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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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happened. meagan fitzgerald is live at rfk. meagan, first off, i mean, just how badly hurt were some of these kids? >> reporter: well, chris, we're told these are all minor injuries, but the kids and two adults were transported to the hospital for precautionary measures. i want to show you the scene behind us. they're getting ready to tow this bus away, but they tell us that the bus driver was trying to flip around when somehow she hit that pole. you can see they're towing the car away right now. the scene is wrapping up here. we understand all of these kids were from woodbridge elementary school and they just returned to the parking lot getting ready to head back from a field trip. d.c. fire tells us 22 kids were taken to the hospital, two adults were also transported, and the rest of the students who were on this bus which was -- they were taken to -- they were
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picked up by parents or taken to the elementary school by another bus that prince george's county provided. we're told those who were taken to the hospital, again, they complained of having some kind of pain in their neck or back. so as a prekaticautionary measu they were put on stretchers and taken to the hospital. the transporting process, we're told, went smoothly. >> just happened at the time of the day when our partnership with amr had us the resources on the street that were available. in fact, we had somea mr and d.c. fire ambulances come here that didn't even require a transport. so because of the nature of the day and because our partnership with amr, we were fully staffed and everybody was up and running and there was no delay in our response. >> reporter: and d.c. fire officials tell us that all of those students and the adults that were transported to the hospital are expected to be released sometime this evening. as far as how this happened or why the bus
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crashing into the pole, that's still under investigation. pat? >> all right. meagan fitzgerald. thank you, meagan. a maryland state trooper is still in critical reason right now after a driver hit him and several other cars yesterday in prince george's county. >> yeah. and now we're hearing from people who were on the beltway and saw that crash happen. news4's tracee wilkins is live in college park with the latest on the investigation and one of those stories. tracee? >> reporter: that's correct. we're also talking to people who were actually involved in the crash. trooper begganeshananda is in critical condition still recovering from his injuries and the investigation into what happened with this crash is still under way. let me show you what it looked yesterday on the beltway just north of 450 where this crash happened. we have new information now, maryland state troopers are saying that they believe that the striking vehicle was driving on the left-hand shoulder and then for some reason moved over to the right-hand shoulder before striking the trooper. we're told that traffic was moving at about 20 to 30 miles per hou y
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happened. it sounds like the vehicle may have been trying to avoid that slow-moving traffic. why, we don't know for sure. we talked with the tow truck driver who was involved in the crash yesterday. here is what he had to say. >> came down and was trying to help the trooper, but we couldn't do anything with our bare hands, and then at least one state trooper, i don't know his name, that man did everything possible to save the trooper. he was crying. >> reporter: a very emotional scene, a very chaotic scene. it took another tow truck driver to remove the mercedes from the side of the trooper's vehicle for him to be extricated. it took more than an hour to get him out of that vehicle. coming up on news4 at 5:00, this tow truck driver describes exactly what he saw that mercedes do before the mercedes hit the trooper and him. reporting live in college park here outside of the barrack where that trooper
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tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks, tracee. the capitol rotunda is open again to the public. police had to clear it out earlier when a small raucous group of protesters handcuffed themselves to the indoor scaffolding. there was democracy spring, the group that's been staging protests all week on the hill. hundreds of supporters have been arrested since the demonstrations started on monday. 15 were arrested today. the group wants congress to take up legislation to reform campaign financing. right now japanese rescuers are still trying to figure out if everyone is safe after another powerful earthquake. it happened off the coast of kumamoto in the southern part of the country. there were tsunami warnings issued earlier today. those have now been lifted. crews are still searching damaged buildings to see if there are any people trapped, any survivors. there was an earthquake in that same area on thursday that left nine d,
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a lot of people are still talking about that fiery democratic debate in brooklyn, but senator bernie sanders has already moved on way past the usual campaign trail. and right now he's wrapping up his day overseas at the vatican. sanders took a break from domestic politics to speak at a conference on social, economic, and environmental issues and says the opportunity was too important to miss. >> the need for a moral economy. the top 1% of people on this planet now own more wealth than the bottom 99%. >> the sanders' campaign denied suggestions he made the trip to appeal to catholic voters who make up a big chunk of the democrats who will be voting tuesday in new york's primary. a busy weekend in store for the nation's capital. playoff hockey, two major parades, and a festival right in the a
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the cherry blossom festival parade starts tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. the parade route is on constitution avenue. around the same time there's the emancipation day parade. that starts at 11:00 in the morning at 8th and pennsylvania avenue going into freedom plaza. there will also be fireworks and there will be a concert. and just a few blocks away from all of this, the usa science and engineering festival at the washington convention center. a little later in the show, we'll take you inside the festival and tell you what kind of traffic delays the parades are likely to cause. there could be a big problem sitting in your garage or driveway right now. general motors is recalling more than a million pickups to fix a major safety defect. consumer reporter susan hogan joins us with the developing details. >> that's right. the problem, the seat belts in these pickup trucks, may not hold a driver in a crash. here is what you need to know to keep your family safe.
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and 2015 chevrolet silverados and gmc sierras. now, gm says a steel cable that connects the belt to the truck can bend when the driver sits in the seats. over time the belt can wear and separate and the belts could actually come loose. now, there are no reports of any crashes or injuries because of the defects. the company has asked dealers not to sell new 2014 and 2015 trucks until those cables are repaired, and if you own one of these trucks, you will be notified soon, but no date has been set for the recall repairs to start. back to you. three years ago today the city of boston was under attack. "first at 4," the sadness and the resiliences a peop s as peo back. >> a beautiful, beautiful afternoon, and wait until you see the weekend forecast, but just how long can this great weather last? i'll see new a minute. and it could be a new weekend hot spot.
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first of its kind. locally ownedmini brew h ou
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new developments and concerns now about zika. for the first time there's a confirmed case where the virus was transmitted during sex between two gay males suggesting yet another way this mosquito-borne virus can spread. the centers for disease control says the case involves a texas man who went to venezuela earlier this year. his partner did not go, but shortly after he came home, both he and his partner developed a
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rash characteristic of zika, an eye infection, and a fever. both men then tested positive for zika. both eventually did get better. a last-minute push by the district could help the national park service get millions of dollars to repair the arlington memorial bridge. the d.c. government agreed to co-sponsor a grant application for the federal government's fast lane program. the grant is worth $150 million and it's critical to fixing the bridge. the park service just approached the district last week, and the two sides managed to hammer out a deal before last night's application deadline. one community in northern virginia is getting ready to celebrate a first, and it could be a sign of things to come. the owners will cut the ribbon tomorrow for reston's first and only nano brewery. jason and melissa romano will open the brew house at noon on saturday. for year they have been brewing beer for themselves and then decided to make a career of it. the nano
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a smaller scale than a microbrewery. >> we can ferment up to six beers at a time and we have the capacity to serve 12 beers at a time. so we brew in these small batches that will brew a different variety every time we brew, so we will eventually have up to 12 beers on tap. >> now, take a look. the names on the taps are not the names of the beer. they were chosen by investor who contributed to a kickstarter campaign. strong reaction from both sides. "first at 4," why the idea of allowing texting in movie theaters may be over before it even starts. 26.2 miles that will always have a solemn place in people's hearts. boston is not only remembering the marathon attack of three years ago but looking forwaras well.d
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three years ago today the city of boston was under attack. terrorists planted two bombs, homemade bombs, beneath the boston marathon finish line. >> today people remember the victims in that attack, and monday the city will race again. jay gray has more. >> reporter: it's been three years now, but in many ways the deadly blast still echoes across boston. today on the third anniversary of the marathon bombing, the city paused to honor the three lost and more than
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in the attack. difficult memories as they continue to move forward. the next step in that journey, monday's 1120th boston marathon. >> we're going to have a great race and a safe race. >> reporter: security will again be intense. an army of police, first responders, and surveillance for a race that in many ways defines this city. going the distance, never giving up. >> it's very difficult, and there are days when i get discouraged but then i think i'm really lucky to be running at all. >> she lost part of her left leg in the bottom. last year she foxtrotted at the finish line. this year she plans to cross it after running the race. >> i know i will be crying. hoping i have enough hydration to cry and run at the same time. >> reporter: an emotional but important 26.2 miles because in boston, perhaps better than anywhere else, they understand the way forward is not a sprint but a
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a 9-year-old virginia boy who survived cancer and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research was honored thursday night with a military child of the year award. christian fragala was just 2 when he was diagnosed. by age 4 he was speaking to large audiences to raise money for childhood cancer programs. christian, whose father is a marine, is one of six children recognized as a military child of the year by operation home front, an organization that supports military families. he dedicates his life to helping others. >> it is on the week day and cancer walks on sunday or saturday and helping the homeless on saturday or sunday. >> he is so precious. each child got $10,000 and a laptop at that event in li
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marine. his dad bust must be plenty, pl proud of that young man. >> got to be. turning to the weather, it's going to be a really busy weekend. >> doug, what do you say? everything looking a-okay both days? >> kind of amazing the turnaround, guys. last week at this time we were talking about temperatures in the upper 30s to 40. the snow was in the forecast last week, and this week it is simply gorgeous. take a look out there right now. you know what i'm talking about if you've been outside at all today. plenty of sunshine, bright blue skies, absolutely beautiful. 62 degrees. the winds are calm. they have come off the water a little bit, potomac, and that has cooled things a bit right there along the water, but 64 in lorton. 66 down towards warrenton. also along the water, annapolis at 59 degrees. so a very nice afternoon. no rain to talk about, no snow. you know that. we're going to be high and dry. we've got an area of high pressure over us. area of high pressure. what does that mean? well, high pressure normally
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snow, the clouds. take a look at this area of high pressure. see where the high is? it's right on top of us. look at this. it goes all the way up and around and then back into the ocean, back down and around. that's what high pressure does, and when it dominates like this, it just sits and that's exactly what it's doing now and that's why we're going to be so nice for the next couple days. on the reverse side of high pressure, that's the side with the southerly wind, that's where it's really warm right now, and they're in the 70s just back to our west. now, because of the high pressure, we're going to cool once again just like we have the last few nights. 43 in d.c. 35 in gaithersburg. 35 manassas. 40 down towards fredericksburg. so, yeah, it will be a cool night tonight, but not bad. this weekend, oh, bike riders delight. i think tom might have done that graphic this morning. bike riders delight. i love it. the evening tonight, 60 degrees. then my saturday
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beautiful if you're thinking about getting out there on the bike. it's going to be a perfect weekend for that. now, high temperatures on your saturday, 65 baltimore. 71 down towards fredericksburg. 71 in winchester. 69 back towards martinsburg. again, all with abundant sunshine. as we move on through the next couple days, a lot of activities going on. we've got the cherry blossom parade. we've got the street festival going on down there. i mean, just gorgeous weather for this, 70s saturday and sunday. 80 degrees on your monday. 70 degrees on tuesday. it does not get much better than this. and it's going to last. wait until you see the seven-day forecast. v.j. has that in just a bit. >> all right, doug. thank you. it's not what you would expect to find a royal couple. why prince william and duchess kate just ventured in the jungle. $231 a year. that's how much many of us spend on the cable box allowing you to watchv.
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washington that could help save you a little dough. three days until you have to file your tax returns? do you have them done or are you dreading the deadline. >> call or next the number on your screen or vote on the nbc washington facebook page.
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important.
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that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. you're watching news4 at
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>> amc is dimming the lights on a proposal to allow texting in theaters. the company's ceo had suggested making specific auditoriums more texting friendly, but after getting a lot of negative feedback about that, amc is deciding to not go with that idea. later this year, amc entertainment will become the largest movie theater operator in the world. the duke and duchess of cambridge continued their week-long tour of south asia today. >> the couple trekked through a forest in bhutan connecting with nature and each other, but as keir simmons reports, something happened that made them angry. >> reporter: holding hands, william and kate clearly enjoying the time together this morning in a romantic setting. it got better as they hiked higher and higher towards the historic tiger's nest monastery. the couple stopping halfway for pictures in front of the breath-taking views. stunning, william called it. t
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a buddha holy site where a revered guru meditated for three years, three months, and three days. afterwards kate and william described the experience and said they were looking forward to seeing the kids. >> it was amazing. beautiful scenery as you saw. >> it's an amazing experience. very lucky and fortunate to see such beautiful scenery. >> you must be missing your children. >> massively, yeah, of course. we're looking forward to seeing them but they're in good hands. >> reporter: last night they were guests of bhutan's king and queen. the evening soured by news of a rhino killed by poachers at the indian conservation park where they visited wednesday. the palace issuing a statement, the duke and duchess were angry to hear about the killing of a rhino during their trip, and tomorrow william must prepare for another difficult day. elvis sit the taj mahal where diana sat alone in an infamous picture that signaled the end of her marriage. and, you know, perhaps the peace
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exactly what the duke needs. everything is waiting to see if he will sit on that same bench that diana sat on. how will he be feeling? william has said he wants to make new memories. back to you. >> that would be quite a moment. >> quite a moment for him. "first at 4," a mother said all she could do was stand and watch. >> and now the video of her son being paddled by his principal is going viral and it's stirring strong debate. this weekend is going to be a busy one. we'll let you know why some streets will be closed tomorrow and what you need to
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breaking right now at 4:30, a school bus accident leaves more than 20 children and 2 adults injured. it happened at a parking lot at rfk stadium. firefighters tell us a prince george's county school bus hit a light pole but it's not clear what caused the crash. a maryland state trooper is still in critical condition today after he was seriously hurt in a crash on the beltway. the driver who ran into him yesterday is also recovering and has not been charged. just a day after a powerful earthquake rattled japan, another quake has struck. the 7.0 magnitude quake caused tsunami warnings, but they have since been lifted. rescuers are still trying to find out if everyone is safe. new york voters go to the poln
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reshape the presidential race on both sides of the aisle. >> hillary clinton is hoping to pull away from bernie sanders while senator ted cruz and governor john kasich are hoping to slow down donald trump. brian mooar is tracking this race from capitol hill. >> reporter: chris and packet, front-runners in this case do not have a lot in common but right now each is banking on a big win in new york. it was only a game of dominos. but hillary clinton will take any win she can get in new york, the state that could help cinch her nomination hopes next tuesday. >> residents are forced to live with mold, with leaking roofs, with broken elevators. >> reporter: a day after sharing the concerns of seniors in east harlem, she'll be in los angeles where george and amal clooney and some big money donors are helpg
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chest. at this potentially pivotal moment in the primary season -- >> wait a minute. >> reporter: -- bernie sanders wasn't in a battleground state. he was at the vatican, invited to give a speech on economic morality. >> i know it's taking me away from the campaign trail for a day. it was so moving to me that it was something that i could just simply not refuse to attend. >> reporter: momentum is everything right now, especially for republican ted cruz. >> and at this point we've won 11 elections in a row, so i could not be more encouraged. >> reporter: though he fell flat with gop big wigs at a fund-raising dinner in manhattan. >> we won among young people. >> reporter: he and john kasich are looking to new york republicans for a lifeline next tuesday. donald trump is hoping a big win on home turf will keep him ahead in the race for delegates. and new york will not end the game on either side but could end up being a game-changer. live in washington, i'm brian mooar. pat, back to you.
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rally in upstate new york, and he blasted both sanders and clinton's debate performance. downstate he's picking up several new detractors. contestants from his former nbc reality show "the apprentice" publicly denounced his rhetoric as divisive and filled with hate. today northern virginia community college named a building after mark warner. he created mutual transfer agreements between two and four-year public schools and he authorized over $900 million to renovate virginia's public colleges and universities. frustrated over your hefty cable bill? today the president through his weight behind his effort to give you more choice between cable boxes and what television programs you watch. susan hogan joins us with
4:33 pm
we rent these every month. >> and guess how much we spend every year on these? about $231, which if you add up over time, they certainly do add up. the fcc is pursuing new regulations that would give consumers more options to buy those somewhere else. now, today president obama is making it very clear he supports these efforts saying the potential is for cheaper and more effective services. in an interview with yahoo!, president obama said, now, across the board if we have more players that can potentially participate, then you get more people trying to get your business and you get better products at cheaper prices. but cable industry officials tell news4 they oppose the fcc's plan and believe the marketplace is already competitive. in a statement they said the fcc proposed regulations would decimate the creative industry, rip up licensing protections, tear down the value of content, and strip away consumer privacy protections. nbc, as you may know, is owned by come cast, one of the cab
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now, the push is part of an effort to bring more competition into the marketplace. in fact, the president signed an executive order calling on all federal agencies to explore areas in which they could promote more competition. now, the agencies have 60 days to report back with their findings. so it will be interesting to see what happens. >> i don't know anyone who wouldn't want to save a few bucks on the bill. >> i'm with you there. >> thank you. >> thanks, pat. we're in for a busy weekend here in the nation's capital, but it could be a lot of fun. tomorrow there are two big parades that could impact your travels downtown. >> i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic and some closures. national cherry blossom festival and emancipation day, the parade. let's talk about the road closures. saturday 3:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., first one here, madison drive northwest from 4th to 14th. jefferson drive again 4th to 14th. constitution avenue between 6th and 9th, and 7th street
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avenue and pennsylvania avenue. also, the other big event this weekend as i mentioned here, emancipation day. we have a couple sets of road closures and a lot more on the clo closures on the nbc washington app. we have pennsylvania avenue from 12 to 14th. at 9:30, indiana between 3rd and 7th. and 6th street northwest between c and d. pennsylvania avenue between 4th and 14th and all streets that are crossing pennsylvania between constitution and e street will also be shut down. have a great time and i'll see you monday morning for news 4 today. that's not all that's in store for this weekend. "first at 4," a look into the future. how to see some pretty cool gadgets and experiments right here in our area for free. and speaking of freebies, why these brand new washingtonians are getting some free stuff just for being born. and our
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know, i know, is will this weekend be as spectacular as the last couple of days? i'll tell you while you get that next sneeze in from the
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some lucky students took a trip into downtown d.c. via mars. they rode on a special bus that provided a special view of the red planet. >> it's part of the science festival taking place at the washington convention center. molette green has more on the amazing sights and sounds you can see. >> let's be friends. >> reporter: this science isn't fiction. >> he's a fully compliant -- >> reporter: talking robots and more. baxter here has moving hands, able to do what humans do. and this little guy named darwin designed to kick a ball. programmed to find red objects. >> children can learn from robots how to sense the world, how to think about it, and how to act in it so the world changes. >> reporter: learning on a virtual bus ride to mars, children from the group girls inc. landed in space exploration here at the s.t.e.m. expo sneak
4:40 pm
convention center. >> it was cool. it matched up with how fast the bus driver was going. when he stopped, that's when we stopped. it was cool, and we had -- it was like realistic. >> reporter: future engineers who might want to go to mars. >> it takes like nine years. i would be like 40 or 50 when i come back. i don't know how i feel about that. that's the only dilemma. >> reporter: lockheed martin's ceo want more children to think s.t.e.m. programs. >> we have a shortfall in the united states and globally. so the more we can do as parents, as teachers, as leaders to focus our students on how exciting it can be to pursue a career like that, the better it is for your nation, for our economy, and for the world. >> check it out. a full-scale model of in sight mars lander set to reach the planet by 2018. just imagine your kids' faces knowing they could be the next sp
4:41 pm
happen. at the washington convention center, molette green, news4. >> and news4 will also be at the convention center for the festival this weekend. be sure to look out for members of storm team4 and look for the storm team4 x 4. i understand there are also going to be phoning the international space station tomorrow around 12:00. if you're done there. >> something to look forward to. all right. if somebody tells you a loved one is being held at gunpoint, do you pay up for call police. the news4 i-team investigates a scheme designed to play on your worst fears. and a washington landmark still hidden behind scaffolding. why the work to restore damage from the earthquake almost five years ago still ist done. n'
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for years it was a crime centered near the u.s./mexico border, but now virtual kidnapping is moving east into this area. >> yeah, that's right. scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team investigate a strange, elaborate scheme that one victim calls the biggest trauma of his life. >> reporter: what would you do if you answered your phone like jamie york did and heard this. >> i have got your wife. she's held at gunpoint. >> reporter: would you believe the threat? >> you need to keep the phone to your ear. do not call the police. i will kill your wife. >> reporter: the caller claimed 's
4:45 pm
injured one. >> and this guy is irate and screaming at me. >> reporter: if he didn't wire $1,600 immediately to pay for the damage. >> i will kill your "f"'ing wife pointblank. >> reporter: he said he took it seriously because the caller new the make and color of his wife's car and because he heard some female voice screaming in the background on the phone. york grabbed a second phone but was unable to text a message to his wife so instead he texted a friend. all the while the man threatening york gave him instructions to wire the cash and pick up his wife at the frances scott key mall. a friend of york's contacted police suspected york was the victim of a scheme. police suspected it too and raced to the mall to try to intercept him. when they got here, they found him in the pargeing lot of the store as expected, but it was too late. he'd already wired the money. jamie york had been the victim of a virtual kidnapping. his wife wasn't in danger or even at the mall. she was in a different town. >> a lot of family members will pay the ransom
4:46 pm
authorities. >> reporter: you think it might be underreported. >> i do. >> reporter: a news4 i-team review ever records shows the fbi has investigated at least 67 virtual kidnapping attempts nationwide since 2014. several have been attempted in maryland in recent months. >> i get a phone call out of thin air. >> reporter: including against steve gifford of suitland. >> your brother has been in a serious accident. if he don't get the money to fix his car, i don't know what's going to happen to your brother. >> reporter: in some cases investigators say virtual kidnappers simply randomly cold call phone numbers seeking victims. and often call from international area codes including 787 and 939, almost always insisting the potential victim remain on the phone. if you keep the victim on the phone, the victim can't figure out this was all a hoax. he didn't fall for it. >> he said i'm going to let the police know. i'll give them your phone number.
4:47 pm
convinced. he said making matters worse, his 5-year-old was with him at the house and had to watch his dad race across town fearing for his mother's life. >> your adrenaline is rushing. you think your loved one is being held hostage and you're absolutely hamstrung. >> reporter: so how did the would-be crook know york's cell phone number and the make of his wife's car? he suspects the call came from someone who once worked on his home. fortunately, a western union clerk stopped the money from being wired moments before it landed in the crook's bank account. so police didn't file charges. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. if a virtual kidnapper ever calls you, the fbi has specific instructions on what to do. just go to our nbc washington app and click on investigations. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> today stunning but, of course, will the rest of the weekend be that way? i'll cover it for you with real detail here and take you hour
4:48 pm
evening. this evening if you're going to be out, might need the light jacket under the clear sky. temperatures will first hold steady in the low 60s, and then drop to the upper 50s late. so it is going to get a little cool. i'll put it between 50 and about 56 degrees by the time you get to about 9:00 this evening throughout the area. now, by morning our temperatures will drop in some locations down to the 30s. we did over the last couple nights, we even had a little frost off to the north and west. no frost advisory this time but you can see the pocket of 30s, gaithersburg, montgomery county, through loudoun and into areas of prince william county as we drop to 38 and 33 in some of the lower locations. 44 inside the beltway under a mostly clear sky. mentioned earlier some folks still sneezing and with their heads hurting too. headache kind of day if you suffer from the tree pollen. we're seeing the peak of tree pollen right now. it is running high for today. eventually i think maybe in another two or three weeks we'll hopefully start to see that go
4:49 pm
going up. the one thing that's helped us a little bit with the pollen is we've had those cooler nights but not anymore. temperatures also during the day will be going up. where you're seeing the red is where we expect to see some of the highest temperatures over the next seven days so that's monday and then the end of next week as we get up to 80. the average high now 66. every day over the next seven, expect those numbers to run a little higher. for tomorrow we're at 70 degrees and climbing. 66 laplata and around waldorf. 72 culpeper. 71 in leesburg. a big area of high pressure right over us. meanwhile, such a nice day. hey, i'm going to be out. as a matter of fact, i'm going to be out with you this weekend. saturday i'll be on hand at the washington convention center for the usa science and engineering festival. there's a lot of cool stuff, including the storm team4 x 4. you have doug and amelia on sunday and tom follows me later in the afternoon on saturday. and for tomorrow afternoon, again, we get up to 69, close to 70 degrees. there's your warmth starting out
4:50 pm
in the 40s first part of the day. sunday we'll have just as delicious weather. a green light for doing anything outdoors. a lot of festivals as mentioned going on. so we've posted them all on our nbc washington site so make sure you download the app right now. our next chance of rain, guys, is not until a week from now, probably friday afternoon we could see just a few showers maybe coming through the area. it's a low chance though, not posting it yet, but, hey, i know you guys got some weekend plans, right? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> it's been a long time since we had two good days on the weekend. >> well, here is the thing, this will be the longest, nicest stretch of weather since probably late last fall. >> all right. >> wow. >> just get out and enjoy it. >> and just so you know, veronica, i'm putting the winter coats away. >> good. you can do that now. >> i'm done with that. >> thanks, v.j. it happened in an instant, but it's taking years to
4:51 pm
earthquake repairs now under way at the national cathedral. today crane operators lifted damaged stones from atop the cathedral to get ready for the installation of new pinnacles that will now dot d.c.'s skyline. it's delicate work that will take about a decade to finish, and there's good reason for that. >> they're all hand carved, hand put in place, and they're at obviously seriously high heights, so it's not something that you can just lift off and put it in a backpack and carrying down the scaffold. we need big equipment with some trained crew that is really know what they're doing here. >> the damage to the cathedral, of course, stemmed from the earthquake, that 5.8 magnitude quake that hit our region in 2011. the cathedral still needs help raising a lot more money to cover the rest of the repair costs, an estimated $22 million. that's the cost. well, the washington capitals will hit the ice again tomorrow in game two of the stanley cup
4:52 pm
>> and they're hoping to make it 2-0 against the flyers, and it looked like the caps are picking up some new fans for this playoff run. some pretty adorable babies rocking the red. the team is giving away free gear to every baby born at medstar washington hospital center and med car georgetown. they get a onesie, a cap, and a bib. of course, the kids are going to cost them a couple hundred thousand dollars over the next 18 years, but as long as the caps keep winning, the babies will continue getting that free swag. >> and are they rocking it or watt? >> those are some cute kids. we're working several developing stories in the newsroom right now. it's a busy stretch of road that winds in and around the hills of our area. new concerns about speeding on a local road that thousands of people use every day and what police are doing about it. controversy erupts at a local school after this party video gets posted on the internet. we spoke to the headmaster about what's next for the student and his classmates.
4:53 pm
i'm julie carey. it was a home invasion where the victims fought back even as their lives were being threatened. now four years later, that couple is being honored with stafford county's survivor's award. christy and jimmy newman had only been married a month when three young men broke into their home, beat them, held them at knife point while ransacking the house. >> they kept saying if you don't do what we want, we will kill her, they were saying that to my husband. >> reporter: ahead at 5:00, the moment the couple decided to make a run for it and jimmy med
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4:56 pm
a mother in georgia is angry right now. she's accusing school officials of abusing her 5-year-old son because they used a paddle on him. she shot video of the incident and she shared it on facebook. while corporal punishment in school is legal in georgia, it's renewing a big debate. >> we're going to do it. >> mommy, help me! help me. >> reporter: this video viewed more than a million times on social media is igniting a firestorm of controversy. a 5-year-old boy being disciplined by the principal. one hit with a paddle. you can hear it. >> it was emotionally devastating. i don't know how else to describe it. >> reporter: the boy's mother shana perez says she pretended
4:57 pm
video. she wanted people to see this. she doesn't dispute that her son did something wrong. >> almost hit another student and was trying to run around in the bus line and they tried to catch -- they were trying to catch him and he spit on them. >> reporter: according to the student/parent handbook, corporal punishment is allowed for conduct violations including spitting. >> i'm only going to do it one time. >> unless you wiggle around. >> okay? one time. >> reporter: perez said she's been in a long-running dispute with the principal over her son's attendance out 18 days this year. she says he's been sick. but under georgia's truancy law she was sent to jail. when she tried to take her son home to avoid the paddling, school officials called her son. s -- called police. corporal punishment is only used with parental consent. it says the district is inti
4:58 pm
looking into its discipline policies. the county sheriff tells nbc news that based on the videos, there would not be probable cause for criminal prosecution of any administrator but there is strong reaction on social media. one person says no teacher has the right to do this. another says if more parents spanked children at home, this wouldn't even have to happen. >> i feel like this is going to ruin has last few weeks of scho school. he hates school now. does not even want to go. >> now, figures from the department of education show almost half of georgia's school districts practice corporal punishment and it's been used more than 11,000 times. georgia is one of 19 states that allow it. the damage shows from yesterday's accident. coming up on news4, we talk to this tow tuc
4:59 pm
that's injured a maryland trooper. plus, children taken to the hospital after a school bus accident. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. our live team coverage begins right now. news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. >> a couple dozen students and teachers had to be taken to the hospital today in that school bus crash. this happened at rfk stadium in the district. the bus from prince george's county. news4's meagan fitzgerald has been working this scene to find out just what happened. meagan? >> reporter: jim, we're told that those students had just returned to the parking lot because they were on a field trip. they loaded the bus alt around 2:00 which is parked just behind us when suddenly the school bus driver crashes into that pole. this is not the way woodbridge elementary school students thought they'd end their day, stretcher after stretcher carrying away a total of 22 children and 2 adults after
5:00 pm
into a light pole. >> for one reason or another, this school bus driver didn't see it or just misread the distance. >> reporter: fire officials say all of the injuries were minor, but those who were taken to the hospital complained of pains in their neck and back. a spokesperson for the prince george's county school district says the students who weren't hurt were taken back to school by another bus. even though fire officials say things could have been worse, they say anytime students are involved, the incident is always considered serious. >> it was enough to shake and rattle the bus, and that was enough to move some kids around on the bus and for us to come here and make sure everyone was okay. >> reporter: now, fire officials tell us that they had more than enough ems crews ready and available to respond to this crash earlier today, and that there wasn't a delay. we're told that all of those students and those two adults are expected to leave the hospital tonight, but at this hour it's still unclear as to


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