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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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trailer is causing a big problem. melissa mollett here now with more. >> so right now still have the big backups outer loop at 123, is this because all lanes right now are shut down. we're trying to get chopper up, we're having from sh problems getting the chopper signal. taking a look, you can see we have about a one mile backup here this morning. you can see how slow it is there. you're getting off on 123 and then back on, so that's why the backup isn't building quite as much as it may typically. right now 66 looks good headed into town. just regular slow downs through manassas. 95 slow through woodbridge and red line single tracking between van ness and dupont circle. trying to get chopper up here again. there they are. again, over the outer loop there at 123. you can see is this a vehicle fire here and they also say that the vehicle is overturned. a little hard to make out, but we
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the scene. >> a big headache out there. thank you. and we have kristin wright on the ground for us keeping an eye on the kristin, what are you see something. >> reporter: i'm seeing a lot of traffic. as you look at our live picture, seeing basically taillights. very slow going on the outer loop. again, 495 south at route 7 overturned vehicle that caught fire. i believe just the right shoulder and one of the express lanes is getting by. so it's just very slow. we're barely moving out here. so we'll keep you posted on the progress of the cleanup of the accident here. we don't have a lot of information about the accident itself. we just know again some sort of vehicle fire, overturned vehicle and no word exact loi if anybody is hurt just yet. but we'll certainly keep an eye on it
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chuck bell telling us what kind of day we'll have weather-wise. >> it's indeed going to be a great day to be outside today. warm air rushing back into the region courtesy of a south breeze. we were 67 for a high yesterday. we'll be close to 80 today and dry today, but rain chances go up for tomorrow on through the rest of the week and maybe even a rum well or two of hunger tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. right now it's a clear and chilly start. 43 in prince william county, 51 will in anacostia this morning. 52 in st. mary's. planning out your day then a little bit of a chill here early this morning. sun is up in 15 minutes from now. high this afternoon up close to 80 degrees. we'll see how the weather could impact your commute coming up this ten minutes. back to you. a homicide investigation is developing right now in gaithersburg. about 45 minutes ago, montgomery police told us that one 18-year-old man died after and the assault overnight in centerway park
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as many as three people were involved in the attack. police are not looking for a suspect at this time. today in an effort to curb after school violence, students at two d.c. high schools will start and end school at new times. it's all because of fights between students at dunbar high school and the mckinley tech education campus. the new times should mean fewer students heading to the metro stations at the same time p. today a maryland than goes on trial for a murder in silver spring. more rouprosecutors say morales responsible for the killing in 2014. he was tied to oscar navarro's can death from a bloody hand print at the scene. investigators say the suspect and victim knew each other. maybes want answers about a suspicious death in fairfax county. a 21-year-old man was found dead at his town home in the centreville area. fairfax county police say a family member found him
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unconscious yesterday afternoon. investigators found trauma to his upper body. a neighbor tells us the victim is a student at george mason university and lived with his sister and parents. police spent much of the night talking to neighbors and looking for evidence. >> still early on in the investigation right now. dw detectives are trying to piece together the events. >> officers towed a car from the scene. fairfax county police have not yet released the victim's name. here at the live desk, a look at the brussels subway station as it reopens for the first time since a terrorist attack last month. police everywhere on the platforms and also the trains. the station was one of the places attacked by an isis suicide bomber a month ago. 30 people died on that day including 16 on the train. it's 6:05 now. and president obama just made the official announcem a
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moments ago, 250 military troops are going to syria to fight isis. there are about 50 american military personnel in syria right now. these troops will help the local military fight isis. last week we learned another 200 troops will help fight isis in rema iraq, as well. the congressional candidates who spent the most money in maryland win? we will find out when maryland voters head to the polls tomorrow. david trone has self funded his campaign at $12 million. it is the post in any house candidate ever. the primary race is also the most expensive in the nation. former tv anchor kathleen matthews is also running, she's married to chris matthews. jamie cass res rascon is on the and also two former president obama aides. wtop reporting that the federal transit
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is involved in investigating metro after a fire in the red line tunnel. smoke entered the tunnel as a train was pulling if in at friendship heights. nobody was hurt and the line is running nornlgly again. metro says an electrical arcing insulate tore is likely the cause. the caps have a date with the pittsburgh penguins. they just took out the other team from pennsylvania, the flyers. but the penguins could pose a bigger challenge. we don't know when game one will be yet. it's not scheduled. we'll let you know of course when we get the information. the caps lost in the second round last year, but the players say this year is going to be different. each season is a new season and everyone keeps saying we have the best team in the nhl. we should bring home that stanley cup. >> there is that word, "should." >> that's right. one game at a time. we've all heard the warnings, but apparently we're not hearing the message. why the detergent pods are more er
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and the protests planned in the day ahead as people in baltimore reflect on the violence that followed the death of freddie gray. and breaking news on the roads right now. take a look at chopper over the outer loop there near tysons corner, we'll sprain what is happeng here. alinl but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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breaking news on the beltway, we're talking about the outer loop at 123. chopper 4 over this rob. we were shut down for about the past 45 minutes. it looks to me that now the right shoulder is going to be getting by this accident from another vantage point that i have here this morning. there you go. you can kind of see some folks are now finally getting by on the right shoulder there of the roadway. red line single tracking between van ness and dupont circle. that is still hanging arounds
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south germantown to the spur, you're on time. top of the beltway 95 to 270 is looking good, as well. 66 inbound and 95 north, no worry. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. time now 6:11 on a monday morning. just six minutes from sunrise here. a mostly clear sky. going to be a great day to get outside. a little hint of a morning chill out there. temperatures are in the 40s to they're 50 for the ride into work and school. coming home later on this afternoon, toasty warm. temperatures up near 80 and we will be dry today and on the warm side, temperatures near 80 today and low to mid-80s coming up for tomorrow. cooler weather for the second half of the weekend. a check of that at 6:21. lots of demonstrators in baltimore to honor the life of freddie gray. this afternoon theoa
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betterment of baltimore will hold a news conference in west baltimore where presentfreddie lived. one year ago today is when the protests started. the activists say the unrest has led to some change. >> if it weren't for the krup rising, be would have had the same 34r5police chief. but things are in full display now p. >> yesterday hundreds of protesters marched in baltimore to honor gray and show so solidarity with his family. there are new developments if a grisly murder out of ohio. authorities say the execution-style murder of eight family members was premeditated. they say marijuana grow operations were found at three of four crime scenes in piketon. they say it's unclear what role that may have laid in the killings. a manhunt is still under way for
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rhoden family that i would be armed. and i would use what extent they have to to protect themselves and their families. >> most of the family was targeted while they were sleeping. three children survived. the fairfax county fire department is now investigating accusations of bullying and harassment following the suicide of firefighter nicole mitt mittendor mittendorff. the allegations surfaced in online forums. the fire chief says the department is aware of the post and is looking into the matter. he went on to say that the department, quote, cannot and will not tolerate bullying of any kind. mittendorff was 31 and was found thursday in a remote area of shenandoah national park. she had been missing for more than a puig. a former spokesman for the police department is expected in court on child porn charges.a p. a former spokesman for the police department is expected in court on child porn charges. investigators tracked him
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walker had been out on bond. he's not allowed to have unfrom skr unsupervised contact with children or use computers. a grandfather is died. police say he was stabbed by his son-in-law and pointed his knife at a daughter forcing her to get into the car. officers say the girl's parents had been separated for months and that the girl was living with her mother and grandfather. one of the missiefof the bu now the scene of a deadly pedestrian crash before riverdale park place say someone was hit by a car on kenilworth avenue near river road last night. investigators say the driver did stay on the scene. this just in, china urges north korea to fulfill u.n. resolutions over a submarine launch missile test. this comes afterrt
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miss sim from a submarine over the weekend. the announcement dismissed a south korean report that saturday's test had failed. that's the latest from the live desk. 6:15 right now. and the white house may soon release secret documents from the 9/11 investigation. they're known as the 28 pages. and they could detail sauddy connections to the 9/11 high jaggers. the pages are kept in a secure room in the basement of the capitol and are not included in the official 9/11 commission report. the documents may detail what if any kind of assistance saudi arabia gave to the attackers when they were in the u.s. before 9/11. 6:15. a consumer alert to tell you about this morning. crf frozen foods is voluntarily recalling more than a dozen types of frozen vegetable prop r products because of possible
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listeria. the recall affects 34 states including maryland and virginia. and keep the colorful detergent pods out of the hands of children. despite the warning, calls to poison coal control centers are going up nearly 20%. a study out this morning shows those incidents had serious and even deadly consequences. >> they put them in their mouth and as soon as they pop that container, it squirts in to the back of their throat and the game is over. >> manufacturers warn that diswasher detergent pods can be just as dangerous as the laundry detergent pods. breaking news on the roads right now. take a look at this, chopper 4 over the outer loop of the beltway at 123. so right now we have the right side finally getting by. and you can see the express lanes have just reopened as well. it seems that they just towed that vehicle out of the way. this is the car that was overturned and involved i
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still have about a three mile backup as you're headed down southbound there. so outer loop at 123, it is jammed. allow extra time. the other thing to mention, i just put this on facebook that we were totally shutdown, we have the right side getting by and the express lanes have reopened. the bad news is that that 3 mile backup hanging around. big look at the beltway overall looking good otherwise. no other real trouble spots on the ay.beltw 66 inbound through manassas is slow, very typical. 95 north through woodbridge slow and 270 at old hundred, that normal slowdown about this timitime of day here through hyatts town. 6:17 our time. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 "weather center," 52 degrees right now. >> yep. that's where we are. >> we call that warm for -- >> no. >>
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april. >> give me a warm, cold. >> somewhere kind of in between. >> how broke 70 to be warm. >> but it's 6:00 in the morning. >> 70 would be warn, but it's not in the 70s. >> it's getting there, though, right? >> we are getting there. we will be up near 80. will someone cut their microphone, please? they're taking all my time. outside early this morning, a clear sky. sun just inching its way up. going to be a good looking day today. we will quickly replace the 40s and 50s with 70s to near 70 by later this afternoon. so 80 or higher likely today or tomorrow before cooler weather settles pack in beginning on wednesday all the way through rest of week into the weekend. not much of a rain chance out there for today. so that is welcome news. get the week off to a dry start. though the pollen count remains allege on the high side for sure. how about a cold 38 in martinsburg, west virginia. 41 in frederick, 48 gaithersburg. xhef have i chase,
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degrees. we'll have a quick warm-up. we should be in the upper 60s to low 70s by lunchtime. this afternoon, 80 at the national mall, 78 in gaithersburg. not much of a rain threat today. most of us wait until tomorrow to see a better chance for a rumble or two of thunder. so here is future weather tomorrow at noon, chances for showers and thundershowers coming out of the shenandoah valley thaend rolling through the metro area late afternoon into the early evening time frame. not looking for a big severe weather threat tomorrow, but just maybe a gusty wind and maybe a small like a pea-sized hail stone or two. tomorrow night baseball comes back to washington, the phillies are in town. temperatures will be in the low 80s at 5:00 when you head down to the brawl park, but this could be a rain delay. they should be able to get the
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rain delay tomorrow night. already thinking about your weekend? i know you are. partly to mostly cloudy skies on saturday. maybe a small risk of a shower up on sunday, bruh weut weekend just a little cooler than average, right awayround 70 degrees. giving one of d.c.'s oldest brings as new look. how volunteers are helping give new life to this historic barber shop. also ahead, helping you stay string lants wh vigilant when it comes for the zika virus.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen. my entire public life i've worked to bring people together for the common good. sometimes that means taking on and beating powerful special interests... like big oil, the nra and wall street. and i've done that. but sometimes it means finding common ground to get things done for marylanders. that's especially important now--
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when so many seek to divide us. we must ensure that every child can succeed and build an economy that works for everyone. i approve this message because together we can get more things done.
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frantic rush by police to make sure no one was hurt. a giant 6-foot deep sinkhole opened up in the middle of the road, this is in eastern china. cars just barely missing it. police had to run out with traffic cones into the street. look, he'll get stuck, too. cars ended up driving away the sinkhole which sounds dangerous. >> they didn't close the road. >> kept on going. >> i don't get it. look it that. well, there a new look for a barber shop with a whole lot of history. greg's barber shop has been on 7th street northwest in d.c. since 1913. the manager has been cutting hair there for more than 50 years. it's he clo closed today for renovations. volunteers say they are excited to give back to a place with so much history. >> it's about celebrating our history and our culture
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through some rough times and thankfully are still here to enjoy the good times. >> these volunteers are from nearby howard university and the shaw main street organization. the shop will reopen tomorrow. >> love it. a great cause. we're a little jealous perhaps of the man who gets to cash in on his big lottery win take. he's from vienna and we know that he scratched a $5 million ticket. the virginia lottery will present the winner with the prize this afternoon. and i've been talking about calling everybody you know in vienna, making sure i don't have any distant relatives. >> if you need somebody to hold the phone for for you $500,000, i'll do it. what ted cruz and john kasich are doing to keep trump out of the general election. and the work getting under way this morning as d.c. united pushes ahead with their new stadium.
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and breaking news on the beltway, a massive backup right now, a three mile backu
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♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy.
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social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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we're tracking a breaking story on the beltway in virginia where we're seeing major backups on the outer loop. >> chopper 4 is over scene where the rollover accident is causing a big problem now. melissa mollett is lear with more on the backups. >> good morning. so this breaking news, we have just learned about three seconds ago that all lanes have reopened. i thought i saw something on camera and chopper says, yes, all lanes have just reopened outer loop at 123. so we still have the three mile backup that has to work its way south. so it's important to for the just look at your
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morning. now i can tell you here you have to watch so i can tek tecan tel it is open outer loop at 123. still very slow, but the aprils are at least moving. you can see the big red blob on the left side of the beltway. everything else looking pretty did good right now. beltway at colesville top of the beltway rolling along here. red line still single tracking between van ness and dupont circle. we have floor now on it that breaking news on the beltway. kristin wright has more now from the ground. >> reporter: that's right. so in just the past few minutes asthma poli melissa reported, t moving, but still some backups. overturned vehicle and fire as a result. don't have a whole lot of information about the incident itself and how it happened, but ng
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loop near route 123 this morning. no official word on anybody hurt in that accident, as well. so keep your nbc washington app close. back to you. four things to know about your forecast this morning. >> good morning. hope you enjoyed your weekend. a beautiful way to get the new work and school week started. a nice warm day coming after a cool weekend with temperatures in the 60s. we'll be back to near 80 today and probably low to mid-80s tomorrow, but it does come with a chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow and then april showers kind of settle in for the second half of the week as the overall weather pattern goes from quite warm and try at the beginning to quite unsettled and cool later on. sun has just come up in our see eastern sky. 40s in the suburbs to 50 in town. we should be up to about 73 at noon and 80 degrees for your high today under a
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of sunshine. d.c.'s pro soccer team gets one step closer to its new home today. d.c. united is leaving rfk stadium for a brand new facility at buzzard point. and that is where we find derrick ward will ground will be broken later today. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: well, indeed it will. take a look behind me, doesn't look like much now, but is this the future for this part of buzzard's point area and d.c.'s soccer team because this is the site of their brand new stadium. now, later today, the mayor and city officials and team officials and players and other folks will be down here for a breaking of ground for this new stadium. a $300 million facility, 20,000 seats and expected to create about 900 jobs and generate $1.6 billion in revenue for part of ward six that definitely needs it. heavily industrialized now, but
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of nats park. so this will create sort of a sports encrave here in southwest and we'll learn a lot more about it in a few hours when the mayor and all the folks come down for the ground breaking. live in southwest, derrick ward, news 4. this morning montgomery county fire crews are looking into the cause of a fire that displaced a woman early sunday morning. charred remains now stand on sherbrooke woods lane. the woman was treated for smoke inhalation. neighbors describe the scene. >> my boys was still sleeping, so i wake them up and the smoke was getting thick. sgri s >> i saw a wall of fire. >> the fire melted the siding off of a neighbor's home. an update today on the zika virus. dr. tom need
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fast the virus is spreading. and in charles county, health officials have declared zika awareness week. county health leaders will hand out information throughout the community. zika is carried through mosquito bites and can cause serious birth defects. the virus has been traced to a specific kind of mosquito and local mosquitos are not currently infected. to decision 2016. candidates are now officially teaming up against gop frontrunner donald trump. senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich matt tmade the announcement overnight. they will back off each other in certain primaries in order to let ir stronger challenger take on trump one-on-one. trump dismissed the cooperation tweeting that it was a desperate attempt to stop him and warned that is coming way too late in the race. trump right now holding a big lead among likely republican voters going into tomorrow's primary in
6:34 am
here compared to 27% for cruz and 24% for kasich. trump loses, though in, a potential match-up against hillary clinton. 54% to 39%. sunday's poll has a margin error of nearly 2 percentage points. prices at the pump are a little higher this morning. the price jumped about eight cents and that puts the national a average at 2.18 for a gallon of regular. part is coming in the increase in how much it costs to make the summer gas prepare. the average around the metro area this morning is $2.13. so a tuck walks in to a bar -- no, not a bar, but they will walk on the george washington university a little later on today. students apparently are posting a petting zoo. baby ducks and
6:35 am
this is part of an approach to stress relief. but in one spits on you, apparently it hurts. between 1:00 and 4:00, students can hang out with the ducklings, piglet and even a hedge hog. the animals will be on 21st street and 22nd between f and g in northwest washington a little bit later on today. hedge hogs? >> hedge hogs, if you -- >> not like a porcupine. >> no. they're not soft, but if it gets scared, it will roll into a ball. >> that will relieve stress for you. what we're learning about prince's death plus a surge in sales of his music. >> changings time your kids get out of school. why d.c. plic schools is changing dismissal sometimes at some high schools starting today. and breaking news on the beltway, the crash might be gone, the
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outer loop of the beltway, a five mile back. the arupe joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! in annapolis, she battled republicans and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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protests are 34r5planned in north carolina came over the bathroom law. the current law requires transgenders to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. many lgbt groups claim the law is discriminatory. lawmakers will debate changing the law in raleigh tonight. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. beautiful sunrise this morning. a littlo
6:40 am
the suburbs. just a little layer of fleece first thing, but it will be o outdoor recess weather today. recess gets an a-plus. could have given it an a double plus. highs up near 80, so put away the rain coats and the umbrellas. today we're back to sun block and shorts and sunglasses, as well. may need the sunglasses for that sun blindness for the way in and on the way home depending on where you live. now here is melissa mollett after a challenging morning. >> it's been tough. again outer loop at 123, it has cleared but still seeing about five miles worth of backups. some of that of course is your normal backup. but it really looks worse than normal. red line single tracking here between advantage necessary ova. 270 south to the spur going to take you 13 minutes. so that is on time. top of the beltway outer loop from 95 over t
6:41 am
very normal for this hour of the day. 66 inbound looks good right now and 95 north there quantico to the beltway don't have any worries there at 27 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. taking a closer look at metro after another scare on the tracks. the role federal investigators are taking in this latest incident. plus showing more signs of normalcy. what reopened in brussels
6:42 am
i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry
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in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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we're still slow on the outer loop because of the earlier problem. the crash has cleared out of the way, but the delays remain this morning. good morning. your monday morning off to a right and sunny start. temperatures 45 to 50 right now. we'll be near 80 later today, but don't get used to the warm weather. "7-day forecast" at 6:51. today in an effort to curb after school violence, students at two d.c. high schools will start and he saend school at a time. changes are at dunbar high school and mckinley tech education campus. fights between students have been happening at metrota
6:45 am
the new times should mean fewer students headed to the metro at the same time. days after his death, a tributes have not stopped pouring in. we're learning more about the 57-year-old's last few days. joe fryer is live in minute with what we know. joe, good morning. >> reporter: those who knew prince best held a special ceremony celebrating his life over here at paisley park. sheila e. described it as a quiet somber affair with prince's music playing softly in the background. fans continued to gather here remembering how he lived. also wondering how he died. even those closest to prince are still searching for answers, but could still take several weeks while the autopsy is gdone. the medical examiner is still awaiting toxicology results. in the meantime tributes continue to pour in from bruce springsteen to
6:46 am
of "saturday night live." and here is an interesting note. nielsen tells us in the three days following his death, prince songs, $2.3 million sold. >> joe, thank you. 6:46. silver spring murder trial starts today. prosecutors in montgomery county say morales is responsible for killing the victim at his home in 2014. police tied him to oscar nava o navarro's did death from a bloody hand print. the suspect and victim did it know each other. and police looking for answers in a suspicious death. a 21-year-old man was found dead at his found home in the centreville area. a family member found him unconscious yesterday afternoon. investigators found trauma to his upper body we're told and a neighbor also told us the victim was a student at george mason university and lived with his parents and sister. >> just hope whoever did
6:47 am
they find him. like i said, a safe neighborhood. a lot of nice people live here. >> we can see officers tow a car from the scene there. fairfax county police have not released the victim's name. high security in place, but it's a major step forward. the malbec station in brussels is opened this morning after the isis bombing last month. there was a growing wall of flowers and other memorials at the station entrance. isis killed more than 30 people in brussels and now more american troops are headed overseas to fight isis. less than an hour ago, president obama announced 250 troops will be going to syria. they will assist the local military. he we learned last week another 200 troops will to the same in iraq. sfwroo n now to a developing story out of new york. long island, right
6:48 am
through chopper 4, firefighters are still on the scene of a fire that happened earlier thorn. it was apparently a bringing building that had apartments in it temperature it. no report of anyone being hurt or what caused the fire. in one of the most expensive house races, maryland primary voters will head to the polls tomorrow. david trone has self-funded democratic campaign at roughly $12 million. cakathleen matthews is also running. she's married to chris matthews. and state senator jay amie rasc is on the ballot, as well. capitals are moving forward. finally. they had me a little worried. they just took out the other team from pennsylvania, the
6:49 am
flyer. but the penguins could be a bigger challenge. we have a much different i think team, stronger team help holtby is on fire. let's go caps. >> sure is. yeah, he's ready. >> and so are you. >> i'm all right. i'm above average. >> i agree, chuck. i always agree with chuck. >> our average temperature now has climbed up to 70 degrees. that is our average high. and average high is 70 or higher from now all the way through october the 12th. so the warm season is officially here. almost six months average highs 70 or higher beginning with this fine day. plenty of sunshine here early this morning. what should you expect? southerly breezes bringing much, much warmer air back into the picture. 67 yesterday, close to 80 today. plenty of sunshine starto
6:50 am
so the weather won't mess up any of your outdoor plans today. tomorrow there is a risk for some showers or thundershowers afternoon and evening time frame, so just know that after school activities and stuff tomorrow may need to be postponed or brought indoors. wednesday a lot of clouds around, not a big rain threat on wednesday, but i can't guarantee that there wouldn't be at least some rain time to time particularly on wednesday morning. for today, though, no rain anywhere too close to us. so on your way out the door this morning, sun came up a little while ago and 47 now at dulles airport. we'll be 48 next hour. 61 by 9:00 and 70 by lunchtime. afternoon highs today about 80 across the shenandoah valley. upper montgomery county in the upper 70s. 78 in baltimore and 78 waldorf. sunshine start to finish today. not much of a rain threat for today. tomorrow there will be a better chance for showers maybe a rumble or two of nonthunder. future weather tomorr a
6:51 am
the metro between about 1:00 and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. so that means if you're going out tomorrow, plan your day, plan on another warm one, temperatures in the low and mid-80s tomorrow. tomorrow night baseball is back in washington. the tiphillies are in town. could be a rain clin delay. not a guaranteed dry day tomorrow. most of wednesday will be rain free. rain chances come back on us though for thursday and friday. melissa, i know you're already thinking about the weekend. more dry than wet with temperatures near 70. >> i am. taking a look at the beltway, delays really have started dissolving here. remember it's always important to not just look at your facebook feed in the morning because we were talking about it being shut down 24r. this is the update, you have to tune into see that things have reopened there on the outer loop of the beltway at 123. so looking a
6:52 am
inner loop and outer loop rolling along typically. 270 at montrose road also looking good. 66 a little heavy inbound starting in manassas and headed in. same thing on 95 a little heavy northbound there through woodbridge, but again pretty normal and no real incidents to report here this morning. prince george's county and 50 into town out of town rolling along fine. taking a look up top, no major problems on all of these routes. you can see bw parkway northbound and south bobound af 32, just a little snow. red line single tracking between van necessary cessary necessary dupont. it's 6:52 now. homicide investigation developing in gaithersburg. an 18-year-old man died after an assault overnight in centerway park. that's in the
6:53 am
area. as many as three people were involved in the attack. police tell us they are not looking for a suspect at this time. federal investigators are taking a look at another incident on metrorail. news partners at wtop reporting that the federal transit administration is getting involved after a fire started in a red line tunnel. on saturday smoke entered the tunnel as a train was pulling in to friendship heights. metro says an electrical arci g insi insulate tore is likely the car. a new stadium will break ground for d.c. united. derrick ward is live to show us what it might look like. >> reporter: we're along second street here in southwest. behind me how is a vacant field, but a new day for this part of the city and for our soccer team. picture this, a $300 million fli
6:54 am
this will be the new d.c. united stadium. supposed to create 900 jobs over the course going from building to actual opening in 2018. and they hope it will generate about $1.6 billion in economic activity for this area of southwest. later today, the mayor will be here along with people from d.c. united and also some local folks to break ground on this. i guess that's essentially what they will be doing. it will be a ceremonial ground breaking, but construction will get under way shortly thereafter. and again, 2018 is the date set for it to be open and a lot of people are excited about this. the question is, what is the future for rfk stadium. that will be one of the things discussed later today when this happens. it will happen about 11:00 this morning. live in southwest, derrick ward, news 4. there are new developments in a grisly murder out of ohio. authorities say the
6:55 am
family members was premeditated. they say marijuana grow operations were found at three of four crime scenes in piketon. they say it's unclear what role they may have played in the killings. a manhunt is still under way for whoever is responsible. >> i specifically told the rhoden family that i would be be armed and i would use what extent they have to to protect themselves and their families. >> police say most of family was targeted while they were sleeping. three children survived. we want to break in with an update. we got word from prince william county police that mrs. dowdy, we've been reporting she was missing. the woman on your screen here. the police telling us that she has been located and is safe. so some good news as we end the show. aaron, back to you. coming up on 6:56.
6:56 am
before you head out the door. today activists are coming together to remember freddie gray. he died in wain baltimore polic custody a year ago. president obama just made an announcement 250 u.s. troops will help fight isis in syria. it's not clear when they will leave. and. and a lot of security in place at maalbeek station in brussels. it was bombed last month. and students at dunbar high school and mckinley tech will get out of school at different schools starting today. d.c. public schools says it's to curb after school violence at metro stations. there a quick look at the "7-day forecast." all sunshine and warm to get the week started. 81 today, 85 tomorrow. the risk of afternoon thunderstorms. and then once we get the showers in, those april showers may linker all the way through the end of the month. first weekend of may though looking more dry than wet. >> looks good to me. ta
6:57 am
chopper 4 over the outer loop there looking at the american legion bridge. this looks a heck of a lot better than it did. the crash has cleared from the outer loop there at 123 and backups are dissolving pretty quickly. we deserve this on a monday. >> we really do. >> thank you, melissa. is th is that the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next. if woman #1: because qualifications count more than money. woman #2: because my vote is earned, not bought. woman #3: because grassroots power can stop big money.
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good morning. team effort. in a shock move, ted cruz and john kasich suddenly announce they are joining forces to block donald trump's path to the nomination. the campaigns divvying up some of the remaining states to keep trump from a majority and to force a contested convention. can it work what the front runner is saying about it this morning. manhunt. >> it's a bad guy or bad guys. could be one, two, three, four. >> the search intensifies for whoever killed eight members of the same ohio family. waiting for answers. questions around what caused the untimely death of prince. autopsy results weeks away as the friend we


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