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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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more local tributes to prince. more dance parties and buildings lit up in purple all over the country. and a plan to hike the minimum wage. why some er
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back. the search for whoever killed eight people in ohio today. police call the deaths executions. and they targeted a single family. we start with the weather forecast. some showers showing up on storm team 4 radar. >> we dodged most of them in the district but they could have a big impact on your saturday. let's go to chief meteorologist doug kammerer with the latest. >> as far as the rain, d.c. around the d.c. metro area has not seen much today. we are down to southern maryland, fredericksburg, martinsburg, hagerstown you have seen rain. it is still raining. light all day long. back to winchester, some rain around the winchester area, back to frederick , as well.
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martinsburg, charlestown over to royalsville area continuing to see rain. it is pushing east and trying to make its way to the d.c. metro area. a few areas to the west as well. you see it spinning here. this will move through tomorrow morning. if you have plans tomorrow morning to get out and about, maybe you want to take the umbrella with you through the morning hours. 59 tomorrow morning. by afternoon, by evening another grit one. high temperatures around 73. i will be back and time that rain out for you and show you the best chance of rain in a minute. tonight in the district, the carnegie library is radiating purple in honor of prince. the amsterdam cafe on u street celebrating his life with a dance party. >> tonight, we are learning more about the final moment of prince's life as we await the results of his autopsy. we have the latest now from minneapolis. >> reporter: he was both famous and famously private.
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genius and an enigma. >> his talent, beautiful. >> feels like a family member passed away. it's agonizing. >> reporter: how his life ended is a mystery itself. police say the 57-year-old singer was last seen wednesday night. and then not again until the following morning found unresponsive in an elevator at his studios. >> we have no reason to believe this was a suicide. >> he was already dead when they called for help. paramedics rushed here to paisley park and tried cpr but cancelled an ambulance when they couldn't revive prince. police hope an autopsy will give them more clues. >> we are going to leave no stone unturned and make
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>> reporter: prince's body was moved from the medical examiner's office in this van and returned to his family. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: fans around the world gave prince tributes in shades of his signature color. his studio had its own purple rain. >> prince tributes will continue tomorrow night here on nbc4. "saturday night live" will run a special called good night sweet prince featuring his four performance on the show and sketches about him. see it tomorrow night after news 4 at 11:00. please observe a moment of silence for lieutenant olmschneider and for our public safety family. >> a week ago tonight, one prince georges county firefighter was killed, another injured in a shooting in temple hills. at
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department observed a moment of silence to mark the time firefighters called for help. john olmschneider was killed after responding to the medical call. the man who pulled the trigger said he thought someone was breaking in to his home. he has not been charged. at the verizon center tonight, we saw shot after shot after shot. not find the net. the caps seemed to dominate the game but not the scoreboards. >> they are heading to philly for game six. jason is live with reaction for us. this was rough to watch, jason. >> yeah, really was. the capitals had chance after chance after chance. their former goaltender was brilliant for the philadelphia flyers. now a game six in philadelphia this sunday. let's show you
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tonight in game five at the verizon center. after going scoreless in the opening period, the flyers were the ones who got on the board first. compliments of capital taylor. the credit goes for ryan white of the flyers. he gets credit for the goal there, even though it goes off the skate. this would pretty much wrap up up the game. an empty net goal for chris and that would do it. philly -- or philadelphia wins 2-0. the caps had 44 shots on goal and came up empty handed leaving a lot of players frustrated with the outcome. >> things happen. their goalie is playing well. got to finish. >> disappointing loss for the capitals and flyers force a game six. we will see if they can get it done this sunday at noon in il
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that's going to do it for us. more on this game and on the redskins coming up later in sports. >> big news tonight, we will see you in a bit. the d.c. mayor came out in favor of a $15 minimum wage this the district this week. but tonight, some employees who make far less than minimum wage are lining up against her. news 4's jackie bensen is live in cleveland park to explain why. >> reporter: the concern involves people whose pay includes tips from customers. ♪ happy birthday >> it takes quite a few steps to create the happy birthday environment at this restaurant on u street northwest. mark lee of the d.c. night life hospitality association claims a proposal by d.c. mayor to raise the district's minimum wage to $15 an hour could reduce their income. he said most of t
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in the vibrant dining bar scene get a tip wage calculated at one quarter of the minimum wage which will rise to 11.50 an hour july 1st. the mayor's plan would increase it to $15 by 2020. >> employers have to cut jobs, reduce shifts and shorten shifts so they make less money and people tip less because prices have to go up. >> reporter: a $15 an hour minimum wage could be the subject of a november 8th ballot initiative if it gets enough signatures. >> i'm in favor of $15 an hour. it will cause people to lose jobs which i'm not in favor of. it is a tricky topic. don't really know the answer it to. >> i have not done my research on that yet because i'm busy working. so that i can support myself but i think a minimum wage should be raise sod that everybody can support themselves. >> reporter: we expect to hear more about this in the coming weeks. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you.
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until next tuesday. based on early voting, people in the state are excited about the election. the state board of elections says there's been a surge in turnout already. 7.5% of eligible voters cast ballots during the early voting period that ended yesterday. a lot higher than 4.2% for the primary in 2012. virginia's house speaker says the governor's decision to restore voting rights to felons who have done their time is a blatant political move designed to help hillary clinton win the white house. he said that terry mcauliffe was changing the rules to help clinton's presidential run. he restored the rights of 200,000 convicted felons. he said it was about restoring civil rights. >> virginia will no longer build barriers to the
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we will break them down. >> i was stunned at the fact there was no consideration of the criminal activities done by the felons. >> lawmakers are reviewing the governor's executive action to see if the general assembly can take action. a virginia school board is asking for a full review of an appeals court ruling that a high school discriminated against a transgender teen by forbidding him from using the boy's restroom. three-judge panel ruled that the policy is illegal. the case goes to the full appeals court. the ruling will affect four other states including maryland. president obama criticized so-called bathroom laws in states like north carolina and mississippi. in a joint news conference with british prime minister david cameron he said laws limiting anti-discrimination protection for the lgbt community are wrong andou
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>> they are in response to politics, in part. in part some strong emotions that are generated by people some of whom are good people but i just disagree with them. >> the u.k. put out a travel advisory today warning british citizens about possible discrimination if they travel to seven u.s. states. he said americans in those states are wonderful people and british citizens should feel free to come to the states and enjoy themselves. up next, searching for the killer or killers who executed eight members of an ohio family. new reaction from governor john kasich. and preparations are underway for tomorrow's cannabis festival in d.c. the reminders are going out tonight about what you can't do tomorrow. we have more of what has to be the picture of the day. the obamas meeting wi
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young but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra
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raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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dozens of people in ohio are being interviewed as police look for the person who shot seven members of the same family execution style. >> they are concerned for the safety of other members of the family with the killer or killers still on the run. >> thank you for coming out. okay. thank you very much. >> reporter: campaigning in connecticut tonight, ohio governor and presidential candidate john kasich called the killing tragic and said he had been briefed by his attorney
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>> they don't know what is behind it and i don't want to speculate. we will find them and they will be brought to justice. >> reporter: the four crime scenes span 30 miles in rural ohio. and now eight members of the same family are dead. >> each one of the victims appears to have been executed. each one of the victims appears to be shot in the head. >> reporter: deputies got the first call just before 8:00 this morning, reporting blood in a house. they soon found seven adults and one 16-year-old boy dead. three children from four days old to three years survived. >> this is just heart breaking. the one -- the one mom apparently was killed at her bed with the 4 day old right there. >> authorities say preliminary information suggests none of the dead committed suicide, leading
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killer could be on the loose. >> there's a person or persons out that are armed, are very dangerous. >> the community east of cincinnati is stunned. >> we are praying for the family, trying to lift up up the family. we will do anything we can to reach ou and comfort them. >> reporter: the motive is unclear. investigators say it appears the family was targeted. resident on an apartment complex in glover park are shaken up after a woman was found stabbed to death. police were called about a suspicious package but found the woman dead. they say she was visiting a 59-year-old sykes who lives there. investigators are trying to figure out the motive. the first ever national cannabis festival comes to d.c. tomorrow but won't be any lighting up. organizers are asking people to leave their pot at home because d.c.'s law only allows for the use of marijuana in private
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homes. instead, they will be highlighting the debate of marijuana laws all over the country. >> this is a unique event. we are using it to marry policy issues with art, music and great celebration. >> the festival starts at noon tomorrow on the grounds of rfk stadium. on earth day secretary of state john kerry joined other world leaders at the u.n. to sign an historic agreement that says they will help protect the planet. 175 countries moved closer to implementing the agreement on climate change today. under the deal, countries will set targets for reducing emissions for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. >> good stuff. >> earth day is a good thing. >> love earth day. >> causes a lot of good things to happen. >> you are wearing a green tie. >> yeah. >> i think you should rock the red and i should do the earth day tie. >> you don't want to go with the red. you were down there. >>
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beard or never come back to the verizon center. show you what is happening outside. cloud cover and showers across the area. 65 degrees is the current temperature. we are mild. very mild for this time of the year. a 59 to winchester and martinsburg. back to martinsburg. that's where the showers are. we have been talking about the need for rain. boy do we need rain. so far for the month of april we are well over average. that's the deficit since march 1st until 3 1/2 inches below. some of you have seen rain, others not so much. d.c. has not seen much rain at all. a trace at the airport. fredericksburg a little more than that. leonardtown, southern maryland a third of an inch. they saw good rain. to the west we have seen good
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this rain has not been able to make it oef the blue ridge. it has been to the west. let's show you where the area is. back to winchester, frederick , along i-81. more showers and a couple of rumbles of thunder coming through. there's frederick , maryland, northern loudoun county getting in on the action. as they come over the mountains they die off. we will see a couple more showers an there are more to the west. that's what i'm watching for tomorrow morning. if, say, a game tomorrow morning, maybe soccer practice or game with the kids, 7 a.m., we could see more showers, once again to the west. around our area, but around 10:00, 11:00, they get around here. by noon we are starting to see sunshine break out. by late afternoon, 4:00, i think everybody sees sunshine and looking at a nice afternoon. i think tomorrow will be a nice afternoon for sure. 59 degrees. a few showers. 11:00 a.m. 65, maybe an isolated shower. most of us dry.
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night. a great night to get dinner outdoors. 74 for the high in leesburg. 74 fredericksburg. 69 in annapolis. holding on to the clouds 72 for you folks. 72 on sunday. abundant sunshine. look at monday and tuesday. 85 on monday. 86 on tuesday. we go down a little bit, down to 67 on wednesday and then back close to 80 on thursday. chance of showers, couple of thunderstorms on thursday. also tuesday, both days we could see a couple of thunderstorms but right now we still need the rain. it doesn't look like there's a big weather system out there that will give us a lot of it. >> might as well get to the car wash. >> can't move on just yet.
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r this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. they had a lot of chances tonight and now back up to philly. >> the phone booth full of tears. jason, what's it like out there? >> not good so far. we have to head back to philly for game six. we know the capitals wanted to finish this series tonight, but the flyers do a good job of hanging around. that's what started the game off in fwam five. t.j. did not waste anytime letting him know how he
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about his cheap shot against yevgeny in game four. they drop the glove an the hands are flying. no score after one period. that change in the second. taylor, the clock hits off and ryan white of the flyers gets credit for it. philly go up 1-0. the captain was brilliant tonight once again. 44 saves in one. absolutely awesome. third period, philly looking for insurance and they get that with that empty net goal. that would end the game. we will see a game six. the caps lose 2-0 and lead the series 3-2. >> doesn't matter what else we did. we have to find a way to get the puck in the back of the net. >> i think for a full 60 it is a better game for us.
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>> went four games. seven in the series. doesn't matter how we did it. we are going in. we play our game we will -- >> everyone talks about the past, the past, the past, the only pressure we will have is on ourselves. i mean, we have to go in to philadelphia. and we have to play really well. and get a win there. >> good game for us. can't be too upset with a good game. we keep trucking along. >> this series heads back to philadelphia. game six comes your way this sunday at noon. caps and flyers. watch the game here on nbc4. elsewhere, the redskins making a huge season. they bring in quarterback norman of the
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former panther signed almost $75 million contract over the span of five years. the nats were back home hosting the twins. big night for that guy. jayson werth. slashing the leather to left. watch this. a home run. jayson werth showing off the hops. beautiful grab there. worth another look. werth was not done. at the plate, went over the wall. showing off. the nath nats roll over minnesota 8-4. the birds playing the world series champs. mike doing the honors here. he sent the ball in to orbit and out of the park. royals are up 2-0. manny hit
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good. sixth home run of the season right there. it was not enough as the orioles fall in this one. their final score 4-2. news tonight from the verizon center, the caps fall to the flyers, philadelphia forces a game six. we will see if the caps can get it don't and close out the series sunday. you can watch it here on nbc4. back to you. >> we tnk they canhi i'm chris van hollen. my entire public life i've worked to bring people together for the common good. sometimes that means taking on and beating powerful special interests... like big oil, the nra and wall street. and i've done that. but sometimes it means finding common ground to get things done for marylanders. that's especially important now--
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when so many seek to divide us. we must ensure that every child can succeed and build an economy that works for everyone. i approve this message because together we can get more things done. i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families.
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as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, demi lovato,


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