. you can get it into the mid-30s and that's why that frost advisory is issued across the area. high temperatures tomorrow back into the upper 50s to low 60s once again with abundant sunshine. still cool, but all in all not bad. really nice afternoon. again, this was mid-march, we'd be talking about how great this is, but now it's april. we should be in the mid to upper 60s. the area of high pressure that's dominating the region is up to the northeast. it is to our north. because of that we will stay a little below average even though we're talking plenty of sunshine. next couple days though it drifts down to the south right on top of us. that allows us to warm and we'll see a lot of sunshine from that. it will be seasonably cool through friday until that area of high pressure slides south, and then we're just looking at a
5:27 pm
great weekend. 63 degrees tomorrow. sunshine. i got sunshine. sunshine. and i got sunshine. this is probably the best or the most boring forecast depending on who you are. nice for you folks probably out there doing some gardening, getting out there and maybe mowing the lawn this weekend. for us meteorologists, a little on the boring side. but that's already. 68 on saturday. going for a high temperature on sunday of 70 degrees. i mentioned earlier we may hit 80 or some close. veronica has more on that in a minute. coming up on news4, d.c. still running low on ambulances despite having private ambulance companies to help. i'm mark segraves and we'll tell you how long it's taking the private ambulances to get to you. and we told you the stories behind the strike at verizon in the first half hour. now our consumer reporter susan hogan has new
5:28 pm
customers. plus, she lured a woodbridge teenager into a deadly trap, but a judge let her walk. >> the controversial decision in
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now at 5:00, on a daily basis, almost a daily basis, the d.c. fire department runs low on its
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>> even with the new private ambulances, it can still take 30 minutes for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. news4's mark segraves was given access to the data for the first time in a few weeks of this new program. the private ambulances were mostly on time, but the fire chief says it's a work in progress. >> there will be hiccups. we are looking to correct those. amr is looking to correct those, but patient care is not one of the hiccups. >> are the still runs low on ambulances almost every day. it's called calpha holes when te department is forced to reserve ambulances for only life threatening emergencies. >> it kicks in when we get to seven to ten ambulances. >> the d.c. fire department was on alpha hold 163 times from march 21st to april 6th and had zero ambulances available 23 times. >> amr still has resources
5:32 pm
ambulances are available most of the time during alpha holds, they can only transport patients with nonlife threatening injuries. during the first two weeks of using the private ambulances, they showed up in ten minutes or less 75% of the time. 10 to 15 minutes, 17% of the time and 15 minutes 8% of the time. there were 11 transports that took 30 minutes to arrive. >> d.c. fire and ems personnel on scene. the patient is in a nonlife threatening situation. we're there with the patient until they get there. >> reporter: the data he provided does reveal the private ambulances aren't running as many calls as they had hoped. in fact, the private ambulances are only transporting fewer than half of the eligible patients. >> so we're a little bit shy as we get used to it. if they're not comfortable they're retaining control of the patient. >> in the district, mark segraves. a mother a outraged tonight that her son was killed
5:33 pm
where he was killed is going to be freed from juvenile detention. brendon wilson was shot in november of 2014. smalls' younger sister had faced charges in that case because she lured brenden to an area near the school before he was shot. smalls was sentenced to 50 years in prison but today a juvenile court judge ruled that his sister be released and placed on two years probation. a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted this afternoon shortly after leaving the beltway plaza mall. she told prince george's county police that a man approached her as she walked down the street. that suspect walked next to her for a while, then pulled out a knife. he allegedly pulled her into some woods on cherrywood terrace and assaulted her. so far no arrests. there's a new source of help for people who fall victim to crime in the district. the crime victim hotline officially launches today. the number to call is
5:34 pm
helpdc. it connects people to support services and the hotline director says it ranges from providing emergency funding to someone who was just robbed to help interpreting court documents. questions can be answered through e-mail, voice, and text. do you know what kind of apps your child has on their phone? well, it's a tough question for many parents to answer, but knowing the truth could help keep your kids safe. tonight prince george's county council member mary layman is having a social media event for parents and students at laurel high school. the goal is to educate parents or their kids' apps so they can better protect them. the meeting begins at 6:30. well, are you ready? the excitement is building ahead of the caps first playoff game. d.c. mayor muriel bowser declared this rock the red day during a pep rally at mt. vernon square. the caps owner was also there along with a couple of the team's famou
5:35 pm
the caps begin their playoff series against the flyers at the verizon center 7:00 tomorrow night. well, on the eve of the play y offs the excitement for the players is off the charts. >> one of the most experienced is jason chimera who is coming off one of his best seasons. >> carol maloney joins us with more on that. >> we love to see it from chimer. he's one of the most beloved players. it's a roster that has matured. that's a key reason the caps are favored by many in their quest for the cup. maturity isn't just age. the oldest player, 36-year-old jason chimera is also the goofiest. what i did not expect and what you are about to hear for first time from him is just how far he's come as a player and as a man. the one they call the ice cheetah. >> i actually met the guy who made up
5:36 pm
funny. he had the head on so he's from ontario i think. >> reporter: everyone agrees you're the fastest guy on skates out there. juf to keep up with the young one. >> reporter: you matched your career high for goals. >> yeah. >> reporter: your ice time had increased. what gives with what happened to you this year? >> i started making wine in my basement and it just kind of -- the fermenting process, it's just kind of tweaked it a bit in the summer and found a perfect blend of grapes and what to mix in it. all kidding aside, maybe a little calmer this year. i think i'm letting things come as they may and not take things for granted and work your butt off. >> reporter: i imagine you and coach trotz have come a long way. >> it's a 180. sometimes in a marriage you have to work at things and i think it was a rocky start. i don't think we saw eye
5:37 pm
of the year last year we tried to listen instead of being stubborn. you look at yourself in the mirror and try to -- maybe it's you. a lot of times you start blaming people. it's everyone but you and quite often you're doing that, it's you. so i think i learned that from him and i think we've come a long way this year. i think it can only help our team for sure. we have a consistency from the top on down to everybody and it's been helping in the playoffs too. >> you can find the full video online of our sit down. search washington capitals in the nbc washington app. coming up on news4 at 6:00, the owner tells me what word he does not want to hear the rest of the playoffs. i know you perked up during the interview but i want to tell you he does not make wine in his basement. he was just trying to have an analogy. >> i was saying he should call it ice cheetah wine. >> i was inviting us over. hollywood star
5:38 pm
di nero is bringing the controversy about vaccines and autism into the headlines. why he pulled a new movie from his film festival. and it's all the rage. i'm talking about pickle ball and i get to hit the court with a lot of local folks ready to work up a sweat. ick around. st
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5:40 pm
we have a wonderful 11-year-old to introduce you to tonight as our wednesday's child this week. he has a terrific
5:41 pm
he's a really good student and because he's great at karate, he dreams of using his brain and brawn at being a spy some day. his other dream is to be adopted by a loving family. meet desean. peter ernest once a spy himself welcomed us to the spy museum. >> let me ask you a question. what do you think is the most important gadget for spies? >> your brain. >> absolutely right there. >> if you could come up with any code name? >> agent shark bite. >> reporter: she helped agent shark bite into his spy disguise, showed him a few tricks of the trade, including some special glasses. >> i can see behind me. >> he loves school. he loves to learn. he's curious and inquisitive. >> how did you know what that was? >> because i have seen it on movies. >> what do you think it is? >> reporter: he was scoring high with his
5:42 pm
proved his bravery when he crawled through an air duct and held onto a beam in a wind tunnel. but even brave boys need a family. desean hopes to be adopted. >> it means being taken in by a family that really loves you. >> reporter: he needs a family that will love him and have time to spend with him. >> it's not something that he's had a lot of. he wants to be special to somebody, and so we want a family who can give that to him. >> reporter: agent buttercup had some spy gifts for desean to take with him. including -- >> a air of your own rear view glasses. >> reporter: and a treasure trove of spy paraphernalia. if you have room in your home and your heart for desean or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-to-adopt me or search wednesday's child on
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>> great kid. all right. barbara, thank you. he claimed he was too rich and too spoiled to be held accountable. now that teenager who was involved in the deadly dui crash and ran to mexico, find out how much prison time he's going to get. and i'm consumer reporter susan hogan. verizon union workers walk the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "every time i think about those kids... it gets me mad" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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nearly 40,000 verizon union employees walked off the job this morning. you're probably wondering what that strike means if you're a verizon customer. consumer reporter susan hogan spent the day asking those very questions. >> the strike is said to be one of the largest in verizon's history. the nearly 40,000 union employees are technicians and customer service folks responsible for installing and servicing internet, cable, and phone lines to customers. verizon told us it has trained thousands of nonunion employees in preparation for today's strike. it says customer service remains the company's top priority. but when we reached out to cwa local which represents union employees around our area, it criticized verizon for using replacement workers and said customers will likely experience delays in response times when it comes to
5:47 pm
issues. verizon says it's primary goal is to ensure customers can count on critical communication services that they pay for. the last verizon strike, by the way, was in 2011 and lasted two weeks. no word yet on how long today's em pletiployees will remain off job. >> susan hogan, thank you. a new attempt to crack down on the annoying automated phone calls. >> has been identified as a robocaller. >> oh, yeah. cringe. a new bill called the robo cop act requires phone companies to offer free robo blocking software to customers. let's get a look at our forecast. we are over the hump now, veronica, and -- >> hello, spring. >> yeah. we're over the hull
5:48 pm
little bit of frost, light frost, in some areas north and west of d.c. there's a frost advisory like last night, similar locations. frederick, leesburg, down toward warrenton, hagerstown, winchester. along areas of i-95. just expecting light frost. that advisory starts at 2:00 and runs up to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures in those locations, freezing, just below. 35 in manassas. 43 in d.c. southern maryland will see overnight temperatures drop to low 40s. for the most part we're really over the hutch bmp. here is what's happening right now. we're under the influence of this area of high pressure. for us it's sunshine. maybe a few high clouds tomorrow, but not a big deal at all. we're moving into a warmer pattern and a dry pattern with more sunny days. ra
5:49 pm
sunglasses, they're going to be getting a workout over the next couple days. weather having a low impact on our day tomorrow as well as friday. here is a look at the temperatures for your thursday as we get into the 50s by lunchtime. you're looking at the sky cast. there will be a few clouds coming through the area from time to time tomorrow but overall very sunny and delightful conditions. we're calling it mild for tomorrow. then it gets warm the upcoming weekend. 63 around 2:00, 3:00 and we get into a cooler evening. i think we'll max out around 65, 66 stafford, 63 right in d.c. then again a similar day for friday. if you have plans going out friday night, we'll see our temperatures drop to the upper 50s. so some of you also needing a light jacket but, again, nice. the next change saturday as we get back to around 70 degrees, closer to that, and then i think 70 degrees or higher on nd
5:50 pm
for sure. a lot of folks with plans of exercising. the festivals. there's loads of them. we have listed them all on our nbc washington site. download the app and you will have a full list of all the festivals around town. 68 degrees, seasonably sunny. 70 degrees for the tail end of the weekend and especially early part of next week. i think early part of next week we will see the temperature closer to 80 degrees, guys. so riding a few degrees above average. look how dry it's going to be too over the next couple days. we have a lot more information too about the science and engineering festival going on at the washington convention center so make sure you check that out. jim? >> thanks, v.j. you can play it indoors or out, and these days pickle ball is the hottest new sport around. it has taken off all over the country and drawing millions of players. here in d.c. i got schooled and run ragged by players who like to compete and like to win. the d.c. department of pashsnd
5:51 pm
they're finding it is easy for players of any age to get hooked. >> reporter: if you have ever played tennis, racquetball, ping-pong, or a bit of badminton, you can pick up pickle ball. once you get past the name, you will be working up a sweat in no time. >> i picked it up just overnight. >> reporter: the learning curve is quick, but just know the ball is more of a whiffle ball and the length of the paddle is shorter than a tennis racket. as this life long tennis player found out on a first swing. i was going for that tennis ball. the points staurt sought with an underhand serve. what follows is a game of finesse and strategy. >> this is a better workout than tennis doubles because tennis doubles is very slow. this isn't. you're moving up and back and side to side. >> pickle ball sort of slows down the game, tightens up the dimensions, and makes it a much more accessible game. you do have to have a modicum o
5:52 pm
athleticism for sure, right? >> reporter: first team to 11 points wins. >> you continue to serve as long as you win points. >> your goal, gets the ball over the net and in the court. a court that's smaller than a tennis court at 44 feet long, 20 feet wide. and that's an age-equalizer. pickle ball is social and accessible. >> when you get into your 40s around 50s, you want play basketball with kids -- with people half your age. but in pickle ball, you can be 60 and play someone half your age and it's a wonderful way to have intergenerational sports. >> all right, keith. you got game. >> reporter: the game was invented in washington state back in the '60s and it's obtained cult-like status in places like florida where players of all age flood new pickle ball farms. d.c. can't put up courts fast enough for pickle ball addicts. >> try it. you will get hooked. >> nicole played competitive
5:53 pm
she feels like she can play pickle ball the rest of her life. just four weeks in and she's getting ready for her first tournament. >> i definitely sending a message to the other players, i'm coming to win. >> reporter: look out. nicole is coming. >> at times it can be frustrating. oh, man. but there's no time to fret because the game moves fast. the fun is in the focusing. >> when you win. >> reporter: that's the funnest part? >> yes. because i'm very competitive and i'm like serena williams on the court. i want to win every game. >> and a she wshe was too. there's always tomorrow if you lose. these places three times a week. so far there are three different rec centers in d.c. where you can play again three times a week. there are also leagues and tournaments in northern virginia. to learn more go to our nbc app and search pisckle ball. it is
5:54 pm
without the walls. 20 minutes i was drenched. i'm looked. >> should we get -- >> i have already got a call in to jackie bradford on the rooftop. >> i love it. >> we're going to make that happen. we liked it. we had a lot of fun. give it a try and get past that name. in other news, actor robert de niro says he has some regrets about pulling an anti-vaccine documentary from the tribeca film fetistival. >> it was yanked after the other filmmakers threatened to pull out of tribeca. >> de niro who has an 18-year-old with autism got upset while talking about the film on the "today" this morning. take a look. >> let's find out the truth. let's just find out the truth. i'm not -- you know, i'm not anti-vaccine as i say, but i'm pro-safe vaccine. >> scientists have said there is
5:55 pm
vaccines. veronica called it the weekend of festivals and parades. we'll tell you about one that celebrates an important part of the district's history. that's next.
5:56 pm
delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
5:57 pm
he got out of jail time once before, but now the so-called affluenza teen will spend time in prison. a texas judge sentenced ethan couch to two years
5:58 pm
today. couch had been given ten years probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash back in 2013. his lawyers argued he did not know right from wrong due to his wealthy upbringing. couch got in trouble again last year, you will recall, when video surfaced of him at a party that served alcohol. after that video surfaced, couch and his mother fled for mexico. this weekend you'll get a chance to see not one, but two parades in downtown d.c. the annual cherry blossom parade is saturday morning. a parade later in the day celebrates emancipation day. as news4's tom sherwood explains, the celebration marks the day slaves were freed in the district 154 years ago. >> emancipation day 2016. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser out promoting the day-long emancipation events set for this saturday. including the parade at 1:00 along pennsylvania avenue, a concert, and fireworks on
5:59 pm
saturday as the cherry blossom parade is also happening on saturday. >> reporter: bowser says there's another serious side to d.c. emancipation day beyond the freeing of slaves here months before lincoln's proclamation freeing all slaves in america. >> it's a matter of us having our full rights as americans certainly. >> reporter: the mayor said the city can and will do more to highlight the city's lack of voting representation in congress and statehood. mayor bowser greeted this young colorado family that happened by. they weren't aware of d.c.'s secondary status. >> i was listening to the mayor talk about it today. >> i wasn't aware there were issues with it becoming a state and i think it's valid. >> reporter: the emancipation parade is 1:00 saturday. tom sherwood, news4.
6:00 pm
presidential politics. thanks for joining us. i'm wendy reger in for doreen. >> and i'm jim vance. the new york primary is only six days away. maryland and four other states will hold theirs on the very next tuesday. >> so the candidates have a lot of ground to cover. former president bill clinton wrapping up a campaign stop for his wife in silver spring. ohio governor john kasich held a town hall in howard county and stopped for ice cream. donald trump getting ready for a rally in pittsburgh. it appears the relationship between trump and the republican establishment has hit a new low. edward law rein edward lawrence is tracking the campaigns on capitol hill. >> reporter: we'll have to see if donald trump continues to attack the republican national committee. i was unfairness message seems to resonate with his supporters. donald trump blasts the republican party calling the delegate system rigged against an outsider like him


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