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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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he was wearing chocolate candy bars strapped to probably what looked like a red life preserver. they had wires attached to them. that is what he was claiming to be a bomb, but it was nothing more than chocolate candy bars. for hours since 1:20 today, it was a very scary situation. a security guard says the man who was dressed in a panda costume with a surgical face mask that had asian lettering on it walked into the building and said that he wanted to get his message on tv. that security guard then started pressing the equivalent of a panic button, informing folks he had a problem. at the same time, there was a fire happening outside. they believe it is related. somebody set a black four-door sedan's vehicle on fire. while all that was going on, employees were then evacuat
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the back door. police say they didn't know what was going on. they just needed to get out. i said to the security guard you must have been scared when you were talking to him for more than 45 minutes and this is what he said. >> absolutely. i wasn't just thinking about myself. there were hundreds of people in the building. >> are you going to go back to your job when they let you back in the building? >> i'll be back there tomorrow morning. >> reporter: police are still going through it to make sure there is no more threat, but for the most part the incident here now is over. police shot the man at least three times. he is in serious, but stable condition. he is now in a hospital and in police custody. it's been four hours. it's still a very active investigation. a lot of the employees are still ti
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inside. as investigators search for more clues, we'll continue to keep you updated on air and online. we have posted tisha's entire interview with that security guard on our nbc washington app. the washington capitals are hoping to win it at home tonight taking on the rival the pittsburgh penguins. >> jim vance at the verizon center to see it all firsthand. how did you get that assignment? >> reporter: is that a little bit of envy i'm hearing? >> i'm speaking for doreen here. >> yes. >> reporter: i have been privileged to have been to every super bowl our guys have been in. i've been at countless wizards games, but i think i'm probably the only person in the dmv who has never seen a hockey game
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i have never seen an nhl game. when my managers and others heard that, they felt sorry for me. they felt sorry for me because they said everybody needs to experience that. i am truly looking forward to this. i'm especially looking forward to the fact that 18,000-plus crazed people in this auditor m auditorium. i am told there is nothing like the energy in the verizon center when the capitals are playing. i'm looking forward to that. i was there when rfk was rocking, literally rocking. i was there when the caps center was trembling and the walls were trembling in 78. i am told something electric happens in this building. hear that lady right there? that's what i intend to be doing in a while too. i'm looking forward to this with a passion. that is one of the reasons i'm allowed in here tonight. the other reason is
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don't really know what to expect. all these 18,000 people coming in here, they know what's going to happen. everything, to me, will be news a -- new and a surprise. coming up in a few minutes, i'm going to bring you a few words from a guy who has been a caps fan since the team started back in the 70s or something like that. he is a huge caps fan. even though he is 3,000 miles away, he is still looking forward to rocking the red. that is coming up in just a few minutes. you have idea how much i wish you were here with me. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: i'm glad i'm here tonight. don't you envy me? >> yes, i do. the game starts at 8:00. you have time to get something red to put on for god sake. >> reporter: i forgot about that. i can depend on you to remind me of it. maybe i can find something in the meantime. >> i'm going to tell our managers that
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to paris. we'll see how that works out. >> reporter: if that works for you, let me know about it here. >> all right. we'll see you in a few minutes. on to politics now. john boehner quit washington last fall after spending years trying to unify a splintered republican party. now he is at the center of the presidential race blasting his former colleague ted cruz. >> not only did boehner essential call cruz the devil. perhaps just as insulting, he said he would not vote for cruz, but would vote for trump in the general election. all this before a critical showdown in indiana. ted cruz is telling the people of indiana they can be game changers. >> i could not be happier to have this race decided using the midwestern common
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good judgment of hoosiers. >> reporter: it may be the last chance for cruz who is trying to create buzz and momentum with his new running mate carly fiorina. john boehner was asked to size up the candidate at a stanford forum. >> lucifer in the flesh. i have democrat friends and republican friends. i get along with almost everyone, but i have never worked with a more miserable sun of a bleep [ bleep ] in my life. >> reporter: if you're happy with john boehner as the speaker of the house, if you want a president like john boehner, trump is your man. >> people want to support a winner. >> reporter: in indiana, winners don't get much bigger than legendary basketball coach bobby knight who is on team trump. >> at heart, he is just a great america
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simple game plan. >> if we win in indiana, it's over. >> reporter: indiana battleground for trump and the movement to stop him. and cruz is calling trump out, challenging him to a one-on-one debate sometime between now and tuesday, but so far trump is showing no interest. doreen? >> all right. thank you. our political coverage continues in our next half hour. we're going to take a look at why virginia senator tim kaine may be on the short list for democratic vice presidential candidates. well, it has been a dreary, soggy day. that rain on the radar, well, it could impact not only the evening commute, but even the morning rush. doug is in storm center 4 to tell us all about it. >> we've seen the shower activity on and off all day. some heavy rain this morning. some lighter rain this afternoon. you'll need the umbrellas and the jackets for the next few days.
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very light for the most part, but a lot of drizzle out there, light rain, and also that fog. more rain down to the south of fredericksburg. storms just back to the west, but the storms cannot get here because it is too cool and too stable. 51 at the airport. 46 in gaithersburg. more showers likely. then we're talking just weekend rain. one of the days of the weekend looks to be a washout. we're learning so some devastating news about the woman who was stabbed to death in takoma park. she was pregnant and the unborn child did not survive. she was a bus driver in montgomery county. a man attacked her in the apartment yesterday. he is accused of her murder. a murder mystery in d.c. a man found dead
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apartment on nicholson in northwest. it happened in january, but it took three months for investigators to call it a homicide. >> reporter: susan gordy, she doesn't live here, but she makes frequent visits here. see, she's looking for answers. she's trying to figure out who killed her son. >> there aren't any words that i could ever speak to tell you it tears my heart out to lose a child. it's the worst hurt, i think, in the world to lose a child, especially to this type of death. >> reporter: that's susan gordy. her son was the first murder victim of the year. sheldon scott gordy 55 years old, his body found inside his apartm
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northwest. his mom said he had been beaten and choked to death. his apartment door was locked. there was a sign of a struggle inside. this is ruth. she lives in the apartment below. this is what she remembers about it. >> alls i know is what i thought was an argument on sunday, after that it got real quiet up there. later i found out they found him deceased up there on a tuesday. >> reporter: his mom says he worked for the labor department for 20 years. but because of failing health, she says he was just doing odd jobs at the time of his death. he liked to play chess and he often would have friends over to play board games. she believes her son may have been betrayed by one of his friends. >> i think he was used and i
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think he was betrayed by one of his -- by a friend. >> so-called friend. >> yes. >> reporter: now, there's a $25,000 reward posted here if you know anything about this case, police want to hear from you. chris, back to you. still ahead, a shakeup for metro because of new concerns about safety. i'm tracee wilkins. an update to a story you saw first on 4. a prince george's county pastor is facing sex assault charges. this is not the first time he's been charged for something like this and has in fact done some jail time because of it. protests against one of the most elite private schools in our area. a school
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we noted that this franchise is over 40 years old now. while i've never been to a game, i have had the extreme privilege of meeting some of the players over those years. i remember langway. what a great guy he was. there is another guy who knows rod langway way
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team from the beginning of the franchise opening all those 40-some years ago. he is 3,000 miles away from here, but you talk about a fan? this guy is one of the biggest of them all. hear now what one of the caps biggest fans has to say from 3,000 miles away, radio and tv giant, larry king. >> they weren't very good then. i became a cap. i became red, red, red through my body. i breathe the capitals. i love the capitals, even though i live in los angeles. they're aggressive. they have three great lines. great defensemen. ovechkin, the best hockey player in the land. the caps will prevail. on to the stanley cup. beat pittsburgh. beat pittsburgh.
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>> reporter: pittsburgh, pittsburgh. that's like talking about practice for goodness sake. who is pittsburgh? in any event, there's another guy who is probably even more than larry king the biggest fan and the most jacked up dude who will be in this stadium tonight. we're going to hear from him in about 15 minutes or so. doreen, wish you were here, baby girl. back to you. >> okay. we get it. thanks, vance. >> a little bit of rubbing it in there. big changes are coming to met metro's board of directors. transportation reporter adam tuss is outside the friendship heights station with these developments. >> reporter: the first story having to do with the metro board. three new federal appointees will be coming into the metro board at the direction of the u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox and all these new appointees have backgrounds in safety.
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no more excuses with the metro board or with metro itself. there's going to be a maintenance surge along this section of the red line up to medical center. there's been a problem over the last couple of weeks with arcing insulators with a train that was smoking, two smoking issues, along this section of the red line. during off peak hours, there's going to be this maintenance surge to figure out if there are any larger problems here. riders can expect delays of up to 20 minutes degrees those off peak hours. this whole weekend the work will be going on. you could face delays, but they want to know what's been going on along this section of the red line. d.c. officials are testing all 113 public schools for possible lead in the drinking water. they're doing it to reassure parents after small amounts of lead were found in two schools. the city also said parents and schools would be notified more quickly
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found. lead levels in water are significantly down in the last decade according to district officials who also say that lead paint in private homes remains an issue for young children. it was a brutal home invasion and murder inside a home in silver spring. today the man convicted of that crime received a life sentence, but tavon miles says he's innocent. meagan fitzgerald has a newly released jailhouse phone call between miles and his girlfriend that took place shortly after that murder. >> the victim was set upon by these violences. he was savagely beaten to death and he was stabbed. >> reporter: it's been two years since the victim was murdered after a group of men broke into his silver spring house looking for drugs and money. for the first time, we're hearing a 911 call from someone who lived in the house and moments after the suspects took off. >> montgomery county, 911. what's the address
6:19 pm
emergency? hello? >> reporter: investigators say before the victim died, he managed to shoot 28-year-old tavon miles who was then driven to the hospital. prosecutors believe this video shows miles entering the emergency room lobby and then moments later another potential suspect walks in. prosecutors say dna evidence found on miles' clothes tied him to the crime, but he refused to identify the other suspects. >> the men took pains to make themselves unidentifiable. >> reporter: in a conversation miles had with his girlfriend while he was in jail, he tells her to delete her facebook page. >> delete your book for a few minutes. you know what i'm saying? >> yeah. all right. >> i don't need no
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>> reporter: he was sentenced to life in prison. >> we know besides the perpetrator perpetrators, for every perpetrator, there are others who know. a local teenager targeted, but it's the location of this alleged crime that most surprises the neighbors. protesters outside the private school where the obamas
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coming up in our next half hour, he says his face has not been shaken. new reaction from a father who claims a bishop abused his daughter. what we're learning about the alleged crime and the suspect's dark past. still no sign of a missing woman, but this crucial clue could reveal what happened moments before she vanished. a legal fight against a prestigious private school. it is forcing dozens of elderly residents out of their homes. those stories coming up at 6:30, but first here's doug with a check on that rain. >> you guys are loving this weather, aren't y
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. >> not really. >> close to a half an inch of rain at the airport. it is nasty out there for sure. we've got the clouds, the drizzle, the fog. this is downtown. it looks kind of the same because you can't see much of the buildings. 51 degrees downtown. this is why we're much cooler. that northeasterly flow at 12 miles per hour. that's called the cold air wedge. we call it cold air damming. you can see 47 martinsburg. 48 in clinton. 55 in fredericksburg. we had some showers move through about an hour ago. now we're watching this area back to the west. you go, wait, we've got some thunderstorms that'll move right into our area. well, they can't because we're so cool. it's warmer down to our southwest.
6:25 pm
it will move right over the blue ridge and then just completely die. that's what we've seen happen to most of our region. here's the thunderstorms. even some severe weather. severe thunderstorm watch back here to our west, but it can't get into the cool air. where's the cool air? you can see it. it shows up very nicely on this picture. 48 in hagerstown. roanoke now at 70 degrees. raleigh was up to 80 earlier just like us, but that cool air coming down on the east side of the american people ppalachians. keep that umbrella handy. notice tomorrow morning we break out again into the rain across the region just in time for that morning rush. same deal around 9:00 a.m., so the rush is going to be quite slow. make sure you have the umbrella and the jacket when you step outdoors. a drier afternoon just like
6:26 pm
today. we can't rule out a couple of showers during the afternoon, but most of the rain happens in the morning. temperatures around 52. 57 degrees by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. an isolated chance for a shower. that's about it. we're going a little bit warmer here. tomorrow a day very similar to what we saw today. that impact forecast tomorrow low to moderate periods of showers, continued cool, and that pattern looks like it wants to continue all the way towards the weekend. saturday 61. we're calling saturday mostly dry. sunday 65 with rain. some of that rain could be very heavy at times. we're watching that storm and that should move out on monday. highs on monday around 68. even more rain in the seven-day
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now at 6:30, a local bishop charged with assault and sex offenses. >> i am very disappointed in the pastor. a man and a woman accused of producing child porn in virginia. how the victim was lured to the scene of the crime. a protest outside a prominent private school. new details on the business deal that could force dozens of senior citizens out of their
6:30 pm
relative of the young victim describes a church leader charged with sexually assaulting a young woman in prince george's county. >> and now we've learned it's not the first time this suspect has been accused of something like this. emotions have been running high since the story first broke on news4. tracee wilkins is live in capitol heights with the latest. >> reporter: the family members of the alleged victim says that they feel violated. >> i got baptized here. my daughter, the one that he's having an issue with now. >> reporter: this dad says he almost lost it when he heard what his pastor is accused of doing to his daughter. >> she elected not to tell me because of what she felt i was going to do. in a sense, i thank her for that because she was right. >> he would lock me into the back room o
6:31 pm
office and touch me and get on top of me and say things to me. >> reporter: reverend michael turner, senior pastor of the miracle center in capitol heights, is facing charges for assault, fourth degree sex offense, and harassment after a church employee accused him of cornering her in his office, the copier room, and the elevator. he went as far as actually lying on top of her at one point. news4 has learned that turner was charged with second and fourth degree rape in the 90s. he was sentenced to three years on the assault and battery charges and served about six months. >> that's monster. she didn't come here for that. >> reporter: the victim's aunt is a minister who was ordained by turner and is actually for bringing the family to the church more than ten years ago. >> he needs to get some serious
6:32 pm
this church? >> yes. yes, how can you preach from the pulpit after you've done these type of things? >> reporter: now the alleged victim grew up in this church. she is now 22 years old. she's saying these incidents happened after she started working in the office of the church just about a month ago. he was released on $10,000 bond. we have been looking for the pastor. went past his house, called his cell phone. came here to the church. we have not been able to contact him, and people here at the church are saying they have no response. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. the sister of a missing alexandria woman is pleading for help as police continue to look for clues in her disappearance. ms. lopez was last seen december 17th. surveillance video captured lopez walking into that store. twoys
6:33 pm
reported her missing. >> no idea. i'm sure somebody took her. she wouldn't disappear like that. she's a very, very responsible person. >> police found the 36-year-old woman's car where she works. they did a search in that area. didn't find anything. today, protesters demonstrated outside the building where president obama's daughters go to school. they're upset about sidwell friends plan to buy an assisted living facility next door. more than 120 senior citizens would be displaced. mark segraves spoke with residents who say they need more time. >> you cannot throw away our elders. >> reporter: she is one of 60 senior citizens who are still living at the washington home. >> i have here on three waiting lists. they have all told me that there's not going to be room by
6:34 pm
the close date. >> reporter: residents were told last september of the sale, but they weren't given enough notice. >> people think it is easy just to say go to another nursing home. it's not just go to another nursing home. there's transfer trauma. >> reporter: in a statement, sidwell tells news4 they structured the purchase of the washington property so residents would have ample time to relocate. there was a confidentiality agreement between sidwell and the washington home to keep the pending sale a secret until the deal was finalized. >> there were rumors about a possible sale. they were told no there was no plan to sell. >> reporter: officials with the washington home declined to comment for our report. family members weren't alone in their protest today. >> very disappointed
6:35 pm
hear no evil, see no evil. >> reporter: the school says they are looking for a way to help. these family members say they're not going away anytime soon. if they're not able to meet with sidwell and the washington home, they'll go to court. as it stands right now, they have until the end of the year to find a new home for their loved ones. reporting from sidwell friends in northwest washington, mark segraves. news4. now to the quest for the cup. we're less than 90 minutes away from vance's first hockey game of his life. >> he's at the verizon center with the excitement building ahead of tonight's playoff game. i've got to say, vance, you're starting at the top. there's not many more nhl games that are more exciting than playoff games. >> reporter: yeah. that's big. why shouldn't it be that way? it's been a long time since a team from this town has been in
6:36 pm
that would have been the caps some years ago. even longer since any team has brought home a championship. could this be the year? this is the team that has scored more points than any other team in the nhl this year. there's one guy in particular who is very happy to point out that there's no other team that has had 300 home sell outs. they're hoping these guys will not only knockout the penguins, but all the way to the stanley cup. that would be the owner of the team. >> i think the building is going to be loud and proud and lots of red. i'll sure there'll be some pens fans in here. a lot of people are from pittsburgh. i'm hoping that our fans can show the
6:37 pm
they can be, and how loud this building gets. >> reporter: one thing we need to point out. there are overtimes from time. metro has decided they're going to stay open longer tonight. they're going to stay open until 1:00 a.m. we could this thing wrapped up in regulation time. someone just told me if we win tonig tonight, then i have to show up again, but i have to wear the same underwear. the same hat, yeah. same underwear, i don't know about that. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with my hero, carol maloney. she actually knows what she's talking about. one day after ted cruz named carly fiorina has his vp pick, there's no speculation on the democratic side. we'll take a close
6:38 pm
could be on hillary clinton's short list. plus, a local couple arrested for child porn. how they used a party to lure in the young victim. a very dreary day across our region. some showers, very cool air. how long is this gog to stick in
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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now to the presidential race where we are taking a closer look at how hispanic voters may effect the outcome, especially if donald trump and hillary clinton turn out to be the nominees. according to a report from the hill, registration among hispanic voters is skyrocketing. more than 13 million hispanics are expected to vote this year, which is a big jump from the last two elections. polls of hispanic voters consistently show trump's views on immigration make
6:41 pm
likely to vote republican. virginia senator tim kaine's rapport with hispanic voters could put him on a short list for hillary clinton's vice president picks. the senator worked as a catholic missionary in honduras where he became fluent in spanish. he's also a safe, non-controversial choice for a general election battle that is on track to be the most brutal in modern history. kaine has executive experience. his stint as the chairman of the democratic national committee left him relationships and donors at all levels. virginia is a swing state. some say putting him on the ticket could keep the commonwealth in the blue column. the ninth
6:42 pm
the national mall luncheon was held in west potomac park. the trust says the mall has a backlog of repairs and improvements that could cost as much as $84 million. the luncheon has raised more than $10 million in the past nine years. we're continuing to follow the mystery surrounding prince's death. we'll tell you who has been called in as officials reveal the singer had prescription pills on him at the time of his death. fairfax city police investigating tonight their disturbing case. a 16-year-old allegedly victimized sexually by a man and a woman. they're both facing child porn charges tonight. ahead at 6:00, it's what neighborsay a sbo
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guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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a judge has sealed a search warrant in the prince death investigation. they say making it public would hamper their work. sources tell nbc news prince had prescription painkillers with him when he was found. the drug enforcement administration has been called in to determine where the medications came from and what prescriptions prince had obtained. some of his friends say he took percocet to help with hip pain. autopsy results could take weeks. tonight, we're following allegations of two
6:46 pm
victimizing a teenager in fairfax. the man and woman are facing child porn charges, but it's where this happened that is surprising neighbors. >> reporter: in a quiet suburban neighborhood, it's what we most often hear following allegations of a disturbing crime. >> i'm just super shocked about it. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: but it's the location where police say this crime happened that's most surprising. >> i think it's crazy how close they are. >> reporter: first, though, the details of the crime. police say 26-year-old andre alvarado and 21-year-old angela sourmeny victimized a 16-year-old. investigators say it happened at a house party here last summer. this is the home where alhave a -- alvarado lives. so why is this location surprising? >> that's the
6:47 pm
>> reporter: those who know him struggling to believe the allegations. >> he didn't seem like that type of guy. >> how would you describe him? >> a nice guy. he used to be the manager of mcdonald's. >> reporter: while nobody answered the door for us, from an upstairs window they shared that police didn't relay the full story. they did not elaborate. angela is out of jail tonight. so we went by the home in oakton where police say she lives. a man answered the door and said she was not home. nearly a year after the mansion murders in northwest d.c., we're learning new details about the days leading up to the horror. the victims were held hostage for hours, tortured, and murdered last may. tonight another housekee
6:48 pm
two decades is revealing some new information. nelly gutierrez says in the weeks leading up to the murder. she would often see men outside sitting in a car watching the house. >> that's what she told me but i never paid too much attention because i was busy always. >> reporter: tonight gutierrez shares more new details with us, including the unusual thing that happened that may have caused the suspect to act when he did. that's tonight on "news4 at 11:00." i know it's been a dreary, soggy day, but a little bit of rain is something we need. >> we've been below average. we had 16 days of sunshine. it would have been nice to mix a couple in there. now we're talking on the cool, cloudy, dreary days. the dreary
6:49 pm
so keep the umbrellas handy. a couple of drops here and there from time to time. temperature now down to 50. 50 degrees around 9:00. 50 around 11:00. some areas are cooler. 48 degrees in college park. we're supposed to be in the 70s this time of year. average high temperatures around 71. all that warm weather we saw, a change for sure. we do have some rain moving in. some of this is very heavy and even some thunderstorms moving in, but it is just too cold around here for these thunderstorms to maintain themselves. even though we're seeing some heavy rain, by the time they get to warrenton or culpeper, they're going to dissipate. that's all because of that very cold air mass. back to the west, a lot of thunderstorms. we even saw severe weather. that's where the weather ha
6:50 pm
60s and 70s in those areas. 58 by 3:00. best chance will be tomorrow morning 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, on through 11:00. cool continuing through tomorrow night. 61 on saturday. saturday we're calling dry, but the rain moves back in. some of it heavy early on sunday. saturday is dry. sunday is the wet day. more rain likely on tuesday. we're staying on the cool side. >> barely even see a peek of the sun in that seven-day. >> wednesday. we've got sports coming up. carol maloney has joined vance at the verizon center. big night down there. >> indeed it is. these tickets tonight to this game are the most expensive in the nhl. carol maloney told me that. she knows a lot of
6:51 pm
you're going to tell us more, aren't you? >> i'll tell you how much they're going for and
6:52 pm
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back here at verizon center with jim vance's very first hockey game. the temperatures are dropping inside the building and the excitement is building. >> one of the things i've noticed most of all is it is freezing in here. don't worry about it. carol promises me this joint is going to heat up. the electricity and the energy in here are like nothing i've ever seen before and i'm looking forward to that. a whole bunch of fans are talking tonight about ovechkin and crosby one more time. the fact of the matter is that's not really all that's going on here. these two teams do not like each other at all. there'll be plenty of physical stuff going on here tonight. always something good
6:55 pm
when the caps and the pens meet on the ice. i'm going to assume that we can expect some heavy duty fireworks up in here tonight. >> indeed. 2009, it was a game seven heartbreaker. the players say the history of this matchup does not matter, but they admit they're a little bit pumped up to meet again. >> i would be lying to you if i didn't say it is one of those rivalries that you always want to win. you can imagine the emotions. >> it's two really good teams, elite talent. it's a hart sed series. teams are tough. we have to play well to give ourselves a chance. we're going to be all in. >> reporter: still waiting for word on the status of one of the top defenseman for the caps.
6:56 pm
decision. we do know carl oldner is in. he had maintenance days for an upper body injury. orpik does not want to miss this one. >> the defensive aspect they bring obviously is a big part of the team game we're trying to play. >> it's been good. you notice such a big difference when coaches give us two days off during the regular season. you notice a huge difference. you come back with so much energy and so fresh. i feel pretty good. >> reporter: there's going to be a lot of energy in this building tonight. they drop the puck at 8:00. you expected? >> i have to find something red to put on. i'll figure something out, doreen, between now and game time. we have something else exciting tonight. >> reporter: a big nightf
6:57 pm
nfl draft round one from chicago and the redskins have the first pick. >> hopefully, i've got a couple of them. it's a strong draft. it really is on both sides of the ball. of course, i'm not going to say names or anything like that. my personal opinion there'll be a handful of guys in the first round, but also second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh that are football players. i'll take the more consistent football player, toughness, competitiveness, to bring to the redskins. >> reporter: the draft tonight, that's going to be exciting. we also have -- having vance here is exciting. >> we're lamenting and lusting that someone was being traded. they have made for you your very own
6:58 pm
what they want you to do -- i'm told you want you to come to practice and sit there with wendy and you can pick somebody else on the ice that you an clu
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
developing news tonight, bomb scare emergency at a tv station. an intruder threatening to blow it up. tonight frantic calls for help and a stand off. a massive swat response as snipers and a robot move in. lucifer in the flesh. john boehner's stunning tirade about ted cruz caught on tape and new information, why trump's path to the nomination may have just gotten easier. outbreak at harvard, students quarantine and commencement at risk. a major health alert. what is spreading on college campuses. snap decision, a horrific accident being blamed on a new kind of distracted driving. it's not texting. what every parent should know. the one-minute workout. the new evidence it works, getting in shape in


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