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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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policy disaster after another. i'm the only one that knows how to fix it. >> reporter: trying to stop trump next tuesday in indiana, ted cruz today named his running mate. >> my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> reporter: the former ceo ran for president against cruz and against the two frontrunners. she says she learned. >> that donald trump and hillary clinton both will be disastrous for this nation. >> reporter: cruz naming fiorina is called cute by trump, who last night went after hillary clinton on gender. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> reporter: polls find 70% of women negative about him and celebrating her four wins last night, the presumed democratic nominee sa
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>> then deal me in. >> reporter: a preview of the possible fight in the fall. gloves off. a republican insider told me today if trump is the nominee, his next attack could be on hillary and bill clinton's marriage. the decision to name a running mate before earning the nomination is not without precedent. back in 1976, ronald reagan announced a pennsylvania senator would be his running mate. they were headed into a contested convention with gerald ford. reagan's campaign fought to change convention rules to force ford to name a running mate. that move was not successful. a man who hopped a fence at a white house had just groped a woman and robbed two others. he jumps the f
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house grounds yesterday afternoon. court documents released today say he groped a gw student at a bus tstop and two other women. he allegedly groped a nurse at the hospital. he is facing several charges including robbery and sexual abuse. another security scare at the white house this morning after a man threw personal belongings over the white house fence. the complex was put on lockdown while officers did a sweep of the grounds. the u.s. secret service wants to begin a taller, stronger fence around the white house. they want to do that by 2018. details of the plans were obtained by the news four i-team. scott macfarlane broke the story on twitter today. >> news4 has obtained this audio copy of a recent secret service presentation to government officials proposing the changes. the six footte
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would be raised to 11 feet. there would be anti-climb features like the spikes added to the fence last year. a new concrete foundation and higher gates at entrances. it is a complex design. listen to how one secret service official told federal officials a few days ago about why this is all needed. >> the current fence simply is not adequate for a modern era. we've said that before. it is becoming more acutely clear that that is not the case. it is entirely scaleable. we have now a society that tends to want to jump over the fence and onto the 18 acres. >> these will be presented next thursday in front of the national capital planning commission in d.c. turning to our weather now. some rain today and there's more
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let's go to tom kierein to find out when it moves in. this cold temperature sure moved in today, tom. >> what a dramatic drop, doreen. we were in the mid 80s this time yesterday afternoon. now we're in the mid 50s. a 30-degree plunge since yesterday afternoon, and it is going to stay this way into the evening hours. that moving color, just light rain from fredericksburg getting close to leonardtown and st. mary's county. this is going to be staying well south of washington for the next several hours. temperatures right now are just generally in the low to mid 50s. warmer farther south and west. we're beginning to hit the upper 50s. for tonight, no travel problems. caution lights for thursday morning's commute and thursday afternoon's commute because more rain will likely be moving in. some commuters
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say they are sick of dealing with water main breaks in bethesda. the broken main today affected both the morning and evening commute. we're told it's nowhere near being fixed. it happened on rockville pike near cedar lane. the same site where a water main broke a couple of months ago. adam tuss finds out why this is all happening. >> reporter: the traffic is still getting by in one lane in the southbound direction. it is all because of that right there. crews have been able to fill in the hole a little bit here. what they're doing now is trying to tamp down the dirt so they can get it all compacted in there. they'll have to patch it over again, but this is another rough ride in this area. this is the second major water main break in almost the exact same location in just a matter of m
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>> this is another indication we need to do what we can to get these pipes out of the ground and get new pipes in approximate the ground. >> reporter: terry irvin size the pipes under this stretch of rockville pike will likely get priority treatment now. >> we just had a break here not in the same spot, but along the same stretch in the fall. we're going to be looking at replacing this section of the pipe. >> reporter: commuters are getting tired of dealing with all of it here. >> it's usually terrible and now it is just worse because it is down to one lane and there's an accident. >> this is like the second time this year that this has happened, right? >> it's been a couple months. >> reporter: residents in this area now have their water turned back on. the traffic still slowly getting by here on this section of southbound rockville pike. the crews are working hard here to try to get everything
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the hope is it will all be fixed in time for the morning rush. i just asked a guy, do you think it's going to work? he said, we hope. all lanes are now open on the inner loop of the beltway after a tractor-trailer flipped over this afternoon. outer loop delays packed up to the bw parkway. a large pipe that came off the truck is still over on the side of the road. state highway crews will come back at 8:00 tonight to try to move it. it wasn't an easy ride on metro this morning either. trains had to single track awhile. this is the fourth day of issues on the red line since the smoke incident over the weekend. we reported water problems t
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stretch of the red line years ago. metro still has not identified a long-term fix. a high school teacher in the district is recovering after she got hurt in a fight that ended with two students in police custody. it's the third day in a row we have seen violence involving students in the city. pat collins is outside washington metropolitan high school in northwest with more on that. >> reporter: the incident here, doreen, they say happened when some students brought a neighborhood beef to school and that led to a fight and another fight and another fight. violence in and around our city schools this week most disturbing. monday a student stabbed as he was on his way to wilson high school. tuesday, a student stabbed near roosevelt high school. today the violence goes inside. today a teacher assaulted inside washington metropolitan h,
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an alternative d.c. public high school in northwest. what's going on in and around our city's high schools? these thoughts from a councilman. he's the chairman of the education committee. >> we need to find alternative to violence ways to handle these convi conflicts. >> reporter: today police swarmed the washington metropolitan school where they were called to stop a series of fights inside. police arrested a teenage boy who they say assaulted a teacher as she went to break up the fights. she was taken to the hospital. police say as one of their officers went to settle things down, he was assaulted by a teenage girl. she, too, was arrested. it took some time, but order was restored and school was dismissed. hear now from a parent of a student here. >> it's an alternative school. when you're in an
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high school, those are the things that happen. these are the kind of issue that is you deal with when they're all put into one school. >> reporter: now the teacher's expected to be okay. and expect a heavy police presence here at the school tomorrow. jim, back to you. >> thanks, pat. still to come, harsh words from the judge as former house speaker dennis hastert heads to prison. could former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's conviction soon be overturned? there was some indications of that in oral arguments at the court today. analysis from the man who knows the court so well, pete williams. i'm wendy rieger in new york as we countdown the last 100 days to the olympics in rio. i have the story of a local athlete.
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dennis hastert today became one of the highest ranking politicians ever sentenced to prison. a judge in chicago went beyond the guidelines of a plea agreement today and he sentenced the former speaker of the house to 15 months in prison. the deal worked out between hastert and prosecutors specified a range from probation to six
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the judge called hastert a serial child molester. the court today heard emotional testimony from a former high school athlete who accused hastert of molesting him decades ago. last fall, hastert pleaded guilty to violating banking laws as he tried to pay another alleged victim more than $3 million to keep quiet. supreme court observers say it looks like former virginia governor bob mcdonnell may win a new trial. his conviction on public corruption charges was appealed to the highest court. >> reporter: these arguments today drew together reporters like me who covered former governor bob mcdonnell for years and seasoned court correspondents like pete will m williams. we all came away with the same impression.
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mcdonnell. he and his wife sat together in court today in contrast to their 2014 trial when the former governor admitted the two had separated. both were convicted of multiple public corruption charges for accepting more than $175,000 in gifts and loans from businessman johnny williams in exchange for promoting a dietary supplement made by his company. mcdonnell denies any wrongdoing. >> i have a lot of faith in my lawyers and in the justice system to get this right. >> reporter: mcdonnell and his legal team very encouraged as they left the court. inside mcdonnell's lawyer argued the standard for bribery was defined so broadly in the mcdonnell case that routine actions could be considered crimes. one mcdonnell lawyer explains it this way. >> people don't know where the line is. they don't know where the line is and where to stop short of it. >> reporter: the justices seemed
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justi pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. >> these folks know what goes on every day across the street at the u.s. capitol. hundreds of letters are written by congress saying can you help my constituent. if he had taken a lunch or a fishing trip or a meal ticket or a theater ticket from them, if that's a crime, that seemed to concern the justices. his predicti >> reporter: his prediction ahead? >> they will probably say a new trial. >> reporter: the supreme court is expected to rule by late june. news4. now we turn to the countdown to rio. first lady michelle obama and the band perry and many members of team usa
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before the start of the games in rio. among those on stage was a paraolympian who has an incrediblehen >> wendy rieger is up in new york with that story. >> reporter: when you hear the story of tatiana mcfadden, athlete tatiana mcfadden, you realize some people are just designed for success. her story might be titled "from russia with love." she was racing the clock when she was born 27 years ago in russia with spina bifida. she didn't get the necessary treatment. >> it's practically a miracle that i survived. >> reporter: her bh
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put her in an orphanage where she was expected to live a short life. >> i taught myself to walk on my arms. >> reporter: deborah mcfadden from clarksville, maryland, walked into that orphanage and the two fell in love. >> there was something when our eyes connected. >> reporter: she introduced her to sports. >> she was really sick, so i was thinking you don't need your legs to swim. i got her swimming. then i got her involved in gymnastices to tumble. >> table tennis, archery, fencing, basketball, wheelchair racing. i fell in love with wheelchair racing. >> reporter: tatiana always has a russian phrase that she used. >> what it means is
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and translated, i can do it myself. >> reporter: boy, could she do it. >> i became healthy. then i could have dreams and goals and desires to become an olympic athlete. >> reporter: tatiana mcfadden comple competed in track and field at the age of 15. she reminds us of the power of opportunity and the magic. >> i became a better me because of sports. >> reporter: and tatiana has a book coming out in two weeks. you'll find it on amazon. meanwhile, this is looks like the copacabana behind me. wendy rieger, aka
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reporting from times square. back to you. >> a little eye candy for you. >> worst things could happen to a reporter. >> reporter: that's okay. i'll stand over here. >> just 100 days away now. one year later, we're going to go back to a neighborhood that was rocked by riots. we're going to see what, if anything, has changed in baltimore. a gang-related murder and a police confession. i'm david culver outside of alexandria court where inside we learned of a possible
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here's a look at what's coming up in our next hour. what we're learning about the murder of a popular park in alexandria and why the victim was targeted by gang members. a look at the role women might play in the race for the white house. they're in charge of keeping us safe at the airport, but tonight serious new revelations about problems within the tsa that could be putting your safety at risk. >> those stories and more coming up at 6:30. first, here's tom with a check on our forecast. allergy sufferers are rejoicing since we got that rain this morning. it did wash a lot of the pollen out of the air. we've been suffering from our highest pollen counts. now with the cool, damp weather, it is going to stay low, the
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days. there's union station. one of washington's most appealing landmarks and the flag there near capitol hill is flapping gently in an easterly wind. what to wear for tonight and tomorrow? well, forget sunglasses and shorts. we're going to be staying cloudy. you will need a light jacket and an umbrella during the day on thursday. it is going to stay cool over the next 36 hours or even as much as 72 hours. fredericksburg just getting a few sprinkles. this patch of green, that's some very light rain that's now into king george county tracking along southern charles county into st. mary's. it's going to stay well south of washington here for the next several hours. new hour-by-hour timing on other rain. we'll stay dry
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out of the mountains. this is as of about 11:00 tonight. getting closer to washington by 5:00 tomorrow morning. yeah, the rain is going to be getting closer. some showers in southern maryland and across northern virginia into the shenandoah valley. that's by 5:00 a.m. by 8:00 a.m., much of that rain moves right into washington. more showers to our west and way out in west virginia, that line is going to be coming right into the metro area around noontime or so during the day on thursday. more showers coming in during the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. temperatures right now have been stuck in the mid 50s. i had to hit the side of the thermometer and see if the thing has been stuck. it has been stuck in the mid 50s since mid-morning this morning. it is not going to budge into the evening hours. this is good news for the nationals at nats park. they're playing the phillies. first pitch at 7:05. it will just be cloudy and cool throughout the game
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if you're going to the game, you need to layer up a bit. it will be quite a bit of spring chill in the area. tomorr tomorrow, chance of sprinkles. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. in the low 50s. some of that heavier rain moves in around noontime on thursday and off and on into thursday afternoon and evening. still cloudy, still cool. near 50 in the morning. afternoon highs just around 60 degrees. some showers off and on on friday, but probably lighter than tomorrow. then on saturday great news. the broccoli city festival is going on in washington on saturday, so just in time it will be drying out. a lot of events outdoors saturday. sunday, some showers moving in. they may linger into monday and perhaps
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now at 6:30, a man was murdered in a popular park. today a confession read in court, but the suspect's words are revealing aboutha
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and gang vienolence in the area. another female is back in the race. >> the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> we're taking a closer look at how the female factor is impacting the race for the white house. this is chris gordon in baltimore county. kathy szeliga is running for the u.s. senate in maryland. how having donald trump at the top of the ticket could effect our campaign. we go back to the center of the chaos to see what's changed. >> we have grown in a positive direction since then. >> first at 6:30, a teenager accused in one of two recent gang-related murders will be going on trial. >> an alexandria judge made that ruling late today. it centers around a crime that last december. the victim found stabbed to death in four mil
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the transcript of the police confession is in evidence. david, does it explain a motive? >> reporter: in fact, it does. according to detectives, edwin guerrero stabbed the victim in four mile run park late last year killing him there. it was part of some ms-13 gang retaliation. that victim had actually worked with police in the past to testify against other alleged gang members. police made the disturbing discovery december of last year in what's supposed to be a peaceful setting. four mile run park. 22-year-old eduardo's body found with several stab wounds. 18-year-old edwin guerrero confessed to the crime in a three-hour interview. him and two other ms-13 victims
6:32 pm
pretending to buy marijuana. then they took him to the park where they allegedly stabbed and killed him. the defense attorney raised concerns that given her client's young age and he didn't speak english didn't understand his rights. jose was brutally murdered in beverly park near a popular playground. police don't believe they're connected, but acknowledge they're both likely gang related. the back-to-back murders have in in this community uneasy. what about the other suspects allegedly involved in some of these crimes? well, that was revealed in court today that one of the other suspects is actually in police custody. not clear what, if any, charges that person is going to face. a closer look now at donald trump and women voters. some people call it the female far.
6:33 pm
donald trump unleashed on hillary clinton last night, we looked into how he is doing, in fact, with women. chris lawrence here now with details on that. >> polls have consistently shown donald trump doing very poorly with women. his unfavorable ratings with those voters have hovered around 70%, but take a look at the exit polls nbc news conducted last night in three primary states. when it comes to republican women, trump's support was a little above 50% in pennsylvania and connecticut and just under 50% in maryland. now, that was before trump's big victory rally where right at the end he took a big shot at hillary clinton. >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> if fighting for women's healthe
6:34 pm
the woman card, then deal me in. >> and remember just in the last couple of hours we watched ted cruz announce carly fiorina as his running mate. our flash survey asks who came out better. so far most of you say hillary clinton. donald trump is coming in second. that announcement today from ted cruz doesn't seem to be doing much good for him or carly fiorina. recent polls show clinton with an average lead of about eight points over trump in a general election. gender could play a role in maryland's u.s. senate race after their primary victories last night. democrat chris van hollen will go up against kathy szeliga.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: republican senate candidate kathy szeliga has not endorsed any of the gop presidential candidates, but she says if donald trump becomes the nominee, it could help her. >> there is quite a bit of support for donald trump across our state because marylanders are tired and worried about the direction this country is going in. >> reporter: szelizszeliga tell she doesn't plan on running a negative campaign against chris van hollen but will stress their differences. >> nasty, negative has never been my style. >> reporter: donna edwards said the state may soon have no women in the u.s. senate or house. >> today, maryland is on the verge of having an all male delegation. >> reporter: szeliga says maryland voters are independent and she offers them the chance to add a
6:36 pm
congressional delegation. >> if they say yes, diversity is good. i think they'll be voting for kathy szeliga. >> reporter: democrat chris van hollen thanks congresswoman donna edwards. she knows she cannot match chris van hollen dollar for dollar in spending, but she hopes by mounting a grassroots campaign she can energize republicans across maryland and win the senate seat. >> and you can find the rest of the results from last night's election in the nbc washington app. a new chapter in the rivalry between the caps and the penguins. game one is tomorrow. if you're heading to the game, metro has just announced that they'll remain open an additional hour tomorrow night.
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tomorrow just after 8:00. today, the caps held a final practice. we're told it was a spirited workout that lasted nearly an hour. coming up in our sports report, find out how the caps plan not to let the emotions of this rivalry distract them from their game. also search caps on the nbc washington app to see how the two teams stack up against each other. still to come, trouble for the tsa. why senior officials say the problems are so bad it could be compromising your safety in the sky. the question of what's really changed in baltimore one year after the freddie gray riots thrust that city into the international spotlight. stay tuned. when will the gray go away? i'm tom kierein. th
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security concerns at our nation's airports tonight. three senior transportation security administration officials told lawmakers on capitol hill today that the agency is broken and passenger safety is being compromised. in recent years, about 400 people joined the agency while more than 4600 quit. the three senior officials said tsa management fosters a culture of intimidation and retaliation and that many managers are not qualified to do their jobs. >> tsa remains in crisis as a result of poor leadership and oversight of many of our senior leadership appointments, which have taken place over the past several years. >> the american public and congress should care about what occurs in tsa because its senior leaders are
6:41 pm
security is compromised. >> they support the current tsa administrator, but they say he needs better leaders around him. the loudoun gateway station will be in the median of the dulles greenway just west of route 606 which takes metro from reston to just beyond dulles airport. the silver line is expected to be operating sometime in 2018. it's been one year since the uprising in baltimore began. we're going to take a look at what's changed. what may have gone even worse in the wake of the freddie gray
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a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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tonight marks one year since the baltimore rioting after freddie gray died in police custody. residents tried to send a message to police by demonstrating, but some turned that message into mayhem. we went back to the epicenter to see what, if anything, has changed there. >> reporter: the cross roit's a in west baltimore, a far cry from one year ago
6:45 pm
aft of chaos in the streets. 150 officers were injured and nearly 400 businesses were destroyed or damaged. when you look around the neighborhood, you see boarded up shelves of what should be homes. there are many empty buildings in this community and across the city. a lot of this was here long before the riots. what's improved? what's gotten worse? >> yeah, there have been a lot of people having that conversation in baltimore. i think there are different perspectives. >> reporter: kevin is a reporter for "the baltimore sun." he walked us through the neighborhood he's examined the last year. he said the unrest sparked a lot of
6:46 pm
>> there was heightened attention to certain systemic problems in baltimore. >> reporter: a lot of people see the rebuilding of this cvs drugstore as a recovery from the baltimore riots. murals popping up all to convey a message of art, education, and hope. >> there is a sense of collaboration and community efforts to re-engage and tackle some of the issues. >> reporter: yes, this shiny new drugstore is a sign of something positive in this community. when you talk to the people who live in this area, the reality may not be soshiny. you see more police officers on foot here. to some, a better chance to engage with the community. to others, just cops harassing people up close.
6:47 pm
protesting didn't solve much. it only swept some problems under the rug. >> they made drug dealers and drug addicts to find more spots to be secret. they messed up more businesses. >> reporter: eric rose agrees. he believes the community has to change itself and he has hope for the future. >> i believe if we start with the children and get back the recreation centers they took down -- these kids have nothing to do. >> it's going to start today, but it has to start with the youth. you have to get them. >> reporter: whether you live in the neighborhood or work in city hall, there's a consensus that change is a long process. >> after the riots, people donated money to help baltimore rebuild. tomorrow on news4 at 5:00, we see how some of the city's youth are putting that money to good use and for some dramatic before and after images, head to our
6:48 pm
websit website. president obama is answering an e-mail from a little girl in flint, michigan, with a personal visit. the president will go to flint next wednesday to check on federal efforts to help thousands of families who were exposed to poisoned water there. the president expects to talk with the flint community, including that 8-year-old child who wrote him last month about the crisis. the president sent her a letter this week. said he's going to flint and that he hopes to meet her. following that delightfully gorgeous child, tom kierein has to follow that. >> i have not be on this set with doreen genzler since the clinton administration and with vance since the reagan administran.
6:49 pm
>> i think so. >> glad to have you with us. >> it's great to see you. >> it's good to see you too. >> we have the gray sky. it is cloudy and cool. i'm not saying it is dreary. but i'm saying it is dismal. >> we agree. >> we have the low clouds with us and the gray sky. this storm team 4 radar showing the storms passing well south of washington. it does continue to pull well away from the metro area. temperatures are still in the mid 50s. hasn't budged at all. if you want to get some exercise, head on out. we'll be hovering in the mid 50s just under a cloudy sky. we'll stay dry. looking at the hour-by-hour new timing coming, in some of these showers
6:50 pm
south. tomorrow morning, that's when we'll see some showers moving in. by about 5:00 in the morning, we'll see showers getting closer to washington. 8:00 a.m., right into the metro area. off and on showers into the afternoon. a chance of sprinkles 7:00 to 8:00 at the bus stop. by 9:00 a.m., into the mid 50s. during the day in the afternoon, only the upper 50s with those showers coming through. sprinkle on friday near 60. finally the sun returns on saturday. sunday more rain. looks to be moving back in. that may linger into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. allergy sufferers, they are rejoi rejoicing. we have sports coming up. the wardsiz
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here we go. one more time. playoff series against some
6:54 pm
in pittsburgh. last time, this didn't work out so well. >> they went seven games in a very exciting series. i'm going to say caps in six this time around. >> we'll take that. we'll give one to pittsburgh. >> yesterday, barry trot said it was disrespectful to these two teams to only focus on alex ovechkin and sidney crosby. ov, he has always come to play when it is time to take on the penguins. ovechkin has put up 46 points. ov and crosby combined for 27 points in that series. they both had hat tricks, but it was pittsburgh winning in seven games and later going on to win the cup. >> i can
6:55 pm
past. it doesn't apply to this group. this group is new. we're trying to create our own history, not be history. if we were, we'd be looking backwards always with all the emotion and things that go on that aren't in your control. you can really lose sight of what's important. >> you have to control yourself. control your emotions always. it's going to be exciting. the energy is going to be jacked right up, but we can't get ahead of ourselves or get a little too excited at certain times. i think that will be crucial for us. >> be sure to tune into nbc at 7:30 this saturday night. we'll be at the verizon center for the quest for the cup pregame show. it airs right before the guys take the ice for game two. that's saturday 7:30 p.m. right here on nbc
6:56 pm
the ice. moving on to the nba now. the wizards introduced their new head coach scott brooks today. it didn't take long for the reporters to ask about kevin durant. >> i'm surprised it took six questions. i'm excited about the team, guys. we have a great group of guys. i understand the question, but i'm excited about the group of guys that we have here. when this season ended, when i was looking around, i knew that this is the place i wanted to be. and i love the group of guys that i'm able to work with, and i'm looking forward to starting that process immediately. over to the nfl, where opening events for the draft got under way today.
6:57 pm
the draft begins tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the first pick asked to be jared goff or carson wince. we are 100 days away from the 2016 olympic games in rio and one of our local athletes is gearing up to compete for the first time in the olympics, ali kreiger. >> i'm all in. i'm told focused on getting a starting spot on the team. >> wait, you still have to secure your starting spot? >> you can never get completion at this level. >> do you still have that fire, that fear, that you need to prove yourself? >> absolutely. >> after the world cup? >> absolutely. >> we wish her all the best in the upcoming olympic games. >> going to be fun watching her progres
6:58 pm
"nightly news" coming up in just a few seconds. >> we hope to see you
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shocking revelations tonight. courtroom confrontation, as dennis hastert's accuser breaks his silence. the man once send in line to the presidency is called a serial child molester by a judge who is sending him to prison. campaign bombshells as trump's landslide wins put him closer to the nomination. cruz is naming a running mate. late word sanders is laying off hundreds of staffers. news in the prince death investigation. what nbc news has learned about prescription painkillers. paying with a selfie. no more cash, no more swiping cards. checking out with just a blink of an eye. inside the secret lab. designing the amazing products of the future. wait until you see what we've uncovered. "nightly news"


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