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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ted cruz announcing his running mate, but first it's going to be a long ride home this afternoon. a tractor-trailer has overturned on the inner loop of rockville pike and connecticut avenue. here we're taking a live look at the traffic situation right now. you can see the backup from old georgetown road. even though two lanes are getting by, the inner loop is absolutely jammed. you know this area. we're all connected. it is having an effect in virginia. 287 starting to feel the effects as well. a water main broke in bethesda. right now, crews are still working to clean this mess up. >> it's not the first time a main has broken right along rockville pike. >> how are the repairs going, adam? >> reporter: well, they'r
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making progress here, pat. a lot of those people on the beltway may be jumping off right here. you still have the traffic here. this is still going to be one lane through the entire rush hour southbound. the reason why? take a look at the hole. still a big hole in the middle of southbound rockville pike here. this was a 75-year-old water main that broke here. you guys mentioned there was a similar one that broke here about october. water absolutely gushing out of that water main. it was a ten-foot break in the water main that caused all of this. it went down the length of the pipe. caused all sorts of problems here today. we talked to drivers. one lady unfortunately was lost and got stuck in all of this. listen to her. >> it's terrible. i'm not from this area. i'm coming from gaithersburg. i've been lost three or four
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times. i just want to get to where i know where i'm at. >> reporter: so the repairs continue here along southbound rockville pike. only one lane will get by through the entire evening commute tonight. they'll have an update on service restoration as far as getting the road reopened for tomorrow morning a little bit later on. reporting live in bethesda, adam tuss. news 4. meagan fitzgerald here at the live desk. we're expecting ted cruz to make a major announcement any minute now at a rally in indianapolis. a live picture of the rally happening right now. he will name carly fiorina has his running meat. the former hceo has been one of his biggest supporters. ted cruz was mathematically eliminated from winning the
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required number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination in ohio. he's hoping this announcement will help him do well in the indiana primary, which is set for may 3rd. he'll need to keep up the momentum to stop the trump movement. mark murray will join us here in the studio to talk about cruz's announcement and donald trump's stop here in washington today. now to storm team 4. you saw those clouds moving in when we showed you some of the traffic problems. the question is, when is the rain going to start? let's get to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> we have already seen a couple of showers across the area today, and that rain chance is going to stay not just today. right on into tonight, tomorrow, friday, and maybe for part of the weekend. right now the only area seeing rain is just down to the south and
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look at the numbers. temperature yesterday at this time 86 degrees. we are now 30 degrees colder than we were yesterday. a lot cooler across our area. 68 in fredericksburg. 54 in gaithersburg. tonight's headlines staying cool for sure not only through the next couple of days, but likely the next week. maybe even some weekend rain. some of that could even be on the heavy side. i'll break that down coming up in just a few minutes. there are strong indications this afternoon that bob mcdonnell could get a new trial. the supreme court heard arguments from both sides today, and the justices raised tough questions about the government's case. julie carey was in court today. she joins us live now with a closer look at the concerns the justices expressed
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>> reporter: former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his legal team left the court today. the justices expressing great concern that the definition of bribery that was used in the mcdonnell case is so broad that it could make routine action taken by public officials a crime. bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen sat together in court today in contrast to their 2014 trial when the former governor admitted the two had separated. both were convicted of multiple public corruption charges for accepting more than $175,000 in gifts and loans from businessman johnny williams for promoting a dietary supplement by his company. he never pushed for any beneficial action or decision. the government's lawyers disagree. they say through the power of his office mcdonnell's influence was
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the justices expressed concern if they uphold mcdonnell's conviction, it could make routine favors a crime. >> we look forward to their decision. >> reporter: now when i join you at 5:00, we'll hear directly from the former governor. hear what he thinks in the wake of these arguments today. i'm julie carey, news 4. the secret service is on high alert for the second straight day after another person breached white house security. a man is in custody for throwing personal items over the north fence line. the white house grounds went into lockdown around 10:30 this morning so security officers could do their sweeps. yesterday, a man jumped over e fence. the secret service said he had just robbed someone and was trying to get away. the candidates for
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maryland's open senate seat is shifting their focus to the general election. >> reporter: this is perry hall, maryland, located just north of baltimore. it is home to cathy szeliaga, who won yesterday. chris van hollen is well known in our area. she is not. so i began my interview with her today by asking who is cathy? >> wife, mother, grandmother, small business owner, and a leader in annapolis where i work with larry hogan. >> reporter: ahead at 5:00, why
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senate race here in maryland. if you like to dig a little deeper into last night's results, we have all the vote totals. just search maryland primary. the president announces a trip hundreds of miles from washington. first at 4, why he says an 8-year-old girl inspired him to make the trip. in 100 days, rio will be in the midst of a huge celebration.
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right now, firefighters in 33 states from 33 states in the district are helping to battle that forest fire in the shenandoah national park. the fire has destroyed more than 10,000 acres. we're told people living near the park are not at risk. however 17 miles of appalachian trail remain closed. president obama plans to make his first trip to flint, michigan, since the city's water crisis. an 8-year-old activist known as little miss flin made it happen. she wrote a letter to the president telling him she was coming to washington to push lawmakers to do more for her city. the president wrote back. he wanted to be the first to let her know about his visit to flint on may 4th. he wants
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making sure she and her family and people like her are receiving the help they need. dennis hastert is sentenced to 15 months in prison and ordered to pay a quarter of a million dollars to victims. he was accused of sexually abusing several students when he was a high school wrestling coach. he tried to pay one teenage victim millions of dollars to keep it secret. one of the victims testified at the sentencing. kicking things off the way only the first lady can. how michelle obama helped lead the celebration as the world gets ready for rio. and we're down here at veterans plaza celebrating 100 days until rio. you can come on down.
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we have 50 more minutes down re. he
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the countdown to rio is under way. we are just 100 days from the start of the summer games in brazil. today, torch bearers handed over the flame to rio organizers. last week the cauldron was lit in olympia.
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it travels to switzerland tomorrow. it arrives in brazil on tuesday. the opening ceremony in rio takes place august 5th. the excitement is growing around the world. >> today athletes and fans gathered in time square and team usa says they are ready. jay gray live in new york with some of the pre-olympic festivities. what's going on there, jay? >> reporter: hey there, chris, pat. everything is going on here right now. it is an interactive pep rally, if you will. the sports court behind me is being used for basketball. it's been used for tennis. they just finished up with the women's field hockey team. there's one of their sticks. and now we're getting ready to see another group get out here and do a bit of an exhibition. it's been a terrific day. as you talked about team usa, they say they're absolutely ready. many wonder if the whole city is. the fire is officially bur
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the olympic flame pulled from the calderon in athens. >> it's going to be an amazing atmosphere. >> reporter: the party has already started in times square where dozens of athletes and fans, including first lady michelle obama have gathered for an interactive celebration 100 days before the opening ceremony. >> you really feel united. you know, you feel like usa is behind us. we're ready to go. >> reporter: but in rio, there's a list of concerns about preparations in the host city and at the time for some, zika. >> it affects our family. my wife and i wanted to have our second child hopefully before the games. just not knowing about zika, we put it on pause. >> reporter: and there are other issues, including a failing economy, political unrest, and pollution clogging some of the water venues. >> we haven't seen
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sanitation in rio adequately. >> we don't know if the president is going to be in power for that opening ceremony. >> reporter: but none of that seems to matter to team usa. >> all the outside things, that just happens every single olympic games. that's not something i can control. >> reporter: they say they'll stay focused on their goals and the goal. now, look, august 5th will be the biggest party the summer games has ever seen. knowing about carnival, i think they can probably accomplish that goal. that's the latest live here in times square. pat, chris, back to you. >> just having fun. >> yes, indeed. >> nbc 4 is your home for the 2016 summer games. >> our coverage on news 4 just getting sted
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wendy rieger in times square where we're counting down 100 days until the olympics. join me this afternoon. i'm going to be frolicking. yeah, i'm actually going to frolic with olympic athletes here in times square. doug was telling us how cold it is going to be up in new york tonight. you can see the people there with their bigger jackets. >> how could are we talking about, doug? >> yesterday we were 85. new york was 51. now we have got the colder air that's moved all the way down the east coast. average temperatures now up to 70. national harbor camera is showing you the cloud cover around the region. the cool air remains. temperatures right now only 56. this is why. we have that easterly wind
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what are where we seeing temperature-wise? much cooler right along the water there. 53 degrees over towards annapolis. got a phone call there. hold on. i'll call you back. okay. down around fredericksburg, this is the area where we expect to see those showers, even into the overnight. this is really cool. literally. it is the wedge of cooler air. you can see the clouds making their way all the way down. to the north of this, that's where the cold air and we've got sunshine up towards new york, but still on the cool side. we are looking at some thunderstorms. look at the temperatures right now. raleigh coming in at 83 degrees when we're at 56. we're up to 83 in raleigh. new york with that sun is warmer than we are today.
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showers down to the south around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tonight. notice how they continue down to the south. fredericksburg, maybe the northern neck, you may get some more shower activity, but it is really tomorrow morning when we get back in on the rain. we'll see a chance of showers developing. make sure you take the umbrella with you on your way out. i don't think we'll see any thunder from this. if we do, it could produce a heavy downpour. tomorrow could be a wet, dreary day just like today. i think it is going to extend on through friday. guess what. more showers coming in. a couple of things you'll need the next few days, the umbrellas and the jackets for sure. same thing at the bus stop tomorrow. 52 degrees. high temperatures only around 57. i mentioned what to wear. look at the highs tomorrow. 51 in hagerstown. 60 down towards fredericksburg.
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and 59 in culpepper. we do expect to see those cooler conditions as we move on through the next couple of days. 58 on your thursday. 61 on your friday with a chance of rain. saturday the one dry day before we see more rain move in on sunday. sunday's storm system is really one to watch. some computer models are giving us a lot of rain. others just a little. look at those numbers. well below average. >> i promise not to call you during weather again, doug. sorry about that. if you're fighting allergies, you're not alone. first at 4, why taking a pill could soon be better than those allergy shots. which school not far from here will allow students to keep
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immunotherapy has long been used to fight allergies, but a new drug could help reduce asthma attacks. the tablets that soon may edge out all of
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so many patients already use those sublingual tablets for grass and ragweed, pollen, but the new tablets are for dust mites alone. >> it's the most common allergen. those are the microscopic bugs that will eat your dead skin cells. they should be available soon. >> now we mentioned the tablets for grass and ragweed pollen. have they caught on or do most of your patients still take shots? >> so most of them actually still take shots. the reason for that is because you can cure more than one thing with the shots. the grass is just for grass. the ragweed is just for ragweed. with the shots, we can do a whole lot more. >> the shots cover the all gambit. these are epitotes. >> instead of what happens with the regular allergy shots where we give you a little bit of the
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grass or the cat, in this one we give you a small little change piece. so therisk of having an allergic reaction is much less. you're still doing the same thing in that you're building tolerance, but it is faster and probably safer. it is going to be out for cat pretty soon. the dust mites and grass are still under study. we start the study for grass next week in my office. >> soon, but not soon enough. >> unless you do the study. >> i take a lot of antihistamines because the shots are just too much for me. will i ever get rid of all these allergies taking these antihistamin antihistamines? >> no. the medicine will only simply cover up the symptoms. >> do the immunotherapy
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system? >> you have a hyper response in your immune system. what all of these immunotherapy and shots do is lessen the reaction to that reaction. you'll still be just as strong to fight infection. >> i hate shots. what do you do for the person who says i don't want all those drugs in my body? >> we get that a lot. people will say tell me the natural way to do this. that's the beautiful thing about all the immunotherapy. it is very natural. it's literally ground up grass, ragweed, or dust mites, and it is put into your body so your body will build up the antibodies. it's as good as it gets. >> feeling better
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hurry up with the research. >> we're making great strides. what a difference a day makes. that drop in temperature that doug told us about, it's arrived. plus, a big day on the campaign trail. one announces a running mate. another makes a major speech here in washington. what it means going forward? "first at 4."
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we have breaking news now. republican presidential hopeful ted cruz picks his running mate, former candidate and ceo carly fiorina. cruz called her an extraordinary leader and a woman who understands the threats facing america. this comes after donald trump swept all five contests last night, including the maryland primary. >> let's bring in our senior political editor martin murray. it takes a fair bit of courage to announce your running meate. >> if ted cruz doesn't win that indiana primary next tuesday, it is going to be all but over for him. the stop donald trump movement has moved into indiana. ted cruz has that alliance with john
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have worked all that well, but he is pulling out all the stops. ted cruz has to win. this latest naming a vice president pick, we'll see if it works. >> how do you think voters will likely respond to this? >> well, i think it comes down to perceptions about donald trump. that's how the republican race has been so far. we saw donald trump had difficulty in the state of wisconsin. the republican establishment was against him. the incumbent governor said i'm going to campaign with ted cruz. ted cruz won by double digits. we see other states where donald trump just kind of marches through. he did it in pennsylvania and new york. the question is what does indiana look like. it's in between a wisconsin and pennsylvania. all the polling shows right now that donald trump has the advantage. >> he was here in town
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think, at the mayflower giving that major foreign policy speech. i know a lot of it was geared towards a domestic audience, but was there anything in there that you think moved the ball for people accepting him as commander and chief? >> he has to go through a lot of those type of speeches to get that to happen. he's trying to have speeches like this. talk about the whiplash. donald trump giving a speech on foreign policy, almost acting like he's the general election nominee. ted cruz announcing his running mate. one person moving on saying the general election is here. the other is saying, hold on, here's my running mate. >> wilder by the day. that's mark murr
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democratic front runner hillary clinton of playing the woman card. then cruz of course named carly fiorina as his running mate. what do you think comes out best here? call or text the number on your screen or vote on the nbc washington facebook page. and we want to shift away from politics for a second here to bring you some breaking news. shomari stone just got to the scene of a stabbing in tacoma park. what are you seeing? >> reporter: the police chief tells us that a woman, a 36-year-old woman, has died. she was stabbed. a man was stabbed. he is currently in surgery. police say they received a call around 2:00 regarding a man by the elevator. that man was suffering from a stab wound. police then walked up to an apartment and that's when they found the 36-year-old woman. she also had stab
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while police transported both of them, the woman had died. the man has survived. i asked the police if a third party is involved. the police chief says, no, that doesn't appear to be the case. however he won't go into detail. this could possibly be a domestic-type situation between 20 two people, but police would not tell us if a third man or woman was involved. i'm shomari stone. back to you. and with the nbc washington app, you can track the latest storm team 4 forecast, look at the radar where you are, see the temperatures where you are. here we have a lot of clouds around. live view as we look at the storm team 4 radar. a few showers passing well to our south. these are just getting very close to fredericksburg right now coming into stafford over the next hour. they're g
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southern maryland and perhaps parts of the northern neck. that's going to be about an hour from now. just some low clouds around. no travel problems weatherwise. just some low clouds around. for the thursday morning commute and the thursday afternoon commute, likely wet pavement. that's fender bender weather for tomorrow. hour-by-hour forecast, that's coming up in just a few minutes. their job is to make sure you are safe when you fly. first at 4, powerful accusations against tsa bosses for mismanagement, even retaliatini against their own employees. how michael phelps
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you know what that music means. we are getting pumped for the 2016 summer games in rio. >> that's right. 100 days from now we'll be watching the opening ceremonies. amelia segal has been spreading the word. where are you now? >> reporter: we're down here at veterans plaza in silver spring. i hope when the olympics are on august 5th through the 21st, it is a lot warmer than it is right now. a chilly 55
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right now. this goes on the back of your cell phone. download our nbc washington app. it is great talking to a lot of wonderful people. we're just excited for 100 days until rio. a maryland native will be one of the best known athletes at the rio games. michael phelps is ready to make one last splash. >> he opened up to matt lauer today. phelps says he's ready. >> i set myself down a downward spiral. i think it was more of a sign then anything else that i had to get something under control. >> so it was a cry for help? >> i believe so, yeah. i really do. >> he also says he hasn't trained like this in ten years. and he has big changes in his personal life. his fiancee is due to give birth
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♪ i've been sleepwalking ♪ i walked all night trying to make it right ♪ >> a local favorite is out of the running on "the voice." danoff failed to make the top ten. he is from d.c. >> sorry to see him go. severe weather leaves its mark. for some people's homes, there's not much left. where mother nature did the most damage and who is in the line of fire next. what some employees told congress about safety, l ow
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right now, cloudy and cool. temperatures in the 50s, but more rain is on the way. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. neighborhoods torn apart. the damage done by a burst of spring storms and where that severe weather is heading now. we're taking a live look at pictures there. carly fiorina, she just walked up to the stage. ted cruz in an almost unprecedented move has picked her as his
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running mate even though he trails donald trump by some 400 delegates. carly fiorina stepping to the stage, accepting the so-called nomination has ted cruz's running mate. all right. top tsa officials told lawmakers on capitol hill today the agency is broken and its managers are the ones who broke up. the officials say the situation is so bad your safety is now being compromised. >> reporter: turnover at the transportation security administration remains at what some call a crisis level. in a recent year, just under 400 joined the agency while more than 4600 quit. critics blame management. >> tsa remains in crisis as a result of poor leadership and oversight. >> reporter: three senior tsa security directors
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congressional committee wednesday that tsa management fosters a culture of intimidation and retaliation, and many are not qualified to hold the positions they hold. >> the american public and congress should worry about what's going on in tsa. >> reporte >> retaliation is used extens e extensively. >> reporter: forcing workers to arbitrarily move across country, but they voiced support for current tsa administrator peter nefenger who they say just needs better leaders around him. severe weather overnight killed a woman in texas after falling trees collapsed her roof.
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home. today people are cleaning up after the storms. the weather damaged more than a dozen homes in the houston area and downed power lines left some people without electricity. forecasters expect more strong storms on saturday. >> take a look at this video out of missouri. major flooding swamped a golf course just outside kansas city. the heavy rain also stranded some drivers and the flooding temporarily shut down a few businesses. tom kierein join us again. any of this weather headed our way? >> fortunately no, but we do have some more rain on the way. it's going to be a separate system that's going to be affecting as we get into tomorrow. between now and then, we'll likely stay dry. here's what to wear. it is a gray or green wednesday afternoon. you'll definitely need a light jacket and some long pants. just have an umbrella with you. a small chance of some sprinkles
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this line of showers is beginning to move your way coming into southern stafford county and then king george crossing and into st. mary's county about another hour or so, passing well south of the metro area. we have some low clouds with us. just a w of those showers pa passing around us. just some clouds hanging in overnight tonight. hovering in the 50s overnight. early tomorrow morning, early thursday morning, that's when we'll see another round of rain getting closer to us. those are showers at 5:00 a.m. coming into northern virginia and the shenandoah valley. they're coming right into the metro area again. some more showers as well farther to the west. they'll begin to
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during the re e during the rest of the day on thursday. first pitch is at 7:05. just some clouds around. just a slight chance of some sprinkles at the start of the game. mid 50s. mid 50s throughout the rest of the game. waiting for the bus and metro, that's when you need the umbrella. maybe back into the 50s. chance of sprinkles 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. greater chance of those showers moving in the rest of the day on thursday into thursday evening. then on friday another cloudy, cool day. highs only reaching around 60 degrees. a few showers likely on friday. finally welcome sunshine just in time for your saturday. if you have outdoor plans on saturday, got the big broccoli city festival on washington saturday, great weather for that in the low 60s. here comes more rain. highs in the low 60s.
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well. highs mid 60s. still kind of cloudy. not a lot of sunshine here over the next seven days. starting this fall, liberty university will allow some students to keep handguns in their dorms. the new policy only applies to students with concealed handgun permits and they have to be at least 21 years old. the university's board of trustees approved the change stipulating the guns be kept in sa safes in residence halls. most older students don't live on campus. a special honor for the navy football team at the white house today. >> president obama gave the team the commander and chief's trophy. for more than 40 years, the trophy has gone to the service academy with the best overall record against the other two service academies. last season's navy team finished with a record of 11-
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this is the 15th time the naval academy has won the trophy. over the years, we've done many stories about homeless families, particularly in the district of columbia, but this is a story about a family who didn't become homeless. larry long and his 4-year-old daughter were living on the couch of his grandmother's home about to become homeless. then he heard of a new program that d.c. is offering that helps families like his to stay in a home. now larry and his daughter have a home of their own. he's in school. and he's looking forward to starting his own business. coming up, you'we're going to s you how this program has saved more than 1,000 families like larry and is planning on saving a whole lot more. a former speaker of the house headed to jail. first at 4, why we have learned a lot more about his secret life
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congress is considering a bill that would expand health care to veterans. today six republican senators introduced a bill that would require the va to work a national chain of walk-in clinics. all veterans would be able to visit those clinics without getting preauthorization from the va. it also immediately qualifies every vet for a veteran choice card no matter where they live or how long they've been
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managed by a trust company at least for the next six months. today, a judge gave bremer trust temporary authority to supervise prince's assets. the move is necessary because just yesterday prince's sister said the music superstar did not have any will. prince died last week at his home in suburban minneapolis. former house speaker dennis hastert was sentenced to prison today for trying to pay off a man who accused him of sexual abuse. it stems from hastert's illegal bank transactions and his efforts to hide them from the federal government. it drew tough words from the judge and a tougher than expected sentence. >> reporter: once house speaker and second in line to the presidency, dennis hastert was wheeled out of a
4:57 pm
courthouse in shame, sentenced to 15 months in prison. >> mr. hastert's legacy is gone and in its place are a broken, humiliated man. >> reporter: a victim and a sister of a victim told the court how hastert used his position as a high school wrestling coach to abuse teenage boys. her brother steven lived quitely with the shame until he died of aids in 1995. >> we had a really hard childhood. we went through a lot of stuff. i think that's one of the issues that he took -- hastert took advantage of because i think that's typical pedophile behavior. >> reporter: once hastert became rich and powerful, another victim demanded hush money that attracted the attention of federal agents. hastert said, first, i want to apologize to the boys i mistreated when i was their
4:58 pm
regret it. they looked up to me and i took advantage of them. the judge called him a serial child molester. prosecutors could only charge him with illegal bank transactions. >> this is imperfect, but it's what we got. >> reporter: from public servant to federal inmate, a stunning fall from grace. brian moore, nbc news washington. if i am nominated to be president of the united states, i will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> minutes ago, presidential hopeful ted cruz announcing his running mate. now at 5:00, the message they are sending to frontrunner donald trump. and it's a race against the clock to fix a water main break here in montgomery county. the entire evening commute is a mess, folks. now we have a better idea of just when that repair work will be done. and we are on the scene
4:59 pm
deadly stabbing in tacoma park. one of the victims is a woman. a live report in just minutes. now at 5:00, thanks for joining us, everybody, on this big day up in the big apple. >> reporter: hi, i'm wendy rieger in new york live at times square where we are counting down the last 100 days until the rio olympics. first lady michelle obama joined the u.s. olympic team here today at times square to kick off the festivities. i'll have that story coming up for you in just a few minutes. she's wearing a jacket. pop the collar. rio has 25, 30 degrees on us and new york today, doug kammerer. >> yeah, doug, how's it looking for us? >> for us, it's just looking cool, guys. we're going the need those jackets over the next couple of days. yesterday
5:00 pm
today 56. a 30-degree temperature drop. here's the radar. storm team 4 radar checking the rain for you. well south of d.c., that's where most of it all is right now. orange county and stafford counties is where it is right now. it will move over towards king george county and parts of southern maryland. the rest of us tonight just dealing with the cool conditions. 59 in ma nanassas. staying cool for a while. more showers likely over the next couple of days, so keep the jackets and the umbrellas handy. we have some breaking news out of tacoma park right now. a woman is dead, a man injured in a double stabbing. >> this happened on houston avenue not far from slygo creek


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