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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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sfx: clap, clap, ding well, we're still six months away, but tonight we have a much clear picture of who will be on the ballot this november.
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good evening. i'm jim hadley. >> voters in maryland and four other states have spoken tonight. >> in the presidential race, donald trump takes another big stride toward the republican nomination with a clean sweep in all five states. meanwhile, hillary clinton notches wins in maryland, delaware and pennsylvania with gerb bernie sanders claiming rhode island and connecticut. >> news 4 calls chris van hollen the winner. >> the most expensive house primary, maryland's 8th congressional district held since 2003, state senator jamie raskin is the projected winner. >> the seat held by edwards since 2008, anthony brown is in the lead. >> news 4 has complete team
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reaction from tonight's results. >> tonight started with strange delay. fire at a baltimore city courthouse forced an emergency hearing to be moved outside and into a parking garage. that's where a judge ordered four baltimore polling places to stay open an extra hour because they didn't open on time this morning. >> election results weren't released in the 9:00. it wasn't long until chris was able to declare victory in the senate race. >> reporter: chris van hollen served since 200337 some said he could have been speaker of house. e put it on the line to run for u.s. senate. he declared victory in the maryland primary. chris van hollen is greeted with cheers after beating d
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edwards and eight other candidates to become the democratic nominee. >> we're going to go forth from this evening and win the general election. we're going to say good-bye to mitch mcconnell. >> reporter: house minority white says 57-year-old van hollen can achieve great things. >> i think he saw senate as a possibility for growth and serve his interest and issues. >> reporter: state senator cheryl kagan is looking ahead. >> i'll be so thrilled if he's my u.s. senator. he'll be an amazing partner between annapolis and washington. >> tell us about your call from don
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>> first, i want to thank democrats throughout the state of maryland and let all know looking forward to campaigning with them in the fall. i want to thank donna edwards for her advocacy on important issues and for reaching out after the campaign. it's important we have unity going. >> chris will be running for the senate against gop candidate kathy szegulia. that's the latest live in bethesda. back to you. >> our team coverage continues with news 4 tom sherwood. >> that was not good news for donna edwards with the low turn out. >> no, it wasn't. the party is over here. it was a long campaign but an early night for donna edwards. she entered the senate race 13 months ago. tonight she conceded to van hollen but she was defiant in a promise to
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>> maryland is on the verge of having an all male delegation. p when will our voices be effective, legitimate, equal leaders in a big tent party. it's time for the democratic party to call the question. >> reporter: donna edwards said the maryland democratic party has to be inclusive, not just talk about it. >> thank you. the projected winner in the primary is kathy szeliga. she's in the house of delegates and serves as minority whip. she'll compete for for the senate seat.
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she was elected to the senate back in 1986. maryland has not had a republican senator since then. >> the results for merchandise and four other states have turned the two presidential front runners into near certainties. >> donald trump and hillary clinton won big tonight. we have more on just how they did. >> when donald trump is the top choice among moderates, women and the wealthy, that tells you he's having a big night in maryland. exit polls show he got about half their votes with ted cruz and john kasich splitting whatever was left. he did better among men and maryland's most conservative voters. >> hillary will be horrible on economic development. she will be terrible on jobs. she knows nothing about jobs except for jobs herself. >> hillary clinton didn't get a
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clean sweep. she tweeted thank you, maryland, just a few minutes a of the polls close. sanders is still touting himself as the nominee. clinton asked his supporters to get on board. >> i applaud senator sanders and his supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of politics. i know together we will get that done. whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us. >> trump said if clinton were a man she wouldn't get more than 5% of the vote and promised he will beat her easily. he'll be in town tomorrow afternoon to give a foreign policy speech at the may flower hotel. >> back to our local races. here is look at maryland's 8th congressional district on the democratic side.
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winner. for the republicans, we're projecting dan cox will win. he has nearly half the republican vote right now. the democratic race was the most expensive house primary contest in the country this year. news 4 is in silver spring with the raskin campaign. >> hello. the man who won that most expensive race for the u.s. house of representatives primary in history is on stage. we're going to let you listen a little bit to jamie raskin. >> from the aerospace workers. the grocery
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national nurses union. >> we want to show you a little bit of video earlier this evening. kathleen matthews who is a former television anchor gave a concession speech at her campaign headquarters in bethesda. then, of course, there is the third candidate every one was talking about. >> thank you. maryland's fourth congressional district, former lieutenant governor anthony brown after
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the come back with a win. he's the projected winner for the democrats. george mcdermott is the projected winner. >> he's given his concession speech a few minutes ago. >> let's take a look at what's happened in this race. told me just before early voting this time around he was running a grass root campaign to allow the voter to get to though him personally. he was out to make sure he was knocking on door, making calls. he did the work even though he did not have as much money as his closest competitor, glen
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brown and has been trailing all night long. the ap and nbc 4 is calling this race. it started with early voting. he was fewer than 200 votes behind brown and leading in prince george's county. in the end it looks like brown had the numbers. maryland delegate finished third in this contest. she won the endorsement of the washington post and also emily's list. she out did ivey and brown. talking with us now is anthony brown about what happened in this race. what would you say went right this time that was missed in the governor's race? >> whether it was missed in the governor's race or not, what we tried to focus on during this congressional primary race is the voters. what are their aspirations, their frustrations and
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values and my experience and my family. i had a lot of volunteers. a lot of supporters. i think we connected well. we were in the community at the barbersh barbershop, at the senior centers knocking on doors on the phones. i didn't do it by myself. i did it with a lot of volunt r volunteers and supporters. i think that made the difference. >> this is just the beginning. this is the primary. you're not taking for granted what's going to happen as you head forward in this race. what are your thoughts? >> we have an election in november. after retake a night or two off, we're going to reconvene and run a robust general election campaign. we'll be in the field. we'll be connecting with voters. we'll take no vote for granted. campaigns are laying the foundation for what someone wanted to do when in office. >> thank you very mu.
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who will win in the general election. he's planning to put his support behind him. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we have a lot more decision 2016 coverage. head to for full results and numbers and more on where we go from here. still ahead, images of hate found in a place near where children play. developing tonight, the search for whoever vandalized neighborhood in montgomery county. on a night when everybody is trying to make it into the white house, one guy wore out his welcome pretty quickly. what the secret service says the latest fence jumper was running from when we come right back. i'm still tracking showers and a few storms down to the south. i'm also tracking a huge change. we'll show you what to wake up to coming up a minute. in
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police are looking for two teenagers who spray painted swastikas. it happened on sunday afternoon. investigators found them painted along a footpath and a third painted on exercise equipment at bell elementary school. if you saw anything suspicious this those areas, police would like to hear from you. a brief lockdown today at the white house after a security breach. >> a machine was running from a robbery and jumped over the fence on the white house grounds this afternoon. >> news 4 is live downtown with more details. >> reporter: good evening. tonight the secret service is investigating why this man jumped the fence. they say he was responsible for a er
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me. hopped over fence, but he didn't get far. u.s. secret service officers take this man into custody after he snatched a purse and jumped the fence in the area of 17th and g street at the eisenhower executive office building. the man was between that building and the white house. the white house was placed on lockdown at the time. president obama was there. tonight, we have learned george washington university police are investigating to see if the suspects is connected to a sexual assault that happened near campus. the secret service has stepped up security over the last couple of years after several people jumped the white house fence. there's a proposal to raise the fence up to 10 feet. live here in northwest d.c., news 4. a mass ifr and dangerous storm is threatening 70 million people from north
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tornado watches and warnings in effect. this system could intensify during the night tonight. let's see what's on tap for our weather and doug, it's going to feel a lot different out there for most of us starting when tomorrow? >> starting tomorrow whn yen yo wake up. some of those showers down to the south. today we hit 85. tomorrow we may be lucky to do. we're talking 50. maybe 30 degrees colder during the day tomorrow. let me catch my breath. i was running in here because i was worried about this cold air. >> very up to the minute data. >> the latest forecast just in, everyone. 76 degrees right now. winds out of south. tomorrow the winds will shift out the north. let's look at numbers now. 70 in winchester.
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we have the cold front moving down. south of this region we could see showers and storms. we have a couple down to the south. let's zoom in on this down towards southern maryland. down towards lenardtown. here is the cold front. let's widen this out so we can see it. here's the cold front right here. it was 39 up in boston today. back to the west this is the storm system that jim was talking about bringing the potential for tornadoes and damaging winds. they have not seen the tornadoes that was expected. that's good news. this storm system not going to affect as much. it's all about this front that's moving our way. let's show it to you. here we are around the 11:30 hour. notice the cold front
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to produce showers around 11:30 to midnight. still seeing shower activity. 3:30 still seeing shower activity. tomorrow morning shower basact y activity. what's this. high temperatures we're in the 80s. new york only in the 50s. watch what happens as we move through time tomorrow. high temperatures in the afternoon. these kputser models putting us at 56 tomorrow afternoon. that was clouds. that was showers. a much different day tomorrow. i still think we may sgeet the low 60s here. this may be too warm. i'm optimistic. i'm trying to get to 65. we'll have to see. two things to take tomorrow. one of those thing will be the umbrella. the other thing is the jacket. two things we have not needed much. we will need them during the day tomorrow. as we move on through the next seven days, you can expect the cool numbers. they took around. we're in the 60s through the end of the week. shower chancesso
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friday. saturday may be the one day when we're not talking about showers. temperatures 67. the average high now 71. i don't see us getting there to well over a week. >> check your fit bit. i think it's blowing up. >> i do have it on. >> thank you. >> we'll be back with sports in just a minute.
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it had to happen. they lost tonight. >> they even said today when
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was in the clubhouse, you can't win them all. we know we can't win them all. they were unbeatable at home. they had won eight in a row since the opening day loss. maybe that's why the phillies snap that streak. the mets said they are two games back,000. so it begins. they were handing out mini mis. matt not loving his start. he crushes this ball to right center and that is gone. two run homers. seven strike outs. three runs allowed. bo bottom five. lining this one to left center. michael taylor coming home. this is why we're showing you the highlights. that's the dance now trending on social media. mime hike was the man on hammers this one. off the wall.
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blanco comes in to score. phillies take a 4-3 lead. two out for harper. this is what you want. fans hope to be the hero but not this time. not meant to be tonight. 4-3 the final. the washington capitals return to work today at the second round schedule is released. caps opening up on thursday. from now you'll hear until this ov versus crosby matchup. he doesn't like that one bit. >> crosby versus, that's a good story line for you guys. in reality i think it's quite disrespectful to every play
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everybody in there has contributed a lot to the success of both teams. if you don't have success with one person, you have success with a group. to me it's the washington capitals and pittsburgh penguins going head to head. >> that moment is almost here. second round schedule released tonight. here it is. caps and penguins open things up. game 2 on saturday night. we'll get you ready with a pre-game show starting at 7:30. >> i know what you guys are doing saturday night. i want to say we're going to rate doug's beard. >> there you go. cannot tease that enough. te do we get a vo?
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here's a recap of tonight's local results from the maryland primary. >> in the general election in november, chris van hollen will face off against kathy szegalia. >> state delegate jamie raskin is in the expensive race for maryland's 8th district seat in congress. he will face republican dan cox in the general election. anthony brown wins in
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district. he will face george mcdermott. we have a lot more election results available on our app, nbc >> been a busy night. that's our broadcast. tonight show is heading your way next. >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chelsea handler, eric bana,


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