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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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new security in their chip credit cards, but most businesses have not caught up where the technology. new survey showing that around 70% of consumers have the new chip card. it's estimated that only one in three retailers actually accept these cards. retailers, credit card companies apbanks are pointing pifingers over who is responsible for the delay. >> they become liable for credit card kraud if something happens. >> experts say more consumers will have chip cards by the winter holidays and hopefully more answers from retailers. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. defense second ash carter has just arrived to baghdad. he's there for talks on how to strengthen iraqi forces trying to take back the city of mosul from isis. carter has said the u.s. is considering american ground troops, air strikes and cyber
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attacks. isis has established a key stronghold in mosul and u.s. officials say retaking it would be huge. good morning. i'm up i can't thi eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. >> let's keep it warm, chuck. >> nothing's gone wrong yet, but it's only 5:01 in the morning. so keep your fingers crossed. another blue sky day over the nation's capital today. loving the return of the 80s. national airport hasn't been above 80 since april 1. so we've been waiting on it. hating all the pollen, though. pollen count remains high. rain chances holding off until later in the week. 46 gaithersburg, 43 manassas. next 24 hour, all look good to me. temperatures in the 40s this morning. upper 70s by later this afternoon, highs in the 80s by 7:00 tonight. back into the mid-70s and an even mil
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morning. wake-up temperatures this time tomorrow should be in the 50s. now let's take a look at the monday morning traffic. let's hope there is no big snag anywhere. >> no big snag right now. inner loop just before landover road, 202, a crash there on the right shoulder. still hanging around, not slowing things right now. 193, a crash reported in mitchellville. hearing about a possible problem this rosslyn on 66 and we'll talk about that here the next couple minutes. 66 overall right now outside the beltway looking just fine. same thing there when you look at 95 in virginia. 95 -- northbound i should say georgia avenue at colesville, left lane getting by the work zone. it's 5:02. commuters between alexandria and arlington are expected to get a faster ride starting today. the entire metro way which runs along route 1 between pentagon city and metrorail station
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adam tuss is live along the route this morning. great to see you early, adam. >> reporter: great to see you as always, angie. and don't we all want a better commute? well, check this out. these are the new stations that you will be finding between basically the braddock road metro station and pentagon city. places like this and their own dedicated bus lanes that will be able to give you a faster trip. all sorts of you into little gadgets to tell you when the next bus will show up 36 minutes for this first one here. it's a small stretch, but it's an important step for our region. we've been talking a lot about bus rapid transit systems. this one is now up and running. montgomery county has plans for bus rapid transit systems. d.c. enforcing bus only lanes. and take a look here on the ground, bus only markings on the ground. you also have to pay attention if you're a driver in this area. warning period starting now
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like the nextkxt 30 days. and then after that, you could get a $200 fine for driving in the bus only lane. so we're all trying to figure out how to get around faster. we'll monitor the commute this morning, the first rush hour commute of the new bus only lanes. we'll let you know how it goes. >> adam tuss, thank you. it is now 5:04. developing this morning, search teams will return to the shen did he a national park to look for a missing fx firefighter and paramedic. nicole mittendorff disappeared last friday and her car was found at the park abandoned saturday morning. over the weekend, u.s. park police conducted both ground and air searches for mittendorff. she's married to a virginia state police officer. police say at this point there is nothing that points to foul play in her disappearance. >> we can't even put the pit that was in my stomach into words. you just can't. heartwremnching reaction after two firefighters shot,
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killed. now prince george's county fire chief talking about how he and his department are coping after a firefighter was shot and killed. the firefighter is 37-year-old john ulmschneider. kevin swain was also shot and he is recovering. on friday night, the two forced their way into a temple owner's brother. he was worried that the man was having a medical emergency but when they got inside, the man started shooting. the homeowner was questioned and released with no charges filed telling police that he thought someone was breaking into his house and acted in self-defense. chief leshoure says his guys did the right thing. >> they acted in a crisis situation and i believe they did everything right that night with the information that they had. >> as the department continues to mourn the loss, they tell news 4 changes will be made internally to make sure a tragedy like this
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happen again. funeral plans for ulmschneider are set. visitation is being held tomorrow at st. john's parish in hollywood, maryland beginning at 5:00 p.m. the funeral mass is wednesday at the same parish. ulmschneider leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old daughter. firefighters set up a you caring fund to help support his family. if you'd like to help, open the our app and search firefighter funds. an kevin swain we're told is showing signs of improvement. he survived after being shot four times. the morning side volunteer is now out of intensive care at baltimore shock trauma. in the newsroom right now, we're see somethiing some devas pictures out of ecuador. they are under a state of emergency after a 7.8 quake hit on saturday. at least 272 people are dead and thousands more are injured. this was the biggest earthquake to hit ecuador in
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and more developments from another earthquake. last week's two earthquakes? southern japan, as they're cleaning up the damage, some manufacturing plants have totally stopped. toyota and honda shut down some factories through the end of this week. nissan is reopening two of its factories today. 42 people were killed in the quake. more than 1,000 were hurt. some serious developments out of the korean peninsula. south korea says north korea may be preparing another nuclear test. that news came in just a few hours ago. south korea says there has been increased activity at a nuclear test site. if it happen, it would be north korea's fifth nuclear test and could land the country even stronger sanctions. it is 5:07. today a former fairfax county police officer goes on trial for murder. officer adam torez shot and killed john gear during a standoff i
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years ago. torez says he shot gear because it appeared he was reaching for a gun. other officers said gear's hands were up. coming up, molette green will be live at the courthouse with why the trial had to be delayed for so long. we're main repairs morning may affect your commute through langley park as paving resumes. you will see lane closures between piney branch road and new hampshire avenue. crews fixed a 12 inch water main that broke on saturday. game three for the caps and flyers. that is tonight. some of you might be planted in front of the tv to watch the stanley cup playoffs. the games have been awesome. caps are up 2-0 so far in their series right now. they play at 7:00 p.m. game four is on wednesday. and the way they're playing, we could -- i don't want to get overconfident or anything, but we could be in for a sweep. caps have been on fire. >> don't want to jinx anything. and what a season holtby
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>> he is beyond human. the goalie is insane. okay. the good news you won't want a jacket. we'll have to shed this blazer a little later today. if you're planning to take a walk, maybe to metro, you will be just fine. but what about this morning? storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell back with a closer look at your commuter forecast. he's accused of plotting a terror attack right here in our area. what is expected today in the case of a man investigators say planned on an attack at the capital? and the most expensive race in decision 2016 in the country is happening right in our backyard. how much candidates in
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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breaking news in traffic. brand new problem there 66 inbound -- eastbound just after the rosslyn tunnel, re
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we are seeing a lot of red on the map. another problem, 95 north there at the beltway, two car crash is on the shoulder right now. so it doesn't really seem to be slowing things too much. northbound georgia avenue there at colesville road, the left lane getting by the work zone there and then 270 here northbound, southbound at 109 in hyatts town, looking quite good. and chuck bell, we had a beautiful day yesterday. another nice one day. >> we can only hope, right? 74 yesterday with the sunshine and today i think most areas get back above 80 degrees. the ride in and out of work, open sun roof weather. i had my sun roof open this morning even though it was 2:30 in the morning when i was driving to work. 52 for your ride in early this morning and coming home, perhaps a little touch of ac needed as temperatures will be up near 80 degrees. no trouble if you're traveling locally or regionally. if you're leaving our fair city and flying today, houston, dallas, tulsa, kansas city and minneapolis the most likely
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in ten. it is now 5:13. today the 22-year-old man the fbi says wanted to attack the u.s. capitol for isis will be in court. 22-year-old christopher lee cornell is charged with plot to go is he off pipe bombs and kill federal workers as they rab fn m the building. today a federal judge will decide whether the ohio man is competent to stand trial. the judge order the evaluation after cornell's attorney suggested he may have a mental illness. it is race day at the 120th boston marathon. tens of thousands of runners are getting ready for the 26 mile race. it has been three years since the bombings and security is tight for this year's race. the city police commissioner says all necessary measures are in place for runners and spectators watching near the finish line. metro is shutting down one entrance at the columbia heights station for the next nine months. the work begins to
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two new escalators. this means the entrance on the northeast corner of 14th and irving streets will remain closed. escalators at the station's other entrance, those will be up and running. once work is done on this current project, all seven of the station's escalators will have been replaced. presidential candidates are in a battle to win new york. both parties have a lot of stake in tuesday's primary. hillary clinton has been leading among democrats, but bernie sanders has been catching up in delegates. on the republican side, donald trump continues to lead in his home state. ted cruz is now turning his attention to the next republican primary in maryland. his campaign has events th s in bethesda katoday. in the next half hour, tracie potts will report. we'll find out which democrats will become democrats in fauquier county. the county democratic committee is electing delegates for its congressional district. those delegates will then be se
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national convention. a local political race is the most expensive in the nation. the fight for the eighth congressional district is the most expensive house race in the country. they looked at data from the federal election commission. two candidates are among the top spenders. david trone has spent nearly $9 million care compared to more than 2 million raised would i kathleen matthews. 5:16. today is tax day and if you've been waiting to file your taxes, it's time. you have until midnight tonight and if you don't think that you will make the cut, you can file for an extension instead. although you do still have to pay today. it could be worth to get the tax return in, the irs now saying that the average refund was nearly $2800 so
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in ne"news 4 your health," e future of medicine looks bright. from 3d hearts to live stream surgeries, those are just some of the new gadgets being shown off at the medical devices conference at the university of minnesota. 3d printers are giving doctors a chance to see and interact with replicas of patients' organs before they even operate on them. >> customizing personal specific surgeries, we're not there yet, but we'll get there. no doubt we'll get there because technology is moving so fast. >> another thing getting a lot of buzz this year, some health care devices patients could wear, the devices would help doctors monitor the patients after they leave the hospital. right now heavy rain coming down and causing flooding in north texas. the rain is expected to last throughout the day and into tomorrow. now, over the ke
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caused hundreds of delays and cancellations at area airports. and we want to take you to our live camera right now so we can look at the conditions the way everything is shaping up to be this morning so far. you can see that there is still quite the intense rain that they're dealing with there. the car right there kicking up all of the floodwater. very low visibility definitely a dangerous situation out there. now, from the rain to the snow, mother nature dumping heavy snow in parts of colorado. and look at the damage the way that snow did causing five carports to collapse in aurora. the area received nearly a foot of snow over the weekend. residents there say that this is not the first time that carports have collapsed because of the heavy snow. the good news is, though, the weather will get warmer this week. so most of that snow should start to melt away
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quickly. >> i'm glad that that snow business is just a memory. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, tell us about the warm sunny weather we're having. >> 80s. >> got to love that. 80 degree weather is back in fashion and back in the forecast around here for today and for tomorrow as well. it won't stay near 80 all week, so we have to enjoy the nice weather while we have it. outside on a monday morning, a mostly clear sky, there is the view over prince george's county, national harbor cam there, the capital w450e8, no the much of a wind out there. going to be a light breeze today. tomorrow will be a little on the breezy side, but not today. main thing to worry about for today is amis allergies. pollen count continues to build. so we'll be in the 80s today and tomorrow. back closer to average for wednesday. a little bonus territory coming back in on thursday, friday, highs in the 70s. and then slightly cooler weather
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of the weekend. rain chances staying away from us here for the front part of the week. best chances for rain look to be on friday afternoon and night. and that may -- that little rain chance may linger into saturday. but for today, it is a low impact weather day for you today. sunshine and nice, temperatures into the 80s. here is your planner then hour by hour out the door this morning, 44 now at dulles airport, 60s by 9:00, 70s by 11:00 a.m. and afternoon plans today, upper 70s and low 80s. so it's a good one for sure. and it if you're already thinking about the weekend, saturday risk of showers on early in the day, but saturday afternoon should be dry and in the 60s. sunday sunshine and back into the mid-70s. a little something to look forward to on a monday morning. looking forward to the commute? let's find out if that's a good or bad idea. breaking news on the road way, 66 inbound here, this a shot inside the rosslyn tunnel. the crash is just outside the tunnel here, reallyac
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we do have the right side now getting by. so that is the good part of this. 95 north at the beltway, still have that crash, but it's a two car crash on the left shoulder and not slowing anything on 95 right now. prince george's county looking good overall. same thing when you're looking at the top of the beltway and all of those routes in and out of town here this morning. remember northbound georgia at colesville, still have the left lane getting by the work zone. more on this problem on 66 coming up. we're monitoring the latest out of california this morning where the search is on for a man accused of dousing a person in gasoline and setting him on fire. what we're learning about the moments leading up to that attack. and a major development in the case of the sunken ship el faro. what is expected t
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resuming their search is for answers about a sunken ship. they are looking for the data roerd from el faro. fi wreckage was found in november, but the mast with the recorder is still missing. all 33 people on board died. a homeless man in san diego is recovering this morning after he was set on fire. the man is now at a burn center where he has been treated for severe burns. he was set on fire in a drug store parking lot. a friend says that a man in a truck invited the victim to get inside his vehicle and after he did, police say that the victim was doused with a liquid and set on fire. the driver fled the scene. dozens of cars burned after this massive junkyard fire in los angeles. the firefighters spent sunday afternoon battling the blaze from two sides. officials originally reported 15 cars on fire.
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increased as the winds began to pick up. the good news is that there were no injuries reported in the fire. tonight right here on nbc 4, you'll have a chance to watch a d.c. singer work to stay in the top 12 on nbc "the voice." ♪ he's on team address dam and sam elimination last week. danoff grew up in a musical family right here in washington. you can watch him sing again tonight at 8:00 p.m. we love it when locals make good. >> a lot of people write saying that they know the family and that they're just the most wonderful people. so want to see good things happen for good people. go owen. it is the return of the 80s. and we're not talking leg
5:27 am
warmers, right? i loved the jelly bracelets. we're talking weather. but how long will it stick around? chuck bell is back with four things you need to know. we're learning about a separate child porn scandal lawsuit. what the school system is accused of failing do. youtime is 5:27.r kathleen matthews: in the race for congress, i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz.
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and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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i'm chrkristin wright at th live desk. we just got in new video of defense secretary ash carter arrive to go bing to baghdad to about strengthening iraqi forces. carter has said the u.s. is considering american ground troop, vooair strikes and cyber have an clus si exclusive inter tonight on "nightly news"s. good morning. chuck bell, i love when you give a guarantee. >> 100%. and that forecast and melissa will back this up for me, but that forecast of a perfect weekend came true for sure. and the 80s are back in town for today and tomorrow, as well. you'll be sniffling and sneezing, though. almost a week now without rain, so the
5:31 am
little out of control. sunny for a little while longer, but there is a chance for rain later on in the week. but 40s on your way out the door this morning. so just a little hipts of early morning coolness, about but we'll be up in the upper 70s and low 80s later on today. we'll give you the school day forecast coming up. it is traffic time fp. 66 east at the rosslyn tunnel, we just lost our picture from there, but if you're still jammed going through the tunnel there because of a crash, just after the tunnel the right side is the only thing getting by. 95 north at the beltway, that two car crash is still on the shoulder here this morning. so doesn't seem to be slowing anything. just want to let you know just in case. 270 here southbound as you're approaching clarksburg, you can see a couple of slow spots, nothing happening there. so nothing you really have to worry about right now. top of the beltway looking quite good, all of those routes in and out of town no worries. we'll have travel times in ten minutes.
5:32 am
in the murder against a former fairfax county police officer. officer adam torez shot and killed john gear in a standoff two years ago. molette green joining us live from outside the courthouse with why it took so long for the trial to begin. >> reporter: yeah, adam torez gets his day in court this morning after sitting in james without bond for months since august. the original december trial dale rescheduled reportedly because a material witness had a conflict. one interesting conservation we've heard little to really nothing about motions or documents filed, no appeals to get him released on bond. and here we are today at jury selection at 10:00 a.m. the 30-year-old ex-cop stands trial in this very highly publicized case. torez shot john gear during a standoff with police. gear was
5:33 am
other officers' accounts his hands above his shoulders at the time. that is the latest live. back to you. a man is dead and another in critical condition after a double shooting in prince george's county. this happened around 3:00 in the morning sunday on riggs road. both victims were rushed to the hospital where one died. still no word on any possible suspects or motives. a quiet sunday afternoon abruptly ended after a car slammed into this apartment building. this was the scene on smooth stone way in montgomery village. you can see how it slammed right into the family's bedroom right there. police say that two people had minor injuries and the outside wall of the building is badly damaged. we're still not sure exactly what caused the driver to hit the building. the prince george's county school system is facing a federal lawsuit stemming from a
5:34 am
the suit says the school failed to perform a proper background check on jason jamar howard. in 2002, he was charged with assault and the sex offenses, but the charges were dropped. when you he later admitted to abusing an 8-year-old. the family filed the lawsuit. this comes as the school system deals with a sex assault scandal involving a different school volunteer. tonight there will be a vigil in prince george's county to remember a beloved community activist. greg hall was killed in january after being hit by a suspected drunk driver in capitol heights. he tonight's vigil will work to raise awareness about strengthening drunk driving laws for maryland's next legislative session. it is now 5:34. happening today, the u.s. supreme court is taking up
5:35 am
immigration plan that could temporarily shield 4 million immigrant families from deportation. 26 states have filed suit saying the president does not have the authority to change immigration laws. and 16 other states are calling on the supreme court justices to put the policy into effect now. >> we don't want any president, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative to have the authority to change the law. that is completely within the power of congress. >> why not bring these folks out of the shadow, bring additional revenues to our state. >> if the president's administration loses this case, it could take another year for the legal battle to play out in court. we want to thank the 365,000 people who came to check out the usa science and engineering festival that happened this weekend. family cass to sies came to exp tech exhibits at the washington convention center. the storm team 4 x 4 and meteorologist doug kammerer was
5:36 am
one of the goals of the festival is to get kids excited about science. >> what's cool about it? >> that you can to tcan do xthe experiments. >> there were a lot of science celebrities will, as well. we do have a lot more on the nbc washington app as well as a look at how the festival is hoping to get more minority students into the sciences. just search stem. so if you liked the weather this weekend, who didn't fp it was so nice. we'll have good news for you, it is sticking around today. the temperatures are in the 40s this morning, but we are on our way to 80s. storm team 4 chuck bell is back with a closer look. and it is something a lot of people in our area use to get around still
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5:39 am
i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election? this reporter managed to come face-to-face with a whale. look at that. it you see
5:40 am
a woman standing on the pier caught the whole thing on her cellphone. if just swam off and person didn't even fall off the paddle board. i wish something like this would happen to me, but the chances are probably better to get bitten by a shark before a whale encounter. >> i'm scared of jellyfish. but i wouldn't have stayed on that paddle boat. i would have been swimming so hard. >> almost swimming weather, speaking of. >> a big shadow swim around the boat, you stay in the boat, doesn't matter what it is. at least that would be me. plus the water looked awfully cold. what about your school day forecast? outdoor recess today. a little cool at the bus stop this morning, but a-plus recess
5:41 am
afternoon high 82 degrees today. so nothing more than that little sweat shirt here early this morning. sunglasses and shorts for later this afternoon. there is a little cooling trend coming our way and a better chance for rain later in the week. more on that in ten minutes. for thousand tnow the monday mo grind. 66 inbound at rosslyn tunnel, now about a one hemile backup. red line delays to shady grove because of a problem we had at wheaton. outbound new york avenue near south dakota, the left lane gets by that crash. travel times for you, 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway is just fine. quantico to the beltway, 23 minutes. 270 southbound and top of the beltway just fine, as well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. this just iner
5:42 am
a dog smuggling case. prosecutors dropped the charges that amber had illegally imported two yorkshire tearers in tearers in to australian. his wife pleaded guilty to providing fake immigration papers.tearers in to australian. his wife pleaded guilty to providing fake immigration papers. a conviction could have september her sent her to prison for ten years. a controversial plan that will have teachers carrying guns at school. but that's not what people are upset about. and have you used your new chip card at a store? why so many retailers are behind on installing that technology. and we talked about it being tax day a little earlier in the show. but what you need to do if u're not ready to fileyo y
5:43 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do.
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esident obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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66 inbound at the rosslyn tunnel just after the
5:46 am
have a crash. about a mile and a half worth of backups right now. it is very slow through there because of this accident that only gets by on the right. taking a look at those backups, we'll keep you updated. and i'm adam tuss live in arlington. a new way to get around this morning. check it out. ever heard of metro hue? i'll tell you about it it coming up.hue? i'll tell you about it it coming up. and good morning, everybody. there is your mostly clear sky out there here early this morning. no weather complaints from me anyway at least that's the way i look at it when i see a sky that clear, i just figure that it's going to be one of those kind of days to be out there enjoying it. hopefully you get a chance to enjoy it on your own. am high this time of year, 68. we'll be in plus territory for the next couple of days. a complete look at that "7-day forecast" coming up. a faster commute is coming to metrobus riders in aleri
5:47 am
and arlington. the entire metroway when which runs along route 1 is open this morning. >> adam tuss is live along the route with more on what the dedicated bus lanes will mean. >> reporter: this is the first ged indicated bus lane system that is now completed throughout our whole area. take a look at the stations that they have actually created here. this is on south glebe road right away potomac avenue and potomac yard. you have these brand new stations that are set up, they kind of look like bigger bus stations and the buses come in and they have their own dedicated lanes. you can see the bus only markings here on the ground. that is something that drivers will have to pay attention to because for the next month, there is a warning period but in this part of arlington and along the route one
5:48 am
get a $200 fine if you are driving in these bus only lanes. so you have to be really careful. here comes one of the metroway buses right now pulling in to the station. we actually found a couple of riders out here this morning. we're just chatting with them about how it will work for them. a lot of people will actually use this to be able to go to connect to metro stations. the braddock road metro station, the crystal city metro station, pentagon city. it will work in that kind of way and get you around. and i got to tell you, the new bus stop arrival times that are here at the actual station are pretty impressive. they're right on the money as far as racking gps and everything that you need to know about getting around the city. so a brand new transit system in effect for our region, an exciting day. we'll stay on top of morning commute for you. >> thank you, adam. 5:48. there is a new controversy involving virginia's death penalty. state lawmakers are set to vote
5:49 am
this week on a plan that would hide the identities pharmacies that supply execution drugs. a group of religious teachers is rallying against the plan in richmond. when virginia lawmakers return on wednesday, they will also talk about a plan to allow electric chair executions when execution drugs are not available. today is the first day a florida zoo will accept visitors after a zookeeper was killed last week. stacey konwiser was performing her daily tasks in the tiger's exhibit when she was mauled. officials at the palm beach zoo say that the tiger will never be blamed for the unfortunate event and that the zoo will continue to move forward in cher memory. police in philadelphia say a mother's boyfriend shot and killed her 4-year-old daughter. officers say the boyfriend confessed to shooting the girl in the face on saturda
5:50 am
the girl's 5-year-old brother accidently shot her. investigators say the boyfriend later turned himself in and admitted to killing her by accident. just a terrible story. the grief surrounding the death of a murdered texas college student has reached the girl's hometown. friend of haruka weiser gathered at her former high school on sunday. her parents released paper lanterns into the sky in their daughter's memory. the a scholarship fund has been set up in her name. presidential candidates are battling it out with one day to go until new york's primary. here is a look at the current delegate the count in the democratic race. ted cruz lieds bernie sanders by fewer than 700 delegates. on the republican side, donald trump leads ted cruz by fewer than 200. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with how bernie sanders is trying to catch up. is that
5:51 am
point? >> reporter: they have 291 democrat delegates at stake in new york tomorrow. he's behind by nearly 700, but a lot of those run pledged delegates who could end up changing their minds. bernie sanders right now is focusing on how much money people are throwing at this campaign. george clooney now behind him saying it's an obscene amount of money through fundraisers and advertising that has been spent in this campaign. but in terms of the hard numbers that the polls are showing us right now, bernie sanders behind by about 14 points or so. could catch up with clinton, could get a huge chunk of those delegates tomorrow. we'll have to wait and see. but it's certainly possible. >> and looking at the gop race, ted cruz's campaign events are in maryland. does that peen he's basically given up on trying to beat donald trump in new york? he's really behind there. >> reporter: he's so far behind, third in all of the major polling
5:52 am
is a very doesn't second to donald trump who just sort of running away it appears that he may run away with the vote there. because his poll numbers are looking so strong. the other thing that we're watching for the republicans is this argument about donald trump not getting a fair shake by some of the states vekting their delegates through party bosses as owes opposed to the popular vote. >> tracie potts live for us. thank you. breaking news on the rails right now. we are single tracking right now on the orange, blue, silver line here between and you lirlingtony bottom. fire rescue on the scene. we're trying to figure out what is going on and get more information to you as soon as we get it. red line delays to shady grow. 66 inbound at the rosslyn tunnel, that is looking better. that crash has cleared. we still gave some delays, you can see right here on the map, about a mile and a half worth of slowdowns there because of that crash there just outside the ss
5:53 am
outbound new york avenue near south dakota, left lane getting by that crash. an 95 northbound at the beltway, that two car crash still on the left shoulder, but not causing any problems. chuck. that's the way we like it, problems are easy enough to come by. clear skies overhead here early this morning after what was a beautiful day yesterday. looks like we get to keep the great weather only we get to add on about five or six degrees to afternoon highs compared to yesterday. a little hint of a southerly breeze coming up this afternoon. clear sky out there now early, waiting on sunrise still about 30 minutes to go before the sun is up. average high is 68. it will be way up into the 80s today and tomorrow, as well. a little weather front does come through tomorrow, it will shave a bit of the warmth out of here. highs back closer to average for wednesday. but then as we get to thursday and friday, a little warmer weather comes back in before another cold front brings slightly cooler weather and really our only chance for rain this week comes up on friday, friday night
5:54 am
tree pollen remains in the high category, so make sure you're taking your allergy medicine if you can. temperatures are going to be well above average and rain chances way below average again through most of the work and school week. so the weather will do nothing to interfere with your outdoor plans. going out for your jog here this morning, eating outside this evening, and just as nice tomorrow. your "7-day forecast" then, today mostly sunny and toasty warm. 82 for a high today. 80 degrees again tomorrow, but it will be breezy tomorrow with increasing clouds around. that's the approach of that little cold front which will shave the temperatures back to average for wednesday. but then another little warm-up comes our way to finish the week and there are your rain chances again friday and saturday. that's the whole seven days. would we'll focus on the next 24 hours coming up. it is now 5:54. oscar pistorius learns when he will stand before a judge for the death of his
5:55 am
this comes after court of appeals announced a murder verdict in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the psitorius was initially found guilty of culpable homicide. teachers at one california high school may soon get to carry guns inside the classroom. school officials in central california say that they want to arm a group of five teachers. now, only police and the superintendent would know which teachers are armed. the district says the goal is to cut down the 3 1/2 minute gap in police response during an active shooter situation. but some watorry that the risks outweigh the potential benefits. >> measures like this could make schools less safe. students propose to high risk behavior might decide they want to get their hands on though guns. >> i think accidental shootings are a concern, but no more of a concern than any other accident. nationwide at least a
5:56 am
staff to carry weapons with prior administrative approval, but there have been problems in 2014, at least two educators accidentally shot themselves on campus. yahoo! could be one step closer to having a new owner. today is the deadline for companies to bid on the company. veriz verizon, a at&t and google are all in the talks. about 18 hours to go now to file your taxes. time is running out. it's tax day and the deadline is set for midnight tonight. instead of a return, you can file for an extension today if you use form 4868. that's on however you still need to pay today if you owe the government money. if you think you do, take a guess. maybe use your tax return from last year and send that money in today. well, it looks like aman
5:57 am
in their chip credit card, but most businesses have not caught up with the technology. new surveys show that around 70% of consumers have the new chip cards but only one in three retailers actually accept those cards. retailers, credit card companies and banks are all pointing fingers over who is responsible for the delay. >> they have become liable for credit card fraud if something happens. that is a big deal. >> experts say more consumers will have chip cards by the winter holidays and hopefully more answers from retailers. a major change if you use the car sharing service car2go which uses those little blue and white smart cars around town. you can fine apple pick up a car in arlington and end your trip in the district. until now, cars had to stay in the area where they were picked up. our news partner wtop is reporting that the arlington county board approved the change over the weekend to boost use of the service. it's not known when the c
5:58 am
watching in virginia where the search
5:59 am
ready to resume the search for a missing virginia firefighter. we'll show you when and where nicole mittendorff was last seen alive. and we are also
6:00 am
ecuador this morning as the death toll climbs following the most powerful earthquake the country has seen in decades. plus you had a few extra day, but ready or not, tax day is here. what you need to know if you still haven't filed and plus where you can find deals to ease the financial pain. but first, breaking news involving your morning commute. take a look something arlington fire just tweeted out saying units working here at the arlington station because of a fire near the tracks. they're trying to get more information on this one. because of that, ride now orange, blue, silver lines single tracking between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. silver line only running between wehle reston east and west falls church. red line delays sticking away to shady grove. other than that, the rest of metro is on time right now. chopper 4 at 95, t


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