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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast 0 now on 11:00 a tragic turn for a search for a firefighter. days of intense searching comes to an end. tonight in shenandoah national park. i'm tracking rain on storm team 4
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i will time it ourt and show you how it will affect your friday. one week after a violent crash on the beltway, we go inside of the car with the maryland state troopers to show you the dangers they face on the road every day. first tonight, d.c. is remembering a legend of music and entertainment from the warner theater to national harbor and bars and restaurants all over the region. >> people are decked out in purple tonight, celebrating in prince's words "this thing called life." chris lawrence is gathering the latest information on how prince died and how people are reacting tonight. chris? >> we know the medical examiner has prince's body and will be performing an autopsy sometime tomorrow. as for reaction in our area, you could hear it in the air. ♪
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tonight it seems like everyone is listening to those old prince songs and fans have been coming downtown to set up tracks outside of the warner theater. prince performed there in 1993 and a sign is up in honor of his memory. some danced and celebrated his music and his commitment to civil rights. >> it was important to us and black lives matter because he was a huge supporter. also embodied a lot of the resistance that we feel is important. >> i saw him in concert in 19 a 85. purple rain forever. i mean, prince will reign forever. >> a lot of people feeling that way tonight. usually the medical examiner can get preliminary results within a few day but toxicology results could take up to a couple of
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prince's songs and albums are dominating itunes tonight. a lot of people remembering him by listening to his decades worth of hits. check out these images from minneapolis. a huge crowd filled the streets to celebrate prince's life tonight. we have this report from minnesota. >> music fans around the world are reacting to the loss of music icon prince. the body of the 57-year-old singer was discovered this morning at his home in suburban minneapolis. he was pronounced dead a short time later, and no further details are known about the kau of death. nearby, outside of prince's paisley park studios a small group of fans assembled in the rain to honor the artist memory. >> he was a really beautiful individual. he was so creative and full of life. i have a hard time understanding that he is dead. >> reporter: the singer's death comes a week after his last concert at atlanta's fox
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inducted in to the rock 'n' r& hall of fame in 2004, the man born as prince rogers nelson was one of the most acclaimed musicians of his time. >> i'm a musician. i live for that. i live for playing and creating songs. >>. >> the singer song writer sold 100 million records worldwide. one of his biggest hits made the lyric party like it is 199 engrained pop culture. tonight prince's influence is mourned around the globe by fans and peers alike. >> he was definitely an original and a one of a kind. there was trullily only one prince. in new york many gathered to grieve. >> can't die. >> to celebrate the legacy of a music legend and
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life. nbc news. the color purple lighting up the capital wheel. our friend donny simpson has plenty of memories of prince. he describes him as a prolific musician who was painfully shy. talking to our tracee wilkins he described a funny encounter after accepting david bowie's offer to see him perform in prince's home state of minnesota. >> i bumped in to the lady in front of me and said excuse me can, ma'am and a prince turned around. he had the long flowing hair. i didn't know. he was so cool. he said, hey, how are you doing, man? i said good. he said i'm having a party at paisley park and you ought to come. so we came. couldn't have been but a dozen people there. >> that'sn
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share on facebook an 2wi9er tonight about prince's life and how he is remembered we have you covered. his impact on pop culture, celebrity reaction, and much more on our app, search prince. turning 0 our weather now, a chance of much-needed rain tomorrow. will this be enough to help everybody fighting all of the pollen? >> i hope so. i think it will do a little bit to help. we will not see much in the way of rainfall. we will see period of rain. 1:00 in the morning and the afternoon. could see a rumble of thunder or two and a you want to see a thunderstorm because any thunderstorm would create a downpour and help with the pollenen. no rain to talk about. some showers earlier. this is what i'm watching. here's the first wave. a second wave as an area of low pressure moves across the region. overnight tonight, we will be tracking rain on the way. could affect the morning
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take the umbrella with you. tracking the weekend and hello to the 80s. a few days in the 80s. thank you, doug. if you got stuck in nasty traffic around the woodrow wilson bridge tonight, we can tell you why. the bridge was shut down in both directions as police investigated a suspicious package. a cardboard box with red wires coming from it was found just before 7:00 and police kept some lanes closed more than three hours but the bridge is now back open. grim news tonight from shenandoah national park. virginia state police tell us they believe a body found in the park this afternoon is that of missing fairfax county firefighter nicole mittendorff. police also revealed tonight that a suicide note was found inside of her car a medical examiner will have to make the i.d. official tomorrow. meanwhile, on the website dedicated to finding nicole mittendorff, her family posted a statement saying "nicole has been found. our hearts
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. >> new tonight, d.c. officials are responding to parents' concerns about lead levels found in the water of three elementary schools. recent testing found the levels elevated but below what the epa considers dangerous. some parents say word didn't reach them quickly enough. jackie bensen is in northeast d.c. with details on this. >> it is important to note the reported levels are not school wide. here at the capital montessori at logan school, it involved the test results of just one sink. the results come as the d.c. department of general services continues the regular lead testing which are posted on its website. parents brought concern to the agency after it was learned the principal was not informed of the finding and it rel reveals other schools in the area had similar finding
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stressing, individual sinks or water fountains. a spokesman says it is their policy to immediate put a filter on the affected water source or shut it off but heightened awareness, coupled with the communication problem caused concern. > this is heart breaking. it is so avoidable. >> when are they going to -- >> when are they going to say something? >> the department of general services says it's working more closely with the school system to make sure that parents are informed. live in northeast washington, jackie bensen, news 4. a man charged in the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old. police say that he left the girl in a hot car for seven hours. he called 911 when he realized she was there but it was too late. arlington county police said fields routinely drops his girlfriend's children off at two locations but something may have
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yesterday. they charged him with felony child neglect and involuntary manslaughter. a plan to make a dangerous intersection safer but the proposals may not ease concerns of people who live in bethesda. one of the plans calls for eliminating left turns. neighbors want a traffic signal. in february, three members of a family were killed when a bmw hit the family's vehicle. officials say there are not left turns at that intersection to justify a signal. a man who landed a guy row copter on the lawn of the white house will spend four months in jail. hughes says his only regret is wasting government resources. next at 11:00, one week later, still fighting for his life. the latest on a la
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crash and how you can keep emergency responders safer on our roads. good news for local veterans working to build a new life at home. and more tributes to prince across our region tonight. this tweet from news 4's jackie bensen showing electronic
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor.
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he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. month maryland, the maryland state trooper involved in a serious crash on the beltway is in critical condition. it was one week ago today when a driver came ape long the shoulder of 495
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of the 26-year-old. maryland state police are investigating that crash. tonight, we are bringing you an upclose look at the dangers troopers face every day. news 4 shomari stone got to ride along with a trooper tonight. >> reporter: maryland police officers are praying for the trooper's recovery. many patrol the highways here and throughout the state of maryland. i'm here on the beltway leading in to 270 on kensington, and after doing this ride along i see troopers have a potentially dangerous job. as maryland state trooper patrols the beltway, another trooper is on his mind. >> as unfortunate the situation is it is something
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and police officers in general come in contact with daily. >> reporter: the 26-year-old was park aed in his car on the shoulder of the beltway when a car slammed in to his cruiser. move over a lane or slow down for emergency vehicles. >> unfortunate situation when it costs a life or a trooper is injured. >> reporter: he pulls this man over on 270. >> no, it is 55. >> right now a good example of what it is like being a trooper. corporal is conducting a traffic stop. if you look over here, these drivers are speeding right past. they are not following the move-over law. >> just completed a traffic stop. driver didn't change lanes. he's in violation of the move over law in the state of maryland. >> didn't slow down, okay. >> he explains the dangers of bag state trooper. >> sitting on the
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whether in my vehicle or standing on the highway having contact with a citizen. and then to have a distracted driver come along and completely change the course of your life. >> reporter: tonight, maryland drivers are applauded for those that do the right thing and pull over. live in kensington along the beltway, news . >> tonight a woman is alive thanks to the quick actions of a prince georges county fire official. assistant chief darin ware saw a car in flames on route 301 near brandywine. he and a retired firefighter were able to rescue the woman inside. prince georges county firefighter who survived the shooting that killed john 'ole
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olmschneider is improving. they say kevin continues to heal and receive visitors. thankful for the love and support. pure class act. they were checking the welfare of a man last friday. the man shot them as they tried to force their way in to the house. news 4 is always working for youful tonight we have an update to a story we brought you last night about returning veterans. last night here at 11:00, you saw they are part of a program that teaches them to be farmers on virginia land, once owned by george washington. the veterans were trying to raise cash to buy a tractor to help with their training. tonight, thanks in part to donations from news 4 viewers like you they are getting that tractor. the arcadia center for sustainable food and agriculture runs that program. good for them. >> great update. >> all of those farmers an the rest of us could use some rain. >> we really could. starting to impact the drought
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to watch. i don't see a lot of rain in the near forecast. there's going to be some tomorrow. you need to take the umbrella but not a lot. remember, this is not going to be a washout. do not think you are going to see rain all day. i think we will see a little sunshine here and there. temperature 67 degrees. seeing cloudy sky and we will see mild numbers. look at the numbers. it's 11:00 at night and some of the numbers have risen. 70 mass transit, 70 manassas. the rainfall deficit in april is 9/10 of an inch. close to an inch of rain. just for this month. since march 1st, three below average. we need to see rain and looks like we will see a little tomorrow. no rain right now. storm team four radar all clear. as we widen out the picture, notice the cloud cover
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things mild. the next round, here's the storm spinning, an intense storm making its way in. some thunderstorm activity. nothing severe today. it's going to bring rain and this will be wave number one and then wave number two coming through. let's talk about those. future weather, friday, 7 a.m., not much happening. we could see some showers, but this computer model not picking up on much. the first wave, 9:00, 10:00, around our west in the d.c. metro area around noon. 1:00, we will see some showers they will be scattered showers and won't be heavy. look, we see a break between then and 7:00 and another chance of scattered showers, and maybe a rumble of thunder. take the umbrella just in case. don't expect a lot. showers between 7 and 8 could happen. 62 degrees, very mild. 75 between 3:00 and 4:00. that's the time period we could see more sun. the more sun the bet
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of one of those thunderstorms rumble through. highs in the mid to upper 70s across the region. this was 77 earlier. dropped to 75 due to more cloud cover across the region. you can see that for d.c. 75 tomorrow. 76 on saturday. saturday could start off with clouds and increased sunshine during the day. i don't think we will see rain on saturday. if we do it would be before 9:00. looking at a nice afternoon. sunday beautiful, upper 60s to low 70s. plenty of sunshine. 86 on monday. 87 on tuesday. we will be watching a storm system on tuesday. could bring us thunderstorm activity. that's the next chance of rain. much better chance of storms next thursday. that's a week away. so we have some rain chances there. we have not seen any rain at all throughout the last seven to ten days. coming up, the redskins look for a huge free
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start with redskins. >> it is always football season around here. redskins general manager made it a point to build this roster through the draft. he said multiple times he wants at least 12 picks in the upcoming draft. right now the skins have eight. sometimes when you are a talented player and available the general manager may have to break from his principles especially when it is josh
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will meet with the team tomorrow at redskins park. norman is considered one of the best in the league. franchise tag removed by the panthers. espn reporting whatever team signs norman a the deal is expected to be between 14 to $15 million a year with the possibility of a long-term five-year deal. . elsewhere in the association, wizards found their head coach. agreed to a deal with scott brooks. he spent seven seasons with the thunder making the playoffs five times. that's not the reason some fans love this move. brooks the former head coach of hometown star. to the ice now, alex ovechkin with a chance to close out the flyers tomorrow night. despite down 3-0, philly found a way to force game five
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large part to mike. they understand what went wrong and how to fix it. >> we look too far forward and didn't play that shift by shift and period by period and that's what they did and they beat us. you have to get the next win and play hard. >> if you give teams hope, what they can do with it. they won one game and they are feeling better than being down 3-0. >> no room for error. that allows you to play at a level that is extreme. jayson werth resting today with a sore hamstring. bases empty for harper. harper takes it deep to center. his eighth home run of the season.
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are up. bottom of the inning, matt struggled all day long. azune that, the three run shot. his second of the season. it you not his day. he gave up five runs on eight hits through five innings of works. nats split the series after falling 5-1 to the marlins. up to baltimore, manny was hit in every game this season. that's a 14-game hitting streak. bottom of the second, at two. this one down the right field line. you see jose can't make the play and joey comes to score in the eighth. the o'ss win by 5-2 an take the series. jake threw a no hitter for the cubs. his second in his career. >> we can hear the
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a special honor tonight for our friend and colleague barbara harrison. there she is. she was given the idealist of the year award at the idealism in action gala. the award is given by the nonprofit city year. the group said it wanted to recognize barbara for her tireless work in support of children who need adoptive families. well deserved. >> congratulations. she doesn't typically like a fuss but today queen elizabeth entered her tenth decade. bells rang across london to celebrate the queen's 90th birthday. she is
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monarch. tomorrow president obama will lunch with the queen and wish her paphappy birthday. she has seen 11 sitting u.s. presidents. you would think they would have tea. >> that will do it for us. "the night show" is up netoxt
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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