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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:26pm EDT

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relief that we got him. >> reporter: and bev's
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killed. >> reporter: the homeowner was questioned and released. he believed his process to decide that, not us in a court of public opinion. >> reporter: we're back out live at the around over hills fire station. you can see this ambulance has been decorated with flowers, also with candles here. the chief also tells me there
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moving tribute there, ry>> darcy, thank wife and daughter. firefighters set up a you caring fund. if you want to open, open the app and search firefighter fund. injured firefighter kevin swane is showing signs of improvement after being shot four times. the volunteer is out of intensive care at baltimore shock trama. family, friends and firefighters are at his bedside. the death toll in ecuador rising. the country trying to cope with the lose of life and damage. the quake hit after night saturday centering around tourist beaches and fishing villages.
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more desperate every ad
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police called off t search due to the a killer tjayvon was found shot to death. somebody called
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hearing gunshots in the d
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10:00. police say they found a man dead but are not releasing much more information other than that right now. a top public health official trying to ease concerns about zika and pregnant women. the national institute of health said today that there has been no local transmission of the zika virus in the united states, so he says that means women in this country don't have to consider delaying pregnancy. he appeared on cbs and fox news this morning for answers to frequently asked questions about the ru
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and search zika. we've got details on how a water main break will impact your morning commute. wsse says it will suspend paving through lanely park until 9:00 tomorrow. they will then resume paving at 9:00 a.m. to finish repairs on the road near carol avenue but you can expect delays. the 12-inch main broke yesterday and crews have been working to try to finish the repairs. the highest court in the land about to tackle one of its biggest cases this term. how people on both sides of the explosive immigration debate are getting ready right now. a virginia man is a big hit at a baseball game without even suiting up, and folks today enjoy the river festival. the event is the official closing program of the national cherry blossom festival. and our high temperature today was 73. wa
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i'll let you know by how much, plus, how we'll be dealing with rain in the upcoming forecast. not much brotherly love tonight on ""sports final." we head to philadelphia where bryce harper pulls off a career first and the phillies rain. we are told how the caps plan to finish off the flyers plus, new football head coach preaching one word to the players this spring. all thaand more ont
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smoke could be seen for miles of a fe
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firefighters battled the blaze from two sides of the junkyard outside l.a. high winds in the area caused the flames to jump from car to car so quickly. right now only the cars were burned, no people have been injured and no buildings damaged, either. new tonight, people are camped out at the supreme court ahead of a major case involving the president's immigration plan. if inaenacted, the plan would shield from deportation. and one that has been a hot top pick. >> orlando martinez, he works in tree removal and she's in retail. their three children were born here, though they are here i illegally they hope to stay and provide a better life for their children.
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growing with the world they will have opportunity to whatever they want to do in the life. >> reporter: under a program announced a year and a half ago by president obama they could remain with 4 million other adults living here illegally whose children are american citizens. >> you will be able to apply to stay in this country without fear of deportation. you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. >> reporter: with an estimated 11 million people here illegally, administration says there is no way to deport them all so it's concentrating on criminals and terrorists and telling others they can legally get work under the program. it has never gone into effect, locked into the lower court the result of a lawsuit filed by 26 mostly republican run states led by texas. they say president obama doesn't have the power to make such sweeping changes in the immigration rules on his own. >> we don't
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republican, democrat to have the authority. that's completely within the power of congress. >> reporter: texas, for example, says it would cost millions to issue driver's license but 16 other states are urging the justices to let the policy go intofect now while it's still working its way through the courts, they say it will help the economy. >> bring the folks out of the shadow and bring additional revenue to the state we need here in washington state and around the country and keep those families together. >> that was pete williams reporting. it is that time of year again, millions of americans face a midnight deadline tomorrow to file your tax returns. thanks to d.c.'s emancipation day, the april 15th deadline was extended. the ira expects more than 150 million tax returns to be filed. so far this year the average refund is about $280
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favorite story of the night right here. a 7-year-old boy getting the surprise of his life at a baseball game in richmond saturday. his father and air force sergeant came back early from his deployment over seas and surprised his family during a minor league baseball game. they had not seen him since last october and the stadium, as you saw there erupt in applause and the family had just a beautiful reunion there on the field. ♪ ♪ good music, good exercise today in buoy for a good cause. bring it on fitness hosted a zumba fundraiser. the $8,000 raised goes to the camp for blue scholarship that allows autistic participants to attend summer camp. and
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forecast. >> we have picture perfect weather this weekend and as we start the beginning of the week, we'll warm up. ten degrees above normal and for the entire workweek into the weekend, temperatures will be at or above normal. most days will be in the 70s. for the most part really nice weather continuing low humidity, as well. good news there. the next chance of rain comes on friday and maybe a few showers lingering on saturday morning. tomorrow, though, the weather having another low impact on your day. sunny skies once again little clouds in the forecast and temperatures in the low 80s and temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the suburbs. 61 here in town. 54 and 48. tomorrow morning won't be as chilly as this morning. 7:00 a.m. the temperature around 53. by noon perfect day to have lunch outdoors.
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have sunglasses tomorrow. full sunshine from start to finish. by 4:00, a temperature of 81 and 8:00 in the evening nice and comfortable with a temperature of 74. perfect night to fire up the grill or eat outdoors with temperatures in the 70s. tuesday night temperatures once again will be in the 70s. but it will be a bit breezy, as well. i think monday night will be one of the better nights to sleep, to eat outside. wednesday night temperatures will be a little cooler. you probably will want to grab a light jacket or sweatshirt but just fine there. the weather certainly cooperating every day with whatever your outdoor plans may be. on tuesday, high temperature around 80. breezy throughout the day. we'll start off with sunshine at the bus stop but by dismissal cloud cover and at that point temperature of 78 and a plus with temperatures in the mid 70s once again. wednesday cooler. wednesday will be the coolest day out of the workweek. even on into the weekend with high temperatures only near 70, butle
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clouds increase throughout the day. temperatures in the mid 70s. on friday we'll have mostly cloudy skies. a high temperature of 73. there is a chance of showers on friday. in fact, there is a likelihood we'll be dealing with some rain, maybe a few thunderstorms especially later in the day. some of those showers could linger saturday morning but not a huge deal by the afternoon. sunday looking really nice, erica, temperature of 75 degrees. and of course, today i had the opportunity to head down to the convention center. doug was there in the morning for the science and engineering festival. >> perfect day there. the kids have great questions. this weekend was the science and engineering festival, a huge success. 365,000 people came to get up close and personal with thousands of hands on exhibits and toys. one of the goals of the festival is to get kids excited about scice.
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chief meteorologist was there, amelia was there this afternoon and then doug ran into this kid that just may very well take his job. >> i am obsessed with electronics so i probably know a bit about it but probably the weather part of it is pretty much the entire thing. >> he's like after all, that is the most important part of the whole thing. there were also a lot of celebrities. doug talked to will wheaten. you can see that interview on the washington app as well as a look at how the festival is hoping to get more minorities in. still ahead, the phillies spoil the nats streak and everybody knows why, jason pew, that's not the
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jason pew joining us now. we don't get to spend enough time with you, my friend. always a treat to have you. >> a treat to be around you two. it was a treat watching the nationals until the very end of the game. they had things going for them but jonathan papelbon came and blew it. continues to grew for the young man, the latest achievement came against the phillies. harper set a cooers rear high by homering in the fourth consecutive game and became a second player to hit six home runs at a philly ballpark in six straight games since the banks. nationals all smiles before this game and why not throwing a seven-game winning streak into today. bottom of the seventh. gonzalez was dominant from start to finish. go down swinging here. gio struck out
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later on, this went to extras. tied at one, bases empty for bryce harper and he unties this game, four homer in the fourth straight game. nats go up 2-1 and both testimony of the tenth came along. jonathan papelbon to close this out. blanca had other plans. this one the throw from jason worth. on target just not in time. can't hang on to it. the phillies tied up for two and the very next batter, freddy back on the phillies would win this one and walk off fashion. 3-2 is your final score. over on the ice, capitals with a 2-0 series lead as they head to philadelphia tomorrow night. the big reason for the dominance has to be the play of their goal tender braydon. he stopped 60 of 61 shots he's s
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incredible play. no fluke. he's first in play-off goals against average and save percentage among active goalies. a huge boost for this team and they can't help but marvel. >> making saves all over the place and sometimes you're just shocked when he gets the stuff. i mean, he's so good. he's such an unbelievable goalie for us and wins games every week and done it all year. >> he's so calm back there and makes these big saves and gives the guys energy advantage and we feed off that a lot and build off that, i think. that's what we did. >> game three, caps and flyers tomorrow night. you can watch that
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position.
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ollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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finally tonight when the reigning nba mvp needs help, he hangs out with president obama. the president gave curry tips. the team played connect four. the president won and showed off his victory dance. the psa is part of the president's initiative that addresses the opportunity gap spaced by boys and young me
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tonight on "sports final." >> one of those days. you won't win them all. >> history for harper but the phillies slide past the nationals. >> one of those things you have to come to battle every day. >> the producer directs the round table. john carlson on the keys to a closeout. >> because it's really important to me. really important to me to come on this field and win games. >> are you ready for football? new head coach ready to lead the tu te terps. we are ready for "sports final" which starts right now.


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