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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> we will go right to storm team 4. there's a quickly changing weather situation as we start this afternoon. >> yeah. right now showers and storms are just starting to move in. that's just one of the changes in store. chief mkt doug kammerer has been following this line of storms. what's coming? >> the chance for showers and storms this evening. we have a severe thundershower watch in effect for parts of the area. 84 right now in d.c. hit 85 last hour. 84 in manassas. so we're warm enough to see the thunderstorms. we do have some of those right now. not much going on around the immediate area. just back to the north and west we're watching a couple lines here. one to the south coming through parts of the shenandoah valley, but this line to the north around pittsburgh and further
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region as we move on through the rest of the evening hours. we mentioned the severe thunderstorm watch for washington county, frederick county, baltimore county and includes the city of baltimore and points to the north it does not include d.c. southward. the reason is we don't expect to see the severe weather continue south. maybe a couple strong storm bus not quite as strong. behind this system we see a major change in the weather pattern. major change. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. some of the rough weather moves in, you can stay one step ahead with the nbc washington app. track storms with the radar and get breaking weather alerts straight to your phone. if you live in maryland you have less than four hours to make your voice count in the presidential primary. maryland is one of five states holding primaries today along with pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut and rhode island. on the republican side, donald trump is looking for a clean sweep tonight. and he's looking to
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delegate lead over ted cruz and john kasich. cruz and kasich still have a plan to split up their campaign efforts in upcoming contests to try to stop trump. among democrats, the numbers favor former secretary of state hillary clinton. she won't win enough delegates today to knock bernie sanders out of the race and he's not dropping out but he needs to win 71% of the remaining delegates to have a shot at the nomination. >> there's a lot at stake in maryland including a senate see the and eight congressional seats. chris gordon is talking to voters in montgomery and joins us from chevy chase school. >> there are more than 400 polling places in montgomery county and this is one of the busiest. halfway through the day at about 2:00 this afternoon, they had counted more than 700 ot
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bcc cafeteria. it's called consolidated precincts. this year they are not using touch-screen voting machines throughout maryland because there are so many candidates in various primary races that all their names couldn't fit on one touchscreen. candidates didn't want to appear on screen two or three. so the decision was made to use paper ballots. voters use a pen to fill the oval next to their choice of candidates. then the ballots are scanned through a machine and votes are counted. earlier this afternoon i spoke to the chief judge monitoring these two precincts. >> it's been busy. i was expecting a larger rush in the morning. but overall i would say it's been very good turnout. >> any problems? >> nothing significant. >> which as chief judge makes you -- >> very happy. >> reporter: ahead at 5:00, we'll focus on the maryland
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senate. there are 14 gop candidates, 10 democrats, yes, it includes the fight between donna edwards and chris van holland of montgomery county. we'll focus on that race when we see you back here at 5:00. you heard chris mention there's been no significant problems, but some voters encountered a minor glitch at the polls in silver spring. the board of election says a ballot scanner failed to boot up properly creating some delays this morning until officials replaced that scanner. everyone that was in line was able to cast their ballot. the news 4 iteam is checking out any reports of problems. if you have an issue voting, call our tip line at 202-885-4444. tell us all about it. new at 4:00, the owner of a home day care charged with murder after the death of
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6-month-old girl. kia divban told police he was watching millie lilliston at his home day care last tuesday when she began choking and vomiting and turned blue. she was rushed to a hospital where she died. prosecutors say they found a number of serious injuries. >> there were healed fractures in her legs. there were acute -- fresh fractures to her ribs, multiple. i think the total is 11 or 12 of her ribs were broken. head trauma. >> divban is being head on $2 million bond. his attorney says he is innocent and looks forward to having his day in court. we're learning new details this afternoon about a shooting that ended with a death of a woman and three men in the hospital. it happened overnight in forestville when witnesses say they heard more than a dozen shots ring out. let's get to pat collins live
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>> pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, that's what they say it sounded like. 15 shots rapid fire. one after another. and when it was all over, three men wounded, one woman murdered. the victim, 49-year-old joanne woods. she works as an attendant on a prince george's county school bus. it happened about 1:30 this morning in forestville. joanne woods was standing here with a group of three men. a car pulls up. a man gets out. he opens fire into the group. there's a lot of lead in the air. the three men wounded, one critical. joanne woods, she's hit, too. she falls dead to the ground here. now people around who saw it, people around who heard it they don't want to be seen talking about it. >>
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i heard, like, 14 shots, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> 14. >> 14 shots. >> when you came out, what did you see? >> i didn't come out. not in this neighborhood, i might get shot myself. >> reporter: joanne woods had one child, her only child. he talked to her last night hours before she was killed. we'll hear from him coming up at 5:00. pat, back to you. >> thanks, pat. it's been less than a week since we got the shocking news of prince's death. now the singer's sister reveals something that could create a legal battle. >> we're keeping a close eye on those storms, tracking the r
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i'm meteorologist tom kierein. we're closely tracking storms, they may get closer to us by later tonight. right now a severe thunderstorm watch, these counties in color, washington, frederick, baltimore, northeastern maryland and delaware until 9:00. covers most of pennsylvania as well. these will be coming through from time to time into the evening hours with damaging winds, perhaps hail and heavy downpours. right now the leading edge of this, this is the line that we're both watching here carefully. coming out of -- south of pittsburgh, stretching into central pennsylvania. that line is about four and a half hours away, getting closer to us. so maybe around 8:00, 8:30 this evening. showers in the shenandoah
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valley. we'll have the hour by hour timing coming up in a couple minutes. first at 4, new developments involving prince's estate. his sister says the late singer had no known will. she filed court papers today in minneapolis asking to be appointed extrix of his state. she is prince's only surviving full biological sibling. as such she's the most likely candidate to inherit the estate which could be worth millions. prince also has seven past siblings who could be eligible to be beneficiaries if there is no will. the superstar musician died thursday at the age of 57. the cause of death has yet to be made public. we're learning new details about a shooting that took the life of a prince william county police officer. ronald hamilton told police he may be fighting post traumatic stress disorder. he's an army
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killing his wife and the officer. that revelation came during a hearing today with the judge ruling there is enough evidence to send the case to grand jury. during police questioning after that shooting, hamilton broke down and cried. coming up at 5:00 a report on what hamilton begged the officer to do. a major automaker accused of fudging the numbers. first at 4, now we know how long this has been going on. and a busy local road choked with traffic. >> now there's a new plan to
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breaking news at the live desk. we have just confirmed with the secret service that someone jumped the fence at the white house. this is a live look at the white house grounds. we still know very little about this. there are now two fences around the perimeter. a lower bike rack fence and a tall fence along the white house lawn. we are not sure yet which fence this person made it over. we'll have more details as they come in here and on our nbc washington app. >> big changes could be coming to one of the most congested commuter corridors in northern virginia. the plans call for a fleet of fast moving buses. the buss would have their own lanes along route 7.
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from tysons to alexandria. transportation reporter adam tuss is live at baileys cross roads with a look at how this is supposed to work. adam? >> reporter: that's right. if you drive or just come through this corridor you know it is a tough ride on most days. we have the cars out here. planners are trying to think about different ways for everyone to get around our region. that's what this project is all about. they envision it to be like the new bus lanes and the bus network that opened up along the route 1 corridor in arlington and alexandria, they have their own lanes, their own stations. listen to the way that some people describe how you should think about this project. >> it will link that whole part of northern virginia together in a way that the purple line is intended to do in maryland, to not only speed commuting, but also encourage more people to use transit. get out of their cars. >> think about this like
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purple line in northern virginia. that's an interesting way to look at it. really, pat, it's about giving people choices. that's what people want to do out here. >> right now, what's the next step in this plan? >> the next step in the process is identifying the right sort of design work to go here along route 7. getting the public to fine tune the project. then you identify the funding, then you get it built. a few more steps in the process but it is moving forward here along route 7. >> all right. adam tuss live in bailey's cross roads, thank you. we saw adam standing out there with no jacket, shirt open, looking good. but doug, you used the word huge three times in the first couple minutes of the huge when talking about the changes. >> the map i'm about to show you really says it all. you talk about a huge difference, just look at this map here. for the most p
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85 in richmond. 84 in hagerstown. look at new york city, 56 degrees. it's 39 in boston. the cold air is making its way down our way. we will see a huge shift in the weather pattern. we've seen 16 days in a row with temperatures at or above average. we've seen plenty of sunshine for those 16 days. the next seven do not look anything like what we've just been through. we have a big change coming. let's call it that huge change. right now tracking that front. just to the north. right now you can see that's why they're so cold in new york. seeing showers and storms there. more showers and storms along this boundary. the boundary through pennsylvania. more storms in through parts of west virginia that boundary is moving to the south. nothing going on around most of the region. we are tracking a couple showers moving across the blue ridge, that's about it. showers, maybe a rumble of thunder down there. nothing severe just yet. we haha
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watch in effect to areas of the north, including thurmont. say good-bye to the 80s. we won't see the 80s for quite some time here. i think the first part of may will be quite cool. tonight your severe weather threat is the high winds the biggest threat. hail also a threat. that colder air moving in. some flooding, yeah, i don't think that will be an issue, same thing with tornadoes, on the low side. not too worried about that. here is future weather. we have two areas. one is the code front. the other is the area down to the south. notice here's 8:45. the nationals game most likely gets in no problem. we have showers to the north. around 10:00, 11:00 we see more showers. a lot of us won't see a lot this evening. watch overnight. more rain down to the south, including the d.c. metro area. here we are at 3:30 in the morning, seeing a lot of rain. some of it
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tomorrow, cloudy, much cooler, with showers, maybe even drizzle across the region. not a nice day at all. plenty of cloud cover. temperatures around 65 by 7:00 to 8:00. i think we drop our temperatures. i have 64, but that may be too warm. it will be cool. we'll see showers. what to wear tomorrow? it's something different than we've needed. the short sleeves, probably not. you need the jacket early, then the umbrella needed throughout the afternoon. keep the jacket and umbrella around for the next couple of days. chance of showers and cool weather thursday and friday. many of you may be in the 50s thursday and friday. saturday, not bad. high temperature of 67. we go back to the clouds and rain by sunday. tom kierein has more in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. they work hard to help our children, and this week, we take a moment to show appreciation for
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virginia tourism lottery and the state pta are running a thank a teacher campaign. the campaign encouraging you to send a postcard or online message to teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade. some lottery retailer also have thank you note writing stations. the efforts come a week before teacher appreciation week. they are a sure sign of spring, potholes. now a new idea of how many streets are in much better shape. 30 years ago today it was a nightmare that began for thousands. now cameras go inside an
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it was the world's worst nuclear disaster. it happened 30 years ago today. >> chernobyl is an abandoned area that's still too dangerous to live. >> reporter: main street in a once thriving village. like the clocks just stopped. 3,000 people lived here. and now -- >> now nobody. >> reporter: there's nobody. my guide was here in chernobyl on a spring day.
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radioactive cloud across 60,000 square miles and beyond. today they are building this huge protective shield, an international project including the united states to contain the radiation. we soon find out why. >> my geiggar county soon started making a noise. there are hot spots all around. >> it's much higher in the background. >> reporter: he says it is safe to briefly enter a kindergarten evacuated in a hurry. children's coat hangers, shoes, a child's bike -- >> someone learning music. >> reporter: now it's eerily quiet. in 1986 he was one of 600,000 men battling to limit the fallout from a reactor fire that burned for ten days. >> how quickly they run. they had limited time. it was not safe. >> reporter: the people who lived in this town,
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50,000, were told the evacuation would last three days. >> unopened mailboxes. >> reporter: that was 30 years ago. their apartments abandoned. their hometown forgotten. and still radioactive the movie theater, the amusement park, while slowly with humans gone, nature is taking over. but chernobyl will remain uninhabitable for a long time to come. at the height that reactor behind me was burning 2,000 fahrenheit. if someone comes here in hundreds of years with a geiger counter like this, it will still be making this noise. back to you. >> unbelievable. >> showing a lot of courage just to go in there to tell that story. show us those images. amazi amazing. a huge automaker makes little changes to boost the appeal of its
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>> we told you about this last week. now we know they've been doing it a lot longer than any of us thought. and showers and a chance for storms moving into the washington area now. this is just the beginning of
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the white house complex on lockdown right now.
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about a man who jumped a fence at the white house a short time ago. >> we're also getting new video here at 4:30. d. k d.c fire says the man jumped the fence and suffered a cut to his happened. >> there are two fences around the perimeter, a lower bike rack fence and a taller fence around the white house lawn. we're not sure which fence this man made it over. we'll bring you more details as they come in. we'll bring those to you here on the air and on the nbc washington app. we've been keeping a close eye on election day in maryland. the polls are open until 8:00 tonight. voters are casting ballots in the democratic and republican primary force president as well as senate in all eight congressional district. maryland has a closed primary system so you have to be registered as democrat or republican to cast a ballot in the races. four other
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holding primaries today. all so close together. they're called the amtrak primaries. >> donald trump needs big ones in all five of them to strengthen his position at the republican convention. steve handelsman is live in philadelphia with what we should be looking out for tonight. >> hi, chris and pat. good evening from philly. this is the biggest city and the biggest state to vote on the second super tuesday. that could keep alive the dreams of donald trump and deal more death blows to the dreams of bernie sanders. >> reporter: up the east coast in five states voters cast ballots. some without enthusiasm. >> i did what i was supposed to. held my nose on a few of them, filled it in. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in philadelphia. >> good job. keep it up. keep it going. >> reporter: will he quit if he loses all five states? >> that's an absurd question. people should listen. the answer is we're in the race
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>> reporter: today's votes could put hillary clinton more firmly on the path to the nomination. on the gop side, donald trump has to win huge and take almost all the delegates or he will fall short. that's why john kasich agreed to let ted cruz take on trump alone next week in indiana. in philadelphia trump's supporters are digging in. >> our reaction is i don't necessarily agree with that collusion. makes me want to support trump all the more. >> reporter: collusion crashed on the "today" show. kasich refused to tell his indiana backers to vote for cruz. >> i'm not getting into that. i don't tell my voters what to do. >> reporter: and cruz bailed out. >> we're not urging voters to vote for anything else. >> reporter: trump tweeted this joke of a deal is falling apart. kasich and cruz are down and trump is up to 50% nationally in the new
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poll. and clinton is up against sanders as more voters actually make a choice. the focus tonight will be on donald trump. who has to win at least three quarters of the bound delegates up for grabs today. live from philadelphia, steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you. so, who do you think will gain the most from today's primaries? that's our nbc washington flash survey. call or next the number on your screen or head over to the facebook page to cast your vote. and a reminder, you can track the results as they come in with our nbc washington app and, of course, we'll have all the results and live reaction to the races tonight on news 4 at 11:0 11:00. >> we have had a dormant spring storm season for the most part. last time we had any
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back in february. this evening we could be dealing with strong thunderstorms, especially in the pink zone, that's under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. that includes washington, frederick, baltimore, carroll, delaware and up north into pennsylvania. there could be some damaging winds, hail and heavy downpours. a much smaller chance in the metro area. the leading edge of any storms coming closer to us, way up in pennsylvania. but the main area of showers and clusters of thunderstorms in the ohio valley just crossing into west virginia, leading edge of that well to the south and west. the leading edge of these storms about five hours away, get nothing our far southern suburbs. so that will -- approaching 4:30 right now. so talking maybe 9:00, 10:00 tonight that some of those strong storms will be coming through. we have the new hour-by-hour timing on that coming up. we have more breaking news from the live desk he
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campus of the university of central florida. police are searching for a possible gunman right now. these aerials, as you can see, buildings have been evacuated. this is the largest undergraduate student body in the country. more than 60,000 students attend the university of central florida. an e-mail and tex alert went out a short time ago to students and staff saying a possible shooter was near the main campus library. the library, as you see, has been evacuated. this is a still developing situation. we'll bring you more as it comes in from the live desk. >> we're well into spring and still feeling the last effects of what winter did to our roads. the district is winding down its pothole palooza campaign but there's still a handful of potholes left to fix. crews repaired more than 10,000 potholes since the beginning of the month and more than 35,000 since january.
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days as a temporary fix. we have new information following an internal investigation into one automaker's inaccurate fuel mileage test. >> susan hogan has the latest on mitsubishi's mileage investigation. >> we have a lot more information for you. as we told you last week, mitsubishi admitted it lied about how much fuel mileage hundreds of thousands of its vehicles actually get. after employees made the mileage look better. today mitsubishi's president said the company's investigation found mileage on vehicles had been tampered with dating back to 1991. he went on to say as the probe continues, more irregularities might be found. and with so much unknown, it's not sure what action the company will actually take. the inaccurate mile test includes more than 500,000 vehicles. mitsubishi motors had promi
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massive scandal 15 years ago after covering up auto defects then. >> thank you, susan. for eight years he was the nation's third in command. the new setback involving a former speaker of the house. and for weeks hundreds of you couldn't stop watching the national arboretum eagle cam waiting for d.c.'s newest
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we continue to track the chance for showers and thunderstorms. again, not expecting a lot. not expecting wide coverage. this is not going to be a severe weather outbreak. we will be watching storms. down to the south, culpeper county, a couple storms just south and west of culpeper. these continue to move down to the south and east. fredericksburg and spotsylvania county. this is the front coming through. most of this action will pass to the south. it is only up here that we could see some of those storms. that's why there's a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. not a single warning yet, but the severe thunderstorm watch is
4:41 pm
frederick county maryland, washington county maryland. tom will talk about that huge change moving our way. the same system that will be bringing us cooler air is delivering another dose of winter to new england. these are the conditions people in vermont are having to deal with today. an inch to three inches of snow could end up falling across northern new england by the end of the day. well, back here in washington it's a milestone for some of the most famous birds in the world. >> the votes are in. and the two eaglets born at the national arboretum have names. so, without further adieu, introducing freedom and liberty. they hatched back in february. we've been watching them and their parents on the eagle cam set that was set up by the arboretum and the american eagle foundation. the parents are mr. president and the first lady. there's no
4:42 pm
family's global popularity. >> at last count over 35 million people have gone to the eagle cam website to keep an eye on the two tiny birds. >> there's still some time to see freedom and liberty on that eagle cam. they spend most of the time peering out from the nest. before you know it they will be flying and will eventually leave for good. >> well, getting your lunch fix could soon be a little easier. how food trucks are a step closer to reality in one busy part of our area. the news 4 iteam takes you
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right now, first at 4, showers and a chance of storms rolling into the area. >> right now a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for part of the area. storm team 4 has been tracking the timing of the progress all day long. tom kierein, when will this move in? >> closer to the middle part of the evening. looks like the initial storms will be getting into the metro area. right now the area in pink is under a severe thunderstorm watch. it includes the nearby counties of frederick and washington and maryland along the pennsylvania border, including carroll, baltimore, northeast maryland and delaware. there they could have enough strong wind to cause some damage and some hail and brief heavy
4:46 pm
here of getting any severe weather. right now the storms that we're closely watching, these are south of pittsburgh and into the ohio valley. they're just now coming into west virginia. it does look like the timing is about four hours and 40 minutes away. so coming just to our south, maybe around 9:30, 10:00 tonight. there's one cluster of showers, maybe a bit of thunder here that will pass near fredericksburg, that's not a severe storm. here's the new hour by hour timing. by 7:00 p.m., still settled here. the game should start at nationals park. by 8:00, still having just a few clouds around. then we'll begin to see storms developing after that, around 10:00, 11:00, much of the storminess will be to our south address the cluster of storms come through. around 3:00, 4:00 in the morning might have a passing shower or thundershower coming through. then it settles down wet with a
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they'll be able to play ball at nats park as we have our first pitch at 7:05. they take on the phillies at nats park. temperature by then in the mid 70s, just some clouds around. a chance of a shower or storm from the seventh inning on. only a small chance of a minor delay in the game. waiting for the bus tomorrow morning, chance of sprinkles, upper 50s. 9:00 a.m., only in the upper 50s. tomorrow, in the morning, a light jacket. may need the umbrella. you'll need long pants as well. big change from the open toe shoe weather we have now. in the low 60s tomorrow, mid 60s to maybe a passing sprinkle. 50s on thursday morning. light to moderate showers during the day on thursday. highs in the low 60s. same thing on friday. finally drying out in time
4:48 pm
the seven-day outlook, saturday and sunday. sunday we night get showers in the afternoon and evening that will continue into monday. highs in the 60s each day. drying out on tuesday. >> the future of food trucks in alexandria is coming into focus. a city board is proposing five locations where trucks would be allowed to operate on the street. these are specific sites near the braddock road metro, the foot trucks right now are on certain off-street sites, but additional on-street sites will help meet the demand for more choices. the city council will consider the sites at a meeting may 10th. the school house turned into a safehouse. the news 4 i team goes inside school lockdowns. >> review by the i team reveals ho
4:49 pm
than you may think. >> reporter: you're seeing this for the first time. surveillance video just reveals what happened after bullets flu outside frederick high school last february. during a jv basketball gail. two victims staggering back into the building. one collapses through a door. the other was eventually dragged inside. the two teens were wounded before two others were arrested. inside it was coach hammonds third day as school athletic director. >> saw a kid laying on the ground. >> mm-hmm. >> >> reporter: not moving. two kids. >> reporter: she launched a school lockdown, the crowd hustled out of the gym and into a series of safe rooms down the hall. >> in this day and age, anything can happen. we're of that mindset. >> reporter: the i team wanted to know how often are lockdown like this ordered in local schools. since 2014 at least 30 times region wide. four prince george
4:50 pm
shooting on a street nearby in february. at last march. a lockdown in germantown in 2014 after a threat was received. we wanted to know what is a school lockdown? what happens inside? what are the kids experiencing? what precipitates a lockdown? >> we're talking about imnant danger, i sinside or immediatel outside the school. kids come out when it's announced. they do a sweep. >> reporter: many lockdowns are because of a threat of a weapon near schools. there are also called shelter in place orders. there were 200 locally since 2014. at walter johnson high school in bethesda cameras rolled as montgomery county executed about one of
4:51 pm
year. >> sweep and scan the hallways outside the office. >> reporter: teachers bolt the doors, lower the drapes, and if kids are in the hallway, they are ushered into the rooms. they use radios to make sure everyone is accounted for. brandon still remember being nervous during the real lockdown he sat through ten years ago. >> that's when i realized how crucial it is to follow instruction and take this seriously. >> reporter: lockdowns can last minutes or in the case of the frederick high school, hours. they watch lockdowns inskid the security hub in rockville which has access to thousands of cameras inside and outside the schools throughout the county to ensure the hallways are clear and keep watching the entrances. cameras that are always recording, giving the team the capability of rewinding and
4:52 pm
that lockdown helped prepare them for that lockdown last year. >> we pride ourself on being ready, parents and kids were on the ball, didn't give us flack or trouble. >> reporter: the public records won't tell you if your schools are calling more of these lockdowns than they used to because some districts are not keeping formal count. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. >> if you have a story you think that the news 4 i-team should look into, visit our nbc washington app and send us an e-mail. check out all of our past stories right in the palm of your hand. we're working several developing stories right now. tomorrow marks one year since baltimore descended into chaos. we're revisiting the city to find out what's changed for police and whether they moved past the tensions we witnessed last spring. >> officials are about to pour
4:53 pm
highways. we'll tell you where your ride is about to get easier. i'm mark seagraves in northwest washington, about 9:30 this morning a juvenile male was stabbed outside of roosevelt high school about two hours later on upshur street witnesses say they saw at least two suspects running from police down the street when they turned down this alley along the side of that tan wall there. witnesses say they heard a commotion, people trying to climb over the fence and police yelling to stop and show us their hands. right now they have two suspects back there in custody. that alley leads to a dead end. coming up at 5:00, you'll hear from those witnesses and we'll update you on the victim. for eight years he was one of the biggest figures in washington politics now the country's former house speaker is facing another legal battle. what liesh
4:54 pm
prepares for sentencing. and it's a busy afternoon for doug and tom. they're tracking showers and the chance for some storms. they'll updat e
4:55 pm
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. former house speaker dennis hastert will be sentenced tomorrow on banking charges. now the man at the center of that case is suing him for breach of contract. the man says hastert sexually
4:57 pm
of dollars to keep it all quiet. >> reporter: this latest bombshell comes hours before hastert's public day of reckoninging brought about by an individual previously known only as individual "a," now referred to as james doe, the man accused the former speaker of sexually abusing him when he was 14 years old. causing him to suffer severe panic attacks which led to periods of unemployment, career changes, bouts of depression, hospitalization and long-term psychiatric treatment. eight years ago the man said he became aware that someone else had become abused by his former coach, too and he arranged for what he says was a binding agreement fors has pert s has m $3.5 million to keep quiet. >> that opened his eyes as to what happened. >> reporter: the massive payments hastert began making to doe aroused the
4:58 pm
alerted those payments stopped with doe only receiving $1.7 million. now relying on what he says was a binding verbal agreement, the man whose complaints led to this public downfall says he wants the rest of his money. >> he would have preferred to remain private. he would have preferred not to sue mr. hastert in order to recover on the contract and have this press coverage. >> a lot of people have written letters of support on behalf of dennis hastert including his wife. > . tracking a couple of showers, even a couple thunderstorms that could come through. some of us under a severe thunderstorm watch. i have the forecast. this is chris gordon focusing on the u.s. senate race, the fight between donna
4:59 pm
edwards and chris van hollen, it's going down to the wire with voters deciding the winner tonight. and a montgomery county day care owner charged tonight in the death of a baby in his care. good evening. >> the little girl was just six months old. her name was millie. >> we begin tonight with rough weather starting to kick up out there. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of our area. doug, we could see a bit of everything before tomorrow. >> we have some big changes moving in. really over the next 12 hours or so. it does start with a chance for some of those thunderstorms to come through. i want to show you what's happening around our region temperature-wise. 85 degrees. tied for the warmest day of the year. we have the warmth out there to spawn storms. now we need a boundary to do so.
5:00 pm
the area now. the wider view shows what's happening here. here's the front we're watching. this is the cold front. boy, is it cold behind this front. we so see storms fire up into this area, northern maryland, portions of pennsylvania, another area of storms back to the west. this should slide mostly to the south. this is what we'll be watching. that severe thunderstorm watch in effect for washington county, frederick county, carroll county, baltimore county until 9:00. we don't expect to see anything for the next couple of hours. enjoy the weather while it lasts. we have some big changes. 80s today, 50s the next couple of days. in the last 60 minutes, someone tried to jump the white house fence it prompted a lockdown of staffers, reporters and visitors. >> we have new video of that man being taken away on a stretcher. there it is right there.


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