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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 30, 2016 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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right now on "news4 today," a cloudy start and showers and the rain. gosh. it could rain out some of your weekend plans especially if outside later. >> talking about it with folks on our facebook live chat now. welcome back to "news4 today," i'm david culver along with angie goff. when you'll be in a clear and when you'll definitely need an umbrella. >> and the battle for unbound delegates could change donald trump's primary win. >> ready for face-off? game day for the caps continuing their quest for the stanley cup. >> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> a typical spring day here in seattle. really is more like a seattle day. live view from our camera overlooking the space needle. there's the spa
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actually that's national airport. the tower there. yeah, this is sort of typical pacific northwest weather, or london weather if you will, cloudy, gray sky. no rain around, happy to report. today you won't need the umbrella or sunglasses. ditch the shorts and flip-flops. you'll need a light jacket, long sleeves and long pants. staying cloudy and cool through the day, but tonight you may need the umbrella. right now storm team 4 radar, no rain locally. no rain anywhere near us. showers coming into tennessee, indiana, kentucky. the bulk of rain coming our way, not until late tonight. model run coming in. show you coming up this half hour. >> thank you, tom. 9:31. a developing story out of prince george's county. a man is dead after crash in port washington. police say he was traveling southbound on indian head highway at palmer road when he lost control of his car and hit a guardrail. this happened just before 1:00 in the morning. we're, would go to find out the
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the crash. when we get more information we'll have it here as well as on the nbc washington app. right now first responders and staff are in the middle of what is a big training exercise. this is happening at reagan national airport. we're looking like this morning. they're holding a full-scale emergency preparedness drill. no need to panic. this is a drill, expected to last through noon. the emergency crews there are going to simulate and aircraft accident. the exercise is being done in a remote part of the airport, and we're told this should not affect any regular air travel. today's prescription drug take back day to get rid of your unwanted and expired prescription drupgs safely. news 4 derrick ward is at a drop-off point in leesburg. looks like they're making the process pretty seamless. derrick? >> reporter: indeed. we're in the dea museum in leesburg. there's a lot of fascinating stuff here. this is an exhibit, looks mundane, pedestrian but it's a medicine cabinet and the 2.1
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government figures, can be addicted to the things in here. prescription drugs. things prescribed by a doctor. some you might by over the counter. used properly, they're helpful. misused, they can cause death. this is part of the other exhibit here. this tells you more about what will actually happen to those things. now, we've talked to a dea agent about this growing problem. and listen to what he has to say about what can actually happen to them. >> everyone's at risk when you leave these drugs in your medicine cabinet. we see it every day now that there are robberies, people coming into your home, trying to steal these medications. and now kids are -- are susceptible, because they're in the medicine cabinet. they pull these drugs together, and share them in a party atmosphere, and that's -- that's really dangerous. >> reporter: they've actually seen that happen. there have been serious
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overdoses locally, and nationwide. now, about half an hour, a press conference here to discuss this problem, and also as you've been saying, this is national drug take back day. you can bring prescription drugs that are beyond their label, their use period. things you don't need anymore, and have them disposed of properly. throwing them in the trash can isn't good. pets can get into them with dire consequences and this has indeed happened. this is one of the drop-off points. dough to and find out others. details in a half hour what they're doing about the problem and the scope of it here locally. live in leesburg, derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> thanks. a death of a missing alexandria woman is now a homicide. the body of 37-year-old lizeth lopez found just more than a mile where she was seen at a cvs in woodbridge. her sister spoke to you just before she entered that cvs on april 17th.
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heard from her. >> she's like the closest family that i have here. very sad situation, because know? shu jest graduated. >> lopez worked with juveniles near where her body was found. police say an autopsy will help them figure out how she died. a shoeprint left in blood at the scene of a brutal stabbing that appeared to help prosecutors convict a man in maryland of first-degree murder. a jury convicted mauricio morales in the stabbing of oscar novaro. he was stabbed in his home in silver springs, happened days before christmas in in 2014. police say the two new each other and connected morales from a sneaker print and fingerprint left at the seat. prosecutors called him a monster. more opportunities for low-until families in
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district approving a voucher program giving $26 million in scholarships for low-income children to attend private parochial schools. the bill renews the program another five years. many democrats oppose the program, the d.c. mayor, muriel bowser supports it. ordering more frequent background checks for soccer coaches, after the finding of a news 4 eye team investigation first reported on news 4. carmelo pleaded guilty attempting to solicit a 12-year-old boy for sex. it happened out a fairfax county school in 2014, turned out to be a sting by an younger cover police officer. the i-team found he continued to coach in the county even after his arrest. the league said it was unaware of the charges and now plans to increase the frequency of its background checks. a montgomery county council er
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young soccer players fell victim. he began serving a two-year prison term this month. it's 9:36. a new battle in decision 2016 is shaping up in virginia. gop candidate charles hernick and michael webb are fighting incumbent democrat don beyer. that's the 8th congressional district and "the washington post" reports both gop candidates face an uphill battle for name recognition and campaign cash. no opponents in the democratic primary in june. hernick and webb learn their fate may 7th at a party convention. break out the jerseys. game day, caps' fans. >> the team hoping to keep that winning momentum going against the penguins. anything like game one, fans heading to the verizon center, a lot of drama. the first game proved this series won't be easy. right? >> no. >> the caps gave up more goals in their first win against the pens than they d
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>> it was a -- up and down, a lot more three on twos, and guys up on the play, offendive chances. >> so fans taking metro to the game, you want to leave a little earlier, because trackwork will be going on there. we're told it could slow you down up to 20 minutes. our coverage starts with the quest for the cup special. that's at 7:30. the puck drops at 8:00 at the verizon center. again, watch the game right here on news 4 and keep it here for news 4 at 11:00 for all the analysis. 9:38. your time on this saturday. he gave his life serving his community. a lasting tribute for a prince george's firefighter to honor his legacy. one of the biggest railroad companies wanted to change the rules. why a federal court decided a private company
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he lost his life serving many of you. his community. bearing the name of a fallen firefighter. lieutenant john ulmschneider, hi name added to the county memorial in lanover hills. a resident shot and killed the 37-year-old two weeks ago. he was responding to a medical call. the family and kevin swain, the firefighter who survived the temple hill shooting were all at last night's ceremony. swain's mother says her heart breaks for the ulmschneider family. >> we're very sad for the family. we're grateful that our son's here, and we're thankful for the fire departments and everyone that has reached out to us that we don't even know. >> folks at that special ceremony also observed a moment of silence at 7:51, which was the exact time of that deadly shooting. well, amtrak won't be
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standards on other private railroads. the u.s. court of appeals ruled its unconstitutional to give a self-interested company regulatory power over its competitors. a 2008 law suggested that amtrak work with federal regulators to create standards that help keep trains running on time. the freight railroad industry objected and filed a lawsuit challenging amtrak's authority. a man killed after being hit head-on. the details coming in all new this morning. that deadly crash happened at anne arundel county. jonathan sims driving about 17 miles over the speet limit on route 100 in glen burnie. when that officer tried to stop him, pull him over, sims sped up and took the 170 ramp on to dorsey road. it's there he hit an oncoming vehicle. we're still working to find out the name of that man who lost his life. well, rain, rain, go away! ah. and the gray skies, too. we're tired of you, you clouds. >> done with it. >>
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when the sun will finally be back and how soon before we see the 70s again. >> all right. not talking about the white house correspondents' dinner, not justin bieber, not even the cabs game. no, folks. this is the hottest ticket in town. the creative new art show viting you in
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. still cloudy and still cool. flag flapping gently near union station. live view from our capitol camera on this saturday morning. the clouds not producing any rain, though. all storm-free around the region. no rain anywhere from the atlantic beaches to the mountains. but we do have rain way off in the midwest. that's going to be tracking closer to us by later tonight. new hour-by-hour timing coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. 9:46. new this morning, a man is dead after a fire in prince george's county. we just got this in. firefighters calmed to a two-story duplex yesterday afternoon. 68-year-old bernie hays found inside that duplex suffering from third-degree burns over the majority of his body. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. there is no word on what caused that fire. right now, the cleanup is under way in parts of central and southern oklahoma after some really dangerous storms whipped through the area. take a look f
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at least two tornadoes touched down here. the storm tore through homes, sending residents running for shelter. there were reported wind gusts, get this, up to 115 miles per hour. strong enough to overturn big trucks and force police to shut down a 20-mile stretch of the interstate freeway. the center of america's fight against the zika virus. puerto rico. reporting its first zika-related death. a 70-year-old man on the island die of the internal bleeding and other kplishcomplications. the fda signed off on tests for the virus. those could be available to certain labs by next week. maryland has more funding for zika prevention. governor larry hogan approved $250,000 to fund the effort and montgomery county is stepping up public education with a new page on its website and an ad campaign you'll see rolling out. a cruise ship cut short its trip and headed back it a port in norfolk. it came in thursday
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couldn't disembark until yesterday. dozens of passengers and the crew on the "balmoral" reported getting sick over the two-week voyage. the ship had to ditch a planned stop in bermuda and return to port early because of the norovirus. some passengers, they spent 48 hours quarantined in their rooms. >> a long time. the department of justice investigating a deadly listeria outbreak linked to salad products made by dole foods. the outbreak is connected to a processing plant in springfield, ohio. we know 30 people in the u.s. and canada fell ill in that outbreak from may 2015 up until this past february. all taken to the hospital. four of them died. dole is the world's largest fruit and veg traetable produce it's 9:48. comcast working for you in the community. we are at ketchum elementary school. a live look at everyone working away in
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picnic tables. >> taking them down and painting them. >> this is getting your hands dirty kind of work. doing this, landscaping, painting muir ols, even planting vegetables gardens. we caught up with the principal of ketchum elementary. >> i pulled up and saw all 500 people. made me so excited not only for the schools but students and families, that people would give up their saturdays. saturday is normally a day to rest, decompress from the week and all of these people came out to make our school a better place come monday. >> really cool. >> so inspiring. >> yes. she says it right. people giving up their saturday to help others. >> hundreds. >> 500 out there. >> we thank you. and some people are doing work outside and you say for the most part in the morning, we're safe? >> and the afternoon, too. should stay dry all afternoon. great weather for that. huge festival in winchester, final weekend of the shenandoah apple blossom
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>> i missed it again this year. >> i love it. been there several times. ouryn ricketts hosting some events. working on the parade now. >> cher re blossom-- >> great, cloudy afternoon. should stay dry. temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. have a light jacket if going. for the evening, you may need an umbrella and good morning for a bike ride today. capital crescent trail, other trails, temperatures low 60s during the afternoon. no rain here locally. that rain here way out in the midwest, though, arriving later tonight. hour-by-hour timing, by 10:00 p.m. patches of green. light sprinkles may move in around there in warlgton and the metro area around 11:00. sprinkles tonight. after midnight and during the day off and on sunday, starting off showers moving in from the west tomorrow morning. showers through 10:00 sunday morning. much of the region. evennt
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showers most tracking off to the east. gibi in beginning to move away and dry out late sunday. sun back monday, upper 70s. could get another round of rain. storm team 4 seven-day outlook on tuesday and again thursday. cooler than average temperatures with highness the 60s each of those days. >> all right, tom. thanks. >> thanks, tom. all right. do you remember that really popular exhibit at the national building museum, thousands of plastic balls. you're looking at video of it right there. >> so fun to play with. kids loved it. >> awesome to see. and starting today the plastic balls used in a new way. >> quickly become the hottest ticket in town. megan mcgrath takes us on an underground journey at dupont circle. >> reporter: an amazing and very interesting interactive art xzibit and exhibit and opens later on today. they're talking all of those little balls. remember the balls from the beach
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the installation at the national building museum. instead of melting them down or recycling them they're rue ue-u them in an interactive project, what they've done is kind of interesting. creating all of these building blocks. if you look at this here, you can see they've taken the balls and they have glued them together and put little velcro pieces on them. creating almost like legos. people who get a tickets, and tickets are very hard to come by. sold out for several week, but if you can score a ticket, you're allowed to come down here into the old trolley tunnel and for one hour deconstruct, or make one on your own. an interactive exhibit that changes depending on the inspiration people have. what they build or tear down. everything changes hour by hour. it gets underway later on today. tickets are sold out, but they pl
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available in the coming weeks. underneath dupont circle, i'm megan mcgrath. >> 9:53, your time now. four things for you to know on this saturday. a man dead after crash in prince george's county. police say he was traveling southbound on indian head highway at palmer road in port washington. he lost control of his car. hid a guardrail. it happened just before 1:00 this morning. a major emergency drill is going on at reagan national airport. staff and first responders are working on a simulated aircraft accident. travel will not be affected, they tell us. bureau chief julie carey covering a story, 13 at-large delegates up for grabs at the virginia gop convention today. presidential candidate ted cruz hoping to snatch up the delegates to give him a better chance at the national republican convention. it's game day, caps' fans. caps and pens head back to verizon center tonight. coverage starts with the quest for the cup special at 7:30. puck drops
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all right. if you like carbs lots of them, and you love pizza, listen to this. a pizzeria in new york created the ultimate pizza carryout box made of, yes, pizza. >> this is heaven. this is heaven! one way to cut down on packaging also. environmentally safe. >> okay. come on. >> right. yeah. vinny's pizzeria in brooklyn tweeting a photo of a pizza box dn
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inspired by all of the boxes he saw thrown away in trash cans all over brooklyn. there's no waste with this pizza, can clearly sigh. causing a buzz. now the beats sa box is officially on the menu. >> but they're wrapping it in foil to deliver it. price tag for the box? >> $40. for the box. >> just the box, folks. >> you'll really buying, i guess, the experience? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> is that a carb-board box? is that what that is? >> can we end on that today? thank you for joining us. >> nothing after that, guys. they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression.
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