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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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how fans like you are getting ready for tonight's big capitals playoff series with the penguins. but first, your out the door forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> get you into your thursday. i have your caps game forecast coming up later on in the show. but for now, look at all the rain across central virginia, south western have a vaks even thunderstorms up here near highland county, virginia. this is all coming our way. be umbrella ready on your way out the door. already a little rain inside the beltway. a gloomy looking start. it will be a gloomy kind of a day. temperatures will stay in the 50s all day long. heaviest and steadiest of the rain likely from about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning up through about 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. and tapering back to showers there of thereafter. how is the thursday commute? right now overall looking pretty good. nice and green on the beltway here this morning. a little bit of a delay 95 north in the
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so that could be the rain showing folks down. outer loop at kenilworth, report of a crash, but it's on the shoulder and you can tell it's not impacting traffic the all right now. to which top of the beltway at colesville, rolling along just fine. west bound southeast/southwest freeway before the 3rd street tunnel, still have that crash off to the right side of the roadway. we'll have travel times for you in ten minutes. right now police are still on the scene of a barricade situation in alexandria. it's been going on for hours this is happening on east reed avenue and evans lane. megan mcgrath has been on the scene all morning and she's live thousand with the latest. >> reporter: you can see behind me here, the road low sure closure. the barricade situation is midway down the block. there are
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further down reed avenue. around 10:00 last night, police say a man inside one of the duplexes fired shots at a relative who was outside the home. . the relative was not injured. it was an adult male. he ran from the scene and then called police. ever since that shooting, police have been trying to make contact with the man who fired those shots from inside the home. they declared this a barricade situation and just out of an an bun tans dance of caution, they have been trying to make communication, but we have not heard any word that the person inside has responded. we have heard a loud boom at one point as tactical units began to do some of their work. but at this point, the barricade still in place, no word of any communication inside. some road closures in the immediate area. back to
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6:03. and the sister of a missing alexandria woman is pleading for help this morning. lizeth lopez went missing. surveillance video captured lopez walking in to the cvs and two days later her family reported her missing. >> all i want to do is weak ake from this nightmare. >> police found the 36-year-old woman's car near she works near pond run drive. they did a search in that area and didn't find anything else. contact police if you have any information. today a montgomery county man will learn whether he will spend the rest of his lifeconvi 23-year-old at the victim's home. the sentencing
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killing is set for today. >> green pelt police are working to find a suspect in a homicide there. a man was found it dead on a patio. officers found the victim after someone called police to say they heard a gunshot. however the caller did not notify police until hours after he heard the shot. developing overnight, a suspected mid range north korean missile crashes just seconds after liftoff. the second failure in recent weeks as kim jong-un's latest attempt at putting his stamp on the government he inherited in 2011, this is among anger over a drill that north korea call as rehearsal for invasion. today you can learn more about what montgomery county is doing to keep you safe from the zika virus. county officials will
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talk about how you can protect yourself. and a new page has been added to the county's website to give more information on symptoms of the virus. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, maryland has had several confirmed cases of zika. the cases are related to travel in the came rib bee ribbean, me central and south america. rockville pike a open and clear today. that was not the case yesterday. a water main break shut it down at cedar lane for most of the day yesterday. about 100 people lost water service, too. this was the second time a water main break caused problems in that spot. wssc is planning to replace a big stretch of that pipe so it doesn't happen again. arlington county police want to make sure pedestrians an by si bicyclists are safe. today you will notice officers on out crystal drive enforcing traffic violations and handing out
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someone from the redskins and representatives from every other nfl team are in chicago right now, the nfl draft begins tonight. a lot of top prospects are already there along with the executives. washington has the 21st pick of the draft. los angeles goes first. experts on several different sites say the skins could pick pretty much anyone other than a quarterback. corner back, center or defensive lineman perhaps. we shall see. >> everybody watching for sure. the caps are continuing their quest for the stanley cup. how fans are getting ready. a line of showers is pushing in to our area. the impact the rain will have on your commute with your weather and traffic on the 1s. and also ahead, a local bishop arrested accused of sexual assault. what his alleged victim is tells news 4 about the abuse she sa she endysur
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it's coming up on 6:11. already a little light rain inside the beltway, but heavier steadier rain still yet to move in. but it's coming. so grab your rain gear. temperatures in the low to mid-50s this morning. mid to upper 50s with lots of clouds this afternoon. heaviest rain late morning up to early afternoon. traveli traveling today, could have flight delays cincinnati, detroit. let's go caps, weekend forecast in ten minutes. breaking news on rails. we're single tracking on the blue and silver line here between morgan boulevard and stadium-armory because of a track
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road. firefighters responding, so we'll keep an eye on this one for you this morning. 270 south from germantown to the spur, 12 minutes. top of the beltway, looking good in-h inner loop and outer loop. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop inner car. 6:11. and a young woman says she thought she would be safe working at a prince george's county church. instead, she says reverend michael turner sr. repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances. he's out this morning on $10,000 bail. all the incidents happened between february and march inside the miracle center of faith missionary baptist church in capitol heights. >> he would lock me he into the back room or lock me into his office and touch me, get on top
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>> bishop turner faces assault, harassment and fourth degree sex offense charges. no one answered the door at his home either day we went there and the church office has not returned our request for comment. police have released the name of a virginia woman killed in the district last week. officers found 61-year-old cheryl schaffer of falls church stabbed to death inside an apartment in cleveland park. the man she was dating, 59-year-old charles sikes is charged. we're learning about a deadly stabbing inside the cambridge apartment building. a woman was found with stab wounds inside an apartment and an injured man was found near the lobby elevator. the woman later died at the hospital. today family and friends of fairfax county firefighter nicole mittendorff will say
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visitation and funeral set for 10:00 this morning. the tifire chief is investigati whether bullying led to her suicide. in lieu of flowers, her family is asking for donations to bullying and suicide prevention organizations. it's been one week since prince was pound defound dead. and officials say prescription pain killers were found in his possession when he died, but officials have yet to say what role if any those medications may have played in his death. an autopsy was conducted last week. however, the medical examiner says it will take weeks before the cause of death would be released. an active case of tuberculosis is discovered at bethesda chevy chase high school. the student is being treated and there is no risk of additional exposure. anyone who may have been in class or after school activities with the student is urged
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tested. parents will be notified if their child should be tested within the next week. in news 4 wifor your health more parents are opting out of vaccinating their children. health officials in florida say there is a big drop and is now below the national average. the vaccines protect from 14 deadly diseases. health experts say parents should to their own research when trying to figure out what is best. and researchers recently published a study showingre muc families held off on medication for adhd. 6:14 now. support for a high speed train
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going away. hanover county was behind a plan to build a new train line between the cities. but as now changed its position. county leaders aren't supporting any plan including one to upgrau upgrade tracks that already exist. and we get ready to build for the next layoff round for the caps. they will take to the ice tonight at 8:00 at the verizon center going head to head with penguins. >> major rivalry. we have molette green with more on the match-up. >> reporter: check out some of the jerseys hanging in the window here. this is the team store right next to verizon center. caps fans certainly have high hopes about beating out their old rival. fans say they're not jaded by that epic playoff series in '09. pittsburgh came out on top
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they say this time will be different. >> we're going to win. we're going to win big because we got the best goalie, right? >> they're not going to mess it up. they're the caps. >> reporter: not going to mess it up, it's going to happen. game time at 8:00 and metro staying hope p open an hour lat to get the fans home. we'll let you know if you can at the time metro to the game. metro closing at midnight, you about it will keep three stations open for fans. you can get on at gallery place, judiciary square or metro center until about 12:45 tomorrow morning. after that you'll have to find another way home. >> so when you're celebrating, keep in mind. >> make it quick. away here, we're all into the caps. this will be a huge series. >> because it is a rivalry as we
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something of a rivalry ourselves with with the nbc affiliate in pittsburgh. check out their challenge. >> good morning. we know you're getting ready for the pens and caps. and so are we about about. >> the catches may have had the best record in the league, but guess who took the season series? that's right, the pens 3-2. >> and we're so confident the pens will win that we'll send you some of pittsburgh's famous primanti sandwiches if they lose. >> and w feel pretty good about this bet considering that we're still waiting for alex ovechkin to even score against the penguins this year. good luck and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer. >> he continue just try to dog alex ovechkin. >> kind of slipped it in in the end. >> and they don't have braden holtby. he's up for an award for best goalie. and by chance, small chance that the penguins win, we have to send them ben's chili bowl. >> right. so they were talking about the primanti
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that's what it looks like. >> and those are french fries inside the sandwich with all th. >> one of our producers tells me they came up with the sandwich for truckers. and if you've ever driven to pittsburgh from here, there are lots of trucks on this that mountain highway. so everything is right there together. and it's easy for them to get -- >> we'll eat them when they send them our way. >> how many other meals do i need to miss because of the extra calories that are in that sandwich. >> i'm thinking a week's worth. >> we're all watching our diets when we go to these sports evens, right? >> that's true. i'm looking forward to tasting it, although i'm not a french fry in the sandwich kind of a guy. someone sends me a free sandwich, i'm eating it. outside this morning, i wish i had better news for you, but unfortunately, no sunshine again today. probably not any sunshine tomorrow
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the only chance of sun in the next couple days comes up on saturday. even that is a thin chance at best. rain chances for this morning are going up. already some rumbles of thunder along the virginia/west virginia border and down southwest of the roanoke area. so this is all moisture coming in our direction. already a little light rain in the metro. nothing major just yet, but the rain intensity will be increasing. by 8:45 morning, moderate rain down toward fredericksburg. inside the beltway, heaviest between 9:00 and noon. after 1:00, steady rain should break off. clouds will remain and hit and miss shower chances will continue through the afternoon and into the evening. steady rain ending, but scattered showers continuing this evening. right now we're only in the low to mid-50s. sun already up, but you'd never know it by looking outside because of all the clouds. showers going over to moderate rain between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. heading down to the ball game, they may be able to get the ga
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in, although i'm not sure that's a good idea. we've lost the last two to philadelphia. a chance for a rain delay perhaps a postponement for today's game. but the rain won't be all that heavy. tomorrow cloudy skies with hit and miss light showers and drizzle. not really a lot of rain, but certainly doesn't look like a dry day at all. and as we get toward the weekend, saturday starting out on the cool and dry side, but by saturday night into sunday, they're washout conditions coming our way as sunday does not look like a pretty one at all. here is your whole seven day forecast. in the 50s today with 100% chance for rain. a few showers around tomorrow. we're keeping the rain off the saturday forecast for now, but rain is possible as early as saturday evening. sunday and monday more rain and temperatures way below average for the next week. breaking news right now on the rails. take a look at this, blue and silver line, we're still single tracking here between morgan boulevard and stadium-armory because of a track problem outside of addison road. so we do have delays both
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directions there. south capitol near i street, a crash reported there. and this one still hanging around westbound southeast/southwest rewfreeway before the 3rd street tunnel. no problems 66 into town or out of town and overall prince george's county, everybody there behavie ining themselves. a little delay indian head highway, but that's fairly normal this time of day. stepping up their game to win over voters in indiana. the campaign moves by donald trump and ted cruz ahead of next week's critical primary. plus a flyer talking about cheer leading tryouts. the university is poll gig
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i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. a british airways jet once thought to a hit a dreone earlir this
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the pilot reported a collision at hem heathrow sarpairport but transport secretary told lawmakers it is now thought the incident did not involve a drone. back to you. dr. joe biden will deliver the key note speech at northern virginia community college's commencement next month. his wife is a professor. that's on may 14. graduation season officially under way in montgomery county. college tracks held its annual celebration of the class of 2016 last night in silver spring. the organization works in three high schools in the county to help students get into and through college. i had the honor of hosting the event for a second year last night. a lot of the students here come from low income families or from immigrant families or they're like me and they're the first in their families to have to
6:26 am
cling and getting in and through. >> so much information to filter through. it's a really difficult process. >> great volunteers and staff members who work with college tracks to help these kids out and a lot of love between them, too. >> and you're such a good role hol model. >> thank you. social media lighting up with reaction to a flyer highlighting the dos and don'ts of how to get on a college cheer leading squad. >> the university of "washington post"ed its flyer to its facebook page earlier this week ahead of auditions for the cheer and dance teams. the post endo you remembered young women to do things including wear fake eyelashes and shirts and shorts enough to expose their midriff. university officials apologized and took todown the post after accusation has it reinforced sexual and racial stereotypes. hard to do a lot of activities without eyelashes. just saying. >> moving right along. talk about alo
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away from the wreckage moments after his plane crashed. and a live look at the white house this morning. more major security changes are in the works. we'll show you the first pictures of what the new perimeter fence will look like. and we have problems on metro. could really cause delays for the morning commute. actual details on this
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right now it looks like the barricade situation in alexandria may be coming to an end. this is a live look at the scene on east reed avenue. >> officers went in the house where they believed a man was hold up for hours. they tell us no one was inside. they received a call of shots fired around 10:30 last night. >> police say they know who they're looking for. megan mcgrath will have an update in about 15 minutes. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. coming up on 6:31 on your thursday morning.
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about the weather, number one, no sun for you. probably not tomorrow either. moderate rain is headed our way for the second half of the morning commute up to about lunchtime. staying way cooler than average for the next several days. and sunday rain chances going up, up, up. here is the rain coming our way here this morning. already pockets of moderate rain just down to our south and west. moving through charlottesville, getting into culpeper. they will be into the metro shortly. current temperatures only in the mid-50s out there. and it won't be a pretty day at all. going out for a walk or jog, better put the slickers on. temperatures staying in the 50s today. melissa mollett continues her coverage of breaking news. breaking news on the rails. blue and silver line single tracking between morgan boulevard and armory. we're seeing delays on metro there this morning. overall, beltway
6:32 am
top of the beltway starting to get slow here and as all of that green, all the moisture starts running in or rolling in, definitely going to start see something slowdowns. live look top of the beltway at colesville, looking a little shower than normal. 95 at powder mill road, looking pretty good southbound. you can see typical volume and south capitol near i, that has cleared out of the way. same thing southeast/southwest flee w freeway. syrian hospital supported by doctors without borders has been hit in an air strike. the hospital in a rebel held part of allepo. at least 14 patientses and staff are among the dead. we're learning that the death toll may rise. doctors without borders condemning the strike on twitter using the #hospitals are not a target. this is a very quickly developing story and we're getting continuous updates. we'll
6:33 am
at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. 6:33. today some police officers in maryland will get a refresher course on when and how to use tasers. in since 2009, montgomery county police officers have been involved in 4 of 191 deadly taser incidents. in three, officers used their tasers for longer than the recommended 15 second safety limit. baltimore teen shot by police for holding a fake gun. police commissioner kevin davis says when officers saw the gun and tried to approach the 13-year-old, he ran. we're told when he didn't stop running, the officers shot him. the teen is expected to survive. davis says officers had no way of knowing that gun was not real. 6:33 now. a teacher in the hospital and two students taken away in handcuffs. that was the situation at the washington metropolitan high school in the district on wednesday. police arrested a male student whom they say assaulted a female
6:34 am
a fight. this is the third incident at a d.c. school this week alone. the washington metropolitan high school is an alternative school. one parent says this kind of situation is not surprising. >> it's an alternative school, so when you're in an alternative high school, those are the things that happen. these are the kind of issues that you deal with when they're all put into one school. >> a teenage girl was also taken into custody after assaulting a police officer responding to the scene. the white house grounds were put on lockdown twice this week for people or things that made it over the fence. the news 4 iteam scott macfarlane broke the story on twitter yesterday. according to a secret service presentation obtained by news 4, the secret service wants to nearly double the height of the security fence from 6 feet to 11. they also want to add new anti-climbing features. the national capitol planning commission will review the proposed changes next week.
6:35 am
2018. unexpected alliances are forming in decision 2016. donald trump may be looking to playoff of indiana's love for basketball teaming up with bobby knight days before voters go to the polls there. during a rally yesterday, knight called trump, quote, the most prepared man in history to step in as president. knight led indiana university to three ncaa championship, but lost his job for grabbing a player by the arm. senator ted cruz doesn't have the republican nomination for president right now, but he does have a running mate. >> if i'm nominated to be president of the united states, i will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> cruz announced former rival carly fiorina as his vice presidential pick yesterday in indianapolis. analysts say cruz may be hoping to layoff of
6:36 am
among female voters. senator bernie sanders is cutting down his campaign staff after losing all but one of tuesday's primaries to hillary clinton. his campaign plans to layoff hundred of staffers even those sanders promises he will stay in the race until a convention in philadelphia. campaign spokesperson says a staff of about 300 workers is now focused on a sanders win in the california primary in june. 6:36 now. metro's new rail pass called select pass is more popular than its 28 day pass. the "washington post" reports that metro sold nearly 1,000 passes after the pilot launched in marpch. the new pass allows riders to pay a lump sum at the start of the month for unlimited rides. if you live on work in loudoun county, you may need one of those passes because construction is under way on the final stop for metro silver line. the loudoun county gateway station will be along the dulles greenway west of route 55.
6:37 am
it is amazing video that will have you talking in the office today. a pilot seen walking away from the wreckage of his plane after a crash landing. helping you better manage your student loan debt. the new website aimed at saving you money. and a soggy start to your thursday. the impact showers
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close call in the sky and it was all caught on camera. a small cessna plane crashed into a tree just south of moeb . mobile. the pilot managed to get out. >> if you realize you're still alive, yeah, you kick the door open and keep moving. chuck bell is
6:41 am
"weather center." i wish that we had had a little better luck in our forecast for, but unfortunately, the forecast right on track with the clouds and the rain chances continuing around here. most of the roads are already wet with early light rain showers and more rain is on the way. so kiddos forecast today, cloudy and wet, 54 at the bus stop this morning. recess will be a washout. we'll give it an "f." temperatures will stay in the 50s today. so give them the umbrella, jeans and long vesleeves. the weekend may start out dry, but we're leaning towards washout for sunday. she here is melissa now. breaking news tens blue and silver lines still single tracking between morgan boulevard and stadium-armory because of that problem outside of addison road. delays both directions. allow extra time for sure. it really will be slow through that area
6:42 am
66 inbound at sudley, crash on the right shoulder. 66 looking pretty typical. 270 looks okay top of the beltway. very slow 95 over to 270, about ten extra minutes needed there. 66 inbound to the beltway is okay. 95 north slow quantico to the beltway at 38 minutes. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. police asking for your help this morning, how they hope this surveillance video will lead them to a northern virginia woman missing for more than a week. >> reporter: and barricade situation in alexandria has ended. but police continue to look for a man they say fired shots at a relative.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
we're tracking new developments out of alexandria where an overnight police standoff just came to apa an en. but we begin with weather and traffic. >> cloudy skies and raindrops outside of many windows he here early this morning. temperatures only in the low to mid-50s now and there is more rain coming. grab the umbrella and hang on. ten mefrinutes from now, your "7-day forecast." >> single tracking on the blue and silver line between morgan boulevard and stadium armory causing real delays to folks
6:46 am
because of a track problem outside of addison. we'll talk about this this more and 66 a new issue there coming up. right now it looks like the barricade situation in alexandria is over. police were called to a duplex on east reed avenue last night when shots were fired inside the home. they went into the home within the last 30 minutes and find it empty. megan mcgrath joins us live from the scene with more on what is happening there. >> reporter: if you take a look behind me here, you can see a police car still blocked east reed avenue. but that is just until they can move the police equipment out of the area. so it won't be for too much longer. this barricade situation is now over. a little while ago, police made entry into the duplex. they were looking for a man who they believed had fired shots from inside the house at a relative who was outside the house. that relative is the one who called police
6:47 am
situation. police believed that that shooter was hold up inside the duplex and so they started -- or created a barricade situation just out of precaution to make sure that everyone in the area was safe. they believed that that shooter was perhaps still inside. a little while ago, they did go into the home, they did not find the shooter. the home was empty. they say that they do know who they are looking for and that that search continues. but at this point, things here on the scene getting back to normal. anyone with information, you're asked to call police. they have not shared the name of the person that they are looking for with us, but again, they say that they do know who the suspect is and that search continues. back to you. the sister of a missing alexandria woman is pleading for help. lizeth lopez went missing on april 17. the last time her ser
6:48 am
before she walked into a cvs score in woodbridge. surveillance video captured lopez walking into the store. two days later, her family reported her missing. her sister is very worried. >> i wish somebody took her, somebody did, because she wouldn't disappear like that. she is a responsible person. >> police found the 36-year-old woman's car where she worked near pond run drive this woodbridge. they did a search in that area and did not find anything. contact prince william county police if you have any information. in montgomery county, a man are gaithersburg could be sentenced today to life in prison. last fall a jury found miles guilty of the killing during a robbery at the victim's home in olney. police found the body in his driveway back in march of 2015. miles was also found guilty of first degree burglary and armed robbery. greenbelt police are working to find a suspect in a homicide. a man was found dead on a patio
6:49 am
in the 6900 block of hanover parkway. officers found the victim after someone called police to say they heard a gunshot. however, that caller dwn notify police until hours after the shot was fired. new overnight, a suspected mid range north korean missile crashes just seconds after liftoff. it is the second failure in recent weeks. kim jong-ujong-un's latest atte make his mark on the government he inherited. the launch comes among onk i can't think's anner over annual south korean/u.s. military drills. we'll have much more on this on nbc washingtug course right here on the live desk. excitement continues to build for the caps. they take to the ice tonight at 8:00 at the verizon center going head to head with the
6:50 am
>> major rivalry. this morning we have molette green live at the verizon center with more. >> reporter: and you know, what i ran into one of the fans this morning on her way to work with an ovechkin jersey in hand. right after work, she will come right here to the verizon center to see the game. and she among many fans are not worried about the playoff series. yeah, they remember that epic series in '09 when pittsburgh came out on top. but fans say this time it will be much different and here is why. >> it's the whole group and they're just playing really, really good hockey. so i think it will be a good outcome for us. >> reporter: something about this team just gelling this time around they say. all right. so game time tonight at 8:00. of course metro staying open a little later to get the fans home. that's the latest live from verizon center. back to you. if you're going to the game, you can use public transit wit
6:51 am
metro stations, galgr rygalg ga 34r5 place, judiciary and metro station staying open later until 12:45. >> and if you're riding the subway, you may not need the umbrella, but to get to and from the subway, you may need it. so be umbrella ready. this is probably the heaviest of the rain for the next couple days, but more rain steady rain chances come back late saturday night in to the day sunday. but what to expect for your thursday, outside a picture is worth 1,000 words and there are 1,000 ways to say cloudy, cool and nasty. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. moderate rain coming our way. tapering back to just occasional showers for this evening. this is not our last chance with rain at all. 100% chance for rain today. 50%,
6:52 am
we're keeping rain out of the forecast here for saturday, but there is still a chance for some showers mainly late in the day on saturday. could even get a rumble or two of thunder on sunday. so the weather will mess up your plans in a big way. outdoor plans today need to be rescheduled or brought indoors. tomorrow just occasional showers. couldn't guarantee that you wouldn't get rained on a little bit, but nothing major. and the weekend looks like saturday will be the better day this weekend. right now it's cloudy and wet. temperature 54 maenassas, 54 arlington. grab the umbrella and warm rain coat with temperatures staying in the 50s. here is the rain coming our way for mid-morning. it's all part of a larger storm system which will keep our weather very unsettled around here. the rain in by about 8:00 or 9:00. heaviest right around lunchtime and then will tapering back. so headed out to the nats and phillies, first pitch at 4:00, they should be able to get the game this, but i'd
6:53 am
wet staying cloudy and cool all the way through the early parts of next week. here is melissa mollett with the metro update. we still have will this big slowdown blue and silver line single tracking between morgan boulevard and stadium-armory. some sort of issue outside of addison road. 29 south at 100, it's a multicar crash and slowing northbound and southbound lanes there. so if you're headed north on 29, may have to allow a little bit of have a time. 66 inbound at sudley road, crash on the right shoulder. 66 looking typical. 95 north slower than normal headed out of woodbridge. 20 miles per hour. it will take you from quantico to the beltway about 40 minutes here this morning. overall prince george's county looking pretty good as you're headed inbound there on in-idia head highway. going about 16 miles per hour. and 270 at montrose looking a little slower than normal. again, all of the rain around
6:54 am
little bit of extra time here this morning. 6:54. and new plans to replace a water main in bethesda after a mess yesterday. we cover this hed this all morn you. the water main break on rockville pike. the road is back open, but the lanes were shut down for most of the day yesterday. the break happened at the same spot as another water main break back in october. wssc says the pipe is old and they plan to replace so it doesn't happen again. and are arlington county police will have a safety awareness campaign and today you will notice officers out on crystal drive enforcing traffic regulation and handing out tickets. montgomery county is gearing up for mosquito season. today county officials will head to the twinbrook neighborhood to talk about how you can protect yourselves against the zika virus. a new page is also adding to the county's web side to give
6:55 am
more information on symptoms of the virus. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, maryland has had several confirmed cases of the virus. the cases are related to travel in the caribbean, mexico and central and south america. good morning. at cnbc headquarters, the launched a new website to help find the best repayment option of student loans. pay as you earn counts mostly payments at 10% of their income. the new site is student federal student loan debt tops $1.3 trillion. with your morning business report, i'm llandon dowdy. the nfl draft is tonight at #:00. it's in chicago and d.c. has the 21st pick. a lot of football prospects are
6:56 am
team leaders. los angeles getting a team for the first time if will decades will have the number one pick in the draft tonight. good luck, go skins. it is 6:56. here are 4 things to know before you head out. caps are eyeing the stanley cup as they head into round two of the playoffs. they will face the penguins game time 8:00. family and friends of nicole mittendorff will pay their final respects for the fairfax county firefighter. visitation and funeral set for 10:00 this morning in vienna. three doctors are dead, part of 14 people killed in an air strike, the strike destroyed a doctors without borders hospital in syria. the drup says the hospital had an icu and pediatric center. and police consider called to east reed avenue after reports of shots fired. no one was in the home when they got inside. grab the umbrella, 100% chancu
6:57 am
today. it's already raining in many areas. heaviest rain late this morning up to about lunchtime. slow almost everywhere on the roads because of the rain. and blue and silver line single tracking between morgan boulevard and stadium-armory because of that problem outside of addison road. seeing some delays. >> and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. hail carly. >> the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> ted cruz trying to regain mome momentum picks his running mate even though he doesn't yet have the nomination. trump quickly react. >> cruz can't win. what's he doing picking vice presidents? he can't win. he can't win. >> we'll talk to the front-runner about that this morning and his first major foreign policy speech, when he joins us live. breaking overnight, more than a dozen tornadoes reported from oklahoma to illinois. relentless rain surprising drivers caught in flash flooding. and this morning another 9 million people face the possibility of even more severe weather.


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