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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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keith who kept it on the blue line. around behind by shaw. angles it back. panarin with it there. keith with a shot. bounced off the shaw. couldn't backhand it in. to the outside, it's played on by steen. lobbed it on through. curling back to get it is andrew ladd. ladd played it off in the last 33 seconds. galloping ahead with it. patrick kane. along and connects up the wing. panarin curls around behind. center. bounced freely. played back along and hustling to it. lifting it along is brouwer. panarin and a high shot off the glass of the glove hand of elliott. to the last dozen seconds. they work for it toward the corner. battled for it. he's got it loose. 2-1. couldn't be stopped. back to center. they've got a four back out. panarin fires into the glove of elliott and the blues have won it!
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brian elliott was magnificent. the blues just shut the hawks down in the third and got the benefit of a power-play goal from jaden schwartz. you're watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. final score in the game, the st. louis blues 3, the chicago blackhawks 2. the blues lead the best of seven 2-1. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news. tonight at nbc starting at 8:00, 7:00 central, the new episodes of little big shots and crowded. post game coverage available on csn chicago. good night from chicago.
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a fallen firefighter touched lives throughout our region and as the investigation into his tragic death continues, we're going to show you how people are showing their support. the search is on for a fairfax county firefighter who has been missing for days. and developing right now, hundreds dead and hundreds of buildings destroyed after a powerful earthquake rocks ecuador. news4 at 6:00 starts now. off the top at 6:00, a local community coming to grips with the loss of a firefighter. the tragic circumstances are still being sorted out, but the mourning for this fallen first responders is well under way. derrick ward has more on how john ulmschneider is being remembered. >> reporter: this symbol, this
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remind us how dangerous work as a responder can be. >> sad thing for the county, for the city. >> reporter: strangers, some with no more of a connection to a fallen firefighter and medic than sharing a zip code with the firehouse where he worked felt close enough that they had to come here. >> so we're here to, well, pay our respects. >> i don't know ulmschneider was killed friday evening by a man whom he was trying to help. he was one of three people shot at the doorway of a temple hills home where fire and ems workers had been called by the man's brother. there had been no response from inside and fears that the man was in medical distress. authorities say the homeowner feared firefighters forcing their way in were burglars and opened fire. another firefighter and the man's brother was also wounded. ulmschneider was the lone fatality. the loss felt as far away as clinton at miller farms where ulmschneider, the married father of a 2-year-old worked when he wasn't on duty. he was considered part of the family here. back at the landover hills firehouse, members of his other
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a strong sense of duty and heavy hearts. derrick ward, news4. >> as you heard derrick mention, he leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old daughter. a you caring fund has been set up to help them financially after the loss. if you'd like to help, you can open the nbc washington app and search firefighter fund. now, the other firefighter also shot friday night is showing signs of improvement. morningside volunteer firefighter kevin swain is now out of intensive care at baltimore shock trauma. he was shot four times. family, friends, and fellow firefighters are at his bedside today. now to the desperate situation in ecuador. right now rescuers are digging through the rubble hoping to find survivors after a devastating earthquake hit in the dead of night. more than 230 people are dead, and coming up we'll have a full report on the damage. police are looking for suspects tonight after one person was shot and killed and another critically injured in prince george's county. us?
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darcy spencer is here is the investigation. >> the double shooting happened on rigs road in prince george's county. the police activity was focused on this apartment building. it's the newberry square apartments on rigs near the intersection with east/west highway. prince george's county police were called out here about 3:00 this morning for a report of a shooting. when they got here, they found two men who had been shot. both of them were taken to the hospital in critical condition. their names have not yet been released. police are still working to figure out what the motive was and no arrests have been made. they are offering a cash reward for information in the case. darcy spencer, news4. police find a clue in the disappearance of a missing fairfax county firefighter and paramedic, but tonight there's still no sign of her. nicole mittendorff's family last had contact with her on wednesday. they reported her missing friday. last night state police fun
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national park. they're scouring the area by ground and in the air as well. a top public health official is trying to ease concerns about zika and pregnant women. dr. anthony fauci of the national institutes of health said today that there have been no local transmission of the zika virus in the united states, so he says that means women in this country don't have to consider delaying pregnancy. dr. fauci appeared this morning on cbs and fox news. for answers to frequently asked questions about the virus, you can open our app and search zika. an suv on a collision course with an apartment building. we're going to update the condition of the victims and show you what the structure looks like now. storm team4 meteorologist amelia segal and doug kammerer spent the day encouraging kids to embrace science and doug talks to one pretty confident kid who didn't need a lot of convincing. and as we look to the upcoming workweek, temperatures continue to warm. i'll let you know by
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what you can expect tomorrow throughout the day coming u in my uppda
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police are looking for suspects after a man was shot to death behind cooke elementary school. investigators say someone called 911 just after 3:00 this morning after hearing gunshots in the area. the man has been identified as 35-year-old jayvon marshman. he lived in southeast d.c. a second man also shot but not
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suspects at this time. things could have been a lot worse after an suv came crashing into an apartment building this afternoon in montgomery county. look at this picture we've got here and from the inside. this happened on smooth stone way in montgomery village. two people had just minor injuries and will be outside of the wall. still not clear why the driver hit the building. people who walked into the washington convention center this weekend took a time machine into the future. it was another full day at the usa science and engineering festival. amelia was out there this afternoon. it boasts thousands of hands on exhibits and high-tech toys. one of the goals of the festival is to get kids excited about science. the storm team4 x 4 and chief meteorologist doug kammerer were there this morning and wait until you hear this. doug found this guy that just may very well be after his job.
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it, but probably the weather part of it. that's pretty much the whole entire thing. >> love that. 365,000 people came to the festival this weekend. i think that's more than we've ever had before. 40,000 more than two years ago. there were also a lot of science celebrities. doug talked to "star trek" wil wheaton. you can see that on the nbc washington app as well as a look at how the festival is hoping to get more minority students into sciences. just search s.t.e.m. a bad break in prince george's county community and the cleanup could affect your monday morning commute.
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it is the most powerful earthquake to hit ecuador in more than three decades, and tonight the country is trying to cope with the massive loss of life and the widespread damage. the quake hit shortly after nightfall saturday centering around tourist beaches and fishing villages. as nbc reports landslides are making it very difficult for rescuers to reach the hardest-hit areas. >> reporter: the shaking was violent and hit just after dark last night. at magnitude 7.8, it was the worst quake to hit ecuador in 37 years. in the capital quito, more than 100 miles
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the earthquake rattled store shelves and set off panic. it flattened buildings and buckled highways for hundreds of miles along the pacific coast. among the hundreds killed was the driver of a car crushed by an overpass that buckled in ecuador's largest city. when the sun came up, people who had slept in the streets look at the ruins of their towns. in one of the worst hit towns, buildings were ripped apart. across the region today, rescuers are scouring ruins in search of survivors. the firefighters worked for hours to locate a young girl. they pulled her alive from the rubble of this collapsed hotel and rushed her to an ambulance. ecuador's vice president visited another hard-hit town and spoke to anxious residents. >> we can't use heavy machinery because it could be tragic for those who are wounded. friends, be careful. be strong, pray. we're going to take care of everyone who is hurt and then we will begin the
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declared a national emergency. officials set up relief centers and field hospitals. for thousands of troops and police called out to help, the immediate task is simple, rescue the living and locate the dead. >> powerful images. you may want to rethink your morning commute if you drive through langley park. a 12-inch water main break broke yesterday on university boulevard year carroll avenue and the rushing water did some serious damage to the pavement, and crews have been working really hard to patch up the road, but they say repairs will continue into tomorrow's morning commute and you can expect lane closures. wssc says the 12-inch main is close to 90 years old. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> high temperatures today were in the 70s. we'll be warmer tomorrow here in washington. highs tomorrow
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town in the upper 70s and what i love about the forecast tomorrow too, as we warm up, the humidity stays low. we're not contending with humidity yet here in the dmv. temperatures run above normal the entire workweek on into the upcoming weekend. normal now about 68, 69 degrees and you will see just about every number on the seven-day at or above that. our next chance of rain comes on friday, maybe even a few thunderstorms as well. tomorrow the weather having a low impact on your day. once again, beautiful sunshine, very little cloud cover in the forecast, and low 80s for highs. currently we're in the low to mid-70s from 73 degrees in washington to 72 in gaithersburg. 75 in manassas. you can see a little bit cooler by the water over in annapolis and on the eastern shore where temps are in the 60s right now. tomorrow morning comfortably cool at 7:00 a.m. temperature around 53 degrees. you might want to grab a light jacket but, no, you definitely won't need it even by the lunchtime hours. you'll definitely need the sunglasses throughout the day. perfect day to
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outdoors. temperatures in the mid-70s at noon. 4:00 we'll hit our high of 81 degrees, and at 8:00 in the evening really nice with the temperature around 74. perfect for walking the dog, and i think tomorrow dining out or firing up the grill will be the best day out of the week. don't get me wrong, pretty much every day you can make it work but it will be very comfortable tomorrow. we'll be in the 70s again on tuesday evening but we'll have a bit of a breeze as well. wednesday night cooler temps mean you might want to grab a light jacket or a sweatshirt. a high on tuesday of 80 degrees and a bit breezy throughout the day with increasing clouds. we'll start off with beautiful sunshine. we'll finish with partly to mostly cloudy skies. for wednesday sunny skies in the forecast. notice our temperatures dip. the cloud cover and breeze on tuesday, a weak cold front. that means wednesday a high of 68 degrees. and then on thursday a high of 75 with increasing clouds throughout the day. some showers looking likely on friday, maybe even a rumble of thunder. maybe a lingering shower on saturday. not enough tou
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on the seven-day. a high of 72. next sunday looking really ce. plenty of sunshine. highs in the mid sets. >> we're not even going to make too much of a fuss, at least i'm not, about those showers on friday because, boy, you guys get an "a" plus for all this great weather that we've had. thank you. >> the weekend has been spectacular. tomorrow looking great, and i also want to give a shout out to all the students who are watching that were at s.t.e.m. this weekend. i spoke with a lot of them today. doug, tom, veronica -- >> those kids giving you a run for your money. >> they were so smart. i love their questions. and you could see the wheels really turning when you were talking about math and science. >> glad you had a good time out there. thanks amelia. still ahead, a career first for bryce harper as the nats try to keep their streak alive. jason up next. is
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> they could have had it. >> yeah. >> shake it off, move on to tomorrow. >> shake it off. you can't win them all in baseball but here is the thing, the nats, they should have won this game against the phillies. the best start in nationals franchise history hit a speed bump today in
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bryce harper looked as if he was going to play the role of hero. his home run in extra innings put the nats in perfect position to win their eighth straight game in a row. jonathan papelbon failed to close the door blowing his first save of the entire season. nats going for the sweep against the phillies. looking to crash the birthday party today. bottom of the second, geogonzalez, he was dominated on the mound. goes down swinging here. geo struck out eight. he went seven strong innings. we go to extras. knotted up at one. bases empty for who else? the reigning mvp. bryce harper delivers. his fourth straight game with a home run. he puts the nats up by a run. later on in the bottom of the tenth, jonathan papelbon on to close this one. blanco, well, he gets on base here. jason
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galvis sends this over werth's head and this is the ball game. the nats fall to the phillies. philadelphia winners in walk-off fashion, 3-2 is your final score. >> it was just a day of, you know, near misses, just like robinson's ball down the line, you know. so just one of those days, you know. you know you're not going to win them all but it still hurts the same. >> the nationals' road trip continues in miami. tomorrow night they start a four-game series with the marlins. we're going to move on to hockey. the capitals are in complete control of their series against the flyers as they head back to philadelphia. everything going right for the boys in red. in game two jason chimera scoring on one of the craziest goals. steve mason probably wo
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after that one. nicklas backstrom also a star of the show. he scored a goal and had two assists in the game but none more impressive than this assist right here to alex ovechkin through the legs of t.j. oshie, and that had his teammates very impressed. >> right off the stick, in my mind it was like i'm not going to be able to catch this. once it went through my legs, i thought this is probably going to o. i didn't know if i had to turn around. >> i guess saw through him or something. that's what he does. i mean, he's the best passer in the league i think. he finds those plays and put it right on the tape. >> did you actually try to put it there? >> yeah. >> is that a hard thing to do? >> that was the only lane open, so i can hit the sweet spot. the western conference, game three between the blues and blackhawks. this series tied at one. we'll skip ahead to the third. knotted up at 2. blues on the power
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pass down low. then out to jaden schwartz who scores. just some good passing. schwartz gets the go-ahead goal. they beat the blackhawks 3-2. the cavaliers taking on the pistons. first found of the nba playoffs. pistons down by two. caldwell pope misses on the drive but andre drummond there for the put back and we're tied. later in the fourth, we're tied again at 88. kyrie irving, nice find to kevin love. he had a game high 28 points. the cavs hold on to win this one, 106-101, your final score. to bristol, tennessee, we go. a caution field day on the track. we're along for the ride. kyle busch slams into the wall here. busch coming off a pair of weekend sweeps. he wouldn't finish this race though. carl edwards, a four-time w
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at this track leading for much of the day. he's going to pick his first win of the year. he's the third joe gibbs racing driver with the playoff berth virtually clinched. we're only eight races into the season. ea >> that's what you got to do when you finish your sports cast. go ahead, man. >> i can't do it. >> break you, jay. let's get one final check of the weather. >> beautiful tomorrow with highs in the low 80s. >> we will see you tonight at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, disaster in ecuador. devastating earthquake leechbll more than 200 dead, many injured. rescue workers search for the missing in the rubble of towns all but wiped out. guns in schools. the controversial measure some districts are taking. our teachers and staff keeping who has the guns a secret? money back guarantee. a hospital chain where the customer is always right. offering refunds to unsatisfied patients, no questions asked. and the chosen. we hear from syrian refugees whose lives were changed in an instance now welcomed into the vatican by the pope himself. "nightly news" begins now."


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