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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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very good for the pollen sufferers. they needed the rain. later this evening we'll start to see another disturbance moving through. 52 degrees up towards gaithersburg and baltimore. 55 in manassas. our average high temperature 71 degrees. we're nowhere near that. tonight's headlines the exact same as last night's headlines. staying cool, more showers likely, and then weekend rain. which day has the best chance of rain? it starts tomorrow night. keep the umbrellas handy and the jackets handy. you may need them until next week. i've got the forecast. people have no common sense, and they have no sense of responsibility. when you have an anonymous post and people can say anything and it's not factual, it's not true, it's wrong. please come forward and stop the ri
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hosts this site to take down the lewd comments and certainly consider shutting the site down. >> fairfax county's fire chief blasting a local blog. >> he says that blog include ed include comments about one of his firefighters found dead at shenandoah national park. we are live at fairfax station where mittendorff worked. >> reporter: jim, there were some very strong comments from the fire chief today. we are here at station 32. you can see a picture of nicole mittendorff here as well as some flowers of that memorial still set up here. the fire chief going after the website, fairfax underground, asking and demanding those comments be taken down. i spoke to the administrator of that site this afternoon. he says he has no plans to do that. he says the chief i
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site as a scapegoat. >> we need to clean up this blog and people need to act right. >> reporter: fairfax county's fire chief calling for website fairfax underground to pull lewd posts about firefighter nicole mittendorff who took her own life. he does not know if the posts had anything to do with her death. >> i have initiated a very aggressive internal investigation into who made the lewd and horrible comments on the fairfax underground blog. >> reporter: the chief is trying to find out who posted the anonymous comments on the web forum to see if they were written by anyone in the department. if they were, he promised disciplinary action that could include being fired. >> it's ridiculous and that's why i'm appealing to the person that hosts this site to take down the lewd comments and certainly consider shutting the site down.
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>> reporter: but the administrator of fairfax underground says he will not shut down the site. he has says he will not take do the comments unless asked by mittendorff's family. he says it was his own firefighters and the culture he should be concerned about. quote, it wouldn't do anyone any good at this point to sensor the past. virginia state police say there is nothing criminal about mittendorff's suicide. we have no evidence to suggest the blog posts were a motive for her death. what a former battalion chief wants people to know about firefighters and suicide and why right now is a good time to address a very serious issue. tonight, new fallout from a news4 i-team investigation we brought you last
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>> in a major child soccer program in montgomery county, scott macfarlane discovered the soccer leagues themselves were not aware. >> reporter: a man suspected of child enticement managed to continue coaching kids even as his criminal case proceeded. the soccer league itself is already promising changes. he admitted to trying to entice a child. he pleaded guilty is in jail tonight. he thought he was luring a 12-year-old boy to a park near robinson secondary school in fairfax during the boy's lunchtime. he brought an open bottle of red wine with him. the boy was an undercover fairfax county police officer who arrested him. happened in late 2014. our investigation found he continued coaching youth soccer for nearly a year after here in montgomery county
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he left after the 2015 season after pleading guilty and serving his jail sentence. >> we want to make sure that we understand the breadth and scope of how deep this might run. >> reporter: he says youth soccer league should consider a better system of background checks. the soccer association of maryland says it was unaware their coach had been arrested until notified by news4 last night. the league will now require more frequent background checks for coaches. tax records reviewed by news4 show before his arrest he was a member of the damascus soccer club. that club posted an alert on its facebook page today. the league's president says he urges parents to contact police about information related to the arrest. there was a full investigation of him and his computers and there wereo
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soccer programs. the montgomery county spokesman says they do not comment on criminal investigations undertaken by their agency. another thing that we found in his court file that very much caught the soccer leagues by surprise. a former prince george's county school official who stole hundreds of dollars worth of free lunches will have to serve 100 hours of community service now. lynette mundy stole more than $1700 worth of lunches during a five-year span. in addition to the community service, mundy will also serve three months probation and pay $346 in restitution. she filed a fraudulent application
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lunches. a man claiming to be a former cia officer has pled guilty to federal fraud charges. he lied about a career with the agency. simmons admits he lied about his credentials to get work with government contracts. the cia is not acknowledging his work and simmons refused to say the career was made up. tonight a pretty wild scene on the west coast where proe protesters outside the gop convention broke through the barrier clashing with police. many of those protesters carrying anti-trump signs. >> reporter: the crowd had already become quite big before donald trump's speech to the convention. things quickly escalated when they pushed through that metal fence barrier. police in riot gear tried to keepth
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control. donald trump made a joke that he felt like he'd crossed the border. this clash comes after last night when 17 demonstrators got arrested. meantime, indiana's governor is throwing his support behind ted cruz. mike pence says he respects all the candidates and praised trump, but he called cruz a principled conservative. over on the democratic side, bernie sanders, who is at a rally outside of indiana's state house, blasting corporate america for moving some of the manufacturing plants to mexico. hillary clinton, she is back in new york city speaki ining at a fundraising breakfast. the next big contest is indiana's primary, which has next tuesday. back to you. while trump did win virginia's gop primary last month, there's still a fierce battle playing out in the co
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chosen this weekend in harr harrisonburg. >> reporter: these republican party activists along with other virginians cast their ballots back in the march primary for one of five candidates. now it's down to three and there's another vote ahead. >> everybody that's here are republican. they are party members. the election that comes out of here tomorrow is the true r representation of where virginians stand on cruz versus trump. >> reporter: tomorrow 13 delegates will be chosen. even though donald trump won virginia's primary, if there's a contested convention and a second ballot, these at-large delegates can vote for whomever they
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win a majority of those delegates. >> this fight is not going to be over until the last vote on the ballot is cast on the convention floor in july. >> reporter: this trump supporter is convinced trump will wrap things up well before the convention. >> he's the presumpitive nomine and i'm going with it. >> reporter: i'm julie carey. news4. a bomb scare at a tv station in baltimore yesterday. we're getting a closer look at the costume and vest that had the bomb squad on alert. we are just learning about the first death in the u.s. that is linked to the zika virus. attorneys agree it was a drunken brawl that led to a university of maryland student being punched, but he died more than a year later. i'm tracee wilkins. co
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now to a developing story tonight involving the first zika-related death in the united states. this comes as the
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test to diagnose the virus. this death involves a 70-year-old man in puerto rico. the island has reported 680 confirmed infections of zika. 49 involving pregnant women. but experts say this does not indicate the virus is becoming more hostile. here's nbc's tom costello. >> we've been talking to the cdc about this first zika-related death in puerto rico. this is a 70-year-old man who had other underlying issues. there are developments for women who are pregnant or might become pregnant and what they should know about zika-carrying mosquitos going into the summer months. advice from ob-gyns across the country. a lot to tell you about. that story coming up on "nightly news." still to come, news4 we're
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looking into maryland's response to the zika virus. metro is going to be doing a lot of maintenance work this weekend. molette green has more on what to expect. >> reporter: day two of critical maintenance on metro's red line. passengers at friendship heights say they have no choice but to deal with longer commutes. >> you're adding 30 minutes to your commute. if you're trying to meet people for brunch or catch a movie, it really affects you. >> reporter: red line single tracking started at 10:00 a.m. and is expected to continue until 3:00 p.m. >> i wish they'd give us more notice. >> reporter: intense maintenance work. it comes with a critical eye from the feds, hoping
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handle on arcing insulator issues. >> i'd rather take two buses every day. >> i'm staying away over the weekend. i spent about 25 minutes on metro center platform yesterday. read new articles. they've got to fix it. not much you can do. >> reporter: we got an update on last night's work. metro says crews removed about 600 bags of mud and debris and installed 60 new insulators, 66 new cover boards, necessary work on a stretch of the red line where ground water is actually seeping into the system and causing damage. in friendship heights, molette green, news4. remember that cool exhibit, the beach, at the building museum? if you didn't get to go, you probably saw photos of your friends in what lood
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giant ball pit. well, they're repurposing their exhibit with a new interactive experience at dupont underground below the circle. this one allows you to build anything you want with the balls, which have been glued and velcroed together. but if you don't have a ticket, you may be out of luck. we're told they're completely sold out. there will be a new round coming up later on in the summer. new developments in a case that changed the lives of two students. >> one of the students died after being punched outside a bar in college park. the student that threw that f e fateful punch learned his sentence. many wondered why it does not include jail time. >> reporter: it was a bar fight that spilled into the streets of route 1 and college park. university of maryland students clearly out of control. one student who wasn't
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knocked out. you see him being carried by friends here. >> one punch after my client had been kicked and stomped and had a friend of his thrown out of a car, okay? he jumped up, responded to that violence, and swung. >> reporter: for taking that swing at an innocent bystander, a student was charged with second-degree assault and spent ten days in jail. but then more than a year later, godfrey dies. the state recharges the student with manslaughter and seeks probation. >> we felt it was an appropriate sentence. >> reporter: what godfrey endures were two brain surgeries and the partial removal of his skull. he had a seizure in his sleep and died more than a year after the punch. >> what this case is really all about, it's alcohol, college kids, alcohol, and college
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>> reporter: today in court, the judge said what happened here today is now going to impact the future of what happens on route one in college park, i'm sure. he sentenced the student to three years probation, no jail time. >> i would understand a family that is grieving and continuing to go through that process would not be satisfied with what happened here today. >> there is no right sentence for anybody in this case. no one. it was a story that stole the spotlight at the nfl draft. the controversy that happened right before that big draft pick. it could have cost one player a lot of money. d.c.'s mansion murder is still a case shrouded in mystery. later, the housekeeper who knew the savopoulos family so well looks back at what she remembers in the days before they were all killed. and i'm tracking what could be a very messy weekend, but not the
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ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right? the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? for a limited time, get cash back for 15% of the msrp on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles while they last. find new roads at your local chevy dealer and that forecast has clouds. it has some cool weather. it has some showers. then it has just plain rain. let's take a look and show you what's happening outside right now. the cool weather and the clouds, they continue. temperatureht
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55 degrees. average temperature this time of year 71. we're nowhere near that. i don't expect to make it there until at least sunday. 52 in frederick. 56 warrenton. some sunshine just to the west. we'll talk about that in a second. this evening if you're heading out, a lot of activities going on downtown tonight. 52 degrees at 7:00. 51 by 11:00. there's nothing on the radar right now, but i am watching a system just up to the north and west that will drop across the area. look at this. this is really fascinating here. notice the blue ridge right here. notice the clouds right up along the blue ridge and down to the south they get out of here. this is what is called cold air damming. that air of high pressure brings down northeasterly wind right
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air. it moves along the blue ridge and the clouds just sit in our area. very hard to get up and over the mountains. to the west, much warmer. look at roanoke, 83 degrees. richmond only 61 degrees. future weather. timing it out for us. here's 10:00, 11:00 tonight. notice some showers. this is when you'll need the umbrella later tonight. we think most of saturday is going to be dry. during the day, maybe a couple of isolated showers. that's it. keep the umbrella handy. i want to take this back. i'm going to move out of the way just a second. i want to show you what it's going to be like early in the morning here. we're talking like 6:00 in
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notice the heavy rain, 6:30, 7:00, 8:00. 1:00, 2:00, we get a break. we could get more on the backside. this is something that we're going to be watching very, very closely over the next couple of da days. the rain really moves back in tomorrow night. 57 degrees for tomorrow. with that break, maybe getting up to 69 degrees with a little bit of a southwesterly flow. maybe 69. i'm going optimistic here. monday most of the rain is out of here. 75 degrees on your monday. 68 degrees on tuesday. tuesday, we will see a little bit of sunshine. coming up over the next seven days, what to expect next week. we get into another different pattern. it is also a rather cool and rainy pattern. a lot of students are making a decision that could change their lives.
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to college, but some college-bound teens are taking a different approach in loudoun county. i'm kristin wright in montgomery countyhere w
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and welcome back. we're learning new details tonight about that bizarre situation that unfolded
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baltimore television station. >> this evening the man that wore that animal costume and that fake bomb is facing a number of charges. we have the latest. >> reporter: police say alex just decided to walk out of the building on his own an hour and a half after walking into wbff wearing a hedgehog onesie and surgical mask with a replica bomb strapped to his chest. >> they gave him many, many verbal commands to stop and comply. he refused and continued to advance toward officers who were staged across the street. he had one hand in his pocket and the device that appeared to be an explosive device still strapped around his torso. after failing to comply with repeated commands, police officers fired upon
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striking him three times. three officers discharged their firearms at him. >> reporter: police commissioner kevin davis says alex still refused to cooperate. they sent in the robots. it took two of them to remove the fake explosives, a life jacket with chocolate bars dangling with wires. >> it had the look it could cause an explosion. >> reporter: especially because the wiring also led to a motherboard that had been pulled out of a smoke detecter and there were more wires running down his sleeve connected to what looked like a detonator. >> although what he eventually had was a fake explosive device or replica explosive device, the fear of what he had shut down an entire community and scared a whole
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we have some breaking news right now. the search for a missing woman in northern virginia comes to an end. >> police found what they believe to be her remains this afternoon. police tell us she was murdered. someone found the body off cotton mill drive in lake ridge. >> shomari stone is live in woodbridge with the details. >> reporter: well, this is exactly what lizeth lopez's family feared. they have been wondering where she has been over a week. she was last seen in a cvs. police tell us earlier today they found her body in this area over here. this is a drainage ditch. a lot of storm runoff comes down in here. her body was found behind these trees over here and right now police are trying to figure out what exactly happened to her. they tell us this is a homicide investigation. surveillance video captured lizeth lopez walking
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cvs pharmacy in woodbridge, virginia, last sunday. two days later, her sister reported her missing to alexandria police. i interviewed her sister two nights ago. she told me she graduated from the university of maryland three weeks ago. they were planning a graduation party for her on may 15th. lizeth works with juveniles in prince william county and was very responsible, career driven, and she was very -- the type of person who didn't have any enemies. she didn't have a boyfriend. she didn't have any kids. she was just very focused on her career. back out here live, the medical examiner will do an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. i asked police what makes you think this is lizeth lopez's body. they won't say in terms of confirmation. they do say there are tattoos on the body that match that of lizeth lopez. right now, police urge anyone with informat
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william county police department. i reached out to her family and they have not returned my call. live here, shomari stone, news4. two people are facing child pornography charges accused of producing inappropriate videos with a minor in fairfax city. they're accused of producing child porn with a 16-year-old. yesterday, the fairfax county sheriff's department provided us a picture of one of the suspects, angela sourmany, but they sent us the wrong picture. this is now the correct mug shot shown on the right. we do regret the error. a sick ship had to cut its cruise short. some passengers were so weak they couldn't disembark until today. dozens of passengers and crew aboard the balmoral reported getting sick over t
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voyage. the ship ditched a planned stop to bermuda and returned to port because of the norovirus. >> he was confined to his cabin with me for 48 hours. then it cleared. we were allowed out. >> we were quite lucky because we have an outside cabin with a big window. those with an inside cabin stuck 48 hours in an inside cabin is not very nice. >> the same ship had a norovirus outbreak back in 2010. a developing story tonight. doctors here in the u.s. will soon have access to a new test that detects the zika virus. quest diagnostics says the fda has given clearance to use the zika blood test. women at risk should be tested because zika can lea
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birth defects. the test will be commercially available next week. doctors can get results within three to five days. right now, there is a new push under way in maryland to keep you safe from zika. both the state and montgomery county are putting time and money into getting the word out. kristin wright joins us with what's being done. >> avoiding mosquito bietes is critical here. montgomery county had their own big news as well. >> today, i'm announcing that our administration is budgeting an additional quarter of a million dollars for zika preparedness expenses. >> reporter: larry hogan today announcing efforts to prevent the zika virus today. they explained why they're concerned about the virus. >> mosquitos have gone from being nuisan
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public health concern. >> reporter: mosquito season starts this weekend. >> we have a lot of mosquitos in this area at nighttime. >> reporter: a key part of prevention is you. >> residents are at the front line in eliminating potential breeding habitats for mosquitos. >> reporter: eliminate standing water, clean gutters, use air-conditioning, and make sure window screens have no holes. >> we do not have the species that's transmitting zika active in our state, but we are monitoring that to make sure that that does not happen. >> montgomery county has launched a new website for information about zika. we have posted it in our nbc washington app. open the app and search montgomery county zika. are the mosquitos that can carry the mosquito virus here? a top
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said his social media accounts were hacked. why he thinks old videos of him surfaced online just moments before he was drafted. the one woman who was supposed to be in the home when the killer broke in speaks out now about how she may have cheated death. >> who knows wt hahap
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this series is going to be so much fun. get your heart medication ready. caps and pens do not disappoint. a high-scoring, high-flying affair. 60 minutes was not enough. the t.j. oshie show started with a unique warm-up routine. then he catches fire. >> it's the stuff you dream about when you're a kid playing in the backyard by yourself, getting a hat trick. it was awesome. a great way to win. we have to regroup here. >> reporter: while oshie was a puck magnet, jay
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stick mag et. >> it wouldn't come out. then i figured i might as well get to the bench. i'm useful right now. >> stick had to get there somehow. >> that's what i said. i've got the evidence right here. >> it was sort of like a halloween costume right there. he didn't know what to do. i've got a stick. what do i do. he was just trying to get off the ice. i was waiting for him to get through the door. the stick had caught. >> reporter: this series doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. a crucial game two back here saturday night right here on nbc 4. our pre-game coverage starts at 7:30. >> if tomorrow is only half as good as last night, it will still be something. a top nfl draft pick playing defense after he says his social media accounts were hack
5:42 pm
before the draft started. a two-year-old video surfaced on his twittering showing larem laremy tunsil smoking from a bong. >> i made a mistake of that happening. >> ole miss says it will investigate this and will cooperate with the ncaa. i'm susan hogan. coming up, we're talking about the cost of pet medications. it is a multibillion dollar
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it has been nearly a year since a family and a housekeeper were held hostage and then murdered before their d.c. mansion was set on fire. >> many questions about this case remain unanswered. this evening, meagan fitzgerald speaks with the family other long-time housekeeper who could have been a victim herself if not for a twist of fate. how she's coping with their loss a year later. >> reporter: there's nothing
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here. >> fixing my daughter's breakfast. >> reporter: certainly nothing normal about life. but nelly gutierrez tries to focus on each day. >> i have to take her to school. then i'm going to work. >> reporter: work for nearly two decades was inside this home on woodland drive. she was the housekeeper for savvas, amy, and philip savopoulos. amy was her best friend. she kept these roses and a note that amy sent years ago when her daughter was born. now it is a source of so much grief. >> it is so painful. >> reporter: sometimes i'm so distraught. sometimes i can't. it's too hard for me. >> reporter: it's been nearly a year since the
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tortured overnight and killed before the house was set on fire. the suspect was arrested days later. >> i was supposed to be there that day, but thank god -- he knows what happened, why i'm still here. >> reporter: vera worked for nelly, but they were also friends. they would usually work in the house together, but the day before the murders nelly was helping savvas clean a karate studio that was supposed to open the next day. >> i miss the whole family. >> reporter: life since then hasn't been easy for nelly, but her family gives her strength to keep going. he says h she says her faith reminds her she will see them again. >> i guess time is the best medication. a couple more years and i'm going to be okay, but they're still
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>> darren wint is expected to appear in court next month for a status hearing where he is expected to enter a plea. at that point, it will be determines if and when this case goes to trial. vice president joe biden calling for an international commitment to end cancer. he met with vatican officials today. biden says cancer is a constant emergency. he says the world should attack cancer with the same kind of urgency as it does when there's an infectious disease crisis. biden lost his son bo to brain cancer last year. zbrnc zbrnc the obamas and the british royals having a little fun on social media on the invictus games. both sides had their game faces on today. the prince tweeted out
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>> remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games? >> careful what you wish for. boom. >> really? please. >> boom. >> that was please from her majesty. >> oh, please. >> i love that. that was so funny. >> how are you? are you surviving this rain that you've given us all? >> i'm trying to look at the positive of it. we were suffering from allergies. now we're all feeling better. for the first part of the weekend, you're going to need the little umbrella. second half of the weekend, the big umbrella. just keep the rain gear handy. the only thing you'll be able to really get in is your run on saturday. it's looking okay for saturday because of the drizzly conditions. much of the same type of weather that we had for today.
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but still not the greatest. gardening, just wait until next weekend to get that in because next weekend is looking a little b bit better. storm team 4 radar. you can see it is tracking the area. this is a live scan across the area. good time to remind you to download the nbc washington app. you'll be able to track that rain right on down to your neighborhood. 8:00 this evening, the rain scattered. very light. drizzle moving through the area so by the time we get to midnight, early part of the day tomorrow, more wet weather. even the chance for patchy fog coming our way. your outdoor activities on saturday not too bad. mainly drizzle. cool and dry. what happens on sunday? it's looking like a washout because of all the rain we'll have at the beginning of the day as well as the afternoon hours. it is going to have a hig
5:51 pm
it is looking like it may be a storm team 4 weather alert day. we'll be monitoring that over the next 24 hours. as far as temperatures go, 53 at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. 56 for your afternoon and evening hours on saturday. overcast sky. kind of a carbon copy day through today. sunday, there's your rain front loaded. we get a break midday. a lot of folks saying can i get anything in on sunday. your best chance is from 11:00 a.m. up until about 4:00 p.m. meanwhile temperatures on sunday will be a little higher. cooler on saturday. 57. take it up to 69 degrees on sunday. again, washout. could even have some thunder around the area. we stay a little warm for monday and tuesday with a 30% chance of rain. chance of rain also midweek. 64 for the high. upper 60s on thursday, friday. the
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we have one day there and that's about it. here's another bright spot. we're saving on the ac bill, huh? >> there you go. when you own a pet, it can be expensive. >> especially if your pet needs medicine. that very issue brought a debate to capitol hill today. >> susan hogan is in our newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: pet owners spent nearly $30 billion on vet care supplies and medicine just last year alone. that is according to the american pet products association. today, a house subcommittee held a hearing to consider whether the federal government should pass legislation to lower the cost of pet prescriptions. making generic drugs more widely available could also make pet medications more affordable. it would require veterinarians to give owners a written copy of
5:53 pm
to shop around. >> they would have a conversation with their veterinarian as part of that relationship and start to explore those options. that in turn might put more pressure on manufacturers and the marketplace to create generics. >> they worry about foreign and unregulated drugs for sale on the internet. medications for pets have been available online for a while now, but you want to make sure it is accredited by the national association board pharmacy. it's the biggest commitment, maybe only second to your wedding day. we're talking about college. some students in loudoun county have found a way to make it memorable. we'll show you why this waduation
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that sound means another box is full and becomes part of a truckload of food on its way to people in need all over the world. the shipment thanks to a day of service project involving about 200 students here at alexandria country day school. students from kindergarten through the eighth grade assembled these food packages. >> as a whole school, we work together with "stop hunger now." we're packaging 20,000 meals to send off an
5:57 pm
>> if i were hunger, i would want people to help me. >> for them, they are working it. what a project. each of the meals contains rice, soy, vegetables, and a vitamin pa packet. picking a college means new swag. >> but as david culver discovered today, seniors at one loudoun county school are looking forward to leaving a piece of their future behind. >> reporter: at first, it may look like an obsession. >> i think probably around 60 or so. >> reporter: who really needs dozens of college sweatshirts. >> i love sweatshirts. it's my go-to on the weekends. >> reporter: meet this biology teacher. >> i had to have a friend of mine come in and totally redo the closet. >> reporter: it's not about the need or making some fashion statement. rather, it's about them, her students, past and present. >
5:58 pm
without thinking about the kid. >> it started off as kind of a thank you to her. >> reporter: amy is one of her former students. now a fellow science teacher at dominion. she said the sweatshirt tradition began as a way to honor a teacher who was always there, even after graduation. >> you're one of her kids even when you're her colleague. >> they're memories. they're memories of kids. >> reporter: she still remembers them. >> that was given to me by alyssa. >> she really cares about her students and it shows. >> reporter: denise doesn't only wear her pride for students. >> this is the hall of fame board. >> reporter: she also writes it out. >> the minute they figure out where they're going to go to college they get
5:59 pm
the board. kelly is going to go to william and mary. >> reporter: a teacher kept warm by her students' bright futures. >> they know that i've got something that will remind me of them. >> reporter: in sterling, virginia, david culver, news4. donald trump sparks new anger in california. protesters tried to stop him from speaking at the state's republican convention. they rushed police barricades. trump's security forces outmaneuvered them. the secret service motorcade marked near the hotel and trump walked through the back door. those protesters aren't the only ones who want to stop trump. >> his republican opponents in the race and on the sidelines are making a last-minute push now to block his nomination. jay gray has our report. >> reporter: they are
6:00 pm
breakthrough -- donald trump is looking for political gold in california. 172 delegates as the republican frontrunner closes in on the gop nomination. >> we have far more votes than anybody else. i think we're going to hit that number quite easily. >> reporter: with the california primary more than a month away, ted cruz and carly fiorina are trying to block trump's right to the white house. today indiana's governor ultimately endorsed the cruz campaign. >> i am not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> reporter: on the other side of the ballot, bernie sanders continues to walk the line. >> what this campaign is about is the


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