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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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for his wife. the intense search to find a missing firefighter. >> and moment of truth. millions cast their votes even as the campaign trail winds through our area. but first we want to get to that deadly plane crash in maryland. a small plane hit the ground and killed both people onboard not far from the runway. >> right now investigators with the faa and the ntsb are headed to the scene. the crash happened just on the other side of the bay bridge. the plane going down in a field near the airport and let's go live to pat collins in stephensville. pat? >> reporter: pat, what's most upsetting here is how close that plane came to a safe landing. look over in that field, that's the crash site. the plane covered in plastic and investigators are still working the scene. over here,
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the bay bridge airport, that is the runway the plane was headed for. they were that close to a safe landing. now this happened around 12:45 this afternoon. two people dead, a single-engine plane crash just over the bay bridge on the eastern shore. the plane came down hard in the field and then burst into flames. here now from corporal davon parker with the maryland state police. >> witnesses say that this aircraft actually exploded into flames upon making contact in the ground. this was not on fire in the air. it exploded once it made contact with the ground. >> reporter: people around who saw what happened rushed into that field to try to save
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people onboard, but that was not to be. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from those would-be rescuers and i'll see you back at 5:00. pat, now back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. >> family and friends of fallen firefighter john ulmshneider are gathering in his hometown to pay their respects. that's in the town of hollywood in st. mary's county. it marks the start of two days of remembrances with ulmshneider who was shot and killed on friday. prince george's county bureau chief, tracee wilkins is outside the church right now. tracie? >> we're watching the family as they begin to make their arrival. the police are helping to usher their family here. the casket entered a little while ago and this is st. john's parish in st. mary's county. the casket
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into the church. john ulmshneider was shot and killed in the line of duty. another firefighter, 19-year-old kevin swain was shot and inju d injured. believing the homeowner was in medical distress. the homeowner opened fire shooting the two firefighters and his own brother who was with them at the time. >> our family is everybody from the ulmshneiders to the swains to our own people. our number two focus is to continue to take care of the citizens of prince george's county who need us. thanks to the neighboring departments from as far away as baltimore city, and arlington county and they're covering our stations this afternoon as well as volunteers from the county and on-duty folks who said i really didn't know john, so i'm going to let the people that did go to the viewing. >>
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thinking all of the firefighters from around the area who have helped to back fill those departments so that the prince george's fire department could take part in the ulmshneider family is arriving now. john ulmshneider was a 13-year member of the prince george's county fire department. he leaves behind his wife and 2-year-old daughter from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. that will be the private viewing for family and close colleagues. at 5:00 p.m. the public viewing begins. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio, chris. >> thank you, tracee. right now, voters in new york are testing ballots that could push both front-runners further ahead of their respective races. republican donald trump will come out on top in the empire state. he's been dealing with shake-ups and the fallout from last night's gaffe where he was talking about the 9/11 attacks and he said 7/11, but trump
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momentum. >> it's just an honor and my whole reason for doing this is to make america great again. we're a country with tremendous problems and we are going to make america great again. hillary clinton also expects to win the state's primary. she's leading bernie by 11 points and an average of recent polls clirpt cast her own ballot early this morning and came down to the washington hilton to speak to north america's building trades union. clinton and sanders will both be in new york tonight to watch the results come in. senator ted cruz is looking ahead to next tuesday. he's going to spend the night in philadelphia trying to sway voters before next week's pennsylvania primary. ohio governor john kasich is taking the longview. tonight he's holding a town hall in annapolis followed by a watch party in bethesda. the maryland party is also next tuesday and coming up in the next half hour, we'll get the latest from new york and
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area. late developments in the search for a missing firefighter in the shenandoah national park. this afternoon an emotional message from her husband. it's been six days since anyone has seen nicole mittendorff of woodbridge. her car was discovered in madison county at the entrance of the white oak canyon trail. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has the latest on the search. >> reporter: 100 searchers, some of them from the state police and others with k-9s back in the shenandoah national park searching for missing firefighter, paramedic nicole mittendorff. her fire chief and her husband make a public plea for help in locating her. nicole mittendorff hasn't been seen since last wednesday. her mini cooper vehicle discovered saturday night at the oak creek canyon parking lot. today her husband, a virginia state police sergeant asked for the public's help and spoke directly to his
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the face of a worried has or family members, but that you focus broadcasting her picture and tell her story so that someone who has not yet seen the coverage will. >> i'll tell you about a special event planned to bring firefighters and the community together to pray for a positive outcome. in the shenandoah national park, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> thanks, julie. from sunny skies to smoke and flames. first at 4:00, the new challenge for firefighters that's also making it hard for travelers. and we're looking for cloud cover. a cold front moving on in and we're in the '80s right now, but that will not be the case tomorrow. your forecast in just a couple of minutes. pulled from their homes as floodwaters rise and this could be just the b eg
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>> right now, two huge brushfires that have hampered traffic near manhattan are finally dying down. the fire started just after noon near secaucus and new jersey. the secaucus blaze burned about 200 acres and smoke from both fires could be seen over manhattan for much of the afternoon and it caused amtrak service to be
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while between newark and manhattan. there is now a red flag warning there because of high winds and the dry conditions. right now, american aid is headed to ecuador to help victims of saturday's deadly and powerful earthquake that left at least 433 people dead. the u.s. is deploying disaster relief experts to help evaluate the situation and provide immediate humanitarian need and then sending $100,000 in medical and other supplies. today ecuador's president said it could cost as much as $3 billion to rebuild the country. police have charged a man with reckless driving after he stopped on some train tracks in virginia and got hit by a train carrying circus animals and equipment. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey train was going through chesterfield not far from virginia state university and it hit the man's car and pushed it a half mile down the track before stopping. none of the animals or people onboard the train were
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empty fire extinguishers block exits. first at 4:00, how metro says it's addressing a scathing new report on safety. ♪ ♪ and when this former beatle will be coming back to the
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>> a
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right now. the transit agency has been ordered to make immediate fixes after federal inspectors discovered a new batch of safety problems. >> everything from empty fire extinguishers to debris blocking the emergency exits. these issues are having a troubling impact on first responders in our area. transportation reporter adam tuss is outside now of the department of transportation. tell us more about the safety blitz that has been conducted at metro by the federal transit administration. >> reporter: just for context here, pat. the federal transit administration has taken over direct oversight of metro rail safety. that basically means that they're going in and checking to make sure that safety issues are being dealt with properly. over the last couple of weeks they launched this safety blitz and basically we're going all throughout the system looking for problems. they turned up some of the issues that you guys were just talking about over the last
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fire extinguishers that weren't there. the high voltage third rail covers that were missing. telephones down in the tunnels that were supposed to be a critical communication link to people that just weren't working. trains going too fast near track workers and just a host of issues. smaller issues, but still safety issues and that really presents a problem. the fda sent a letter to metro's general manager yesterday telling him that he needs to fix these issues fast. >> adam, when something goes wrong it's first responders who have to go down in those tunnels and get folks out safely. what are they saying about this report? >> exactly right, chris. that's why i wanted to talk to some of them today. i talked to the president of the d.c. firefighters' association and he said quite frankly there was anxiety owe a good day when first responders would go into metro. now with all of these continuing safety issues it just raises the anxiety level with them when
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they're facing a life or death situation. let's hear from ed smith. >> all these little, little safety issues end up building up into one tragic moment is perhaps. it's troubling. >> and yes, you heard him right there. it could just build and build and firefighters now and first responders are worried about their lives being at risk because metro is not dealing with its own safety, guys. >> he has a new safety officer. he'll have to tackle all of this. what's he saying. he comes from new york city and he was hired last week by the general manager. this new chief safety officer has two decades of experience inside tunnels and that was a telling comment that he had because the general manager hoped this was coming from the fta and he has to tackle the bigger issues. >> adam was tweeting this last night as this information was coming out. >> if you want to
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we have a copy of the fta's letter on the washington app. just open it up and search metro. in two weeks federal investigators will announce the probable cause of the smoke incident. a woman was killed and more than 90 others injured when they got stuck on a train in a tunnel filled with smoke. they expect to know the cause of the meeting and that comes on may 3rd. >> we are still watching the severe weather taking place in texas where all of that rain, the threat of more rain and more serious flooding still looms around houston. at least 240 billion gallons of rain has inundated areas since sunday and the water rose so quickly that some people woke up to find crews carrying out emergency evacuation. >> about 3:00 this morning, i thought who in the heck is this and i realized my floor is soaking wet and it
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rose. it's it's up to my knees in my apartment right now. update on the damage and how much longer texas residents would have to endure coming up in the next half hour. >> all of that to the south and west of us. >> any of that making its way to us? >> no. that's very good news, obviously. we don't need to see anything like that and we are tracking some changes that are starting to move right now and you walk outside and we do have some clouds making their way across our region and temperatures got into the low to mid-80s. right now we're at 83 degrees and winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour and we're still very, very warm for this time of year. notice the temperatures to the north. 85 down toward the quantico area. the allergies and trees are very, very high and we see a l
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that will play out until friday until we see shower activity. high fire danger as kro the entire area because of the fact that we have been so dry and we do need to see some rain and this is a red flag warning and fires can spread very, very quickly with conditions like this. very dry conditions like this and no rain to talk about on the radar and we're not seeing anything at all across our region. >> what we are looking at is the cloud cover and as i widen this out, you can really see where this cold front is and you can see it spinning here south of boston and that's got a trailing cold front and you can see the cold front and the clearing to the north. behind this cold front, it is cooler, not colder, but cooler. it's right now 70 and 63 in wilkes bury, pennsylvania. this is the area that we'll see tomorrow. say good-bye for the 80s and we'll be back in the upper 60s to 70s. so starting off cool tomorrow and 49 in the cityh
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and low 40s in most of the cooler suburbs so it will be chilly. tomorrow afternoon nice and mild, plenty of sunshine with a high around 72 and we'll be ten degrees cooler and this warm at 10:00s cooler does not mean a whole lot and 72 is a nice day and 68 up toward the area 70 over kull pepper and around 68 degrees and what to wear tomorrow? it's the short sleeves and the sunglasses and the shorts. you can do all of that as you make your way out and about and those kids will be excited and recess has been beautiful. 78 degrees on thursday and we will track our next cold front and that moves through on friday and right now a high of 72 and it does look like we'll see shower activity on friday and take the umbrella with you and that front moves on through and this weekend starts off pretty nice and veronica has the rest of the weekend forecast for you coming up at 4:45. >> thank you, doug. cake controversy, why a
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laughing matter. safety or privacy? the renewed debate in washington over whether the government can access your smartphone. >> should tech companies have to turn over your cell phone date at if ordered by court? it's our nbc washington/survey this afternoon. call or text the number on your screen. you can also ve on theot
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♪ ♪ paul mccartney sets a date with washington and donald trump says oops. just some of the stories we're talking with hot 99.5's cane. donald trump was giving a speech yesterday and he seemed to have cigarettes and slurpees on his mind. >> as a professional, when you are taught in school and you make a mistake, do you just keep going or do you correct yourself? here's what donald trump said yesterday. he actually mentioned 7-eleven rather than 9/11 in a speech. >> i was down there and i watched our police and fire mern down at 7-eleven at the world trade center right after it came down. >> i'll tell you, there are a number of comments that y
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imagine how that went over especially considering he's in new york tonight watching the results. >> yes. yes. >> you know, i always say, too. these guys give so many speeches. i'm always of the mind to cut him a little slack because you're talking non-stop and you'll have a mistake. >> and there's an apology especially if you have something big going on. >> his problem with the store was the icing on the cake. >> this is a pastor out of texas and believe it or not, was there a wedding going on and he went to go get a cake from the wedding at whole foods. on the cake was written something, we can't show you the whole cake, but it was the saying love win, but it said a little bit more than that. here's the controversy and he didn't notice until he left the store and at that point in time pastor jordan brown called the store and they said they'd fire the employee and it turns out they are standing
4:27 pm
never wrote other than love wins on the cake and the pastors put up a video on youtube that went viral and take a look at what he has to say and what people think about the kron tro versy and whole foods says the employee will stay, believe it or not. >> okay. we don't have that, but basically it seems like it boils down to they're saying, well, once the pastor got the cake, he must have done it or someone had access to the cake, but they're saying it wasn't done at whole foods. >> if you watch the youtube video that he has, he has a sealed box with the cake inside with it written on top and you can see the actual sticker keeping the box sealed. >> that's pretty good evidence. >> washington, paul mccartney is coming back to town. >> just so you know, bring back the pickles or something toea
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and snack on. trust me, this is going to be huge. this is the first time that paul mccartney has been back since 2013 was his last time here and the verizon center is when the concert will happen. ticket goes on sale monday 24th at 10:00 a.m., live and are those the tickets you're giving away tomorrow and we're in miami for our i heart radio. and you'll have a key world on the chilling hot 99.5. >> and mccartney is a bucket list item. >> oh, my gosh. >> thanks, cain. pat? >> all right. >> a ground breaking decision on what's become a hot-button issue and how virginia weighed in on the debate over who can use which restrooms and another controversy for the trump campaign. the new revelation about one of his methods of transportation. this is news 4 first at 4:00.
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now at 4:30, a man and woman killed in a plane crash near the bay bridge. the small plane went down as it was coming in for a lanning at the bay bridge airport. we don't know yet what caused it. >> firefighters are making a public plea for help finding one of their own. firefighter nicole mittendorff disappeared over the
4:32 pm
shenandoah national park. it's now up to new york for the race for the white house. voters were out as early as 6:00 this morning and two of those voters are candidates. donald trump and hillary clinton are both registered voters in new york. they both happen to be the front-runners. nobody's even paying attention, but steve handelsman is live in midtown manhattan and everyone is focused on new york now. >> they're paying attention, not only to the big apple, but across this big state. hillary clinton plans a celebration ceremony, believing that in this state, her home state for the first time in a while she can stop bernie sanders' string of victories. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton cast her vote in the new york primary near her home in chappaq chappaqua. >> this has been a joy during the last two weeks,
4:33 pm
everyone turns out to vote. >> new york city does not allow late registration and independent camps today. >> that's hurting bernie sanders and he claimed he's closed the gap to clinton anyway. >> we're feeling very good. there is a large voter turnout despite the impediment of 3 million people not being able to participate, i think we'll do just fine. >> reporter: clinton hoped to heal primary wounds. with so much ugly, divisive rhetoric we're going to need some unity. to be the nominee she needs to win just 34% of delegates starting today. >> who are you voting for? >> delegates were on the republican front-runner's mind as donald trump voted for himself. >> i think this is a great honor and a great honor for new york. >> trump is shaking up his campaign spending more and
4:34 pm
the process is rigged to let others get the nomination if trump can't on their ballot which cruz and kasich hope to get the nomination. the hard-fought primaries are taking a toll. 65% of voters in the latest nbc news/wall street journal poll now have a negative opinion of donald trump. 56% are now negative about hillary clinton, something she might address in her rally here in midtown manhattan tonight. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. chris and pat? >> thank you, steve. we're also learning donald trump might have one less option for his campaign travel arrangements. according to the faa, the registration for his small cessna, the one trump's been flying around in the last several months expired at the end of january. the plane could be grounded for days if not months and mr. trump could face
4:35 pm
declined a request for comment on the issue. >> new developments at this hour in a deadly police shooting. the person who die side 28-year-old rico johnson after police say he fired at them from a third-floor balcony and it happened last night at the franklin park apartments on springhill court in greenbelt. news 4's molette green talked to a neighbor who is still on edge. >> reporter: police stayed on the scene for hours, blocking off a large part of this community. you can see behind the crime tape a police cruiser there. at this point, greenbelt police not releasing the name of the person who died, but he lived in that third-floor balcony apartment less than six months. >> i heard gunshots. >> reporter: a police-involved shooting late last night and this morning investigators collect evidence from this balcony. behind the yellow police tape, a
4:36 pm
the windshield. >> you could have been walking past at the time that he was shooting and been hit. it's scary. >> reporter: that's what brought greenbelt police here to the franklin park apartments about 10:30 last night. they say a 28-year-old man fired his gun from the third floor. police shot him after they say the man fired at them. >> at one point we created a rim ter ask tried to get citizens evacuated safely and at one point the officer did return fire and did strike the individual. >> i heard it. >> sherry grier who lives in another unit is now rethinking living here. >> a little shaky. the world is gone. >> the 28-year-old man went to the hospital where he eventually died. no one else was hurt. police continue to investigate. in greenbelt, molette green, news 4. ♪ ♪ well, there isn't much 's
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in the stanley cup and they lead the series 3-0, but there was a scare tonight. braden holby collided with a teammate during practice. carol maloney tells us how he's doing. history is on the doorstep for the washington capitals. never before have they in the best of seven series swept an opponent and history gave way to hift hysterics on social media. the undisputed mvp in net to start the day's practice and just a few moments after a collision with the teammate he decided he was done and skated off. no official injury update expected in the nhl and the status is not concerning to the troops. >> basically just got nicked up a little bit and went off and we'll see where he is tomorrow. >> there were a lot of guys that could have taken the day off so it's just -- >> i
4:38 pm
skate anyway, and no level of concern. >> the team has no plans to call up a back-up goalie so it is a good bet that holby is okay. coming up at 5:00, what the guys are expected aring in this building for game 4:00 after thing liness that ended game three. from wells fargo center, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> always tough to close it out. >> a washington mother's story is now the subject of a movie. her message to fellow moms. >> the fire danger is high today and we had a red flag warning issued with our wind and lack of rainfall.
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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cvs plans to offer curbside pickup service at almost all of the stores by the end of the year and the service is called cvs express and it is currently offered in a few markets in california, north carolina and georgia. you can use the cvs mobile app to place your order online and tell them what time you'll be at the store to pick it up, drive up and retrieve your order curbside. >> a new movie is premiering on cable tv just in time for mother's day. the real mvp is the story of the mother of the nba's 2014 most valuable player. kevin durant, she raised her family here in washington and in prince george's county. take a look at this cl
4:42 pm
>> he's got a point. >> the only shot i care about is you both getting a college scholarship. >> the real wanda pratt appeared on news 4 midday this morning. she said it was tough being a single mother, but she found a way to keep her boys focused and on the right path. these days she's a motivational speaker telling other single moms they can do it, too. >> it was a long journey. i knew that i wanted my sons to attend college, and i couldn't afford it and so we used organized sports and it was just activities after school and i later learned as the years went by that it would aed for them the opportunity to go to college if they continued to work hard. >> kevin durant called his mom the real mvp during his acceptance speech. as far as the possibility, mrs. durant is not sure because kef sin focused on the playoffs right now,
4:43 pm
the wanda pratt story airs may 7th at 8:00 on lifetime. >> we can dream about durant. >> keep on dreaming. >> that's all it's going to be. >> one woman finds herself in the last place she wanted to be, staring down a wild animal face to face. the whole thing caught on camera, but how did she get there in the first place? smartphone privacy. how it became the subject of strong debate in washington today and what it means for stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power...
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stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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your smartphone privacy the subject of another big debate on capitol hill today, specifically how much privacy are you willing to give up to make it easier to catch criminals? >> the fight between apple and the fbi has been settled, but the impact on your phone is not. nbc's brian mooar reports. >> reporter: it has washington lawmakers asking whether it's time to reconsider the balance between personal privacy and national security. >> the circumstances have changed and so, too, must the discussion. we can no longer be a battle between two sides and a choice between black and white. >> reporter: the devices and technology that have made our lives more convenient have made it easier than ever for criminals to hide behind an encrypted fire wall. >> the haystack
4:47 pm
>> we lack the point to properly execute the laws that congress has passed because the technology bypassed the law. >> that weakness was vividly demonstrated when the fbi tried to help apple unlock the iphone. the government succeeded with the help of third-party hackers. apple's top lawyer says the tech giant cannot give the government what it wants, a back door that opens on demand. >> we have no way of doing that without undermining and endangering the entire encryption infrastructure. >> reporter: a fine line and congress is looking for balance. apple's lawyers say the u.s. government is not seeking help for the back door. china asked for apple's source code, a request that was rejected. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. earlier in the show we asked you to weigh in on our flash survey. should tech companies have to turn over your cell phone data
4:48 pm
here's what you said so far. overwhelmingly yes. remember, you can keep voting over on the nbc washington facebook page. first at 4:00, a legal victory for transgender students in several states including maryland and virginia. a federal appeals court ruled that a gloucester county virginia high school student who was born female, but who identifies as male can use the boys bathroom. the gloucester county school board allows them to use restrooms corresponding to their biological gender and the school rules that policy is discriminatory and this applies to north carolina where a lawsuit is challenging a new state law requiring stranz jenn transgender students that corresponds to the bathroom on their birth certificate. >> now your storm team 4 forecast. we started out with a good-looking day, but now the clouds have us and wee
4:49 pm
cold front coming through. you'll notice the winds kicking up just a little bit more and unfortunately, we're not going to get a lot of rain out of this and the with the high-fire danger across the area today and we're looking at the areas and the red flag warning that was issued by the national weather service all of the way through the area and northern parts of virginia all of the way down to southern maryland. because of the extremely dry conditions, we're down almost three-quarters of an inch of rain from the month of april and since march 1st. we tell folks limit your outdoor burning and a lot of folks starting to prep their gardens. the weather front making their way through and just south of d.c. and the wind kicking up by 8:00, 9:00, the wind will start to settle down and that is great because as we check in on the pollen, no surprise today it's high and tomorrow likely to be in the moderate to high category again. and the impact forecast our temperatures will come down to the 60s and right now with the
4:50 pm
weather front i'm keeping things dry. just overcast and relatively mild and it will start out cool. i think our temperatures will warm very quickly and it will be back to the sunshine and back to the glasses and short pants and short sleeves, too, for the kids and your what to wear forecast we'll start off in the 40s early tomorrow morning. >> your wednesday gets an a-plus and thursday gets a grade of a because of a little bit of a breeze that will be coming through the area and friday, see? sorry, folks. showers coming through and that's the kind of recess we'll have at the end of the week and that will impact something else that's coming up as you'll see in just a moment, but tomorrow's temperatures will get into the 60s and low 70s by 3:00, 4:00 and we should hold out around 70 degrees with 8:00 p.m. and upper 70s for tomorrow and we've got that rain that will come into the area during the afternoon hours on friday and not until about 2:00,
4:51 pm
and that means your morning will likely be dry with a better chance of just light rain during the afternoon to evening rush. game time on friday looks as though we've got showers to deal with. 69 degrees by 7:00 and keep that in mind and plan on going to the washington nationals game with the 7:05 first pitch who take on the minnesota twins. our weekend which we'll talk more about coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we've got sunshine across the area and low to mid-70s forecast for the area. we'll talk about this pattern of the up and downs and what it's looking like for the rest of this month of april in just a few minutes. a prince george's county church is rallying around a local veteran that we told you about who lost his home. mount enan baptist church has set up a go fund me page for 86-year-old robert lawton. lawton served in the army for more than a decade and he doesn't know where he'll live from now on. the county sheriff's office evichi
4:52 pm
insurance had not been paid and that's a requirement for the mortgage that he has on his house. church leaders are trying to help lawton get an attorney to sort things out. toronto zoo officials are investigating a woman who tried to jump into a tiger's pen to retrieve her hat. >> she jumped over the first of two fences. this youtube video shows a tiger pacing back and forth on the other side of the second fence. the zoo's representative said that because of the interior barrier the woman wasn't in any real danger from the tiger, but she could have hurt herself. >> it's a very bad idea. very irresponsible. particularly, it's irresponsible on any given day, but especially with a lot of families who watch that. >> staff were away from the tiger pen at the time, but if a visitor does drop an item like a hat in a restricted area, he or she should find a staff member and just ask for
4:53 pm
developing stories in our newsroom right now. a local sheriff on capitol hill squaring off with lawmakers. where in our area gang violence is now a big concern. i'm mark segraves, well which to evelyn's closet. it's a small space in northeast washington that is filling a big need. >> you take care of your body and we'll take care of you. >> where one woman has started a shop where families in need can come for clothing, for shoes and just for support. coming up on news 4, we'll introduce you to the woman who took what little money she had to start this venture and we'll tell you how you can help. >> pulled from the water in a traumatic rescue. first at 4:00, the incredible video as crews try to save people from deadly oo
4:54 pm
they get better. >> this is news 4 at 4:00.
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>> a federal judge is going to allow a jury to hear a woman's $5 million lawsuit against super 8 motel over bedbugs. jamie mcfarland said she discovered more than 40 bedbug bites all over her body after she stayed at the hotel a couple of years
4:57 pm
find any bedbugs and submitted dozens of pages of pest control reports from the year leading up to her stay. in a written opinion the judge said those reports show no indication orkin inspected the rooms for bedbugs prior to mcfarland's visit. a two-day trial -- >> probably other people have complained and they didn't do anything about it. >> a two-day trial is set to start july 20th in charlottesville. >> cast members from the tv show "everybody loves raymond" are tweeting about the loss of actress doris roberts. ray romano says the woman who played his mother had an energy and spirit that amazed him. roberts died in her sleep sunday at the age of 90. patricia heaton played her daughter-in-law and said it was a privilege working with her.roberts' career started on broadway and spanned more than six decades. she was nominated for 11 prime
4:58 pm
the old show "st. elsewhere." floodwaters are stretching for miles across houston and as nbc's jay gray reports, more rain is in the forecast. for the second trait day, much of the houston wear is under water. >> everybody has been affected and the state of houston will do everything that we can to meet the needs of everyone across the city. major roadways and rivers. public transportation has been shut down and hundreds of cars have been swallowed by the high water. schools are closed. a million students or more told to stay home though for some that's not safe either. rescue teams have pulled more than 1200 people from their flooded homes as the water continues to rise. >> i'm just glad to be alive. i've lost a lot of things today, but they're just things and they cane
4:59 pm
so i'm just happy to be rescued. >> reporter: and as work continues around the clock for first responders, forecasters warn more rain is on the way. the biggest mistake anybody can make is to assume that the worst has passed. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency in nine texas counties and in many of those affected areas flood warnings and watches are still in effect and will be through early wednesday morning. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. >> i'm tracee wilkins in cents mary's county where family, friends and colleagues are gathering to pay their respects to a prince george's county firefighter shot down in the line of duty. we'll have the latest. i'm julie carey in the shenandoah national park where the search continues for a missing firefighter and paramedic. meantime, back at her station in brook, virginia. the firefighters and her
5:00 pm
emotional appeal just ahead. >> a deadly plane crash in maryland over the chesapeake bay bridge. a small plane hit the ground just short of the runway there killing two people. >> right now family and friends are paying their respects to a prince george's county firefighter killed in the line of duty. visitation for john ulmshneider just began in his home church in st. mary's county. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live outside tonight with the story. tracee? >> reporter: right now the family and his closest friends and colleagues are inside of the church having a private viewing. this line you see here, these are people who are waiting for that public viewing that was scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. the ulmshneider family arrived at 4:00 by police escort. his wife and 2-year-old daughter entered the church followed by a busload of family members. the casket arrived at 3:00 p.m. and was taken inside the church in a


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