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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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breakthrough -- donald trump is looking for political gold in california. 172 delegates as the republican frontrunner closes in on the gop nomination. >> we have far more votes than anybody else. i think we're going to hit that number quite easily. >> reporter: with the california primary more than a month away, ted cruz and carly fiorina are trying to block trump's right to the white house. today indiana's governor ultimately endorsed the cruz campaign. >> i am not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> reporter: on the other side of the ballot, bernie sanders continues to walk the line. >> what this campaign is about is the
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revolution. >> reporter: with a comfortable lead in the race for the democratic nomination, hillary clinton spent the morning with students in new york. >> we need to break down all the barriers that keep young people from reaching their full potential and build ladders of opportunity. >> reporter: as clinton and trump, cruz, sanders, and kasich continue to fight for their opportunity for a shot at the white house. more breaking news. this time in virginia. police fousay a missing woman h been found dead. her body discovered today in a drainage ditch off cotton mill drive. investigators say she was murdered. shomari stone just spoke to police and joins us with the latest. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. we are also near where lizeth lopez worked. by a drainage ditch right her
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side of the trees is where police found her body. we're between cotton mill drive and griffith avenue. i interviewed her sister two nights ago and she feared someone had kidnapped lopez. surveillance video captured lopez walking inside a cvs pharmacy in woodbridge last sunday. two days later her family was concerned she was in danger and reported her missing to alexandria police. lopez graduated from the university of maryland with a degree in criminal justice three weeks ago. she works with juveniles. her sister told me she didn't have any enemies or a boyfriend. >> as of right now, we have said that it is her. we normally wait for the medical examiner to confirm that 100%. but due to what we know about her, we strongly believe that it is. >> reporter: it is very hidden. that is where police say they
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found the body. the medical examiner will do an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. i asked police do they have any persons of interest, have they identified a suspect. they told me this is still under investigation. it's worth mentioning that homicide detectives urge anyone with information, if you know who is responsible for this, they want to hear from you. live here in prince william county, i'm shomari stone. news4. three straight days of rain. it's not letting up anytime soon. doug, i guess we need the rain, but this is yucky, man. >> it's yucky, vance, but exactly right. we need the rain. we need the rain, a, to wash away the pollen. we need the rain, b, to grow all the beautiful flowers. april showers bring may flowers. we've seen a lot over the past couple of days. storm team 4 radar dry. i am tracking a system just back towards pittsburgh. we are
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56 in fredericksburg. back to the west we're in the 60s. east of the blue ridge we've been socked with those clouds all day long. tomorrow's headlines same as today. weekend rain, it's there too. we're talking potential for a lot of rain. i'll show you when the most rain moves in coming up in just a few minutes. vance? >> thanks, doug. we invite you to consult the nbc washington app. there's an interactive radar on there that tracks all kinds of weather stuff as it rolls through your neighborhood. you can search the nbc washington app in the app store or on google play. a local youth soccer organization is ordering changes to its background checks for coaches because of the findings of an investigation by news4. a man was arrested for trying to sexually entice a child, but continued coaching youth soccer for months after h
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now there's new fallout and this is raising new questions. >> reporter: montgomery county has some large and popular youth soccer leagues, but a federal worker has just been arrested trying to lure a child for sex was able to keep coaching in one of the county's most popular leagues. he was arrested in a sting in late 2014. investigators say he thought he was luring a 12-year-old boy to leave robinson secondary school in fairfax for a rendezvous at a nearby park. he even brought an open bottle of red wine. the boy was an undercover cop who arrested the man. he pleaded guilty and is serving a two-year jail term. he kept coaching soccer for the soccer association of montgomery. a league official told news4 they were unaware that he was ever arrested until he notified them last night.
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ensure that none of the soccer players were victimized. >> we want to make sure we're outreaching to folks to determine if there are other incidents we need to follow up on. >> reporter: the association is ordering more frequent background checks of coaches to ensure a positive, safe environment. tax records show he served as the director of the damascus soccer club for youth. the league's president alerted parents about what news4 found and urged parents with information to call police. there was a full investigation of him and his computers, and there were zero ties to youth soccer programs. before he was sentenced by a judge in fairfax county, he submitted letters of support from friends ask
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some of those letters were written by friends who said they came to respect him by his work through youth soccer clubs. >> thank you. new developments out of baltimore tonight. the man shot and wounded by police during a tv station standoff is now facing charges. his name is alex brizzi. he walked into the fox station in baltimore yesterday wearing an animal-like costume, a onesie, and a life preserver designed to look like an explosive vest. the man's father said his son thought the world was coming to an end and was trying to get the message out. >> we're getting some new pictures of that phony bomb that br brizzi had strapped to his chest. take a look. this is gives you an idea of what police they
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dealing with. those are chocolate bars wrap pd in foil and connected by wires. when they saw a motherboard, they got very concerned. >> these wires, none of it had the capacity to cause any type of explosion, but it certainly had the look that it could cause an explosion. >> although what alex brizzi eventually had was a fake explosive device or replica sploesexplosive device, the fea down an entire community. >> police say about 45 minutes later he walked out of the building on his own. they ordered him to stop, but he just kept coming towards the officers and a police sniper shot him. even laying on the ground wounded, brizzi refused to cooperate, so they sent in the bomb squad
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it took two of them to pry the vest off his chest. he is expected to make a full recovery. the pentagon says a series of mistakes led to the deadly attack on a hospital in afghanistan. at least 30 people were kill in that attack that happened back in october. the intended target was a taliban outpost, but the air strikes hit a hospital supported by the group doctors without borders. pentagon investigators say human and technical errors led to tragedy, but they say it was not a war crime. >> importantly, the investigation concluded that the personnel involved did not know they were striking a medical facility. >> the intended target was 1300 feet from the hospital. a general officer is among the service members receiving d
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tonight, some people want to know why a sentence handed down today did not include jail time. a former student at the university of maryland got three years probation for assaulting a student who later died. died more than a year after the initial attack. he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. godfrey fell and hit his head. he recovered after some surgery, went back to school, but then died last november from a seizure related to those injuries. if you're planning to ride the red line, it may take you longer to reach your destination. trains will be single tracking starting at 8:00 tonight. crews will be inspecting cables and making repairs to the third rail. they will also be working to fix
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service this week. >> you're adding 30 minutes to your commute. if you're trying to meet people for brunch or trying to catch a movie, it really effects you. >> you'd rather take the bus than the train? >> two buses. every day. >> i'm staying away over the weekend. >> there will also be delays on the orange and silver lines this weekend for repairs. it impacts the area between boston and the falls church stations. not quite clear yet whether donald trump can lock it in. there are questions about whether his comments about women might have an impact on the race. nbc's chuck todd will join us coming up. i'm darcy spencer in fairfax station where the fire chief is calling on a website to take down lewd comments posted about a firefighter who took her own life. >> we need to clean up this
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and people need to act right. plus, new concerns about the zika virus. why you could be
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more presidential politics now. we're just four days away from a primary that could give donald trump enough votes to virtually lock in the republican
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tuesday. there are 57 delegates at stake there. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd is here. let's start with the endorsement by the indiana governor for ted cruz. does that have legs at all? >> not the way he did it. he first praised donald trump for all the ways he has channelled the anger of the republican electorate, but by the way, i'm going to vote for ted cruz. he now feels bad that it look like it was almost a backhanded endorsement of trump and he is going to be more emphatic about it as the weekend goes on. it is make or break for cruz, and i think cruz knows it. he announced a running mate. he's done everything he can. he got the governor's support. if hean
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out. >> while ted cruz is causing all that commotion, donald trump seems to be doubling down on immigration. >> he's got his own commotion. >> his crack about hillary clinton playing the woman card. i've seen a lot of stuff in the media about that, but how does that play in the election with the voters? >> look, the numbers say he's in deep trouble with women voters, particularly suburban women voters who are swing voters between democrats and republicans. mitt romney won suburban white m women. donald trump is losing them by ten points. he's got a problem. he's got a problem with hispanics. he's got to deal with one. at some point, they have to figure out how to improve his image with women. i think the hispanic thing is baked in. there's nothing that's going to get over -- what happened in california today is a reminder.
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it was all immigration based protesting. that isn't going to play for him. he's got to fix that. we'll see. he's got some work to do. >> he doesn't seem inclined to. >> not yet, but he's not hurting himself in the primary. >> with his hard core following. let's turn to the supreme court thing for a minute. there's some outside pressure being put on a number of republican senators. take a look at this. i want to hear your comment on it. >> the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes, no exception for election years. why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? he refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor who has more experience than any other
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call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics. >> the white house is concerned they've lost some traction here. notice his name is not even mentioned the piece. i've talked to some democrats who worry that merrick garla garland -- they're not selling him. there isn't an emotional attachment to him by some voters. without it, you don't have that sense of, oh, it is being unfair. to successfully, i think, push this, you need to create somebody who is being victimized here. in this case it is merrick garland, but it hasn't really worked yet. this is a last effort by some groups that are hoping these ads can respark something. they hope they get some traction. i've talked to republicans who admit this doesn't help them, but they say trump's a far greater worry to them. trump is a far
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with swing voters than the supreme court. of the two, that's what they're worried about. they don't think the supreme court stuff isn't having an impact. i've got cruz making his last case here about indiana. sunday the fifth anniversary of the bin laden raid. i have a live interview with the director of the cia. we're going to talk about what's next and how safe is europe for our kids to be traveling in this summer. fairfax county's fire chief is calling for a local blog to shut down over lewd comments about one of his firefighters. that firefighter nicole mittendorff took her life earlier this month. her death might be part of a troubling trend. darcy spencer is in fairfax
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this. darcy? >> reporter: doreen, the chief called a press conference to demand that this website take down those comments about firefighter nicole mittendorff. i spoke to the administrator of that site this afternoon. he says no one has reached out to him to ask him to take down those comments. in fact, he says they have never been flagged as abusive. it appears at this point they're going to stay. the fire chief taking action to prevent women in his department from being targeted by lewd or sexist comments or behavior. there are 1400 firefighters in the department. 165 are women. >> i'll also be implementing a comprehensive zero tolerance for any discrimination, any harassment, any bullying. >> reporter: this is a response to the death of firefighter nicole mittendorff who took her own life. she and other female firefighters were targeted on the fairfax
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>> it's ridiculous and that's why i'm appealing to the person who hosts this site to take down the lewd comments and certainly consider shutting the site down. >> reporter: we spoke to jeff dill who heads the firefighter behavioral health alliance which tracks firefighter suicides. >> we're culturally brainwashed. it starts in our fire academies that we're supposed to handle every issue, so be strong, brave, courageous. give help, don't ask for help. >> reporter: the fire chief doesn't know if the posts had anything with the mittendorff's death, but he's demanding the fairfax underground take down the comments. but the administrator of fairfax underground says he will not shut down the site. he says he has not been previously asked to take down the comments and doesn't plan to unless perhaps asked by mittendorff's family. he said, quote, it wouldn't do
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censor the past. the chief is going to set up a task force to deal with harassment and bullying within the department. there's also going to be some education about suicide prevention. a crime that unfolded near the vice president's mansion. tonight, the family's housekeeper is sharing her memories about that tragic day and reveals the one thing she will not take for granted. coming up, we'll show you why this graduat io
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another rainy, drizzly, cold day. doug, this is no way to begin a weekend. >> yeah, that's true. yuck for sure. that's what we're going to be dealing with the next couple of days. some of you are saying we kind of like these days. others are saying i'm already ready for fall. that actually coming from a friend of mine. national harbor camera right now. this is the yuck we're talking about. look at the bugs out there too. that's even more of a yucky-type of deal. right now lots of green. this is very good news for the rain. we've been dry over the past two and a half, three weeks, even the past two
6:26 pm
over the last few days. 55 degrees. winds 10 miles per hour. only in the 50s. temperatures not going down all that much. then overnight tonight we'll see a chance for some shower activi activity. if you're heading out this evening, a lot of activities going on tonight. there'll be very scattered, the showers. temperatures dropping into the low 50s by around 9:00 to 11:00. nothing on the radar now, but i'm tracking a system back to the north and the west. take a look at this. look at how the clouds are east of the blue ridge while to the west we're high and dry. this is a wedge or cold air damming where we have an area of high pressure up to the north. that brings us the northeasterly flow right off the ocean. it brings that moist, cool air off the motion into the mount n mountai mountains.
6:27 pm
atmosphere and keeps us on the cool side. if you were to fly going above the clouds at 2,000, 3,000 feet, you'd see the sunshine out there. it's 55 d.c. it's 82 right now in roanoke. we're not far from the warm air, but the cold air wins out almost every time in these situations. a few showers around. any showers will be light, but take that purse umbrella if you have one. tomorrow morning, a few isolated showers. tomorrow will be mostly dry. tomorrow night completely different story. look at the rain. some of it heavy. here we are 8:00. if you have some games on sunday, they're going to be tough to get in. here we are at 6:00. notice some showers. maybe a rumble of thunder on sunday. now tomorrow we're in the upper 50s to maybe around 60 at the
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most, but i'm only going really 58 degrees in this city. 51 degrees at 9:00. 55 at noon. not a bad day to ride a bike. 69 on your sunday. 75 on monday. tuesday coming up at 68 degrees. chance of showers each day. wait until you see the seven-day forecast. i'll show you how much more in the way of showers we can see. a member of a school board convicted of stealing from students she was elected to serve. harsh words from the judge during sentencing today. haunti ining memories for t housekeeper after the d.c. mansion murders. trump versus cruz. that contest not only playing out on the national stage. there's a big battle her ate
6:29 pm
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing.
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especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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she was earning more than $70,000 a year, but a former prince george's county official still took advantage of a free school lunch program. >> today that woman was sentenced for fraud, but she won't have to go to jail. as tracee wilkins reports, there were some harsh words from the
6:32 pm
>> reporter: lynette mundy says she was appointed to the school board she wouldn't take orders. she claims she was targeted because of that. >> she was prosecuted simply because she broke the law and we held her accountable. >> reporter: mundy was a manager with gao, the government agency that discovered she was filing false free school lunch application on behalf of her daughter even though she was making more than $70,000 a year. today, mundy was sentenced to three months probation. it's something the judge reminded her of when he reprimanded her from going off in court and yelling at the jury and the states attorney after she was found guilty a few months ago. at one point, mundy had to be removed from the courtroom in handcuffs. today, the judge said, i was disturbed by the allegations, but what i found appalling was your conduct upon the reading of the verdict on behalf of
6:33 pm
jury. for someone who has dedicated a significant portion of your life to public service, i was offended by the way you reacted to the verdict. today mundy's attorney defended his client's response. >> i think that's a testament to her. she's real. she's genuine. she was hurt and she expressed it. >> reporter: mundy is on paid administrative leave and about to be fired from the gao. she told me she wants to appeal this case. nearly one year of the d.c. mansion murders, there's new reaction from the family's trusted housekeeper nelly gutierrez. says she tries to stay focused on her work and taking care of her daughter, but is reminded of the tragedy every single day. gutierrez spent 20 years working for the
6:34 pm
last may, savvas, amy, phillip savopoulos and the housekeeper vera were killed. >> sometimes i'm so distraught. sometimes i can't. it's too hard for me. i was supposed to be there that day, but thank god -- he knows what happened, why i'm still here. a couple more years and i'm going to be okay, but they're still in my heart. >> darren wint is due back in court. officers arrested andre
6:35 pm
alvarado and angela sourmeny on wednesday. they are accused of producing child porn when the 16-year-old was at their home for a party. the sheriff's department provided us a picture of today, we were notified they sent the wrong picture. today, we have the correct mug shot. we regret that error. for donald trump, winning the virginia primary back in march was an important step forward in the process. two months later, there is a new trump versus cruz battle playing out in the commonwealth. that's because republicans are choosing their delegates for the national convention this summer. >> reporter: the virginia gop convention off to a rocket start today. it's a scaled down version of what some republicans envision
6:36 pm
convention in july. a contested convention is actually what some are hoping for. he's firmly in the never trump camp. >> based on principles, trump in my mind is not a conservative and not a republican. yes, i'm a never trump. >> reporter: here's a look at what this convention may matter so much. virginia sends 49 delegates to the national convention. if there is a contested convention and a second ballot, those delegates are unbound. they can vote for the candidate of their choice. 13 of the delegates will be chosen tomorrow, and ted cruz supporters are trying to win a majority. >> ten or above. i'm very confident we'll have more than 10 of 13 delegates that will be cruz delegates tomorrow. >> reporter: she's convinced trump will wrap things up well before the convention. >> he's the prp
6:37 pm
>> reporter: this gop leader believes even though virginia republicans are still embroiled in a fierce battle, it won't splinter the party in the fall. >> we had our differences. that was a fight within the family. now it is time to get on to the general election. hillary clinton has to be defeated. >> reporter: today's convention is mostly about the rules. tomorrow, it will fill up when those delegates are selected. if i didn't have to be out of town tomorrow, i certainly would be in the verizon center for game two. i've heard several times today because i was there last night and they won i'm some kind of good luck charm and that i should be wearing the same underwear when i go back. that's what they said. i assume i can wash it in between. i will go back. i just won't be there tomorrow. i had my
6:38 pm
do they ever run into each other during those warmups? she said they never do like on a football field when they start fights. the game itself off the hook, y'all. game one being an overtime thriller. didn't have to be there to know this is going to be one incredible series. game two against the penguins airs right here on nbc 4 tomorrow night. carol and jason are the lucky ones. they're going to be getting you ready starting at 7:30. in subsequent games, look for me somewhere in that joint, but with clean underwear. maybe the ones -- >> we won't be checking. don't worry. >> i won't allow it either. >> don't worry. i'm representing our team tomorrow. you can't be there. i'll be there. i'm going to wear my new jersey the caps gave me. it's not your typical graduation ceremony. how this program is helping
6:39 pm
be torn apart by drugs and crime. new steps taken to keep y and your family safe from the zika virus. and vance, you were an athlete. you know you can't wash those underwear, man. not until we lose. the rain helping one thing. that's the pollen. everything on the low side. the rain washing that away. we'll talk much more about what to expect
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6:41 pm
thousands of children all over this country end up in foster care. it's because their parents get locked up for drug abuse or child neglect. there's a program here in d.c. called family treatment court. that program is helping reunite those families rather than tearing them apart. >> i would be dead. >> reporter: ebony marsh has se
6:42 pm
issues as well as a drug addiction. more than a year and a half ago, things had gotten so bad at home she was in danger of having her children taken away and put into foster care. that's when her daughter stepped and gave her mom a choice. get help or lose her family. >> i wouldn't let my mom come around my daughter. i wouldn't let her touch her. you can't come in my room. it hurt me. >> she had the strength to call and get me help. i wasn't able to do it on my own. >> reporter: marsh was offered the opportunity to enter the d.c. superior court's family treatment court, a 15-month program that provides drug rehab, counseling, and other support. today, along with five other women, marsh graduated as her family watched. >> i'm proud of her. i'm just at a loss for -- i knew she could do it. she just needed the push and i was the push. >> reporter: today marsh and her children are back together, just lik t
6:43 pm
celebrating today. judge pamela gray says family court has been saving families for 14 years now. >> we do get the children back home a lot faster and less than that trauma. >> it was a struggle getting here, but i made it. >> reporter: she made it with the help of this program and the support of her family. >> i love you. >> reporter: at d.c. superior court, mark segraves, news4. >> wonderful program. here's what's coming up next. i'm kristin wright in
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
turns out the first person in the u.s. to die from the zika virus had other health problems. the man was 70 years old. he lived in puerto rico where nearly 700 infections have been confirmed. he died from a rare immune reaction to the virus that caused internal bleeding. experts do not believe his death means the virus is being more virulent. maryla m. >> today i'm announcing our administration is budgeting an additional quarter of a million dollars for zika preparedness expenses. i urge marylanders to stay informed and to continue to use common sense in the months
6:47 pm
vacations or go about your day-to-day lives. >> there are 12 confirmed cases of zika in maryland right now all involving travel aboard. montgomery county also working to stop the spread of the zika viruvirus. kristin wright takes a look now at why we could be at risk. >> reporter: fight the bite, montgomery county's new awareness campaign against the zika virus. so far no cases in the county, but 12 in maryland. today in rockville county leaders announced a mosquito task force. >> they are basically indoor living mosquitos. they are actively biting during the daytime. >> reporter: the mosquitos that carry zika are not common in our area. >> but the one that has been documented to carry the
6:48 pm
>> reporter: aspen hill resident wonders if the storm water management program will attract mosquitos this summer. the system uses soil and plants as a greener way to filter runoff. water does pool in the 48 hours that it can take to drain. >> it is standing water. it is standing water. how long is it going to take to drain. >> reporter: environmental officials will continue to evaluate the program. >> mosquitos have gone from being a nuisance to a larger public health concern. >> reporter: montgomery county started a zika website with information on the virus and ways to prevent
6:49 pm
news4. doug is here with a check on our weather. hard to imagine that it's almost going to be may this weekend. sure doesn't feel like it. i've got the furnace on at my house. >> we had the air conditioner on last week. now we're back to the furnace. that's exactly what's going on. this is what happens this time of year. we expect that. it's going to be cool. evening planner tonight. if you're heading out, 55 degrees. temperatures dropping into the low 50s. maybe a few showers. take the umbrella with you. you may not need it the entire night, but still a very good idea to keep it just in case you get into some of those showers. 53 out towards reston. crofton around that 50-degree mark. see these showers just starting to develop back to the west? i'm tracking these now because i
6:50 pm
move into our region around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight. tomorrow, keep it handy. although i think most of the day looks dry. cool conditions for sure. i've got a chance of a sprinkle in there, but that's all it's going to be. 58 by 3:00. if you have games tomorrow, they may not be cancelled. don't just not show up. it happened to me last week. my practice, i had two other kids at practice. oh, i thought it was cancelled. i told you it would be okay. i'm telling you now it's probably going to be okay. tomorrow what to wear, the jacket and the umbrella for sure. if my team is watching, i'm not calling you out. this is the day we're going to see rain. it will be heavy early in the day. then we'll have a break and then there'll be more. sunday, don't show up. they're going to be cancelled. 75 on monday. 68 degrees on tuesday. next wee
6:51 pm
each day. next weekend going to look interesting too. maybe another cool and gloomy kind of weekend. we just had two beautiful weekends back to back. >> well, there is that. extra pressure on the team when the coach is also the weatherman. >> isn't that awful? >> go nationals. coming up in sports, what a game
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
guess who's a hockey fan. that would be me. boy, what a game. chris miles, that was something, wasn't it? >> it is all about pacing. game one of the second round against the pens was more like two ferraris going full speed. the caps were ahead 3-2 late
6:55 pm
the third. nick tied things up with 11 minutes remaining. no one else scored in regulation sending the game into overtime. in the extra session, the legend of t.j. oshie continued to grow. >> it was a lot more up and down, a lot more three-on-twos. a lot more offensive chances. really edge of your seat kind of stuff. >> got to find your way with different opponents, different styles. probably fortunate to be up 1-0. >> it's a different series. the philly series was an in your face, grind
6:56 pm
type of series. this one is a little different animal. i think there's an adjustment period for us last night for sure. >> game two pens, caps, you can catch on nbc 4. puck drops at 8:00 tomorrow evening. there's a new doctor in the district and he's claimed wide receiver. josh doctson is his name, passipass i passing is his game. at 6'2", doctson has mad leaping skills. the redskins traded up a spot to get the tcu product. why doctson was a must-have prospect. >> there's a lot of scenarios you play out. the scouts did an excellent job. there's a lot of guys taken before us that we didn't ppa
6:57 pm
on the board at that time for us. we traded back a spot with houston obviously. still josh was there. he was clearly the best player and scott's been preaching that and we went with the board. >> the nats have lost three straight. they have only scored three runs in those games. were swept by the phillies. the nats haven't scored since tuesday night. they're on the road tonight in st. louis. washington series begins with strasburg on the mound. the birds put a hurting on the white sox. manny machado led the way. 10-2 victory. baltimore continues the series with chicago. redskins made a splash in the first round of the nfl draft. second round starts in a few minutes. we'll have thee latest on who they select tonight. >> they've got a tough schedule coming up ahead of them. eight games, whatever it is, something
6:58 pm
really rough. we'll see what kind of grit they have. >> they're mad now. >> we've got something going on. coming up, "nitly news."gh
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tonight, storming the gates. payoff as trump protesters block traffic, breaching barricades and clashing with police. some forced to pull over on the highway, rush through a field swarmed by security. developing news. the first u.s. death from zika. new concerns, and a new zika test just approved. new tornado warnings. as another violent outbreak targets tens of millions. giant hail and life-threatening floods. up in smoke. a gas mask, a bong, and the tale of the tape that ended with millions of dollars lost in a matter of minutes. high drama on live tv. and no laughing matter. is there anything funny about a hollywood comedy about ronald reagan in the grip of alzheimer's. his family sure doesn't think so. and a big star is under fire.


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