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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh now at 11:00, a new exclusive. >> sometimes it is too hard for me . >> reporter: nearly one year after d.c.'s mansion murders, the close family friend
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wonders why she is still alive. >> sniper fire outside of a baltimore tv station. what it was like inside when a man walked in strapped with a fake bomb. grab and go. new video of a daring rob rip at a local mall. good evening. a federal government employee admits using a computer to try to solicit a child for sex. >> he was a long-time employee of the national institute of standards and technology in montgomery county. when the feds swooped in, they said they found porn on the man's work laptop. >> when our scott mcfarland started digging he found something unexpected. >> he wasn't just a federal employee with a six-figure salary he used to be the leader of a youth soccer league. >> reporter:
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he was a computer scientist. fairfax county police say the 53-year-old thought he was setting up a rendezvous with a 12 or 13-year-old boy. instead it was an uncover fairfax county police officer. >> he was very disappointed when he got there and found out it wasn't a 12 or 13-year-old boy he was coming to meet. it was us. >> reporter: he sent e-mails and text and suggested the boy skip out of lunch in fairfax county and meet up at a park nearby. investigators say he brought a video game for the person he thought to be a young boy. >> he shows up with a gift. >> the office of the inspector general said he brought an open bottle of red wine and drank a glass to calm his nerves op the way. police say their investigation found no evidence of prior efforts to sol
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active member and former board of directors member of the damascus soccer club. one of the major youth soccer programs. his attorney says in a statement to news 4 there was a full investigation of him and his computers and there was zero ties to the south soccer programs. sbrnal investigators say they found numerous piece of adult pornography on his work computers. this spokeswoman says he resigned his job. he's just begun serving two years in jail. the president of the soccer club says the organization is shocked and saddened tonight adding though mr. montanez left our club, in august of 2014 he is well known as a coach and referee. our safety protocols are in place for a reason. friends wrote to a judge asking for leniency for him saying t
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>> you mention that is a huge soccer club. >> one of the largest in the region. >> thank you. baltimore police just reopened the area around a local tv station after a police sniper had to shoot a man wearing what turned out to be a fake explosive device. >> chris lawrence is in the newsroom where we are getting a new perspective from the employees inside. >> they spoke to one of the reporters a at fox 45. he described evacuating out the back and smelling smoke as the car burned outside of the station. >> the horn was honking continuously. we thought something was odd. the same car we saw smoke coming out of it. it was coming out the windows. someone said the gas tank is on fire and elevated from there. >> reporter: police say the suspect set the car on fire and walked in to the lobby wearing some
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surgical mask. a robot disarmed him and investigators discovered the device was actually chocolate bars an wires wrapped in foil. it was made to look like a real bomb. even had a fake trigger. but that didn't make it any less scary. >> we thought we were safe. >> reporter: tonight a man from elkridge, maryland, said his son is the man in the suit. that he's been troubled and what he did today wasn't politically motivated. the suspect is in serious condition but expected to be okay. >> thank you. new tonight, the leader of a prince georges county church is responding to allegations he made unwanted sexual advances toward a 22-year-old employee. jackie bensen is in capital heights with the story you saw on news 4. the story comes
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attorney. church leaders met at the miracle center baptist church. it was bible study night. many learned their pastor, michael turner, 61, had been arrested for assault, harassment and a sex offense against a 22-year-old woman who worked in the church office in late february and early march. she spoke to news 4 yesterday. we're not identifying her. >> he would lock me in to the bathroom or his office and touch me, get on top of me, and say things to me. >> reporter: tonight, criminal defense attorney issued a statement -- reverend turner vehemently proclaims his innocence. he did not commit those offenses on this young lady lechl make any required statement only in court. the statement says he devote 2d 5 years 0 of his life to
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and intends to do so for the indefinite future. he will do his best to not allow someone's media infatuation distract him from his parishioner and community. >> you can read the statement by downloading our news 4 app. live in capital heights, jackie bensen, news 4. metro track work could slow you down for on the red line tomorrow. off peak hours there will be a maintenance surge from van ness to medical center. it is so metro can check the tracks after two arching insulator problems this week. we learned the u.s. transportation secretary appointed three safety experts to the metro board. we saw some rain across the area a little earlier. that's moving out. we still have areas of drizzle, we're not totally dry. showers in anne arundel county, a few back to hardy county, back to west virginia. most of the
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side. look at where we were a few hours ago. rain coming in. we saw steady rain upwards of a half inch. we needed that but it has been a cool rain. 45 current temperature in gaithersburg. 50 fredericksburg. not only do we have the rain it is extremely cool this time of the year. staying cool and more showers likely, not just tomorrow. we are talking weekend rain and one of those days maybe a washout. the complete forecast in a minute. in charles county, police are looking for the two women seen in this video. check this out. they are stealing inside from the victoria's secret store at the saint charlestown center in waldorf. it happened last night at 8:00. they threw the items in to a trash bag and took off. police don't think this is the first time the women have done this. people affected by sexual violence came together to share their stories and discuss ways to fight sex assault and rape. the group rally against rape hosted a take back the night
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the rally honored fairfax county firefighter with a special memorial. she took her life last week an maybe been the victim of cyberbullying. the organizer of the rally talked about why events like this are so important. >> sexual violence victims out there. it is important to believe and support them. >> fairfax county fire is investigating the firefighters harassment on-line before her death. the epidemic of heroin and prescription drug overdoses in our region appears to be getting worse. so much so virginia's top law enforcement officer is calling it a public health crisis. the attorney general says they are stepping up efforts to go after dealers, distributors and medical professionals who let drugs get on the streets. heroin use jumped
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and the victims come from all walks of life. >> people struggling with addiction and dieing from overdoses did not fit the same stereotype that a lot of people might have had. >> reporter: death linked to opiod soared to the highest number record. one year later. >> i think of what happened that day every single day. >> reporter: a woman who was supposed to be in that house talking for the first time about the question unanswered. >> who knows what happened why i'm still here. >> and the text message that may have saved her life.
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breaking news first at five. the scene of a fire rapidly evolving in to something more sinister. police converged on a home in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods. >> injuries did not appear to be connected to an accidental house fire. something was terribly wrong. >> it's been almost a year since that grisly discovery inside of a d.c. mansion. >> the house set on fire. four people murdered. a husband and wife and their 10-year-old son and housekeeper. >> tonight megan fitzgerald interviews the woman who was not there and asks herself why not every day. nearly a
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they were held hostage for hours, tortured and killed as the home went up in flames, but so many lingering questions remain. >> i think of what happened that day every single day. >> reporter: nelly gutierrez was the family housekeeper and close friend for nearly two decades. she remembers details leading up to the murder that she hasn't shared until now. >> a couple of guys waiting around. >> reporter: weeks before the murder, nelly says vera said she would often see men sitting outside in a car watching the house. >> that's what she told me but i never paid too much attention because i was busy always. >> reporter: nelly was businesscy in the days leading up to the murder because a amy asked her to clean the karate studio that they were getting ready to open. the urgency was apparent in a voice
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>> hey, it's amy. i'm calling to see if i can get you and your crew. >> they were rushing to get the studio ready for the grand opening on may 14th. the day before the opening, a twist that ended up costing vera her life. >> i went to work all day with savaa. and i was supposed to take vera with me. >> reporter: vera worked at the house so she could leave at 3:00 p.m. for the first time, we are learning that he drove himself to the karate studio that day in amy's car a. his vehicle was left in the driveway. nelly said that was unusual and believes the suspect may have thought he was home. at around around 5:00, a call from amy luring her husband bang home. >> i got to go
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my business. sure. that's the last time i spoke to him. >> reporter: she still struggles with the fact she could have been trapped inside. >> who knows what happened, why i'm still here. >> reporter: late wednesday night, a missed call from savvas. amy is in bed sick tonight and she was sick this afternoon. and vera offered to stay and help her out because we're going through some stuff with phillip. so she's going to stay the night here, okay? thank you. >> the next day nelly gets a final text message from amy's phone urging her to stay away from the house. a message that may have saved her life. not long after, investigators say wallace drops off $40,000 at the mansion. hours later, the house goes up in flames. and nearly one year later, nelly is still left with so many
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questions, wondering why the family was targeted an why she's still alive. >> it's so painful. sometimes i'm so strong and sometimes i can't. too hard for me. you can see more of megan's interview with nelly gutierrez tomorrow. she talks about her relationship with the family and the gift from amy that she's kept for more than a decade. that's tomorrow on news 4 at 5:00. the city bracing for tornados. a streak of brutal weather continues across the south tonight. parts of mississippi are under severe flooding. rising waters trapped people in their homes and cars triggering evacuations and rescues. back here on the home front, we are getting ready for weekend rain but not like that, we trust. >> not at all. as a maer
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light shower activity most of the day tomorrow. we saw some earlier tonight. temperatures have been falling. 48 degrees right now. hard to believe you can see your breath when you walk outside. still a little bit in the way of drizzle. 85 the other day. 50 warrenton, 46 clinton, maryland. on the cool side for sure. a couple of showers toward anne arundel county and couple more to the west. we will see showers moving through fredericksburg this afternoon and this evening. saw a couple of rumbles of thunder earlier this evening. they are moving to the chesapeake and the atlantic. for us on the smaller side of the storms. we have another chance of showers back here. that will move in overnight tonight. high temperatures today. look at these numbers. 56 philly. 56 d.c. 77 roanoke. 82 toward raleigh. the cold air continues to funnel in here. because of that, we will continue to stay in this dreary mess here. that's why we could seere
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drizzle tonight. 7 a.m.,ing not too bad. watch for areas of drizzle and fog. we will see shower activity build in. around 9:00, 10:00. we will see them through the early morning. afternoon i expect to be better. not not as well. 52 showers likely between 7:00 or 8:00. can't rule out a shower. temperature 57. high temperatures in the low 50s. today stuck in the 40s. should get to the 50s tomorrow. 60 toward fredericksburg. showers for sure. that's why you need the umbrella and the jackets again. this is the common theme the next couple of days. the only difference with saturday, saturday i think we will be on the dry side. 58 tomorrow, 61 on saturday. dealing with the cloud cover but dry. 65 on sunday. sunday could be a washout. we could see a lot of heavy rain early in
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could continue in to early monday. it clears on monday and 68. another big storm on tuesday. that one could give us a lot in the way of moisture, too. we were talking about how dry we have been the last couple of days. looks like mother nature has been saying you have been dry, let's try to give you rain all at once. this weekend a little cool. dry for saturday. washout is possible on sunday. and everybody's got practices and games. you may be able to get some in on saturday but i don't think too many people will be playing on sunday. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the redskins making moves in the nfl draft, while the caps are trying to move past the penguins in game one. >> sports is up next. but first here's jimmy fallon. >> adam levine is my guest tonight and michael
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thmplts is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. what a night. game one. >> a great night. possibly three goals, maybe, we'll see. under review. the third goal, we don't know what is going on right now. hope it is good. hopefully the caps take game one. the caps and penguins fans are in for a treat. we know these two are getting after it tonight. besides game seven, game one might be the most critical in the series. the caps trying to get off to a good start them last time these two
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first period, scoreless. capitals on the break. andre to shimmer. his shot is stopped. beautiful rebound there and that put the caps on the board first. they lead it 1-0. later on, penns turn it over. here comes captain america. excuse me, this is yevgeny. back handed goal there from malkin. it tied the game -- excuse me, the penguins took a 2-1 lead. here's t.j. what a night he had for the capitals. great job bringing him over this off season. watch ovechkin here. set upping up oshie one more time. two goals in the game so far. we'll see if he has three with the hat trick. that put the capitals up 3-2. the game went to overtime and still waiting on a final score to see if that
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good. we will move to this nfl. first round of the nfl draft, the redskins selected wide receiver josh --. they will receive a sixth rounder . he is a big body receiver 6'2", 202 pounds. 14 touchdowns and had over 1300 receiving yards last year. over on the baseball diamond, the nats trying to avoid being swept for the first time this season facing the phillies. ryan howard goes down swinging. another strong performance. struck out six and went seven innings. two hits. to the ninth, scoreless. the bases loaded on the mound trying to hold the game. can't do it. he drives in two runs. that ball over the
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harper. phillies take the lead. they don't look back and win 3-0. the nats have been shut out 22 straight innings. up in baltimore, the o's starting a four-game series with the white sox tonight. bottom of the third, chris davis crushes this ball just enough, clears the wall. a two-run shot for him and the orioles are on top 4-2. bottom of the sixth. the orioles lead it by four. bases loaded for manny who is having an mvp-type season so far. how about this? nice grandee for the young man. a career high five rbi on the night. orks o's win by a final score of 10-2. the t.j. oshie goal has been reviewed. it's a good goal and capitals take game one. >> that was worth the wait.
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all right. we have the pictures. this is how it happened. >> the winning goal. >> we take game one 4-3. t.j. oshie with the wrap around and hat trick. his third tonight. >> wow! >> great goal. >> great goal and great finish to game one. jason was just talking about how important game one is. and t.j. oshie was banged up
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little bit in the last series. >> he was. the left the game against the flyers, came back and tee to see him get three goals on the, great night for him. >> you will be down there saturday night. >> doug, too. and pregame show at 7:30 saturday night. >> yep. >> big
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- adam levine, michael shannon,


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