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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it's friday, april 22nd. the latest on what killed prince at the young age of 57. the donald may be getting more in line with the republican establishment. while sanders is fighting for a political oxygen. president obama prepares to meet queen elizabeth while nudging the uk not to jump ship from the eu. a big no-no in sports. "early today" starts right now. ♪ good morning. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for joining us. shock and utter belief how fans are reacting to death of prince. the 57-year-old was found
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thursday and was declared dead just a short time later. the cause of death is still unclear. official say an autopsy is scheduled for today. in minnesota, prince's home state, a sea of fans gathered outside first avenue last night. that is where prince intermediate a large portion of "purple rain." earlier, a rainbow appeared over prince's paisley park home and music studio. in brooklyn, spike lee organized a street dance party outside of his music production studio for his late fan. in harlem, fans danced to his music throughout the afternoon. ♪ >> on broadway, the cast of hamilton honored prince with their own rendition of "let's go crazy." cities across the nation paid tribute to the purple rain singer. a slew of remembranerances by t who knew him.
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taken on new meaning this day. thank god, love lives forever. paul mccartney tweed god bless this creative giant. oprah tweeting the doves are really crying now. president obama called him one of the most gifted and prolific musician of our time saying nobody's spirit has bolder or creative. ron mott has more on the life and death of prince. >> reporter: over the years, he was called many things. icon. legend. genius. even the symbol for which there was no name. >> pretty good after ten days. >> reporter: a shocked and saddened musical world is causing him a lost treasure. fans outside of his famous paisley park. >> i can't believe he's gone! >> reporter: to industry giants
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like aretha franklin after getting the news that prince is gone. >> prince is gone, but the music will go on. >> what was it about him, do you think? >> well, i don't know. you know, young adults and adults loved prince. ♪ >> reporter: mtv which came into its own about the time prince was turning into a megastar in the early '80s interrupted its programming. his music was transcended. evidenced by the multicultural and crowd that paid respect to him throughout the day and evening. he was much more than a musician. an artist in every sense of the world and a masterful showman and a man who understood the business of making music and money and bigger slice of the dough for himself. >> who was prince? >> i don't know. and that is kind of the way he wanted it. >> reporter: hours after a
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concert go-ers reported nothing out of the ordinary, prince fell ill on the private plane ride home and made an emergency landing in ill. hospitalized and treated and released saturday morning and throwing a party in true prince fashion. but something went wrong. medical personnel dispatched to his home and studio around 9:45 local time found unresponsive in than elevator. his publicist confirming the death a short time later. reaction on social media unrelenting outpouring of grief and happier memories. madonna like him known best by a single word, called him a true visionary. i'm devastated, she had, on twitter. ♪ purple rain >> reporter: the twin cities draped in heart ache and purple and fittingly, it's been raining. >> he leaves behind an extraordinary legacy. music legend prince is dead at the agof
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now to the race for the white house. leaders in the republican party are huddling together for a big meeting in florida. trump appears to be making a move more toward the middle. during a town hall on thursday, he spoke out against the north carolina recent lgbt bathroom law. one plan he plans to reveal to appeal to more women and minorities and other voters in a general election. on the democratic side, allies of bernie sanders are planning to meet after the primary season to discuss the future of the movement galvanized by the senator's campaign and comes as sanders sat down with andrea mitchell for his first interview since his devastating loss in new york. he says the path to the nomination won't be easy. >> realistic, it's a hard path, i admit that. look. if we do not have a majority, i think it's going to be very hard for us to win. >> for more news,
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the gop, where do you see the trump turn going? >> reporter: well, the other question that we really need to look at it when is this trump going to happen? because even though paul manafort is saying we can see a more presidential type of donald trump and a foreign policy speech coming up in d.c., right now, he is still the same donald trump on the campaign trail talking about lyin' ted cruz and urging kasich to get out of the race and neither will do it because they think a shot for them and possible nomination at this convention. the other thing we are watching this morning is this north carolina bathroom law that trump initially said on the "today" show should allow people to go to the bathroom of their choice. >> north carolina did something that was very strong and they are paying a big price and there are a lot of problems. i heard one of the best answers i heard was from
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saying leave it the way it is. there have been very few problems. leave it the way it is. people go and use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. there has been so little trouble. >> if kracaitlyn jenner walked a bathroom, you would be comfortable her using any bathroom she wanted to use? >> absolutely. >> after this, donald trump said it's a state's rights issue backing a little off his idea of support. he says it's a state's right issue and not up to the ferguson and -- ferguson. cruz said it's not a state's rights issue and men and girls should not be in the same bathroom. looking at the democrats you heard what bernie sanders had to say. looks like he's in this. delegates or not -- he's in this through the california primary. >> thank you. president obama arrived in london
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that country whether to leave the european union. the president op-ed supports prime minister david cameron and others urging british citizens to vote in favor of remaining a part of the eu. he stressed america's long ties to great britain. he argued when it comes to creating jobs, trade, and economic growth in line with our values, the uk has benefited from its membership in the eu. today, he and the first lady will lunch with queen elizabeth ii to launch off their visit. the 90-year-old monarch has met 11 of the last 12 american presidents all the way back to harry truman. ron allen is ideas of windsor castle. what does the president hope to accomplish this weekend? >> reporter: the message here to windsor castle and the queen is purely a social event. the president has been here to england a number of times and he'll be joined by first lady michelle obama. they will have lunch and they will exchange gifts and
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visit, as you had, the queen has seen and met 12 american presidents. she's been on the throne here for some 64 years. so she has outlasted quite a few of them. purely a social visit here. later this evening, the president will also have dinner with the next generation, another generation of royals, william and kate and harry in london. before then, he'll travel to london to meet with prime minister david cameron and that will be about business. yes, the issue of britain's membership in the eu will be front and center. the president has injected himself into this debate. those who want britain to leave the eu are not happy about that, they feel this is a matter that should be decided without outside interference as they would put it, but the president feels very strongly that britain is a bridge to europe and a much stronger ally for the united states as a member of this 28-nation block. when it comes to matters of economic and trade and security and intelligence gathering as well, especia d
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time when there is a terrorist threat in europe and the united states is facing as well. so those will be the issues on the agenda. this evening, again, the president will meet with other royals, william and kate and harry. today social gathering. >> ron, thank you so much. now get a check of the weather outside on this earth day! >> happy earth day to you. >> what are you doing to celebrate? >> my kid want to go to the river and pick up trash today so we are going down to do that. >> i'm so proud of them! look at you! >> i know. here is how our beautiful marvel is looking this morning. watching a storm system in the middle of the country headed to the east. we haven't broken out our umbrellas in about a week, week and a half in some cases and numerous showers from alabama and mississippi and areas of northern new england. the middle of the country, houston area especially, you finally dry out and a nice weekend coming your way ahead with the exception being the northern portion of the nor
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then also showers and storms. they will be hit and miss atlanta up to 95 and back up into new england. saturday lingering rains in eastern north carolina. great weather moving to the ohio valley and southeast and stormy weather in the rockies and sunday watch the storm system bringing rain minneapolis north wards to the northern half of the country but should be a beautiful weekend for so many. that is a national weather. now a closer look at your day ahead. this looks a lot worse than it is. areas that get rain today will not rain all day long. you'll see periods of showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm or too and areas of the southeast. a majority of your day will be dry. on this earth day, everyone in the east, flowers need a little water. >> go ahead and get out there and do your part, right? just like your kids. i love that. we move on to this. big news ahead for anyone who rides uber. jail time for the man behind the capitol hill
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this friday. 100 million dollars is how much uber is willing to pay to settle a major class action lawsuit filed by its own drivers. a large payout is actually a big r win for the ride hailing services. they were thought to be considered employees but under yesterday's deal, drivers in those two states will remain freelancers and allows uber to side-step the cost of full-time employs as opposed to 100 million dollar payment, uber pays 48 million the plaintiffs and another 16 million if the company goes public and meets certain goals. uber agreed to several concessions including transparency and creating associations to allow drivers to meet and discuss issues. you remember the man who flew the gyrocopter on to the capital l l
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he has been sentenced to 160 days in jail. he pleaded guilty. after he serves four months in jail, he will face a year of probation during which he is barred from capitol and white house ground. hughes says it was worth the jail time because it got the word about his cause which protested money in u.s. politics. over 100 firefighters battled a massive blaze at a furniture warehouse near chicago. about 50 employees, they were evacuated safely without injuries. the cause of this fire has yet to be determined. time to get down to business. starbucks, on the other hand, is expanding. the coffee giant is opening 350 new stores globally just this quarter and that brings the worldwide total to more than 24,000 starbucks outlets. the nation's largest school district now access their textbook electronically. amazon signed a deal with the neyo
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this morning, on "today," prince's grammy and oscar winning "purple rain." inside look how the film and sound track defined his career and left a lasting legacy. now to sports. the minnesota twins gave tribute to their hometown music legend with a little locker room sing-along with the rookies. take a listen. ♪ little red corvette baby you're much too ♪ >> little red corvette. ♪ little red corvette ♪ little red corvette >> yes! stick to baseball, guys. why don't you? prince's music hit everyone, especially in his hometown. now to cincinnati where the cubs, the reigning cy young winner
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arrieta had a no-hitter. the reds haven't been hitless since 1971. cubs win 16-0. to houston. steph curry-less warriors james harden hits the winning jumper. golden state fell short 97-96. the warriors hope curry can play in game four on sunday. ahead, first lady michelle obama goes prime time. we are going to explain. a few movies debuting at the box office this weekend. we got your preview. you're watching "early today." three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart.
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now to entertainment. the first lady michelle obama will play herself on an upcoming episode of "nci" on may 3rd. a program she cofounded with dr. jill biden in 2011. all extras in the scene will be real-life military spouses. a new program aims to take the surprise out of google die next on "game of thrones." don't spoil it for me! it uses an algorithm to predict the show's next victim. here is what the software found. the king has a 97 chance of kicking the bucket. next is his uncle at 96% and the queen of drag gets 95% chance of saying good-bye. >> that is almost everyone! >> i know. really big characters. >> name me
4:24 am
not all of them. >> you never know. if you're heading to the theaterses this weekend. on the late show, stephen colbert gave a tribute to the late, great prince. >> besiding being a beautiful artist but not many people are influential enough to be known by one name, let alone by one color, but he was. so in a small gesture of respect tonight, we would like to change the set in his honor. >> i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." this is "" ♪ oh, yeah little corvette baby you're much too fast ♪ t ♪ headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom.
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right now on "news 4 today," mourning the loss of a music icon. how thousands are honoring his legacy as investigators piece together prince's final hospitals. quick thinking may have saved their live. how neighbors stepped up with a solution when a family was in danger. tragic end to the search for a fairfax county firefighter. what investigators discovered after co-workers prepare for a difficult day ahead. >> good morning, i'm chris gordon, in for aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check our weather with chuck bell. >>
4:27 am
than this same time yesterday morning, but clouds are moved in and rain chances are on the up and up. we've been nine days in a row without any rain, so rain finally back in the forecast. unfortunately, it comes in on a friday and showers are likely to impact your friday evening plans. so know that going this. weekend may start out cloudy tomorrow, but i think with time, improving weather picture for saturday afternoon and sunday looks quite nice. but outside this morning, temperatures in the low to mid-60s now. we'll climb to the hid 70mid-70 have the umbrella ready to go. now time for traffic with melissa. breaking news on the roads. outer loop before branch avenue, police and fire there on the scene only the one right side is getting by. we'll have to follow this one throughout the morning and keep you updated at first 4 traffic. also another situation inner loop near bw parkway, right
4:28 am
that happened just a short time ago, as well. outer loop at the american legion bridge, left side blocked by a disabled vehicle. sounds like this is a tractor trailer. they are trying to get a tow in there and get that out of the way. also last problem here this morning inhe loop at little river turnpike, a paving operation and you have to get by on the left. we'll be pofollowing outer loop before branch avenue throughout the morning. could be there for quite some time. a deadly passenger train derailment in south korea. we've learned the engineer is dead and ate others. this derailment involves four passenger sections. look at that video just in of the scene there in the southern city there. early reports say the train made have bay speeding a
4:29 am
a curve section on approach to a station. that's the latest from the live desk. a developing story this morning, hundreds of people in minneapolis turned out yesterday to remember music icon prince. fans gathered outside of first avenue city's famous music venue. most wore purple to honor the legendary musician. he was found dead in an he will rate tore elevator at his estate in minneapolis. the 57-year-old grammy winner made an emergency landing in illinois last week week where he was taken to the hospital with what was described as the flu. he then canceled a pair of concerts in atlanta. he briefly appeared at a party on paisley park on saturday. automatic an autopsy
4:30 am
>> the national portrait gallery will have a photograph of the famed rock and roll artist. it will be installed in the this mem memoriam pace. just yesterday, fans played prince's songs and danced in the street in front of the warner theater. candles were lit at a bronze marker outside the theater. prince last performed there in 1993. fans are celebrating his music and commitment to civil rights. >> it was important to us and black lives matter because he was a huge supporter. but also embodied a lot of the resistance that we feel is really important. >> i saw him in concert in about 1985. and purple rain forever. i mean, prince will reign forever. >> a sign has


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