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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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your execucomputer and hold the hostage until you paid up. hackers were paid $17,000 from hollywood presbyterian medical center after taking over patient records. your iphone, computer and bluetooth device are all at risk. >> backing up your files is critical. it was important before this showed up and it's even more important now. >> experts say make sure your security software is updated and be cautious with e-mail links and attachments. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. one man dead, shot multiple times. and right now, there is no suspect and there is no motive in this case. we're just getting word about this this morning. this happened apparently about 10:30 last night in the capitol heights area specifically along kenilworth avenue. police called to the scene. a male victim transported to the hospital and did that survive the gunshot wounds. we'll try to find out more information on the story and bring it to you here from the
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>> and i'm eun yang. we want to check our weather, as well. chuck bell with a closer look at your forecast. what about this rain, chuck. >> just light rain here early this morning. most of us are only going to have a few hundredths of an inch today at the most. but all drizzle all the time this morning with the fog and the nastiness out there. drizzled to death today. no sun on saturday and sunday has washout potentials. we'll talk more about that in about 20 minutes. for now, though, get you out the door on a friday morning, the best thing about the forecast is that it's friday. light rain and drizzle moving right into the metro area. current temperatures are only in the mid to upper fourth and we won't s 40s. 46 this morning, 56 this evening. and off to a cool and cloudy start thop with temperatures ner 50 on your saturday. update on a crash on the beltway. that's right, update here top of the beltway outer loop after connecticut, all lanes
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now open. so no worries there. taking a look at 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, it will take you nine minutes nice and on time. had earlier road work in the closer in portion of 66 that is gone. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car for the latest problems on the roadways. 95 here at you newington, north and southbound, you can see looking just fine. and same thing when you look at prince george's county. we'll take a live look at 95 in maryland coming up. what a finish. t. s t.j. oshie gives the caps a big advantage. caps are now up one game in the series against the penguins. carol maloney shows us the next challenge the team will face.
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>> reporter: a childhood dream comes true as the caps defeat the penguins 4-3 in overtime. t.j. oshie had two goals in the game nine minutes in to the sudden death session. he goes for the wrap around and it needed official review, but crossed the line. a hat trick in dramatic fashion. caps take the first game of the series with an incredible finish. >> the kind of stuff you dream about when you're a kid playing in the backyard by yourself, getting the hat trick. so it was awesome. great way to win. >> i've never seen him take a night off. so his work ethic is through the roof and compete level is amazing. that shows in these games that he will be one of those guys that is really key for us. >> i thought he scored a huge goal for us in the middle frame there when they got the two quick goals. needed a quick response. and that's what our team does. there isn't any panic on our bench.
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there is no, you know, nervousness or anything like that. we just said we got to get this turned around, let's go. and i thought that was a huge goal for us. >> now the goal is to continue to defend home ice. game two back here on saturday night, and right here on nbc 4. at verizon center, carol maloney, news 4 sports. 4 after the hour now. and the man an accused of threatening a baltimore tv stap station with a fake bomb is expected to survive. the man was wearing an animal onesie and surgical mask when you walked into the lobby. 9 station was evacuated. just before walking in, police say the man set his car on fire. when officers told him to show his hands, he refused to do that and he was shot. the suspect's father says his son had a breakdown. >> came to us and said that he had a vision
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he was -- he thought the world was going to end on june 3. >> investigators discovered the device he claimed to have was actually chocolate bars and wires wrapped in aluminum foil. 5:05 now. developing right now, an american citizen will spend the next ten years of his life doing hard labor in north korea. he was sentenced in pyongyang. north korean court officials found him guilty of espionage charges and selling state secrets. he was born this south korea but later became a u.s. citizen. >> the streets of costa mesa, california are calming down after protests outside of a donald trump rally last night. as many as four people were arrested. and at least one person had a bloody face after a series of fights outside of the campaign rally. the protests damaged at least one patrol car. to the race for delegates now in decision 2016. this weekend
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republican party will hand out more delegates to the candidates of its choice. party lead hers will be at james madison university today. they will decide who will get an additional 13 of the state's 49 delegates. donald trump is guaranteed 17 because he won the virginia primary. today the fairfax county fire chief will give insight into what roll bullying may have played in the death of a career firefighter. richard bowers will discuss the department's investigation into whether nicole mittendorff was harassed. her body was found last week in the shenandoah national park. officials say she took her own life. mittendorff was laid to rest yesterday. the u.s. transportation secretary is putting pressure on metro to improve safety. anthony fox appointed three new experts to its board of directors to start june 1. the new members have experience in federal transportation and rail
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if you plan to at that tita line, met stroe doing a maintenance surge during off peek hours. that means red line trains will single track from van ness to medical center. it will happen between 10:00 and 3:00 today and after 8:00 tonight through the weekend. metro is checking the tracks after several arcing inside later programs and last weekend's smoke incident. molette green will be live this morning with what you need to know about this. in fairfax county, classes will soon start before labor day. the school board voted on the decision last night. members say the change will give students more crass time before the winter break and will help students and staff meet college application deadlines. here are the dates to remember. classes next fall in 2017 will begin august 28. classes this coming fall will start september 6. live look at storm team 4 radar for you this morning as well as a look outside. you might need the wipers and low beams on your drive to work.
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a closer look at your commuter forecast at 5:11. you've heard of her side of the story. now the bishop she says sexually assaulted her is speaking out. what the trusted glcommuni leader tyha
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck, a little bit of fog to deal with. >> that's correct. a mile and a half visibility in winchester, five in washington, only three miles in gaithersburg. and in addition to the fog and low clouds, we also have periods of light rain coming through. nothing all that heavy, but it will be enough to get the roads wet and a little road spray out there. on so your computer forecast, chilly, hid 40s this morning with drizzle and clouds all day long. temperatures stuck in the 50s. new troublem
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now. new problem in the district, south capitol street southwest at chesapeake, downed wires blocking all lanes there. they are working on this, trying to get that cleared up. south capitol being blocked is never a good thing in any area. 95 south there 32 down to the beltway going to take you ten mic m minutes here this morning. taking a look at the roads tl k flanking 95, no worries. prince george's county looking good. 5:12 right now. a former university of maryland student could learn today whether he will spend five years behind bars for the death of a fellow student. prince george's county police say jack godfr ied died as a result of a sucker punch outside a bar. he recovered from the march 2013 incident, but died suddenly
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months later. the sentencing will be today. a board of education member hides to court. lynette mundy was found guilty of stealing almost $2,000 in free lunches. an audit showed mundy received free lumps between 2011 and 2015. now, to qualify for the free lunch program, a person can earn up to $40,000 a year. mundy was earning $70,000 in 2011 and increased to almost $95,000 when she joined the board this 2013. new developments this morning after accusations a prince george's county bishop repeatedly sexually harassed a 22-year-old woman who worked at his church. reverend michael turner sr. was arrested tuesday for assault, harassment and a sex offense.young woman claims all of the incidents happened in february, march inside the miracle center of faith missionary baptist church in capitol heights. >> he would lock me into the back room or lock me
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office and touch me, get on top of me, say things to me. >> now turner is responding, in a statement his defense attorney says he is innocent and that, quote, he is going to do his best to not let someone else's media in-at that time chewatien chewation distract him. expect inconveniences on the red line if you take metro. trains will be single tracking between van ness and medical center today through sunday because metro says it needs to focus on safety. the red line has had a number of problems over the last week including smoke incidents. molette green is live at friendship heights now. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, passengers already know to give themselves extra time during regular rush hour. you will have to that during the nonpeak hours, as well here at friendship heights, tenially a about tenially and bet
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and listen to the announcements to board the trains on the proper platforms. this red line single tracking will start at 10:00 this morning after rush hour lasting until 3:00 p.m. all to allow for intense maintenance work so they can get a handle on the arcing insulator problem that we've seen delay passengers. the crews really need to get in there and work on the water infiltration, the drainage, mud removal, a bufrnch of things th can contribute to the arcing and other problems. metro is calling this a safety surge. it will start up again at 8:00 tonight and last through closing. and then over the weekend, expect to see this happening, as well. expect serviced a ju adjustment other lines, as well. this will surely impact those folks going to and from the caps game on saturday at verizon
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outside friendship heights metro. know let groeene, news 4. the fbi needs your help after two bank robberies in alexandria.let greene, news 4. the fbi needs your help after two bank robberies in alexandria. they believe the robberies were committed by this man. the most recent was yesterday around noon at the wells fargo bank. he's also believed to have robbed the sun trust bank on mount vernon avenue earlier this month. in both, he handed the teller a note, demanded cash, took the money and left. 5:16 thousannow. a new website should help families stay safe from the zika virus. ike leggett and other lead respect will speak about it today and how residents can use it. when you tell your grandkids about the historic january blizzard, how much snow fell may always be in question. after a three month review, the
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sticking to its 17 inches. a measuring mishap was questioned leading the agency to look into whether the total was too low. they found the method was not eye deal, but the total stands based on nearby unofficial measurements. the report recommended future changes at official measuring sites. and the controversy around this, there were questions about whether the actual monitoring device, measuring device, was in the right spot, whether it was blocked by some of the snow, if it was calibrated correctly. >> i saw it with my own eyes. i trudged through it. it looked like more than 17 inches. do you know who would know? chuck bell would know. what do you say? >> the trick is in how you measure. the reason they need to sweep the snow off the snow measuring board each time is because the weight of the snow actually compact it s it down. taking it out and dusting it
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snow total. it ends up looking like a little bit more. so it's a little bit more accurate to measure it that way. if you swept it off every hour, we'd have even a higher total than that. so it's the compaction issue. no matter how you shape it, it was a lot of snow and it was the number one snow producer at bwi and number two all-time at dulles. number four at national. so it was a top finisher no matter how you slice it. outside this morning, what i wouldn't give for a good snowstorm right about now. i'd much prefer snow to fog and drizzle for sure. visibility reduced in pockets down to below a couple miles. so keep that in mind if you're traveling early this morning. here is the model depiction of when the fog will be lifting. no reprieve between now and 7:00 a.m. but by about 11:00, 12:00, most of the fog will be gone. even after the fog is gone, clouds will remain and so will chances for light rain. some light rain out tre
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district. on the broader view, no big area of brain, we're just stuck in complete cloud cover around here. all clouds today and tomorrow and sunday, as well. today's temperatures will be mostly stuck in the 50s with the passing light rain showers around. tomorrow will be just a smidgeon warmer with temperatures up into the low 60s. so here is your forecast then for today. mid-40s out the door. light rain and drizzle in the 50s all day long today. and then for tomorrow, most of the daylight hours will be rain-free. not all that pretty, but rain-free. after sundown tomorrow, rain chances come in quickly. could get an inch of rain sunday/monday time frame with a run be r rumble or two of thunder. a whole lot more clouds than sunshine in the immediate future. and let's hope the future commute is a clear one. >> so far we're actually looking quite good morning commute
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right lane getting by the tractor trailer crash. that is better than before of course because we had 66 there shut down at 340 and we were having to really divert there. south capitol street at chesapeake, lanes blocked there because of downed wires. so watch out for that if you're headed out sometime soon. and 270 north and south bound, you can see overall looking quite good. these little blobs of moisture moving through the area. weather and traffic always on the 1s. it is 5:20. we're celebrating a big accomplishment for local students. today it college signing day. high schools all over our area are recognizing seniors who have committed to going to college. we're already getting pictures from prince george's county public schools and these students are all from eleanor roosevelt high school. and d.c. also celebrating 1500 college bound seniors. other districts having college
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student athletes signing, but talking about getting an education an going off to do greater things and severing the public. >> they also call it parent high-fiving day. >> you know i'm going to cry. i don't want to think about that day. >> give it time. in news 4 your health now,s's never too late to get a flu shot, but now? why some people may still come down with the flu. flori florida. and the school district looking into water at all of its schools. and the clock is ticking ahead mother's day. you have just more than a week to find a the perfect gift. so
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ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. autopsy results are not in yet for prince, but a law enforcement says investigators want to know if a doctor prescribed the icon drugs. prince was
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narcan on his plane less than a week before his death. that drug reverses the effects of an opioid overtoe toeoverdos. access to treatment for minorities is still a be problem. researchers found the risk of dying from hpv cancers will drop significantly for all races with the vaccine, but unless access to cancer screens and treatment is approved for minorities, racial differences in the risk will continue or even increase. flu season is far from over. it seems flu and other respiratory conditions are on the rise in some smarts of the country. health experts say unlike a cold, the flu usually comes on suddenly, it is also very contagious. so prevention is very important. >> make sure you get your flu vaccine as well as getting enough sleep, eating healthy, exercise is always good, as
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>> upper respiratory infections are also being seen in higher numbers. about 80% of those are viral infections. this might sound a little cheesy, but here's what moms really want for mother's day. quality time with the family. >> really? >> with the family, yes. a web site found 63% of moms who responded wanted family time followed by a nice bouquet of flowers. the survey also found that moms do not want a whopping 94% of mothers said do not get them a gym membership. >> i feel like that talls in the category of vacuum cleaner and blender. >> you're like to get hit. >> just saying. wom there was a debate whether you want alone time or you want family time. doesn't mean you don't love your family, but sometimes you need a break. >> i tried to get my mom a spa thing once.
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like the whole massage thing. so what do you do. the white house correspondents dinner is saturday night and all the events are happening already. all the parties surrounding the big event. it brings together a lot of celebrities and notable reporters and this happens to be the last correspondents dinner president will speak at before the election. comedy central nightly show host larry wilmore is hosting this year. the red carpet event is being held at the canadian embassy. it's one of the hottest tickets in town and we have your sneak peek. and a look at radar where you still see through an green moving through our area. when will we see the sun again? dh chuck bell is with 4 things to know. and news 4 talks to a woman who said she should have been at the msion that fatefulan
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. >> good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. now at 5:30 -- >> that's what she told me, but i never put too much because the -- >> the so-called mansion murders captivated the district and the nation. >> and this morning we're hearing from a woman who says she should have been one of the
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problem on the beltway. details on what is slowing some folks down coming up. and a very unusual and interactive art exhibit in an unusual location. i'll have a live report coming up. but first, it is now 5:31 on a friday morning. here are the four things you need to know about the weather. drizzle me this, drizzle me that, no sun for a while, perfect weather for a hat. it will be cool and wet. have your insulating hat on or your umbrella ready to go. rain out there this morning. nothing heavy, but sprinkles now from so you were montgomery county right through fairfax, prince william county, stafford and fredericksburg. it will go over into parts of st. mary's the next little bit. so if you're headed out for a walk or i don't jog with your b friend, layer up. temperatures mid to upper 40s now. we'll rise only into the mid and
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a little warmer just down to the south. might get into the mid-60s in culpeper. but here in the metro area, the east wind will keep us stranded in the 50s much of the day. not a pretty day again. >> just waiting for that sun. >> you'll be waiting for a while. >> all right. taking a look right now at the beltway, inner loop between branch avenue and st. barnabas, report of debris on the roadway that has flat then some had tires and disabled a couple vehicles off to the shoulder here this morning. so warning for you there. south capitol southwest at chesapeake southeast, lanes blocked because of downed wires. taking a look at 66 east after 340, now we have that opened. it is off to the shoulder. travel times in ten minutes. it's been nearly a year since four people were murdered inside a d.c. mansion. the house was set on fire. a husband, wife, their 10-year-old son and housekeeper were killed. nelly guttierez was another one of the house keepers and a close friend fo
5:33 am
now she's sharing details with news 4 that she hasn't revealed until now. >> who knows what happened, why i'm still here. >> she believes the suspect was already in the house before amy made the call. she still struggles with the fact that she could have been also trapped inside the house. >> it's so painful. sometimes i'm so distraught, but sometimes i can't -- it's too hard for me. >> the day of the murder, guttierez received a text message from amy savopoulos urging her to stay away and the house went up in flames. she talked about her relationship with the satisfy loews o savopoulos family and the gift from amy that she's kept for a
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a pregnant woman stabbed to death in takoma park. her unborn child did not survive. maria was a school bus driver this montgomery county. police say this man attacked her inside her houston avenue apartment wednesday afternoon. he's being held now to a $5 million bond. a teenage girl will spend up to eight years in prison for her role in a gang related murder at beverly park. the teen plead guilty to destruction of murder evidence. and a judge sentenced her to three years in adults prison and no more than five years in custody at the department of juvenile justice. it is a day of remembrance. two weeks ago, john ulmschneider was shot and killed while responding to an emergency. the department is holding a candlelight vigil in his honor. firefighter kevin swain was also
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injured and is recovering. tonight's vigil is at 7:00. former instructor facing new charges in a sexual misconduct case. marine corps major mark thompson was convicted of sexual misconduct with two female midshipmen. the military has now charged him with making a false statement and misconduct. if convicted of lying under oath, thompson could face up to five years in prison and dismissal from the service. protesters say one of the d.c.'s most elite schools is forcing out the elderly residents would live next door. the sidwell friends school plans to buy an assisted living if a set called the washington home. the sale means more than 120 senior citizens will have to move out by the end of the year. relatives of the residence protested yesterday saying they didn't get enough notice of the sale to make other arrangements. >> i had been hearing rumors about a possible sale. they were told, no, that there was no plan to sell and had they been told
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disclosed, they would have put their family members on the list much sooner. >> a spokesperson for sidwell friends tells news 4 the school, quote, intentionally structured its purchase of the washington home property so residents would have ample time to reloegt. sidwell friends acknowledges it kept the pending seal secret until the deal was finalized. all 1134 public schools in the district will be tested for positive lead in the drinking water. d.c. officials say the tests were ordered after small amounts of lead were found in two schools. parents and schools will be notified immediately if elevated lead levels are found. d.c. officials say lead levels in water are significantly down in the last decade. however, lead paint in private homes remains an issue for young children. d.c. public school students will have a chance to escape the classroom and enjoy the outdoors. today a program will be announced to make sure every fourth grader in the city visits a nearby
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groups will announce its partnership this morning. remember the school exhibit at the national building museum with thousands of balls called the beach? they are 00 now being used in a new exhibit that is quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town. the lines are out the door. >> megan mcgrath live at dupont circle with the underground journey there. >> reporter: definitely the hottest ticket in town. in fact they're sold out for several weeks and they will be opening up more slots. but the exhibit very unusual, opens this weekend in an unusual location. a subterranean location. we're at the dupont circle. you can see the circle behind me here. and if you look at the stairs down below, this is the due month underground. eith it's the old trolley station built a long time ago go. hasn't been used since the 1960s. it is now going to be the home of a very school art inside stall lags.
5:38 am
that was so popular at the building museum? all of those little practiclast balls will be turned in to art again. they have blglued all those together to make these very large blocks. people who are lucky enough to score ticket will be given a one hour slot, they can go down into the underground and take these different blocks apart, they're set up in different ways right now. but people will be allowed to e deconstruct and reconstruct. so an art that will constantly change depending upon what people want to do in a given hour. >> every hour it will look different the because every hour there will be a new group of people coming through rearranging everything. >> reporter: the exhibit opens this saturday. but unfortunately, tickets are sold out for the next several weeks. but check the underground
5:39 am
more slots and they will post it when they become available. but just a cool way to recycle all of those balls. they decided to make art out of it once again and get the public involved. and also in a very, very unusual venue. i grew up around here. i have never actually been in the underground. so a terrific exhibit to check out. back to you. >> i'm a little scared. i don't want to go down in there. but that exhibit was really a hot ticket. lines are really long. storm team 4 radar looking much better this morning, but a lot of you are still seeing some drizzle out there. chuck bell will let us know whether the kids will need the rain coat at the bus stop at 4:41. talk about array z brazen burglary. two women filled trash bags with merchandise and took off while other shoppers recorded them. >> and something all of you parents of college students may want to hear. the oureak
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. >> good morning, everybody. clouds for everybody and light rain showers for a few. sprinkles now northwest washington out into fairfax county, prince william, out towards stafford and fredericksburg. nothing heavy, just enough to get you wet and make you mad.
5:43 am
temperatures only in the mid and upper 40s right now. so an "f" for recess today because of all the moisture. better to just play your game inside today. afternoon highs only in the upper fifth to near 60. take the umbrella for the kiddos. seven day forecast in ten minutes. right now 270 southbound at the spur at democracy boulevard, we do have some slowdowns because of a crash. it is off to the shoulder and it looks like in the past minute or so, it has gotten better. pretty jammed here just a couple minutes ago. taking a look at travel times from germantown to the spur, 11 minutes. so on time there. top of the beltway 95 over to 270, inner loop and outer loop rolling just fine. and on time. 66 inbound fairfax county parkway to the beltway, ten minute. quantico for the beltway, 24 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop your car. new arrests related to the san bernardino attacks. so why aren't the suspects charged with terrori
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it's becoming all-too common. how hackers can gain access to your phone and what to do to keep it from happening .
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wounded by gunshots and rushed to the hospital, we now know a man in prince george's county did not survive those injuries. we got word that this happened about 10:30 last night in the capitol heights area specifically on the 1700 block of kenilworth avenue. police arrived to the scene, they brought that man to the hospital, but he did not survive those scurries. no suspect, no motive in this case. back to you. and you're waking up this morning, it's chilly, a little light rain and drizzle out there. when will we see the sunshine next? your "7-day forecast" coming up in just four minutes. crash 270 south at the spur
5:48 am
now. not as much volume as we were seeing. and then take a look at this south capitol at chesapeake street southeast, we now just have the southbound lanes blocked. northbound lanes are now open. we turn to a murder mystery in d.c. a man found dead inside an apartment on nicholson street northwest. this happened in january making it the city's first murder of 2016. 55-year-old sheldon scott gordy's body was found inside his apartment. his mother says he had been beaten and choked to death and she's looking for answer. >> there aren't any words that i could ever speak to tell you. it tears my heart out. it's the worst heart in the world to lose a child. >> susan gordy believes her son who works for the labor department for more than 20 years was betrayed by a friend. police are
5:49 am
reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. now to new video of a person of interest. police say this man may know something about the deadly stabbing of a 38-year-old man last saturday night on kennedy street in northwest washington. take a look. d.c. police are offering up to $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest. and take a look at this video here. charles county police need your help identifying the women in the video. police say they stole merchandise from victoria secret wednesday night. police believe the women may be connected to other thefts in the area. right now the search for ap-alexandria woman is under way. lizeth lopez walked into cvs and two days later her family reported her missing. police found her car where she works they'reon
5:50 am
they did a search in that area and did not find anything. a boy who shot a would-be burglar in alabama speaks out for the first time. the 11-year-old was home alone on wednesday when the man broke into his house. the man said he would kill the boy. that's when chris gather grabbed a handgun and fired. his 12th and final shot hit the man in the leg. what the robber did next was a big surprise. >> full metal jacket bullet. went straight to the back of him and it was like -- he started crying and i feel bad. >> chris' mother believes the man had robbed the house before. now the boy has one simple message for him. >> don't come to the house trying to steal stuff. in. >> there is more than a bassett hound protecting that house. 5:50 your time. mumps making a resurgence and it's hitting several college campuses.
5:51 am
cases of that contagious disease. there have also been outbreaks in indiana, illinois and connecticut. mumps include symptoms like swollen glands, fever and fatigue. even though most college students have been vaccinated for mumps it can wear off after ten years. it spreads like the common cold. there is no treatment for month r mump, but most people recover in a few weeks. it is now 5:51. harsh words for gop hopeful senator ted cruz this morning and they come from a big name in the republican party. former house speaker john boehner says the texan is, quote, lucifer in the flesh. >> this is not being recorded incidentally. or broadcast. so you can speak freely. >> over my dead body would he be president. >> nor cruz responded in indiana saying he didn't really know the former speaker and had only met him two or three times. >> voters in indiana go to the polls next, but donald trump is focused on california today. in just a few minutes, we'll talk about another
5:52 am
night. first we check in with tracie potts on capitol hill. >> reporter: and today trump still in california doing fundraisers and events and so is john kasich who is saying that he thought about dropping out of the race, but decided to press on. today we're expecting more fallout from those protests that you will show us. and also from ted cruz in indiana which is where a big part of the focus is now. that's the next one coming up on tuesday. and the comments from former house speaker john boehner that that he was, quote, lucifer in the flesh, we're expecting more fallout from that as cruz has not only responded, but also is now using that as a fundraiser referencing it in e-mails to company n donors trying to raise more money to beat trump in indiana. >> and what is ahead for bernie sanders today? >> reporter: bernie sanders who will be campaigning today in indiana also is ft
5:53 am
allegations that he's just not going to be able -- or the idea that he won't be able to get this nomination. sanders now shifting a bit from attacking hillary clinton to going after the democratic party saying there are a number of things where they need to come up to the bar like automatic voter registration. he wants to have an impact on the party's platform this summer. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. it's time now to check our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tracking the rain. what's going on? >> i wish i had better news in the way of sunshine in your forecast for either today or the weekend, but it's all clouds all the time. outside this morning, the view from our tower looking downward toward the parking lot, lots of low clouds and fog out there for you early this morning. visibility in miles only three miles now in gaithersburg, two mile this is ws in winchester, culpeper. the roads are damp in most
5:54 am
light rain here now just west of the city of fairfax down southward to prince william county parkway to stafford and quantico, all getting a light rain. no big organized storm system that will bring us heavy rain today. cool easterly wind at the surface and warm air up over the to have of it, that makes for a lot of clouds and low visibilities and drizzle and light rain chances. so here is future weather by 8:30 this morning, sprinkles in northern maryland. lunchtime, cloudy and wet outside. that's the way it will stay. we're in the mid-40s now. afternoon highs today will struggle to get back to the mid and upper 50s. saturday will start out cloudy, but outdoor plans saturday night into sunday, be on the lookout, h heavier rain chances late saturday into the day sunday. could get an ifshnch of rain sunday/hones sunday/monday. so 5da
5:55 am
dark we hope, but it will be a cloudy day. and then showers and thundershowers sunday and monday. melissa mollett now with an update on first 4 traffic. looking good 270 southbound at the spur passing montgomery mall, democracy boulevard things have opened up. no more worries there. south capitol street southwest at the chesapeake, the southbound lanes blocked because of downed wires. 66 inbound after 340, still have the left lane blocked because of the earlier crash. and 95 here in virginia at prince william county northbound southbound looking good. northbound starting to see some delays. 5:55. more arrests stemming from the dead will he san bernardino smoothing. authorities arrested three people with family ties to the couple responsible for the attack. the brother are of the shooter was arrested along with his wife and also the wife's sister all
5:56 am
fraud conspiracy. they're accused of lying under oath to get immigration benefits. neighbors say those arrested were remorseful. >> they just know that they had no control of what their brother did. >> the three people arrested are not charged with any terrorism related offenses. an iphone is at the center of a legal dispute between the families of two teens who went missing last summer. perry and austin vanished off the florida coast. family members and authorities suspect foul play may have been involved. their boat was found last month with a badly damaged iphone on board. austin's family wants the phone handed over to a third party so it can be analyzed for evidence. today a judge will sdwi who gets the phone. good morning. at cnbc, verizon says it's made its best and final contract offer to unions representing nearly 40,000 striking
5:57 am
who quack who walked off the job. it mostly affects land line and internet on the east coast. they're offering wage increases of 7.5% but unions say workers are standing strong and the offer comes ahead of the expiration of health care coverage for the workers on saturday. with your morning business report, i'm pllandon dowdy. a new type of hacking is a rapidly growing problem. eats called ransomware. hackers take over the files on your computer and hold them hostage. has goners were paid $17,000 by hollywood presby tear kran medical center after they took over patient records. tech experts say make sure your security software is be to date and be cautious with e-mail links and attach hims. a celebration instead turned into a headache for a new nfl player. and more potential headaches for you on metro. we're watching the potentia
5:58 am
coming days as metro scrambles to fix problemalong the red s this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you've lost your game. literally. your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. and your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more®. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®, because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more. and children's zyrtec® takes care of your child's allergies with just one dose, all day and all night.
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we're watching developments in california after the crowd
6:00 am
scrambles to fix problems on the rails and the delays you could encounter. cap fans reason to celebrate. dramatic reason for the team in gail o game one with the penguins. but first your out the door forecast with chuck bell. >> cloud cover has gone nowhere while you were sleeping and it's just going to be another cloudy and drizzly day. drizzled to death for the forecast today into tonight. no sun on saturday at all. rain chances late in the day saturday and sunday may be a washout. early this morning, clouds and fog. light rain from washington southbound into parts of prince george's county and charles county. nothing heavy, just enough to get you wet and make you mad. mid-40s to upper 40s all across the region. 45 in winchester, 49 in arlington. the ne 2


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