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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that, not us in a court of public opinion. >> as the department continues to mourn this loss, they tell news 4 changes will be made internally to make sure a tragedy like this does not happen again. funeral plans for ulmschneider are set, visitation is being held tomorrow at st. john's parish in hollywood, maryland beginning at 5:00 pc.m. the funeral mass is at the same parish on wednesday. he leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old daughter. firefighters set up a you caring fund to help support his family. as for injured firefighter kevin swain, we're told he is showing signs of improvement. swain survived after being shot four times on friday night. the 19-year-old morning side volunteer is now out of intense of care at baltimore shock trauma. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. things have go
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ecuador. we start there with the rising death toll. at least 272 people dead, thousands are injured. this was the biggest earthquake to hit ecuador this decades at 7.8 and now the country is under a state of emergency. the time is 4:31. water main repairs this morning may affect your commute. wssd is resuming paving along university boulevard lieu lang through langley park starting at 9:00 this morning. you will see lane closures between piney branch and new hampshire avenue. meanwhile, in alexandria and arlington, commuters will pick up -- commutes will pick up to bus riders there. today will be the first weekday for the entire met roro way rou which is dedicated bus only lanes. it's between pentagon city and braddock road metrorail stati
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arlington's portion of the route officially opened up yesterday. 4:31. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. i'm loving this warm weather. if we can could only keep it like this. >> i know. here is chuck bell with four things to know. >> give you one nice day in a row and now the expectations are off the charts. well, i can promise that we can deliver very fine weather here for today and tomorrow. the 80s are back in town. haven't been above 80 at national airport since april 1. it will be sunny a while longer, although rain chances sneak in later into the week and perhaps may linger into the front part of your weekend. "7-day forecast" at 4:51. what about your monday, though? sun is up at 6:27. temperatures in the 40s in the cooper scooler suburbs. highs today will be right away 80 in the suburbs to 82 down on the national mall. we'll let you know what the cool kids will be wearing today coming up this ten minutes. anymore consu
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a couple items of construction to note. again northbound georgia at colesville as we talked about, all of that construction that begins around 9:00 a.m. on university boulevard. so this problem northbound georgia at kolcolesville, the l lane is getting by. it's not terrible right now, but it is a little slow through that area. that will be out of the way in the next 45 minutes or so. 66 going to take you 8 minutes to the beltway remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm for any problemswhen you hop in your car. outbound 4 at silver haill, lef lane getting by the work zone there. there are signs this morning that north korea is planning a nuclear test this according to the south. there have been reports of increased activity at north korea's main nuclear test site. south korea's president saying
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such a test to bolster morale after international sanctions. d.c. police now looking for the gunman in a double shooting right near cook elementary school in adams morgan. someone called 911 around 3:00 a.m. after hearing gunshots near 17th street northwest. police found a man already dead and another man shot but expected to be okay. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information on the suspect. 4:34 thousand. in the day ahead, the man the fbi says planned to kill federal employees will be in court. 22-year-old christopher lee cornell is charged with plotting to attack the capitol in support of isis. the judge ordered an evaluation whether he is competent to stand trial. cornell was arrested in 2015 after buying two guns and allegedly sending messages on social media in support of
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violent attacks. tens of thousands of runners are lacing up their shoes in boston. today is the 120th boston marathon. it's been three years since the bombings and security is once again stepped up along the 26 mile route. the city's police commissioner says all necessary measures are in place for runners and spec taet tors watching near the finish line. at 4:35, metro is shutting down one entrance at the cluchl b columbia heights station. work begins to install two new escalates tors. this means that the entrance on the northeast corner of 14th and irving streets will remain once work is done on the current project, all seven of the station's escalators will have been replaced. presidential candidates are making a final pushing a cross new york state today, both sides have a lot on the line in tuesday's primary. hillary clinton has been leading among democrat
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on the republican side, donald trump continues to lead in his home state. ted cruz is turning his attention to the next republican primary in maryland. his campaign has events in bethesda take. in the next ten minutes, tracie potts will break done who is likely to come out on top. democrats in fauquier county are caucusing today.done who is likely to come out on top. democrats in fauquier county are caucusing today. those delegates will also be september tonptembent to the vi convention. one of maryland's political races is the most expensive in the country. the baltimore sun reports that the fight for maryland's eighth congressional district is the most expensive house race in the nation. two democratic candidates are among the top spenders. david trone has spent nearly $9 million compared to the more than $2 million raised by
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kathleen matthews. several candidates are running for the seat left open by chris van hollen who is running for u.s. senate. not much time left. it is tax day today, which means that you have to file by midnight tonight. now, usually tax day is april 15th, but it was pushed back because emancipation day last week. if you do owe the government money, you can ask for a filing extension, but you do still have to pay today. for those of you getting a he refund, it could be a pretty good one at that. the irs saying the average refund was nearly $2800 so far this year. even if you'reting any money back, lots of places are offering some deals to celebrate tax day. the list is on our nbc washington app. the caps are in philadelphia today. they have a chance to go up 3-0 this their series against the flyers. the game is at 7:00 tonight. holtby and ovechkin are
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jump an awesome job. holtby was insane, he's one away from tying caps record with all the points scored in the playoffs. they just look so strong right now. i'm hoping for a sweep. >> right. that would be great. >> fans are inspired, too. i see it all over social media. and holtby stopped 60 of 61 shots on far in the first round in his nhl best career playoff. >> go caps. if you liked the weather this weekend, good news it's sticking around. temperatures are already in the 40s this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will be back with a closer look at your forecast and the school day forecast, as well. and something a lot of people in our area used to get around in and we're learning changes are coming for some car to go drivers. what you need to know.
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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good morning. it is 4:41 on a monday. hate to be the one to tell you it's honest if tmonday, but skir and the weather nice and quiet. we will be sailing into the early parts of the week on a very pleasant note. most of the suburbs are in the mid to upper 40s.
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it's a-plus recession weather. highs today into the low 80s. so maybe a little sweat shirt first thing this morning, but back to sunglasses and shorts by later on today as temperatures today will be at or above 80 degrees for most of us. cooler weather by the weekend. 7 d"7-day forecast" coming up. bw parkway, 95, looking good. but i'm seeing inner loop before 202, landover road, we have a crash. all lanes are open. it looks like it's on the right side of the roadway. outbound 4 at silver hill, left lane getting by the work zone there. you can see a little bet of a slowdown, but you are still getting by that work zone. northbound georgia avenue at kolgsville, left lane getting by that work zone here this morning. and then 270 from frederick down to the spur going to take you 26 minutes just like it should. a major change if you use the car sharing service car2go which uses t
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. you can finally pick up a car in arlington an end your trip in the district. cars had to stay in the area until now. wtop is reporting that the arlington county board approved the change over the week into boost use of the service. it's not known when the change will start. months after a child porn scandal rocked prince george's county, we're learning about a separate scathing lawsuit. what the school system is accused of failing to to. not in vain. huh
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. #
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welcome back. here is a look at the current delegate count. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by less than 700 delegates. on the republican side, donald trump leads ted cruz by less than 200 delegates. nbc's rtracie potts is live on capitol hill. how can bernie sanders win new york at this point, although it does seem like he's catching up a bit? >> reporter: and they have 291 delegates at stake in this primary. so if he's able to win a significant number of those delegates and catch up in the pledged delegate count, his game plan is to try to convince those unpledged delegate, many of whom are backing hillary clinton to now back him and his latest issue has been money and how much money has been spent on this campaign. now we have the backing of george clooney saying that an obscene amount of money that the candidates are spending trying to win this office. >> and let's now turn to the republicans.
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today this maryland. does this mean he is by passing new york and given up on trying to even beat donald trump in new york? >> reporter: it's a serious uphill battle for ted cruz in new york. he's third in all the major polling. and so while he may not be giving up, he could pick up a couple of delegates here and there. he certainly is not in a competitive position right now. and so he's looking down the road. april could be tough for him because so many northeast primaries are favoring donald trump. so he's trying to look beyond april to see later in the month or in may and june where he may be able to pick up some. of course donald trump is still arguing that he's playing the game, picking up delegates in area where is they're appointed by party bosses and not voted in at the ballots. >> all right. tracie potts live for us. thank you. a man is dead, another this critical condition after a double shooting in prince george's county. this happened around 3:00 in the
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both victims were rushed to the hospital where one died. still no word on possible suspects or motive this morning. a quiet sunday afternoon abruptly ended after this car slammed into this apartment building. this was the scene in montgomery village. you can see that the suv slammed into the family's bedroom. police say two poem had line or injuries and the outside wall of the building is badly damaged. we're still not sure exactly what caused the driver to hit the building. the prince george's county county school system is facing a federal lawsuit stemming from a 2013 sexual assault. the suit says the school failed to perform a proper background check on jason jamar howard. in 2002, howard was charged with assault and sex offenses but the charms were dropped and he later admitted to be abusing an 8-year-old student while working as an aitd oig. the student's family filed the
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never have been hired. tonight there will be a vigil in prince george's county to remember a beloved community activist. greg hall was killed in january after being hit by a suspected drunk driver in capitol heights. hall unsuccessfully sought a seat in the state house in 2013. today's vigil will work to strengthen drunk driving laws. happening takoday, the u.s. supreme court will take up a case that could several rarely shield 4 million immigrant families there deportation. 26 states have filed suit saying the president does not have the authority to change immigration laws. and 16 other states are calling on the justices to put the policy into effect now. >> we don't want any president to have the authority tan
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h power of the congress. >> bring it out of the shadows. >> if the president's administration loses, it could take another year for the legal battle to play out. we want to give and you a big thank you for the thousand of you that came out to the science and engineering festival. family cass ies came to check o thousands of high tech exhibits. one of the goals of the festival is to get kids all excited about science. the storm team 4 x 4 and doug kammerer were also there. and doug better watch out, i think we found a kid that might be after his job. >> i am addicted to electronics, so i probably know a bit about it, but probably the weather part of it, that's pretty of the whole entire thing. >> he's got great hair for tv, too,
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365,000 coming out to the festival, that is 40,000 more than two years ago. there were a lot of science celebrities there, as well. we have a lot more on the nbc washington app and as well as a look at how the festival is hoping to get more minority students in to the sciences. this is your kind of event. >> you bet. and we're grateful for the huge turnout. >> i think people get intimidated by the subject, but it really is fun. >> exactly. >> you're a great example. >> i point like this and i point like this, very hands-on. outside this morning, mostly clear sky out there early on. what should you be expecting on a monday? nice easy treatment from mother nature for today. cool morning here. temperatures in the 40s in the suburbs now, about 46 in manassas. 51 will in
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yesterday topped out at 74. today we should easily make it back above the 80 degree mark. hardly a breeze to be blowing. so weather and its impact on your plans, great morning for a jog, get out there and enjoy it. maybe you can eat outside at your favorite cafe this evening. and then tomorrow, every bit as nice. so pretty much a repeat performance of today. no chances for rain either today or tomorrow. in fact most of the first half of the week is looking plenty dry. unfortunately or fortunately, gepdi depending how you look at it, we can use the rain for pollen. rain chances back friday, friday night and maybe into saturday. but on the whole good car wash weather. you can get it clean between now and the end of the week. if you're traveling today, what a huge mess across parts of the great southern plains from dallas to houston, extreme flooding now on the northwest sides of houston. so if you're flying in to or change planes in houston, there could be big delays around there. meanwhile backe
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highs today 78 in gaithersburg, 83 the forecasted high in culpeper. 80 in winchester and 82 at the national mall. temperature now 46 at dulles. 49 by 7:00 this morning. and into the 70s by noontime today. nice one, here is your "7-day forecast." 82 today, 80 tomorrow. a few more clouds around tomorrow, a little breezy, as well, as the weather front comes by. that will cool us down a smidgeon for wednesday and thursday, but next front comes in with a chance for rain on both friday, friday night and lingering into early saturday. we'll focus back in on the next 24 hours coming up. it's traffic time. melissa mollett has new troubles. new troubles 193 at locksford road. report of a crash. we're not sure which direction there on 193. as soon as we get more information, i'll pass it along. inner loop before landover, 202, a crash on the right shoulder. not slowing anything
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now. 66 and 95 looking quite good here this morning. no problems there. and remember, northbound georgia avenue there at colesville, we have that left lane getting by the work zone, that is the only thing here that is getting by the work zone. 270 at 118, germantown road, looking quite good. everybody headed south around the bend here. slows for a minute and then picks back up. it is a controversial plan that will have some teachers carrying guns at school. that's not what people are upset about. have you used your new chip card at a store yet? neither have a lot of people. why so many retailers are behind on installing take technology. and we talked about it being tax day a little earlier in the show. but what do you do if you're not ready to file your returns yet? what you need to know about a tax extension.
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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just into our newsroom, ash carter has touched down in iraq. kristin wright is gathering the latest information on why he's there. if you're away from your television, come take a look at the screen. it's already in the 40s this morning. and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says we could see temperatures double that by the end of the day. what you can expect hour by hour at 5:01. new this morning, oscar pistorius learns when he will be sentenced again. june 13th is the new
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owe limp yap. this comes after a court of appeals announced a murder verdict in the death of his girl tr friend reeva steenkamp. teachers at one california high school may soon begin carrying guns inside of the classroom. school officials in central california say they want to arm a group of five teachers. only police and the superintendent will though which teachers are armed. the district says the goal is to cut down on that 3 1/2 minute gap in police response during an active shooter situation. but some worry that the risks would outweigh the potential benefits. >> measures like this could actually make schools less safe. students who are prone to high risk behavior might decide they want to get their hands on those guns. >> i think accidental shootings are a concern, but to me they're no more a concern than any other incidents. >> nationwide at least
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schools have approved school staff to carry weapons with prior administrative approval. but there have been problems in 2014. at least two educators accidentally shot themselves. it is 4:59. today is a deadline for companies to bid for yahoo!. verizon, at&t and google are all rumored in talks to buy yahoo!. the business has struggled to remain competitive online. yahoo! has also struggled with advertising and pleasing its investors. it is tax day today. if you didn't know already. you have until midnight tonight to file your returns. and file form 4868 on to get a six month extension to file your return. an extension does not mean you don't have to pay your taxes. that still has to happen today. if you think you owe the government something, take a guess, an educate the one i hope, and send that money in.
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new security in their chip credit cards, but most businesses have not caught up where the technology. new survey showing that around 70% of consumers have the new chip card. it's estimated that only one in three retailers actually accept these cards. retailers, credit card companies apbanks are pointing pifingers over who is responsible for the delay. >> they become liable for credit card kraud if something happens. >> experts say more consumers will have chip cards by the winter holidays and hopefully more answers from retailers. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. defense second ash carter has just arrived to baghdad. he's there for talks on how to strengthen iraqi forces trying to take back the city of mosul from isis. carter has said the u.s. is considering american ground troops, air strikes and cyber


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