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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we've got breaking news at 6:00. back to business at the annapolis mall after shoppers were forced to evacuate. we'll tell you why. in virginia, a showdown between supporters for ted cruz and donald trump. as this group selects delegates to the national convention. we'll tell you who come out on top. and protesters in baghdad in a state of emergency. . shoppers evacuated this afternoon so that police could
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threat. arundel police tell our sister station that a mall security officer overheard a conversation that a device might be in the mall. because of that, people were evacuated from the food court area and all entrances and exits were closed. right now is mall is back to business as usual. we'll have scattered showers during the evening hours and then a steady soaking rain overnight into tomorrow. you can see it. this steady rain back in west virginia and ohio moves in. waking up to rain than the future weather is painting. otherwise, clouds and patchy fog. this is what you can expect throughout the entire morning.
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temperatures on the cool side. we'll start with temps in the low 60s. by 8:00 a.m., the temp around 53 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., only a cool 56. coming up in my extended forecast, i'll let you know how long it will last and we'll see some sunshine and warmer temperatures returning to the area. joining us live from the verizon center with the anticipation for the big game that you'll see right here on nbc 4. four of the past six playoff meetings between caps and the pens have gone to overtime. so fans probably need to get ready to settle in. meantime the players, according to barry trotz, need to start
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clean slate. you can paint any picture you want and that's the great thing about looking forward. they might not need to rally towels but they can come in handy for the pens fans are here, especially after they fall behind 2-0. we'll have so much more in our pregame show. the quest for the cup starts apt 7:30. developing now, baghdad under a state of emergency. the breach marking a major escalation in the political crisis following months of ant-government sit-ins and demonstrations. th
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government corruption. the american embassy is in the green zone. to politics and the big political battle in virginia. the state gop is choosing at large delegates for the national convention in cleveland. julie harrison is in harrisburg. and ted cruz supporters are determined to win the fight for delegates. >> we have to make sure we get, that every trump supporter knows. >> trump supporters and cruz supporters. marshalling their forces to make sure everyone is braced for an important vote. to choose 13 at large delegates tonight convention. those delegates important if there is a contested convention. they're obligated to reflect the march vote. but on a second ballot they're free to vote for a candidate
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their choice. ken cuccinelli wants to make sure a second vote is for ted cruz. he expects ten of the delegates will be cruz supporters with just three for trump. >> we're looking for a compromise where we would have a vast majority of the slots. we believe we have the numbers to easily control the convention. we could take all 13. >> trump supporters outraged that the candidate who won the primary won't be better represented among the at large delegates. >> i'm telling every trump supporter, vote this list down. the people of virginia have spoken. you overwhelmingly backed mr. trump as our nominee for virginia. >> reporter: even though trump supporters are angry, consolation could be around the corner for them. if he does clinch the nomination before the national convention. news4. an update to a story we first told you about. we know a man has died after a fire
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firefighters were called to the two-story duplex yesterday. bernie hayes suffered from third degree burns and later died at the hospital. right now there's no word on what caused the fire. >> police are investigating a stabbing at the gallery place metro station. this happened after 12:30 this morning. metro says a man was stabbed on the platform. he is expected to survive the injuries. but he is not cooperating with detectives. trains single tracked during that investigation for about 90 minutes. a terrible tragedy in texas. a woman and her four grandchildren killed in floodwaters. find out how she desperately tried to save their ives.l
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police say a deadly shooting this morning was domestic in nature. officers found a man with a gunshot wound before 11:00 this morning. that man later died of his injuries. police say they have a suspect in custody but are not releasing any name because family members of the victim have not been notified. reagan national airport holding a drill today. it didn't affect the operations going on today. about 120 volunteers played the role of crash victims. the simulation gave first
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emergency plans into action. we want to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of volunteers who gave part of their saturday to come out for comcast cares day. comcast and nbc universal volunteers and employees went to the elementary school in anacostia. our team spent the morning doing some landscaping, painting murals, building vegetable gardens. it is part of a company wide day of community service. the principal can't wait for the kids to come back to school monday morning. >> you may not be in the classrooms with us every day. you may not be at the school every day. through your service today, please help know you're helping to change the the trajectory of a child. about 500 people showed up at the school today. comcast is the parent company of nbc 4. building a greener and
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montgomery county green fest. people who came out for the festival notice the cloudy and the cool weather. amelia is up next with when that pattern will change. just about every home has one. a veritable
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they say she was trying it and the waters got too strong for her and she couldn't take it no more. >> severe flooding in east texas claims the lives of a woman and her four grandchildren. the family died after a creek flooded their neighborhood early this morning. the floodwaters rose to more than 12 feet high and people had to climb to their roof tops to be able to he is came. they are a big source of illegal prescription drugs and they're in almost everybody's home. we're talking about what's inside your medicine cabinet. an event aimed at helping people clean those cabinets out. >> nick is drug-free these days. the road to recovery was more of a challenge than the easy path to addiction. he started down that path at age 14. >> you have lots of other kids in high school that are prescribed all kinds of different drugs. >> a lot of different opiates. >> when you think about problems
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think about the stuff that comes from here. maybe a south american drug lab. but that's not always the case. in places like loudoun county they've seen another less likely case. >> we've seen more than one case where someone went into a house that was being shown and they went into the medicine cabinets and stole. >> 2.1 million americans. >> as americans, we're 5% of the population and we consume 99% of the world's hydrocodone. >> this is an effort to tip the scales the other way. this collection in leesburg was nearly full within hours at the start of the takeback. >> it is also about acknowledging the problem, a big first step. >> as this disease dies when it is exposed to the light of day. >> it was christmas in april for a woman in prince george's county. members of the d.c. air national ar
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vital repairs to her home this morning. it is part of the county's christmas in april initiative. homeowners submit to a lottery for homes they can't pay for. we talked to a woman who said how much it means to her. >> they volunteered their time and spent time to do something for someone else. and it really means a lot to me. i am so overwhelmed. >> it allows the individuals that are volunteers to give back to their community that they're fighting for and it gives the air national guard presence to make sure they're still relevant in the community. >> 17 other homes in prince george's county received some very nice makeovers today. have the umbrella and jacket tomorrow as we have rain showers mostly during the morning hours.
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workweek, monday will be the best day weatherwise. mainly dry. we'll finally get a break. the high, only 58 degrees. the highs monday, around 80. then back to showers and cool weather into next saturday. it looks like this pattern starts to break up next sunday. tomorrow because of the rain and the weekend, the wather having a moderate to high impact on sunday will pick up around a half inch of much needed rain. potentially more in some locations. cool and cloudy otherwise. we could have some rumbles of thunder. it will be a light to moderate rain. you might want to grab that umbrella. a smaller umbrella will be just fine if that's all you have. steady rain pushing out of western virginia. this includes frederick, warranton, as we work toward 1:00 p.m. most of the area is mainly dry and cloudy so you're trying to
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maybe for some outdoor exercise. as we move into the evening hours, we'll track some scattered rain. notice the brighter colors toward midnight. we'll take what we can get. our rainfall deficit since march 1st, still over three inches. we're starting to dry out. we'll have a few hours of dry time but cloudy skies. by 4:00, a temperature of 64. that will be our high of the day. about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. and then 8:00 in the evening, scattered rain. a rumble of thunder or two possible and temperatures around 60 degrees. currently we're in the mid to upper 50s. 57 in washington and again, a high tomorrow of 64. monday, a high of 80.
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tuesday, we're back into the 60s. 64 for a high on tuesday. we'll have rain moving back in overnight monday. rain on tuesday. especially during the first half of the day. we'll dry out toward the afternoon hours. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy on wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s with the chance for light showers. the rain showers at 30%. a chance of a shower very early. most if not all of your day on monday is drying again. it is my pick day of the week. cloudy and cool. some light showers possible and the pattern looks to finally break next sunday. >> looking forward to it. thanks. president obama is getting ready for his last red carpet dinner. the caps are back on the ice
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chris miles here. it is a big night in the phone booth. the capitals looking to go up 2-0. it is rare that they actually accomplish the feat. the cats are 2-6 after winning game one of a series. barry trotz has not been around long enough to be a big part of the trend. however, he does understand how it happens. his approach from taking them on. >> the first game is a little bit of a feeling out process. it always is. they're totally different styles for the penguins and the flyers. for them, the rangers and us are a lot different. a little bit of a feeling out process. you're listening to mike on his side, just play. play their game. i'm saying the same
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same but i want my team to play our game and he wants his team to play his game. >> don't forget to stay here for the quest for the cup. 7:30. the puck drops at 8:00. the 2016 draft is almost over. so far the redskins have taken four players and seven overall. in the fifth round, the sixth round. in the seventh round they took two players. steven daniels from boston college and running back keith marshall from georgia. these are good additions to go i know what the previous two draft picks and there guy. all pro defensive back josh norman. kind of feels like a draft pick since he signed a little over a week ago. second and third round selection.
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player taken and he is excited about being part of a talented group. >> a rush of emotions, to have my family with me. not knowing if i would go first, day two. i'm self-motivated. i'm pretty sure the coaches and owner gm, they saw a lot in me. saw a lot of potential. i'm going to keep working. >> i'm extremely excited to be here. a great opportunity for me. i can't wait to get on the field and get ready to compete. >> if the name rings a bell, it should. a graduate and the fourth brother in his family to get drafted into the nfl. kendall is the youngest of the family to make the to the league and said even though he grew up in the area, today will mark the first time the family c
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>> unfortunately, not unfortunately but with my brothers being in the nfl, i was always cheering for them. definitely excited to be with this team. >> another local product will stay close to home. keenan reynolds was drafted. he's been working out the brian mitchell to make the transition to punt returner. graduates of the naval academy commit to five years of service but they could require him to play without going into severance. the offense had some pop out of the gate. daniel murphy batting 370. 2 for 4 for him. rbi single comes here in the first. that was just the appetizer. here's the main course. jason werth. now a 4-0 lead in the
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he went six innings strong. just one earned round. action tonight against the wiks, looking for the fourth straight win. and his 1.26 e.r.a. will take the mound for the birds. the first pitch is set for 7:05 friday night. a 3-run in the seventh. okay. big night for the caps. game 2 coming up. looking forward to the show. a great evening of sports right here on nbc 4. >> yes, it is. all right, go, caps! one final check of the weather? pretty chilly. >> the caps will be on. it is rainy out there.
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we'll see some scattered rain. maybe thunder. 80 degrees, that's not a mistake. this pattern starts to break up on sunday. 80 degrees. looking forward to it. that's the news for now. we want to leave with you some live pictures from the red carpet of the white hose cuor
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on this saturday night, deadly storms. the tornados and the flash floods and the scenes of destruction in the south where five people are dead and it's not over yet. state of emergency. chaotic scenes in baghdad as hundreds of protesters occupy parliament after storming the green zone where the u.s. embass is located. desperate journey. the new migrant crisis as cubans try a different route to make it to the united states and end up on tent city in closed borders. and sobering message. how a haunting reflection bath goers saw turned into a powerful video against drinking and driving. "nightly news"


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