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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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south of where this trooper was. after that vehicle hit him, then another tow truck comes and hits the striking vehicle once again ramming it into the trooper's vehicle. let me show you what it looks like on the beltway right now. now, after those two accidents, the trooper's vehicle was absolutely crushed. he was stuck inside, and they had to pry him out of the vehicle. this is what state troopers are saying about his condition right now. >> the trooper's condition, he sustained serious injuries from this crash. he's in critical condition at this time. he was taken by maryland state police medevac to shock trauma in baltimore city. >> reporter: now, of course, the next question was, what would cause that vehicle to strike the trooper? i can tell you that state troopers are telling us that they are looking at the possibility of charges in this accident, that the striking vehicle, the one that they believe was involved in the hit and run that then hit the trooper, the drive o
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vehicle is at prince george's county hospital. he is surrounded by troopers who are watching him at this point. no charges have been filed yet, but it sounds like that's the direction that they're going in at this point. we have no more information on this driver and on the trooper as well as they are really focused right now on him getting better again. in the hospital in critical condition. wif i have multiple sources telling me he was hurt extraordinarily badly in this crash. all eyes are on him and prayers as well. >> thank you, tracee. and this crash is creating major problems if you are trying to get around. news4's pat collins has been talking with drivers. he is at the shopping center that's along annapolis road. pat? >> reporter: wendy, we're at 450 and the beltway. if you look behind me, you can see the beltway up there. the traffic that you see moving is the inner loop of the beltway as it comes across 450.
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loop here. that's being deverted at route 50 down the road. there were a number of vehicles involved in this accident. it's going to take them some time to work the scene here. now, let's take a look at what it was like a short time ago. traffic at a standstill as far as the eye could see. it was here for about an hour as emergency workers tried to make their way to the scene to help out that state trooper. many drivers were caught in the traffic jam. we talked to some of them. this is what they had to say. what was it like up there? >> it was awful. i mean, i was sitting on that beltway for almost an hour and a half, and now i have to get a cold drink. just dehydrated. >> reporter: pretty bad? >> pretty bad. >> it was a dead stop. i was doing
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i tried every back road i could possibly find. >> everything is blocked. best advice, don't get out of the house if you're on route 450 or anywhere near it. >> reporter: and the beltway? >> the beltway, people are turning around wherever they're going, getting on the exit, off the exit. >> reporter: again, the outer loop of the beltway here at 450 is shut down. traffic is being diverted to route 50. they think it will be shut down here at least 90 more minutes as they work the accident scene. roads in and around this area are clogged with traffic as well. the best advice, please stay away from this area if you can avoid it. i'll be back at 6:00 with more. wendy, back to you. >> all right. it looks like those people up on the beltway have no way out if they're close to that accident. tough evening. thank you, pat. this evening the family of a maryland man who died after he disappeared is suing his former assisted living
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lubin phipps disappeared during a picnic at watkins regional park. it was nearly a month before officers found his body a short distance from where he vanished. kristin wright is back at the park with new developments for us. kristin? >> reporter: yeah. this is where the search for lubin phipps came to a very sad ending. now some six months later, his family is taking action with a lawsuit filed this morning. lubin phipps' family says his death haunts them every day. announced today, his children are suing the assisted living home they trusted to take care of him. >> every day i think about him suffering, being out there alone. >> reporter: named in the lawsuit woodmore house assisted living in upper marlboro, we care adult services and quality connection transportation. it accuses neglect and wrongful death. employees at woodmore took phipps and other residents to watkins park
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the 80-year-old with dementia was able to wander away. he died from hypothermia. >> inexcusably those in charge of his supervision lost him. we're not talking about luggage in an airport. we're talking about losing a human being in a park. >> reporter: the suit says phipps suffered extreme physical pain and severe mental anguish. it seeks unspecified damages of more than $75,000. his daughter says every day is a struggle. >> i try to think about the positive things about him, just to keep me going every day. >> reporter: we did reach out to woodmore house and have not heard become. tonight on news4 at 6:00, we'll tell you what state investigators have to say about woodmore and what actions they have taken against the facility. jim? >> kristin, thank you. from the roads now to the rails. we're also
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developing story involving a metro train that got stuck in a tunnel beneath the potomac river. that train on the blue line got stuck near the rosslyn station fromm from an apparent mechanical issues. riders were stuck for about an hour. adam tuss will have an update in the next ten minutes. decision 2016. early voting under way in maryland. the top candidates for the democratic race to replace long-time senator barbara mick cull i d mikulski spent the day getting the word out. we have team coverage both on the national and local politics. we want to start with news4's chris gordon live in silver spring with the latest on the maryland senate race. chris? >> reporter: well, this is one of the ten early voting centers in montgomery county. there's been a steady stream of people, but no long waitsnd
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600 people have cast ballots here at the silver spring civic building. this is the busiest early voting center in maryland. >> easy to vote. exciting, and it will take the pressure off april 26th on primary day. >> reporter: we asked some of these voters why they wanted to be among the very first to cast their ballots. >> because i think it's a great civic duty in order to participate. >> we almost lost a couple early voting sites. my club, the woman's democratic of montgomery county along with several other clubs fought hard to keep the voting sites open. way tonight show how important early voting is. >> reporter: donna edwards, who is seeking the democratic nomination for u.s. senate, began her day at a prince george's county metro station. i'm excited that finally voters are going to have their choice about who can carry on the legacy of senator barbara mikulski.
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>> reporter: congressman chris van hollen campaigned at an early voting center. >> the world needs dreamers and the world needs doers but most of all the world needs dreamers who do. i'm proud to be here with dreamers and doers. >> reporter: candidates campaigned at the eight prince george's county early voting sites. >> carmen brown, anthony brown's wife. >> reporter: some sent surrogates. others were represented by campaign workers and signs. everywhere you look, there are campaign signs. for some the first day of early voting has become a tradition. >> to make sure that my vote gets in since i was in the great march in 1963 for civil rights. i want to continue on. >> reporter: now, ahead, there have been some problems on this first day of early voting in maryland. on news4 at 6:00, ooirl tell what you those problems are and how to avoid them. that's the latest in montgomery county. jim, i'll throw it
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now to the race for the white house. we are five days away from the new york primary, and tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders will come face to face in a prime time debate. chris lawrence continues our coverage from the newsroom. >> i mean, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have had a pretty contentious week in which they seem to have questioned each other's qualifications and judgment. tonight they're going to square off in brooklyn in what could be their last debate of the primary season. a new nbc news/marist poll shows clinton with a 17-point lead but sanders is hoping his brooklyn roots will keep him competitive and maybe even eke out an upset win. tonight we could see clinton respond to controversial comments by a sanders' supporter who referred to, quote, corporate democratic whores referencing lawmakers who are in his mind beholden to large corporations. sanders today condemned those comments. jim? >> chris, we know the democrats are
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tonight, but the republicans are also vying for some tv time tonight too. >> yeah. a little different tv time. you know, while the democrats are going to be debating, the republicans, they're going to be going to town halls and appearances on some late night talk shows. but the big news involves the front-runner, donald trump, and his campaign manager. today prosecutors in florida dropped battery charges against corey lewandowski saying they did not have enough evidence to convict him for allegedly grabbing a female reporter during a campaign event. meantime, all three of the candidates are going to be guests at a big gop dinner. the new york state republican gala in midtown manhattan. john kasich and ted cruz have town halls that will air on msnbc, and then look for both of them after our 11:00 news. senator cruz will be a guest on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon while governor kasich is going to sit down with seth meyers on "the late show." we invite you to make news4 and nbc news your hub
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make sure you also have our nbc washington app downloaded. we're going to be blasting out all the latest developments from the campaign trail. it is upon us, game one for the capitals. >> here we go, folks. the day has arrived. we're rocking the red but our two down at verizon center, are you staying neutral? what's going on? >> yeah, we're neutral. >> trying to stay a little neutral. we have a little red going on. red bracelets, red pen here. we're doing our part to rock the red. it's rock the red day. the mayor declared that yesterday. expect this place to be covered in red from caps fans. they are excited, pumped up for game one. >> 16 wins it takes to get the cup, and they hope to get the first one tonight. game one against the flyers, no love lost between these two teams. first time they face each other in the postseason since 2008. this morning, final tune up for about half the roster. a number of the top line
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in the a.m. skate. braden holtby in between the pipes tonight. we'll have more on who many are calling the "x" factor later on news4 at 5:00. >> other big news coming out of verizon center today involving the wizards. they fired their head coach randy whitman last night. he's been with the team since 2012. he led the wizards to back-to-back playoffs but fell short this year finishing with a 41-41 record. wittman thanked the organization and the fans in a statement saying he understands this team did not live up to expectations this season. so two organizations heading in different directions. the wizards loogeing for a new head coach and the caps getting set for what is hopefully a stanley cup
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>> don't let our dress code confuse you. we are rocking the red. >> the two of you look like you're going to a funeral. >> i bleed red. >> my goodness, a pocket square? >> distinguished. >> i have a pen. >> there you go. >> thank you, guys. see you at 6:00. what a beautiful day, and doug, is it going to get better? i'm rocking the red, guys. i will send jason my tie. yes, it's going to get better. temperatures soaring over the weekend. we'll talk about it in a minute. [ inaudible ]. >> i'm growing a beard for the capitals as you can see. plus, also coming up on news4 at 5:00 tonight, how the sheriff deputies in loudoun county were able to track down a woman on the run after she shot her boyfriend early this morning. and more breaking news
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gray's alleged shadow campaign. for the first time we're learning why the main witness has some major credibility problems. and, of course, we're continuing to watch that accident involving a trooper in lanham, maryland, at 450 and the beltway. more on this breaking news throughout the hour. stay with us.
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we have a developing story that involves a metro train stuck in a tunnel for a portion of this afternoon. that train got out of that tunnel but big delays are still a result of it on both the blue and the yellow lines. transportation reporter adam tuss is live near the rosslyn metro station. how is it looking there? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. you know, this is a lot of people's worst nightmare, being trapped underground in a tunnel with no communication. passengers were telling me their cell phones weren't working as they were stuck underneath in the tunnel. take a look at the rosslyn station here tonight. the delays are starting to shake out and things starting to get back to normal, but still these passengers don't want to see another issue. around 3:00 a brand new 7000 series metro train loses power about 100 feet outside the rosslyn station. now, initially metro
5:18 pm
bringing in another train, but the bumpers simply didn't line up. we have cell phone video from someone who was on the train of that failed attempt to push the train. then what metro did was bring in a train to the front of the 7000 series rail cars and passengers were able to walk through rail car by rail car slowly going through to the front and then out the train on to the platform. they never had to go into a tunnel. still, it was a scary situation. >> one employee started going through counting and that's when we got a little nervous. >> reporter: christopher cob says metro's communication was lacking. how long were you stuck for? >> an hour and 15 minutes. >> was the communication good or poor? >> it w nonexistent. they never owned up to -- they never owned up to you really aren't going anywhere until they finally brought this other train up. >> reporter: right now metro trying to
5:19 pm
with the brand new rail car. and this is not the first time with one of metro's new rail cars. that train is now in the rail yard as they assess what went wrong. reporting live at rosslyn, adam tuss, news4. major new developments tonight in the federal probe of former d.c. mayor vincent gray. sources confirm to news4 that prosecutors ended that investigation of gray without charging him in part because of serious questions about the credibility of star witness jeffrey thompson. >> "the washington post" is now reporting thompson's credibility faltered last year as prosecutors investigated some allegations about his sexual relationships. tom sherwood has been following this investigation for quite a while now. >> let's just set the stage first. that investigation went on for five years, and suddenly it ended last december. you know, the basic story, businessman jeffrey thompson paid $650,000, that's him
5:20 pm
gray win the 2010 campaign for mayor. thompson said in court that gray knew all about it, so everyone has wanted to know why didn't the prosecutors charge gray? now, while gray has denied any wrongdoing and any knowledge of the shadow campaign, we know something now. "the washington post" has a report out today and our own sources say if confirmed, part of why gray wasn't charged, prosecutors got nervous about thompson testifying against gray in court, and that's because "the post" and our sources say if he went to trial, gray's lawyer would bring up allegations of sexual misconduct by thompson. now, we reached out to thompson's lawyers earlier this week when we were first on this story. they declined to comment on any aspect of this case. but "the post" sources say it includes possible gift for sex with other men and there's some question about the ages of the men involved. and again, thompson's lawyers
5:21 pm
don't have any response to anything you might say. >> when are we going to hear anything more about this? >> we're going to have some more coming up at 6:00, when we're going to talk about the campaign and the shadow campaign and what all this is about but i want to say there's no indication here that vince gray knows anything about the allegations of sexual misconduct. he has always denied wrongdoing or any knowledge of the shadow campaign. i did talk to him today. he says he's focusing on getting beyond this investigation. he says the prosecutors dropped the case and the investigation of him last december. he's busy now running for the ward 7 council seat against yvette alexander. >> okay. we'll look for you at 6:00. >> thank you, tom. we've got a new look at the work to the repair of that earthquake at the national cathedral. find out why this repair work could soon come to an abrupt stop. have you heard about the zombie apocalypse. you probably saw the prank a couple brothers pulled on their
5:22 pm
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oh, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. plenty of sunshine. high temperatures in the 60s all across the region. this is the kind of weather we've all been waiting for. we've been needing a couple of days in a row of some nice weather, and we've got it today. take a look
5:25 pm
just saw some of the rowers out there a minute ago. some very nice weather for that. 63 degrees. winds out of the east at 5 miles an hour. 64 in leesburg. 65 in warrenton. 62 in quantico. the only exception are right along the water. frost advisory in effect. we're seeing nice days and then cool nights. that's typical for this time of year. also typical for an area of high pressure with clear skies, and we have those clear skies tonight. it will allow temperatures to cool into the 30s and because of that another frost advisory in effect. the third day in a row we've seen a frost advisory in this region. fairfax county, montgomery county, counsel towards manassas, warrenton, martinsburg, jefferson county. you will see that frost advisory again tomorrow morning. but tomorrow afternoon no worries. no rain to talk about. we're not seeing anything like that. satellite and radar actually showing clear skies from boston to chicago to d.c. that's the high pressure area that right now is sitting on top of us and it's going to mean some great weather the next coupl
5:26 pm
42, chilly tomorrow morning. you may need the jacket but by the afternoon the jackets coming off. high temperatures tomorrow a little warmer. we get into the mid-60s tomorrow with abundant sunshine. calling it a fantastic friday. haven't had a fantastic friday and we have not had a great weekend in a long time. but we'll see one this weekend. 42 degrees tomorrow morning d.c. 34 leesburg. 34 in culpeper. we will see the potential for frost and highs tomorrow in the mid-60s. 68 in manassas and fredericksburg. 66 in d.c., gaithersburg, over to rockville coming in around 63, 64 degrees. now, this weekend phenomenal weekend. sports activities, if you have the kids' soccer games or baseball games, a lot of which were canceled last weekend, perfect for that. the parades, including the cherry blossom parade downtown, that one looking beautiful. if you're just getting around town, just great. the weather does not get much better. or does it? it actually does for the weekend. take a look at the weekend temperatures. we're near 70 on satur
5:27 pm
high temperature in the low 70s. 72 on saturday. and let's just go one better. how about 80 degrees next monday? i'm wearing shorts to work. >> oh-la-la. >> thank you, doug. we've been following breaking news out of prince george's county all afternoon. >> a trooper is fighting for his life after a roadside crash that shut down the beltway at 450. plus air bag recalls. or consumer reporter susan hogan explains what the auto industry plans to do to correct this ongoing problem. there are plans to build a mosque on this site in culpeper county but they are on hold. why
5:28 pm
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. back to our breaking news on the beltway. right now a maryland state trooper is in baltimore shock trauma center critically injured in a crash on the outer looped. it happened near annapolis road in lanham. the northbound lanes of the outer loop are still closed. the trooper had pulled his car onto the shoulder investigating a crash. that's when another vehicle slammed into his patrol car and trapped him inside. police had to shut down the highway so a medevac helicopter could land. the trooper works out of college park barracks. the driver of the vehicle that hit him is also at the hospital and investigators tell tracee wilkins he may have been involved in a vi
5:31 pm
run. make sure you have the nbc washington app. we'll send you a breaking news alert to let you know when the beltway reopens. back to you. >> thank you, chris. plans to build the first mosque in one community are now on hold because the culpeper county board rejected the permit needed for construction. >> that board said that the site doesn't meet certain requirements, but muslim leaders are telling david culver that is not the full story. >> this is first time i saw the site. >> reporter: outside of the town of culpeper, dr. ba bar walks the site of what's expected to become the islamic center of culpeper or the icc. >> not only religious but also social. >> reporter: he remembers back to 2011 when he said muslims began gathering publicly for prayers at first using this train station. >> it was really small and like a family, you know, and it's still like that. >> reporter: growing to more than 20 members, they have since moved into this small home. but they want a
5:32 pm
space. >> this is my right. i have tried to protect my right, too. >> reporter: mohammed is the icc's president on the defensive because he claims discrimination is making it difficult for them to start building and it has to do with sewage. he points to a vote last week by culpeper's county board. four of the supervisors rejected the mosque's permit application for a certain type of sewage system. we wanted to hear from the supervisors who voted against the mosque getting the permit. of the four who did so only three got back to me and only one agreed to do an on-camera interview you but an hour before he canceled. the board's vote rested on established policies, the site didn't meet the requirements they decided. butted pa the paper reported in county has received 18 of 19 applications. mohammed now questioning the board's motives. >> we live together in the community side by side. >> reporter: they're not giving up just
5:33 pm
hoe they plan to move forward with building the islamic center here. in culpeper county, virginia. i'm david culver, news4. a roadway that connects prince george's and arn arundel county will likely remain closed for several more years. we're talking about governors bridge. it's been closed since last february for safety kerns and the capital gazeltte reports it will remain shut down. it essentially needs to be rebuilt now. over the neck few weeks in prince george's county, the police will be focusing on pedestrian and bicycle safety. they have launched a street smart campaign. county workers handed out pedestrian safety tips and we're told officers will be out handing out citations to anyone who doesn't obey the law. >>
5:34 pm
you're crossing the street and motorists, please adhere to the pedestrian cross walks and bicyclists, please obey the traffic laws as well. >> a county official says they will have another concentrated effort on pedestrian safety this fall but this is an ongoing campaign. you know the caps are in the playoffs. wee here are supporting the caps by growing out the beards as long as they are in the playoffs. of course, we're helping to raise money as well. go to the -- it's actually a beard-a-thon with the capitals. go to my facebook page, and you can help to support wounded warriors by donating some money on my facebook page. now, somebody else here at the station is also trying to grow their beard out. that would be one adam tuss. now, i don't think he has a chance. we're going head to head. he's going to owe me something at the end of this. all i have to say is go caps and you have no chance.
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playoff beard together back there in the station, i'm down here at the verizon station. i'm already starting to get stuff stuck in my stubble. fair disclosure here, i am a flyers fan going against doug as a caps fan. please do donate, it all goes to charity and may the best man win. >> what is he getting stuck in that at this point? >> and he looks like he's 8 years old. i don't think he can grow a beard. you didn't hear that from me. we're going to the phone booth where we are all over game one. carol, how pumped are we tonight? >> oh, yeah, we're ready to go. rock the red. as evidenced by my bracelet. ask anyone in hockey and they will tell you the most pressure as we begin the playoffs is for the guy between the pipes. but the caps have braden holtby, and he has ice in his veins. no one is as
5:36 pm
or as calm off of it, even at playoff time. >> guys can't shoot any harder for anything like that. so it's, you know, the plays are going to be different, the emotions will be ramped up for a lot of different people, but i have never had a problem with zoning that out and focusing on my job. >> reporter: his job is to continue to be the rock of this team. of all the goalies in the playoffs with at least 20 games' experience, nobody has a better save percentage and nobody doubts him. >> i base my regular season around how i want to be preparing during the playoffs, so it comes second nature. so same routine, same mentality going into the game. >> there's not a whole lot i can tell him about goaltending. just preparing him, keeping him in a good state of mind and let him do what he's been doing for the whole year. >> reporter: if you take your blood pressure, it would be the exact same as it would be for a regular season game? >> yeah. that's the way i train to
5:37 pm
it's -- obviously there's more challenges in the playoffs with more on the line and everything like that, but you just lisimply and stay in the moment, it's just like any other game. >> just like any other game. for a guy with 48 wins, a vezina trophy favorite, but that's not what he wants. and the campaign for the cup begins tonight. back to you. >> this is it. carol, thanks so much. have fun down there. child care concerns in prince george's county after recent tragedies involving children. we have new details on how you can find safe child care that you can trust. and it's a new way to help prevent distracted driving. have you heard of a i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading."
5:38 pm
hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
two brothers from leesburg went to great lengths to pull a prank on their little sister and one week later it had more than 10 million views on youtube. >> yeah, it did, and just a little while ago, the family appeared on the "ellen" show after their sister had wisdom teeth surgery. cabot and bare rot phillips tricked her into believing there was a zombie apocalypse. >> washington, d.c. has issued an outbreak warning. state and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death, and even
5:41 pm
cannibalism. >> we can only take one side -- >> you want funfetti orb chocolate? >> okay. so they showed it to me and i was like, yes, this is funny but at the same time why would i ever want anybody to see this with me ever, especially like youtube who tear people apart, you know. i was like, well, i mean, do you think like "ellen" would see it or anything like that. >> yes, she did. brothers can be so cruel. after the interview ellen surprised the whole family with a trip to mexico. that was worth it. >> sure. have you ever sent a text message during a movie? it's not a good idea. >> it's not a good idea at all. some movie theaters may be encouraging to you pull out that phone. and in the last few hours police believe they have the woman in custody who is accused of shooting a man in loudoun county. a
5:42 pm
just came to an end. and another frost advisory for early tomorrow. i'll show you how low the temperatures will drop and how they're kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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5:45 pm
story this afternoon. that maryland state trooper is still in critical condition at maryland shock trauma after he was hit on the beltway in lanham this afternoon as he was responding to a crash there. his name has been released. he is trooper ezra gunnyshan da and is 26 years old. traffic is still a mess. it's still impossible to go anywhere on the beltway there in lanham. we're staying on top of this. these are live pictures by the way from chopper4. in virginia the search for a northern virginia woman accused of shooting her boyfriend has ended. >> emily king was on the run for hours and now she's back in a loudoun county jail. julie carey is live in the sterling neighborhood where the shooting took place this morning. julie? >> reporter: well, we hear about manhunts all the time but what happened in this townhouse last night had police looking for a woman. her name, emily king. investigators say during an argument with
5:46 pm
turned the gun on him, pulled the trigger, then fled. emily king grew up in the pembroke town home community living in this unit with her dad until he passed away last year. then her boyfriend moved in. this neighbor who didn't want her face shown was shocked to hear king was accused of such a violent act. >> she's a good girl. she's so polite. she always say hi. she always play with my kids, ask how are you, how are you doing? i never heard anything bad about her. >> reporter: all was quiet at the town home this afternoon. the loudoun county sheriff's department says it was around 3:00 a.m. when king and her boyfriend got into an argument. she reportedly fired one gunshot and fled in her suv. this neighbor was aawakened by the commotion. her son translating the frightening moments. >> the man he was there. >> the shooting victim was taken to the hospital where he is expected to recover. residents were u
5:47 pm
lookout. this neighbor whose sister was friends with king came by the townhouse to get an update. worried about her. >> i hope she does what's right and doesn't, you know, bring harm to herself or anything like that. >> reporter: but around noon prince william county police got a call about a woman who had been seen crying inside a tiny grocery store, then went out to her vehicle. when police arrived they found emily king and took her into custody. now, emily king is being held without bond at the loudoun county adult detention center. she is charged with aggravated malicious wounding and use of a firearm in a felony. this is actually the second shooting incident in this town home community in less than a year. ahead at 6:00, you will hear from a resident who says she might be moving out. back to you, jim, in the studio. a popular diner near the university of maryland is closed now due to a fire. flames in the kitchen interrupted lunch hour at plato's diner. everybody was able to
5:48 pm
college park and prince george's county fire department tweeted pictures of the blaze. desjardins to the kits damage to the kitchen is said to be extensive. and prince george's county leaders are on a campaign to remind mothers and fathers of their options when it comes to caring for their children. in the last two years the prince george's county state's attorney's office has handled four cases where a woman left her child in the care of her boyfriend and the boyfriend then killed the child. >> there is no better way to protect a child than to educate and arm a parent. there's no better defense against what we are seeing than an educated and a vigilant parent. >> county officials are handing out onesies for newborns. they include the phone number for the maryland family network. that network helps mothers find appropriate licensed child care options. for more information on the family network, go to the nbc washington app and search child
5:49 pm
you have heard of the breathalyzer to catch drunk drivers. now there's a textalyzer to catch distracted drivers. it can determine whether a driver was texting behind a wheel. there's a bill proposed to let police look at the driver's cell phone after a car crash. the officers would not be able to look at pictures, contacts, or any conversations on that phone. well, you might be able to text your friends while watching a movie inside a theater. movie theater chain amc is considering revising their policy on cell phone use to help lure in those millennials. the ceo tells "variety" magazine he's considering adding a section of the theater where ex texting is allowed but a greater possibility is specifically designated auditoriums. >> why do you want to text in a movie? watch the darn movie. >> i don't think too many people are going to be at the movies this weekend. if you can believe it, our weather is going to be even
5:50 pm
better. we had some folks saying they wanted slightly higher temperatures and we're going to have that this upcoming weekend and we need the weather to cooperate this weekend. i know you have errands to run, kids' activities going on, and there's a load of festivals this weekend as well. we've put them all on our nbc washington site. 63 degrees currently in d.c. we've got 60 in greenbelt at camp springs. 64 up in leesburg. not bad at all throughout the area. so a little on the cool side for the evening as those temperatures drop about ten degrees by 11:00. down into the 50s with once again a clear sky and like we've had over the last two nights, for tomorrow morning, yes, there could be more frost. i think it will be a light frost as what we've had. frederick, leesburg, manassas, same thing culpeper and back off to winchester. early tomorrow morning we drop to 32. some areas only to 42. so there will be that wide range but again howard county into areas of montgoy,
5:51 pm
blue. northwest up through west central maryland, northern areas of maryland, there could be some frosty patches early tomorrow morning. then a nice warm-up, and a dry pattern too for us. we're not expecting any rain tomorrow or over the next couple days. this takes us right through the 20th of april and even looking forward we're likely to be more on the dry side than wet. so washing the car i say yeah, go ahead and do it. we've got a couple nice days coming our way but i guess that's all in how you define it. we get the wamrmth, the dry day but this goes up, the pollen. it's running above average for this time of year. so one thing we don't need is any wind at least coming through our area. for tomorrow we're not going to have any wind. some light conditions with that wind. it will be out of the northeast at around 5:5, maybe 6 miles an hour. your evening tomorrow too for your friday is going to be mild as we drop to 63
5:52 pm
range will be 50 to 60 degrees. so you will need a jacket if you're going to be out late. then saturday closer to 70 degrees so, yes, again you want to do the enjoyable things for exercising, gardening, playing golf, we have the green light for everything going on across the area and especially for the festivals. 72 expected on sunday. right now looks as though we could possibly hit 80 on monday. there is your dry conditions and look at the overnight temperatures too coming up. that will put us right near average. just above that for most of next week. so our next chance of rain right now on the other side of thursday. possibly friday. we could get a few showers or thunderstorms coming through the area. so i say get out and enjoy things. of course, there's the big s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineering math conference that's going on this weekend and we'll all be down there, storm team4. so come see us. >> thanks, veronica. there is a push to find a better way to notify you about c
5:53 pm
hogan listened to concerns raised by the u.s. safety regulators who testified on the hill today. >> that's right. a lot of things are out there about recalls. a lot of things for us, and your car insurance actually company may be persuading you to get your recalled vehicle fixed. major car manufacturers recently sent out this letter to the auto insurance companies asking for its assistance in establishing a new way to provide you with information about any open safety recalls you might have. there's concern over consumers not knowing about or taking care of open vehicle recalls. one of several safety issues u.s. regulators and the auto industry presented to members of congress today during a hearing on oversight of the national highway traffic and safety administration. now, the issue of notifying people about safety recalls appeared as a weak link, especially in the case when cars have been sold, resold, or rented. >> used cars been bought by multiple buyers over time.
5:54 pm
somehow that transition of ownership has been taken care of, that all the appropriate information has been passed on. that's not always tracked. >> nhtsa administrator mark rosekind said it's time to figure out all the opportunities out there to reach consumers including using the department of motor vehicles when you register your car. check out whether your vehicle has on open recall. go to our nbc washington app and search vehicle recall. >> it's good to know. >> absolutely. >> thanks, susan. >> kel yyou're welcome. the washington cathedral is a famous landmark. up next see how,
5:55 pm
5:57 pm
and there it is. and work gets under way on the second phase of the repairs to the national cathedral after that building suffered some damage from that 2011 earthquake. >> of course, it's much more stable now but there are still broken pieces to be put back in face. this phase faces some big challenges. >> this is how it was left the day of the earthquake and this is exactly what we found when we got up here. it popped at this joupt here. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to literally move the stones of the grand pinnacle. >> we'll repair the damage here and drill a larger hole, longer hole in the bottom of this. >> reporter: rattled by the earthquake in 2011, more than five years later
5:58 pm
cathedral still needs major repairs. and stonework, it's expensive and slow. it will likely take more than ten years to finish the work. >> this is an extremely labor-intensive building. this is -- the stonework, assembling the stones, carving them is just very difficult and complex work. you're not just putting up thin pieces of stone. >> reporter: work begins tomorrow morning on the north tran september, a large crane will lower the stones to the ground. no small feat considering they weigh between 400 and 2800 pounds and the logistics present just one challenge. money is another big problem. as it stands right now, there's only enough money to do the work here on the north transept. they need $22 million to complete the entire job and that all has to come from private donations. if the mey
5:59 pm
megan mcgrath, news4. news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. right now at 6:00, the outer loop of the beltway in prince george's county is closed after a crash involving a state trooper. good evening. i'm pat lawson muse in for doreen. >> i'm jim vance. right now that trooper is at the baltimore shock trauma center. he was critically injured in that crash on the outer loop. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon on the side of the road near annapolis road in lanham. >> here is a live look right now at our traffic maps showing you just how the beltway looks at this hour. >> we have complete coverage. we begin right now with tracee wilkins. she has new information about the trooper who was involved in that crash. tracee? >> we have learned that the trooper is 26-year-old ezra. he works out of the college park barrack and is now in critical condition and receiving treatment. this was a complica
6:00 pm
to try to explain to you what happened here. if this was the trooper's vehicle parked on the side of the road here on the beltway, a vehicle that police believe may have been a vehicle driving away from a hit and run accident slams into the back of his vehicle and then this vehicle is hit by another car slamming and hitting the trooper again. in fact, hitting him twice. because of this, his vehicle was crashed and he had to be extricated from the vehicle. let me show you what it's looking like right now on the beltway. it's still shut down at this point between 50 and the baltimore washington parkway. if you're coming off of 450, they are not going to allow you onto the beltway at this point because this accident is still under investigation. here is the latest information that we have on the trooper's condition and also possible charges for this driver. >> the trooper was taken by medevac, maryland state police medevac, to baltimore city


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