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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 30, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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around 50 degrees now. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain anywhere from the beaches to the mountains. way off to the west now getting moderate showers here coming into indiana, illinois, kentucky and tennessee. that's going to track our way, but not until late tonight. i've got the new hour-by-hour timing coming up in a few minutes. for today, you'll need a light jacket, long sleeves and pants, staying cloudy and cool throughout the day. >> tom, thanks so much. it's 8:30. a developing story this morning out of prince george's county. a man is dead after crash in port washington. police say he was traveling southbound and indian head highway at palmer road when he lost control and hit a guardrail. we're working to find out the victim's name and what led up to the crash. when we get more information we will put it on our nbc washington app. spreading the word on right now, you'll want to, first responders and staff preparing for a big training exercise at
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30 minutes, at 9:00. crews there will be holding a full-scale emergency preparedness drill. it's expected to last through noon. staff and emergency crews will simulate and aircraft accident. again, this is just a drill. the exercise is being done in a remote part of the airport. we're told this should not affect regular air travel. well, today is prescription drug takeback day. you can get rid of that unwanted and expired prescription drug bottle, and all of the drugs inside. news 4 derrick ward is at a drop-off point in leesburg, virginia. this isn't the only drop-off, right? >> reporter: no, it isn't. this is actually the dea headwaurs and they have a museum here, believe it or not. one of the exhibits is a medicine cabinet about the dangers right in your medicine cabinet. they're doing this to give people an opportunity to turn in dangerous drugs. they say about 2.1 million people in the united states do
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painkillers. opioid painkillers and studies suggest it can often lead to an addiction to stronger, non-medical drugs like heroin, and what they want to do is give people an opportunity to avert t danger by getting rid of those drugs. there are drop-off points today to take the drugs and have them properly disposed of. last year they collected about 702,365 pounds of those kinds of drugs that start out legal, but if abused can be dangerous. so what they're going to do later today is have a press conference, talk more about the problem and we'll have more information what you can do to avert that danger in your own home. live in leesburg, derrick ward, news 4. a list of the drop-off points on our nbc washington app. just search drug takeback. the death of a missing alexandria woman is now a homicide. the body of 36-year-old
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yesterday morning. found more than a mile when she was last seen at a cvs in woodbridge. her sister spoke to her just before she entered that cvs on april 17th. that was the last time anyone heard from her. >> she's like the closest family that i have here. it is a horrible situation because she just graduated. >> lopez worked with juveniles near where her body was found. police say an autopsy will help them figure out how she died. prosecutors call him a monster, seem as shoeprint lempt at the scene of a brutal stabbing appeared to help convict a man of first-degree murder. on friday a jury convicted this man in a stabbing of mr. navarro. he was stabbed several times at his home in silver springs. it happened days before christmas in 2014.
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other. they connected him to the murder from a bloody fingerprint and sneaker print left at the scene. more opportunities for children in low-income families in the district as the house approves a private school voucher program. the bill gives $20 million in funding for scholarships for low-income children to attend private and parochial schools. the bill is renewed another five years. many demo posed program. d.c. mayor muriel bowser supports it. a major youth soccer program in montgomery county is ordering more frequent background checks for its coaches after an investigation first reported on news 4 thursday night, carmelo pleaded guilty soliciting a 12-year-old boy for sex. it happened outside a fairfax county school in 2014. turned to ee e
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he continued to coach in a soccer organization even after his arrest. the league said it was unaware of the charges. it now plans to increase the frequency of its background checks. montgomery county council member wants to make sure no young soccer players fell victim. he began serving a two-year prison term this month. the man shot and wounded by police during that tv station standoff in baltimore is now facing charges. police say that alex brizzi walked into the fox station on thursday wearing an animal costume and life preserver disguised to look like an explosive vest. his father says his son thought the world was ending and was trying to get the message out. what police thought were explosives were this -- chocolate bars wrapped in foil and connected by wires. after leaving the tv station, police ordered brizzi to stop, but he kept heading towards the officers, and that is when a police sniper shot him. eight members of the same family shot and killed last
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remember them. funeral services for members of the rhoden family got underway this past week. one of the victims will be laid to rest today. the remaining family members will be buried together on tuesday. investigators have not said if drugs played any sort of role in the piketon county killing. right now, no suspect or motive. a new battle in decision 2016 is shaping up in virginia. gop candidates charles hernick and michael webb are fighting to challenge incumbent democratic congressman don beyer. that's vap 8th congressional district and t"the washington post" reports they face an uphill battle for name recognition and campaign cash. no opponents in the democratic primary in june. hernick and webb will learn their fate at the party's district convention on may 7th. all right. get ready to rock the red. it is game day, caps fans. >> if you're one of those fans no need to change the channel pretty much all day. all right here on nbc 4.
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the penguins. anything like game one, fans heading to the verizon center tonight are in luck. the first game proved this series not going to be easy. the caps gave up more goals in their first win against the pens than they did in all four wins against the flyers. >> there was a, up and down, a lot more three on twos, and guys upped play on offensive chances. >> so if you're one of those planning to go to the game and you plan on taking metro, you want to leave a little earlier. we're hearing that track work may slow you down up to 20 minutes. our coverage starts with the quest for the cup special at 7:30 tonight. then the puck, well, it drops at 8:00 at the verizon center. stay with us for analysis and recap on news 4 at 11:00. >> go, caps. >> yes. and 8:37 on this saturday. gais
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community. honoring a firefighter's legacy. and one of the biggest railroad companies wanted to change the rules. why a federal court decide add private company was asking for too much po
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he lost his life serving many of you. his own community now memorial bearing the name of fallen firefighter lieutenant john ulmschneider. adding his name to the county firefighter memorial in landover hills. a resident shot and killed the 37-year-old two weeks ago. he was responding to a medical call. family, the fire department and kevin swain, the firefighter who survived that temple hill shooting, were all at last night's ceremony. swain's mother says her heart breaks for the ulmschneider
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family. we're grateful that our son is here, and we're thankful for the fire department and everyone that reached out to us that we don't even know. >> folks at the special ceremony also observed a moment of silence. it was at 7:51, the time of that deadly shooting. amtrak won't be allowed to impose rail standards on other private railroads. the u.s. court of appeals ruled it's unconstitutional to give a self-interested company regulatory power over competitors. a 2008 law suggested amtrak work with federal regulators to create standards that help keep trains running on time. the freight railroad industry objected, filing a lawsuit challenging amtrak's authority. a man killed after being hit head-on. the details all new this morning. the deadly crash happened in anne arundel county. jonathan syms driving about 17 miles over the speed limit on route 100 in glen burnie when
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they say an officer tried to stop him. he sped up, took the 170 ramp on to dorsey road. it's there he hit an oncoming vehicle. still, would go to find out the name of the man who lost his life. well, a lot of us are seeing a light drizzle out there, and if a few of us, we've haven't seen the sun in days. tom is tracking when the clouds will start to clear and how soon a warm-up is coming. >> and angie, following this story dwelling now out of the south. major damage from at least two tornados. the dangerous, severe weather tearing down homes and forcing neighbors to seek shelter. it's 8:42.
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gray skies are not going to clear up. put on a happy face anyway. there's union station. flag near capitol hill flapping in the breeze under a cloudy sky. no rain around. stormcast 4 showing dry around the region. cloudy and cool for the day ahead. the nearest rain is way off to the west tracking closer to us later on tonight. new hour-by-hour timing on that when the rain arrives and departs. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. right now, the cleanup is under way in parts of central and southern oklahoma after dangerous storms whipped through
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at least two tornadoes touched the ground there. the storm tore through homes sending residents running for shelter. and there were reported wind gusts up to 115 miles per hour. strong enough to overturn huge trucks and force police to shut down a 20-mile stretch of the freeway. the fight against the zika virus in puerto rico reported its first zika-related death. a 74-year-old man died of bleeding and our complications. signing off commercial tests for the virus, that could be made available to certain local labs by next week. maryland also asked for more funding now for zika prevention. governor larry hogan approving $250,000 to fund the effort and montgomery county stepping up public education with a new page on its website and you'll see a new ad campaign. a cruise ship cut short its trip and headed back to port
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norfolk. it came in thursday night. some passengers so weak that they could not disembark until yesterday. dozens of passengers and the crew on the "balmoral" reported getting sick over the two-week voyage. the shipped dump edumped a plan stop and returned to port early because of norovirus. some passengers spent 48 hours quarantined in their room. >> a lot of time. the department of justice investigating a deadly wisteria outbreak linked to products by dole foods. it's connected to a processing plant in springfield, ohio. 33 people in the u.s. and canada fell ill in the outbreak that lasted from may 2015 up until this past february. all were taken to the hospital. four people dieded. dole is the world's largest fruit and vegetable producer. the pentagon says 16 people are facing charges after a deadly attack on a hospital. at least 30 people killed
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said to be a taliban outpost. instead it was a hospital supported by doctors without borders. the international group is accusing the u.s. of a war crime. pentagon says human and technical errors led up to the tragedy but say it was not a crime. thousands of children across the country end up in foster care because their parents got locked up for drug abuse or child neglect. there's a program to help reunite those families rather than tear them apart. >> dead. i would be dead. >> reporter: ebony marsh has seven children and suffers from mental health issues as well as a drug addiction. more than a year and a half ago, things had gotten so bad at home she was in danger of having her children taken away and put into foster care. that's when her daughter stepped up and gave her mom a choice. get help, or lose her famil
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i wouldn't let her touch her. you can't come in my room, and it hurt me. >> she had the strength to call and get me help. i didn't -- wasn't able to do it on my own. >> reporter: marsh was offered the opportunity to enter the d.c. superior court's family treatment court. a 15-month program providing drug rehab, counseling and other support. along with five other women, marsh graduated as her family watched. >> i'm proud of her. i'm at a loss for -- i knew she could do it. she just needed the push and i was the push. >> reporter: marsh and her children are back together, just like the other families celebrating. judge pamela gray says family court has been saving families for 14 years now. >> we do get the children back home a lot faster and less of trauma. >> it was a struggle getting here, but i made it. >> reporter: she made it with the help of this program, and the support of her family.
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>> reporter: at d.c. superior court, mark segraves, news 4. how about that? well it is ten minutes away from the 9:00 hour. today comcast employees will be working for you in the community as part of comcast cares day. we are live now at ketchum elementary school. look at the dedicated people out in southeast d.c. we'll spend the whole morning doing landscaping, painting murals, building vegetable gardens. comcast owns nbc universal, our parent company. a little bit of drizzle, cloudy skies is not going to stop us. >> no. >> no rain? >> no the even drizzle, looks like. should stay dry. just clouds around, but good weather for digging in the garden, getting dirt under your fingernails. maybe weeding? >> yeah. sounds real fun. >> if you don't keep up with the weeds, they will consume you. i
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last couple of days with the damp weather we've had. the weeds are loving it. also pollen sufferers are loving this. allergy sufferers noticed the rain helped out a lot. no rain anywhere in the vicinity. dry from the beaches all the way to the mountains. just clouds around, maybe a little fog. some of the rural areas. light fog. most of the rain, storm team 4 radar is way out in the midwest tracking east. temperatures right now are hovering in the low 50s, shenandoah valley, low to mid-50s, north of virginia and around the bay, southern maryland around 50 degrees. nearby suburbs, upper 40s. prince george's as well as fairfax county. i took this picture yesterday of these azaleas doing their best to brighten our moods under these cloudy skies. post your e pics on facebook, twitter and instagram. love when you share. light jacket, long pants and sleeves. don't need
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cloudy all day. good weather for the festivals, all going on at the gate wray center in southeast d.c. great weather for that today. the social media host our own br brittany johnson there. cloudy and cool. temperatures near 60. need a light jacket for the broccoli festival, southeast d.c. timing, showers late this evening. the time stamp, by 5:00, 7:00 in the morning, maybe a few showers north and west, but the bulk of rain coming in on sunday late morning and off and on perhaps into the afternoon hours. showers moving on through from time to time, and all the way off and on through the day on sunday with highs in the low 60s. finally, sun returns. we're suffering from solar deprivation, getting sunshine back on monday with highs reaching the upper 70s. so quite a change. then maybe more showers around on tuesday, and again on thursday. looking at the week ahead. highs in the 60s each day. drying out wednesday a bit, and then dryin
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that's the way it looks. >> the worst forecast ever. >> come on! >> what? >> rain. we're in may. supposed to be all about the flowers. well, not in may. we're close. >> tomorrow. watch out. delivery truck going backwards plowing into that house. the story neighbors won't forget when furniture went flying. s.ay with u
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look at this incredible video. box truck out of control in massachusetts rolling down a hill smashing into a patio. another vantage point. the man in the back of the truck managed to jump out, thank goodness. happened when they were delivering, lost its brake, no driver behind the wheel, zooming down a roadway right into the family's front staircase. police says the worker who jumped off the moving truck, he hurt his hand. that was it. the truck then hit a parked car, a wall, a staircase, a street sign, and a porch. pretty much everything in its path. >> yes. >> so -- >> pretty crazy. told you about a punbunch o things happening today. head out to the district's first-ever duck race at the park. a fun community event kicking off today at 10:00. about an hour from now. the duck race -- [ quacking ] >> angie is
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starts at 2:00 this afternoon. enjoy games, food and live music and quacking the whole time if you go there. >> i love it when people have, like, the quacking ducks with a ring tone. >> do you? >> awesome. >> i'm not a big fan of that. 8:57 your time now, as you look outside. we're all asking the same question. where's the sun? why hawais it been so long? >> a major day in 2016. how virginia delegates could influence the republican race and make a big difference for another candidate. and major work on metro that may slow you down this weend. ek
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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it is 9:00, and here are the top stories we are following right now. a man is dead after a crash in prince george's county. police say that he was traveling southbound on indian head highway as palmer road in port washington when he lost control of his car and hit a guardrail. it happened just before 1:00 this morning. beginning right now, a major emergency exercise is starting at reagan national airport. if you or a friend notice what looks like a chaotic scene there, relax. no need to panic. it is only a drill. several agencies out there training how to respond to a simulated aircraft accident. it's happening we're told, in a


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