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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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works near pond run drive. contact prince william county police if you have any information. 4:30 now. greenbelt police are working to find a suspect following a homicide, a map found dead on a patio in the 6900 block of th hanrahan over-parkway. and we're working to learn more about a deadly stabbing inside a tacokoma park building yesterda afternoon. a woman was found with stab wounds inside an apartment and an injured man was found near the lobby elevator. the woman later died at the hospital. the man was taken into surgery. an update now on the big water main break we followed for you all morning yesterday. good news to report, rockville pike is 100% open right now. the water main broke on rockville pike at cedar lane early yesterday. at first it
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the southbound lanes, and then traffic was slow all day as crews replaced the pipe and fixed the road. wssc says it's planning to replace the entire stretch of pipe fp area because the pipe is so old. today you can learn more about what montgomery county is doing to keep you safe from the zika virus. county executive ike leggett will join other county officials in the twin brooke neighborhood to talk about how you can protect yourselves against mosquitos. a new page has also been added to the county's website to give you more information on symptoms of the virus. right now the zika virus has not been found locally. 4:31. and mosquito weather hasn't really shown up yet even though may is right here. >> and i like that so far. pretty cool, though, chuck bell. good yeah, you're lucky. i've had plenty of mosquitos in high backyard already. haven't been below freezing in a long time and that really -- those darn bugs have been around for tens of millions of years. they can survive just about
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anything. so, yeah, as long as we're not below freezing, mosquitos will do just fine. what do you need to know today? number one, no sun for you. probably not tomorrow either. moderate rain coming our way for late this morning up through at least lunchtime today. staying on the cool side for sure. and our rain chances for the second half of the weekend especially appear to be going up, up, up. here is storm team 4 radar this morning. a couple thunderstorms out here in southern west virginia. that is all part of a warm front lifting in our direction. it will you've tmove the rain c up. here it comes p by 7:00 a.m., moderate rain at warg top. heaviest rain likely between 9:00 or 10:00 to about 2:00 to 3:00. temperatures going no where courtesy of the clouds. the 7 day coming up. good thursday morning to you, that lisa. >> good thursday morning to you, mr. chuck bell. in
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in and out of town, you can see northbound on bw parkway, we're a little bit slow near 197. no report of anything there, could be just late clearing road work that isn't showing up there in my system. 66 and 95, overall looking quite good. nice and green right now. again you see the little green blobs of radar showing a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere today. taking a look at 270, 70 down to the spur going to take you 27 minutes. so you're on time. we'll take a live look at 66 coming up. it's 4:33. today a teenage girl will be sentenced it for destroying evidence linked to a gang-related killing at a popular park. 17-year-old guttierez pleaded guilty in february. police say members of northern virginia's ms-13 gang butchered jose louiuis back in november a left his body at the beverly park play ground. also today, a man from gaithersburg could be send
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last fall a jury found miles guilty of the killing in olney. the body was found this the driveway. miles was also found guilty of first degree burglary and armed robbery. a bishop is out on $10,000 bond after accusations that he repeatedly made unwanted sex all advances toward a young woman who worked at his prince george's county church. reverend michael turner sr. was arrested for what a 22-year-old says happened inside the miracle center of faith missionary baptist church in capitol heights. the one says the abuse went on for about four weeks before she told her aunt. we're not identifying the victim, but she was willing to speak to us. >> he would lock me in to the back room or lock me into his office and touch me and get on top of me, say
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turner include assault, harassment, sex offense. the church office has not returned our request for comments. 4:35. most of the presidential hopefuls take their campaigns west today. senator bernie sanders will campaign in oregon while chelsea clinton rallies on her other ear behalf here this washington. john kasich will also be if oregon today. senator ted cruz is focusing on indiana which hods its primary on tuesday and offers gop hopefuls 57 delegates winner take all. donald trump has multiple stops today in indiana and california. while trump stumps on the west, representatives of his campaign will be on capitol hill for a closed door meeting with members of congress. we will monitor paul ryan's weekly address later today to see whether he shares any details about this morning's conversation. if we
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one, win the nomination, but number two, even more importantly, within the general election, we must unite. >> senator ted cruz hoping a call for unity and the announcement of carly fiorina as his vice presidential pick may give him a per shot at the nomination. cruz that the announcement yesterday just the day after donald trump's five state primary sweep. vote hes have matthematically eliminated cruz. fiorina dropped out in february. a different response from senator sanders after losing all but one of tuesday's primaries to hillary clinton. his campaign is planning to layoff about 650 staffers even though sanders promises to stay in the race until the democratic convention in philadelphia. the campaign spokesperson says a staff of about 300 workers is now focused on a sanders win in the california primary in june. 4:36 now. today is the day,
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bombastic series. it is an epic faceoff and the game starts at 8:00 tonight. there is a rivalry here between these two teams. >> very first game, i had a couple big hits. got hit a couple times. and from then on, you just grow that respect off the ice and hatred on the ice for the other team. >> last playoff game between the caps and penguins was a game seven capitals loss. we want a different outcome. foe ca go caps. will the rain showing up on storm team 4 stick around? a closer look at that and your school day forecast at 4:41. is your toddler ready for school in what a few report says about children in our area. and saying good-bye. how friends and family plan to honor a fairfax county arefighter
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a pilot in alabama lived to tell the story of his plane crashing. the small cessna crashed in to a tree yesterday south of mobile. the pilot managed to open the door of the burning plane and just got out. no word yet on what caused the crash. it looks like more kids are ready to do go tode
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in prince george's county county. matter late state department of transportation says the number of kindergarten-ready kids jump went from 4% in 2015 school year to 38% in 2016. kindergarten readiness exams how the child is doing in four categories including language, litera literacy, math, social foundations and physical development. prince george's county schools showed improvements in all four areas. and this social foundation being able to stand in a line, wash your hands, those are still important, too. people don't think about those things. >> some adults still can't do that. while we're talking about the kindergart garners, professor b has put pen to paper. >> kiddos need the umbrella again this morning. the cloudy
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chances are still here to stay. school day forecast, have the umbrella ready to go. cloudy and wet at the bus stop. we're giving recess an f today, shower chances lippering. so have the umbrella in the backpack and turn the frowny face upside down. it's the just rain. >> it's just rain. 66 at wl waples mill, no proble there. east reed avenue, remember closed at route 1, is this right across from potomac yard where megan mcgrath is for us this morning with the barricade situation, police on the scene and blocking some lanes. southbound georgia at arrest are cola, the right lane getting by the work zone. it has been done since -- hasn't been you done since president reagan, but will ted cruz's pick for vp help or hurt him in the race? the view of the white house will likely change during the next
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several fence jumping attempts. we're getting a glimps of ewh
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women and the female vote are taking center stage in this race for the white house. first, donald trump and hillary clinton sparred over who women like better. now nbc's tracie potts is on capitol hill with more on the woman that senator ted cruz has thousa now picked for his running mate and he's not even nominated yet. >> reporter: this habsn't happened in 40 years, but this was critical for ted cruz. he's try
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vulnerability of donald trump. and that is women. 70% of women according to our polling have a negative view of donald trump. and so now carly fiorina comes on board with ted cruz campaigning in indiana, a state where she has cultivated a network of women when she was a candidate, when she was their rival. he's hoping that can help him. indiana is critical for ted cruz. he's now mathematically out of this race unless he can force a contested convention and indiana is critical in doing that. >> and bernie sanders has said he's not getting out of the race, but he's fired hundreds of staff members. >> reporter: yeah, they're laying off about 200 people. the way the sanders people spun it, these are people working this states where the primaries and caucuses are over and they want to refocus their resources on some of the states coming up, a few states coming up. but bottom line, getting rid of staff is never a good sign in
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talking about what happens if he does not win and the influence and what is ahead for the party. >> tracie potts, thank you. today family and friends of nicole mittendorff will say good-bye. visitation it and funeral service set for 10:00 this morning at the mclean bible church in vienna. the fire chief is investigating whether bullying led to her suicide in the shenandoah national park. this lieu of flowers, her family is asking for donations to bullying and suicide prevention organizations. the d.c. teacher in the hospital and two supports taken away in handcuffs, that was the situation at the washington metropolitan high school on wednesday. police arrested a male student whom they say assaulted a female teacher as she tried to break up a fight. this is the third incident at a d.c. school this week alone. washington metropolitan high school is an alternative school. one parent says unfortunately this is par for the course. >> it's an alternative
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high school, hose are the things that happen. these are the kind of issues that you deal with when they're all put into one school. >> a teenage girl was also taken into custody after assaulting a police officer responding to the scene. an active case of tuberculosis is discovered at a high school in montgomery county. a letter went out to parents of children at bethesda chevy chase high school. officials say the student issing treated and there is no risk of additional exposure, but anyone who may have been in class or after school activities with the student is urged to get tested. baltimore police shot a 13-year-old boy hold willing a fake gun. police commissioner kevin davis says when officers saw the gun and tried to approach the teen, he ran. we're told when he didn't stop running, the officer shot him. the teen is expected to survive. davis says officers had no way of knowing that the gun was not real. fairfax county will examine how its officers interact
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residents who have intellectual disabilities. the department is participating in a new national program called diversion first. the program goal is to change the way that law enforcement and the judicial system interacts with people who will do have developmental disabilities. news 4 iteam scott macfarlane broke in next story on twitter. the white house grounds were put on lockdown twice this week for people or things that made it over to a fence. the secret service wants to nearly did double the height of the security fence around the white house from 6-feet to 11. they also want to add new anti-climbing features. the national capitol planning commission will review the proposed changes next week. a new fence could be in place by 2018. good morning, washington, d.c. we know you're getting ready for the pens and caps and is so are we. the caps may have had the best record in the league, but guess who took the season series. that's right, the peps. three games to
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win that we'll send you some of pittsburgh's famous bring mprim sandwiches if they lose. >> we're still waiting for alex ovechkin to even score against the penguins. good luck and we'll see what you guys have to offer. >> fighting words. those are our colleagues in pittsburgh. the morning team there. >> listen, so we sent them a similar -- >> message. >> right. ours was maybe a little rougher. maybe. strongly worded. >> yes. >> i might have said that the pens are going done or something like that. >> something along that general line of nastiness. >> the excitement of course building here will d.c. as the caps take the ice against the penquins tonight at 8:00. >> they will be playing on home turf at the verizon center and that's where we find molette green this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning.
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games one and two right here in washington. of course we have to get through this game one tonight. and many know about this rivalry. it's no big secret, right some we remember that epic playoff series from 2009. pittsburgh came out on top on that one. that was the past. that was then. this is now. this time around, fans say we have to be victorious. >> not sure, but i'm hoping we win. just put it that way. hope we win. >> it's been up and down. i felt like we did really good and then we had a couple rough games. hope for the best. >> reporter: the game starts at 8:00 oon. metro extending hours by one hour so we can get fans home safely from the verizon center. back to you. >> if we lose, but we're not, we offered ben's chili bowls. >>
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>> i can taste the primanti. >> i didn't know what it was. >> it's a huge pittsburgh specialty. you put french fries and like the whole kitchen sink this in the sandwich. >> sounds like more trans fats than i need to be eating. a cured meat stuff with french fries and bread probably covered in some yummy based sauce as well. 3w who wants break fast now, right? not a pretty day to be outside. cloudy and cool start. periods of moderate rain coming our way from mid-morning up through at least lunchtime. may linger into the early afternoon and then tapering back to just occasional showers for this evening. so if you're planning on going to the baseball game or the caps game, that could be a bit of an issue. rain chances about 100% chance for rain today at least 50% to 60% chance for tomorrow. i think the
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t try, b dry, but the ran chances come back in on sunday. so big red light today. anything you're doing outside will probably have to go pack inside. tomorrow back to occasional showers and the weekend gets a yellow light. better weather to be outside on your saturday. sunday could be lost for raindrops once again. temperatures this morning only in the low to mid-50s, so a bit of a cool start. and not much of a rise in temperatures today because of the clouds and steady rain chances. where is the rain now? all bottled up just down to our south and west. even some thunderstorms here in the mountains of west virginia early this morning. this is part of a larger weather system which will wash over us during the course of the day today. not much rain out there first thing, but take your umbrella. rain chances will be increasing. future weather, by 7:45, moderate rain southern maryland down to fredericksburg and fauquier county. by 9:00, 10:00, pockets of moderate rain moving through the part of the metro area. as we get into the afternoon, steadier rain goes back to just occasional srs
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for the second half of the day today, so it about you're headed town to the nats game, we should just post pope it because of rain. we've lost the last two in a row to till l philly now. delay a possibility, maybe a cancelati cancelation, but the rain will tape are off with time by later this evening. cloudy and chilly with rain off and on likely through much of the day tomorrow. we'll give you a dry chance to get the weekend started, but rain back on us for sunday afternoon on into monday. and you'll notice all those temperatures are quite a bit cooler than average. >> they are quite a bit cooler. not really loving this, but i know you have no control, chuck bell. 270 tat clarksburg road, nice ad clear. 95 south out of 32 savage area, down to the beltway, going to take you ten
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should. no worries there. prince george's county overall, you can see nothing raining -- no rain or no clouds over that area right now. 66 and 95 no problems inbound our outbound on 66 and 95. we to still have this this in alexandria. this is where megan mcgrath is here for us with that police situation east reed avenue shut down there at route one just across from potomac yard. where will you be two years from now? what do you think, aaron? if you live in northern virginia, you may be getting ready to hop on the metro silver line. i'll be right here. >> in that chair. and a major delopment in ev ast looks good dad. the ro how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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we're monitoring the latest in alexandria where a barricade situation is under way. megan mcdwrath cgrath is on the for us. and we're also cleaning a close eye the on the skies. look at the rain rolling through parts of our area. chuck will let us know if we'll see any drying out today in our hour by hour forecast. a pivotal day ahead in flint, michigan. the state's civil rights commission will hold its first of at least three public hearings about the lead-contaminated water crisis. residents in flint were exposed to unsafe water for about 18 months because of lead pipes.
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whether race played a part in michigan's slow response to the crisis and whether the civil rights of the city's residents were violated. yesterday we learned the president will visit flint next week. after more than four decades, police in los angeles say they have solved the case of a missing canadian woman. reese was 19 when her body was found, but her murder still remain as mystery. her family heard from her once after she moved from toronto to l.a., but never again. there is now speculation that she may have been the victim of the manson family. >> victims in the manson case were stabbed. and so the police were looking at that as a connection. >> her death came after a series of murders by the manson family. police interviewed manson in prison about the case, but got nowhere. her family is now hoping someone will remember something that will help police solve the case. metro's new rail
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select pass is more popular than its 28 day pass. the "washington post" report that goes let's troh sold nearly 1,000 passes after the pilot launched in march. it allows riders to pay a lump sum at the start of the month for unlimited rides. >> and you can take the silver line to loudoun county by 2018. construction is under way on the final stop for the metro silver line. the loudoun gate way station will be along the dulles greenway. it will mean you can travel 23 miles along the silver line. developing overnight, a suspected mid range north korean missile crashes just seconds after liftoff. the second failure in recent weeks as kim jong-un's latest attempts at really putting his stamp on a government that he inherited in 2011. the launch comes after pyongyang's anger over annual south korea/u.s. military


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