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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, searching for answers. a virginia woman missing more than a week found dead in a ditch. police now trying to figure out what happened and who was with her after she was seen in this video.
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cool weather continues i will show you how long. and newest name added to a permanent memorial added for those killed in the line of duty. >> a lasting tribute to a prince georges county firefighter who gave his life in service. >> he was shot and killed two weeks ago now. his family and the firefighter who survived came together for a essential ceremony. >> reporter: it is tradition here that a fallen firefighter's name is engraved on this memorial that stands the test of time so his or her sacrifice is remembered forever. two weeks to the day after the unimaginable tragedy that claimed the life of lieutenant john ulmschneider a his family watched as his name was unveiled in the firefighters memorial.
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who died performing the job of helps others in their greatest time of need. >> as we lay him to rest and as kevin recovered and went home, firefighter and paramedics all over the region wrapped this department and families in their thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: present at the ceremony was firefighter kevin swain. he survived the deadly chaos the night of april 15th when a man suspected of being in medical distress began to shoot at first responders entering the home to help him. his mother said she is so proud of her son who is just 19 years old. she says her heart breaks for the ulmschneider family. >> we are very sad for the family. we are grateful that our son is here and thankful for the fire departments an everyone who has done stuff for us thwe
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and the othered iffeded if. we are grateful people. >> reporter: those who assembled here tonight observed a moment of silence at 7:51, the exact time of the shooting live in landover hills, jackie bensen, news 4. back to you. a local family's worst fears were realized this morning when police found the body of their missing sister and daughter. 36-year-old lizette lopez was found in a ditch a little over a mile from where she was last seen at a cvs drugstore in woodbridge. police say it was a homicide. shomari stone has more. >> reporter: tonight the family is absolutely heart broken. her mother was supposed to come from bolivia for her graduation party on may 15th. she was last seen behind me at this cvs pharmacy. her body was found less than two mil a
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>> i saw him outside and i was like that's really unusual for him to be out this early. >> cindy sensed something was wrong when her daughter's dog barked this morning. >> she said i had to let him out. he wouldn't stop crying. he kept trying to wander away. >> reporter: cindy believes he knew a body was behind the townhouse in woodbridge. police believe the body is that of 36-year-old lizzette lopez. a neighbor found the body near the drainage ditch. the recent university of m more graduate had been missing almost two weeks. >> going to go back through and do reenter views and talk to additional people this i now that we have homicide, a crime. >> she just graduated. pe
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the crime scene. detectives found her car after the day after she was reported missing. this video shows her walking in to krvts that sunday night. her family reported her missing two days later. police say an autopsy will help determine how she died. >> did your sister have any enemies? did she give you any indication that something was going wrong in her life? >> not at all. she was the most friendly person. always liked. she had a big heart dblgts urge anyone with information about the homicide that they want to hear from you. call the prince william county police department. in woodbridge, sew marry stone, news 4. two tornados touched down in oklahoma flipping cars, destroying homes send aing rz dents running for shelter.
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>> when people talk about picking up the pieces this is what they mean. this family digging through the debris of what was until today their home. the wind gusts up to 115 miles an hour, enough to overturn truck and force police to shut down a 20-mile stretch of the freeway. families who took cover were shocked to see the damage. >> we were inside the storm shelter, never would have thought that not have a house to come home to. >> the bad weather is extending in to texas where flights arriving in to dallas are delayed by three hours. >> thank you. after a wet week, time to look at what's in store for us this weekend. >> we want to know, are we going to get any braebs from the clouds and rain? this is getting old. >> it is getting old quickly. we will get breaks tomorrow but the clouds will stick around and so is the cooler weather. we saw a couple of showers move through. around 9:00, 10:00. a coup o
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region, around the metro area and more moving in here. we're not done with the rain. most of the day tomorrow will be okay. look at the numbers, low 50s. they are got going down that much. tomorrow they won't rise much. if you are thinking of taking the bike out, not bad. 55, maybe sprinkles during the middle of the day. 55 degrees. there's a lot more rain on the way. i will show you when that moves in a few minutes. the fairfax county fire chief took aim today at the on-line forum where lewd comments were posted about a firefighter who killed herself earlier this month. chief is upset with the messages on the blog. the posts were made before her body was found but it is not clear if the post had anything to do with her death. a former battalion chief talked about the pressure firefighters face. >> it starts in our firefighter academies that we are
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be strong, brave, courageous, give help, don't ask for help. >> that's why i'm appealing to the person that hosts this site to take down the lewd comments. >> reporter: the blog's administrator does not plan to remove the comments. they are investigating whether any of the firefighters posted some of the negative messages about mittendorff. >> today the center of america's fight against the zika virus, puerto rico reported its first related death. a 70-year-old man died of internal bleeding and other complications. another development, the fda signed off on emergency use of commercial tests for the virus that could be made to approved local labs next week. maryland has funding for zika prevention. the amar ymayor approved
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first-degree murder today. a man stabbed oscar navarro dozens of times in a gruesome crime. police say the two men knew one another. they connected him to the murder from a bloody fingerprint and sneaker print he left at the scene. prosecutors today called him a monster. >> when you have an individual that stabbed somebody 89 times and carved out his liver and placed it on the victim's body, it's a scary thing. >> reporter: prosecutors are seeking the maximum punishment which is life without the possibility of parole. montgomery county man will spend the next 25 years in prison for a three-day crime spree. kristchri christian jordan targeted e
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to kidnap one of the victims. when he was arrested he had a bb gun he used during his crimes. major youth soccer program in montgomery county says it is ordering more frequent background checks for coaches after the findings of a news 4 investigation reported last night. carmelo montaza pleaded guilty. turned out to be a sting by an under cover police officer. the i-team found monanez coached in the soccer association in montgomery county after his arrest. the league said it was unaware of the charges. it now plans to increase the frequency of its background checks. they want to make sure no soccer kids were victimized.
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year sentence this month. protests over donald trump turned violent outside of california's gop convention. tonight the cruz campaign is hoping virginia will help to stop trump if from clinching the nomination. the weekend every year when hollywood comes to the potomac. there were still some a-list celebrities at the white house tonight.
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the legendary aretha franklin one of the many superstars gracing the stage at the white house on the. president obama and the first lady hosted the fifth anniversary international jazz day all-star global concert. hollywood and media stars enjoyed performances from herbie hancock, sting, diana crawl and buddy guy. many of those stars will stick around for the annual white house correspondents dinner tomorrow night. comedy central's host will host it. it is taking on added significance because it will be his final appearance as president. he usually pokes fun at himself but don't be surprised if he cracks jokes about some
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people running to be his successor. for the second day in a row, protests turned heated. demonstrators broke down barricades and scuffled with police where trump was speaking. at one point they blked the road and trump had to find another way in. >> revolution. it's come to violence and that's just the way it goes. >> felt i was crossing the border actually. i was crossing the border, but i got here. >> reporter: all of this after 20 people were arrested and at least one person was bloodied in rowdy protests outside of a trump rally last night. the virginia gop is holding its convention in harrisburg and ted cruz is hoping to walk away with more delegates. some
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hope cruz will earn at least ten. that could give him more delegates than trump who won virginia on primary day. the most powerful pub can in maryland is refusing to throw his support behind trump. if there was any question about governor hogan's position, he answered it today. >> i haven't been reluctant. i said i was not going to get involved and i would not endorse any candidate and i was going to focus on maryland. i get asked it every day but have been saying the same thing. i'm not going to take anymore stupid questions about donald trump. >> trump earned 50% of the vote in maryland's republican primary this week and took home all of the state's delegates. the fairfax county school calendar will start and end earlier. classes for the 2017/18 school year will start before labor day. the first day of school in the fall of 2017 will be august 28th. the so-called ki
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requires virginia schools to start after labor day to boost tourism. but fairfax county got a waiver. a celebration for hundreds of seniors in prince georges county. schools around the county held college signing days celebrating students choosing an academic career beyond high school. seven of the students honored will attend ivy league schools. middle and elementary schools have events where they learned about careers and the importance of higher education. >> graduations springtime thing didn't feel like graduation weather around here today. >> no, it felt like you were going back after december break. >> that's what it did. >> except for rain across the area it is cold for this time of the year. temperatures this time should be -- or have been around 71. that's the kind of spring-like weather we had the past two weeks. the past three days have been different. on the chilly side for sure.
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eight miles an hour. we have the clouds and drizzle and light rain around. it will continue. just about nerve the low 50s and temperatures won drop much tonight. it will be cool but not cold. wake up similar to what you woke up to this morning. few showers and the radar has a hard time picking up drizzle and we are seeing some around. keep the umbrella handy even tomorrow. watching the system move to the east. behind it not much going on. we are seeing a cold air wedge. high pressure -- why are we so cold, that high pressure is to the north, giving ate northeasterly wind. as it does, the winds move up against the appalachians and the blue ridge, form clouds, very moist air moves in and that's why we are so cool. south of this, where the cold
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look at the high temperatures, 56 in d.c. other side of the appalachians, roanoke 83. you know how far that is not far for folks going to virginia tech. 83 down there and they saw abundant sunshine all day today. the clouds will stick around tomorrow, too. tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m., the clouds are here. any showers should be back to the mountains. during the day, i don't think we will see much sunshine. we have a northeasterly flow. the rain moves in tomorrow night. if you are going out tomorrow take the umbrellas. 11:00, notice the showers. overnight it gets fairly heavy and in the morning, more rain, heavy rain at noon. if you have games on sunday that's the day we will have cancellations. heads thereupon. what to wear tomorrow, jacket and umbrella. still cool. take the umbrella just in case. it is a small
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colorful, too. you will need it tomorrow and the next couple of days sunday the big umbrella. 100% chance of rain. 69. 75 a on monday. another chance of showers on monday. slight chance of a shower on tuesday. maybe a little sun. another slight chance on wednesday. and then maybe another storm system moving in next friday. thursday looks dry. >> wow. >> that's the only day. >> most of the days will be dry with a few showers. >> you are going to come through for mother's day weekend, right? >> you better. >> of course. my mom lives in florida. >> thanks, doug. coming up, t.j. oshie had the caps smiling after the game one performance. we will look back at his special night. >> but first here's jimmy fallon. >> paul rudd is my guest tonight and thank you
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> well, about the same time last night, remember, we were on the edge of our seats. the game-winning goal was being reviewed. >> hearing about it on another channel, weren't we? the goal was good and the caps went up 1-0 in the series and we need to make it a two-game lead tomorrow, huh? >> the guy that made it happened, t.j. oshie is a patriotic guy. he was in the 2014 olympics on thursday represented for t
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and the patriotism showed up in pittsburgh. oshie recorded a hat trick in washington including the game winner in overtime in game one on thursday against the penguins. this is the kind of thing that makes legends and the performance when pivotal games on a quest for a stanley cup. >> oshie when he first came over to us from st. louis, he saw how ove demands the puck. one of the best scorers of this generation. it was natural for him to want to get the puck over there. we had toss him down a few times and say you can shoot well. don't always look for ove. if you have a clear look take your chances. as the season went on he did that and that's why his
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>> trust the confidence building. they are on the ice tomorrow. catch the game here at 8 p.m. the redskins took two defensive players in the draft. usc and familiar face kendall. 6'1", 225 pounds, he is listed as a safety and linebacker. redskins defensive coordinator recruited cravens. fuller played football in high school. birds in trouble. up one run. bases loaded. adam jones, saving the day with the double play. a great throw home. crisis averted. the birds bats remain hot. the three-run blast. they scored
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all victories 6-3. the nats really need to get the bats going. they came in to st. louis with 22 inning scoring drought. espinosa no home runs picked a good time to hit his first. nationals on top 5-2. peter strasburg went seven innings, nine strikeouts, two earned runs. after a losing streak the win. such a busy night on the diamond and for the redskins, congrats to the newest additions to the team. you can see the game here on nbc4. another day, wear red tomorrow. doug, hope you are ready to remain strong with the beard. it's going to get really long. >> you know it. >> who's going to the game tomorrow? >> you are. >> wearing a sweater. >> we will be wearing our
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the beach exhibit at the national building museum attracted thousands, you may recall, and folks are jumping at the chance to experience it again. the museum is repurposing the exhibit with a new interactive experience. you can build anything you want with the plastic balls which have been glued and velcroed together. tickets are sold out but a lot of you have takenen to our
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talk about it. while you are at the caps ge iam
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- paul rudd. hugh dancy. me


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