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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 16, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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>> a department in mourning and pulling for another to make it through on what is a very difficult saturday morning. we thank you for joining us. prince george's county firefighter is dead and another is in the hospital. both were shot responding to an emergency call. it happened 7:30 last night on sharon road just off branch avenue in temple hills. a family member called for help because they were worried about a relative inside. no one opened the door. firefighters forced their way in. they were met with gunfire. >> as that was unfolding, the individual inside the home fired a number of rounds, striking two prince george's county firefighters and the concerned individual who led public safety to that address during the course of the evening. >> we can tell you the resident who allegedly fired the shot is in custody.
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cooperative. >> medics flew one of the firefighters to the southern maryland hospital center in clinton. he died at the hospital shortly after arriving. he was a 13-year veteran of prince george's county fire and ems department. >> was a close friend of many. a strong community member. and we are thankful for your thoughts and prayers in this very difficult time as we prepare to honor the life of one of our firefighter paramedics. >> a hero inside. he leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old daughter. he normally serves at landover ems station 830. medics flew the other firefighter to the university of maryland shock trauma center in baltimore. >> 19-year-old volunteer firefighter kevin swain in serious condition after
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undergoing surgery. >> we're hoping for a great outcome. >> and the good news is he is expected to survive his injuries. at this hour, the alleged shooter's name has not been released yet. >> derrick ward has been speaking with some of those who are neighbors to the suspect. he's live in temple hills this morning. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, as you can see, the house that is the subject, there are markers in the yard you cannot see. we have talked to neighbors of the person who live here. we're not identifying him. he has not yet been identified by police and authority. we do know he has lived here several years and that the relative who was the one that made that call to check on his welfare is a regular visitor. there is no animosity among those folks
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who lived here was just seen at the mailbox that morning. the person had retired recently started another job. and by all appearances, everything seemed normal. that's why this is so baffling to folks who live around here, they say the sound of gunshots are certainly uncommon in this neighborhood. they weren't sure what was going on until the ensuing hours later. the investigation is still under way. derrick ward, news 4. >> derrick, thank you. stay with news 4 and of course our nbc washington app for new developments in the case. as always, we'll be sending out new alerts and breaking news as we get more details. for more on this story, search firefighter on our app.
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after a frosty cold start, the april sun warming us nicely. here are your weather headlines for this saturday. chilly morning, mild afternoon, dry pattern will continue for the next several days. right now our temperatures are now climbing into the 40s. shenandoah valley to the bay. nearby suburbs, montgomery, fairfax, arlington county generally in the mid-40s. near 50 degrees right in washington. storm team 4 radar scanning our sky. don't have any rain anywhere in the area from the beaches all the way to the mountains. terrific day to get out and get some exercise. our next chance for rain in a few minutes. >> and we will check in with you then. thank you, tom. new developments in that crash that seriously injured a maryland state trooper. police say the trooper remains in critical condition after a car hit his cruiser on the beltway thursday morning. we also learned more about the chain of events that led
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collision. investigators say the mercedes you're looking at here was hit by behind from another vehicle. it started driving erratically up the shoulder of the beltway and crashed into the trooper's parked car. still in the hospital and awaiting charges. >> certainly worth noting, it was not only put in place to protect police and emergency responders but all drivers when and if they have an emergency situation. the law is in effect in maryland and surrounding states. maryland state troopers continue to stress just how important it is to obey the moveover law. >> when we're responding to collisions, the less drivers that are distracted on the roadways only increase our safety. >> if you are not able to get over or make a lane change safely, you should slow down to a safe speed while passing. a week of democracy spring.
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dawson. you may know her from "rent" or "top five." retweeted multiple reports of her arrest last night. among their demands, protesters asking for the supreme court to overturn the citizens united decision that allows unlimited political spending by corporations. now in japan, two dozen dead and 1,500 injured after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake this morning. you're looking at footage from cameras that captured the violent shaking. numerous aftershocks were also caught on camera in several locations. the earthquake was the biggest of a series of tremblers of aftershocks on thursday. a volcano also erupted nearby. right now it is still unclear if it is connected to the earthquake. 8:36 is your time on this saturday. one of tu
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have seen in a while. playoff hockey, to major parades and a festival right in the heart of d.c. the major traffic impact and how you can get around it to enjoy the day. we'll tell but that. he waited for his moment, and then carjacked a 76-year-old woan. m
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i'm melissa mollet with first 4 traffic and closures this weekend because of two big events. national cherry blossom festival and emancipation day parade. madison drive northwest and 4th to 14th. jefferson drive, 4th to 14th. constitution avenue between 6th and 9th. and 7th street northwest between independence avenue and pennsylvania avenue. the other big event as i mentioned here, emancipation day. a couple of sets of road closures for both events on the nbc washington app. there is not room to list everything. saturday 7:30 a.m. to midnight, pennsylvania avenue from 12th to 14th. indiana between 3rd and 7th and 6th northwest closed as well. noon to 2:00, pennsylvania avenue between 4th is and 14th. all streets crossing pennsylvania between constitution and e street will be shut down. have a great time. i'll see you monday morning for news 4 today. police trying to find a crook who attacked a 73-year-old woman.
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man walking along new hampshire avenue as she made her way to her truck. she didn't think anything of it. the next thing she knows the guy is at her door demanding money. >> and before i could the door closed he was at the door he said give me your money. he backed up the car after he threw me out. i thought for sure he was going to run over me. >> the victim was rattled but not seriously hurt. she was able to walk to a gas station where people helped her and call police. highlander has maryland tags. with plate number 00014m9. call police if you have any information about this. 8:41 the time. if you to wash out your car or clean the garage, this is your weekend to do it. tom is tracking the best time to get outside and enjoy it. some of the smartest minds in the country are here to make a difference. how they are inspiring the next generation to solve some of the toughest problems i
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we want to bring you up to speed on breaking news out of prince george's county. a firefighter is dead. another in serious condition after a triple shooting. they were responding to a medical call on sharon road in temple hills. the resident larged inside opened fire. one is in serious condition at shock trauma
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a third person shot but was not seriously injured. the shooting suspect is currently in police custody. we are continuously updating the story on the nbc washington app. search firefighter for more details. sunshine warming things quickly. perfect day for a parade on on constitution avenue. we will have temperatures now through noon time beginning to climb. climbing into the 50s and into the 60s of the next couple of hours. bring sun block. have your sunglasses. light winds out of the east during the parade. aoe phapbs paeugz day emancipation day parade.
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veronica johnson will join us live from science and engineering festival. >> cool is a good way to put it. i've been in the business for a very long time. i have ever, ever seen anything on this scope. there's over 3,000 exhibitors. here's what makes it cool. it's because if you're looking to get your kids involved with science, engineering, technology, this is a good way to do it. you have the small hands-on exhibitors that are here. also, if you take a look around this display, this is lochhead martin hello mars. so it gives you that mars experience. they even have an app you can download. again, around here, folks, you've got a lot to expose your kid to. even if they struggle with math, this is a way to make the connection. i'm joined by the executive director. >> sometimes i
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if you can take ces and comic-con and mash them together, this is what you would get. >> we have all 50 states about 33 countries represented. but the majority are coming from a day's ride or train ride away. we expect 150,000 people today. >> and some of the big highlights besides what we are seeing here with lochhead martin. >> down link from the iss today at noon. if you're out, you can ask an astronaut a question. >> okay. i'm psyched about this. behind the school bus you can get a feel when you get on the bus what it is like to ride mars. now, this weekend, we're going to be drawing scientists from all across the country to come right here at the washington convention center. eun yang the got a chance to go to the science fair. she talked with the president chief science officer
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exposing kids to s.t.e.m. take a look? from the practical. >> same technology as the refrigerator in your home. it has no ice, no electricity. >> to the sublime. >> we have a spacecraft. we launch to 78,000 feet. it is powered by a weather balloon. >> they showcase their projects at the white house science fair share a common thread, the entire to make a difference. >> i want to help people live longer and healthier lives. >> the president began hosting the science fair six years ago to celebrate the sharpest minds in the country and to highlight the importance of teaching science, technology, engineering and math, s.t.e.m. this was the last science fair of his administration. chief technology officer megan smith. >> curing cancer, working on climate change, helping your neighbor. working on data science. for social justice. we need kids to use the super hero powers,
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>> s.t.e.m. initiatives will not end with the science fair. the white house is working to expand in the classroom, teaching all from kindergarten through 12th grade. she believes it can build confidence. >> learning about the planet. learning about our shadow. things you can do in a hands-on way so kids understand the context. >> this is one of the few high profiles. women earn half the bachelors degrees in s.t.e.m. fields. she said there needs to be a culture shift to encourage more girls to explore all subjects and having role models is a big help. >> you know, we really are extraordinary when we empower it.
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>> smith also points to a lost history of women in s.t.e.m. catherine johnson received the presidential medal of freedom last year. she is african-american and was born two years before women won the right to vote. >> this is the elite competition. >> in the future expect to see more women like johnson leading the charge in s.t.e.m. just listen to the remarkable girls at the science fair who hope to make their own history some day. >> there are some famous women, but you know the men better, right? science and that stuff isn't just for boys. girls can do everything just as well and maybe even better. >> eun yang, news 4, washington. >> as
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are lots of robots down here. take a look. simulation of mars where kids can drive these bots around and figure out where the best resources may lie using only satellite data. so that's pretty cool. we'll have a lot more from down here at the science, technology, engineering and math festival. see you soon. >> love it. tom, you're going to be out there, aren't you? >> yeah. i'll be there between 1:00 and 3:00. come by. we have the storm team four by four there. my oldest brother was a physicist. he's now retired. but his interest in science trickled down to me. i got interested in it at a young age. >> today tracking beautiful weather. >> it is. unless you're an allergy sufferer. the pollen count has been jumping with this dry weather. if you don't suffer from allergies, it is safe to get out and enjoy. you will need a light jacket now. it will jump into the
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if you're planning a bike ride, a hike or brisk walk, great day for that. hovering near 70 degrees between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. just a gentle north easterly breeze. temperatures right now are in the 40s to near 50 degrees. already from the bay to the mountain. a glorious spring day is under way on this saturday. going up tonight and maybe dining out will be clear and cool. mid-60s early evening. mid-50s by late evening. by dawn, into the 40s. tomorrow, gorgeous day. sunshine. warmer. low and mid-70s. as we get into monday, it will feel like summertime. in the afternoon, 80 degrees. low humidity. lots of sunshine. tuesday, just a few high clouds. mid-70s with morning lows in the 50s. storm team 4 seven-day outlook. wednesday is a cooler day. still pleasant. afternoon highs int
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0s. increasing clouds. the head of the front on friday. that will will likely give us rain. that's the next chance of any showers is on friday. that
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it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits.
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more than 30 students shaved their head for a charity run by volunteers that raises money for children's cancer research. some of the hair will be spun into wigs for kids fighting cancer. >> i think so many of us are passionate about being advocates and there for those who are the weakest. you can't beat cancer without a community behind you. >> so far they have raised $29,000. and if you're thinking about hiking down to the grand canyon or checking out wildlife at yellowstone, now is the time to do it. >> it sure is. in honor of national parks week, admission to all national parks suspect going to cost you a thing. it's free. only a third of the 400 national park sites charge entrance frees. but places like denli, zion and grand canyon. the park service celebratess
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100th birthday this august. the sun is up. it is here to stay. tom updating his forecast. he'll share the most comfortable times to go out for a run. maybe a bike ride. >> and celebrating d.c. emancipation day. could d.c. become the 51st state? >> we are staying on top of breaking news in prince george's county. a firefighter is dead. another in the hospital. what we are finding
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a firefighter is dead and another in serious condition after a triple shooting. they were responding to a medical call yesterday at 7:30 in the evening when the resident inside opened fire. one firefighter in serious condition at shock trauma in baltimore. a third person also shot, not seriously injured we're told. the shooting suspect is currently in police custody.


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