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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 17, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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firefighter and wounding another is back at home. why investigators say he's not facing charges right now. and disaster in ecuador. dozens dead, hundreds hurt from a major quake near a popular tourist area. the damage they're left digging through. get ready for the sun and warmer weather because today is nice, but it will get even nicer. good morning, everyone. >> hope you're having a great start to your sunday. a great day to get outside and do some work. tom kierein is tracking the most comfortable times that you can enjoy it all. >> and if you check your nbc washington app, you'll see the temperature where you live probably climbing into the 50s right now as the sun climbs higher in the blue sky. temperatures are jumping quickly. and the weather headlines on this sunday morning, still rather cool. you need a light jacket over the next hour or so. then a milder afternoon and warmer weather moving in tomorrow and will be in place on tuesday. right now temperatures are well into the 50s from the shenandoah valley to the bay.
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degrees. look at that rm watwarmer weath coming up. and we're following a developing story in the district. a man found shot to death behind an elementary school in northwest. police found him around 3:00 a.m. at mozart place. we're still working to get more information, but right now, there is into suspect in custody. also developing this morning, a deadly shooting in prince george's county. this happened in clinton on vienna drive at around 10:00 last night. police say when they got to the scene, the victim was already dead. so far no word on a suspect or motive in the shooting. and this morning the prince george's county fire and ems department is mourning one of their own. funeral plans have been set for firefighter john uh-huh
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derrick ward is live with more. >> reporter: and the signs of grief are obvious here at fire station 30, landover hills. you can see the ambulance that firefighter ulmschneider would have served on. it's obvious here and also obvious in the hearts of his colleagues. now, ulmschneider, a 13 year veteran of the fire department, was killed on friday responding to a call in which firefighters often respond to but rarely, rarely do they end like this one. >> he had a medical condition that may make him vulnerable to a medical emergency. and so firefighters discussed it and decided to move forward with going in through the front door. they're trained to announce themselves before doing so. pounding on the door loudly announcing yourself, which apparently all was done. >> reporter: and again, it all
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the welfare of a gentleman in a house in temple hills. and as we've been saying, that man has been cooperating with authorities. he has not been identified yet. he hasn't been charged. authorities believe he thought that his house was being broken into. and again, it's not always the burning buildings that pose danger to firefighters as we see in this case. calls that are relatively routine can on which end with this kind of tribute. the funeral plans have been made public. it's wednesday -- actually tuesday 5:00 to 8:00, a visitation at st. john's parish and funeral mass the very next day. of course a sense of loss here will go on for quite some time. as does the investigation into the sirgs circumstances around it. derrick ward, news 4. >> and you can open our app to see what county officials are saying about recent tragedies involving first
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ju search firefighters. and investigators found someone dead inside a red roof inn on shady grove. the person's body had signs of trauma. they spoke to potential witnesses. and the victim has not yet been identified. and the big new york primary is just days away and it looks like ted cruz is catching up to donald trump's lead. cruz grabbing the majority of the delegates at the wyoming state convention on saturday. he already took some of those delegates during the caucuses earlier this month. cruz is now less than 200 delegates behind the frontrunner. trump has 744 to cruz's 559. and bernie sanders took a few days off to meet with pope francis at the vatican. but he did manage to pick up some extra delegates from the colorado state convention. and while he disagrees with the pontiff on abortion and gay marriage, he found common ground talking about econoc
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combat climate change. meanwhile hillary clinton attended a big fund raiser in california. she's reading back to new york today. and about 75 bernie sanders supporters literally threw money at clinton's passing motorcade in california. she was on her way to a high dollar fund raiser at the home of george clooney. the event at clooney's home cost $30,000 per person. coming up on "meet the pres press", chuck todd will talk with governor mccrory about his state's controversial lgbt rights law and deb pi wasserman schultz and along with prince priebus will discuss discussion 2016. and todd will also be joined by george clooney to talk about his involvement with the campaign. it's all coming up in about 25 minutes right here after "news 4 today." and the the
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ultimate science display. the breakthrough technology you and your kid shoes check out. >> developing right now, did he ever devastation in kathleen matthews: in the race for congress, i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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death toll continuing to rise this morning following an earthquake in ecuador. 77 died, more than 550 hurt. the 7.8 magnitude hit last night in an area popular among tourists for its beaches. and earlier a second earthquake hit southern japan. at least 41 people are dead. the u.s. is offering aid by using military planes to get supplies to the thousands displaced. the first earthquake hit on
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families in arkansas heading to capitol hill to show their support for a new initiative set to be heard by the u.s. supreme court. more than a dozen latino voters an undocumented immigrants boarded a bus heading here. and they plan to meet others to rally in support of president obama's deferred initiative. the initiative benefits thousands of undocumented imgramts and their families. the supreme court is expected to deliver its ruling in june. well, it is a great day to get outside, do some exercise, maybe just hang out. tom will track your jogging, biking and lounging draft and how long this stretch of long weather will continue. and right now other parts of the country are dealing with a final blast of winter. where storms dumped two feet of snow.
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perfect day for outdoor recreation and maybe a bike ride. temperatures by noon will be in the upper 60s. midafternoon with a bright sun should be hovering in the mid-70s. and then back down to around 70 by late afternoon. light winds with low humidity. and then warmer weather moves in tomorrow and tuesday. a look at that and our next chance for rain, that is in just a couple minutes. in
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down fast and wet. these pictures are from denver where the snow closed roads and caused lots of traffic issues. forecasters say more than a foot of snow could fall in parts of the state by the time the storm is done later today. winds will also be strong throughout the day. a live look at the national cathedral. second phase of repairs now under way. the building suffered damage in the 2011 earthquake. it's more stable now, but there are still broken pieces to put back this place. and megan mcgrath reports there are big challenges. >> this is exactly how the day it was left after earthquake and it popped at this joint here. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to literally move the stones of the grand pinnacle. >> we'll repair damage here and grill larger hole, longer hole in the bottom. >> reporter: rattled by that earthquake back in 2011 more than five years later, it still needs major repairs and stone work is expensive and slow.
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it will likely take more than ten years to finish the work. >> this is an extremely labor intensive building. the stone work, assembling these stones, carving them, just very difficult and complex work. you're not just putting up thin piece of stone. >> reporter: a large crane will be used to lowers the stones to the ground. no small feat considering they weigh between 400 and 2800 pounds. and the logistics present just one challenge. money is another big problem. as it stands right now, will is only enough money to do the work here on the north steps. they need $22 million to complete the entire job and that all has to come from private donations. if the money isn't found, then the work is going to stop. from the national cathedral, megan mcgrath, news 4.
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presidential candidates are fighting to win delegates and there is a lot at stake this tuesday to both sides in new york. >> joining us now chuck todd. you never stop. >> okay. let's keep it going. >> so listen, new york, make or break for busernie sanders? >> short answer, yes. he got michigan, but he hasn't done it anywhere else. if he could win new york, it would send a huge message. if you lose by double digits, the path is cut off and i think he knows it. and that's why you're seeing a tougher sanders pop to his credit, he sees that he has an opportunity, but if it doesn't happen, its he another t's the . p. >> so republican side, donald trump says he believes he can get to 1237. if he doesn't, going to the convention, he came into this thing with leverage. >>a
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create now is new leverage. i don't know if he can get to 1237. that's why they have had a concerted effort to say they're trying to take this away from me, so if i'm short, it's a rip-off. he's trying to dismiss the idea wyoming and colorado don't count because they're conventions. well that's part of the rule, but he's trying to create a narrative. and there a new pop out, republican voters say the person with the most votes should get the nomination. and these are republican primary voters. so i think the delegates have a tough decision to make. >> al gore versus george bush. >> right. the two party simply adopted the electoral college model. and thousand the public complaint know that that is the way it worked out and they do know.
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>> so is there back room politics going on? >> i think there was. i think the trump campaign has decided they will lose -- they won't win back room and they won't try anymore. that's what i get the sense, that they think their best way is to make a public stink and the more public they make the sti stink, the more leverage. and this is the way trump operates in business. there is a history of this and he's had more success than failure, so just read his book, art of the deal. he laid it all out. >> he's consistent. >> he is. absolutely. >> chuck, you have a big show. >> we lead with grneorge cloone. and pat mccrory, governor, a heavy show. >> excellent. coming up in about 13 minutes. and you can see "meet the press" every sunday right here on nbc 4.
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down to the coolest place in d.c. today, the science and engineering festival. >> it's the ultimate science fair. and doug damakammerer is live t for us with some awesome inventors. >> reporter: you mentioned it, this really is the coolest place to be. i'm a huge weather geek, huge science geek and this place has everything you need. i was just looking at some of the mars rovers going on. the kids are here, as well. just wave hi, guys. you say hi mom when you're on television. so i can say it, too. she's watching in florida probably. i'm with somebody that as soon as i saw his name, i got the so excited. this is doctor kaboom. first off, how did you get the name kaboom? >> it is a nam
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cannon on a hamster. it does not work. never saw a look of surprise on your hamster's face in your life. >> but he was okay? >> oh, yeah. he's fine. >> he does science experiments, does it with comedy, of course. and you will an here all afternoon. this goes through 4:00. free event, 350,000 people come to this event. you'll be here doing all kind of science experiments. what is it about science that you want kids to know about? >> kids and parents need to remember it's for everybody. it's not hard, it just takes effort. that's just life. >> exactly right. and science does so many things for so many people. it's always a way that you can move forward in life.ematicsmat. >> it is for everyone. and we'll make a rocket out of this bottle of water. i have a little bit of vinegar inside. i have a cork of a special size. and i have
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tablespoons of baking soda wrapped in a tissue paper about acts like a timing device. i put it in, put on the cork. you stand back. we shake. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 -- kaboom! >> dr. kaboom. that was awesome. let's do that again. >> yeah, we'll did it at the show. >> oh, good. he's on coming up in about 45 minutes. again, free event, we have the storm team 4 x 4 as well. don't blow that up. >> i will not, i promise. >> thank you so much. back inside to you. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> be careful down there, buddy. >> too funny. a lot of fun. well, at least the weather is not impacting the event inside, but it will be nice on your walk to the event. >> when i was down there yesterday, you could just sort
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in the air just because of the sun angle climbing higher in the sky. and so do the temperatures. today we'll be in the low 50s tomorrow morning. monday afternoon certainly feeling hig summer as our average high this time of year, 67. way above it that into the low 80s during the afternoon with lots of sunshine. then on tuesday, partly cloudy and we'll have temperatures in the 50s in the morning, another warm afternoon. should make it up to around 80 or so on tuesday afternoon. but just some clouds coming through. then on wednesday, a little cooler, a weak front coming in. so highs on wednesday in the upper 60s near 70. quite a bit of sunshine. another front approaches us on friday, but it will have a lot more moisture with it and ahead of that, we'll get increases clouds on thursday with highs right around 70 degrees. then on friday, looks like a showery day.
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long from the morning all the way in to the afternoon, but drying out friday evening just in time for next weekend. next saturday looking great. afternoon highs upper 60s to near 70. next sunday into the mid-70s a lot like today. so big changes on the way here over the next seven days up and down we go with the next chance of rain on friday. >> tom, thank you very much. 10:22. here are four things to know today. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly shooting in clinton. it's happened on vienna drive. police found a man shot to death behind cook elementary school. and a map accused of killing a firefighter back home. state's attorney says they don't have enough evidence to charge him. 77 people have died and more than 550 hurt following an earthquake in ecuador. the
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off the country's northern coast. the debates have been getting heateds but nothing like this. how the presidential candidates are making i easy for the catst
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how exact lly are you goingo
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>> you mean a big bank breakup? you break em up. >> how, how? >> julia louie dreyfuss and larry david on snl. they have kept viewers laughing all season as they parody the two democratic presidential candidates. great stuff. and happening today, you have another chance to tour the white house gardens. visitors get a chance to see two formal garden, the rose garden and jacqueline kennedy garden. you can also see the kitchen garden which was established in 2009. anyone interested, you need a ticket but they are free. they were distributed beginning at 9:00 a.m. and head to the visitors pavili pavilion. and certainly a beautiful day to get out there. >> you were thinking you were going to go. >> yeah, i'm going to try. >> is t
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michelle obama garden? >> yeah, t the food that they g. and for the science festival, wonderful day to get out there. there were huge crowds there yesterday. great family event. bring the kids. you'll love it. there a live picture there. crowds are already beginning to gather there. so many interesting things to see. storm team 4 x 4 is there. >> and that's it no for "news 4 today." t eethe press" is next. ♪ ♪
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this sunday a $353,000 ticket to the hillary fund-raiser. my exclusive talk with george clooney. >> i think it's an insane amount of money. it's ridiculous to have this amount of money in politics. >> clooney on trump and llary and all that money in politics. >> i think there's a difference between the koch brothers and us. plus, the republican party at war with itself. >> this is a rigged system. the republican system is a rigged system. >> the trump campaign is trying to be more disciplined. but is it too late for the candidate to change the script?


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