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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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scrambles to fix problems on the rails and the delays you could encounter. cap fans reason to celebrate. dramatic reason for the team in gail o game one with the penguins. but first your out the door forecast with chuck bell. >> cloud cover has gone nowhere while you were sleeping and it's just going to be another cloudy and drizzly day. drizzled to death for the forecast today into tonight. no sun on saturday at all. rain chances late in the day saturday and sunday may be a washout. early this morning, clouds and fog. light rain from washington southbound into parts of prince george's county and charles county. nothing heavy, just enough to get you wet and make you mad. mid-40s to upper 40s all across the region. 45 in winchester, 49 in arlington. the ne 2
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and dafmp and chilly. mid-50s this evening. about 50 to get your weekend started. more about the weekend coming up. here is melissa. good morning. so right now still have this problem in the district with those downed wires southbound south capitol street is shut down there in southwest right at chesapeake street southeast. northbound lanes are open, but we will be quite slow through the area if it sticks around too much longer. 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. we're time. don't have any big worries there. we'll talk about travel times coming up in the next couple of minutes. and taking a look at 270 south at the spur, that looking better as well passing democracy boulevard. metro is using its off peak hours to catch up on some safety work which will affect your commute and your weekend. the red line is the major focus of that work following a number of arcing insulator incidents over the last week. the trains will single track between
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center today through sunday. molette green is live at friendship heights with more. >> reporter: yeah, the big message for riders is to give yourself extra time especially those of you using friendship heights, tenleytown and the bethesda station. you need to listen out for announcements to board the trains on the proper platforms. the red line single tracking is going to start this morning at 10:00, it will last until 3:00 this afternoon. and then start up again at 8:00 tonight through closing. passengers are blaming metro for years of neglect. >> when you don't take care of something for so long, now you're playing catchup. but hopefully it will get better. >> reporter: now, this is intense maintenance work that will try to get a handle on the arcing insulator problems that we have seen in as many days.
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looking at water infiltration, hud removal, drainage, all of the things that can cause arcing problems or power troubles. so expect service adjustments going into the weekend as well, on other lines, as well. and that's a big heads up for the caps fans coming out on saturday for the big game at e verizon center. back to you. the transportation second is putting pressure on metro to improve safety. anthony fox approved three new experts, they have experience in federal transportation and rail safety. 6:03. today a former board of education member heads to court for sentencing. in february lynette mundy was found guilty of stealing nearly $2,000 in fry lun in free lunch 2011 and 2015.
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program, a person can earn up to $40,000. mundy was earning $70,000 in 2011 and which increased to nearly $95,000 when she joined the board in 2013. also today a former university of maryland student could learn whether he will spend five years in prison for the death of a fellow student. prince george's county county police say jack godfreed died as a result of a sucker punch of punch outside a barred bar in 201. the sentencing is today. suspect shot by police outside a baltimore tv station is expected to survive. that man was wearing an animal onesie and surgical mask when he walked in to the lobby at wbff television. that station was evacuated after the plan claimed to have a ebola. just before he walked in, police say he set his car on fire. when officers told him to show his hands, he refused and
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the suspect's father says his son had a breakdown. >> just really wasn't alex doing this. it was something that is in his mind right now and he's broke. and hopefully, you know, i hope they're able to fix him. >> investigators discovered the device he claimed to have because actually chocolate bars and wires wrapped in aluminum foil. we're now learning as many as 20 people are facing charges after a massive protest outside of a donald trump rally in california. this is new video into our station overnight from the town of costa mesa. officials say some of the protesters blocked traffic and even jumped on patrol cars. at least one person is hurt because of fights that broke out in the crowd. as trump campaigns in california, investigators are looking in to a suspicious powder september to one of his campaign offices. this morning we know that it was
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authorities say that they're testing the white powder now to try to figure out what it was. investigators isolated five of the trump staff members working if the frontrunner's manhattan campaign office yesterday after someone delivered an envelope with the powder inside. today the fairfax county fire chief may tell us what role if any bullying may have played in the death of a career firefighter. the fire chief will discuss the department's investigation into whether nicole mittendorff was harassed. officials say she took her own lfr. mittendorff was laid to rest yesterday. staying in fairfax county now, classes will soon start before labor day. the school board voted on the decision last night. members say the change will give students more class time before the winter break and will help students and staff meet college application deadlines. so here are dates to remember. classes for next fall in 2017 will begin august 28. classes this coming fall will
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t.j. oshie leading the caps to an overtime victory. the whole city with can celebra. >> first game at home. t.j. oshie had a hat trick and the game winning goal. amazing. and for you we have tomorrow's match-up, still rocking the red. and if it's anything like last night, fans are in for a treat. t.j. oshie's hat trick sealed the win in overtime last night giving the team a 4-3 win. what a game. exciting every minute. the caps are looking to keep the winning momentum going. >> the kind of stuff you dream about lay management the backyard by yourself, getting the hat trick. so it was awesome. great way to win. >> game two
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tomorrow night a 8:00. so nice to go to pittsburgh with two games in our bag, right? you can watch it right here on nbc 4, go caps. >> and if you're leak ike me, i still learning, hat trick is three goals by one person in one game. there you go. well, it was supposed to be the day of his life, instead it turned into a nightmare for one football player. the incident that made headlines at the nfl draft for all the wrong reasons. >> a live look at union station. clouds and maybe some light showers will greet you as you step outside this morning. but it won't let us dampen our weekend plans. chuck bell has your commuter forecast at 6:11. think about what happened that day every single day. >> reflecting on those mansion murders in d.c. nearly a year ago. the housekeeper who was supposed to be in that home rye frequenting on the crime and the xt message that saveted
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6:11. it's all clouds and fog and drizzle and light rain outside again this morning. current visibilities down to only two miles in winchester and three in gaithersburg. so fog and light rain is an issue here early this morning. keep your low beams on and your speeds down just a little bit on the wet roads. your ride to and two work, drizzly and chilly. mid-40s this morning. mid to upper 50s later today, but all clouds and periods of light rain at almost anytime. melissa, that means you need a pocket umbrella ready to go. storm team 4 umbrella is like massive golf umbrella. south capitol street southwest at chesapeake southeast, still southbound lanes blocked because of downed
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northbound lanes are open. as far as travel times, 270 south from germantown to the spur, going to take you 11 minutes. top of the beltway is on time. 66 inbound looks good. 95 north quantico to the beltway, 21 minutes there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. it's been nearly a year since the d.c. mansion murders. the house was set on fire, a husband, wife and their 10-year-old son and house keep are were killed. nelly guttierez was also another housekeeper and close friend of the satistisf satisfvopoulosavo. >> who knows what happened, why i'm still here. >> she believes the suspect was already in the
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satis satisvopoulos made the call. >> sometimes i'm so it is restaurant, and sometimes i can't -- too hard for me. >> the day of the murders, guttierez received a text message from amy savopoulos urging her to stay away and hours later the house went up in flames. you can see more of the interview with nelly guttierez, she talks about her relationship with the savopoulos family and the gift from aim pli that she's kept for more than a decade. that's coming up at 5:00. a bishop says he's innocent and the 22-year-old woman who is accusing him of sexually harassing her just wants attention. the young woman claims all of the incidents happened in february and march. that's when she worked in the church office at the miracle center of faith missionary baptist church. reverend turner was
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tuesday. in a statement his defense attorney says, quote, he is going to do his best not to let someone else's media infatuation distragts him from his career and his obligation to his pa rish ners and his community. if you recognize -- want to show you some images of some women that police in charles county. police say they stole merchandise from the victoria secret store at the st. charles town center wednesday night. police think the women may have been connected to other thefts in the area. it is 6:15. and an autopsy result will be coming but not in yet for prince. a law enforcement official says investigators want to know whether a doctor prescribed him drugs. the official says prince was given a dose of narcan on his plane less than a week before his death, that drug reverses the effects of an opioid
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enforcement officer says there is a public health crisis when it comes to heroin and prescription drug abuse. attorney general mark herring says his office is steching you efforts to go after those no get the drug on the streets. heroin overc cacatoese toedoses% and all deaths have reached the highest on record to 29,000 in 2014. it's getting warmer voeof course and soon we will see a to have been mosquitos out there. today governor hogan will talk about a new website. the first confirmed zika virus infection was in february. a lot of people infected to not get sick, but it does pose a risk for pregnant women. it will be easier and faster to get tested for the zika virus. the fda approved commercial testing ki
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easier to doctors to get results. now they can get results within three to five days. before yesterday's decision, the only zika tests authorized were available from the centers for disease control and were only used in qualified laboratories defrg thated by t edesignated b. >> henderson elementary will be open today but will postpone its popular event due to the outbreak of flu. the spring scoop is the most well attended event of the year. test results released yesterday confirm that an outbreak of the flu is to blame for a lot of students missing school. the flu is highly contagious and especially risky for children with asthma and other related conditions. flu and other respiratory conditions are also on the rise in other parts of the country. health experts say unlike a cold, the flu usually comes on sunl
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healthy diet and exercise to avoid getting the flu. upper respiratory infections are also being seen in higher numbers, about 80% are viral infections. a lot of people talking about the nfl draft today. one of the most unusual steers in draft he is history, this guy was supposed to be one of the top draft picks, but that was not what went down last night. rmer ole miss left tackle laremy tunsil claims his instragram and twitter accounts were hacked minutes before the draft started. a video posted to tunsil's twitter account showed him taking a bonk hit. and revealed a text conversation involving coaches paying his family's bills. after that tunsil slid all the way to the miami dolphins selection at number 13. kirk cousins and redskins have a new weapon on offense. the redskins picked a new receiver in the first round of the nfl draft. >> the washington
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select josh doctson. abo >> josh doctson comes from texas christian university. the skins traded with the texans to move back a pick and in return will get a sixth round pick from houston next year. and this was a bit of a surprise. second and third rounds of the nfl are later today. everyone was kind of expected the redskins to pick someone for defense. but well to the family. let's welcome dhchuck bell the broadcast. >> and i'm now a big fan of josh doctson because now he's not catching passes against my sooners, now he's with the home team. congratulations to him. first round pick. for us, here's what you need to imagine for today. just like yesterday. no sunshine. not as much rain as yesterday, but we're off to a very gloomy looking start this morning. clouds and fog and drizzle outside right now. this is not going to change for the remainder
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perfect day for a nice hot pot of soup. light rain drifting over the potomac into prince george's county heading down to southern maryland. could graze northern maryland oefrtd next hour or two. not expecting any heavy rain. rainfall amounts today probably only a few hundred treths of an inch, but just a little bit of rain over yourful friday plans. showers coming back into northern maryland over the next hour or two. and then we trdry out a bit. into t not a whole lot of actual rain coming down but on the soggy side. won't see much of a rise in temperatures. we'll be in the mid-50s by lunchtime and if you're going out for dinner and a movie on a friday night, cloudy sky, temperatures mid-50s and a chance of light rain or drizzle all through your friday night. here is future weather on saturday, bri noon tomorrow, still cloudy, but mostly rain
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daylight hours tomorrow. but here is 10:00 tomorrow night, rain chances coming back in saturday night and then could have some heavier rain on sunday are a rumble or two of thunder. so there is the way the next four days are shaping up. 50s today, 60 tomorrow with a lot of clouds. and rain comes back sunday and monday, highs near 70, but run bells of thunder a possibility. and of course a possibility to see rain here and there on your commute this morning.possi. and of course a possibility to see rain here and there on your commute this morning. 66 and 95 looking pretty good. 66 a little slow through manassas. no report of anything there, but i'll keep an eye on that spot for you in case something pops up. beltway at st. barnabas, prince george's county overall looking good. south capitol street southwest at chesapeake southeast, southbound blockeded because of downed wires. i'll see you back here at 6:31. signing day isn't just for
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college bound students in our area today. also ahead, voicing their concerns about the expansion of a prestigious private school. why some say the d if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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an american citizen will spend the next ten years of his life doing hard labor in north korea. he was sentenced in pyongyang. court officials found him guilty of espionage and selling state secrets. kim was born in south korea but later became a u.s. citizen. a live look now at reagan national airport this morning where this weekend you will see a lot of first responders, but don't worry, it is just an emergency preparedness drill. first responders will be simulating aircraft accidents on saturday. there will be a brief period of smoke and fire and also a lot of sirens there. helicopters will also be serk link tcircumstance lick thcircl area. so head
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local students are celebrating a big accomplishment. >> it is college timing day. high schools all over our area recognize seniors who have committed to going to college. we're already getting pictures from prince george's county public schools. these students are from eleanor roosevelt high school. d.c. also celebrating 1500 college-bound seniors. sorry distric other districts having college fairs. nice job, kids. >> proud parents and teachers. a popular exhibit drew big crowds over the summer and now it is finding new life underground. when you can check out this new display that is quickly buildinging a tough ticket. fwl fwloo. and we have two problems in the district. we'll talk about both and it take a look at other roads coming up. gloo also ahead, how a
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ifor all the wrong reasons.gical
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try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. no suspect, no motive, and one person shot dead. this news coming in just after 10:00 last fight at a prince george's countpe
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capitol heights area. police it got the call, responded to the scene and found a person with multiple gun shot wounds that did not survive. no suspect and no motive. and when you step outside, cloudy skies and maybe some rain. not what we want to hear. but we won't let it damping our spirits. >> not at all. put a smile on your face. on my ride into work this morning, we should attorneyuld things into a poem. drizzle me that, drizzle me that, no sun for a while, perfect weather for a hat. or umbrella. but it didn't fit the rhyme. so keep your hat on. it won't rain al
6:31 am
there will be occasional periods of light rain and sprinkle. a few now moving in headed down towards st. mary's and california maryland. and more light rain showers just over the north side of the pennsylvania border. could bring more rain chances in as we got a little later on into the morning. so take your umbrella and your hat. it will be a chilly one. first 4 traffic, these areas of green are light rain first thing this morning. so let's hope the road spray isn't much of an issue. this is the birthday girl. >> that was my birthday poem except it didn't have anything to do with me. he's talking about some of the radar showing the moisture falling there in the district. we do have a couple of problems in the district. one nothing to do with the rain, the other may have. this one south capitol street southwest at chesapeake, southbound lanes still blocked. southeast/southwest freeway at the 3rd street tunnel, new crash here. shady grove road near 370,
6:32 am
be back with travel times in ten minutes. it is 6:32. legal fight is brewing over the future of the property right next to the sidwell friends school in northwest d.c. the school plans to booir the assisted living facility next door all called the washington home. it means more than 120 senior citizens will have to move out by the end of the year. relatives protested saying they didn't get enough notice about the sale to make other arrangements. >> it would be easy just to say go to another nursing home. it's not just go to the another nursing home. there is transfer trauma. >> a spokesperson tells news 4 the school, quote, spepgsly structured its purchase of the washington home property so residents would have am bell time to relocate. sidwell friends acknowledges it kept the pending sale secret from residents until the deal was finalized. it is can have 6:32. video of a person of interest in a homicide investigation. take a look. li
6:33 am
something about the deadly stabbing of a 38-year-old man last saturday night on kennedy street. police are offering up a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. takit is a somber day. john ulmschneider was shot and killed two weeks ago and the department is holding a candlelight vigil in this his honor tonight. firefighter kevin swain was also injured and is now recovering out of the hospital. tonight's vigil is at 7:00 at the cranford gray fire services building. all 113 public schools in the district will be tested for possible lead in the drinking water. d.c. officials say the tests were ordered after small amount of lead were found in two schools. pashl officials say lead levels are significantly down in the last decade, however lead paint in private homes
6:34 am
for young children. >> do you remember the popular exhibit of the plastic balls kids and parents got to jmp into called the beach? they're now being used in a new way and it's quicking becoming one of the hardest tickets to get your hands on. megan mcgrath is live at dupont circle with the underground project. >> reporter: yeah, it's a really cool concept. recycling a used art installation and old location in the district. the old trolley station, that's what you're looking at down there, it was built underneath dupont circle and hasn't been used since the 1960s. and now it's being used for art exhibits including a very cool one opening up this weekend. take a look at the video. all of the little balls used in that beach exhibit at the national building museum, they are being reused in this xibts. they have been
6:35 am
been put on them and they now form these blocks, these large building blocks. they're almost like legos. folks lucky enough to score a ticket and lucky is the word here because they're sold out for weeks, but if you get a ticket, you will be allowed to come down here to the underground, you will be able to build using these very large blocks, you get an hour of time. and you can really do thinking. you can deconstruct what they already have in place or build something completely new for yourself. whatever your inspiration is, wherever it takes you. and so that's what makes this kind of an interesting exhibit here because it's really going to change hour by hour fending upon what the visitors choose to do. it's a very interactive exhibit here. and it is opening on saturday and as you mentioned, hot ticket. they're booked for week, but if you go to the dupont underground website, they are going to be
6:36 am
coming weeks so that you can come on down, get a ticket and take part. but really, really interesting stuff. the beach exhibit was such a huge success and this is really interesting. being down in that space, very, very interesting. a lot of folks vice preside hav there. back to you. good morning. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we're learning about another attack in syria yesterday it was on a hospital supported by doctors without borders p now we're hearing about a strike on a clinic. all of this in allepo. at least one nurse is hurt in this latest attack. yesterday's strike killed three people including two doctors and several other injuries. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. today we expect to learn more about the accidental bombing of a hospital in afghanistan last year. a new report will be
6:37 am
16 u.s. military personnel will be disciplined for their roles. no one will be court marshalled. 42 people died in that bombing. they have been the star of the circus for decades, but the show will soon go out without them. where the elephants in the ringling brothers s ringling brothers circus will make their last performance. >> and pretty dreary out there. chuck bell looks at the impact today's forecast will have on your kidded's school day. also ahead, cutting summer break a little
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after 145 years, an iconic symbol of the ringling brothers circus is retiring. the elephants will be retiring after the weekend. they will make their final performance in providence on sunday and the elephants will then move on tth
6:41 am
elephant conservation in florida. it's warmer there. maybe they will like that. play a little tennis. sit by the pool. the "today" show will have more later this morning. elephants don't play tennis, aaron. >> hold it with their trupnk. >> they're so smart. they're my favorite land animal. >> so random. >> very random. someone cut her mike off. outside cloudy skies this morning. always on the gloomy side. visibility reduced to only a mile or two in spots. kids will need their umbrellas. temperatures only in the mid-40s with periods of light rain and drizzle off and on through the day. so out you go to the bus stops, 40s now indoor recess. and playing inside after school today. temperatures in the 50s. brand new crash pot of the beltway inner loop at eisenhower. we use start seeing some real backups there. blue line delays to
6:42 am
street causing that problem. and 95 at bpowder mill, slow because of a brand new crash. 66 inbound looking typical. same thing this 95 north quanity to the beltway. 270 rolling along nicely. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. we're watching a developing story out west after the crowd turned violent at a rally for donald trump in california. what we're learning about the arrests made overnight. >> reporter: how long can we expect critical maintenance on metro? what passengers need though before riding the
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
giving caps fans reason to rock the red big and loud today. the dramatic game one win in the team's quest for the cup. first weather and traffic. outside this morning, you can make the most out of your friday. good day for a big pot of soup. temperatures in the 40s right now. we'll probably stay in the 50s for most of the day. what about the weekend? that forecast is five minutes from now. starting to really jam up here 95 near powder mill road, both directions not looking so hot. northbound is where that crash is here this morning. and it's slowing things
6:46 am
inner loop after it will graph, a slowdown, as well. metro safety is taking priority this weekend especially on the red line. there will be delays because of maintenance. the focus is to fix issues on the tracks after a number of arcing insulator incidents over the last week. trains will be single tracking between van necessass and medic center. molette green has more on what it means for riders. >> reporter: a bunch of folks just got off the bus headed on to the rails. riders are frustrated especially since so many of them depend on the rails to commute. others tell me this morning they try to avoid the trains as often as they can. >> metro is always repairing. i wish they would give us more notice. i was coming home last night and
6:47 am
train at 9:00 that i learned that there was single tracking. >> i'm not worried about it because i catch the shuttle. >> reporter: here's what you need to know. give yourselves as much extra time as you can even during this off peak time period when this is supposed to start. at 10:00 this morning and last until 3:00. it will start up again at 8:00 tonight and go through closing. all of this will give workers time to really get to some of these troubles that are causing the arcing insulator troubles, the power troubles in the system. and this work is expected to go on into the weekend and last throughout the weekend. and on other lines, as well. and of course there could be an impact to the big caps game on saturday, a lot of people use metro to get to and from. that is the latest live from friendship heights. back to you. it is now 6:47. u.s. transportation secretary is putting pressure on metro to improve safety. anthony fox
6:48 am
experts to it board of directors. they will start on june 1. the new members have experience in federal transportation and rail safety. right now more thunderstorms are closing in on part of the country already drenched in ten inches of rain. it will be nearly 90 degrees in part of. today. yesterday rescue teams pulled nearly two dozen people from flooded homes in the southern part of that state. one road reportedly collapsed under the weight of the water there. the man accused of threatening a baltimore tv station with a fake bomb is expected to survive being shot. he was wearing an animal onesie and surgical mask when he walked into the hobby at wbff, that station was evacuated. before walking in, police say he set his car on fire. when officers told him to show his hands, he refused and he was shot. the succespectuspect's father s son had a breakdown. >> came to us and said that he was -- he had a vision
6:49 am
and that he thought the world was going to end on june 3. investigators discovered the device he claimed to have was actually chocolate bars and wires wrapped this aluminum foil. a case is that started three years ago should end with a court sentencing later today. a former university of maryland student should learn whether he will spend five years in jail for the death of a fellow student. prince george's county police say jack godfr ied as a result of a sucker punch outside of a bar. today with l. learn more about whether cyber bullying played a role in the death of a firefighter. the fire chief will discuss the department's investigation into whether nicole mittendorff was harassed. her body was found last week in the shep national park. officials say she took her own life. midd
6:50 am
yesterday. another protest turns violent at side a rally for donald trump. this was in costa mesa, california. 20 people were arrested. officers say some of the protesters blocked traffic and even jumped on police cars. at least one person was hurt because of fights that broke out in that crowd. we now know a suspicious powder septembnt to a trump cam office in manhattan was harmless. authorities are testing the white powder. staff members say someone delivered it to the office yesterday afternoon in an envelope. behind and in. he scores! caps win in overtime. >> can see that wrap around goal all day long. t.j. oshie sending a big at the same time leading the caps to an overtime win. p oshie with the hat the trick. caps now take the
6:51 am
series against the penquins. >> one game up now heading in to tomorrow's match-up. if it's anything like last night, fans are in for a treat. t.j. oshie's hat trick sealed the win in overtime, gave the team a 4-3 victory. capitals and fans want to keep the winning hmomentum going. >> the stuff you dream about in the kid playing in the backyard by yourself. so it was awesome. great way to win. >> game two against the penquins tomorrow night at 8:00. you can watch it right here on nbc 4. >> go caps. >> they're going. another win here and then we go on the road up 2-0 let's hope. >> four in a row would be nice. >> that's right, then we at the time our sandwiches from the pittsburgh folks. primanti's. if it's free food, i'm down for it. outside this morning,
6:52 am
day. all low clouds, fog, drizzle, height rain and mist out there. is this the way it looks outside from our tower camera and that's the way it will look the rest of the day. so what to expect? cool and damp, 100% cloud cover today. mostly just drizzle. no heavy rain is expected. but the drizzle will slow things down and it may annoy you for any outdoor plans. saturday a lot of clouds just like today, best chances for rain tomorrow are late. so if you have stuff to do outside earlier in the day, it may still be damp and drizzly, but the heavier rain comes in on sunday. outdoor plans on sunday really need to be moved in. even a thunderstorm or two possible sunday and monday. right now, though, we're just all cold and wet. 46 this leesburg, 49 fredericksburg, low visibility and fog now with time will gradually be eroded away. most of the fog should be out of here by about lunchtime if not sooner than that. as far as radar is concerned, sprinkles moving in to s
6:53 am
neck. more light rain up here in northernmost maryland coming our way for the next couple of hours. so have your umbrella ready to go, but again rainfall amounts will be incredibly light. so here is future weather carrying those little rain showers across northern maryland over the next couple of hours, but we stay all cloudy and your friday night plans could be a little on the wet side. here is your "7-day forecast." 50s and drizzle and rain today. near 60 tomorrow with rain saturday night into sunday. rumbles of thunder possible sunday and monday. hopefully drying out middle of next week. 95 north at powder mill road, we still have the slowdown southbound. inner loop local lanes after telegraph, the two left lanes are getting by. starting to see some backups there starting from when you cross the wood rrow wilson brid. 66, slow spot inbound through an
6:54 am
totally normal there. prince george's county, tiny slowdown inbound on indian head highway. 270 at montrose, no major delays there. looking pretty good. and then blue line delays to largo because of the earlier malfunction at king street. those delays still hanging around. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we have breaking news just into our newsroom of a helicopter crash in norway. we are hearing that as many as 14 people were on board and there are reports that there was a loud explosion, thick smoke that could be seen. and people in the sea. not exactly sure how it happened. again, breaking news coming in of a helicopter crash. we'll continue to monitor the developments. 6:54. brace yourself for a short summer break if you have kids in fairfax county public schools. last night the school board decided to start cool before labor day. bo
6:55 am
give students more class time before the winter break and will help them meet college application deadlines. here are the dates to remember. classes next fall, not this fall, next fall 2017 will begin august 2, classes this coming fall start september 6. it was one of the most popular exhibits at the national building museum. >> thousands of all those plastic balls being used in a new exhibit that is quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town. megan mcgrath is live now at dupont circle to take us on an underground journey. we'll have to wait if we want to go. >> reporter: yeah, it's really -- going to be very popular. tickets are sold out for several weeks, so you can't go this weekend, but the exhibit opens this weekend. and it's an interesting concept. all those little plastic balls used at the beach exhibit are all being used to make these interesting brand new structures down here in the dupont underground. this is the old trolley station locatednd
6:56 am
circle. it hasn't been used really since 1962 and the idea here is that people will create their own art. if you take a look at this, what they have done here is they have taken all of those little balls and they have glued them together and put little velcro pieces on them. so if you can score a ticket, you will be able to come in for one hour and you'll be able to construct, deconstruct, whatever you want down here in the tunnel. so it's an interesting idea because the exhibit is going to change all the time. every hour depending upon the ir conspiracy race that strikes people, everything will change. so the tickets are in hot fla demand. dupont underground will post more slots on their web site soon, so keep an eye on that. but the exhibit opens this weekend and i bet it will be just as pop and yular as that b exhibit. >> for sure. here are 4 things to know before you head out
6:57 am
the second round of the nfl draft. last night the team picked up wide receiver josh doctson. and tonight a vigil for fallen firefighter john ulmschneider. at least 20 people face charges after protests turn violent outside a trump rally in california. one person was hurt. and metro red line will be single tracking for repairs between van ness and medical center. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. boiling over. hundreds of protestors gather outside a donald trump rally in california. nearly 20 arrested. while in indiana ted cruz response to these harsh words from former speaker of the house john boehner. >> lucifer in the nesh. >> have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ]. >> he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> will boehner's words hurt or help cruz. >> relentless, more severe weather expected to impact about 24 million americans today. tornadoes, hail, heavy rain. al is back to tell us when it will end. who is to blame? the investigation into in


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