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tv   Today  NBC  April 14, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! it's thirsty thursday, and no, youryes are just fine. it is throwback thursday. april 14th, 2016. our darling hoda, koda on well-deserved vacation. her mom having a big birthday this weekend. so look who showed up to help us out today! tv legend! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you. >> so hello! >> hi. >> you've been in california for five weeks. >> five weeks, you know.
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there. >> never thought i would see the day. >> because all our kids are there. everybody is there. >> three grandchildren now, right? >> yeah. >> yeah. do you like them? >> no. but i had to buy the house. >> no, joy insisted. she's the one that makes the decisions like that, right? >> absolutely, yeah. >> would you ever say no to joy? >> no, can't. but you know what i found out? >> what? >> you've got to wait six weeks -- at least six weeks to get your furniture in there. >> so you're in this condo, but you don't have anything in there? >> well, we had a bed, you know. >> that's all a guy like you needs. >> that's right. and the couch. but, you know -- >> you can watch "seinfeld." >> finally, shows up. >> reg, here's the thing. joy has made many homes through the years with you. i mean, when i first met you, you lived in l.a., and lived in a bunch of places here. a guy like you is always moving up. >> that's right. >> yeah. so joy knows how long it takes. how much time it takes to get stuff. so i
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>> well, i had to leave. i was there for five weeks and i've got things to do here. >> like what? >> like this. you can't believe what goes on for this show. >> i know, regis and i, when we worked together, we never had cards. we didn't have any writers. we had nothing. so -- >> just talked to each other. >> yes. >> not here! people are rushing in, rushing out. >> that's right. we've got a big show. yesterday i wanted to let you know -- >> yeah. >> our dear jill martin's birthday is today. but i gave a little birthday lunch for her yesterday and i think we have a nice picture. we were over at del prisco's, and we didn't count calories yesterday, did we jill? no, no. so we're going to celebrate with her and louis, ambush makeovers. >> she's a good gal. i used to know her when she went to michigan. >> jill? >> yeah. >> jill is also an intern on our show back in what years, jill? >> i'm 40, and i was 19, so 21 years ago. t
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>> wow, jill. you do not look 40. believe me. you look half your age. >> and you both do not look 45. >> exactly. because we aren't! all right. so hoed and i celebrated our eighth anniversary. >> eighth anniversary? >> that's right. and ellen apparently had something to say about it. she heard about our big day and wished us a belated anniversary. i'm sure it had to do with wine. >> finally, i there's one more show i want to mention. the hosts drink their way through the show. kathie lee and hoda just celebrated their eighth anniversary. congratulations. i didn't even know they were married. i just -- [ laughter ] the traditional gift is bronze so i made them this. andy? [ laughter ] all right. so it's a bust of me. and it's bronze. but since they like to drink -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> holy cow! that's terrific.
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>> see? so i'm going to send this to them. i can't wait to see it on their set. so cheers. here's to many more years of getting drunk before 10:00 a.m. >> thank you, ellen! that's very sweet, i think. you know what, that bust is -- this happens all of the time in new york. that bust is on a truck somewhere here in manhattan. it didn't make it in time for the show today. >> oh, really? >> yeah. so we'll have it hopefully on monday. >> she's a good gal. >> and we don't get drunk at 10:00. we just start drinking at 10:00. so it's -- you know. you know. >> by 11:00 -- >> we go and have real lunch. you know what i'm saying? >> real drinking. >> so regis and i were together for 15 years. and what was the best gift that anyone gave us? what would you think? >> i can't remember. >> it's been a long time. >> what was it? >> i don't remember anybody giving us things at all. >> we never got anything. >> tell what you got with all your years with disney. all your years, saving that network. >> i got a
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outside -- their studios. >> like here. >> yeah, a little plaque, and then they gave you -- and this was at the age of i think 80, something like that, they gave it to you. a lifetime pass to any disney -- [ laughter ] >> you think that's funny, huh? i think it's nuts. >> and you yelled out, "does that come with food, too?" >> no, it didn't. that's right. i don't know if i can still get through the -- sheesh. i couldn't believe it. >> in honor of ellen, we're going to play a little game called "have you ever." we changed the name a little bit because it's easier to follow and birthday girl jill is here to ask the questions. we have to raise our hand if we have done this. >> okay. have you ever been in the mile high club. do you know what that is? >> yes. so if we've done it -- >> you raise your
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honest. >> i can't get up there. >> you know the -- >> sexual intercourse on an airplane. >> what? [ laughter ] are we on the air? what kind of a show is this? >> it's a known thing. people make cards for it, and it's if it you have in the past -- you know, in the bathroom or when the lights are out. >> with who? >> well, that's not the question. the question is, have you ever. >> no, i haven't. and what about you? >> no. that's why i didn't raise my hand. >> what about you? that's the important thing. >> yeah. >> i'll bet. >> okay. have you ever almost gotten arrested. >> oh, years ago in the bronx. i ran up and i tied some cans to a bus. when i turned around, there was a cop car right there. and the guy -- the guy came out and arrested me. put me in the car. and we drove up to
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parkway where the bus came to an end and i had to go and -- >> you're a known felon? >> it was just a couple of cans! it was a joke! just trying to have some fun! >> how old were you? >> 12! >> you were an aller ter boy. >> you've never been arrested. >> no. once for impersonating a barbie doll. okay. >> have you ever shown up at work hung over? >> hung over? we always worked at 9:00 in the morning. >> well, this is 10:00. >> but i didn't say what from. >> ooh. >> no kidding? >> yeah. is that with me or with koda? what is her name? hoda? koda? i don't know. >> keep them going. >> have you ever had a celebrity crush on a guest? >> a celebrity crush -- >> if you have had it. >> hmmm. >> of course. >> who? >> oh, i don't have to answer that. no, i just have to
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>> i've had many. too numerous. hugh jackman. kevin costner. who else, chrissy? >> tom selleck. >> tom selleck. remember when tom selleck gave me the smooch? >> yeah. >> i went over and gave tom selleck the smooch because he had a gay scene or something in a movie. and you were trying to get him to kiss you. and he wouldn't do it. so i said, all right, i'll kiss him. and i went over and i laid one on him, the likes of which -- >> wow. >> he sent me flowers the next -- >> come on! >> oh, yeah. >> he did not? >> oh, yes. >> she's kidding. i know her like a book. >> no, i'm not. we'll show you the tape. >> regis, you? is celebrity crush you've had on the show? >> well, yes. i liked him too. >> who doesn't love tom selleck? >> he's the best. >> only one more. so no names? okay. have you ever told a little white lie to get out of a social function with
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>> not with each other. >> no. >> no. i always enjoyed being with you. >> thank you for playing. >> thank you, birthday girl. >> boy, oh, boy, they really go back. don't they? >> yeah. >> into your life. >> that's right. hoda always does ihoda about this time. i didn't want you to be dispointed so we have an iregis today and i have a feeling it's either going to be dean martin or bing crosby or who is the other one, the one you went looking for down at my house that had a house near me. peri combo. >> i love them all. >> so what's your iregis for me today? >> well, when i was 9 years old, i used to listen to this pennies from heaven by bing. ♪ every time it rains >> now, this is music. ♪ pennies from heaven >> sing along, reg. ♪ contains penes
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>> he's great. >> yeah. ♪ >> he made this in the '30s. >> sounds like it. no, it does. because the way they miked things were very different back then. >> well, let me tell you. this song, i loved. >> i know, it's a beautiful song. >> but i never sang it to anybody. i heard it when i was 9 years old, never sang it to anybody. one day walking with joey bishop down the street. >> right. >> what did you want to be when you were a kid. and i said you know, i never told anybody this. but i listened to bing crosby and i thought he had a great voice and that was the end of it. >> and then -- >> and then bing crosby shows up on the show. >> as a guest. >> and he sat right between us. and bishop wanted him to sing. so he said, regis is a big fan. go ahead, sing something. and crosby sang, it was beautiful. we come back from a commercial and bishop says, "now you sing
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bing crosby turns and looks at me and i had to sing to him. ♪ every time it rains it rains ♪ pennies from heaven >> okay, we don't have time for the whole song. but we were -- >> it's a good song! >> minutes ago -- end of the story is, the next day he gets a record deal from it. okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> mercury records. >> it's the best way to start the day with an ambush makeover! ♪ oh, yeah. we'll reveal our stunning new looks about two lucky ladies right after this. >> right right after this. >> right sparkle paper towels are great for wiping up fingerprints without wiping out your savings. just right for cleaning up...jelly... ...water... ...refrigerator doors... ...and look at this... security camera lenses. oh, why don't you tell the homeowners how great sparkle works?
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there's a place for vacationers than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable, wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. it's time to reveal our ambush makeovers! >> two lucky ladies were plucked from the plaza for head to toe new looks, courtesy of our style girls. who is it? is it gir us? >> gurus. >> and they are -- from the
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licari cutlery, brand-new beautiful salon, hairstylist to the stars. ♪ louis licari la la la la >> brilliant, thank you. >> and today's contributor, author and birthday girl, jill martin. >> happy birthday, girl. >> that's what everybody wants to look like when they're 40. please! okay. so good pickins out there? >> oh, yeah. today is actually a really nice day in new york. a little chilly, but there were so many people to pick from. and so many people are so interested in becoming an amb h ambushy. >> you know what they're really excited about? the fact that arson is back with us, and he is a new father. and we want to show the little baby! warren! we missed you, arson, but congratulations, you had a good reason to be away. precious. just beautiful. alrighty, jill, you ready to go? >> ready to go. >> just looking at that baby. >> i know. so reg --
10:16 am
and pick these people? >> before 7:00 in the morning. >> before 7:00 in the morning! >> they wait -- they love it. everybody is vying for it. okay. let's do our first lady. shall we, reg? i'll do it. joanne coleman, keeping her age a secret. that's her purgative from moraga, california, a full-time mom to five children, visiting family, including her 90-year-old mom. that's great. she feels she always gets her haircut the exact same way so she's very excited for a change. so let's hear her story. >> okay. >> the second time is a charm. i know you came before to try to get ambushed. >> i came before, i really wanted it so i'm so thankful. thank you so much for picking me. >> and you have a big birthday coming up, we're not saying the number, but i know you want a new look. >> yes, absolutely. i need a new transformation for my face and what works for my bone structure, et cetera. >> your husband,alit pat, is co over. is he going to freak out or be happy? >> we think he's goingbe
10:17 am
he's here blindfolded. let's take one last look at jo ann before. and write out the new jo ann coleman! >> where is she? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ wow! i think i know who made that dress. pat, are you ready to see your bride? >> i am. >> take it off, sweetie. >> look out, pat! >> oh, my god. she looks great. you look great. >> hey, hey, hey, pat. >> calm down. >> this is a moment, all right? let her see herself. that's a good sign, though. turn around, please, sweetheart. >> oh, wow. >> isn't that great? >> wow. thank you. >> wow! >> what did you do? >> okay. he just made it very simple, long but chic. getting the bangs, so important. shapes the face. i made her hair color a little deep e which -- because it looked a little just too blonde all over. >> yeah. >> and she looks younger, even more beautiful. >> shell
10:18 am
>> and a mom of five! >> whoa! well show us that figure in that -- >> i know. >> new by shanny. >> i just love the sheer overlay and perforation. >> very modern. >> yes. >> all right, pat. now you can go over there. >> thank you. >> you look gorgeous! >> i hope she's happy. are you happy, honey? okay. sometimes i'm not sure. all right, our second lady is laura shunberg. 27 years old from st. louis, missouri. finishing up her residency in paid rehabilitation. good for her. university of florida. in new york, celebrating finally finishing school after nine long years since she began undergrad. she says her go-to look when she isn't at the hospital is usually very laid back, casual. let's hear her story. >> congratulations to both of you on graduating. i know you want this for your besty. so tell me why. >> well, i think it would be an awesome transformation for her. it's like a new start after graduating, new job. and everything -- good change for her. >> so we
10:19 am
professional look? >> yes. yes. getting ready to to start my year. of i'm excited to be appear attending, so definitely a more professional look. >> she looks like she's 14 years old. >> long hair. >> we're going to do something about that. here with her friend and fellow residents, instead of knee. let's bring out some new stephanie! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ oh, wow! oh, my gosh! beautiful! stephanie, take a look. >> holy crap! you look awesome! >> do you want to see what she's talking about? you look gorgeous. >> oh, i love it! >> great. >> this is laura. i got the names wrong. regis got me all confused. >> did you cut her hair? >> he left it long -- she loves long hair. wants to look professional, but she has a yf
10:20 am
still shopping, maybe. so, of course, i made is just this very soft, natural red. makeup. she looks -- she looks -- i mean, if that was my doctor -- i would be excited. >> yes. come on, now! >> i just want to say white house, black market, just basic for her new job. >> i love it. >> very nice. >> everybody can come over. sure. louis and jill. and to -- evan davis from bliss spa for pampering. oh, that's going to happen now! you guys want to stick around for a second -- come on over here. we have a little party, don't we? yes. >> what? you can give it to me. it's for the birthday girl! >> yes, for the birthday girl. >> you are going to get a massage from this lovely guy for the rest of the hour. okay? >> make it the rest of the day. >> thank you! >> come on over and get started. >>
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stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash. back 'n better. general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal. again! regis, they say it's better to give than receive. do you agree? >> yeah, absolutely. >> okay, good. bobbi thomas is here to give us some great ideas for gifts, coming up. >> amazing gifts for moms, dads, grandparents and grads. if you have someone in your life that you love who is offline, who doesn't want to know what a hash tag is, and i presume you both understand, chat books is one of my favorite gifts. look at this, these books are filled with moments. >> look, reg, you, me and ashley. >> $8. and they ship it to you. this is no-brainer.
10:24 am
your phone or in cyberspace, now they're going to be in your hand. >> how much does that cost? >> 8 bucks. such a great -- >> we'll let you take all of those home, regi. >> next, minted. they're so great when it comes to special events, but also mother's day. regis, take a look at this. they make custom art with all of your photos in the shape of a heart. so even for a grandfather or father, they're great. notebooks and stationery for mom. and then -- this next one is a very special gift, as well. and regis, the book in front is for you. this is the times of your life. the "new york times." >> really? >> yes. they have such special books -- special birthday books, days on historical events or sports teams. >> and it's all about your -- >> it's such a great gift for the -- you know, family in your life who you really want to celebrate. a special birthday. >> that's great. >> amazing. such special gifts you can make personal. also, family bo
10:25 am
this is so great. it's a birthday board you hang in your hallway or in the kitchen, because you can see behind us, the names and dates of your growing family. >> oh, my gosh. that's a great idea. >> a birthday again. and then last but not least, i want you to check out online, ticket stub books so you can have all your memories and tributes. such an amazing way to give people a video in your life. you just drag and
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we're back on this thirsty thursday. and we're getting a jump start on earth week with some creatures from the wild. and we've got something else, as well. we've got regis philbin with us today! helping me out while hoda is on a well-deserved vacation. >> the ambassador to seaworld and bush gardens and brought along several. >> yes, they're very feathery and furry. >> lots of rescues, as well. you guys probably think this is a baby owl, right? >> is it a grown up owl? >> it is a fierce predator who is full-grown, actually. one of the smallest species of owl in the world. >> how old do you think he is? >> we don't know for sure but it was a baby when rescued. >> and it doesn't get bigger than this? >> no. >> seaworld and bush gardens have rescued over
10:31 am
animals. this owl was actually rescued by the audubon center for birds of prey which we support in florida. and this owl, along with his nest mates was rescued. they were rehabbed. this little guy has a hooked beak. >> so he can't eat? >> so he can't go back into the wild. >> he needs to be cared for. >> now one of our wonderful ambassadors. >> >> he's adorable. >> we're going to handled off henry there. so we can bring out panama over here. and regis -- >> a fun little guy. panama is another rescue. rescued at just 2 to 3 weeks old. >> wants to go fishing in the water. look at that. >> very good at being around people. and so -- yeah. don't go fishing there. there you go, regis. come on over here. he's totally focused on that. so regis, we're going to try to feed him. >> he's not going to -- >> lob it high up in the air. high up in the air. there you go! >> yeah! >>
10:32 am
doesn't go fishing on his own. >> hey, big guy. ready? >> oh! we missed. >> i'll get it. are you kidding me? >> well, you know, pelicans were once a affected by ddt, the pesticide. so they were an endangered species back in the '60s and '70s. but fortunately, through protection, we were able to bring this animal back from the brink of extinction, basically, which is why it's so important. are you guys fishermen at all? >> we're so fascinated -- going down the right way. i keep thinking he's going to choke. >> is he going to be all right? >> he's getting it the right way. this is small -- that pouch can hold things three times the size of his belly. all right, good job, you guys! we can remember to do for all animals is make sure that we don't throw trash down. >> right. >> and especially fishing line for pelicans and other marine animals. make sure you dispose of it properly. >> i love them so much. so fascinating. look at this, reg!
10:33 am
armadillo. >> isn't this the cutest thing? >> a baby one, right? >> not a baby, again. >> we had the big ones here. >> it's called a three-banded armadillo. again, one of the smallest species of armadillo. there are giant armadillos. support some research in brazil. where this animal is from, as well. the really cool thing about this, he's foraging for bugs in here. the only species of armadillo that will completely go into a ball. and wait until you see how everything just fits together. >> isn't that unbelievable? >> and now, of course, little -- little bocce here is not nervous at all. >> shaking like a leaf. >> there he goes! >> look at that! oh, my gosh. >> everything fits just exactly right. isn't that amazing? >> wow. >> we're going to put him down right there. another little thing everybody can do, no matter where an animal is found. these guys are indigenous to brazil, support organizations working around the
10:34 am
>> this is a vulnerable animal and can barely find places to survive any more. so we're going to hand this guy off so we can bring out our last animal here. this is the cara cara. >> with attitude. a bird with attitude, boy. >> you exactly called that right, kathie lee. have you guys ever found a baby bird out in the wild? >> yes. >> look at this. >> armadillo! look at jill over there. >> what people think, when they see a bird that is by itself, a baby, that they need to bring it to a rescue center. the best thing is to call the experts. >> and let them tell you. okay. >> because many times, birds don't have sense of smell. you can put them back in the nest and parents will take care of it. >> reg! we've got to go! >> oh, boy, this is something, really. >> okay, thank you so much, julie. checking in on jill's birthday massage. how is it going? jill oh, yeah. jill, are you naked?
10:35 am
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greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. we're continuing our week of restaurant redos with easy recipes inspired by your favorite dishes from dining out. today it's a play on the cheesecake factory's cheesecake. >> and the author of "cookies and cups" cookbook has added a fun twist to this classic. >> welcome. congratulations on the book. >> thank you so much. i'm really excited to be here. >> coming out this week. >> tuesday. it's been a crazy week. today here we're, going to do the cheesecake. i know a lot of people like to order cheesecake out. something everybody orders. >> the go-to dessert. >> this one, there's a lot of steps but it's really easy, i promise. what we have going in here is your cheesecake. over here wve
10:41 am
ingredients you're going to need. it looks like a lot, but i promise it's fine. >> okay. >> so what i want you to do is maybe atted eggs, cream cheese and granulated sugar mixed together. >> just plop them in. because sometimes they want you to -- what's the word they use? fold them in. >> no. forget that. >> all right. >> and now some vanilla. and what you're going to want to do as that's mixing, scrape down the sides so everything gets mixed together. >> right. >> okay. once you have that -- forget it. so we've got this. and this is everything that's kind of smooth and creamy. >> this came out of that. >> this came out of that. after you put all your sour cream and milk and everything. that's this. so now we've got to get this to the oven. >> okay. >> so i'm going to have you do it. >> but we didn't put the sour cream and all of that stuff. but never mind. you know how to do it. >> where's the oven around here? >> over here. let's walk over. >> so we're going to put it right in here. and it's going to bake at 350 for -- ooh. >> reg! >> what? >> for a whole hour. >> 350? >> you don't
10:42 am
reg. >> i just want to help, you know? >> you can do this part. so they have one actually going in here. don't reach in the top. it's been in for one hour. >> one hour. that's all you need, really. >> well, kind of. listen to this. my mother-in-law taught me a trick that when you're baking a cheesecake, it will be a little loose after the initial bake time. you see how it's a little loose? you leave it in the oven. don't take it out. just leave it in the oven, turn the oven off and let it sit in there warm. >> yeah. does it firm up? >> and it will sit in the oven for another hour and then what you want to do is put it in the refrigerator and -- and chill for about four hours. i know, it's a lot of work. or you can freeze it if you're making it for later. what we do now, though, while your cheesecake is chilling, make the bottom. the special thing about this one, it's a banana blondie, so kind of like a dense cake. >> okay, we've got one minute. >> so everything going
10:43 am
your ripe bananas and bake it for 25 minutes. 350. and it will look like this. >> okay. >> and then you're going to want to assemble it. when everything is cooled, layer it and you've got blondie on the bottom, then you're going to put a layer of caramel in the middle. and then the cheesecake on top. and then you know, more caramel. why not, right? >> so you did -- you just use caramel you get -- >> you can make it or you can use the store-bought. either way. i'm not picky. >> we're not counting calories again, are we? >> no. i mean, you could use light cream cheese or something, but why would you? and now this is -- salted flaked sea salt. put a little on top to get sweet and salty, you know? >> yeah. >> and then voila! >> and then you try t. >> okay. you can find this recipe at so he's handsome, funny, looks great on tv. it's not regis. >> why not! he's all that too. but we've got the
10:44 am
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♪ i was raised against the grain. ♪ ♪ i took the two bullets in the chest. ♪ ♪ got three kids, i never rest. ♪ ♪ and i've also got a brain. ♪ you think a resume's enough? ♪ who'll step up when things get tough? ♪ ♪ don't you want that kind of brain? ♪ ♪ a degree is a degree. ♪ you're gonna want someone like me. ♪ ♪ but only if you have a brain. ♪ (music fades out) ♪ ♪ only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make, is creamier than ever. ♪
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
10:49 am
it's been a crazy election cycle, full of unexpected candidates, political gaffes and head-scratching results. >> but we're not talking about real life. we're talking about the emmy award winning comedy, "veep"! on hbo. >> yes, it is. at the end of last season, president selina meyer, played by julia louis-dreyfus, was running for re-election while her ex staffer played by reid scott was working as the d.c. lobbyist. >> that's him. >> now what does it look like is going to happen? >> it looks like dan may once again need to find a new gig. you know what i mean? >> so obnoxious. >> see, i need to make some changes. >> can you just let me hold on one quick second? >> yeah. >> shoot off this text. we
10:50 am
i was saying that i really enjoyed my time here. >> oh, good. >> and i've learned so much from you. [ beeping ] >> sorry about that. >> go ahead, take that. >> yeah? >> yeah. it's from you? i'm fired? >> yes. >> what took so long? it's so nice to see you again. >> you too. >> and congratulations on the success. my gosh, it keeps rolling on. >> >> it's amazing. >> it's a cliffhanger of a bit, right? before. >> from the season before, yeah. >> are you allowed to tell us anything at all that's going on? >> i don't want to give away too many of the juicy bits. but naturally, the season four ended in a tie -- unprecedented tie election. >> yes. >> so naturally, they've got -- the team is scouring, you know -- congresselnal law to see what we do. >> is there a congressional law? >> there is. and actually when we were filming in season four, we learned there was going to be a tie, the cast -- we all sort of turned to each other and said, can we do this? there are provisions in the constituon
10:51 am
other words. >> it's happened once before. >> just once. >> probably before they did the electoral college, it was -- let's not get into politics. let's talk about your brand-new little baby. okay? >> yeah, yeah. >> a 1-year-old now. >> my wife and i have a 1-year-old boy named conrad. he just had his first birthday party. >> so he's walking. >> his little butt hanging out. >> oh, his little crack! it's adorable! >> our little imp. >> he's precious. you and your wife sit around and say to each other, what did we ever think was important. what did we think was funny and interesting before. >> it's amazing how everything changes. everything changes. all the cliches are true. you can't imagine loving anything more than that little guy. and it grounds you and sort of pulls the rest of life into focus. we're having a blast. >> what's his name? >> conrad. >> conrad. >> we hear there are two other members of the cast that you have formed like a troika thing, right? a great romance stuff going on.
10:52 am
going on. myself, tim simons and matt walsh. when we get together, yeah. >> i think that's coming next week. >> oh, great. >> we love it when everybody has come on, except for julia, of course. she refuses to come on. i don't know why. >> she's the worst. oh, man, she's tough. >> "b" word. she's just a "b" word. a brat. please tell her -- i don't know why. scheduling. >> i think it's you. >> i think it probably is. we're the biggest fans in the whole world of this show. >> thank you very much. >> and congratulations on your best production, your little sweetheart. >> thank you very much. >> alrighty. >> you can catch the season premier of "veep" on april 24th on hbo. nice to have you here. >> thank you. and jill, we hope you didn't interrupt your massage with our little -- where is she? oh, there she is! yep, okay! >> is she still alive? >> she looks like she's enjoying it. she really is naked.
10:53 am
we're going to check out the birthday girl in her birthday suit when we come back. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
so jill, is there anything more relaxing than getting a massage in a tv studio, live with regis screaming at you? >> yes, it must be nice! >> it's the best. i love this. >> we love you so much, gillies. don't mess up the makeup. >> okay. >> you've been such a huge part of our family here, we thought we would take this opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane, okay? >> all right. >> here we go. >> let's go. ♪
10:57 am
>> how many years has she been here? >> how about that, huh? how about that. and a big thanks to scott evan davis with bliss spa, who is still working, taking such good care of our girl, jill. and another birthday to celebrate, kelly clarkson just tweeted she gave birth to a baby boy tuesday. remington, alexander. this does it for this thirsty thursday. thanks to the one and only regis philbin. >> never would have happened without me here. >> happy birthday! did we show your picture when you were an intern with us? did we show that? >> that lovely picture? >> where is that? okay, jill. blow it out,
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
the next phase of repairs is going to cost at the washington national cathedral. we'll have a live report on what's ahead. and beautiful sunshine but temperatures still running below normal. when we'll feel more summerlike warmth coming up in my updated forecast. plus, tonight our washington capitals compete for the stanley cup. the team's assistant general manager and others will be with us live to get ready for the game. "news4 midday" starts right now.


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