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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that breaking news, a possible standoff situation in greenbelt. we're waiting for confirmation from police, but we did just get some video in from the scene. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff. we want to get right to the live desk. >> good morning. what we do though is that there has been a huge police response to something going on at an apartment complex in prince george's county. again, we're gathering as much information as we can and waiting for calls back from police. this is on spring hill court in greenbelt. what we know, what we saw with our own eyes, a ton of
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again, we're not exactly sure what is happening. we haven't been able to confirm every detail. derrick ward is on his way to find out and we will certainly let you know what is going on out there as soon as we can. some of the other stories we're working on for you this morning, the search for a firefighter missing now for nearly a week continues. friends and family hope social media can help bring her home. >> as one group of firefighters in our area look for one of their own, another group prepares to say good-bye. the final arrangements today for a prince george's county firefighter shot and killed on the job. and another blow to metro, the scathing letter about safety you'll want to hear about before you leave the house this morning. but first, we do want to check in with chuck bell and it looks like we're in for another warm day, chuck. >> absolutely right. p good morning, everybody. four things you need to know about the weather for your tuesday, another little hint of summerme
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80s. since it's been quite a while since we've had any soaking rain, fire danger is starting to increase. you need to limit or postpone any outdoor burning. and if you're a cigarette smoker, don't just flick it out the window. that's what the ashrtray in you car is for. so on your way out early this morning, get the jog or walk in first thing. temperatures 40s and 50s now. and we're headed into the 80s. we'll talk about how long the warmth will stick around coming up. here is melissa mollett with traffic. good morning. right now have a new crash here this is the outer loop, the ramp to southbound 95 there in virginia. we have the ramp blocked right now. aren't seeing any slowdowns on the map, but we promise this is something that is going on. we'll keep you updated on this one here. outer loop at university boulevard, several disabled cars on the right shoulder. there were pieces of metal i understand in the middle of the roadway. flattened some tires. folks off to the right.
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developing this morning, nearly 100 workers will return to the shenandoah national park to search for a missing firefighter from woodbridge. it has been six days since anyone has seen or had contact with nicole mittendorff. yesterday teams focused on the area near the white oak canyon trail. her car was located at the trail entrance on saturday. mittendorff works as a firefighter and paramedic for fairfax county and she's an avid triathlete and runner. family and ed for her safe return. ♪ that taught my heart to >> she was last heard from wednesday via text. she was reported missing after not showing up to work on friday. since then, search teams have conducted ground and air searches. friends say it's not
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her to go into the national park herself to work out. >> she likes to get away and run and challenge herself to get away from the stress and we're hoping that she's just there somewhere needing our help now. >> a facebook page called find nicole now has been created to help in the search. mittendorff's husband works for virginia state police and thanked all those who are searching and praying for his wife. today the than who shot two firefighters killing one of them could appear before a grand jury. it will likely be up to them whether the man will face any charges. one firefighter killed and another seriously hurt after being shot in temple hills at a home on friday. the resident told police he thought the firefighters were intruding and feared for his safety. the firefighters were responding to an emergency call police say they still need to look at evidence and conduct more interviews before moving forward with the charges. and prince george's county firefighter paraic
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ulmschneider was the first person inside that house on friday. the 37-year-old was shot and killed. memorial services begin today for the husband and father. visitation is from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at st. john's parish in hollywood, maryland. the funeral mass is held tomorrow at the same parish at 1:00 p.m. a private family burial will follow. it is 4:35. developing this morning, metro will brief employees on safety and will begin fixing critical rail problems. in a letter sent to the agency's gm, the federal transit administration called for immediate changes. ilgt inspectors discovered more than 220 defects including empty fire extinguishers, broken tunnel lights and broken shutoff switches. the letter said in combination, these deif he coulds create a systemic safety condition that significantly limits metro's ability to manage a fire or
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metro says all critical items will get priority attention. big day for decision 2016. the time right now 3:36. new york could be a major decider tonight in the race for the white house. 291 democratic delegates and 95 republican delegates are up for grabs. for the frontrunner, it's well needed separation. others need to win big in order to stay in this race. new york a big battleground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton leads sanders nationally by less than 700 delegates. a new nbc nuews/"wall street journal" poll showing that the race is getting even tighter. clinton has the backing of 50% of democratic primary voters while sanders gets 48%. the margin of error in that poll is about five points. p now, on the republican side of things, donald trump looking to sweep his home state. he's leading ted cruz nationally by less than 200
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and kasich is far behind. in 15 minutes, tracie potts breaks down which candidates are likely to come out on top. i'm kristin wright at the live desk where we are staying on top of the tragic situation in ecuador. the death toll just keeps going up. now it stands at 413 people. right now it's a race against the clock to find survivors at this point. the 7.8 magnitude quake struck on saturday hitting -- devastating much of parts of the country of ecuador. fairfax county fire tells us, this is an interesting local angle, that they are sending members of the virginia task force one to help out with the efforts there in ecuador. back to you. 4:37 now. the ecuadorian embassy is asking for anyone who can to help the victims of the disaster. they s
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helpful. you can check the twitter page or call them to make a donation. once ecuador knows how bad the damage is they will begin asking for items including medicine and tents. and speaking of earthquakes, it is going to take a lot of recovery and cleanup to fix the situation in japan. two earthquakes and lots of after shocks shook japan last week. right now several highways are closed which is impacting disaster aid along with driver hes. many buildings are beyond repair. we know 41 people were killed in those quakes. 11 are still missing. a man is fighting for his life after being shot in northwest washington. d.c. police say he was shot just before 9:00 last night near fourth and hamilton. the victim's name is not being released, but police say his injuries are life threatening. despite going door to door last night asking neighbor what is they have seen or heard, police c do not have any information on a suspect. victim of a deadly shooting
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been identified. police say 22-year-old karl marshall was shot on vienna drive in clinton on saturday night. police do not believe the shooting was random. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. rallies and vigils are planned today as baltimore marks one year since freddie xwra gray's death. the 25-year-old died after suffering a spine and neck injuries. investigators say he got in the back of the police van. baltimore police say that they arrested fwra for alledgedly carrying an illegal switch blade. his death set off violent riots in battle more. the city is still rebuilding from all the damage caused. 4:39 now. parents are rallying today to keep two schools from closing. prince george's county parents are trying to stop forestville high school and skyline elementary school from shutting down at the end of this year. the parents argue the district did not follow rules from the state board of education. they plan to rally in upper
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prince george's county public schools say the schools are underpopulated. it's 4:39. the capitals going for the sweep as they beat the flyers. and now they have a 3-0 lead in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs. carol that lomaloney is in phila where it was a blowout. >> reporter: good morning. the washington capitals are on the verge of history, they have never won a playoff series in four straight games, but thanks to the win here, the history could come tomorrow night. the flyer looking for a fight, caps looking for gold. alex ovechkin with two on the night, philadelphia head hunting literally. tried to go after orlov. washington not taking the bait. composure key in this 6-1 win. >> we stayed to our game plan and the script. and we took their best
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game and focused on what we were supposed to do. that's all we're here to do and it's a big win. >> leplenty of comebacks in history and we don't want to be part of that. so we're focusing on the next game and doing the things that have made us successful. >> reporter: game four back on this ice tomorrow night when the caps could close out this series. in philadelphia, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> that was just a complete blowout. at one point it looked like the flyers gave up. >> it was a wild game at that, too. fans got involved, too. >> 6-1, too. one more. second sgl second round let's go. it's 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. and we are talking about another 80 degree day. wasn't that nice, angie? >> chuck, kids will love you because they get to go back out on the play ground. >> another outdoor recess kind of a day.
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they were yesterday. already a high few thin clouds in our sky p but your school day forecast, another a-plus outdoor recess kind of a day. mild and dry, generally in the low to mid-50s at the bus stops here early this morning. so may need a little long sleeves for early on, but another short and t shert ki-sh of an afternoon. highs in the 80s. don't forget your sun block. the sun is just about as strong as it would be in august. a look at the "7-day forecast" coming up in ten. trouble on the beltway. >> trouble on the beltway, we still have a crash outer loop there, the ramp to southbound 95. and you can see right now they're pushing traffic on to westbound old keene mill road. i was trying to find a camera in that area, but i'm not really seeing anything. hoping this is out of the way soon. outer loop at university, several disabled cars on the right shoulder. we know some of them have flat tires from some debris that was in the roadway.
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beltway at central looking good. normally she teaches kids his age. instead one teacher is accused of soliciting an area student online. howt all unfolded, that i's
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just in, a suicide bombing attack in afghanistan in the capital of the country in kabul. the explosion went off near the afghan ministry of defense and just a few hundred yards away from the afghan presidential palace and nato's local headquarters. we know that more than 20 people
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the taliban this morning claiming responsibility for this the attack. but counterterrorism forces saying that they have, quote, pinned down the terrorists. it is 4:46. and it's decision day in new york state and presidential candidates are looking to win big. delegates are on the line for democrats and republicans a win could make a big difference for hillary clinton as bernie sanders tries to keep momentum going. meanwhile donald trump is looking to build on his lead. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with how close the democratic race is getting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not close enough for bernie sanders. a 12 to 14 point spread depending on which poll you look at, but sanders says the only poll that counts now are people voting starting today. now, he's making two points here. number one, he was behind in michigan and he turned that around and won. he thinks he can do the same in
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the other thing, he's hitting hillary clinton on what he calls fundraising malpractice, accusing her campaign of using money that was intended on other democrats what they call the down ballot democrats for her favor. her campaign absolutely denies it. it's a late charge that bernie sanders is making out on the campaign trail hoping to have some impact on that new york vote today. >> and what about the republicans, it looks like at this point it's an easy win for donald trump in new york, but any secrets we should be looking out for? >> reporter: it looks like it should be an easy win for trump. but watch out for john kasich because in the congressional districts, he may be able to pick up a significant number of delegates if he comes in second in most of those districts the way that it works for republicans there. the other thing is ted cruz, will he be squeezed out of this one. he's polling
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he was hear in maryland and focusing on pennsylvania, the next contest next week. doct >> tracie, thank you. d.c. police want to know why one of its sergeants had an officer unload his gun and pretend to an active shooter during a roll call. an internal review is now under way after the saturday incident at the first district station in stweft. police sources telling news 4 that the officer then pointed the gun on another officer and pulled the trigger on the unloaded weapon. chief cathy lanier says she needs some additional information before any decisions are made. >> a sergeant who was trying to do a training exercise and there was some confusion about the training exercise and i haven't even really seen a preliminary on it yet. >> no one was hurt, but sources to tell news 4 that one officer is on medical leave because of the stress. a middle schoolteacher arrested this weeke
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morning accused of child solicitation. fairfax county police say kathleen capatano traveled to thorn virginia to have sex with a 13-year-old boy. she's a sixth grade math teacher at a middle school in north carolina. police say she had been communicating online with the boy and they were aware of the plan to meet this weekend. capatano was arrested at a hotel in herndon saturday afternoon. the so-called forever loyal bandit strikes again. police say he hit a capital one bank in leesburg -- on leesburg pike saturday. he passed a note to the teller that said he had a weapon and demanded cash. the teller handed him the money and he ran off. the fbi says this is the sixth robbery since june 2014. the fbi offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information leading to list arrest and division. the time is 4:49. neighbors in a local church are trying toin
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86-year-old who was forced out of his prince george's county house. robert was convicted on friday because the insurance policy so o. his hod has in order been paid. he had a reversion mortgage which required him to have home equity pay property taxes and maintain homeowners insurance. well, the county says that his taxes were paid up, but he thinks his goddaughter did not pay the insurance. >> i feel bad because here's the question. i didn't want to go to an old folks home and i didn't want to just be a burden to anybody else. >> well, local church is having its attorney try to get to the bottom of the issue for lawton. you'll be getting money back if you're a pepco customer. customers will see a $54 credit on their bill. pepco says it's because of the company's merger with exelon.
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forgive some unpaid bills and create programs for low income households. chuck, the man of the hour. we've had two beautiful sunny warm days. >> i'm really liking the dry pattern. >> but too much of a good thing can also not necessarily be good. have an increasing arriving of fire danger now. so be real careful, red flag warnings have been posted. i'll show you the graphic in just a second. so what to expect for your tuesday today? mostly clear sky, although clouds will be more on the increase compared to yesterday. a mild start here this morning, it will be another very warm finish. back in to the 80s. but again, up like yesterday where we had a cloudless sky, today we will have more clouds around and it will be breezy at times, but it will be staying dry. no chance for rain for the next couple of days either. our best chance for rain out of the next five to seven days comes up on friday. and some of that rain chance may linger into the very early part of saturday.
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for much of a rain impact on your weekend. but a red flag fire warning has been issued for howard county, anne arundel county, carroll county, much of the eastern shore and southern pennsylvania. it's extremely dry today. it will be breezy at times. so limit or postpone your outdoor bhurn iout door burning. and if you sneyou smoke sgletcie that ashtray. nothing on storm team 4 radar anywhere close to us. the weather front is cropping into parts of northern pennsylvania this morning, but almost nothing in the way of moisture to work with. and for our friends and neighbors across parts of the lone star state of texas, incredible flooding, 10 to 15 inches of rain over the weekend, that has finally abated. so let the cleanup begin across southeast texas. here is our seven day forecast, 82 breezy and dry today. 70e
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tomorrow. so just a smidgeon cooler. the best chance of rain on friday could interrupt your friday night plans. we'll focus back in on the next 24 hours coming up at 5:01. shear that lisa wipolic here is melissa with the latest. outer loop of the beltway at university boulevard, report of some debris, some metal in the roadway that flattened some tires and we have those vehicles all disabled off to the right shoulder right now. outer loop ramp to 95, the ramp is blocked here this morning. so traffic now being pushed by crews there on the scene on to westbound old keene mill road here. taking a look at prince george's county, everything there is still nice and greene. we don't have any big worries there in prince george's county. and 270 at father hurley boulevard, just fine. looks like we may have a tractor trailer off to the right, but not slowing anything in the northbound
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transgender woman was found dead at an area hotel. and we're learning new details surrounding her death. what police think may have played a role. targeting isis. a closer look at how secretary of defense ash carter hopes putting more american troops on
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland.
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montgomery county police are searching for the person who
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killed a transgender woman in a hotel in rockville. investigators say 22-year-old kiana monroe died of trauma to the upper body. on her facebook page, it says she was born in upper marlboro, lived in d.c. and police believe she may have worked as a prostitute. there is a new arrest in the murder of a long time worker at the fine building. gabriel turner was killed by a stray bullet in southeast washington last month. he had worked as a janitor at the fbi for 15 years. the accused gunman is a 29-year-old, gordon charged with second degree murder. police say the janitor was an innocent bystander and public tips helped lead to an arrest. u.ef
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american troops to iraq. about 200 more troops will help the iraqis retake the the city of mosul. they won't be on the ground, but will then plan and coordinate attacks. second carter says it's a necessary move. >> we have to defeat isil as soon as possible.carter says it necessary move. >> we have to defeat isil as soon as possible. carter is meeting with leaders a croc the united states. he's travel to ing to saudi ara later this morning. today you can learn more about the use of marijuana in the district. voters approved recreation use of marijuana. tonight there will be a town hall meeting to discuss where the drug may be consumed. that meeting starts at 6:00 at the wilson building in northwest. giant retailer target is raising its minimum wage to $10 an hour for all workers. it is
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just a year. more than 300,000 employees will see their base rate go up next month. i'm so excited for another great day of weather. >> me, too. say with us, "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. and we'll have your forecast. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron. just phenomenal weather that we've been experiencing outside. >> we want to take advantage of it because but know, chuck bell, when you live in washington, these nice days can be fleeting. >> we will enjoy another nice mild day today, nearly full moon getting ready to go down on our western sky. there is tyson's corner in the distance. the dryness continues. more clouds and wind than yesterday, but next best chance
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friday. i'll give you the weekend forecast at 5:21. here is the way the next 24 hours are going. mild and mid ficht early this morning. mid-70s by later on this afternoon. highs today up near 80 degrees. turner cooler and drier again as we head towards early morning. drier air moving in that is. we'll talk about the impacts all this weather will have on your commute coming up. beltway troubles continue. >> outer loop at university, still have those disabled vehicles on the shoulder, but that does not seem to be slowing anything town, so that is okay for us here this morning. also still have this issue outer loop the ramp to 95, that ramp is blocked right now traffic being pushed on to westbound old keene mill road here this morning. so that is something we may have to deal with for just a little bit longer. top of the beltway, all of these routes in and out of town are rolling along just fine right now, so no major worries. and taking a look at fairfax county parkway


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