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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the phone and said can you get out of the building safely, and he said yes. >> he seemed like a kid. my father always told me everyone just needs someone to talk to. he just looked like he just needed someone to talk to. >> reporter: so i want to bring the camera over here. every one of these people wearing a blue jacket is actually an employee of fox 45. right now at this time they are normally doing a newscast from inside the building. they are literally doing their newscast from that single camera. their anchors are standing in front of it. they're continuing to do the news. this time it is the news about themselves while employees look on because they still haven't been able to get back in the building.
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voluntarily on his own and was shot when he refused to take his hand out of his possibilicket, were worried he might blow up a bomb. they finally got his hand out. they were able to approach him. they stripped him down to his underwear and they have placed him an armored car. that's what we're hearing from witnesses here at the scene. we are waiting for an update. as we learn more, we're obviously going to bring it to you. in baltimore, tisha thompson. a church leader is charged with sexually assaulting a young woman in prince george's county. >> tonight the family tells us they feel angry and betrayed. they have a long list and long ties to that church and the bishop, and they say they didn't believe this has happened. tracee wilkins is live in capitol heights with more. >> reporter: the allegedct
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church. the pastor is considered a close family friend. they say they all feel violated. >> he told me, you know, not to say anything and not to be scared because i was a big girl. >> reporter: this parishioner says these are the words her pastor would use before he did this to her. >> he would lock me into the back room or lock me into his office and touch me and get on top of me and say things to me. >> reporter: reverend michael turner, senior pastor of the miracle center, is facing charges for assault, fourth degree sex offense, and harassment after a church employee accused him of cornering her in his office, the copy center, and the elevator. he even went as far as actually lying on top of her at one point. >> i am
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i've very disappointed. i am very disappointed in pastor turner. >> reporter: the victim's aunt is a minister who was ordained by turner. >> what was he thinking about at that very moment when he made that decision to do what he did to my niece? >> reporter: the alleged victim's father was also a member of the church. >> she elected not to tell me because of what she felt i was going to do. in a sense, thank her for that because she was right. >> reporter: while he is disappointed in reverend turner, his faith is not shaken. >> if you're not who you say you are, the people should know. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we have new information about this pastor. we have learned that this is not the first time he has faced these kinds of charges. he had similar charges in the early 90s and actually
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jail time behind it. i'll explain. it has now been nearly five months and a mother is still looking for answers in the death of her son. he died in january, but authorities did not rule his death a homicide until three months later. in fact, his death is the first murder of 2016 in the district. pat collins live in northwest d.c. where the man was found dead. pat? >> reporter: wendy, this happened more than three months ago, but it hasn't stopped susan gordy from repeatedly visiting the scene of her son's murder. she was out on nicholson street again today in the rain walking around. susan gordy visits here often. she's drawn here because her son was killed here. >>
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as though i'm speaking to sheldon. sheldon is speaking to me. i remember once he was saying don't worry about me. i'm fine. that's what he said to me. >> reporter: sheldon scott gordy 55 years old found dead inside his apartment on january 5th, but it wasn't ruled a case of murder until march 31st. sheldon gordy worked for the department of labor for 20 years, but his mom says because of failing health he was doing odd jobs at the time of his death. on the day his body was discovered, his apartment door was locked. there was a sign of a struggle inside. he was badly beaten and choked to death. >> the dead body was in such bad condition which is why we had a closed casket funeral. >> reporter: he was
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son. ms. gordy is haunted by what happened here, so she returns. she returns to nicholson street searching for some answers. >> it tears my heart out to lose a child. it's the worst hurt, i think, in the world to lose a child, especially to this type of death. >> reporter: so what happened here? what are the clues here? some thoughts on this case of murder coming up at 6:00. when wendy, back to you. here we go. we've got a case of the drearies out there, doug kammerer. are we going to get better or worse before it gets better? >> because this really stinks. >> this is exactly what we could have going on through friday into the weekend. we have some rain out there right now. storm team 4 rda
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rain. about to move back into the district here. the nationals playing right now. right down here, you notice the shower activity. these are the showers that would come through the d.c. metro area within the next half hour to next 45 minutes. down towards manassas around woodbridge. all this moving off to the east. heavier rain down towards fredericksburg. we're tracking that as well. more rain in the forecast. look at the numbers. only in the 40s to the north. low 50s to the south. we're supposed to be at 71 degrees. that's the average high today. we're not going to be near that anytime soon. more showers likely. then weekend rain. one of those weekend days may just be a washout. a maryland sheriff charged in a domestic dispute with his wife. apparently asked for his confiscated guns to be returned just days after his arrest. it's laid out in
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obtained by the "capital gazette." there hasn't been and will not be any productive orders on me prohibiting me from possessing firearms, adding, quote, i need my shotguns released so my son and i could turkey hunt. officers arrested bateman earlier this month. two people are facing child pornography charges. they are accused of producing inappropriate videos with a minor in fairfax. officers arrested andre alvarado and angela sourmany. our northern virginia reporter, david culver will have a full r
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no more excuses, that's what the top transportation official in the country says about metro's safety issues. transportation reporter adam tuss has more now on new leadership that's coming to metro to help make sure you're safe. >> reporter: a big shakeup with the metro board today. three new federal appointees coming in to take an eye at the transit system. these three new appointees coming in at the direction of u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox. they all will bring a laser like focus to safety. of course, that has been a big concern for the transit agency recently. they draw from backgrounds in the national transportation safety board and the current chief safety officer of the railroad administration. secretary fox says there is no more excuses with the metro board or with the transit sm
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mort downey, he will be leaving along with harriet. this is a big shakeup with the metro board and one that officials hope will lead to increased safety. back to you. well, here we go, folks. the caps are getting ready to start their second round playoff series against the penguins. >> two of the biggest stars meeting at the verizon center tonight. >> we're talking carol maloney and jim vance. vance, i understand this is your first time at a hockey rodeo. >> reporter: yes. it's my very first time at a hockey game live. i've seen it on television, but i am told by all kinds of people whose opinions i respect, including my partner here, it's nowhere near the same as it is live. the other thing that i'm happy about this is my first time to work with carol maloney. what a joy. what a thrill. what an opportunity this is. you have something to say?
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come. this could be the stanley cup finals. o.v. versus crosby. >> reporter: i did watch on television in 09 or 07. >> 09, the last playoff meeting. >> reporter: that was absolutely off the hook. but again, i am told by people who know that watching that on television is nowhere near the experience as it is -- i am looking so forward with such a passion to experiencing this tonight. i am told that the fans in this joint are off the hook. is that right? >> wait until they do the unleash the furry. on the ice they do unleash the fury. there's a giveaway tonight. i wanted to show you how they're going to light it up. >> reporter: we have a giveaway today. remember when you and doreen were lamenting how brooks light was being traded away? you thought he was
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the caps want you to have this. it's their own rieger gjersey made up for you and they want you to come back to practice and pick another guy to fall in love with. >> i have a couple of my list that i would like to shop around for. >> reporter: i'll bring this back to you. >> and thank you for spelling my name correctly. >> jim, i did get you this foam light-up stick. >> get it monogrammed and then we'll talk. >> reporter: i'll monogram it for you. >> have some fun down there, vance. >> thank them for me. i'll come down and thank them. i love it. when we come right back, we are just getting started tonight. it is still a mystery. >> what happened at paisley park. we're getting a better idea about prince's de
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i'm in southeast washington after a few city schools tested for lead in the water. city officials are testing all 113 schools to make sure they're safe. i'll have the story coming up. a judge sentenced 28-year-old tavon miles to life in prison, plus 20 years for murdering a man during a robbery back in 2014 in silver springs. but years later, prosecutors say there are still several suspects still on the street. we'll take a look at video for the first time showing potential ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right? the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked.
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the man convicted of a murder inside a maryland mansion received a life sentence. >> but in court today he insisted he is innocent. meagan fitzgerald has reaction from the victim's family. >> reporter: it was march 3rd of 2014 when montgomery county police say tavon miles and a group of other men broke into this silver spring home. the suspects knew it was a drug house and were after marijuana and money. but instead they were confronted by the
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which ended up hitting miles. before the suspects left, the victim was brutally attacked. >> he was savagely beaten to death and he was stabbed. >> reporter: not long after the suspects take off, miles is driven to a nearby hospital. this emergency room video shows miles entering the lobby and moments later another possible suspect. dna evidence found on the perpetrator's clothes tied him to the crime. now more than two years later, miles was back in court and sentenced to life in prison. he told the victim's family he was sorry about the murder, but said he was innocent. the victim's mother wasn't buying it. >> he's not sorry. by virtue of the fact that he's still sticking with his claim. >> reporter: now the family can only hope more suspects from
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her family can have justice. >> we know besides the perpetrators for every perpetrator there are others who know who is involved and have information that could help to lead to other arrests. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news4. >> a judge has approved a request to seal the search warrant of prince's paisley park estate. this move comes after sources tell nbc news that prescription painkillers were found on the late superstar, also found inside his home. a special administrator has been appointed to oversee the division of prince's assets because he did not have a will. the medical examiner's office says it could be weeks before we know how prince died. lucifer in the flesh, that's just one of the ways that former house speaker john boehner described ted cruz today during a talk with students at
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cruz is responding to those remarks now as he and his new running mate spent the day courting voters in indiana. chris lawrence is in the newsroom with more on that. >> ted cruz tried to brush off boehner's comments calling the former speaker trump's texting and golf buddy. boehner told the crowd he has friends on both sides of the aisle. he says he gets along with almost everyone, except cruz. boehner said he never worked with a more miserable s.o.b. cruz went on stage to dispute those comments. >> i've never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is i don't know the man. i've met john boehner two or three time in my life. if i have said 50 words in my life to john boehner, i would be surprised. >> donald trump is also in indiana. he brought some star power to a
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rally. bobby knight came out to stump for him. he thinks tuesday night changed the map. if he wins indiana, it's over. trump is on track to break a record for the popular vote. in the newsroom, i'm chris lawrence. well, in the district today city officials say they are retesting all 113 public schools after some minor amounts of lead were found in some drinking water at two of those schools. officials want to reassure parents that the water is safe. >> reporter: sinks in the classrooms, drinking fountains all around the school. d.c.'s administrator led environmental researchers on a tour of an elementary school showing how all 113 public sc
5:21 pm
being retested for lead in water after higher levels at two schools. >> so we can give confidence to parents in the community that the drinking water is safe. >> reporter: the city does nearly 4,000 school tests a year. >> that represents less than 1% of the water sources tested that required some remediation on our part. >> reporter: any lead water sources tagged until problems are solved. they were slow to inform parents at two schools about problems. >> we will not repeat any miscommunications. >> reporter: d.c. environment director said lead paint remains the biggest lead problem in the district. tom sherwood, news4. getting rid of rats in the city. apparently, it is on mayor bowser's to-do list. a 13-year-old had a toy gun and was shot by police on the anniversary of the riots in
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message for the community. >> the only time that you really know if what looks like a gun is
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a beautiful day outside. well, again we needed the rain, so for some of us this is a beautiful day. if you're hoping the flowers are growing and the lawn needs the rain, that's exactly we have it out there. we can do this on thursday as far as it is not on saturday. sunday a different story. a little bit of fog. you see what's going on down towards the capitol too. not much going on downtown except for the fact that we're dealing with a mild visibility. 52 degrees. northeast winds at 14. this is more like early march than almost the beginning of may. temperatures should be near 71. 46 at gaithersburg. it is cool. it is going to stay cool for the next couple of days. the nationals game right now playing against the
5:26 pm
the showers will move across and may impact the game just a little bit. there's a little bit in the way of some heavier rain down towards fredericksburg and spotsylvania county. this is a really cool satellite shot here. i want you to look at these clouds right here. see the bottom right right here. this is the east side of the appalachia appalachians. take a look at these numbers. 80 degrees back towards jackson, kentucky. 79 down towards raleigh. 79 in charleston. they have severe weather going on. once it moves into the cool air mass, we see the result being showers. we have a few more showers tonight. 7:00 a.m., another tough rush. light to moderate rain developing.
5:27 pm
tomorrow morning. not a very nice friday. we'll see scattered showers mostly in the morning. most of the afternoon dry, but keep the umbrella handy for sure. temperatures around 52. only getting into the mid 50s again. staying rather cool. we stay well below average over the next seven days. saturday is dry, but still rather dreary. sunday, the rain could be heavy. this is something we're going to be watching very closely. we'll talk much more about this. veronica will see you guys back here at 5:45. i'm rocking the red. rocking the beard. >> today is a twofer. >> don't try to get a jersey. i know what you're doing. >> too many letters on that jersey. police here in fairfax investigating what is a very disturbing case. they say
5:28 pm
sexually victimized by a man and a woman. just ahead on news4, what neighbors recall happening around the time of that alleged crime. and one year of the riots in baltimore, we have some encouraging news. >> aaron gilchrist has been covering the stories. tonight he's on facebook live talking about his story coming up in just about 15 minutes. go to his facebook page now for a prev
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right now at 5:30. >> someone's history, despite ma you may have heard, we're proud of our homes. >> is your teen feeling the pressure to get into college? the extremely high bar a pair of twins have set for other high school seen years. right now, military vehicles being deployed to save those trapped in the rising floodwaters. we begin this half hour with two busted for child porn in fairfax county. >> police say a 16-year-old victimized at a party with friends. >> tonight they have charged a man and a woman with child pornography offenses. david culver live now outside fairfax city police headquarters to explain wher
5:32 pm
allegedly occurred. >> reporter: jim and wendy, fairfax city police telling me those two suspects victimized a 16-year-old late last summer. they're now facing child porn possession and production charges tonight. now, this allegedly happened in a house that was having a party, so we started out by going to that house. we noticed cars in the driveway, but no one answered our knock at the door. at least they didn't open the door to talk to us. from the upstairs window, someone inside shouted down asking why we were even there, adding that we didn't have the full story, but they wouldn't elaborate. the story starts at this house. august of last year, the residents here hosted a party. >> you remember that party here? >> yes. and the police showed up. they made everybody leave. >> reporter: a neighbor has lived across the street here
5:33 pm
he's not sure if the party he recalls is the same one during which police say two people violated a 16-year-old. investigators are accusing 26-year-old andre alvarado and angela sourmeny of the crimes. >> how would you describe him? >> a nice guy. i mean, he used to be the manager of mcdonald's and stuff. everything, you know. come over and help me in the yard. >> reporter: david hearndon struggles believing he would do that. this alleged crime is not how he thinks of his neighborhood. >> this neighborhood is usually pretty family friendly. >> reporter: as for the other suspect, angela sourmeny, she is out of jail tonight.
5:34 pm
where police said she lived. a man opened the door and said she wasn't there. you're going to hear from neighbors as to why they say it is the location of this alleged crime that surprises them the most. d.c. mayor muriel bowser on rat patrol. she is urging both businesses and residents to do more to secure their trash so they don't get rats. >> we have seen some really great examples of restaurants going the extra mile. we're trying to figure out how we can get more to do that. >> reporte >> rats are not new in the urban landscape. they've been a problem forever throughout our nation. it will soon be easier to get the montgomery county biggest shopping center. it includes six bus bays,
5:35 pm
waiting areas. it connects riders to seven bus lines, eight metro rail stations, and a bike route. there are 150 new parking spots for cars. the center officially opens this sunday. well, folks, we are just now under three hours away from the puck dropping on game one between the caps and the penguins. >> carol maloney is down at the verizon center. how friendly are these teams with each other? >> reporter: i would say frenemies. we've been talking a lot about rehashing heartbreak to understand the anxiety of a penguins series. you have to go back in time to the recent past and the distant past. game seven, may 13th, 2009, the faces of a playoff disaster. the penguins score four goals in their first 18 shots. a 6-2 blowout to end the series in sadne
5:36 pm
>> we were so close. close, but not good enough. >> feels good just because the way the series went. not particularly because it was me and him. he's a great player and it was a tough series. >> reporter: fast-forward seven years. the regular season finale between these two teams at verizon center. crosby kills them again. an overtime game winner. the caps were on notice. they needed more for this matchup. >> we learned they're a good team. it'll be a tough one out just like everyone else is going to be. >> the work ethic wasn't there. the execution. nothing was. i don't know how we brought that to overtime.
5:37 pm
that are in high gear right now and we're not better. we're not there yet. this has got to be a pretty good wake-up call. >> reporter: hoping to answer that call tonight. and they need to exercise some demons in this building and maybe it starts tonight. game one. we're just two and a half hours away from dropping the puck. back to you guys. >> you're rocking that red. >> reporter: i'm rocking the red for you guys. >> yes, you are. thank you. it is not easy to get a college scholarship. some college bound twins have achieved something to make us all feel inadequate. plus, new charges tonight in the aftermath of the san bernardino shootings. find out why
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right now, three people linked to one of the san bernardino shooters is facing -- they're facing federal charges now. >> those charges are not related to terrorism or that shooting. they're accused in taking part in fake marriage schemes. the brother of one of the attackers, his wife and another woman, all arrested today. the woman's husband is charged with planning attacks with one of the shooters. there's more tragic news for the family of a woman
5:41 pm
death in takoma park. this is a story that you saw break on the nbc washington app. the woman was pregnant. her child did not survive. maria veronica munga was a school bus driver. she was attacked at an apartment yesterday afternoon. he is being held now on a $5 million bond and is accused of her murder. some of the positive things that young people are doing in baltimore since the protests have left the streets. we have 0.75 of ainch of n
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here at the live desk we've been watching a press conference in baltimore about that bomb scare. fox affiliate wbff. police have confirmed this man dressed in a panda onesie is alive and in serious concern. he was shot as many as three times. police just described what turned out to be a fake bomb strapped to his chest. >> what we've been able to find out is those devices were actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum
5:45 pm
wiring connected each of them. there was also a small motherboard. that motherboard has been described as something that you might see in a fire extinguisher. that was also attached to this contraption. the wire was also running down the sleeve of his jacket into his hand basically emulating some type of detonation-type device. >> investigators, they don't know what the man's motivation was, although he had a flash drive with video that he wanted wbff to air. we'll have a live report in just a couple of minutes. in the days after the unrest in baltimore last year, thousands of dollars in donations poured into the fund for rebuilding baltimore. in the end, more than $700,000 in grants went to the people and to the organizations that were effected by that uprising. money also went towards strengthenin
5:46 pm
community. news4's aaron gilchrist visited one organization who is trying to show a more positive image of baltimore youth. >> reporter: the forgotten faces, that is how students in baltimore describe themselves. talented, creative, and unacknowledged. that is where wide angle youth media stepped in. >> we serve over 400 youth every year through photograph, videography classes. >> reporter: wild angle youth media gathered its cameras and took its young people outside. >> we started documenting the protests. we really incorporated that narrative into all of the work that we've done over this past year. >> reporter: that work culminated this week in a new book, a collection of 120 images from the protests, but also the protests and quotes of baltimore's youth as they see themselves. >> a lot of the rowdy stuff triggered
5:47 pm
things with people coming out saying, i need to say something about this. baltimore is not just roughness. it is a lot of uplifting. >> reporter: jeffrey worked on this book project funded by a $14,000 grant from the baltimore community foundation. after more than a dozen pho photo workshops across the city, the book sets out to show baltimore's youth with dreams. >> it is this collection of stories that we hope provide a really meaningful and powerful landscape of what it means to be a young person in baltimore city. >> when they show the negative pictures of baltimore, i just look at it like i know that happened. we all know that happened. it's over with. >> reporter: she is a 12th grade poet. she showed me a part of the project accompanying the book called this is baltimore. she saw protesters filling the streets, but she's also become an ambassador of sorts and
5:48 pm
to share more projects like this. >> for the youth of baltimore, i think we're like the most creative people ever. we're so talented. >> there's so much history, music, food, things to do, things to see in this city that people really need to know about. >> reporter: jeffrey does professional camera work, setting the example of what baltimore youth can do with opportunity. showing what this baltimore means to him. >> i think "this is baltimore" means despite what you may have heard, we are proud of our homes and this is who we are. >> if you'd like to see the book "this is baltimore," we've put a link on our nbc washington app. just search baltimore youth. aaron gilchrist is live on facebook right now if you want to join the conversation on this. meanwhile, residents are being told
5:49 pm
mississippi's gulf coast this afternoon after torrential downpours. a woman ran through the floodwaters to rescue a driver, got stuck driving through the high water. that is rough down there tonight. part of the rain that we're getting, is that from that same system that's down there? >> part of the same system. the bigger part of the rains we're going to get a couple of days out, but the fact is we have rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. one of the days this weekend looks as though it will be a washout. as far as what to wear, you needed the jacket going out the door, the umbrella as well. some folks at the game with their ponchos on. you're going to need the umbrella again tomorrow. we have showers we're tracking on storm team 4 radar just around bethesda. while they're getting a break
5:50 pm
been in play since 4:00 this afternoon, there's more showers just off to the west that will start making its way eastward. you can see the line right from d.c. down toward woodbridge. there'll be more showers coming into d.c. pretty light for areas along 301 and leonardtown. the temperatures drop to around 50 degrees by 11:00. as temperatures hold steady with all the moisture across the area, we're starting to see pockets of fog form out there. 52 degrees early tomorrow morning. there'll be some fog and maybe an isolated shower. the temperature 58 degrees for the afternoon. your best chance of rain is early in the day. tomorrow like today. we get the overcast sky and
5:51 pm
still cloudy and on the cool side. high temperatures going up to 60 degrees around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. saturday much of the same. it's almost going to be a carbon copy day. chilly. sunday right now looks as though it could be a washout. we're expecting quite a bit of rain throughout the day. in fact, saturday night some of the moderate to heavy rain starts moving into the area. again, it's on the cool side. your best day to get out looks as though it is going to be saturday. average around 71 degrees. washout indeed for sunday. early part of next week, monday morning, some more rain. high temperature 68. could be a few rumbles of thunder coming through as well as on tuesday right now. the high 63 degrees. by the mid part of next week, a chance to dry out. temperatures go back into the upper 60s. tomorrow, sunday, monday, tuesday now rain. today is our third consecutive day. we've got a run of it. we needed tha
5:52 pm
here to help take down some of the pollen count of course and the fact that we're getting abnormally dry around here. >> it's working. the student debt crisis is only getting worse. >> it is prompting the obama administration to lay out another set of initiatives to tackle it. susan hogan joins us now with the details. >> a trillion dollars in debt, it is crazy, this number. by the end of march last month, nearly 8 million americans had failed to make a monthly payment on their student loans. today, a new initiative was announced called the payback playbook. now, it will let borrowers know what their rights are in terms of everything from defaulting to personalizing their loan repayment options. it's just another step to prevent another debt bubble from bursting. >> it's having an effect
5:53 pm
live our lives because we're overwhelmed with this debt right out of school. >> the student aid bill of rights that president obama signed a year ago let students pay less when they earned less and pay more as they earned more. 70% of those in default didn't even know about that. the payback playbook will define the terms going forward. to see a draft, go to our nbc washington app and search student loan debt. they're asking for feedback from the public. > high school seniors have a lot of important decisions to make about their future. >> take a look. twins got into 62 colleges combined, including here at howard university, and scored more than $1.6 million in scholahi
5:54 pm
so much for student loan there. they've been both put on the dean's list throughout high school and had perfect attendance. one has decided to go to moore house college in atlanta. the other will decide where she's going in the next couple of days. police make their case after a shooting that involved a teenager in baltimore. >> learn why they didn't take any chances when they encountered a 13-year-old with a toy gun. protesters outside a school today. i'll tell you why these people think that the school is partially responsible for more than 100
5:55 pm
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baltimore police are defending the shooting of a 13-year-old boy. >> authorities say there was no other choice. the teenager was carrying what police thought was a deadly handgun. david collins with that story. >> reporter: which of these guns is deadly? one is a baretta, the other is a replica. that's what a 13-year-old boy held in his hand when two undercover officers ordered him to drop it and when he didn't, one officer fired twice striking the teen in the shoulder and leg. >> if a person is seen walking down a city street with one of those in his hand, what do they want the police to do? what do they expect us to do? drive by? we can't call
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the officer who shot the boy is 12-year-old police veter -- 12-year police veteran smith. 11 news talked exclusively with an eyewitness. brian didn't want to give his last name. >> they were yelling for him to drop to gun, drop the gun. the kid turns around, but the gun is going up, not towards the police officers. i heard him yell it's not real. that quick the male officer shot him twice. >> reporter: the officers chased the boy for 150 yards before he stopped, but still holding the replica in his hand. >> police officers don't have to wait until their being shot at to engage in a
5:59 pm
scenario. the standoff is over now, but questions remain. a man set his car on fire outside a baltimore police station. minutes later, he stormed into the building claiming he had a bomb on him. the suspect who was in costume was shot by police as they closed in. >> the story is still breaking. jim vance is on assignment. >> let's start with tisha thompson. she's at the scene of this dramatic takedown in baltimore. >> reporter: right back there is fox 45. it is the tv station, the fox affiliate, here in baltimore, maryland. today at 1:20, a gentleman walked into their offices and said that he had a bomb strapped to his body and he wanted to talk to someone and get a message on tv. right now, police are currently going through the building to make sure there is no more threat because they just told us
6:00 pm
he was wearing chocolate candy bars strapped to probably what looked like a red life preserver. they had wires attached to them. that is what he was claiming to be a bomb, but it was nothing more than chocolate candy bars. for hours since 1:20 today, it was a very scary situation. a security guard says the man who was dressed in a panda costume with a surgical face mask that had asian lettering on it walked into the building and said that he wanted to get his message on tv. that security guard then started pressing the equivalent of a panic button, informing folks he had a problem. at the same time, there was a fire happening outside. they believe it is related. somebody set a black four-door sedan's vehicle on fire. while all that was going on, employees were then evacuat


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