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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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roof and compete level is amazing. that shows in these games that he will be one of those guys that is really key for us. >> i thought he scored a huge goal for us in the middle frame there when they got the two quick goals. fwheeded a quick response. and that's what our team does. there isn't any panic on our bench. there is no, you know, nervousness or anything like that. we just said we got to get this turned around, let's go. and i thought that was a huge goal for us. >> now the goal is to continue to defend home ice. game two back here on saturday night, and right here on nbc 4. at verizon center, carol maloney, news 4 sports. good morning, everybody. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. no motive, no suspect and one person dead. we're getting word that around 10:30 last night in prince george's county in the capitol heights area of
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there is a person that was shot to death. police officers found a male suffering from gun shot wounds. very little information that we're getting right now. we will continue to dig on this. we'll bring you more when we get it. it's 4:31. the suspects shot by police sniper outside a baltimore tv station is expected to survive. the man was wearing an animal onesie and surgical mask when he walked into the lobby at wbsf tv. the station was evacuated after the man claimed he had a bomb. police say he set his car on fire just before he walked this. when officers showed him to show his hands, he refused and he was shot. the suspect's father said his son had a breakdown. >> this wasn't really alex doing this p. it's something that is in his mind right now and he's broke. and hopefully -- i hope they're able to fix him. >> investigators discovered the device that he claimed to have was actually chocolate bars
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wires wrapped in aluminum foil. it is now 4:32. today we will learn more about whether cyber bullying may have played a role in the death of a fairfax county firefighter. fire chief will discuss the department's investigation into whether nicole mittendorff is harassed. her body was found last week in the shenandoah national park. ficials say she took her own life. mittendorff was laid to rest yesterday. let's check the four things to now about the weather today. chuck. >> you will have to grade this one to keep in mind poetry is not my strong suit, all right? and you have to get yourself in the mind of the old batman movie. drizzle me this, drizzle me that, no sun for a while, perfect weather for a hat. not bad for 4:00 a.m. poetry. come on, you got to love that. a little bit of light rain and drizzle out there for you first thing this morning. nothing heavy, just spits and sprinkles. rainfall amounts today will be incredibly light. but it's apugay
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there. clouds and fog and drizzle, temperatures in the mid-40s. we'll get in the mid and upper 50s for a time today, but you will need to pack your patience for the weather pattern around here. no sunshine for tomorrow either. and then a chance for heavier rain on sunday. more about all that coming up in a few more minutes. for now, melissa will give me a good grade. >> that was an a-plus. love it. very simple, i like it. outer loop after connecticut, the right lane is blocked because of that crash here this morning. so could be a little slow through there. right now still looking nice and green. have this far out to the west there on 66, but eastbound after 340, all lanes blocked because of a tractor trailer crash. you have to kind of get off there and use 55. we do have police there on the scene directing you around that one. 270 southbound at democracy, again, you will have to stay left to get past that sign work this morning. hoping they get that out of the way before things get too backed up because when i came back, even just a little while ago, a little bit slohr
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overall prince george's county looking nice and green. no major worries there. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. erika gonzalez at the live desk. we want to get you right to video of some protests outside of a donald trump campaign rally last night. this was in costa mesa, dal c california. deputies say protesters were jumping on patrol cars and trying to block traffic. look at the scene there. at least four people were arrested on site and at least one person is hurt because of fights that broke out among the crowd. aaron, back to you. it's 4:34. today a former prince george's county board of education member heads to court for sentencing. in february la net mundy was found guilty of stealing free lunches between 2011 and 2015. to qualify for the free lunch program, a person can earn up to $40,000 a year. mundy was earning $70,000 in 20hi
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$95,000 when she joined the board in 2013. new developments this morning after accusations a prince george's county bishop repeatedly sexually harassed a 22 j 22-year-old woman who worked at his church. turner sr. was arrested for assault, harassment and sex offense. the young woman claims all incidents happened in february and march inside the miracle center of faith baptist church. >> he would lock me into the back room or lock me into his office and touch me and get on top of me, say things to me. >> now, turner is responding in a statement, his defense attorney says that he is innocent and that, quote, he is going to do his best to not let someone else's media infatuation distract him from his career and his obligation to his parishioners and
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4:36. virginia voted on super tuesday, but this weekend the state's republican party will hand out more delegates to the candidates of its choice. party leaders will be at james madison university in harrisburg today. they will decide who will get an additional 13 of the state's 49 republican delegates. donald trump is guaranteed 17 of the other delegates because he won virginia's gop primary. the u.s. transportation secretary is putting pressure on metro to improve safety. secretary anthony bosh appointed three new experts to its board of directors to start june 1. the new members have experience in federal transportation and rail safety. kirk cousins and the red skins have a new weapon on offense. the redskins picked up a new receiver in the first round of the nfl draft. >> the washington redskins select josh dokt son. he comes there christian texas univers
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to you've back a pick and in return will get a sixth round pick from houston next year. the second and third rounds of the draft set for later today. >> everyone thought we would pick a defense man and the fact that he was a wide receiver -- but you know what -- >> got to have a full team. >> there you go. radar is looking much better thok this morning, but a lot of you are still seeing drizzle. huck be chuck bell will let us know when the rain might he said. nearly one year after they were tortured, murdered and home set on fire, news 4 talks to a woman who should hey mom, i could use some basil. set on fire, news 4 talks to a woman who should oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot.
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a brief trial and then sentenced to ten years in prison. that is it the sentence north korea has given an ethnic korean citizen of the united states. he had been detained in the north on suspicion of engaging and spying and stealing state secrets. this after warmbie chlt was also sentenced. pack to y back to you. police need your help identifying these women. police say they stole
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tore i can't secrets store at the st. charles town center in waldorf. it happened around 8:00 wednesday night. police believe they may be connected to other thefts in the area. 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. if you have little people to get ready for school today, chuck has some thoughts. sgl sglif. >> i have little people in my house. >> and are they ready for school? >> not yet. i might have let a couple stay up to watch the caps game, so they're dead asleep. don't report me. >> it's just good you and me and whoever is watching. outside this morning, clouds and fog and drizzle and light rain. not a pretty way to get the day started at all. no sunshine today, so chilly and wet. temperatures in the mid-40s this morning. so the kiddos need the insulated rain gear and an "f" for recess. drizzle and nastiness out there today. this guy is
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you could get away with a small umbrella. we're not facing any heavy rain. just cool and drizzly and cloudy. the weekend is just around the corner and that forecast is in ten minutes. top of the beltway still have this crash outer loop after connecticut, the right lane is what is still blocked there here this morning. so again, not seeing any real slowdowns here right now. could start building if they don't get this one out of the way here pretty soon. have an update on this 66 inbound after 340, the right lane thousand gnow gets by. as you take a bigger look at the beltway, overall we look nice and green and things seem to be moving pretty well here this morning. 270 southbound, i drove by this one on the way into work at democracy boulevard, you can only get by on the left side of the roadway passing montgomery mall. everything else including the exit blocked off there at democracy because of overhead sign work. see you in ten minutes. the so-called mansion murders in d.c. captivated the diic
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woman who says she should have been one of the victims. presidential
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4:45. in decision 2016, where gop front runner donald trump says the republican nomination race is all but over. protesters at his california rally don't agree with that. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now. are we looking at new troubles for donald trump? >> reporter: well, certainly last night in california, things got pretty rowdy out there. 20 people ended up being
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there were fights breaking out. at one point someone jumped out a police cruiser and smashed in a window and we've seen protests around a number of the trump rallies. this one a little bit more than what we've seen lately. interestingly trump was inside talking about crime an linking to illegal immigration. again, with the support and chants coming from the crowd about the wall in mexico. >> what do you hear about bernie sanders and oregon? >> reporter: so he's in oregon and what is interesting about oregon, he tries to see if he can go down that narrow path to victory that he talked about. he's now turning to a tact not so much hillary clinton, but his party. big attack on the democrat being party last night saying that democrats need to be aggressive on things like automatic voter registration, like supporting the working class as opposed to supporting wall street. that you can't did do both. a lot of his each was focused on the party which makes you
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a big influence on that party platform this summer. >> and we will see in philadelphia. all right. tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. it's been nearly one year since four people were murdered inside a d.c. mansion. the house was set on fire, a husband, wives their 10-year-old son and housekeeper were killed. guttierez was one of the house keepers and close friend for nearly two decades. she's now sharing details with news 4 that she hasn't revealed until now. >> who knows what happened, why i'm still here. >> she believes the suspect was already in the house when amy made the call and before vera figueroa had a chance to go home. nelly ti lstill struggles with fact that she could have also been trapped inside the home. >> it's so fearful. sometimes i' s
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sometimes it's too hard for me. >> the day of the murders, nelly received a text message from amy urging her to stay away. hours later, the house went up in flames. you can see more of the interview with nelly guttierez today. she talks about her relationship with the family and a gift from amy that she's kept for a decade that's coming up on news 4 at 5:00. sad news about the pregnant woman stabbed to death. her unborn child did not survive. police say she was attacked inside her apartment wednesday afternoon. he's being held on a $5 milliono eight years from polirison for role in a gang related murder. she bleeded guilty to destruction of murder
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and a judge sentenced her to three years in adult prison and no more than five years in custody of the department of juvenile justice. 4:49. it is a somber day for prince george's county fire and ems. two weeks ago john ulmschneider was shot and killed while responding to an emergency. the department is holding a cab tell light vigil in his honor tonight. firefighter kevin swain was also injured and is now recovering out of the hospital. tonight's vigil is at 7:00 at the kran ford gray fire services building. a former instructor facing new charges in a zest misconduct kamg. mark thompson was convicted of sexual misconduct with two female navy members. the "washington post" reports the military has charged him with making a false statement and misconduct. if convicted of lying under oath, thompson could face up to five years in prison and dismissal from the service. protesters say one of d.c.'s most elite schools is forcing out elderly residents who live next door.
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to buy an assisted living facility walled the washington home. that sale means more than 120 senior citizens would have to move out by the end of the year. relatives of the residents there protested yesterday saying they didn't get enough notice about the sale to make other arrangements. >> people think it's ease ciy ty go to another nursing home. there is transfer trauma. >> a spokesperson for sidwell tells news 4 the school quote intentionally structured the purchase so residents would have ample time to relocate. sidwell friends acknowledges it kept the pending sale secret from residents until the deal was finalized. all 113 public schools in the district will be tested for possible lead in the drinking water. d.c. officials say the tests were ordered after small amounts of lead were found in two schools. parents in schools will be notified immediately if elevated lead level
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d.c. officials say lead levels in water are significantly down in the last decade, however lead paint in private homes remains an issue for young children. d.c. public school students will have the chance to escape the classroom and enjoy the outdoors. today a program will be announced to make sure every fourth grader in the city visit the a henearby park. rei and other groups will announce either partnerships with the districts this morning. always a good idea to spend a little more time outdoors. get your body moving. >> and the obama administration started an effort to have fourth graders around the country have access to national parks. >> will the weather cooperate, though? >> you can go outside even if it's not pretty. so -- >> kids like playing in the rain. >> i loved jumping in puddles as a kid. different now that i have to take the suit to the dry cleaner, but none the less, it's not going to be pretty weather outside, but that doesn't mean that it will be a comple
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we do have some clouds and drizzle outside this morning. we'll have an awful lot of what you see is what you get kind of weather around here. what you saw yesterday afternoon, that's what you're waking up to this morning. that's what you will go to bed to tonight and that's what you'll get for most of tomorrow, as well. so what to expect, cool and damp. 100% cloud cover, no sunshine today. not a lot of heavy rain, mostly just sprinkles and drizzle out there. that's about all we'll be facing. weather and your plans today, chilly with the drizzle around. so the caution light for that. outdoor activities, you won't get washed out, but it won't be a pretty day. tomorrow cloudy skies continue and showers moving in late in the day. sunday is a whole other deal. rain showers likely and we could get a rumble or two of thunder on sunday. for this morning with the clouds and the fog outside, temperatures are in the mid-40s right now. fog forecast here over the next couple of hours, the visibility will slowly and steadily start to improve. even though the visibility will
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very, very thick all during the day. rain right now just a couple sprinkles in fairfax and loudoun county. these are headed right through manassas park right now. eventually they will go right over the potomac river into port tobacco and frederickingsburg. nothing all that heavy anywhere in the mid-atlantic even though there is no sunshine to be found. severe weather across parts of the southern plain states again, that is our rainmaker coming our way for sunday. so for today, here is our high resolution computer models forecast for today. all clouds all the time with periods of light rain and drizzle passing through just about anytime and a few showers a little bit more likely to come in for this afternoon. on the whole, it will be rain free for most of your saturday. but full cloud cover again. highs today upper 50s, tomorrow near 60. back up to near 70 on sunday and monday with chances for showers and thunderstorms back into the picture. next real chance to get any s
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that's the next seven days. i'll focus back in on the next 24 hours coming up. top of the beltway outer loop after connecticut, still have the right lane blocked here this morning because of that crash, but it is again confined to the right lane and everybody seems to be getting by right now. 270 southbound from 70 down to the spur, going to take you 27 minutes. and that is exactly on time so you don't have any worries there on 270 this morning. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. 66 east after 340, right lane gets by that crash. so no slowdown there. top of the beltway looks good and all of those routes in and out of town are also rolling along just fine. so you don't have any problems there top of the beltway on 295, route 1, 95. you're okay. and then prince george's county, everything is looking nice and green here. i'll see you at 5:01 with a live look at 95 in virginia. new arrests related to the san bernardino attacks. so why aren't the suspects
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it is becoming all too common. how hackers ca
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we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future.
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n america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. if you're just joining us, we're following breaking news right now in prince george's county. police say the victim was shot in the 1700 block of kenilworth avenue. erika gonzalez is working to getting more informan
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in just a minute. and something else we're keeping a close eye on this morning. the drizzle still coming down in our area. and it's not just about the raindrops. when the fog could burn off. that's coming up in your hour by hour forecast. more arrests stemming from the deadly san bernardino shootings. police arrested three people with close family ties to the couple responsible for the attack in california. the brother of syed farook was arrested along with his wife. police also arrested tatiana's sister. all three are charged in a marriage fraud conspiracy, they are accused of lying under oath to get immigration benefits. neighbors say those arrested were remorseful after the shootings. >> they know that they had no control what have their brother did. >> the three are not charged with any terror related offenses. an iphone is at the center of a legal dispute got families of two teens who went
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last summer. perry cohen seen in the picture on the left-hand side and austin stephanos who is on the right vanished off the florida coast. family members and authorities suspect foul play may have been involved. their boat was found last month with a badly damaged iphone on board. austin's family wants the phone handed over to a third party so it can be analyzed for evidence. today a judge will decide who gets the phone. cities may have to prove that they do not discriminate in if he want to host future ncaa tournaments. the group's leaders approved a plan saying host cities have to provide a safe environment, free of discrimination. north carolina is slated to host the men's and women's final tour basketball tournaments through 2018. the state's controversial bathroom law has forced backlashes last month. tech experts say a new type of hacking is glowing. it's called ransomware. hackers take over
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your execucomputer and hold the hostage until you paid up. hackers were paid $17,000 from hollywood presbyterian medical center after taking over patient records. your iphone, computer and bluetooth device are all at risk. >> backing up your files is critical. it was important before this showed up and it's even more important now. >> experts say make sure your security software is updated and be cautious with e-mail links and attachments. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. one man dead, shot multiple times. and right now, there is no suspect and there is no motive in this case. we're just getting word about this this morning. this happened apparently about 10:30 last night in the capitol heights area specifically along kenilworth avenue. police called to the scene. a male victim transported to the hospital and did that survive the gunshot wounds. we'll try to find out more information on the story and bring it to you here from the


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