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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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death. >> erika gonzalez starts us off. >> new at this hour, we are awaiting this news conference from the carver county sheriff's office regarding the sudden death of prince. we now know the autopsy has been completed, but we don't expect to hear any results about that. this has just started. we're going to let you listen in on this. >> to his family, he is a loved one. in life, he was a very private person. we're going to continue to respect his privacy and his dignity and hope that you do as well. we also respect the media's right to information. bear in mind that this incident happened about 29 hours ago and continues to be under investigation. there are some things regarding this investigation that i will t
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i'm going to give you a statement, and we will then take some questions that you may have. at about 9:43 yesterday morning, we received a medical call at paisley park. the fire and the county sheriff's office and ridgeview ambulance all responded to the call. that is our standard protocol. it is not unusual at all for us to have everybody respond to a medical like that. they found an unresponsive male in the elevator. cpr was initially started, but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced deceased at 10:07. we have identified him as prince rogers nelson, 57 years old. staff members from paisley park had been unable to contact prince yesterday morning and went to
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they found him unresponsive and called 911. deputies went through the building to make sure that there was nobody else inside. because this was an unwitnessed death of a middle aged adult, the decision was made to process the scene. that is also normal protocol. it is not different from what we would normally do. there should be no -- we ended up contacting a crime lab to help us with that and there should be no inference taken from that. it's not unusual for them to come out and do those types of calls. we finished with our processing late yesterday afternoon and turned paisley park back over to prince's representatives. again, because this investigation is ongoing, i will not be answering questions on whether or not there were any items that were taken during our processing. the midwest medical
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office was contacted and dr. quinn strobel responded. there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. the body was transported to the doctor's office for an autopsy and that is being done today. results from that autopsy may take several weeks, which is not unusual. again, this will continue to be an open investigation until the autopsy results come back and we are ready to take questions that you may have. yes, ma'am. [ inaudible ]. >> there was some staff members that were there that had went to check on him. that's all i'm going to respond to with at
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i am not responding to any kind of questions in regard to what may have been taken. we have no reason to believe at this point that this was a suicide, but this is early on in this investigation. we'll continue to investigate. [ inaudible ]. >> we have not received that information from the medical examiner's office at this time. it had not been in the couple minutes before first responders had arrived. it had not been within the couple of minutes before the first responders had arrived though with that. [ inaudible ]. >> i'm not the right one to answer that. we'll let the medical examiner talk about that when that time comes.
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[ inaudible ]. >> i have checked calls for service in our log for that address as well as in prince's name directly. there were no calls involving prince in the past year that we have had. you know, paisley park -- prince does some concerts there sometimes and get togethers and so on. it is not unusual for us to receive calls at paisley park itself. there was nothing that i'm aware of that involved prince directly at paisley park. sir, go ahead. yes. >> are you able to confirm whether prince was taking any medication at the time of his death? >> i am not able to confirm that at this time at all. sure, sir. [ inaudible ]
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>> we'll be talking to people that are close to him. we'll be gathering some medical records and taking a look at those between us and the medical examiner's office and working off of that from there. yes. [ inaudible ]. >> they were trying to reach him yesterday morning. they were unable to reach him, reach prince, so they responded to paisley park to look for him and found him unresponsive in the elevator. >> so he was alone at home? >> that is correct. we did clear and go through the residence at the time and did not find anybody else there. >> are you cooperating with any other jurisdictions and are you
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looking at all into illinois? >> we will be looking at all of that, yes. >> can you tell me what you've done so far or are you just looking into it? >> this is 29 hours old. our detectives are currently working on this case. there are certainly things they are working on. >> are you cooperating with any other jurisdictions? >> yes, of course, we are. >> we've been listening into the sheriff's news conference related to prince's death. they have no reason to believe that this was a suicide. he said the autopsy is finished. it wrapped up this afternoon, and they did do a full toxicology scan, but the results of which will likely take a couple weeks to come back. >> he refused to answer any questions about the condition of prince's help and whether or not he was taking any medications he
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may have been taking. everybody waiting to find out exactly what claimed this icon's life. we'll continue to follow this story on news 4 and on the nbc washington app. president obama is in london today. >> the president said it was a great loss. he actually listened to a few prince songs this morning before meeting with the prime minister. >> i'm staying at winfield house, the u.s. ambassador's residence. it just so happens our ambassador has a turntable. this morning we played "purple rain" and "delirious" just before we left the house for important bilateral meetings like this. >> nice to have a moment of levity even in a time like this. >> derrick ward is outside out of the
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portrait gallery where a special display has just been installed. >> reporter: while we're still waiting for answers in the details of prince's death, what isn't waiting is the outpouring of grief. here is a portrait. it's only about this big. it is black and white and it is powerful and it is popular. in this building you'll find the likenesses of presidents and supreme court justices and generals. today a recent edition has found its way back to public view, a 1993 portrait of smith. >> the in memoriam spot is reserved for just that. >> reporter: guests were encouraged to wriso
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>> today we are delighted that we can recognize the life and career of prince. >> reporter: it was part of an exhibit called american cool, 100 photographs that were voted in that will be the coolest or most iconic about american culture and pop culture and of course he made the cut. we are live at the national portrait gallery. news 4. we have rounded up some of the many emotional fan tributes to prince in the nbc washington app. you'll find performances by the cast of "hamilton" and "the color purple." another storm team 4 -- seems like we've been waiting forever for that much needed rain. the problem is it is arriving just in time for the weekend. >> let's go to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> we have not seen a lot of rain. we already h
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then a little bit of a break. that's what we're in now. then another round this afternoon. storm team 4 radar picking it up fairy well down towards southern maryland and st. mary's county and fredericksburg. there's more showers back to the west. this is the next round back down towards roanoke and charlottesville. this will move into the d.c. metro area this evening. we're not done with the rain just yet. if you are heading out tonight, take the umbrella. sunset tonight 7:62. some showers around the area. take the umbrella if you're out to dinner or the nats game. shower possible by 11:00. it could linger into your saturday. much more on that coming up in just a minute. the president goes to buckingham palace. first at four. a royal meeting for the first couple and whether they were able to overshadow some of the
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the rush hour. we've got a first 4 traffic alert for you. >> the weekend also means truck work on metro. >> some issues on the roads and rails here for the weekend. first of all on 395 northbound between seminary and duke tree, going to have some lanes shutdown this weekend. the hov lanes, they'll be replacing signs
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will be partially shut down for the weekend. 9:00 friday night until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. rolling road in fairfax county some weekend closures there. only one lane open between midnight friday night until 5:00 a.m. saturday and then midnight saturday to 5:00 a.m. sunday. red line running every 18 minutes. silver every 10. blue line every 20. orange line every 20. on the green line, buses will replace trains there at greenbelt. it's been an uncomfortable day for residents at an apartment complex in northwest d.c. after police say a man stabbed a woman to death. charles sykes was arrested this morning at the tunlaw road condominiums. >> reporter: police were out
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up their investigation. that initial call that came in was for a suspicious package, but they quickly found a woman stabbed to death inside a fifth floor unit. the suspect was dating the victim. at around 6:00 this morning, the fire alarm went off, waking up residents and forcing an evacuation. >> i'm just awed at how many police cars. >> reporter: fire trucks and police officers surrounded the building, searching for a suspicious package while residents waited outside. not long after neighbors started learning about a shocking discovery. >> we have been told that there was a stabbing on the fifth floor. >> inside the building it is creepy. >> reporter: investigators say the woman died shortly after police arrived. >> surprising. it's something i never thought would have happened here.
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has been charged with second-degree murder and police have not yet released the name of the victim. we had an opportunity to obtain a letter that the condominium gave to residents. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you what it says and about who called 911. a developing story now in virginia where governor mcauliffe has taken an unprecedented step. he used executive order to restore civil and voting rights for more than 200,000 convicted felonies. his action overturns a civil war era provision in the united states constitution. supporters say the law disenfranchises african-americans. republican leaders call it an overreach and part of his effort to deliver virginia for hillary clinton in november. julie carey is working this story and she's taking a closer look at the impact this will have on the elections in november. that's coming up in our next hour i
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>> what do you think? if convicted felons who have served their punishment be allowed to vote? taking a look now again at the weather. so doug, is the weekend going to be a washout or are we just looking at a little rain for today? >> just a little rain. could last into tomorrow, but the weekend is actually looking very, very nice. tomorrow afternoon will be very beautiful. sunday will be spectacular. yeah, we have a good weekend out there. out rigthere right now looking okay. if you're there now, looking good. if you're heading there this evening, take the umbrella just in case if you're going to get out there on the capital wheel. the boats will be out over the next month or so. we have some much warmer weather coming in here. get that boat ready to go. i wish i had a boat. across our region, you can see 395 traffic. always.
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temperatures around the region. you can see where it is raining. fredericksburg down to 68. 72 in leesburg. the dry stretch, it's been very dry. this month alone where an inch below average. since march, well over 3 inches below average. we did see some today. how much rain did we see? nothing at the airport. just a trace of rain. 0.02 of an inch towards leesburg. we're not done just yet. we do have more rain on the way, but you can see there is nothing north of washington. everything is south down towards fredericksburg and southern maryland. they are moving off towards the east. here's the general motion. i'm watching these showers right now that could come in towards the d.c. metro area most likely around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tonight. even a few thunderstorms back here too. not expecting a lot of
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just like i told you last night just carry the umbrella. 9:00 a few showers. 11:00 a few showers. i do think they'll get the nationals game in. take the umbrellas and ponchos. they'll get the game in no problem. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., a couple of showers. tomorrow is not going to be all dry, but most of us should still see okay weather. by 2:00, we start to see the sunshine. looking at a beautiful evening. tomorrow night is going to be a great night to eat outdoors. into the 70s across our region. i'm going for a high temperature now orf 73 on saturday. coming up in just a couple of minutes, more on what y c
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way many people power their homes, but are solar panels really less expensive? why have they become so popular into the nation's capital. a president and a queen. why these two influential joined
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen
4:23 pm
afety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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we came up with something all together and it was unanimous. christa woods, congratulations. >> she's a mom from ashburn virginia and she's the win of today's next big thing. chrisa woods created glove sticks. this is a unique deal. you insert these in your gloves, shoes, and other smelly sports gear to remove the odor. we talked to woods via skype yesterday and she said the inspiration for this product came from her own three kids. >> we couldn't get the smell out. we were riding with the windows down. i was like this isn't right. i turned to my husband and i said, this is not right. this is not normal. i said i'm going to invent something. actually, i said we're going to invent something. he looked at me and
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yeah, right, honey. the idea just popped in my head. >> would beat out two other mother inventors in the final round. in addition to a trophy and bragging rights, she'll be selling her item tomorrow morning on qvc. >> innovation springs from many sources. >> yeah, it does. some right under your own nose. president obama says queen elizabeth ii is one of his favorite people in all of the world and she's one of the reasons he's visiting the u.k. >> this morning the president and first lady wished the queen a happy 90th birthday and give her a custom photo album. what else is on his agenda this weekend. >> reporter: this morning the president and first lady lunched with the queen at windsor castle where thursday she celebrated her
4:26 pm
seeing the queen always an experience, says the american ambassador. >> she knows that people are going to be nervous, even an ambassador. >> absolutely. and i was. >> reporter: president obama arrived in the u.k. thursday night. in the past royal etiquette has proved a challenge. in 2011, a timing error. >> to her majesty, the queen. >> reporter: the president's toast completely with an oreg orchestra. then there was the time president bush winked at her. she has ridden horses with president reagan. in total, the queen has met 11 u.s. leaders. >> at the end of the briefing memo, it says don't be intimite
4:27 pm
in the moment, the queen will make you feel incredibly welcome. >> reporter: tonight the president will dine with the duke and duchess of cambridge and prince harry who next month travels to the u.s. joining the first lady for the invictus games. nbc news, windsor. first at 4, new developments today as the world waits to hear how prince died. >> as new details emerge, the reaction is pouring in. the
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. a day after prince's death stunned his fans and fellow musicians, the work to figure out why he died is under way. >> this afternoon, we know the medical examiner has finished the autopsy, but it could be several weeks before we know the
4:31 pm
of the hour there were no obvious signs of trauma. and at this point, investigators have no reason to think his death was a suicide. >> as the investigation continues, thousands of people are gathering outside of paisley park. >> that's the studio and estate where prince lived and where he was found. jay gray is there now and joins us live. jay, what is it like where you are? >> reporter: well, chris, pat, we've seen the crowd building here since sunrise. some adding to the memorial along the gates surrounding paisley park. there are others who just paused silently to pay their respects. many just like investigators here with questions about the pop star's sudden death. fans and flowers, balloons and banners, line the fence outside of paisley park. thousands drawn here to remember and honor prince, a pop star and cultural icon whose music was the soundtrack for a generation. >> it's overwh
4:32 pm
the whole thing. >> reporter: as fans deal with their shock and sadness, investigators continue their search of his recording studio and estate, trying to understand how and why it happened. an autopsy was performed today. the medical examiner says results won't be able for several weeks, but we do now know when paramedics were called to paisley park yesterday it was the second time in less than a week that friends or colleagues found prince unresponsive. the first coming after what was his final concert in atlanta when his private jet on the trip back to minnesota made an emergency landing and he was rushed to an illinois hospital. >> the thing that really bothers me about it is the prince i know was super healthy, vegan, wasn't an abuser of drugs or alcohol. you know, he lived right. >> reporter: a tribute to that life splashed in his signature purple on bridges and bu
4:33 pm
across the country. >> just so surreal to think he's gone. >> reporter: leaving behind a legacy that echoes around the world. more evidence of that legacy. so far today the top 19 downloads on itunes are all songs performed by prince. also this saturday at theaters across the country they will show "purple rain" for fans wanting one more glimpse. that is the latest live look outside of paisley park. chris, back to you. >> tonight lester holt anchors an hour long dateline special devoted to prince's legacy. it's called "prince, life and death of an icon." you can catch it right before news 4 at 11:00. breaking news at the live desk. i'm erika gonzalez. i've been
4:34 pm
conference in pike county in what being described as the execution-style killing after eight family members. we're just learning from authorities that all eight people were shot in the head and all belong to the same family. what they also mentioned here was that they don't just have one crime scene. they have four active crime scenes that they are working at this hour trying to gain more information. they do not have any suspects in custody, so they are warning people that live in that area if they see something suspicious, to let them know. they should also keep in mind that anybody pertaining to this incident would be armed and extremely dangerous. the four crime scenes are only a mile and a half apart from one another and the only three individuals that survived this massacre is a four-day-old child, a 6-month-old, and a 3-year-old. i'm erika gonzalez at
4:35 pm
desk. doug and i are continuing to track some showers. most of the activity is south of the district right now. but if you are heading to the nationals game tonight, pack the ponchos. the rain is looking likely at some point during the game. a cancellation is highly unlikely. first pitch at 7:05. temps in the low 70s. we're in the upper 60s last out. the rain intensity tonight and tomorrow mainly light. 0.1 to maybe 0.25 of an inch. some rain in the forecast. more on that coming up in a little bit, pat. the caps have a chance to wrap it up again tonight. >> that's right. caps, they couldn't get it done in philly, but now they seem to be locked in. we're live at the verizon center for the big game. hey, jason. >> reporter: what's going on, guys? no one in the capitals organization wants to see this series with the flyers drag out
4:36 pm
the capitals had an off day yesterday to take a mental and physical break after losing game four, but they were back at it this morning at the iceplex preparing for the philadelphia flyers. all year this group has done an excellent job of regrouping after losses. they've only dropped back to back games three times this entire season. the caps are ready to finish off the flyers. normally they're off the ice pretty quickly on game days, but today the entire team practiced this morning, putting the final touches on tonight's game plan. >> we want to make sure everybody is ready to go. with last game, nobody here is happy with the way we started the last game. we want to make sure we're all going. >> you feel pressure in game one and game two. that's what drives us. you have to embrace
4:37 pm
>> reporter: we'll see if the capitals can indeed finish off the flyers tonight in game five. puck drops at 7:00. you can catch that game over on comcast sportsnet. chris, pat, i'll send it back to you in studio. they are quickly becoming the way to power your home and save money. >> you see them all over the place. we'ltelll the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole
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travel through just about neighborhood and you're likely to see some solar panels on both old homes and new ones. >> many companies say they offer homeowners the best option to produce your own power and go green. veronica johnson explains the systems that are available, the cost, and whether they may be right for you. >> reporter: solar panels, they've been around since the 1960s, but now they've become much more popular. >> solar has exploded in maryland over the last ten years. it went from basically three guys in a truck to an international industry with the biggest players in the world coming to maryland to provide solar for residents and businesses. >> reporter: so what is the science behind solar? how do we go from those solar rays powering anything from your air-conditioning to your toaster? well, i met up with a scientist and architect mike binder at
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explanation. >> sunlight is energy particles called f ee ee ee eed photons. when they reach the panel, they break loose and that creates a flow of electrons, which is electric current. that current flows and that generates power that you can use in your toaster. >> reporter: here in the d.c. area and maryland area, we get an average of 200 days of sunshine per year. that's actually pretty good and even during a mostly cloudy day some energy is being collected. >> there are tools, online tools, websites where you can actually go and see how much power your roof might produce. >> reporter: consumers should know how much of their roof they want to use for solar panels and how much they want to spend. an
4:42 pm
what direction your house is facing, and size the system for you. here are today's options. >> if you have the cash lying around, you can buy the system outright and you get all the tax credits to you. >> reporter: what are we talking? >> $15,000, $20,000. option number two, you can lease solar from many companies who offer it. in this case, you don't own the panels. they get all the tax credits, all the benefits, but what it does for you is that you can get a zero down lease. another option is a power purchase agreement. the difference is you're only paying for the power that the system produces. >> reporter: there are fantastic financial incentives from the government to go solar in maryland and d.c., but not in virginia. gary of neighborhood sky says the average h
4:43 pm
between 5% and 15% depending on your solar roof. just four days to go until voters in maryland and four states go to the polls. which candidate is trying to soften his image and how the other candidates are reacting. another cheating scandal. another automaker could soon be in deep trouble. the new questions about a but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint
4:44 pm
raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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continuing to track areas of rain on storm team 4 radar. how long rain could last tomorrow into your saturday coming up in my full forecast. cheating on emissions tests. we just learned volkswagen may not be the only one. i'm consumer reporter susan hogan with what could be a big revelation. now to presidential race. the message from the republicans spring meeting in florida is unity. still two of the candidates are intent on forcing a contested convention to keep donald trump from claiming the nomination. >> edward lawrence is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: the leader of the republican national committee says the party needs to and will unify no matter the nominee. >> and here's what i do. now, my wife is constantly saying, darling, be more presidential. >> reporter: heading into the weekend, could we see a
4:47 pm
gentler donald trump? political advisers hope to strike a balance with his image to appeal to more voters. senator ted cruz called donald trump a new york liberal, whose campaign is run by washington insiders. he pointed to the transgender bathroom debate. >> donald trump agreed with hillary clinton and barack obama, and donald trump argued that grown men should be allowed to go into girl's restrooms. >> reporter: while the gop candidates cross the mid atlantic looking for votes, the republican establishment met in florida. the rnc chairman told party members they cannot let hillary clinton continue the policies of president obama. >> it's not going to happen on our watch. it isn't going to happen because we're going to come together. >> reporter: for democrats, senator bernie sanders continues to criticize clinton. he says his voters are mostly under 45 and she's out of touch with the future. >> she's got to begin to
4:48 pm
what ideas these young people will respond to and make that part of her platform. >> reporter: clinton blasted republicans, saying she will run an election about issues, not insults, as she climbs towards the democratic nomination. hillary clinton is campaigning in pennsylvania today. five states on tuesday will select their candidate, maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, rhode island, and connecticut. edward lawrence, news 4. >> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. tracking some much-needed rain on storm team 4. our rainfall deficit since the beginning of march now about 3.3 of an inch. we're only going to get up to 0.25 of an inch. sunshine is back. dry conditions by tomorrow afternoon. some scattered showers likely during the morning hours, potentially until noon. keep that
4:49 pm
good time to download the nbc washington app. you can check the radar there on your phone. absolutely gorgeous on sunday. definitely looking like the better of the two weekend days. here is the latest rain on storm team 4 radar generally moving to the east-northeast. then some more rain just to the west of winchester. some thunderstorms south of petersburg. this all moving eventually toward the area. just because it is dry and you're seeing limited sunshine, doesn't mean it is going to be dry in the metro area through the rest of this evening. a cold front will bring a breeze tomorrow. right now we're at 71 degrees. mild during the evening hours. tracking scattered showers on into the overnight and morning hours tomorrow. weather having a low to moderate impact on your saturday a.m. we'll be breezy throughout the entire day tomorrow with a high temperature of 73. well
4:50 pm
around 59, so fairly comfortable. by noon we're in the upper 60s. 8:00 tomorrow evening perfect for eating outdoors or firing up the grill with temperatures in the mid 60s at that point. your weekend outlook, dining out tonight, probably better to eat indoors. nats game looking nice. yard work, temperatures also looking good. figuring out when to cut the grass, sunday probably the better of the two days. tomorrow and sunday in the low 70s. our average high is 70 degrees. we're running a good 15 degrees above normal for monday and tuesday. plenty of sunshine monday. the good news as we warm up, the humidity levels still stay down. tuesday another cold front moves through the area during the afternoon and evening hours, bringing with it some scattered showers and thunderstorms. a high of 8. you can see that front does an
4:51 pm
with a high of 67 and a chance for some more showers around on thursday and friday. friday cooler with high temperatures around 70. >> thanks. another major german automaker is being questioned about how it certifies its exhaust emissions. >> susan hogan joins us now with some new details. here we go again. >> you took the words out of my mouth. this comes just one day, as you know, after volkswagen made a deal with the u.s. government after it rigged diesel emissions tests. d daimler is the parent company of mercedes-benz. the cars are programmed to let the vehicles emit illegal levels of
4:52 pm
volkswagen. it tells us it is cooperating fully with the authorities and in response to the class actions against the company they say they are without merit. today we learned, by the way, volkswagen diesel emissions scandal cost the automaker $18 billion last year. >> wow. >> that's a big figure. >> even for a big automaker. >> absolutely. >> that's a lot of money. >> and it is probably not over yet. we'll see. >> thank you. i'm darcy spencer in bethesda. montgomery county police are warning residents to be on the lookout for home improvement scams. just since march, there have been 12 people victimized in these scams. many of the cases are not related. in some cases, victims are told th
4:53 pm
homes and that work isn't even needed and in some cases people put down a down payment. then the scammers never come back to do that work. >> and oftentimes once they have a victim who is willing to give them money, they will continue to go back to that house, state to the homeowner they have a new problem they need to fix, and they can get thousands of dollars from these homeowners over a period of time. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 5:00, i'll tell you about a case in bethesda where the suspect allegedly did damage to a woman's roof and then charged her money to have it fixed. i'll tell you the one tactic he allegedly used to convince her to shell out more than $2,000. in bethesda, darcy spencer, news 4. one expert calls it the apocalypse fire. why part of the east coast could be at risk for one ofhe t
4:54 pm
i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down."
4:55 pm
e obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
4:56 pm
firefighters in the shenandoah national park hope today's rain will help them stop this wildfire that's been burning. skyline drive is closed through that area and hundreds of firefighters are on the scene. last word we got 40% of the fire had been contained. could new jersey of all places become the scene of america's worst wildfire disaster? well, a lot of people are fearing just that after looking at the fire history in the area and the current c
4:57 pm
ted greenburg has more. >> reporter: it's tranquility lured dave to the new jersey pine lands nearly 40 years ago, but he also living among the trees comes with the risk of them going up in flames. >> you always think, yeah, it could happen because fires start up all around here. >> i'm extremely concerned. >> reporter: a certified forester bob williams shares his fears in this new article in "rolling stone," questioning will new jersey could become the scene of america's worst wildfire disaster. >> it's been a long time since we've had a big fire, so the forest keeps growing and accumulating fuels. >> reporter: the magazine story suggests a dangerous combination of springtime weather conditions could lead to an apocalypse in the garden state, a wildfire that could explode into an
4:58 pm
populated areas. >> i think it is not as dramatic as portrayed because of the prevention efforts we do and because of our staff. >> reporter: state officials say if all the right elements came into play, sure, a doomsday like scenario is plausible, but they insist the forest fire service and all of its partners are more than prepared to fight it. >> these forest fire guys are absolute professionals. they work every day planning for that big fire and what would they do. >> reporter: more than 17,000 acres were intentionally set ablaze to prevent wildfires this season. if that big one breaks out, dave has full faith in those skilled in stopping the flames. >> they address it very quickly. news
4:59 pm
with jim and erika. now at 5:00, the rain is here. how it will impact your night and into the weekend. a pulled fire alarm reveals a murder scene. the new details we're learning about the relationship between the suspect and the victim. the governor just got convicted felons the right to vote. why top republicans are accusing him of trying to help democrats win the presidential race. i'm erika gonzalez in for wendy. >> and i'm jim handly. i'm pat lawson. it could be weeks before we learn exactly how prince died, but the sheriff's office did give us some new details this afternoon. the autopsy is now complete. investigators say there were no signs of, no obvious signs, of trauma. and they have no reason to believe his death was a suicide. prince's body has now been
5:00 pm
released back to his family. we also now know that the last time prince was seen was at about 8:00 wednesday night. the sheriff's office says this investigation is personal for them. >> to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us, he is a community member and a good neighbor. >> this afternoon, amc theaters announced it will screen "purple rain" at theaters around the country beginning tomorrow, including its locations in alexandria and largo. thank you. now shifting to the weather, we've got a lot of clouds out there and some rain, just as doug said. we weren't going to see a downpour today. >> not enough to help with the allergies, right, doug? >> exactly. you needed the umbrella at times today. the only place that's seen it is down so


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