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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the firefighters grabbed her dress but smoke damage had already ruined it. so the firefighters contacted a store where she bought the dress and were able to get her a new dress in the same color. other area businesses chipped into give the teen and her date a free dinner before the big dance on saturday night. lovely. i'm angie goff here at the live desk. one month after the brussels bombings, the subway station that was hit reopened. you're looking at new video that shows that there are passengers and also heavy security on the first trains. we know that there are police escorts actually on the trains themselves. now, it is one of two places that was attacked by isis suicide bombers that killed 32 people last month. we also know a tribute wall to the victims was set up at the station. coming up on 5:01. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we want to check our weather with chuck bell. pret
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about the rest of the day? >> yes indeed, very chilly this morning. a lot of the suburbs are down in the tourt40s. but the warm air is coming back in a big way. we'll be back near 80 this afternoon. rain chances extremely row for today, going up for tomorrow and that may come with a rumble or two of thunder on your tuesday afternoon. for now, though, not too terribly warm outside. 39 now in frederick, maryland. 41 in martinsburg. 52 downtown. next 24 hours, after a chilly start today, it will be a wonderful day. highs near 80 this afternoon. back into the mid-70s this evening. and an even milder start in the 60s by this time tomorrow morning. new trouble on the bottom of the beltway, here is melissa mollett with the update. [ inaudible ] >> have you got me now? plug ed
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i apologize. outer loop near 7 leesburg pike, initially saying it was a crash but now they're saying it's closer to 123. 66 and 95, no problems. the earlier issue here that we had 95 south the ramp to old keene mill road, no access to the paving that just got out of the way. so you don't have to worry about that one. 270 at father hurley, no worries. and 395 south, that is still hanging around as far as construction goes just after seminary road. i'll see you in ten minutes. it's 5:02. we're working to learn more about a serious assault in gaithersburg. kristin wright is live in montgomery county now with what we know. >> reporter: good morning. park police left just a few minutes ago. we just got off the phone with police and they tell us there was some sort of incident here at the park and that there are three victims.
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with injuries. police don't know the exact septembsent of those injuries. we had a camera overnight when police were here investigating and at one point you see what being looks like a wooden stake with like a nail sticking out of it. it's next to apan evidence marker. police told us just a little while ago they did not believe there was an active search going on for a suspect, butpolice tol while ago they did not believe there was an active search going on for a suspect, but we're working on find out mores for and we'll pass it along as soon as we get it. 5:03. and the suspicious death of a young man is raising concerns in fairfax county. the 21-year-old was found dead at his town home in the centreville area. police say a family member found him unconscious yesterday afternoon. investigators found trauma to his upper body and neighbors are heartbroken over the loss. police spent much of the night talking with neighbors and looking for evidence here. a neir
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was a student at george hey son university and lived with his sister and parents. >> whoever it is, if they find him, i mean like i said, it's a safe neighborhood. seems out of the ordinary. a lot of nice people live here. >> officers towed a car from the scene there. fairfax county police have not released the victim's name. a pedestrian was hit and killed on one of the busiest roads in maryland. riverdale park police say someone was hit by a car on kenilworth avenue near river road around 10:00 last night. the driver did stay on the scene. we're working to find out the victim's name. a lot of people are thinking about freddie gray today. he died in police custody a year ago last week. activists are meeting in west baltimore today to talk about the changes that have happened in the last year. yesterday hundreds of people marched in baltimore to remember freddie xwra and show solidarity with his family. it's 5:05.
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high schools will start and end school at new times. is this all because of fights between students at dunbar high school and mckinley tech education campus. d.c. public schools say that those fights have been happening at metro stations. the new times should mean fewer students heading to those stations at the same time. we'll get an update today on what is being done to stop the zika virus from becoming a national health crisis after tom frieden the cdc director will lay out new details on where and how fast the virus is spreading. he will outline prevention plans as well will this afternoon here in theft d.c. florida an and in charles county, it's zika awareness week. zika is carried through mosquito bites mostly and can cause serious birth defects. the virus has been traced to a specific kind of mosquito and local mosquitos are not currently infected. federal investigators are taking a look at another incident on
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that the federal transit administration is investigating a fire in a red line tunnel. on saturday smoke entered the tunnel as a train was pulling in to friendship heights. no one was hurt. metro says an electrical arcing inside l insula insulator is likely the call. john cakasich and ted cruz have agreed to partner so trump can't get all the delegates he needs. the candidates will still campaign against each other in states set for primaries. and the frontrunner took to twitter to blast his opponents. rump calls ted cruz and john kasich liars and says this is a case desperation. he also says it's because the candidates' campaigns are mathematically dead.
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maryland residents foe to t go polls tomorrow. david trone has spent $12 million, the most any one candidate has ever put into their own campaign. the raes itsece itself is the m expensive in the country. also running kathleen matthews, former local tv anchor and business executive and who is married to msnbc's chris matthews. and state senator jamie rascon as well as two former aides to president obama. it is now 5:07. d.c. soccer fans are about to get a brand new stadium. in a few hours city leaders will break ground at buzzard point p. the facility will be called d.c. united stadium for now. the 20,000 street stadium is expected to open by fall of 2018. we can't wait to find out when the caps next playoff game is. hasn't been scheduled yet, but it is going to be against the pittsburgh penguins. the caps took out the flyers yestey
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>> we know we can stay focused and battle through some adversity. it that's been probably our calling card this season. >> and we need to fight adversity. a couple series still going on before we can learn are more about the next round. we thought we were ahead 3-0 and then they came back with two. but we closed it out. >> every game you have to fight for and we'll either let you know as soon as we find out when things will start happening with the next round. >> go caps. don't forget to grab your shades before you leave for work this morning. whether you're walking or driving, you will need them. but that could soon change. chuck bell will be back with a look at when we might siee rain. >> and we're also monitoring a possible indictment against johnny football. when johnny manziel could be charged. and
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the person who killed eight member of an ohio family just as water l kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids.
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he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election? i don't believe that big money can buy votes --
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just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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on the beltway, all lanes of the outer loop shut down at 123, you can see we're starting to get red here this morning because of this closure. is this a vehicle fire, possibly overturned. so we will keep an eye on this one for you. but right now shut down, that will cause a major problem for the morning commute if they don't get that out of the way. 66 and 95, no complaints there. 395 south after seminary, the two left lanes getting by the work zone, that should wrap up around 8:00. top of the beltway rolling along just fine. chuck bell, a beautiful day today. not so sure about the rest of the week.
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>> not assu sure, but today sur does look like a good one. most of the suburbs are in the mid and upper 40s now. closer to 50 in town and by the bay. so the ride into work and school, a little chilly. temperatures near 50, plenty of sunshine this morning. just a few fair weather clouds around this afternoon. today's high up near 80. not much if anything in the way of a rain threat for today. hit and miss chances potentially all the way through the rest of the week. what about the weekend? the weekend forecast outlook is coming up at 5:21. there are new developments in a grisly murder out of ohio. authorities say the execution-style murder of eight family members was premeditated. they say marijuana grow operations were found at three of the four crime scenes piketon. they say it's not the clear what role that may have played in the killings. a manhunt is still under way for whoever is responsible. >> specific t
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i would use whatever extent they have to to protect themselves and their families. >> police say most of the family was killed while they were sleeping. three children survived. today a man goes on trial for a murder in silver spring. police say he's responsible for killing the victim at his home in 2014. police tied him to oscar navarro's death from a bloody palm print. the suspect and the victim knew each other. a former spokesman for fairfax county police heads to court today on child porn charges. investigators claim they caught william bud walker uploading images. he's been out on bond. he's not allowed to have unsupervised contact with children or to use computers. the fairfax county fire department is investigating accusations of bullying following the suicide of any coal mittendorff. the allegations surfaced in on the it
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the fire chief says they are looking in to the matter and say the department cannot and will not tolerate bullying of any kind. mittendorff was 31 and was found thursday in a remote area of shenandoah national park. she had been missing for more than a week. here at the live desk following several reports out of dallas that say that nfl quarterback johnny manziel has been indicted. the heisman trophy winner reportedly indicted on a misdemeanor assault with bodily injury charge. manziel is accused of hitting hissest girlfriend several times w dril driving back in january. a grand jury reviewed the evidence this the case last week, i'm looking at, they say a talk radio station in dallas saying the indictment occurred even though a settlement had been reached between manziel and his
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desk. it is 5:16. votes are in and soon we will know the names of the two new baby eagles. the two eaglets were recently born at the national arboretum. here is a live look at the nest this morning. the parents are 3mr. president and the first lady and names were nar rowed down to stars and stripe, honor and glor, anacostia and potomac, freedom and liberty, or cherry and blossom. very d.c. themed here, right? the american eagle foundation is expected to announce the name tomorrow. >> what do you like? >> i think i like freedom and liberty. >> i think i do, too. it's settled. >> look at us agreeing. breaking news in the traffic department this morning. >> good morning. breaking news on the beltway. take a look here, outer loop shut down there near 7 and 123. all lanes
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main lanes here this morning because of a vehicle on fire trying to get more information on that one. and we are sending a crew that way. 270 northbound and southbound looking quite good right now. 66 and 95 also rolling along just fine. still have this road work again hanging around 395 south after seminary with the two left lanes getting by the work zone. that won't wrap up until about 8:00 this morning. prince george's county looking quite good, same thing looking here at 50 into and out of town, everything rolling along so you don't have any worries there. a live look here at 270 this morning, 270 at father hurley boulevard, you can see no problems northbound and southbound. we are getting in touch with police trying to figure out more of what is going on here on the outer loop. i'll have an update for you coming up at 5:bei31. chuck. thank you, melissa. very good monday morning to everyone out there in the news 4 nation. skies are mostly clear. and it's a little bit chilly outside early this morning especially some of the suburbs down into the 40s. good
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have the window cracked a little bit so you can pull the blanket up. clear skies out there early on. no need to worry about the umbrella for today. nice and warm, plenty of spin sunshine. take and tomorrow, up near 80. but it won't last. cloudy skies with off and on shower chances means highs will be in the 60s starting on wednesday going in to the rest of the week. a little bit of shower activity up across upstate new york, is this all just ground clutter on storm team 4 radar locally. here is the way the temperatures are shaping up. 43 in manassas, 48 in leesburg and chantilly, 41 in charles town and in the panhandle of west with a havevirginia. sun up at 6:17. it will be in the 40s to get you started. near 60 by noon and near 70 by 11:00 a.m. again, highs today nice and warm.
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80s. not much of a rain threat today. here is future weather trying to wrank o crank out one or two lonesome showers, but i'm not 100% convinced that that will materialize. but for tomorrow, a little better chance for a passing shower or thunderstorm particularly tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. and though we're not looking for a big severe weather threat, any of those individual cells could produce some small hail or gusty winds. so we'll could you pleakeep you that. already thinking broke the weab weekend? sunday a risk of a shower, but as of now, the coming weekend a little rain chance, but it doesn't look like it will have anything washed out of it. back to the news now. it's 5:19. the fight against isis gets reinforcements. what we're learning about u.s. troops being deployed to fights the terror group and whether any boots will touch the ground. and why
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just the laundry pods you should be worried about. the warning all you parents want to hear. could they be a 9/11 bomb shell? the papers the white house says it will soon release.
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it was a murder. we just got an update to the breaking news we've been following out of gaithersburg. this is in regards to the assault here at center way park. we are told by police via twitter that an 18-year-old is dead. they are continuing to investigate. they say no additional details will be available until midday. we'll continue to followup. u.s. troops headed to syria. president obama announcing about 250 troops will be fighting is
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there. last week we learned another 200 troops would go on iraq for the same thing. the troops will all help the local military fight isis. president obama is in germany at this hour, but's comes back to the united states later today. it's now 5:24. it's not just the colorful laundry detergent pods that pose a real risk for children. doctors are increasingly concerned about children getting their hands on dishwasher detergent packets, as well. poison control center took more than 62,000 calls for children eating detergent pods between 2013 and 2014 alone. manufacturers strongly encourage parents keep those products out of the reach of children. >> they're under the sink and we have the child protectors so he can't open the cabinets. >> poison control experts say the laundry packets tend to be more potent, but the chemicals
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damage and some seizures. and a consumer alert. a washington based company is voluntarily pulling frozen vegetables from store shelves. crf is recalling 15 different types of products because of possible listeria contamination. they include organic by nature and schwan's. it affects 34 states including maryland and virginia. breaking news on the roads right now. we are shut down outer loop of the beltway near 123. all lanes blocked. full details on this problem coming up. hate signs discovered near a montgomery county school. the symbol investigators are looking into. >> reporter: big changes coming to buzzard's point. an announcement regarding the new d.c. united stadium. details coming up. and we're off to a pretty decent start temperature-wise. howong will it la lst
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws --
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maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. breaking news on the beltway. outer loop at 123, all lanes shut down right now. we're look at a one mile backup here this morning. so it is very slow through that area. and going to be stopped for quite some time as they try and get this cleared out of the way. we are sending a crew right now and then chopper in just a little while. so we will have that for you here coming up. red line single tracking between van ness and dupont
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going to be dealing with that this morning as far as delays. new york avenue at florida signal flashing red in all directions and showing things there. also a problem 4 at hallowing point road, the right side blocked. 270 at old hundred looking pretty good. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it's coming up on 5:30. chuck bell is here with four things to know about the weather. p. >> monday off to a quiet start. hopefully you you enjoyed your weekend. saturday cleared out nicely saturday afternoon after the early morning showers. and after a relatively cool weekend, it will be a warm start to the week. we'll be up near 80 degrees today and tomorrow. there is a chance for some thunderstorms coming our way tomorrow and then once we get the showers in, april showers and an unsettled pattern may linger true most of the middle and second half of the week. so then for today, a little chilly, suburbs are down in the 40s this morning.
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upper 70s to around 80 degrees by later on this afternoon. we'll talk about the school day forecast coming up in ten. back to the news. d.c. soccer fans are going to have a new home pretty soon. >> city leaders are breaking ground today on a new stadium for d.c. united and derrick ward is live at buzzard point where it is no longer going to be an empty space soon. >> reporter: yeah, we're pretty near the -- good morning. we're near the half street entrance to this proposed stadium. and soon the rattle and hum of industry that is down here now will be replaced by the cheers of soccer fans once the stadium is built. here is what it will look like. there have been several eithaee iterations and several proposed sites, but buzzard point has always been a favorite. right now there is a concrete plant here and a bunch of industry. and the area has been kind of neglected for a while. but later the mayor, city of
5:31 am
will be here to break ground on a $300 million facility. it will be 20,000 seats, create 900 jobs and generate about $1.6 billion in economic activity. it is due to be completed in 2018 and we'll get more details later this morning on what it will look like and how it will be built and what it will mean for the city and the big question is what about the future of rfk stadium. that's where d.c. united plays right now. and that facility now will be part of i guess the future of the city and developers have been eyeing that property for quite some time. we'll be interested to see what happens. we'll have more detail as they become available later today. live at buzzard point, derrick ward, news 4. it's already been a busy day for president obama. right now he's in germany where he's touring the largest industrial fair in the world with chancellor angela merkel. he's expected to
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being ings with leaders from enengland, ity and france and then will head back to d.c. the president is praising determine any germany's handling of the migrant crisis. nearly a million migrants are being resettled in germany. it's a policy donald trump called insane. yesterday president obama backed merkel and took a swipe at the republican frontrunner. >> she's on the right side of history on this. and for her to take on some very tough politics in order to express not just humanitarian concern, but also a practical concern that in this globalized world world, it is very difficult for to us simply build walls. >> therd and chance lore
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syria. president obama has repeatedly said such a move would put too many american ground troops in harm's way. they're known as the 28 pages blacked out from public record that could detail saudi connections to the 9/11 attackers. now the obama administration will likely release at least part of those documents. the pages are kept in a secure room in the basement of the capital and are not included in the official 9/11 commission report. the documents may detail what if any kind of assistance saudi arabia gave to attackers while they were in the u.s. before 9/11. 5:33 how. and we know the name of a man who was stabbed to death in the brightwood park neighborhood of dees ov d.c. over the weekend. it happened on kennedy street northwest. police are offering a $25,000 award for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. right now a virginia family needs your help finding
5:34 am
missing woman. this is judely maureen dowddy. she left home voluntarily, but may need mem help. she's 51'55" and may be on foot wearingen a olive colored long sleeve shirt. call prince william county police if you've seen her. a montgomery county woman need s a few place to live this morning. you can see her home's charred remains in the white oak area. the fire was so hot that it melted the siding on the house next door. >> my boy was still sleeping, so i weighing them up a wake them up and the smoke was thick. >> i saw a ball of fire. >> the cause of the fire remains up d under investigation. police want to know who spray painted nazi symbols on a bench outside bell elementary this vrockville. police say there is no indication this is a hate crime.
5:35 am
getting paid a lot less. the "washington post" reports that d.c. circulator drivers make about $10 less than metro transit operators per hour. now the union that backs the circulator drivers is asking the city for more money. city leaders say they're trying to find the extra funds but have not made any commitments. d.c. police will target and ticket pedestrians and bicyclists today who are not using the crosswalk or bike trails part of the street smart public safety campaign aimed at curbing injuries and fatalities on the roads. you will see police enforcing those laws. some fines can reach up to $500. >> customers and workers who have supported greg's barber shop will be back in the shop tomorrow. greg's has been operating on 7th street in the shaw neighborhood since 1913. it's closed today while volunteers from howard university and the shaw main street organization give it a fresh coat of paint, new floor and electrical
5:36 am
lot of famous faces in his time. >> we've had james brown, and band members used to come in and get their hair cut when they would come to town. and we've had quite a few celebrities come around. >> frank love has been the manager for 15 years but he started cutting hair more than 50 years ago. >> i'm sure they could tell lots of stories. a virginia man is cashing in on a big prize today. he skracratched a $5 million lottery ticket. he's from viennvienna. he will get his price this afternoon. >> and he wears big dark sun glasses and a hat. take a look at current temperatures. a lot of us waking up in the 40s and 50s. it will get a lot warmer. will you need sunscreen for the kids? maybe. chuck is back with a look at the
5:37 am
were driving down the road and a massive sinkhole opened up? look at that. the last ditch effort to keep drivers safe. the zika virus takes center stage in our area. not just today, but the sbhenti week. where leaders hope to better educate i'm about the illness. and breaking news, a one mile backup here on the beltway outer loop at 123. all lanes closed because a car fire. and that vehicle is overturned. we have crew on the way. a i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters.
5:38 am
donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table. but donna persevered. then she put that strength to work for us. protecting women from domestic violence. taking on the nra. rejecting wall street's cash. powerful interests don't want democrat donna edwards.
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his advertising. some amazing video. a giant sinkhole in the middle of the road. this is in china. it totally caved in. can you imagine if you were driving right there? >> if you look at the edge of that -- >> how do you know it won't continue to spread. the sendi sinkhole was more than six feet deep. no way to know that that kind of thing is coming. let's check the roads around here. >> melissa mollett with your first 4 traffic. breaking news? >> breaking news on the beltway. this will be a big problem here. outer loop at 123, all lanes there shut down because of that vehicle fire and an overturned car there in that area. so right now we ha
5:41 am
red line single tracking between van ness and dupont circle. 270 south rolling along just fine. to which the beltway over to 270, fine. quantico to the built way is also fine. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. glad to hear there are no sinkhole concerns in our commute. weather-wise we're off to a quiet start. skies are mostly clear. there are a few clouds out there, but they're not rain making cloud. so the kiddos on their way out, it will be chilly in the mid to upper 40s in most of the suburbs. a-plus outside recess weather today. temperatures will be up near 70 degrees at recess and near 80 for afternoon highs today. so we're back away from the umbrellas, back to sun block and sunglasses and after school activities today will take place with shorts. yes, indeed. nice and warm to get the week started, but
5:42 am
ahead. show you the 7 day coming up. we're tracking the latest out of north carolina this morning. and the state's controversial law about whether transgender people use the restrooms. why things could heat up in just a few hours. a new warning when it comes to kids and overdoses. the new drug some teens are now turning to. and bad you news if you have to fill up before you head to work this morning. why gas prices recently jumped almost ten
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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woman #1: because qualifications count more than money. woman #2: because my vote is earned, not bought. woman #3: because grassroots power can stop big money. man #1: because jamie has always been a progressive. man #2: because literally jamie raskin wrote the book on campaign finance reform. woman #4: and jamie's the only candidate who's done more than talk. man #3: because he's the only one who's actually written major progressive laws. woman #5: to pass the green maryland act. man #4: to ban military-style assault weapons in maryland. woman #6: ban the death penalty. woman #7: pass equal pay for women. man #5: marriage equality for all. woman #8: because no other candidate has that kind of record. man #6: and it's not even close. woman #9: because jamie raskin is one of the coolest, smartest, kindest, most passionate candidates i've ever seen. man #7: because my vote is not for sale. woman #9: and we need the kind of progressive
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man #8: because jamie raskin represents us. raskin: i'm jamie raskin and i approve this message. outer loop at 123, we are shut down on the outer room. the cars you're seeing on the left side are coming on from 123. we have more than a one mile backup right now. good morning. clear and cool. temperatures between 45 and 50 in most neighborhoods right now. we'll be near 80 today, but how long can that kind of warmth last? your "7-day forecast" coming up at
5:46 am
and we have an upda dadate story out of germany. we now have live pictures of the president who is now speaking about the stability in europe as well as peace efforts. he is also focusing on innovation and jobs growth. he is tha manover for the technology trade show, a trade show that the u.s. is sponsoring this year. today is the final day of the president's six day, three country trip in europe. it's 5:46 right now. several rallies are planned in north carolina today as law makers debate changing the controversial bathroom law. the current law requires transgender people to use the bathroom that matches the depger on their birth certificate. leaders are expected to push a new bill today. last night north carolina swore in its first openly gay elected member of the state general assembly. >> i don't think that you can have effective dialogue or
5:47 am
would impact lgbt person without an lgbt person, so i anticipate that i can build consensus for the repeal of house bill 2. >> several protests are planned outside the state capitol building in raleigh. terrifying moments right in the middle of church. police in southeastern pennsylvania say someone opened fire in the middle of the 11:00 a.m. service shooting and killing one man in the congregation. children and dozens of people were inside the sanctuary of the keystone fellowship church yesterday morning. police have one suspect in jail. two high schoolers are recovering in wisconsin after they were shot leaving their prom. police say an 18-year-old former student shot two people saturday night. officers shot and killed the gunman out side the school. school leaders say it appears that gunman may have wanted to go in to the distance and start shooting. >> there were cops in the gym keeping us calm and safe.
5:48 am
someone passed out or had a seizure. that's all i was thinking about. i wasn't thinking it was something serious. >> the students were put on lockdown in the gym for several hours. the school is open today and counselors will be available for students. it is now 5:48. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive construction site fire in arizona which forced people out of their homes. the flames are now out, but crews are digging through the remains right now. the fire started saturday at an apartment complex that was under construction outside of phoenix. only one building was left standing. those who had to evacuate were able to return home. the man in charge of preventing a national health crisis is outlining plans today to stop zika. dr. tom frieden will lay out new details on where and how fast the virus is pred ispreading. and in charles county, maryland, health officials want residents to know the signs of the zika virus. county leaders are
5:49 am
awareness week, they will happened out information throughout the community. zika is carried true mosquito booitds mostly and can cause serious birth defects. the virus has been traced to a specific type of mosquito and our local mosquitos are not currently infected. ahead of tomorrow's primary votes, candidates are teaming up against donald trump. tracy the p trace pots joining us live from capitol hill with you trump's response. >> reporter: horrible act desperation is what gud called the overnight developments. ted cruz and john kasich agreeing to stay out of each other owe way in certain states to allow the other to go one-on-one with trump for cruz that is indiana where his numbers are looking stronger as opposed to the governor next door. and for kasich, he plans to go one-on-one with trump in new mexico and oregon coming up in the next several weeks. trump tweets that both are mathematically dead and desperate trying to team up
5:50 am
meantime we are also watching tomorrow's all-important primaries up and down the east coast, maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, rhode island and connecticut. the testimonies are competing there and also looking ahead to indiana where hillary clinton has a slim lead. she's headed to indiana tomorrow right after dealing with these five states here on the east coast. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. let's go pack k back to tha breaking news on the beltway. >> take a look. live picture here right now showing you the suretydown. so outer loop at 123, all of the main lines shut down. we're hearing one express lane may reopen soon, but right now the on thing that is happening is you can get off at 123 and then back on there and head south of this problem. outer loop at 123. again, we have chop othper on t way. on so about a one mile backup for us
5:51 am
123 north to germantown road, all lanes blocked for utility road. southbound is open and moving just fine. taking a look at 95 northbound/southbound look going. and prince george's county, you can see we don't have any major issues. hoping to get chopper here in just the next couple of minutes. good morning, everybody. hope you had a nice weekend. skies have remained mostly clear overnight. here is a view from the tower camera gazing eastward and waiting on sunrise. sun up at 6:17 this morning. so not too terribly long from now. going to be a cool quiet start to the day. and even cooler weather coming our way for the middle of the week. afternoon highs both today and tomorrow likely to be 80 degrees or higher. but then back into the 60s for most of the week. our average high now is right at 70 degrees as we get ready to say good-bye to april and made low to may. up to our north, that's the nearest rain chances. upstate new york in to parts of
5:52 am
from us. future weather carries out the mostly sunny to partly cloudy day later today. the computer is trying to crank out one or two lonesome showers you but i don't think that will lap at all on your monday. tomorrow though breaker chances for rain back into the picture. here is future weather at noon tomorrow. clouds increasing and a risk of a couple of showers. maybe ina rumble or two of thunder out in the shenandoah valley early in the afternoon and thundershower chance here in the metro between about 4:00 in the afternoon and 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow evening. the not everyone will get rained on tomorrow, but there could be a rumble or two the of thunder. organized severe weather not likely. could have gusty winds or small hail, but not much of a flood or tornado threat tomorrow. but once we get the rain chances back in, we sort of have shotgun rain chances all the way through the rest of the week. most likely days for rain will be tomorrow afternoon and again on thursday. but some rain chances may linger into friday and the weekend. here is your whole "7-day foreca
5:53 am
of storminess around. and then mostly cloudy wednesday and thursday. best chance there again on thursday maybe some lingering showers or rumble on friday. and as we head into the weekend, looks more dry than wet, but if you like the 80s, today and tomorrow are for you. it is 5:53. in "news 4 your health," concern over a pain medication 50 times more powerful than heroin and on which cheaper to make. the drug is intended to be used in hospitals to treat pain, but fentanyl is increasingly being produced on the plaque mblack m. the cdc as drug enforcement administration have issued national alerts. >> totally dangerous. and patients really are playing with death if they're using it out of the hospital setting. >> law enforcement officers say the drug is often laced into heroin and give to unsuspecting
5:54 am
users. once addicted, users are increasingly seeking out fentanyl on its own. the national average of gas is now $2.18. an increase in the cost of making summer gas is part of the problem here. the average cost across metro d.c. this morning is about $2.13, three cents higher than a week ago. amazon and youtube do it, and now netflix could be considering letting you ton lyod musz he c music and shows. right now you can only stream shows. one teenage girl says firefighters saved her prom night. a fire broke out in her family's home in indiana a day before the prom. the firefighters grabbed her dress but smoek damage had already ruined it. the firefighters then contacted the store where she
5:55 am
new one in the same color. other area businesses chipped into given the teen and her date a free dinner before the big dance saturday night. it is prom season, that's right. i'm landon dowdy. sales of prince music has skyrocketed since his death about that more than 2.3 million song sales in the past three days including nearly 1 million just on thursday. and sales were led by prince's biggest hits including of course "purple rain" and "when doves cry." a private memorial service was held for the 57-year-old on saturday. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. ♪ fans of prince at the howard heater in d.c. yesterday. they played all of prince's hits during a prince day party at the theater. purple lights all
5:56 am
place. people wore purple, as well. musical celebrations like this happening all around the world after prince's sudden death last week. every radio station was playing it. taxicabs, everyone. well, a bagel shop in beverly hills rolling on the purp purple rain bagels. the owner had the pressure of interviewing prince back in 1999. >> of course. >> terrific guy, very bright. had a -- never saw anyone as warm and tender and sweet as he was. >> the baker there says he's feeling the pressure of keeping
5:57 am
so we told you gas prices are still on the rise. still they are the lowest summer prices that we've seen it years. and that could be why so many more people are planning to travel this summer. according to orbitz, 75% of people say they're going somewhere compared to 7% a year ago. most people say that they're staying stateside. >> between memorial day and labor day, tends to be the high season for europe especially popular cities like london, paris, rome. >> airfares, they're down about 10% year to year. hotel prices are up 17% from a year ago. we have breaking news on the beltway. the outer loop is shut down in northern virginia after a tractor trailer accident. take a look. you can see the backup s are already starting to build as we head into the rush hour. melissa mollett is tracking the problem in your first 4 traffic and will have the backups next on news 4 today.
5:58 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
5:59 am
breaking news on the beltway in virginia where a section of the outer loop is shut down. >> we have a crew on the scene where
6:00 am
trailer is causing a big problem. melissa mollett here now with more. >> so right now still have the big backups outer loop at 123, is this because all lanes right now are shut down. we're trying to get chopper up, we're having from sh problems getting the chopper signal. taking a look, you can see we have about a one mile backup here this morning. you can see how slow it is there. you're getting off on 123 and then back on, so that's why the backup isn't building quite as much as it may typically. right now 66 looks good headed into town. just regular slow downs through manassas. 95 slow through woodbridge and red line single tracking between van ness and dupont circle. trying to get chopper up here again. there they are. again, over the outer loop there at 123. you can see is this a vehicle fire here and they also say that the vehicle is overturned. a little hard to make out, but we


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