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tv   Today  NBC  April 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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with just one dose, all day and all night. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. that is thomas bradley. it's try day friday. it's april 29th. we have a great show for you to kick off the weekend. >> he is like -- it's fun. he is really -- >> we are going to sit down and talk with kate hudson and gary marshall who have something very special for mother's day. and madeleine will have you in that bathing suit
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no time with summer slim down plan. the exercises that you're probably doing wrong. >> don't you hate to find that out after years? a trip back to the '90s. you will love the performance by all 4 one. we have a question for everybody. is it okay or not okay to hug co-workers in the work place? that was a question that a lot of people probably think about. >> we hug each other all the time. >> i like it. >> yes she does. we do an awful lot of hugging. >> this is one example of how it is a good thing. this is the final episode of mary tyler moore show. >> i treasure you people.
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i think we all need some kleenex. >> there is some on mary's desk. >> i love that episode. >> what a perfect show that was. sometimes hugging at work can go more like this when alec baldwin's character was forced to accept a hug on "30 rock." >> how about a hug? >> you got to be kidding me. >> sir, it doesn't count as a hug unless it goes on for ten seconds. >> you got that right, son. >> one, mississippi. >> that's some good hugging.
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with guidelines. in the porn industry fine. >> if you are in the tv industry that is a big group hug that we are having, they do that all day long. >> finance people are not huggers. pick your pocket. >> sometimes the length of the relationship matters. so you have to analyze it as it is happening. don't you hate the feeling when you are not sure what is going on? a hug or a handshake? >> so have you ever misunderstood a handshake for a hug? >> i don't know. i think sometimes when someone is -- i usually hug anyway. i don't care if they are putting their hand out like a handshake, i ignore it. >> sometimes it's not the hug. it's the intensity of it. >> and the lingering.
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for too long and it is totally weird. >> have you ever been hugged by a guest and you are like that was extra long? so we want to talk to you about celebrities who might have forgotten they were once married. >> we will see if we can remember famous celebrity couples married. here is lisa marie presley. she was once married to that person. >> nicholas cage. >> how did you remember that? >> i have no idea. >> how did you know that? >> i have no idea. >> it wasn't long. what an interesting question. >> before lisa marie presley and nick were married -- nick was married to this actress. before he was married to her he was married to this actress who recently won an
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he was married to her. >> bree larsson? >> no. recently won an oscar. >> patricia arquette. >> he got around. >> "mad men" actress has been married to her co-star since '88. before that she was married to this a-list ocean's 11 actor. >> george clooney. >> he was married one time before. >> look at george with long hair, shaggy. >> jennifer esposito. bradley cooper. >> how did you know she was married to bradley cooper? >> i don't know, hoda
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>> i didn't know bradley cooper was married before. is that the first time? >>uma thurman was married to ethan hawke for seven years. before that she was married to british oscar who was oscar nominated in 2012. >> oh. >> johnny depp. >> british. colin the cute one who comes here. >> colin ferrell? >> who? gary oldman. he is english. >> he happens to be a fantastic actor you would know him the minute you see him. >> i just saw him. >> i mean in a movie. he was just in the kevin costner movie. >> i must have missed that one.
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here. firefighter calendar please with puppies. >> every year this is what amanda does, she marks on her calendar that this is the year the australian firefighter calendar comes out so she doesn't forget to check it. thank you. this year they went further and did the firefighters with the puppies. they added something new. >> oh, my. you just don't know what to look at. >> yes you do. yes, you do. >> come on. i'm going to australia. >> yes, i am. >> let's freeze that picture right there. >> i like the one with the backs. maybe i do like looking at the puppies more. >> no. the first time in our lives we want more. >> there we go. more backs. cr
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various charities. >> remember they are in their 20s. >> it doesn't matter, does it? >> this is when we should play did you ever. >> anyway, since you have a sister and i have a sister, there are ways we know we can push our sisters' buttons. it is innate. you know exactly what to say and she will be on her knees or laughing. >> i thought it was being annoying. nothing about my sister annoys me. >> yes there is. >> if she were here she would be picking up your cards and getting out the win dex before you are up. >> and cleaning. >> she is amazing. spotless house. >> you're like that, too. >> no. she's much more
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>> she and i both annoy each other in similar ways. i'm extra early so i like -- she thinks i'm a control freak and i'm bossy. so i'm like we have to leave at this time. we have to go. and she is like this. don't push me. she gets -- she also knows how to get right at me. we don't do that but we know how. >> i have never seen two sisters love each other more. >> we have to watch the buzz feed thing. >> i didn't say that you could borrow my jacket. >> i knew it wouldn't fit you anymore. >> look how cute we are. >> this is one when she got wisdom teeth removed. that's your girlfriend. >> you are literally just eating sugar. >> want to talk to haley? >> hi, mom. >> that's cute. if you don't know w
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take your mom for special weekend i have an idea. >> where are you going to be? >> pensacola, florida tomorrow. all day saturday i'm somewhere in pensacola at the whole foods on legendary drive from 10:00 a.m. until noon then at the pensacola naval air station from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. we will have a lot of fun. we have kate hudson, gary marshall. >> what about gary oldman. >> old man. >> we will be back to talk about the new film "mother's day." tame frizz-prone hair with wholesome, smoothing care. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new smoothing haircare. paraben-free formulas enriched with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts. whole blends protects from humidity. for hair that's irresistibly smooth and full of shine.
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kate hudson is an oscar nominated act trsz appeared in "almost famous" "bride wars." >> block busters films like "pretty woman", "princess diaries." together they team up for "mother's day." take a look. >> oh, my gosh. that was the best. what
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it's you guys. >> you are supposed to be in texas. >> i lied. >> you got a secret. >> their kids have secrets. nice to see you. >> yet another of those days that come and go. you did "valentine's day". >> holidays. this is about mothers. we did both, saluted mothers and knocked off another holiday with this lovely girl. >> is this the first time you have worked together. >> second time. >> "raising helen". >> he directed "overboard" with my parents which is the best movie ever. i was on the set because it was summer time. >> a long time ago. >> i was 7. >> 7 years old.
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held her on my lap and yelled action together. >> what is it like years later to be directed by this legend? >> i think the first time it was -- you know, it feels like family and gary, the way he is and the community that he creates with everybody is family and you feel comfortable. you have fun and laugh and have a great time. >> anybody ever say no to you when you call them up and say i want you to be in my film? >> not too many because we severe good time. i held her kids on my lap during this picture. >> i love a lot of things about you, but right before we went on the air you saw your names together on the screen and you were like i have to film it. it is something about you. >> well, i am just happy to
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alive. >> i'm very happy to be alive. >> he is happier than you are. >> tell us a little bit about your character in this. >> i am married to an indian man which goes against my parents' wishes so i therefore sort of don't speak to my parents anymore. and they are not aware that i'm married with a child. and they come back into our life and surprise us on mother's day and all hell breaks loose. >> there's a little line between mothers and daughters and sons, too. >> the truth comes out. >> your mother is the first one that loves you so no matter how you part you get back together. we do it comically. >> gary does. >> there are so many parallel ie
10:18 am
>> i love those kinds of movies. you have jennifer aniston with a story line going. >> we discuss a lot of divorces and dual custody of children. >> her character is more of she has been divorced and now her husband has met a younger woman and has re-married. >> she has two kids, too. >> it does get complicated. that is another movie. >> life is complicated. >> here we go. >> these are mother's day questions. what is the one day your mother told you never to do? >> never say never. >> gary, what lessens did you learn from your mom? >> that if you are not happy the way to get happy is make other people laugh.
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film? >> that is impossible, i would probably say "overboard", "beaches", "pretty woman", "raising helen". >> good luck with the show. happy mother's day a little early. >> it hits theaters when? >> today. >> we will be sitting down with jack whitehawk. and the lux for less lifestyle mastering irresistibly smooth. and the lux for less lifestyle the lindor truffle. created with passion... by the lindt master chocolatiers. a hard outer shell with a smooth center. luscious.... flowing... welcome... to the best time of your day. unwrap... ♪ unwind... experience the melt.
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it's try day friday. we are half way through our six week summer slim down series. >> once a week until memorial day we will give you diet and exercise tips to help you sizzle that summer swim suit. >> or thong. >> here to keep us on track madeleine and joey thurman, author of 365 health and fitness hacks. >> what does that mean? >> that can save your life. our two viewers trying to drop a few pounds. hello everybody. >> hello. >> i know that there is a lot going on but this week you had a chance to visit their homes. >> we went to their homes to ke
10:31 am
freezer and get healthy things they knew they would eat so they can save time and money. >> you like to cook but you don't have much time. let's take a look at your fridge and freezer. get it health and go from there. we will get rid of the juice. what's in here? chocolate chips. you don't have to hide them. let's take a look. you have to revise this pepper collection. >> more peppers. what do we have here? peppers. >> you don't have a lot of time. these are 100 calories. it is automatic portion control. this is that ready to eat chicken. throw it on the salad and add spicy peppers. i made plenty of room. i know you are on the run. a
10:32 am
yogurt and frozen berries. for lunch you are busy during the daycaring for two very active boys. start with ready to eat greens and add protein. that's fantastic. vegetable juice, a good way to get extra vegetables in when you can't eat them. quick and easy is what works for you. great job. >> thank you. >> did you like having madeleine up in your business? >> i love her. >> you never know. >> we want to know about your -- you started off here is our big board. your starting weight was 191.8. your current weight now is 187. you are down 4.8 pounds overall. good girl. when you exercise you are a walker. help us out here. >> when we walk we want to walk to the point where we
10:33 am
your grand mother in the '80s. let's get moving. we are going to pump it out. we are going to move those arms keep them moving. we are shaking around. there we go. that is mall walk. >> this is not a walk. >> i'm not wearing the right clothes for this. >> work on your arms. >> we are going to take the band. you can do all sorts of exercises. make sure you secure palms towards you. high row. pull elbows high. this works biceps. do 20, 35. >> let's bring joran. you made a trip. >> we cleaned out her fridge and freezer. she has
10:34 am
we went shopping and loaded up. >> let's check this one out. >> you cook a lot of oil and butter. this is a big hefty size. one thing is down size the fact that you are bringing in. we want low fat cheese sticks. >> you have a lot. >> i have ideas that help you bulk up your pasta and substitute with zucchini. let's get a spaghetti squash. we will make pasta out of it. >> here is our green tea. >> something that we talked about before was vegetable. what we also got for you is a slicer. this will turn this into
10:35 am
you are switching to olive oil. this is an olive oil spray. you use a lot less oil. >> did some shopping. you are loaded up. what do you think? >> great. >> are you using what madeleine suggested? >> i did. >> how was it? >> it was great. i used the olive oil spray on the zucchini and loved it. >> this is exciting. your starting weight watt 174.6. your weight now is 168.8. >> good for you. exercises for this week. can we ask a question? what happens to the other half of your shirt? >> i have a j loinspired outfit. we are going to do dancing moves here. >> i ain'tr
10:36 am
>> we are going to do hip shakers. feet shoulder width apart. i want you to move and get loose. we are opening up the hips. we really want to work the legs. so we are going to do a squat side step. if you can't go that low we will sit here and shake it out and drop it down. all the way down. keep it moving. >> keep going everybody. go to for more tips. they were one of the most popular r&b groups of the '90s. >> get ready to take you back in time right after this. >> do what you do. well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure!
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>> they were one of the biggest groups of the '90s. all 4 one. >> they made a great pit stop right here on our plaza. here is all 4 one with their smash hit "i swear." >> where all my singles out? i want to see y'all singing with us. ♪ i see the questions in your eyes ♪ ♪ and i know what's weighing on your mind ♪ ♪ and you can be sure i know my part ♪ ♪ cause i'll stand beside you through the years ♪ ♪ and you'll only cry those happy tears ♪ ♪ and though i'll
10:42 am
i'll never break your heart ♪ ♪ and i swear by the moon and the stars in the sky i'll be there ♪ ♪ and i swear like a shadow that's by your side i'll be there ♪ ♪ for better or worse till death do us part ♪ ♪ i'll love you with every beat of my heart ♪ ♪ i swear ♪ oh ♪ i'll give you everything i can ♪ ♪ i
10:43 am
these two hands ♪ ♪ we'll hang some memories on the wall ♪ ♪ and when just the two of us are there you won't have to ask if i still care ♪ ♪ cause as the time turns the page my love won't age at all ♪ ♪ i swear by the moon and the stars in the sky i'll be there ♪ ♪ and i swear like a shadow that's by your side ♪ ♪ i'll be there
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do us part i'll love you with every beat of my heart ♪ ♪ i swear [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! >> how great are they? ricky gervais, russell brand, what do they have in common? >> they are three of britain's funniest exports. >> we have a new which one's yours? the one in white. wow! introducing new all powercore pacs oxi.
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he's one of the biggest names in british
10:50 am
star. >> he is making a big splash here in the good old usa. we are talking about jack whitehall. he is making his hollywood debut in the new movie "mother's day" and playing a british comedian. >> what a stretch. take a look. >> bottles for tonight. >> that may not work. i just found out -- >> can i get two more? >> yep. on the way. i got accepted into the comedy contest. three rounds. first prize is 5 grand. >> all right. >> congratulations your film debut. >> it is such a shotty cast, too. had you met the group of actors before? >> i hadn't really met any of them before. i haven't met my
10:51 am
>> welcome to fatherhood. >> wonderful experience. this is a wonderful experience. i feel grossly overdressed. >> you do? >> if i had known there was an option to come on in my crop top and camouflage pants. >> what did you think of that crop top? >> i want into the summer slim down. that gentleman'sabs was like a cobble street you wouldn't want to walk down it in a wedged heel. >> he doesn't wear the crop top. >> you're in good shape. what do you do? >> i do those squats. i just do that. >> you know who we had here the other day? ricky gervais. >> he is fantastic. >> we adore him. >> how did you wind up in this fi
10:52 am
it was short sighted casting. i took a long run after this role. i have been researching it for ten years. >> it paid off. >> is that what you were hoping would happen, just start doing films? >> i have always had an eye on that. i had a little taste of it because i had a part in "frozen." it was cut. i was reduced to a nonspeaking role in an animation. >> weren't you in one of the harry potter films? >> i auditioned for harry potter. didn't get it. they went with emma watson in the end. >> were you a funny kid? >> quite strange. i'm a quite strange adult. sort of wanting to be the center of attention. >> you seem to have fun
10:53 am
royals every now and then. who do you make most fun of? >> i hosted a royal variety show in england, a member of the royal family attends and i manage to insult all of them at some point. kate middleton came and i went to school with kate middleton. i called her out. at my high school she still holds the triple jump record. she is the school record holder but held it for like 20 years. i think there is conspiracy there. they're not going to take down the future queen of england's name. they will just say slittle svitlana is on drugs. >> it opens everywhere today. we are back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
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it is time for friday funny. >> a husband and wife were having dinner wife tells her husband i have decided i want to be larger. i need around $20,000 to get breast implants. the husband looks up and says why don't you just rub toilet paper on your chest. why asked the wife? the husband replied it seems to have worked on your butt. how do i say next week lionel richie, seth myers. >> we will see you back here. >> pensacola tomorro
10:58 am
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11:00 am
right now police in prince george's county trying to track down a killer. i'm erika gonzalez with the latest. >> and i have the latest on a wreck after violent protests at a donald trump rally. how the tensions grew when demonstrators filled into the streets. and i'm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we have a full deck of clouds outside early this morning. there may not be too much in the way of sunshine to look forward to over your weekend. i'll give you the details when you may need to be dodging the drops coming up. news 4 midday starts now. developing right now, police in prince george's county trying


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