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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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overtime game-winner against colorado, which was scored 13 years a anunette now a assistant coach. that year the wild came back from 3-1 down twice in the playoffs to win a series. the only team in nhl history to do it twice in one playoff year. so, the face-off in the dallas zone. the extra skater will be on for the wild. koivu and the usual suspects will be part of it for the wild. dallas cannot change after the icing, so faksa will take the draw against koivu. >> pierre: these are phenomenal fans, gord, as good as anywhere in the league. this is just an awesome experience to be here in the third period. >> gord: the draw, picked up by hamsky. the empt
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against the stars who once again won't be able to change. >> pierre: he had time, he had space. he had to move his feet. he got cozy and comfortable and he just misfired. and if minnesota comes back to score, he'll remember that one, ales hemsky. >> gord: that happened in the miracle in manchester back in '82, an empty net shot missed. the face-off came back down and the tying goal was scored. >> pierre: i believe it happened in a game that he played in with patrick stepan. remember that one, gord? >> gord: yep. koivu digs in again against faksa. 46.6 seconds left. another scramble draw. this timcoe rontlled by the wild. back at the point is spurgeon. suter back with it. ryan suter to jared spurgeon. across to granlund. down low to koivu. centers, niederreiter! in the net! niederreiter banging away at it and kari lehtonen keeps it out. >> pierre: the only good piece
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didn't go in and they can change players. minnesota has it all going on right now. nino niederreiter, spurgeon, koivu, it's equal opportunity. they're stronger right now, they're quicker, they're more determined, and there's a whole lot of urgency. and look at them evaluating to see if someone in white closed their hand on the puck in the crease, because if they did, that's a penalty shot. where's the puck? >> gord: demers was diving for it. and the wild are hollering that the hand was closed. and now the referees are going to the timekeepers' bench, and they may have a look at this. remember, in the final minute of regulation and overtime, the nhl command center controls all video review. >> pierre: the key is watch number 4 in white, jason demers. where is his hand and where is the puck?
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>> gord: the puck is right there. you can see it loose for the second. it's russell standing on it. >> pierre: i don't believe the puck -- oh, did it cross the line, too, gord? watch it go off his leg. where is his pad? is it over the icing line or the goal line in this case? >> gord: here's the puck right there. have a look. oh, my. that is millimeters from being in. >> pierre: that's a great nbc-it. remember, the entire puck has to go across the goal line. >> gord: now, closing your hand on the puck is not reviewable. >> pierre: not reviewable, no. >> gord: so, what they're looking at is did the puck cross the line? >> pierre: correct. >> gord: this is the feed they're looking
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here's the call. >> referee: the puck never crossed the goal line. therefore, there is no goal. >> gord: boy, lindy ruff's been on the wrong end of one of those calls back in 1989, game six of the stanley cup final. if you live in dallas. >> pierre: remember calgary and tampa, too. the fans are seeing it on the screen. they don't like it. but the puck has to be all the way across the line. >> gord: so, 33.9 seconds left in the third period. koivu will face off against spezza. that's how close the wild came. >> pierre: hold on. they've got to get the officials over here. people are throwing money on the ice. great job by fiddler to get out there and get it so nobody can get hurt. >> gord: there is debris being thrown on, something else at center ice. >> pierre: both benches now are letting the linesmen know.
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>> gord: the crowd incensed here in st. paul by what they think is a tying goal in a game that their team trailed 4-0 not that long ago. but the focus now on the final 33.9 seconds of regulation. koivu in for spezza. and koivu wins it cleanly back. suter sends it across to spurgeon. jared spurgeon in the corner for koivu. niederreiter and pominville standing in front. 25 seconds to go in the third. granlund works his way in. mikael granlund in the corner for koivu, tries to work it back in front. benn has it, lifts it down the ice, and misses! another icing call coming at the dallas stars, this one with 13.8 seconds remaining. >> pierre: i don't think you can make it any harder on yourself than dallas has here this afternoon. first you had ales hemsky missing a wide-open one and then their best scorer, jamie benn, missing a wide-open one. >> gord: now it will be koivu
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left. everyone on their feet. 13.8 seconds remaining. kicked back by koivu. back of the line, spurgeon shoots! deflected off the leg of goligoski. suter shoots! that's blocked as well. from his knees, fired down the ice that time by spezza. racing back is spurgeon. another face-off coming. 2.9 seconds left. one more chance for the wild to try to tie this game. kari lehtonen talking it over with cody eakin. it will be spezza who takes the draw against koivu. >> pierre: players are looking for some direction. the number one thing now for spezza's just scramble the draw and get support from the wings. don't let the puck go back. >> gord: clock set at 2.9 seconds now. wild talking it over. neither team has a
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koivu against jason spezza for the face-off in the dallas zone. >> pierre: spezza's wondering if they should notch up on the boards on pominville. for koivu, it's a harder play because he's a left shot. if it was a right shot, he could just nail it to the board for pominville. >> gord: six skaters on five for the minnesota wild. they're resetting it to 3.2 seconds remaining. >> pierre: dallas it just going to stack the middle part of the ice. if you're going to beat them, you're going to have to go through a white wall. >> gord: these middle linesmen will do the drop. once spezza and koivu are in position. koivu wins it back. chance for pominville. poked away. suter shoots to the pound, blocked as well, rebound, koivu shoots! and the stars hang on to win it 5-4. they're on to the second round of the stanley cup playoffs after withstanding a furious minnesota wild rally in the
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and this crowd now rises to salute the home team. that put on such an incredible display of resilience in the third period. but in the end, the number one seed in the western conference advances to the second round. dallas moves on for the first time since 2008. time now for the "3 stars of the game" brought to you by chase freedom. >> pierre: well, patrick sharp, first star with the goal and an assist. when it looked like they were about to blow minnesota out. sharp was outstanding. jamie benn was outstanding. and how about jared spurgeon from minnesota really igniting this third-period comeback? those are your three stars. >> gord: you have been watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. coming up next on nbc, except on the west coast, it's your local news followed by back-to-back episodes of "little big shots."
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carmichael show," "crowded" and "dateline." for pierre mcguire, i'm gord miller. thanks for watching. goodnight from st. paul, minnesota. -- captions by vitac --
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i'm darcy spencer live in northeast where police are on the scene of a broad daylight shooting. a live report ahead. right now, authorities have wrapped up a news conference about the execution-style murders in ohio. now what we
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you just saw dallas beat minnesota, but the game everyone is talking about around here is the caps clinch the series against the flyers. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 starts now. good evening, everyone. i'm erika gonzalez. a man last night became the 33rd homicide victim so far this year. right now, darcy spencer is live on the scene in northeast where another man was shot in broad daylight. darcy? >> reporter: erika, d.c. police detectives have been going in and out of this apartment building for the last three and a half hours. we have been able to confirm that a man was shot and wounded. he's alive at this point. we don't have his age, but he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police on scene at the high point apartments on division avenue
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investigating the shooting of a man in broad daylight. the call went out at 2:30 in the afternoon. it was the second shooting incident near this intersection since saturday night. police have investigated several shootings and stabbings just this weekend. on kennedy street in northwest, a man was stabbed to death about 10:30 saturday night. he's been identified as 38-year-old dimas fuentes-lazo of northwest d.c. no arrest has been made. lazo's murder brings the total number of homicides this year to 33. there's been a 3% increase in murders over this time last year, a 16% uptick in sex abuse and robbery cases, and a 12% increase in violent crime over 2015. police are still working to figure out a motive for this shooting, and so far no arrests have been made. we are live in northeast. tonight, authorities in ohio st l
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killed eight people in one family friday. they still don't know who did it or why they did it, and they believe it's going to take some time to get those answers. the suspect or suspects took several steps to cover up their tracks and remove any possible evidence. >> this was not something that just happened. this was something that was planned, a family was targeted, most of them targeted while they were sleeping. >> the victims range in age from 16 to 44. three small children survived. authorities have received over 100 tips so far. they believe the suspects at large are armed and dangerous. metro says the system opened just about 7:30 this morning. it was around 8:00 last night when a train operator reported the problem, so the train stopped at kinley and everybody got off. nobody was
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still investigating exactly what happened. well, you saw the game earlier today right here on news 4. the caps beat the flyers to win their first round playoff series. jason pugh joins us live in philly with the big win. everybody can breathe a little easier now, jay. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, erika. the players, the coaches, they were just fine. they handled the pressure excellent against the flyers. they didn't want this series to drag on any longer to a game seven. game six, oh, it was a wild one. philly just looking to stay alive. let's skip ahead now. we are scoreless in the second period. caps pushing the puck up the ice.
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alex ovechkin to marcus johansson. this caps team did not want to see a game seven. >> they battled back pretty hard, but again we found a way to score one goal and keep the lead and win the game. >> i think we've just kind of reassured the fact that we know we can stay focused, we know we can battle through some adversity. that's been probably our calling card this scene is we've been able to fight back in games and play hard no matter what the situation. >> reporter: so the capitals avoid the nerves and the pressure of a game seven against the philadelphia flyers. next up, the pittsburgh penguins. i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. a man has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder aftell
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father-in-law to death last night in la plata. they say hemsley stabbed the man several times and then forced his 12-year-old daughter into his car at knife point. she was able to get away and police later caught up to the suspect. police say the quick actions of an officer in the parking lot outside a school dance in wisconsin prevented disaster. they say the officer shot 18-year-old jacob wagner, who used a rifle to shoot two students as they were leaving the prom last night. police do not believe wagner targeted the students. they believe he intended to carry out a mass shooting at the dance. the victims are expected to be okay. two days until maryland can vote in a record breaking congressional race. businessman david trone has spent $12 million. the most any one candidate has ever put into their campaign.
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house primary in the country this election cycle. also running chris matthews, jamie raskin, and william jawando, and joel rubin. pennsylvania is one of the states voting tuesday. and brand-new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton with big leads. on the democratic side, clinton leads senator bernie sanders 55% to 40% in a potential general election matchup. clinton beats trump 54 to 39. the poll has a margin of error of plus/minus 0.9 points. a year of freddie gray's death people in baltimore are
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this local barbershop a cut above the competition as the business gets a makeover. we're going to explain what makes it so unique. and a mild start to your work
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prince fans at the howard theater in d.c. today jamming to "little red corvette." they played all of prince's hits during today's prince day party at the theater. purple lights bathed the fans, many of whom wore various shades of purple. musical celebrations like this happening around the world after prince's sudden death this week. it could very well be one of d.c.'s oldest barbershops and it will soon look brand new. today, volunteers came into to spruce up the place. it's getting a new paint job. it's getting new electrical work. we caught up the manager frank love today. he started cutting hair back in 1961 and says there's a lot of history in this shop. >> we had james brown's band. they would come to get their haircut when they came to town. we had quite a few
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it's been a nice run for me. >> the shop still charges some old-school prices. you can get a haircut for 14 bucks. it was a great day to enjoy the weather at east potomac park. there are plenty of opportunities for rain in the next week. the flames nearly destroy a local woman's home and the hi i'm chris van hollen.
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people together for the common good. sometimes that means taking on and beating powerful special interests... like big oil, the nra and wall street. and i've done that. but sometimes it means finding common ground to get things done for marylanders. that's especially important now-- when so many seek to divide us. we must ensure that every child can succeed and build an economy that works for everyone. i approve this message because together we can get more things done.
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this week marks one year since freddie gray died if the back of a baltimore police transport van. baltimore became the focal point in the national debate over police treatment of african-americans. today leaders marched in a community resource rally. the unrest sparking changes in the city. >> if it were not for the uprising, i feel very confident that the mayor would have run again. if it were not for the uprising, i believe we would have the same police chief again. it's on full display and it's going to have to be addressed. >> investigators say he got in the
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six officers are facing swavari charges in connection with his death. an early morning fire in white oak destroyed a family's home, but a twist of fate may have saved the homeowner's life. >> reporter: this house was you ne -- unique. the stone work around the front door in personal specification. now most of it is all gone up in smoke. the homeowner rushed out of the devastation. >> the door closed behind her and locked. for whatever reason, she was unable to call 911 at that point. >> reporter: but then her next door neighbors were awakened. >> i saw this ball of fire. well, it was very orange. >> reporter: and very hot. hot enough to melt the vinyl siding on their home. >> it looks like the sun. >> reporter: first, it wasn't clear to neighbors if anybody was home and if they had gotten outr
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>> my husband tried to go near the house. i told him to get away. >> reporter: soon they found out the homeowner was indeed safe outside of the house. >> i grabbed my phone and i called 911. >> reporter: firefighters arrived to face the inferno. >> there was a partial roof collapse when firefighters first arrived. they had to back out temporarily. >> reporter: eventually more than 75 firefighters were attack the flames. the homeowner would be taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. it was fortunate she wasn't able to get back in for her phone. in white oak, derrick ward, news 4. here's the thing about the forecast this week. there's a lot of rain chances. unfortunately, not a lot of rain definites. we're going start off with warm tempd
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it will be very chilly out there. tomorrow will be the best day out of the workweek. we're in the low 80s. we'll have plenty of sunshine. for most of us, it is a dry day. tuesday it is hot. highs in the mid 80s with scattered showers and thunderstorms likely around mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. wednesday will be our transition day to some cooler weather to finish off the workweek. tomorrow the weather having a low impact on your day. plenty of sunshine. mostly sunny skies to start. a little bit more cloud cover during the afternoon hours and about ten degrees warmer than we were today. 60s and low 70s. we continue to track those temps across the region right now with 67 in the district. 70 in manassas and leesburg as well. 7:00 a.m., comfortably cool with a temperature around 52 degrees. definitely needing the s sunglasses for your monday
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here we are tuesday afternoon. notice a line of showers and thunderstorms moving through the area and then potentially some more scattered showers and thunderstorms after that. widespread severe weather is not in the forecast on tuesday, but if we do see a few thunderstorms develop they could have some heavy rain and potentially some gusty winds. temps in the 60s throughout the day on wednesday. have the umbrella handy on thursday. showers are looking likely. maybe a lingering shower throughout the day on friday. saturday dry. next sunday the chance for more rain. we're only looking about an inch total, and we need up to 3 inches to get us on track. >> keep the umbrella handy. better safe than sorry. still ahead, the


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