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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 30, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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it is 9:00, and here are the top stories we are following right now. a man is dead after a crash in prince george's county. police say that he was traveling southbound on indian head highway as palmer road in port washington when he lost control of his car and hit a guardrail. it happened just before 1:00 this morning. beginning right now, a major emergency exercise is starting at reagan national airport. if you or a friend notice what looks like a chaotic scene there, relax. no need to panic. it is only a drill. several agencies out there training how to respond to a simulated aircraft accident. it's happening we're told, in a
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airport, should not affect air travel. it is game day, caps' fans. the caps and pens head back to verizon center tonight. our coverage starts with the quest for the cup special airing at 7:30. the puck drops at 8:00. rock the red! >> a lot of excitement for that on this saturday morning, and we welcome you back to "news4 today." we are off to what is a cloudy and rainy start this saturday. >> yes. get a look outside. a little chilly out there and we're in for even more rain today. later today. you can see showers on this storm team 4 radar here. they're moving closer to the washington area. >> timing is everything. you want to get outside without an umbrella, meteorologist tom kierein is going to track that weekend "we'll check in now. outside on the weather deck letting us know when it's all going to be clear. >> here in northwest washington we've got a gray skies, but everything is so green. look at the grounds behind us here. they have to mow the lawn here
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the grass this time is year is growing so fast. a good day to get yardwork in today. heading outside maybe for a bike ride, looks like good weather for that. just need to layer up a little bit on the mount vernon trail or the capital crescent trail. the path, through the rest of the morning, staying in the low to mid-50s by noontime. middle of the afternoon, briefly may touch low 60s under the cloudy sky. staying dry all throughout the daylight hours, and the leading edge of that rain you were just showing is way out here in the midwest. just coming into kentucky, indiana and tennessee. that is what's going to be tracking our way. that will be coming in late tonight, and into sunday. so today, the best day for outdoor activities. a look at that hour-by-hour timing on the rain arrival and bepar cher coming up this half hour. >> checking in with you then. thanks. harrisonburg is host to the virginia gop convention this weekend. and presidential candidate ted cruz hoping to walk away with more delegates.
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grabs while some of sticking by the presumptive nominee, others in the never trump movement, they say they hope cruz will earn at least 10. >> based on principles, trump, in my mind is not a conservative and not a republican, and, yes, i am a never trump. >> now if cruz is able to get those 13 extra delegates, that could give him more delegates in the commonwealth than trump, who you'll recall won virginia on super tuesday. bureau chief julie carey is covering the convention. look for updates on her twitter handle and on news 4 at 6:00. and throwing support behind donald trump. there there was any question about the governor's position, he's made it clear. >> and i haven't been reluctant. i said i was not going to get involved and would not endorse any kand and focus on maryland.
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asked it every day and saying the same thins february 24th and i'm not taking anymore stupid questions about donald trump. trump earned more than 50% of the vote in maryland's republican primary this week taking all of the state's delegates. more heated protests outside of appearances by gop front-runner donald trump. demonstrators breaking down barricades here. look at the video. scuffling with police mobbing the hotel are trump was speaking at the state's gop convention on friday. now, at one point, they blocked the roadway here to the venue and trump had to find another way in. >> a revolution. come to violence, that's just the way it goes. >> felt like i was crossing the bodder actually. you know? i was crossing the border. but i got here. >> well, in all, 20 people were arrested, and at least 1 person bloodied in protests outside of a trump rally last night. you may see some famous faces around our twn
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weekend. or if you go to angie's instagram, a few already posted. >> out and about last night. >> has the pictures. here for the annual white house correspondents' dinner tonight. kristen welker has more. >> reporter: sometimes even the president needs a translator. >> what is this thing? and why am i required to come to it! >> reporter: bringing the red carpet to the town used to red tape. this morning, buzz is building for a dinner where hollywood celebrities like george clooney and kerry washington meet washington's elite like john kerry and wolf blitzer. think less "meet the press." >> chuck todd, love you, brother. >> reporter: and more the press prom. >> a tern coined by political reporters who clearly never had the chance to go to an actual prom. >> reporter: this year's host, comedy central's larry wilmore won't pull punches. >> the most narcissistic roomin. journalists, politicians and
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taking it from reporters. >> and donald trump is here -- still. >> reporter: tonight's a chance to give it back. a chance to let loose. >> second term, baby. >> reporter: five years ago the president took on the man who now wants to succeed him. >> donald trump. >> reporter: who memorably pressed the president to produce his birth certificate. >> finally get back to focusing on issues that matter, like -- did we fake the moon landing? [ laughter ] what really happened in roswell? and where are biggy and tupac? [ laughter ] >> reporter: tonight, the gop front-runner is skipping the dinner, but there's no doubt he'll be a butt of some of the jokes. for the president's writers, the bar is high. >> he either laughs. you feel like you're existence is validated, or he doesn't laugh and you have a small heart attack. >> reporter:david
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litt helped him. >> i have something that rhymes with bucket list. >> reporter: now, just one more chance for the president to get the last laugh. >> the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me. which means orange really is the new black. >> reporter: for "today," kristen welker, nbc news, washington. it's 9:07. new details this morning about a fire that scorched more than 10,000 acres. take a look. a fire that tore through parts of shenandoah national park is finally out. "the washington post" reports portions of the appalachian trails are still closed off, though. a temporary flight restriction near the park lifted. firefighters from across the country fought the blaze more than two weeks, and it is one of the largest fires in the park's 80-year history. give yourself a little extra time if you plan to ride metro the red line this weekend because
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single tracking. it impacts stations from medical center through van ness. crews will be inspecting cables, also making repairs to the third rail, and working to fix problems that slowed down service earlier this week. also there will be delays on the orange and silver lines this weekend as well for repairs. it impacts the area between the boylston and falls church station. this year's sold-out broccoli city felt val kicks off today rain or shine. check out great music by future, the internet and lots of our inspiring artists. festivalgoers given an opportunity to earn a ticket volunteering for the power of one campaign. for more head over to our nbc washington app. a great story also available on our website. the redskins have two new weapons on defense. the players joining the ranks as the nfl draft enters its final day. you know, it's kind of weird. n
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without thinking about the kid. a remarkable way students are honoring a beloved teacher, as they prepare for their
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today it the last day of the nfl draft. >> last night, two defensive players, su'a cravens and former hokey kendall fuller. 6'1", 225, cravens listed as a hybrid safety and linebacker. current redskins defensive coordinatorer recruited him to usc. fuller, a local product. having played high school football at good counsel. we're wait to see who they grab tonight, and seems like today is all about parties. right? so to get ready the' skins hosting an
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party at fedex field. admission and parking, free for all fans. not going to cost you a thing. parking lots open at 10:00. gates open at 11:00. the party goes until 4:00. >> all right. you know who went first in the draft? goff. jared goff. no relation. i can't claim that. rain, rain go away. tom updating a forecast, and when the sun will finally be back and temps backn the i
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>> announcer: and now, your storm team 4 forecast. a gray, cloudy and cool saturday morning. temperatures hovering right around 50 degrees. i want to get in exercise, maybe a run, temperatures should be in the mid-50s or so by 11:00 a.m., and through noontime. then by mid-afternoon, should be climbing into the low 60s. the big story is we'll remain dry all day. just clouds around through the day, and the first raindrops arriving tonight. new timing on that and a look at that hour-by-hour rain timing forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. the fairfax county fire chief is taking aim at an online forum saying lewd comments posted about a firefighter who took her own life earlier this month. chief richard bowers, upset with messages on the fairfax underground blog. the posts made before nicole
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it's not clear if the posts had anything to do with her death. he talked about the pressures firefighters' face. >> it starts in our fire academy we are supposed to handle every issue, be strong, brave, courageous and give help, don't ask for help. >> why i'm appealing to the person that hosts this site to take down the comments. >> the blog's administrators says he does not plan to remove the controversial comments. chief bowers is investigating whether any of his firefighters posted some of those negative messages about mittendorff. on monday, most high school seniors have to commit to the college of their choice, and with a new school comes what? all the swag. hats, bumper stickers, sweatshirts. but seniors at one loudon county school are leaving a piece of their future behind. >> reporter: at first, it may look like an obsession. >> probably around 60 or so.
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>> reporter: who really needs dozens of college sweatshirts? >> i love sweatshirts. my go-to on the weekends. >> reporter: immediate this dominion high school biology teacher denise wingfield. >> totally redid the closet. >> reporter: it's not about need or make a fashion statement. rather -- it's about them. her students. part and present. >> kind of weird. you never pick up the sweatshirt without thinking about the kid. >> it started off as a, kind of a thank you to her. >> reporter: emmy joseph is one of ms. wingfield's former students, now a fellow science teacher at dominion. >> ten years later, she's still that passionate, loving person, who works so hard and, like, truly, truly cares. >> reporter: that dedication seen in ms. wingfield's early morning commute. >> usually about, hmm, an hour, an hour and 15 minutes. >> reporter: driving in from near front royal, she gets to school well before it starts, just in case students need anything. >> hey. what's up?
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>> reporter: the sweatshirt tradition began as a way to honor a teacher who always was there to encourage. even after graduation. >> once you're one of her kids you're one of her kids and even when you're a colleague. i'm still one of her kids. >> they're memories. memories of kids. i have 20 years' worth of kids in this room. >> reporter: and still remembers them. >> alissa, alex. jake cole, one of my kids this year. >> he really cares about her students and it shows. so i really wanted to thank her for that. >> reporter: for denise, this turned deeply personal over the past few years. >> my dad and i were really close. i mean, we were always very close. he's my hero. >> reporter: denise's father, a former principal. before he passed at the beginning of the school year, dementia corroded much of his memory. >> from one day to the next he might know me. he might not. it could be one hour to the next. you just didn't know, but he always knew the sweatshirts.
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>> reporter: it was the sweatshirts that allowed him to connect with his own daughter. a reminder of his passion -- education. >> he didn't know who i was but i'd have sweatshirts on and i would change them, you know, throughout the weekend or whatever, and he always made me sit down and tell him about the kid. what did they want to major in. >> reporter: today denise doesn't only wear her pride for students, she also writes it out. >> the minute that they figure out where they're going to go to college they get to put it up on the board. question -- we have some tech people, we have jmu people. i do have some from your alma mater. kelly's going away, william & mary. notice written in green. >> reporter: a teacher kept warm by her students' bright futures. >> she know i have something
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>> not all of them. repeats obviously and rotates them an donates them to homeless shelters. >> ever ask what she has the most of? a lot of local schools. >> interesting, she went to james madison, thinks she has a bunch of them. only the one she owns. she has a lot of tech. >> she needs more george mason. >> doesn't have a william & mary one. we'll make it happen. >> great story. >> and thank you. and probably a day to put on a sweatshirt. at least to start off. >> and all day. i think comfortable in a sweatshirt and fleece. yeah. there's a damp chill that's kind of penetrating as we start off this morning, but no rain. happy to report. for pollen sufferers, rejoice. the pollen count has greatly lowered, no doubt. you're feeling relief. storm team 4 radar, no rain anywhere from the beaches to the mountains. all dry. just low clouds around. maybe a little fog. tg
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through the west. the main area of rain way out here in indiana, illinois, kentucky and tennessee, along the mississippi river valley, all coming our way. getting closer to us by later tonight. so good weather for the broccoli city festival. it's a music and healthy living festival at the gateway in washington. cloudy, cool, temperatures hovering around 60 degrees during the afternoon, but you'll need a light jacket going to the broccoli city festival. going out tonight, dining out, well, it looks like getting wet around 10:00. have an umbrella with you if you're heading out this evening. showers by 10:00 p.m. temperatures upper 50s through the evening. new hour-by-hour timing of rain beginning to move in. this is during the latter part of the evening. between 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., light showers from the west tracking east. it's after that around dawn on sunday, some of the heavier rain is coming into the shenandoah valley. by 10:00 tomorrow morning,
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area. moderate showers through 1:00 to 2:00 and afternoon tapering off and a few more showers in the mountains. much really dissipating getting close to washington during the day sunday. the wettest day of the weekend, tomorrow. that light rain, late this evening and moderate showers tomorrow morning tapering off in the afternoon. highs, low 60s sunday. monday, partly sunny, sunshine returns. highs reaching upper 70s. maybe more showers around on tuesday. drying out on wednesday. and then maybe another round of some showers around on thursday as well. so cooler than average temperatures. average high around this time of year, 70. above that monday. cooler than that each day after that all the way into the end of the coming week. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. 9:22 the time. developing right now, several dead, hundreds injured, in a building collapse overseas. we're going to show you the risky rescues as families are trapped in the rubble.
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celebrations there for good reason. a baby pulled alive from the rubble, but rescuers, they're still trying to reach others trapped by a building collapse. this is in kenya's capital. at least seven people are dead. more than 100 hurt. the six-story building collapsed yesterday after heavy rain and flooding hit that area. kenya is in the midst of its april-may
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astronomers in europe discovered a comet without a tail. it is a first of its kind and made of rocky materials they say, from the inner solar system. they created this animation. take a look. pretty cool. showing how the comet was formed 4 billion years ago. it was first discovered back in 2014 by a network of telescopes that scours the night skies. they call it a manx comet named after a bride of cats that don't have tails. learn something new every day. >> for sure. afraid of heights? avoid the world's highest cable car, back up and running in venezuela this morning. it was halted when venezuela imposed rolling blackouts and energy rationing. no word whether the cars will run 0 a restricted schedule due to the cutback. as for has high cable car which runs over a mountaintop,
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15,000 feet above sea level, that, byes way, about three mimes high. incredible there. if you look outside this morning, looks gloomy out there. definitely feeling cold. tom, though, updating his forecast with when the clouds will finally clear, and we'll see the sun come back. you have one of these in your home and a pandora's box of
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right now on "news4 today," a cloudy start and showers and the rain. gosh. it could rain out some of your weekend plans especially if outside later. >> talking about it with folks on our facebook live chat now. welcome back to "news4 today," i'm david culver along with angie goff. when you'll be in a clear and when you'll definitely need an umbrella. >> and the battle for unbound delegates could change donald trump's primary win. >> ready for face-off? game day for the caps continuing their quest for the stanley cup. >> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> a typical spring day here in seattle. really is more like a seattle day. live view from our camera overlooking the space needle. there's the spa


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