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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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and it doesn't hurt washington either. mike sullivan had some tired guys. nick backstrom has been taking the opposition center sticks. and then he talked about coming in almost like a roll. don't let him move into the faceoff. >> looks like he's going to win this puck back into his goaltender. >> mike: 16-18 is backstrom. the penguins have it. they're able to lob it back out. moving toward it, unable to get there, and then it's thrown wide. hagelin was the guy who was pressuring. but it winds up becoming the capitals puck
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backstrom tried to get there and the play wound up going offsides. >> eddie: hoi would certainly p holtby back in. >> pierre: so would i. halfway to the bench. >> eddie: doesn't look like it, though. >> mike: it seemed like that's what the assistant was asking down there, too. >> eddie: he made his decision very quickly. >> mike: carlson across, oshie bangs it back in. quickly lifted it back and down. it's an icing. >> pierre: oh, boy. >> eddie: thought that might have glanced off right in front of pierre. faceoff left of matt murray. >> paul: the ben . >> pierre: t
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you, by the way. >> mike: i think the linesman got it right. back to carlson, save and the cover made by murray. >> eddie: a set faceoff play. oshie to backstrom to carlson. and this puck changes direction pit's on edge. the shot, boy, that thing started dipping and diving. oh, yeah. went off the stick of kris letang. and what a stop by matt murray. >> pierre: and no rebound. that's the most amazing part about it. the puck got right to him. >> eddie: he's tracking right, the thing goes sharp left and he makes a stop. >> mike: carlson flipping one around behind. took a whack from daley. puck came out. thrown back down by cullen and again will become an icing. 1:13 to go. >> pierre: they have to make
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adjustment on faceoffs. they've got to -- if i'm pittsburgh i'm scrambling this draw. not even let backstrom's stick get to the ice. now it's going to be oshie. i'm coming up and underneath, rather than over the top so he cannot get that puck back. have your wingers come back in and help. >> mike: matt cullen against oshie. oshie back in. off the tie-up, it's backstrom with it. that shot went off letang's stick. oshie, backstrom pokes it along. to ovechkin, johansson back along to backstrom. backstrom just holding it now. carlson at the back gives it to him. return to backstrom. oshie inside the
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carlson, that save is made by murray with a pad around behind. around to letang and backstrom. down by rust, crosby returns, intercepted by ovechkin, 35 to go. charges on and hands it back to oshie. oshie to the outside, lost the puck there. kept alive by carlson. puck right back along. to oshie. johansson trying to center oshie and no luck. ovechkin, gives it to carlson. and saved by murray. what a rocket that came from backstrom. >> eddie: tired players on the ice. and the tremendous goaltending of matt murray here the last four or five minutes. >> pierre: john carlson loads i
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legs. just kicking it away danger so williams couldn't jump on it. that's just very aware goaltending. >> mike: on a day the lottery win went to toronto. it was not that long ago, a decade, that a lottery went to pittsburgh and he became their captain. the coach at that time is sitting next to me. and all of us watched through the drama. two goaltender, one at the bench, one ready to go back in and play again and try to defend a one-goal lead with 13.2 to go in regulation. >> mike:
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stepping in against oshie. >> eddie: oshie is going to try to win this to williams. either slide it over to ovech n ovechkin, who you know is going to get overplayed or you wait in the area for john carlson. >> mike: while falling letang played it further. ovechkin, daley again, trying to poke it out, can't do it just yet. back in towards the corner williams, and it is thrown on ovechkin, the horn has sounded and hanging on to that puck is matt more ray and he might as well keep it all the way to the shower, but he decides not to, because his team has gotten back into a tie in the series. ill will continues on the ice. and finally, they will peaceably separate. at least until monday.
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a meaning physical silence here. what a finish. it is time to somehow select three of the best players in this game. the three stars of the game brought to you by chase freedom unlimited. mr. o, it's yours. >> eddie: former capital gets the game-winning goal. i thought phil kessel had a terrific game. a lot of setups for the penguins. and look, this game could have been over in the second period if it wasn't for the goaltending of braden holtby. braden holtby kept this game close for his team to at least give him an opportunity. >> mike: final score in the game, 2-1 penguins. series tied at 1-1. you're watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. coming up next, your late local news, followed by "saturday night live" for viewers in the washington, d.c. area, "capitals post game live" available on csn.
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good night from d.c.
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♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays i can't believe after all these years... people are still listening to this song! dragon: me neither! (laughing) ♪ music plays
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you just watched the pats take on the penguins here on nbc 4. the game came down to the final minutes. jason joins us live from the psison center w
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highlights. >> reporter: what a game. unfortunately, it did not go the capitals way. pittsburgh, this series up. let's go to the highlights and show you how it went down. alex ovechkin, a 2-0 lead. penguins up one, caps on the power play. johanson is down low. the psisverizon center is going crazy. bucks in the corner. the peng buins with the goal. they beat the caps with a final score, 2-1. the series is now even at one. again, just a thrilling finish here at the verizon center.
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pittsburgh. the capitals have their work cut out for them. we know the penns are a tough team at home. see you guys. announcer: now, your storm team 4 forecast. what a heart breaking night for the capitals. as far as the weather is concerned, i'm tracking rainshowers on storm team 4 radar. the panhandle of west virginia, this is a light rain. we continue to track rain tonight into tomorrow morning. all this moisture continues to move in from the west overnight tonight. here is what you can expect tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., temps low 50s. 51 degrees and patchy fog as well. 53 at 8:00, by 10:00, 56. at 9:00 a.m., continue to track rainshowers. 11:00
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you know when you can expect dry time tomorrow and when we leave the 60s. that's coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks, amelia. a family outraged that a family that killed a police officer could be releaseded from prison. it's because of a court ruling. darcy spencer has the story you will only see on news 4. >> it's a tragedy. >> reporter: a tragedy this man's cousin raymond hawkins was gunned down in a robbery in prince george's county. a tragedy, the man who did it may get out of prison. >> we truly, honestly thought, if you kill any officer of the law, that you were gonna be locked up and they'd throw the key away. >> reporter: the shooter had been sentenced to life without
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parole, but his conviction was overturned along with 100 other cases in maryland because of a flawed jury instruction. >> we were devastated. again, it was something we could not believe. >> just this week, hopkins agreed to plead guilty to the murder and was sentenced to serve 65 years. they say he could be eligible for parole in five years. hopkins, now 64 years old now apologized in court. >> it was surreal. totally surreal. >> reporter: the family and police agreeing this is better than retrying hopkins 40 years after the crime. u.s. park police union issued a statement while the men and women of the u.s. park police do not like this arrangement, it was the best that could be expected because of the circumstances. >> we will always be watching and
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back. you just don't know, people are crazy. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. president obama says his administration is closely monitoring the situation in baghdad after protesters breached the highly fortified green zone. most of the foreign embassies and united nations. the breach, marking a major escalation following months of anti-government sit ins and demonstrations. two politics and another delegate win for ted cruz. virginia's 13 at large delegates will go to cruz in the case of a contested republican convention. the gop selected the delegates in harrisonburg. the at large bids only come into play if trump doesn't receive 1237 delegates
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conventi convention. trump supporters are outraged there's not enough support. >> overwhelmingly back mr. trump as our nominee from virginia. >> trump needs 240 more delegates to clinch the nomination. the next contest is tuesday in indiana. fresh off his delegate win in virginia, cruz will join chuck todd. you will see that after news 4 today. bill clinton said republicans have been -- he made the complaint campaigning for hillary. she has a small lead over senator bernie sanders there. the political world and entertainment world clashed in the city. new video tonight of the powerful floods in texas. the force
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new details on a homicide that happened in broad daylight. this morning, d.c. police say they have arrested 67-year-old wilbert whittaker and charged him with second degree murder. he's accused of killing a 30-year-old. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. they arrested whittaker a short time after the crime. painkiller addiction is a big problem. turns out the source of most of the black market painkillers could be in your home. today,
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agency force people to clean out their medicine cabinets. addicts break into homes, posing as home buyers for the drugs. 2 million people are addicted to prescription drugs. we want to thank all the volunteers who came out today. comcast and nbc universal employees joined to sprus up the schools. we did landscaping, painting must recalls. comcast is the parent company of news 4. check whether i wanted stake or fish. a bunch of you wrote in paul ryan. >> much more from the correspocorrespond ents dinner. we are go
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an iphone is splitting the
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we have new details on deadly flooding in east texas. we are getting a look at a woman and four grandchildren who were killed early this morning. we learn the floodwaters killed a sixth person. flooding was reported at a treatment plant in less than an hour. >> oh, i got off of it. man, look
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>> are you seeing that? a driver in texas managing to get out of way in the nick of time after floodwater washed a part of road away. the culvert got swept away in the strong current friday over lynndale, texas. the storm downed trees and damaged homes. new at 11:00, the families of two missing florida boys who vanished at sea are fighting over an iphone. the family of the other boy sued his family to have a third party look at the phone. friday, a judge ordered the phone be sent to apple to see if anything can be retrieved s. k the phone sent sme
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thorough, transparent and truthful investigation. >> another wrinkle, a pilot who was part of the search said he spotted one of the boys floating on debris two days later. have the rain gear, umbrella and jacket tomorrow. we'll be tracking rain, the steadiest rain the first half of the day as we move to the afternoon hours. we'll have dry times and scattered rainshowers throughout the day. i'll show you more on future weather. monday, a break from the cool weather, highs around 80 degrees and mainly dry. we cool down to the 60s with showers. saturday, much needed rain. the rainfall deficit is in effect. a moderate to high patch on your day. the area picks up
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it's cloudy and cool. the rainfall intensity, moderate rain and pockets of heavier rain tomorrow evening. for the most part, we are looking for a steady rain. by noon, mostly cloudy, lingering showers. i think the best chance for dry time tomorrow will be during the early afternoon towers. a high tomorrow is 64. we'll hit that at 4:00 in the afternoon. especially the evening hours, we track the scattered showers. signature blook tomorrow evening. here is future weather at noon tomorrow. notice how we are dry across the area. still mostly cloudy. as we move into the afternoon hours, the clouds are here. future weather is anemic at 3:00. there will be scattered
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there's the scattered rain with heavier rain and thunderstorms that i was talking about as we move toward min nit. again, most of the day is looking mainly gri. 50st in the district and 52 here. the cloud cover is acting as a blanket. a shower early and in the evening hours. monday is my pick day of the week. we have sun in the afternoon, we are warmer. 60, tuesday, wednesday, thuz, friday. light showers on thursday, friday potentially saturday. the pattern breaks by sunday. >> thank you, amelia. is so-called nerd prom is pi
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the night was filled with one liners. journalists runnedal bows. this is the firgs president last dinner. larry hosts the event. they both took time to take time to see how the president aged in office. >> meanwhile, michelle had not gained a day. here we are in 2008. here we are a few years later. and this one is from two weeks ago. >> no, man you came in here looking like denzel. now you going out looking like gravy for sanford and son. >> not holding anything back tonight. we created a gallery from the event on our nbc washington app. search white house for dinner. the
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journalism scholarship. still ahead, caps fans upset
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