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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  April 23, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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welcome to "news4 this week." >> hi, everyone. i'm veronica johnson. we'll show you the local stories making news this week. among them, you're told a loved one is being held at gunpoint. will you pay up or call the police? the news4 i-team discovers how they play on your first fears. and it's been fire years since the east coast earthquake and repairs are still needed. we'll give you an inside look at the next stage and why it's taking so long to complete. and it's never too early to rock the how the cats are creating new fans from birth. well, people saying that colt loved her job as a firefighter/paramedic and now her familiar legal and local
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her car was found at the shen na doe wa national park but she's still missing as search teams combed the woods, we report on the public pleas for help. >> reporter: nicole's locker is untouched the last week. the missing firefighters husband and sister gathered with her firefighting family hoping to more broadly spread word of her disappearance in hopes that the new tips could bring her home. >> we are gathered here today as brothers and sisters to place our 911 call to the general public and ask that the media get the word out to everyone if you see something about nicole, then please say something. >> reporter: her husband steve, a virginia state police sergeant, added his voice to the plea tearfully thanking the many search teams. then he had these words for his wife. >> sweetheart, i love you.
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i'm not sure where you are, but know we are all looking for you. and i look forward to your safe return. >> reporter: she hasn't been heard from since april 13th. her mini cooper found saturday night in the national park, the canyon parking lot. that's where searchers are focusing their efforts. the k-9 team is not here right now. they are up in the woods somewhere. we're told there are four different volunteers search and rescue groups involved in the operation here. one of them includes some fairfax county firefighters who volunteer with one of the teams. she has only been with the fire department for a few years but made her mark quickly. >> very motivated, dedicated, firefighter/paramedic. always happy, always wanting to help people. and she fit right into the rescue department. >> reporter: now the department and her family join together in the hope that nicole returns to her job very soon. in fairfax county,
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>> we have links to a facebook page and website created by her family for those wanting to help. you can find them by searching missing firefighter in the nbc washington app. well, there's a new way to commute to northern virginia. metro's rapid bus system in alexandria now stretches all the way to arlington. the buses have their own dedicated lanes so they can zoom past traffic along route 1 between pentagon city and down to the metro stations. the metro way bus stops have a distinctive look including screens that offer information about wait times. some riders told us they hope the new system will shorten their commutes. >> it's going to cut it by half, i believe, now that it will have its own lane, it doesn't have to compete with the crystal city traffic. >> i'm anxious to see how it works. >> cautiously optimistic. >> drivers who use the bus-only lane will get a warning for the next 30 days. after that, t
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driving in that lane, goes up to $200. well, a last-minute push by the district could help the national park service get millions to repair the arlington memorial bridge. the district government agreed to co-sponsor a grant application for the federal government's fast lane program. the grant is worth $150 million and it's critical to fixing the bridge. the park service just approached the district last week and the two sides managed to hammer out a deal before this week's application deadline. well, one community in northern virginia is celebrating a first. they cut their first ribbon for the first and only brewery at noon on saturday in washington plaz zachlt f plaza. for years, they have been brewing beer for themselves and they decided, hey, let's just make this a career. the nano brewery will o
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microbrewery. >> we can ferment up to six beers at a time and we brew a different variety every time we brew. we'll eventually have up to 12 years on tap. >> mmm, beer. the names on the taps are not the names of the beer. they were chosen by investors who contributed to a kick-starter campaign. work is under way on the second phase of the repairs to the national cathedral building that occurred in the earthquake. it's much more stable now but broken pieces still need to be put back to place. as megan mcgrath reports, it faces awfully big challenges. >> this is exactly how it was left the day of the earthquake and what we found when we got up here. it popped at this joint here. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to literally move the stones of the grand pinnacle. >> we'll rep
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hole in the bottom of this. >> reporter: rattled by that earthquake back in 2011, more than five years later, the national cathedral still needs major repairs. and stonework, it's expensive and slow. it will likely take more than ten years to finish the work. >> this is an extremely labor-intensive building. this is -- the stonework, assembling these stones, carving them, it's just very difficult and complex work. you're not just putting up thin pieces of stone. >> reporter: work begins tomorrow morning on the north transcept. a large crane will be used to lower the stones to the ground. no small feat considering they weigh between 400 and 2800 pounds and the logistics present just one challenge. money is another big problem. now, as it stands right now, there's only enough money to do the work here on the north
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complete the entire job and that all has to come from private donations. if the money isn't found, then the work is going to stop. from the national cathedral, megan mcgrath, news4. it's been the slogan of the district for years but now the council wants to add one word to d.c. license plates. and he's only 9 but he's been an inspiring voice for years and now he's being awarded for his courage.
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when getting a view from above of a massive wildfire at the park in virginia, forestry officials say the fire has grown steadily since last weekend scorching more than 5600 acres, more than a dozen trails have been closed and the weather isn't helping. you've got below average rain coupled with low humidity, all being the perfect fuel for that cond
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those wildfires throughout the commonwealth. well, with the addition of just one word, the d.c. council is looking to toughen up the message on d.c. license plates. for 15 years, d.c. tags have said taxation without representation. now, council member charles allen is proposing that the the tags say and taxation. it would be another symbol of the lack of voting rights and could draw more attention to the situation. 11 of the 13 council members support that change. well, a 9-year-old virginia boy who survived cancer and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research was honored this week with the military child of the year award. christian of quaintico, virginia, was just 2 when diagnosed with cancer. by age 4, he was speaking to large audiences to raise money for cancer programs. christian, whose father is a
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enradio, marine, he dedicates his life to helping others. >> the cancer walk is on sunday or saturday. and hoping the homeless on sunday or saturday. >> sharp kid. each child got $10,000 and a laptop at the event in arlington. well, $140 million hotel is coming to college park right by university of maryland and this week it reached a construction milestone. school and county leaders took a tour of the site on baltimore avenue and celebrated the completion of the roof. the hotel is part of an ongoing initiative to enhance the business districts around the canvas. it is set to open in spring of 2017. well, it's been a working farm since george washington owned it. now part of the mt. vernon
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possibilities for military members after they return home from service. and it's a call that would change your life but the fbi says it could be a scam. the i-team investigation, next.
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for years, it was a crime centered near the u.s./mexico border but now virtual kidnapping is moving east into our area. scott macfarlane uncovers a scream that one victim covers the biggest trauma of his life. >> what would you do if you answered your phone and heard this? >> i've got your wife. she's held at gunpoint. >> would you believe the threat? >> keep your phone to your ear. do not call the police. i will kill her. >> the caller claimed that his wife was in a car accident, that she hit and injured
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immediately to pay for the damage -- >> i will kill your f'ing wife, point blank. >> reporter: he took it seriously because he knew the make of the car and color and heard a female screaming on the phone. he texted a friend. all the while the man threatening york gave him instructions to wire the cash and pick up his wife at the francis scott key mall. >> as he was driving, a friend of york's contacted police suspecting york was the victim of a scream. police suspected it, too, and raced to the mall to try to intercept him. when they got here, they found him in the parking lot of the store, as expected, but it was too late. he had already wired the money. >> jamie york had been the victim of a virtual kidnapping. his wife wasn't in danger or even at the mall. she was in a different town. >> a lot of the family members will go ahead and pay the ransom and never notify the law enforcement authorities. >> you think this might be
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>> i do. >> the virtual kidnapping events since 2014, have been attempted in maryland in recent months. >> i got a phone call. >> including steve gifford. >> your brother has been in a serious accident. >> and demanding money be wired. >> i don't know what's going to happen to your brother. >> in some cases, virtual kidnappers randomly cold call seeking victims and often call from 787 and 939. almost always insisting the potential victim remain on the phone. >> if you keep the victim on the phone, the victim can't figure out it's all a hoax. >> that's right. >> he didn't call for it and told the caller. >> i'm going to let the police now. i'm going to give them your phone number and next thing i heard was click. >> jamie york was convinced. he said making matters worse, his 5-year-old
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and had to watch his dad race around town fearing for his wife. >> your adrenaline is flowing. you think it's a fight or flight and loved one is hostage. >> how would a would-be crook know york's cell phone and make of the call? he suspects it came from someone who once worked on his home. fortunately, a western union clerk stopped the money from being wired moments before it landed in the crook's bank account so police didn't file charges. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> okay. so what should you do if you're ever called by a virtual kidnapper? the fbi has specific instructions and suggestions. we've posted them on our nbc washington app. click on investigations. veterans serving our country overseas are returning home and they are looking for new missions. some have discovered they have a green thumb. now a nonprofit in our region is training them to become
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connection to one of our country's greatest heroes. >> reporter: once part of mt. vernon estate, woodlawn is still a working farm providing farm-fresh food to inner city families. recently, they have taken on a new mission here. training returning veterans on how to be sustainable farmers. >> oh, this is awesome. you get to work with other veterans, working on land that was developed and first put into production by a veteran, george washington. >> reporter: in the days with george washington owned this land, most soldiers returning from war did return to farms. these vets are following in those footsteps. in fact, this vet works these fields in his combat boots. >> i've always wanted to do farming. >> reporter: but these veterans didn't have the skills to be farmers. that's where arcadia comes in, the nonprofit providing farm fresh food to in
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training a new crop of farmers. >> one day i would like to maybe work on a couple more farms and start my own farm. >> be my own boss and working on my own farming and take it from there. >> reporter: while they lack farming skills, their military training turned out to be a big help. >> absolutely. getting up at the crack of dawn, coming on time, working hard until the job is done, not just seeing one pass and getting through it but continuously working and getting through the day and also the skill that they were doing in the military from small engine repair and carpentry and really valuable skills. >> reporter: there is one thing missing from this farm and their training. arcadia can't afford a tractor. >> currently, we're borrowing tractors from mt. vernon who have been super generous with their equipment but it won't be sustainable for them or us to keep doing that. >> reporter: having a tractor would make a big difference for these vets. >> you can learn how to drive a tractor. i've done a couple for part-time
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work on a farm and one of the jobs i didn't get it because i don't know how to drive a tractor. >> this was just the first wave of veterans arcadia has been training. they hope when the next crop of recruits get here that they will have a tractor for them to train with. if you want to help these vets, we have a link at the nbc washington app. you can search veteran farmers. mark seagraves, news4. you've watched them enter the world and now you can name the
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. i love this story and just take a look at it. the washington capitol, they are picking up some new fans during their playoff run. they are rocking the red. the team is giving away free gear to every baby born at medstar washington hospital and medstar university hospital. they get a
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bib. see, i told you it was cute. now is your chance to let your voice be heard for the names of the eaglets born at the national arboretum. you can vote until sunday night and the winning names will be announced next week. there are five different options for names. you can only vote once but you can do some lobbying for your favorite with the #namethenext. i'm veronica johnson. thanks for joining us. we leave you with a stunning new video of or planet shot from the international space station. until next time, be kind, safe, happy. bye-bye, everybody.
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chicago, illinois, 2.2 approximate million people a year come taught to see sharks. a rivalry that cultivates animosity. recent history says chicago will find a way, but the blues are on the verge of a breakthrough, pushing the defending champs


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