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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now on "news4 today," a suspect rams a car, speeds away and does it all again. how officers nabbed the guy they say was behind the wheel. remembering an icon. thousands honoring prince as investigators piece together his final moments. watch out! flyers will seal the deal here. >> bring on game six. the flyers shut out the caps. frustrating fans and setting up a harolder path to the stanley cup. >an
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hockey, pressure is on now. much more on that coming up, but it is so far, you can tell outside, a cloudy start, but the sun, it promises to be back. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and welcome on this saturday. you might need a rain jacket this morning, but not much longer. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking when the showers move out. >> good morning. starting this saturday morning, overnight showers a blessing for allergy sufferers. that did wash out a lot of the pollen in the air the last several days. looking at storm team 4 radar, showers north and west of the metro area. these pockets of yellow, coming down harder here. showers, northern shenandoah valley along 81 up to hagerstown tracking off to the south and east. closer to the metro area by later this morning.
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showers coming right through the metro area. heading out the door, grab the umbrella. a drying pattern on the way returning, in just a few minutes. >> tom, check in with you then. thank you. 6:02 is your time. a developing story this morning. one man is in custody after hitting not one but two police cars in montgomery county. the first car hit at the travel lodge on 13th street in silver springs, and the second just a few blocks away at the intersection of eastern and georgia avenues. no officers were hurt. we're going to find out the suspect's name as soon as we get more information we'll have it right here and bring it to you or on the nbc washington app. it could be several weeks before we know the cause of death of music icon prince. meanwhile, fans around the world are remembering his music and his legacy. nbc's janel klein has more from minneapolis where fans continue to celebrate the singer's life. >> reporter: he was both famous and famously private. pr
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musical genius and an enigma. >> his talent, his joy. beautiful. >> it feels like a family member has passed away. it's just -- just agonizing. >> reporter: how his life ended is a mystery itself. police say the 57-year-old singer was last seen wednesday night. then not again until the following morning, found unresponsive in an elevator at his paisley park studios. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. we have no reason to believe at this point that this was a suicide. >> reporter: his staff telling dispatchers he was already dead when they called for help. >> medical -- >> we are going to leave no stone unturned with this, and make sure that -- that the public knows what happened. >> reporter: while investigators wait for toxicology tests, prince's body was moved from the medical examiner's office and returned to his family, seen leaving a funeral home.
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>> reporter: and as fans around the world give prince tribute in shades of his signature color, those in his hometown's minneapolis showers his studio with his own kind of purple rain. janel klein, nbc news. and you can remember the life and music of prince right here in our region. the national portrait gallery has put this black and white photo of the artist taken back in the '90s back on display. you can see the 1984 classic "purple rain" in theaters again. a lot of friends watching that the last couple of days. it will play at the hoffman center and capital center in margo, the prince fan club will hold a memorial service happening tonight in the park starting at 5:00. now, the tributes, they continue tonight right here on nbc 4. "saturday night live" will run a special called "good night sweet
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performances on the show and sketches about him. catch that right after news 4 at 11:00. police observe a moment of silence for lieutenant ulyo ulmschneider and those recovering. >> one week ago a prince george county firefighter died and another injured. at 7:51 friday evening you heard the definite observing a moment of radio silence to mark the time firefighters called for help. the shooting left john ulmschneider dead responding to a medical call and kevin swain left seriously injured. the man who pulled the trigger thought someone was breaking into his home. that homeowner has not been charged. >> now to the latest in decision 2016. folks, don't head to the polls for maryland's primary until tuesday, but if you look at early voting, people in the
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are excited about this election. the state board of elections says there's been a surge in turnout. about 7.5% of eligible voters cast ballots during the early voting period that ended thus. a nice increase over the 4.2% that turned out in 2012. >> we should tell you, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders heading to maryland and delaware ahead of next week's contest, making a stop in baltimore this morning, then is off to wilmington. sanders is trailing clinton by about 800 delegates, but is vowing to stay in the race. and bernie sanders is going to sit down with "meet the press" moderator chuck todd talking about his campaign strategies ahead of tuesday's contest. and chuck todd will speak with members of the gop talking about the acceptance of front-runner donald trump. tomorrow at 10:30 right after "news4 today." time, 6:06. a major facet
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today. sites out of virginia and maryland beautifying the waterfront in celebration of earth day. thousands of neighbors, community leaders and elected officials are set to participate. the cleanup from 9:00 a.m. to noon followed by a celebration at rfk stadium at noon. neighbors in the cullmore area of getting ready for their annual spring cleanup. volunteers will be picking up trash and bring awareness to keeping that community clean. they'll be meeting at the woodrow wilson library. it's efforts run from 9:00 this morning until noon. well, there's a new pushback against raising d.c.'s minimum wage. why some workers are against the plan and the impact it could have. a tragic story developing right now. five people from the same family shot and killed. the dangerous situation that unfolded overnight, and the new obstacles for
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we're back with a developing story this morning out of georgia. police say the man suspected of shooting and killing five people from the same family is dead. wayne haass had a self-inflicted gunshot wound near augusta, suspected of killing thee people at one location, headed to another spot a few miles away and he's believed to have shot two others. police believe he snapped when he found out his wife was divorcing him. some of the victims were related to the suspect's wife. residents at an apartment complex in glover park are shocked after a woman was found stabbed to death. police were calmed about a suspicious package but ended up finding the woman dead inside a fifth floor apartment. they say she was visiting 59-year-old charles sikes who lived in that complex. sikes was arrested. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive. there's new concern
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raising d.c.'s minimum wage. some employees worried the wage hike could actually cost them money. here's why -- it's the tip wage workers we're talking about like those in hospitality currently making $2.70 an hour in addition to tips received. that's a quarter of the current minimum wage. the increase could cause employers to go back on staffing. instead they say the tipstaff be raised to about $3.75. >> employers cut jobs, shorten shifts and people tip less because prices have to go up. >> the mayor is set to present legislation for the minimum wage next month. we are starting out cloudy with a few showers, but it won't be long before the sun breaks out. tom is tracking whether it will be clear to grill or eat oute,
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it took ten seconds for a fight and the caps couldn't get it going.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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>> announcer: and now here's storm team 4 forecast. good morning. i'm tom kierein. on the right of your
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storm team 4 radar showing the moving color rain and the area in the yellow, moderate showers. right now just east of hagerstown and south of winchester, those showers are tracking off to the south and east and getting closer to the metro area, perhaps in about another hour or so. even though it may have tapered off where you are now those showers will begin to move on in. the view showing the showers east of hagerstown moving into frederic county and the other shower, areas in yellow moving into northern virginia over the next couple of hours. >> tom, thanks. 6:15. you won't believe the weather to our west. no, this is not video from january, folks. this is what april in parts of northern california is looking like right now. just three inches of snow fell in the lower parts of the sierra valley on friday, and get this. close to a foot in higher elevations. as you can see, it's making for a tough get-around over there. good news is, the folks say that
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that is incredible. >> wow. world leaders at the u.n. signed an historic to protect the earth. 175 countries moved one step closer to implementing the paris agreement on climate change. under the deal, countries will set strict targets for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. >> so it hasn't happened a half century. soon passengers including cuban-americans will be allowed to cruise to and from the island of cuba. carnival will travel with passengers from both countries including cuban-born passengers. the announcement comes after the cuban government said it would scrap a long-standing ban on permitting cubans who escaped the country to return on a cruise ship. it holds about 700
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"the fathom" and will head to cuba every other week. heads off from south florida to havana may 1st. the justice department saying no thanks to apple this morning who has withdrawn a request to force apple to release information linked to a drug case. someone gave them the passcode to that iphone. the justice department just dropped a legal fight to make apple help break into an iphone used by the san bernardino gunman. so if you stayed up, or watched the game yesterday, we don't have to tell you. not a good night for caps fans last night in philly. the flyers took a 2-0 victory over the caps. >> the question, whether fans will follow the team back to philly tomorrow for game six. here's the quest for the cup with jason. >> reporter: the capitaling pounded the flyers for 44 shots on goal in game five,
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they lose 2-0 and now the series heads back to philadelphia. the only real flyers goal not even a good one. second period, ryan white shot deflects off the skate of taylor and into the net. it's 1-0 philadelphia. from there the capitals create a shooting gallery. answering each bell. 44 saves. flyers, empty netter at the end to win 2-0. the locker room still upbeat about how they played. >> the best you've played the series, do you think? >> for a full 60, yeah. that's a better game for us. so keep shooting the puck until we find the back of the net. >> we believe we can win four games out of seven in the series, doesn't matter how we do it. going into philly, same mindset, we play our game we're going to come out best. >> it's a hockey game. puck's not round. ice isn't perfect. things happen. goalie's playing well. we threw a lot at them. we got to
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us, and you can't be upset with a good game, just with the result and we keep trucking along. >> reporter: game six comes your way sunday at noon in philadelphia. you can watch that game right here on nbc 4. the capitals lead this series three games to two. they plan to close it out this sunday. from the verizon center, jason pugh, news 4 sports. okay. some early sprinkles this morning in some parts. >> yeah. you can see a lot of clouds behind us. a few breaks in the clouds, though, on the eastern horizon. sun trying to break out but not making it out until this afternoon. right now looking at union station. live view from the capitol camera showing the flag flapping in a gentle breeze that will shift to the north and west and get a little gusty getting into the afternoon hours. storm team 4 radar showing more rain. off to the north and west. it is tracking southeast pulling from hagerstown towards frederic. another batch, shenandoah valley, panhandle west virginia,
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loudon county, prince william, montgomery over the next hour. into the district over the next hour or so. temperatures in the 50s just about everywhere. low 60s in washington, near 60 around the shes pique bchesapea. the pollen washed out. pollen count lower, tree pollen mostly oak. notice relief for allergy sufferers. plan to get exercise in, dodging a shower from now until 11:00, maybe even 1:00. then drying out. blustery winds. low 70s by 4:00. by 6:00 p.m. back down into the upper 60s. going out tonight, it will be nice. in the 50s through the evening and partly cloudy and chilly tomorrow morning, upper 40s, but sunshine back on sunday. best day of the weekend tomorrow, after highs around 70. then feeling like summertime monday and tuesday. afternoon highs, both days, low to mid-80s. and maybe some showers and perhaps even a few scattered
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drying out on wednesday. in the 60s. maybe more showers and thundershowers around thursday afternoon and evening perhaps lingering into friday morning. we're back, right after this. melissa mollet with first 4 traffic and issues on the roads and rails for the weekend. first of all, 395 northbound between seminary and duke street, going have lanes shut down this weekend. the hov lanes northbound there. north of edsel road, replacing signs there, and those will be partially shut down for the weekend. we're talking about 9:00 friday night to monday morning at 4:00 a.m. rolling road, fairfax county parkway also weekend closures there. one lane only open each's way between midnight friday night and 5:00 p.m. saturday, and then midnight saturday to 5:00 p.m. sunday. as they sort of do some overnight road work. taking a look at metro here this weekend. red line basicallyni
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18 minutes. silver 10, blue line 20, and orange line every 20. green line, buses replace train there's at green belt. have a great weekend. see you monday morning for "news4 today." 6:22 your time. a mass shooting changed her life forever but she's not letting anything stop her now. the remarkable and inspiring recovery giving her and her rtire family
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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sounds like something out of a movie. a police chase in los angeles ended when a woman stopped her car, took off all hef clothes. >> wow. >> uh-huh. and then surrendered. only in l.a. right? police chased the woman in an suv this morning for about two hours. police say the chase started in pasadena after a domestic dispute and ended in downtown l.a. she is now fully dressed, we're happy to report, but she is behind bars. >> what a scene out there. >> just when you think you've seen it all you see more. >> l.a. proves you wrong. >> there you go. an uber driver charged with killing six people in a shooting rampage is competent to stand trial. >> moeanwhile, a young woman sht and recovering and making a remarkable recovery. nbc 4 spoke exclusively with the rv
6:26 am
>> reporter: she has beaten the odds with a miracle combination of grace and courage -- >> honey, so good to see you. >> reporter: love and determination. >> i love you, mama. >> i love you, too, beautiful. >> reporter: 14-year-old abby coff has come home. how come you're always smiling? >> because i'm happy and home. >> reporter: two months after a bullet pierced her skull. early on, doubt whether she would even make t. i said, baby, if you're in there and can hear me, just let me know. >> and within a few minutes after that, i was sitting there and all of a sudden her hand just, like, went like that. and she grasped my fingers. >> reporter: since that day, abby's young life has been a struggle, filled with intense rehabilitation, that ra brought her back from the brink. relearning how to balance and walk. >> was it frustrating? >> yeah. very frustrating. >> reporter: but this young
6:27 am
her future. >> i want to be a marine biologist. >> reporter: go to college. good for you. and she's got a whole bunch of teenager inside. >> how old are you? [ laughter ] >> reporter: do you really want -- i don't know if you can count that high. and through it all the star lighting the way -- you're smiling, all of a sudden everybody is smiling in the room. abby's smile. >> i see that smile every day and i love it. so nice. >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, battle creek, michigan. >> she has a beautiful smile. >> yeah. >> beautiful. it's a little breezy out, but the sun's going to start coming through the clouds soon. tom is tracking when showers will be long gone and you can get outside to enjoy the weekend. >> so it's in the name, but you can't find any there and you can't bring any. the controversy as thousands prepare for a new festival today in d.c. developing right now -- eight members of the same family killed. the manhunt and concern as police try to
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it's 6:30. here are the top stories we're following -- a man is in custody after hitting not one but two police cars in montgomery county. first at the travel lodge in silver spring. the second a few blocks away at the intersection of eastern and georgia avenue. no officers were hurt. it could be several weeks before we know the cause of death of music ico
6:31 am
an elevator in his home in suburban minneapolis thursday morning. police say there was no sign of trauma. police in georgia say the man suspected of shooting and killing five people from the same family is dead. wayne haass was found with self-inflicted gunshot wounds this morning in appling near augusta. he's charged with killing three people at one location. the other two shot a few miles away last night. at 6:31, like many of us looking outside, wondering when the rain and clouds will clear and we can enjoy what hopefully will be a beautiful day. welcome back. i'm david culver and i'm angie goff. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking how long clearing will take. >> several hours as we still have more rain on the way. right out in the storm team 4 radar is showing more showers north and west of the metro area heading our way coming in from the north and west.
6:32 am
showers are producing moderate downpours. right now the pockets of yellow in the somethishenandoah valley over prince william the next hour or so and showers near hagerstown coming into frederick county maryland, tracking along interstate 270 over the next hour. now a few sprinkles northern montgomery counseledy into northern loudon county. other light showers on the eastern shore. a couple more hours of showers coming through, then a clearing trend for the afternoon. look at that, coming right up. >> tom, check in with you then. 6:32 your time. thousands of folks expected to head to rfk stadium today 20 take part in the first-ever national cannabis festival. there will be food, music and, of course, everything you need to know about pot. but as news 4 mark seagraves tells us, you might want to
6:33 am
leave your marijuana at home. >> reporter: one of the reasons they're having the festival, highlighting the debate over marijuana laws in d.c. and around the country. >> this is not a user focus event. advocacy event. a lot of social justice issues important around cannabis. >> reporter: there will be lots for people who do smoke pot to enjoy here, able to by pair fer nail ra and learn how to grow your own but no seed giveaways and not able to light up. >> reminding people of d.c. law. >> reporter: the event starts at noon with lots of bands performing including de la soul and plenty of food as well. >> a unique event. using this opportunity to marry important 30epolicy issues arou cannabis. >> federal land and law prohibits folks from possessing marijuana. the u.s. park police telling news 4
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use of the land. therefore, d.c. law will be enforced. under d.c. law, possession is allowed. a developing story out of ohio this morning. the search continues this morning for a man suspected of killing eight members of the same family. seven adults and a teenage boy were shot and killed in four different houses in a small town east of cincinnati yesterday. police say that right now they are looking for one suspect. a 4 day old child and three our children were also in the houses during the shooting. they were not hurt. >> you know, the one -- the one mom apparently was killed in her bed with the 4-day-old right there. >> reporter: police say right now there is no clear motive, but they believe the family was targeted. a blatant political move designed to help hillary clinton win the white house. that's what virginia house speaker calls the governor's decision to restore voting
6:35 am
their time. republican speaker william howell said the governor terry mcauliffe was clearly changing the rules to help hillary clinton's run. the governor says it's about restoring civil rights. >> no longer build barriers to the ballot box. we will break them down. >> i was stunned at the fact that there was no consideration of -- the criminal activities done by the convicted felons. >> speaker howell, you saw right there, says lawmakers are reviewing the governor's executive order to see if the general assembly can take some kind of action. two schools in the district will stagger their arrival and dismissal times for the students after a number of conflicts at the two high schools. they are located about 20-minute walk apart from students using the same bus and
6:36 am
starting monday, mckinley starts at 8:35, let out student around 3:05 in the afternoon. at dunbar, asked to arrive a little later, 8:55 and leave at 3:55. time on this saturday, 6:36. weekend runners. those out for a jog, you may see a new change on your route. the project will replace one of the popular paths in our area. the crisis in flint has many worried about lead in their water. how neighbors are easing concerns about their own
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we came up with something altogether and it was unanimous. >> krista woods, you are next. [ applause ] >> congratulations. >> after being crowned "today's" next big bang, this morning the mo
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to qvc. krista woods created glove sticks. it's a unique deodorizer on two sticks. insert nem gloves, shoes and other smelly sports gear to remove the yucky odor. we talked to woods via skype thursday who told us the inspiration from the product came from her three athletic kids. >> i couldn't get the smell out. we were riding with the windows down, and i was like, this isn't right. i turned to my husband and i was like, this is not right. i'm like, this is not normal. i was like, i'm going to invent something. and he literally looked at me -- actually i said we're going to invent something. he literally looked at me, yeah, right, honey. i was like, seriously. the idea popped in my head. >> thank you. >> wow. cool. woods beat out two other mom inventors in the final round in addition to a trophy and bragging rights, woods will be selling her product at 10:00 this morning on qvc. sign me up.
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really cool. >> i know. all-pro cornerback josh norman trading his carolina panthers uniform for the burgundy and gold. he has signed a five-year contract with the washington redskins and it's a hefty one, folks worth $75 million. $50 million of that is guaranteed. it is a cloudy start to saturday morning, but we're going to get up to the 70s today. tom is tracking if rain will get in the way of your afternoon plan. and a lot more than simple landscaping, and can add thousands to your property value. the unique history rooted across our area.
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i'm chris van hollen. my entire public life i've worked to bring people together for the common good. sometimes that means taking on and beating powerful special interests... like big oil, the nra and wall street. and i've done that. but sometimes it means finding common ground to get things done for marylanders. that's especially important now-- when so many seek to divide us. we must ensure that every child can succeed and build an economy that works for everyone. i approve this message
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we can get more things done.
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6:43 is your time. the "today" show up next on nbc 4. see what they're working on. >> sheinelle jones and craig melvin join us live from new york. good morning. >> good to so you. >> coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," live from min men as new video emerges of prince's last concert. this morning the latest on the investigation into his death and talk with a renowned forensic pathologist of what might have killed him. housing market on the rebound, and the stock market, lots of questions whether now is the time to invest, list your
6:44 am
we'll break down money matters for you this morning. plus, ah, prince george stealing the show with adorable robe and pajamas. the photos you won't want to miss. >> plus, 400 years after his death we decided to celebrate shanks pier with another anchor challenge. shakespeare quote or taylor swift lyric. all that -- >> ooh. >> you'd be surprised how difficult it is. >> very entertaining. >> thanks, guys. >> see you then. 6:44 is your time now. notice something new if out and about along a popular outdoor path this weekend. >> the cno canal trust is replacing the bridge over macarthur boulevard and brickyard road. the project is part of the centennial celebration for the national park still be able to the old bridge while the work on the new bridge continues. pretty cool. >> yeah. we have a
6:45 am
out of india we're following. 16 people are dead after a mudslide hit tawong in northeastern india yesterday. heavy rain triggered the mudslide. several workers in a nearby hotel managed to escape. the heavy rain comes ahead of the regular monsoon seize chn hits the area in june through september. more than 25,000 people looking for new homes after an earthquake in ecuador. the 7.8 quake hit the country seven days ago. more than 600 people killed in that quake. it is the deadliest in south america since 1999. right now about 130 are still missing. in the wake of the flint water crisis many americans wondering if they should be drinking their water and checking it for lead. as nbc's tracie potts explains that includes many right here in the d.c. area. >> reporter: jim meyers trusts the water in his kitchen today, but in 2004, he and thousands of others in
6:46 am
contaminated with lead. one sink with pipes that date back to 1907 worries him. >> that one was higher than normal, which is no surprise. >> reporter: the city was forced to remove thousands of lead pipes like these that ran from the water main to homes and businesses, but meyers paid to replace the pipes inside his home. every week, scientists in this army corps' engineers lab test water for lead in more homes. the epa estimates as many as 10 million buildings in this country may be getting water through a pipe that is at least partially made of lead. >> it's older communities that may have more of a problem than, for example, a water system built completely in the last few decades. >> reporter: lead is not just in pipes, in solder that bonded pipes together. so should you test your water? >> lead is not good for anyone, but a particular risk t
6:47 am
developing children and pregnant women. so if you're in that category, an extra layer of scrutiny and concern is well worth it. >> reporter: because of flint, more people are thinking about safe water. environmentalists think that's a good thing. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. if you want to have your water tested, the epa suggests checking with your local water authority for a list of certified labs. you can go to the nbc washington app, search what you see on your screen there. water test, to get a link to that site. it's 6:47. cell phone records help convict a man in a 7-year-old homicide that happened in old town, alexandria. according to our news partner, wtot, convicted yesterday in the deadly stabbing of horton who was stabbed back in 2009. the metro station. cell phone records put the two men together on the date of the stabbing and showing smith traveling back to maryland alone after the incident. a major change is in store for trash ic
6:48 am
george's county. you nay have 2340e69 noticed fl your door. moving to once a week trash pickup instead of twice a week. next week they will distribute new trash cans. they say there wasn't enough trash to justify a second collection. new inspiration is about to debut for special needs athletes in alexandria. a mural covers the one drap wall opposite the kelley cares miracle field on jefferson field. you see time lapse of this being created. cool. local artist matt corrado created the design with the words "courage to live big" which particularly applies to the special needs players. >> we have unity with the hands and the butterfly. so it's about community and growing together. having the courage to live big and to be courageous and to help each other and grow as a community. >> well, the official unveil lg happen today at
6:49 am
admire the tall trees lining your community? well, this past week, the arlington county board officially names 23 notable trees. i found out yesterday, which was earth day, and ahead of arbor day this coming week, they're more than just trees. they're living legacies. >> reporter: outside arlington county fire station 4, change. >> you can hear in the back yound, obviously, the change happening here. we wanted to try to take some steps to try to preserve it as much as we could. >> reporter: station commander mathieu cobb talks about preserving this, well, tree. >> it's not just a tree. >> reporter: the southern magnolia went into the ground outside the station in 1965. look closely in this 230photo. the same tree standing a few feet tall some 50 years ago fop understand its personal connection you need to know about captain archie hughes. >> talked to some of the older gentlemen who are still around and they said cain
6:50 am
have been a fire chief one day. >> reporter: but at 33 his life cut short responding to a house fire. >> captain hughes and his crew went in the attic to try to put the fire out and he didn't come out when the rest of the crew did. >> reporter: a year after his death, the young roots went into the earth in memory of captain hughes, and this week, arlington's board officially named it a notable tree. arlington county's been running this program nearly 30 years, and in total have some 300 so-called notable trees. some of them in public spaces, like this elm. jamie helps run the program saying it's about recognizing the owners or caretakers as much as the tree. >> and let people know with proper care you can have a notable tree some day, too. >> reporter: for this southern magnolia, that proper care over the years came from captain hughes's fellow firefighters and those since stationed here. >> one thing we're trying to preserve is the memory and make sure that future geneti
6:51 am
not only firefighters in arlington but arlingtonians themselves know what this tree is here for and why it's here, for his sacrifice. >> reporter: and we mentioned beautiful trees like that adding value to property ahead at 9:00. in our 9:00 hour. they're beautiful, you take them in. haven't really done that before. >> such a strong symbol. what a neat nugget of a story. >> fun story to do. ahead of arbor day. a lot of folks wanting to do planting after something like that. >> and we take our trees for granted until people from out of town. i had relatives from arizona visiting, oh, it's so green here! everything is green! we just so used to it. and it is a wonderful resource we have. the trees keep us a bit cooler, and as we start off early this morning, we have around our region some showers coming through our trees. you may be hearing them coming down. the rain now north and west of the metro area all moving from the north-northwest heading south-southeast. going to be tracking close to the metro area.
6:52 am
south of hagerstown and near winchester. tracking across northern virginia into the metro area over the next couple of hours. in the upper 50s. low 60s. reagan national, 62. showers washing a lot of the pollen out of the air. we had the highest pollen count of the season so far yesterday. it's really going to be improving here as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. so maybe domp aring a morning shower here through 10:00, 11:00 clearing for an afternoon bike ride. temperatures, upper 0 60s, low 70s. drying out sunday. bright sunshine, beautiful day for outdoor recreation tomorrow. beautiful back to school and work monday. low 80s, feel like summertime. showers, maybe thundershowers tuesday afternoon. until then, mid-80s. cooler weather moves in wednesday and thursday. thursday and friday, may be showers and thundershowers thursday in
6:53 am
friday morning. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you, coming up on 6:53. four things to know on this saturday. a man is in custody after hitting not one but two police cars in montgomery county. the first car hit at the travel lodge on 13th street in silver spring and the second a few blocks ay way at the intersection of eastern and georgia avenues. no officers hurt. could be several weeks before we know the cause of death of music icon prince. the music ledge understand found dead in an elevator in his home in suburban minneapolis thursday morning. police say no sign of trauma and nothing to suggest the 57-year-old grammy winner took his own life. the man suspected of shooting and killing five people from the same family is dead. crews found wayne haass with a self-inflicted gunshot wound near augusta. he is suspected of killing the four people at two different locations. not a good night for caps' fans last night. flyers took a
6:54 am
fans follow the team back to philly tomorrow for game six in the quest for the cup. >> a lot of eyes on that. then awe factor, the young prince. adorable moment that kept a future leader up pastis h
6:55 am
i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
6:56 am
okay. you've got to see the adorable moments that kept a future world lead
6:57 am
prince william and kate allowed 2-year-old prince george to stay up 15 minutes past his bedtime for good reason. to meet president obama and the first lady last night. george slipped into his bathrobe and pajamas for the cute moment then off to bed. i think right now that bathrobe sold out everywhere. >> sure. he looks so kensington. doesn't he? right. >> awesome. okay. so today, these clouds will break apart. going to be a good day. >> after morning showers, likely sunshine back, low 70s. best day of the weekend tomorrow, though. sin, up near 70 sunday afternoon. >> sounds good. >> that's going to do it for "news4 today." back in 25 minutes wth ai
6:58 am
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because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. . good morning. serious in life and in death a. day after his autopsy, authorities remain tight lipped this morning about what killed prince. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at tall. >> rumors swirling of a possible drug problem as eerie new video emerges of his final concert. the singer saying he was sorry for a previous health scare. tributes still pouring in from across the country and around the world. we are live outside paisley park. massive man hunt. authorities searching for the shooter or shooters in ohio who gunned down eight members of the same family in the same home,


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