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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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huge face-off here to the left of henrik lundqvist. >> mike: kessel, hornqvist, malkin, letang out with bonino. off of the tie-up. nudged back to malkin. looks to the front. hornqvist is there. back to kessel. a shot kicked away. comes back to kreider. dumps it back out. zuccarello with the net empty and goes wide. moore gets there. moore. letang. still the battle on. hornqvist able to kick it along. zuccarello there backhands it up high and it goes out of play. 2:02 to go. >> eddie: mats zuccarello is not going to miss often from there. good play from kreider. he uses the glass to get it out. mats z
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the puck into the net and just can't do it. it is amazing that he is playing hockey compared to what happened last year. the hit against the pittsburgh penguins and the rangers in that playoff series. now back with all of the head trauma he experienced. amaze to see him back playing hockey as well as he is. >> mike: magnificent story of coming back. wasn't able to speak. jamming it along is miller. stepping to it is dumoulin. dumoulin pulls away from rick nash. zatkoff back in for the draw and charges to the bench again. nudged back in. malkin is the extra man but must drop back further. sheary to dumoulin to malkin. 100 seconds to go and the penguins need two and offside is the call. >>ie
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reminder of what happened last year with mats zuccarello. you can see him jousting down low. the puck comes in off of the stick of ryan mcdonagh and gets him in a very, very bad spot. he comes off of the ice and the doctors perfectly describe the that were he had to go through and all of the horror that he had to battle through. >> mike: brushed back across. phil kessel shaking it back in. lundqvist behind. dan boyle fires it around and letang must stop at center. under 0 to go. letang fed it back over. malkin to get it back on and crosby fed it across. kessel harassed by a pair. must drift back further. met by eric staal. pushed it back through. bonino. still can't get very far with it. taken along by eric staal and again it is letang. >> eddie: just a wall in the middle of the ice by the rangers. >> mike: played back on by crosby and worked in. right there to get it is
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it is kessel again. under a minute to go. played back on by letang and back in once more. lundqvist stops it behind. forced by yandle. tanner glass. kicked back in deep. kessel turning with it there. letang takes it. dumps it towards the net. bonino right in front, hornqvist and a save made by lundqvist. a pile-up there and the whistle is blown with 34.8 to go. >> eddie: i think hornqvist was surprised the puck found him by himself in front of henrik lundqvist. he will be right in front of the net. hornqvist has got it and lundqvist comes out to challenge. can't get elevation on the shot. look how he pushes out, eddie. benoit, the goalie coach will be happy with the push out.
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you see the puck hitting him in the shoulder. if he is back in the net that has got a chance to really get by him. >> eddie: you saw there on that great replay look by the crew the puck went on edge as hornqvist was about to shoot it. >> mike: cullen and moore for the face-off. off of the tie-up. kicked back and thrown over to center and daley pivots with it there. six attackers against a goalie and five. lundqvist couldn't stop that one. it was airborne and dug out then. forced out in front. sheary a shot that is blocked off. rebound. scrambled for and poked by brassard. knifed out in front. another shot by cullen that was stopped by lundqvist. knifeda, way from the reach
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ice and wide and icing. 3.3 to go. >> eddie: couple of huge stops by henrik lundqvist. remember, the majority of the last half of the period, the rangers were playing with only five defensemen with kevin klein spending seven minutes in the penalty box. great save there. >> mike: one more draw and it goes to madison square garden tuesday even. it popped in the net well after the horn had sounded. and the man that was chased from the net with an eye injury. he said it was blurry when he came up from having the stick to the eye on wednesday was pronounced fine and now pronounced himself
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performance more than fine. final score 4-2 rangers. best of seven even at 1-1. so long from pittsburgh.
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tonight, we are learning about what happened moments before somebody shot two firefighters. john schneider was killed. kevin was seriously injured. as news 4s derrick ward shows
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us, they are struggling to see how a medical call could have ended so tragically. >> reporter: they continue to process the crime scene. the man accused of the shooting continues to cooperate. a brother checked on his well being. >> call for assistance. his brother did not realize the firefighters were there to assist him and reacted as the house was being broken into. >> reporter: a firefighter medic was shot and killed. the brother, who called 911 was shot as well. he ran to a neighbor's house for assistance. >> last night was a blur. >> it's setting in, it is a memorial outside the landover station. where swain worked, a somber mood as well. >> totally shocked. everyone woke up with the realization we had to deal with a death. >> reporter: this is the kind of
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have a procedure for. they got no response from inside, so they went in. >> pounded on the door. >> reporter: once they opened the door, the homeowner opened fire. police were not on the scene initially to assist. >> this was an alert to best but seemed it was an ems call. >> reporter: they thought time was of the essence. such procedures will be under scrutiny. meanwhile, the work of first responders continue as they mourn one of their own and answer the call so others will not have to feel the grief of loss. derrick ward, news 4. >> here is what we know about the firefighters, schneider was a 13 year veteran who lost his life at 37 years of age. he leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old daughter. morningside firefighter, kevin swain is 19
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volunteer. he was in serious condition. the third person shot is expected to survive. governor larry hogan ordered flags flown at half staff. he sent out a statement of condolence saying his legacy as a father, husband and firefighter and commitment to protecting others will not be forgotten by loved ones, the community or loved ones. the prince george's fire department is receiving condolences. they tweeted this, our thoughts and prayers are with the prince george's county department. prince george's county fire chief made this poignant comment this morning. as we rise for the day, he r schneider will not. may he rest in eternal peace. you can see what county officis
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tragedies. search firefighters. now to a developing story out of rockville. police are investigating a death at the red roof inn on shady grove road. they are calling the death suspicious. somebody was found dead inside the hotel this morning. the person's body has signs of trauma. they are talking to potential witnesses, guests, workers at the red roof inn and management as well. we will update you on news 4 at 11:00 and the nbc washington app. a helicopter crash impacting train service here in d.c. three people on board that helicopter were surveying power lines when it crashed near the amtrak track near the airport. no one was hurt, but it sparked a large
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3:30. the ntsd and faa are investigating the crash. highs today in the 70s. currently, 69 degrees. after the sun goes down, temperatures will fall quickly during the evening hours. 66, very nice out, beautiful sunshine. by 9:00, we dip to the 50s. 59 degrees. clear skies and dry air in place. 11:00 around 56 and overnight lows in the 40s. tomorrow will be a repeat performance of "today." monday will start to cooldown. i'll let you know how cool it will get and if you are dealing with rain in the forecast. developing right now, you just watched the rangers and penguins here on nbc 4. the game we are keeping a close eye on is the match up between the caps and
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carol joins us with a preview. >> reporter: most people will tell you the series doesn't begin until game two. game one ended in a fight. two days to think about that and get excited. you know the flyers are going to be desperate. tonight, a important indicator of how the series is going to go. caps out from the flyers, win 2g-0. that doesn't help them at all tonight. >> they are going to come, you know, harder tonight. they are going to make adjustments. it's a matter of reacting to it and keeping us in the game. >> everything we have done for the flyers, they have done back to us in terms of the section of what we do. we try to play out the wrinkles. make sure players are prepared mentally for the battle. >> you want to be able to say
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and got the better of them. we feel, if we play our game, we are going to wear teams down. >> reporter: they have the early momentum now. if they win tonight, they have all the momentum as they go to philadelphia. what is the key tonight? we'll have that later in sports. back to you. >> thanks, carol, see you tonight. dozens of people have to find somewhere else to live after a massive fire ripped through their apartment. it cost a million dollars worth of damage. it happened at the country meadows apartments. heavy smoke and fire were shooting out the second and third stories of the apartment. red cross and apartment management is helping 22 displaced residents with accommodatio accommodations. more violence in chicago. a 1-year-old is the victim in one of the latest shootings. you will hear from that child's family coming
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done.
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and i approve this message. picture perfect day for a parade. thousands of people lining constitution avenue for the cherry blossom parade. this is one of
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even events. can you believe it's been two weeks? it officially closes tomorrow. the entire washington convention center turned into one big science experiment today with more than 350,000 people flocking to the convention center for the usa science and engineering festival. the festival boasts more than 3,000 hands on activities, live stage events. the festival was created to address the shortage in science and tech talent. we have a full photo gallery and highlights on the nbc washington app. just search s.t.e.m. tracee wilkins was at a luncheon for people that made
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significant contributions for the community and church. it would be the first program of its kind in the world. as we mentioned, a picture perfect saturday afternoon. amelia is up next with how long this string of nice weather is going to last around here. cameras catch the prise momentec
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tonight, a man is in the hospital with serious burn injuries. he was found just after 1:00 on coral street in northeast d.c. he has burns on his chest, arms, face, and neck. it's not clear how it happened. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire in northwest. they had to rescue a woman and her young child from an apartment. it started at 7:00. one firefighter had minor shoulder injuries. a baby girl shot in the head while riding in the car on chicago's west side. the shocking shooting is the latest example of the violence in the city that is out of control. police say somebody fired shots at the car from another vehicle yesterday. a bullet went through the trunk and the backseat hitting 1-year-o
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her aunt, responding to the shooting. >> put the gun down. stop the violence. put the gun down. >> chloe is in stable condition. 12 syrian refugees are living at the vatican after pope francis brought them back on the papal jet. he took in the refugees. all three families lost their home in bombings. the pope made the decision to take the refugees in because he felt the spirit was speaking to him. d.c. police are searching for a person of interest in a knife attack. the subject swung the knife at somebody on the 1,000 block of f street. then the attacker took off. in this video from police, you can see the person of interest walk through the metro station. if you see the individual, you are asked to call police. >> plenty of pomp
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the district celebrated emancipation day with a parade this morning. on april 16, 1862, president abraham lynn cohn sign ed an ac that freed slaves. oh, get ready for these guys. you know exactly what they are. this spring, billions are expected to emerge from the ground and saturate the air in parts of maryland, as well, virginia, west virginia. the insects are cominge ining a end of a 17 year cycle. they have a nice singing to them. excuse me, cicadas. they make lovely sounds, amelia. lovely sounds that keep you
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enough. here are the weather headlines. gorgeous weather, highs in the low to mid-70s. the upcoming workweek, the warmest day is monday, the coolest wednesday. overall, for the most part, this string of spectacular weather continues until friday. we bring in a chance of rain and showers saturday. more on that in a moment. tomorrow, the weather having a low impact on your day. we'll have sunshine, once again. however, pollen will be on the rise. head to twitter and facebook. yesterday, i posted information about pollen and the official report e-mailed monday through friday. the forecast is for the pollen to be the highest of the entire season for this upcoming workweek. a heads up there. temperatures right now, upper 60s and low 70s for the most part. 72 in leesburg. 69 in the district. by the water, cooler. 63 degrees right now in annapolis. tomorrow morning, a cool start with a temperature around 48.
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rands. grab a light jacket. you won't need it by the late hours. 4:00, a temperature of 73. that will be the high for the day. 8:00, comfortable with temperatures around 66. if you are going to sunday brunch tomorrow, make sure to have the sunglasses. temperatures generally in the 60s, maybe low 70s, very comfortable. if you are going to el fresco, the best night to eat outdoors with the warmest temperatures in the 70s monday evening. just spectacular. tuesday night, a light jacket with cooler air in place. now, monday, a high temperature of 81 degrees, plenty of sunshine in the forecast. we'll talk about recess getting an a plus monday. the temperatures are already in the upper 70s. tuesday, we cool down by a few degrees, a temperature of 77 and a bit of a breeze, a mix of clouds and sun. the clouds on tuesday.
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the area. that will cool us down on wednesday, a high of 68 degrees. we are back with sunshine. humidity low for the upcoming week as well. friday, there's the chance of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder, a high of 77 and cooler saturday with a chance of scattered showers, a mix of clouds and sun and saturday, erika, a high of 74. >> thank you. alex ovechkin looking to take a
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chris here from the csn studios. the caps are in the mood tonight looking to extend the first round lead to two games. the 1-0 lead in the series is possib possible by that guy. 19 saves and recorded his career playoff shutout. to yield the same results, caps have to make sure they stay out of the penty


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