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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the area now. the wider view shows what's happening here. here's the front we're watching. this is the cold front. boy, is it cold behind this front. we so see storms fire up into this area, northern maryland, portions of pennsylvania, another area of storms back to the west. this should slide mostly to the south. this is what we'll be watching. that severe thunderstorm watch in effect for washington county, frederick county, carroll county, baltimore county until 9:00. we don't expect to see anything for the next couple of hours. enjoy the weather while it lasts. we have some big changes. 80s today, 50s the next couple of days. in the last 60 minutes, someone tried to jump the white house fence it prompted a lockdown of staffers, reporters and visitors. >> we have new video of that man being taken away on a stretcher. there it is right there.
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there now. >> i'm here at 18th street northwest and pennsylvania avenue. this roadway opened up. if you go down to 17th, the secret service have blocked off the intersection there. so tourists can't even walk near the white house right now. the lockdown was lifted around 4:30, but press members were still restricted and lafayette park was closed to a lot of folks walking over there. now d.c. fire and ems tells us a man jumped the fence in the area of 17th and g streets at the eisenhower building, also known as the old executive office building. there's a separate fence between the grounds of the old executive office building and the white house. but the man did not get close to the second fence. the man suffered a cut on his head and was being treated at the scene. the jumper is in custody with the secret service. worth mentioning that
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house after returning late monday from an international trip. a lot of folks are walking over there ftrying to ask the secret service when they can go over there and take photos. a developing story from montgomery county where the owner of a home day care center is charged with murder after the death of a 6-month-old girl. police say he beat that child. megan fitzgerald has more on what happened. meagan? >> reporter: police say that 35-year-old kia divban and his wife were operating a licensed day care facility inside their home behind us. according to the state, they didn't have any complaints. according to these court documents, it paints a devastating story of what might have happened inside the basement of that home to
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6-month-old baby. for at least the last year, kia divban and his family have been living inside this home, that doubled as the little dreamers day care facility. katrina remembers the familied a v advertising the business last summer. she says she doesn't remember anything about the 35-year-old's demeanor that stands out. there was nothing about him that would have caused me to raise my haunches. >> reporter: but court documents tell a different story. montgomery investigators say last tuesday kia called 911 after a 6-month-old child named vil millie started vomiting, choking and lips turned blue. but after she arrived at the hospital serious trauma was discovered. >> i think 11, 12 of her ribs were broken. there was head trauma. >> reporter: and investigators say the injuries wer
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repeated abuse. but terrance mccannsays his client is innocent. >> reporter: whatever happened caused a 6-month-old child to die, and the focus now is getting justice for millie. >> she never had much of a chance. >> reporter: divban has been charged with second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. coming up at 6:00, hear what prosecutors said in court and why they believe this child was abused weeks before her death. pat? >> voting is underway in maryland and four other northeastern states. the map looks promising for the front-runners on the democratic side. bernie sanders is hoping to pull off
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chris lawrence is in the newsroom to break it down for us. >> reporter: we want to dive into that presidential race. if the polls are right, tonight could be a clean sweep for republican front-runner donald trump. today john kasich tried to explain his so-called alliance with ted cruz where they're supposed to work together to stop trump by not campaigning in certain states. it's a deal trump calls collusion. >> i'm not out to stop donald trump. i'm out to stop hillary clinton. i'm not telling anybody anything in indiana, because i'm not campaigning in indiana. i don't have to tell voters what to do. >> they have no path. they're mathematically out, they ought to quit so we can all get together, unify and we can all go against crooked hillary clint clint clinton. >> reporter: trump had a message for mrs. clinton's rival earlier today. he tweeted that bernie sanders sul
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saying he's been mistreated by the democratic party. a top sanders adviser laughed at that idea. while sanders said he will support the democratic candidate, still a lot of tension between he and hillary clinton. >> let's not count our chickens before they're hatched. there are five contests today. the state of california, last i heard the largest state in the united states of america, they have not yet cast a ballot. >> it's important that people not just give speeches and get everybody riled up, you need to ask them what are you actually going to do? how are you going to do it? >> reporter: there is a lot at stake today and tonight in maryland. voters are also nominating candidates for congressional seats including the all important senate race to replace retiring senator barbara mikulski, the longest serving woman in congress. chris gordon has been following this all day. he
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in bethesda. chris? >> i'm here at bcc high school, one of the busiest polling places. we asked a number of voters when they came out about that race. the maryland primary for the u.s. senate between edwards and van hollen. some are quick to tell you who they voted for and why. others not so much. they don't want to discuss it. that's their right. we give you know a sampling. >> support van hollen for senate. >> reporter: volunteers campaigned just beyond the entrance to the polls here at bcc high school. donna edwards and chris van hollen lead the field of ten democratic candidates for u.s. senate. >> i think the turnout is pretty good for donna. she's doing well here. >> he has a lot of support in the community, in montgomery county. he's been representing us well for many years. >> reporter: 14 gop hopefuls are running for their party's
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nomination. i asked some voters here how they cast their ballot. >> i'm supporting donna edwards because she's a female and she's black and i think she has the qualifications. >> i voted for chris van hollen. chris van hollen, i met him personally, our kids attended school together. i really like his personality and what he's done thus far. >> reporter: also today there are primaries for the congressional seats in all eight see the congressional districts in maryland. that's live in bethesda, pat, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. elections officials hit a snag earlier today at a polling location in silver spring. one of the skcanners failed to boot up this morning. it happened while there was a bit of a line. we're told they got a new scanner and everyone still had a chance to cast ballots
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putting them in a bypass tray, which holds the ballots securely until a bipartisan team can scan them in. we're working for you on this primary day. if you encounter any issues as you go to cast your ballot, let us know. call the news 4 i-team tip line at 202-885-4444. the army staff sergeant accused of killing his wife and a prince william county police officer told police post-traumatic stress disorder might be the reason he opened fire. that's one of the new details tonight to emerge from that hearing today for ronald hamilton. julie has more about the accused shooter and what he told police after that february ram pain. julie? >> reporter: the key witness today, a prince williams county police sent
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he was taken into custody. after hearing his testimony, the judge ruled there's evidence to move this case forward to the grand jury next month. >> reporter: ronald hamilton had just surrendered and been handcuffed when metowar arrived at the scene. we have three confirmed hits. >> reporter: three officers that sergeant metowar supervised had been shot. rookie officer ashley gwenden later died from her wounds. metowar put hamilton in the back of his police car and started crying i ruined my life. he asked me to take my gun out and shoot him. he said he read hamilton it's a miranda rights. he asked who else is in the ou
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my wife replied hamilton. is she okay? no, she's dead. the sergeant, are you sure? hamilton, yes, i'm sure. when he asked why he shot his wife? the army staff sergeant said the two of them had been arguing. he then pressed why he shot the officers. he said he didn't know. he said he thinks he snapped and he might have ptsd. hamilton served in iraq and afghanistan before returning to work at the pentagon. when asked if a doctor diagnosed him with ptsd, he replied no, but i think i have it. >> at 6:00, you'll hear from one of the first police officers to spot ronald hamilton after the shootings. an officer that got him to surrender. >> julie carey, thank you. there will be a funeral this week for a fairfax county firefighter.
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nicole mittendorfs body was discovered last week. it is now being investigated whether bullying led to the suicide. she's 46 years old, she just turned her life around. only to be gunned down forestville. i'm pat collins, the story coming up. and for the second time in 24 hours a teen is stabbed near a school. what we just learned about two arrests in connection to today's attack. and later, the riots in baltimore, progress nearly a year later. aaron gilchrest takes us back there to see how one community's lack
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. we are learning more about a woman gunned down overnight in prince george's county. >> four other men were also wounded when shots rang out in forestville. those who knew the whoman who died said she was working on
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pat collins has more from forestville. >> reporter: her family says she battled her demons, that she had turned her life around. that she had a job addres a sch bus attendant now only to fall victim to the violence of the streets. we begin our story with her son. >> no matter what she was going through, she always told her to keep a smile on her face. >> reporter: this is veris vern paige junior, he's 17. he's talking about his mother, joanne woods. this morning he learned his mom was murdered, shot and killed on hil mar drive in forestville. it happened around 1:30 this morning. police say she was standing with a group of four men when a guy comes up in a car and opens fire. this woman heard the gunshots. she asked not to be identified. >> it was right before
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ringing out shots. >> reporter: four men shot, one critically wounded. joanne woods, she was hit, too. she didn't make it. she was pronounced dead at the scene. >> what do you make of what happened here? >> i always try to think positive. it's a tragic way to die, but when i think about it, she's still up in heaven. she gets to see my grandmother and all my aunts. you know, she'll probably go see, you know, somebody famous like prince or something. think about it like that. >> reporter: so what happened here? police say it doesn't seem to be a random act of violence but it may be something more than what it looks like. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. live in forestville, pat collins, news 4.
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we've got a bit of stormy weather heading our way. it brought rain out to the west. there was hail at times. the fast-moving rain left a significant amount of water on the roads. >> we'll have some storms of our own this evening. talk about the timeline. when can we expect to see this? >> the storms come through 7:00, 8:00 tonight. the nationals take the field at 7:05. they may be able to get that game in. the storms are not the biggest story. it's the temperatures. i want to first show you the temperatures around the area. 85 in d.c. 86 in richmond. you look at that, you go this map is good. everybody in the 70s/80s. 66 in elkins. look at new york city. 51 degrees. the temperatures have been dropping steadily. that's the cold front m
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that same cold front, look what it brought further to the north. this was up towards vermont. it was snowing in parts of new england earlier today. some locations picking up 1 to 3 inches of snow. boston right now sitting at 33 degrees. that cold air making its way our way. it's all part of that system moving down from the north to the south. here's the front. new york at 51. philadelphia at 84. a big temperature difference. one thing we're not seeing is a lot of storms in with this line. that is good news for us. we may not get much in the way of severe weather, even though we had that severe thunderstorm watch. back to the west a bit more in the way of thunderstorms in through west virginia, down to the south. a couple storms around our region. they're way down south. down closer to the charlottesville area. notice we're high and dry. enjoy the next few hours.
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bad. temperature-wise, warm. 85 in d.c. 86 in fredericksburg. 87 in quantico. annapolis, the warmest you've been all year, also at 85. the severe weather impacts tonight, high winds the biggest threat. you're low to medium. hail on the lower side. maybe a bit higher. no real threat for tornadoes or flooding. flooding is not a concern at all. it's been so dry. we do need to see the rain. here's 5:00. not much going on. watch what happens around 8:45. starting to see showers. between 5:00 and 8:00, we're dry. overnight, 11:30, we're seeing more rain coming on in. we could see that around 1:00, around 3:00 in the morning looking at showers. then tomorrow i think it's just a nasty day. dreary, much cooler, chance of rain. you can see the rain here. 10:00 a.m., mo r
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this is showers, this is drizzle. a couple things to keep handy, the umbrella and jacket. those are things we have not needed much of. i have a rain chance tomorrow, thursday and friday. best chance of rain on thursday. this won't be a lot of rain. but it will help with the dry conditions we've seen. look at the temperatures, only in the 60s. some of you may stay in the 50s all day todmorrow, thursday and friday. tom kierein will have more on the second half of the weekend which also has the umbrellas in the forecast. all right. the sky is the limit when it comes to higher education. >> first lady michelle obama is hanging out with students who are college bound. we'll take to you a special signing day celebration. and find out what prince's sister says the music legend's estimated $300 million fortune is in limbo. >> a better ride along one of the most congested
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could it be a reality? that's coming up. i'
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danger on the roads. maryland says it is making changes now after a big jump in deadly crashes. including a 26% increase in crashes where young drivers died. thosin
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happening across the country, not just maryland. the state says it is rolling out a five-year plan to get that number down. they're spending money on better roads and bridges, more enforcement and quicker emergency response. they also want you to be better educated as a driver, to be safer on the roads. nearly $2 billion is being spent to improve highways in maryland, some of that money is coming this way. governor larry hogan allocated 100 million for a congestion relief project on i-270 in montgomery and frederick counties. that project will test the benefits of allowing motorists to drive on shoulders during rush hours, and using meters to control traffic entering the highway. more than 80 million will be spent on projects near ft. need and anne arundel county. that plan calls for improvements on the ramp from the bw parkway to route 175. and widening a three mile
5:26 pm
stretch of 175 from the parkway to mapes road. think of this as the purple line in northern virginia. that's how some describe the new bus system proposed for the busy route 7 corridor. adam tuss has been tracking the project's developments. he joins us now. how would this work? >> reporter: you have to change the road basically. route 7 in northern virginia, never really fine. all sorts of obstacles. traffic stopped at the stop light. many often say route 7 is northern virginia's main street and you have to treat it that way. >> reporter: figuring out a better way. >> it's horrible. the traffic is horrific. people act like they don't know how to drive. parking is terrible. >> reporter: figuring out a better way. >> what do you feel like when you drive up and down the road. do you wish it was easier? >> yes. >> reporter: this may be the easier way or a way out of y
5:27 pm
an 11-mile network of fast-moving buss with their own lanes and stations, like the system that opened along the route 1 corridor in armingtling and alexandria. >> we want to make the road far more usable. >> reporter: the fact that buss were picked over trains means the project can adapt more easily as it navigates the landscape along route 7. >> it will link that part of northern virginia together in a way the turnal line is intend dodd in maryland. >> reporter: not everyone is sold. some are not sure more buses are the answer. >> i live in alexandria, we they put in the bus lanes, it's totally clogged up. i'm not in support of that. >> reporter: you have seen it in action, you don't think it works? >> no. >> reporter: the public getting a chance to weigh in and fine tune the project. after that the planners have to find the money
5:28 pm
get it built. one thing with these projects you have to attract enough riders to make it worth while. at 6:00, i'll tell you how many new riders per day are expected to ride the system here and if that would help your ride along route 7. adam tuss, news 4. coming up on news 4, for the second time in 24 hours a teen is stabbed outside a local high school. we'll show you how the police chase ended with one wrong turn. baltimore's police commissioner no stranger to prince george's county. and in a rare one-on-one, he gets candid about whether anything has changed since the riots almost a year ago. >> all of a sunday baltimore was in the midst of a civil disturbance that it had not seen since 1968. we didn't have the
5:29 pm
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it's a story we first broke on the nbc washington app. just a few hours ago, after a d.c. teen was stabbed and wounded this morning, police have made two arrests now. the victim was attacked near roosevelt high school on 13th street northwest. that is in the petworth neighborhood. mark segraves
5:32 pm
developments. >> reporter: these two suspects, both 19, both from the district followed the suspect off of a metrobus earlier this morning, attacked him from behind, threw him to the ground and ultimately stabbed him. about two hours later police spotted the suspects and gave chase. they ran down this street and then the suspects ran into this alley. unfortunately for the suspects this was a dead end. it started about 9:30 this morning when a juvenile male walked into a local emergency room suffering from stab wounds. he told police he was attacked near roosevelt high school. police say the victim knew the suspects and that they had an ongoing dispute. >> he was approached by a couple of suspects who may know who he is. and he was -- he was assaulted. he sustained some stab wounds. >> reporter: police spent the morning searching the neighborhood for clues and for the suspects. then about 11:30, a
5:33 pm
away from the school, two men were seen running down upshur street, being chased by police. >> i seen two guys running from where the school was. they ran behind our construction site. we heard a fence rattling. we heard the police say put your hands up. put your hands up. >> reporter: the men ran into this alley which turned out to be a dead end. police held the men in the alley for almost two hours before taking them in to custody for questioning. the two have been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. they'll make their first court appearance tomorrow. 24 hours ago a student at wilson high school was stabbed after a reported robbery. police say they belief this incident was the result of an ongoing dispute between the victim and two suspects who police say all know each other. the victim is reported to be doing okay in a local hospital. coming up at 6:00, what happened when one of the suspects mothers showed up here at the
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jim, back to you. a surprise from the sister of the late singer prince. she says he left no will. and she wants a judge to appoint someone to oversee his estate. tyka nelson filed a motion today asking for a special administrator so oversee his estate. she is prince's only surviving full biological sibling. the estate could be worth tens of millions of dollars. he died last week at the age of 57. >> polls are open now with delegates up for grabs in five states including maryland. pennsylvania has the largest number of delegates. bernie sanders is hoping for success in rhode island, that's where a majority of voters registered as independents. pennsylvania could play a critical role for the gop with 54 unbound delegates who can
5:35 pm
at the convention. ted greenberg caught up with voters as they went to the polls today. >> it's important to have your voice heard. >> reporter: alana was energized do just that when the 19-year-old penn student voted for hillary clinton at this polling place in university city. >> i think, like, people who say they're taking a stand by not voting, it's silly. you just let other people make the decision for you. >> i think it's cool being in pennsylvania because it's a swing state. >> reporter: this is tiffany chang's first time casting a ballot. she voted for ted cruz, but not necessarily because she thinks he's the best man for the job. >> i tried to divert the vote away from trump. >> i have to set example for my 4-year-old, when she backs 18 or older she know
5:36 pm
vote. >> reporter: political experts say turnout that appears to be higher than normal so far is likely because of pennsylvania's relevance in the primary process this time ray round. >> new good shape? don't forget to hit the green button. >> reporter: avina voted for bernie sanders, when she changed her mind at the last minute. >> i came in to vote for hillary, i couldn't help myself. i kind of didn't want her to run away with it like she did in new york. >> reporter: experts believe successful efforts by bernie sanders and donald trump to get new people to the polls could be fueling today's voter turnout. in philadelphia, i'm ted greenberg, news 4. >> make new 4 and nbc news your primary hub. we'll send out alerts on the nbc washington app on all the major races and the latest returns at 11:00. the u.s. supreme court will soon decide the fate
5:37 pm
governor bob mcdonell. his appear goes before the eight justices tomorrow. last year he and his wife were convicted of accepting more than $100,000 in gifts and loans from a virginia businessman in exchange for favors. mcdonell was sentenced to two years in prison but is free on that appeal. a new program first lady michelle obama helped more than 4,000 new york city students begin the next chapter in their lives. >> she celebrated college signing day. the president, vice president and first lady also showed off their school pride today donning their college apparel. >> the event is part of the first lady's efforts to inspire young people to pursue their education beyond high school. there are more than 1,000 similar events taking place in nearly every state across the
5:38 pm
countr country. >> ta stormy night ahead of us, huh, doug? >> what is the word? s for storms or c for cold? >> we will get the storms and the cold. the rest of the evening looks fine. traffic, i was looking at the traffic. it's a mess out there. especially along the inner loop of the beltway, crossing over the american legion bridge and all the way around. traffic is a mess. not weather related. no storms out there at all. the only exception is fredericksburg a little shower there. we'll be split. here's this area of moisture. this is moving south. we're waiting on this to fire up. question have not seen a single real strong storm with this frontal boundary yet. that's why we have that severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00 tonight. it's until 9:00, most of us won't see anything until that time. includes areas in the pennsylvania border.
5:39 pm
forecast. again, get out the jackets. she's our dancing centenarian. and she stole our hearts during a memorable trip to the white house. now she's getting a if you surprise from d.c.'s mayor. and the food and drug administration is looking into new claims that a drug for wonme
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5:42 pm
. >> in news 4 your health, the fda says it is investigating a study connecting a yeast infection drug to miscarriages. the danish study centers around the drug diflucan. researchers say women who used drug during the first six months of pregnancy were almost 60% more likely to have a miscarriage. women are advised to talk with their doctor about alternative treatments. she's a 107-year-old who gained international fame when she danced with the president. and now she has something she really needed. an official i.d. d.c. mayor muriel bowser gave virginia mclaren a replacement i.d. for one that was stolen years ago. she was having trouble getting a new one because she dose haven't a birth certificate. that keeps her from boarding planes, she client even fly to new york for interviews after her impromptu dance with the
5:43 pm
president that went viral. in giving mclarin her new temporary i.d., bowser announced rules giving those older than 70 more options when it comes to getting i.d.s. right now, storm team 4 weather center. doug and i closely tracking this cluster of thunderstorms coming into west virginia. we have now timing on its arrival and departure. and up next lessons our police can learn from the baltimore riots. a look at the positive
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tomorrow marks one year since the worst riots in baltimore in more than a generation. they happened after the death of freddie gray in police custody. the baltimore police department took a lot of heat in the case first for his arrest and then later how it was handled or mishandled, the riots that followed. the new police commissioner is working towards his agency becoming a national model for the modern day police departmen department. >> any police department in america who thinks that that type of unrest or uprising can't happen to them,
5:47 pm
think twice. >> reporter: now commissioner kevin davis had been in baltimore for four month when's frustration turned to vengeance against the government. the country watched last april 27th as the voice of peaceful demonstrators was drowned out by the chaos of window breaking, fires and looting. we all remember the burning police cars and officers in riot gear. and what became the focal point of chaos, the inflamed cvs in west baltimore's penn north neighborhood. >> all of a sudden baltimore was in the midst of a civil disturbance that it had not seen since 1968. we didn't have the equipment or training. >> reporter: those facts were laid out in an 80-page report last fall, a top to bottom review of police activity of the uprising and the days that followed. when officers came from across the state and the national guard. 150 police officers injured. hundreds of people arrested.
5:48 pm
>> i've identified several shortcomings when it comes to training, to policies to procedures to discipline that we're already fixing. >> reporter: but commissioner davis says that is the easy part. the real lesson learned and the lesson to learn is about health think relationships with the community. if we learned anything at all from 2015, whether it's ferguson, new york, baltimore, we need a civil relationship with our community, one that's built on trust and respect. >> reporter: davis says the people will see more officers like this out on foot patrol. it's part of a new community policing style for baltimore. 40 hours of training for new officers, an 8-hour refresher for veterans. >> we only train our police officers to interact with victims, witnesses, suspects. leadership and police work has made the assumption that our young 24-year-old, 25-year-old police officers know how to communicate with folk
5:49 pm
they don't necessarily know hoe to communicate. >> reporter: davis believes his new foot patrol effort is the way for modern day policing to be most effective. abandoning some strategies of the past that don't work anymore. >> while they may have produced a year or two of violent crime reductions, it was at a significant cost to a relationship with the community. >> reporter: rebuilding that relationship is the daily challenge and opportunity. in baltimore, aaron gilchrest, news 4. >> you can see more of aaron's interview with commissioner davis right here on the nbc washington app. search baltimore. tomorrow aaron takes us back to the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested. and where the rioting was focused last year. that's tomorrow at news 4 at 6:00 in the evening. it felt like summer again today. will it feel like that tomorrow? >> this was the last of the open toe shoe weather. i know,
5:50 pm
>> yeah. >> a lot of people out in flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts. incredible. tomorrow you have to haul out the fleece again. a warm coat. we have a big change on the way. we have the temperatures that are right now hovering in the 80s. the mid 80s here. but it is 50 degrees colder in massachusetts. worcester, massachusetts, only 35 degrees. some of that chilly air is coming our way. as we look at this live view, we have that from oklahoma, we yes just talking about that. weatherford, oklahoma, we have some huge clouds building. right now around our region, a severe thunderstorm watch that is in effect. look at those nasty dark clouds. they have had some very severe storm there's headis there headf
5:51 pm
oklahoma. we don't have anything like that in store. he would could get some storms later this evening. the timing is not until later in the evening hours. right now the storm team 4 radar is showing thundershowers well to the south and west of us. our sky may turn dark like that sky there in oklahoma. that won't happen until later this evening. 9 storm team 4 radar not showing any storms anywhere in the vicinity. a few showers tracking south of fredericksburg. the main event yet to come in. these pockets of green, a few scattered showers by 8:00 p.m. still dry. maybe a few breaks in the clouds. then it gets stormy around 9:00, 10:00 tonight. much of the storminess is well to the south. those are a cluster of storms coming out of west virginia. then midnight, 2:00 in the
5:52 pm
buy then, everything should be settled. starting off tomorrow morning, light rain falling in the metro area. our severe weather threats are low for tornadoes or flooding. just a moderate threat for high winds and hail. first pitch at 7:05, the nationals taking on the phillies. most of the game should be fine. a small chance of a delay as those showers come on through. tomorrow, what to wear a light jacket. have the umbrella handy. you will need the long pants again. sprinkles maybe in the morning. temperatures in the upper 50s by midmorning. during the day on thursday, more showers moving in. some showers on friday, too, after we have a few sprinkles on wednesday. drying out saturday. more showers sunday afternoon and evening into monday next week. that's the way it lo
5:53 pm
caps fans, we know you've been waiting to find out when the teem will take on the penguins. >> now we know when the puck drops between these two rivals. the official second round schedule released just a few minutes ago. the caps will host the penguins in game one thursday night. then on saturday, game two right here on nbc 4. we'll get you ready with a pregame show starting at 7:30 p.m. then it's off to pittsburgh for games three and four. full schedule and times can be found on the nbc washington app. jason pugh has more. >> reporter: the capitals were back at practice getting set for the second round series against the penguins. the two superstars, sidney crosby and alex
5:54 pm
>> it's crosby versus ovechkin, that's a good story line for you guys, but in reality it's disrespectful to every player in there. everybody in there has contributed a lot to the success of both teams. you don't have success with one person. you have success with a group. to me it's the washington capitals and the penguins going head to head. >> it will be a great series for everybody, for players, fans, you guys. great rivalry. two good teams playing against each other in the second round. looking forward to it. they're a great team. great players. it's a challenge. >> now some very good news for capitals fans today. one of the top defensemen, brooks orpik was back in practice with his teammates. he was injured against the philadelphia flyers in game three
5:55 pm
i'm jason pugh. the newly released video that shows police rush to try to rescue a car
5:56 pm
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. new dash cam video in a florida case where three teenage
5:58 pm
deadly plunge into a pond. >> reporter: what you're watching right now is the exact moment sheriffs deputies found out a car plunged into a pond. this is a first-hand account from the front see the of a patrol car. >> they're in the water. they're in the water stranded. get me a unit on 275. >> reporter: look as deputies arrive on scene at edge of the pond. you can see them using their flashlights to locate any signs of life. listen closely you will hear them planning their next move. >> let's get rescue out here with a boat. >> reporter: within minutes, deputies see someone in the car, listen to this. the car is bobbing around. they trying to crawl out. >> reporter: as k
5:59 pm
arrive, they too encounter a grisly scene. >> somebody started to come back out but they went back in. >> reporter: once officers realized somebody was in the car, they dook off dtook off dud entered the water. the swamp-like conditions made it difficult and hazardous. the vehicle sank to the bottom and visual was lost. a sheriff's helicopter is overhead with a bird's-eye view. >> can you see somebody swimming away? >> from up here there's something to the right of the vehicle. but i don't see anybody swimming away. >> reporter: in the end, it was too late. three teenage girls died in the car that morning. now at 6:00, a crucial week in the race for the white house.
6:00 pm
in five states including maryland. still two hours left before the votes are being tallied up. while the presidential front-runners are not expected to secure nominations tonight, they're hoping the results will put them a lot closer to the finish line. >> and more on politics in a moment. first a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for parts of our area. we go to doug now to find out more about this. doug? >> i have to tell you, the biggest change that will come in our weather is not the storms, it's going to be the cold air moving in behind this. we have seen two weeks of spectacular, beautiful weather. the next couple of days, really the next week not so much. out there now, current temperature 84 degrees in d.c. 84 in manassas. 8


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