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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanksor joining us. f got new information about the status of metro in the wake of today's csx derailment. i spoke to dak council member who's been calling for change sometime now. what she plans to do tomorrow to
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new nbc news poll shows movement in the race for indiana's primary. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. thank you for joining us. i'm erika gonzalez. the massive cleanup underway right now after the c sx derailment in northwest d.c. it could have an a impact on your morning commute. darcy spencer is live in the district with information on metro service for tomorrow. darcy? >> erika, you can see the cleanup is continuing at this hour. look at the tracks right around the area with the flashing lights. earlier, metro officials said they hoped to have the rhode island avenue metro station reopened by this evening. that did not happen. it's still closed. they are hoping to have it open by tomorrow morning's commute. heavy equipment and workers in
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hazardous materials suit are at work on the csx track where a train derailment sent thousands of gallons of a bleach-like chemical in to the track bed early sunday morning. >> first, let me apologize to the community for the inconvenience and alarm this derailment caused this morning. >> reporter: it happened just below the rhode island metro tracks in northeast d.c., forcing the station to close and riders to use shuttle buses from noma to brookland. >> we will run test trains to make sure it is safe to restore service. >> reporter: the derailment involved 14 cars of a 175-car train. one of the tankers loaded with 15,000 gallons of sodium hydroxide ruptured. >> we believe half of that had leaked in to the rail bed n to the gravel and ground underneath it. >> reporter: two other cars had leaks, one filled with etno
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another with calcium chloride, commonly used to treat icy roads. officials say the chemical spill did not affect air or water quality in the area and no one was hurt. >> i have to say our first responders were here and acted professionally and contained the scene as quickly as we can expect. >> reporter: maureen is with the d.c. safe rail. they have been fighting a project along virginia avenue near the navy yard. >> csx carries hazardous materials through the tracks many have an evacuation zone of a mile or more. even though it was hazardous derailment it could have been far more extensive, the damage. >> certainly could have. the railroad administration is investigating the cause of the detailment. live in northeast, darcy spencer, news 4. i spoke to mary cheh
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safety she feels would prevent these kinds of accident. she plans to discuss the issue with district officials tomorrow. >> i would much rather have fire and emergency services folks have the delegated authority to inspect and have noted and to do the same checks that maryland and virginia do. >> reporter: today's derailment inconveniencing riders and people who live in brookland. emergency crews created a perimeter to rope off the area as a precaution as a they determined what the leak was. a resident on tenth street was up early when he heard the derailment. >> all of a sudden i heard, boom, boom, boom. about three different loud noises that i heard. i seen the cars slowing down. all of a sudden,
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stop. i said something happened to that train. >> reporter: he started to smell an odor and decided to close the windows. the fire department said there was no need to evacuate the area or tell people to shelter in place. we will have the latest on transportation and the commute all night and a of course monday morning. the news 4 i-team reported on the dangerous materials csx moved through d.c. this afternoon, we received photos from a concerned resident. they show pictures of chlorine tanker cars moving on the tracks near l'enfant plaza. they found csx moved hazardous materials through the district but csx says chlorine is not one of them. they told us they stopped moving the chemical through the city after this photo caught a tanker within inside the capital. in a statement csx said it doesn't move materials that include toxic inhalation
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by inhalation products but does move empty rail cars that previously contained high hazard products and that's what we saw today. now the storm team 4 forecast. currently tracking rain on radar. some embedded thunderstorms. one of the storms around leesburg and ashburn area. i am on facebook live right now. one of the viewers reporting. we will track rain impact aing the area until 3:00 a.m. this morning. at that point, just about all of this activity will be east of the d.c. metro area. currently visibility is not an issue as far as fog is concerned, all above a mile. as the rain moves east, i think dense fog will be a problem overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. some thick fog potentially impacting monday morning commute and for the kids at the bus stop, maybe a shower, 54 by 6:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. up to 64. it is warmer
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we will talk about how warm it will get and when you could be dealing with thunderstorms, potentially severe thunderstorms tomorrow. erika? >> thank you. see you in a minute. d.c. police are hoping somebody sees this picture and will give them a call. they are looking for a missing woman and child. they have been missing since 6:00 yesterday. they were last seen on mount vernon place near the convention center. if you have seen them please call police. a medical examiner working to figure out how a man died in falls church. a person called police 9:30 this morning after seeing the body in trips run off of annandale road. police removed the body but say it is not clear how he died. puerto rico's debt crisis reaching new levels tonight. in the past few hours the island's governor announced puerto rico will not pay most of its $470 million debt. the payments were due by monday. island official
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settlement to avoid default. tonight's announcement come from the announcement of failing to come to a restructuring bill. the island has been in recession since the economic downturn. the political world now focused on indiana. the hoosier state holds its primary on tuesday. jennifer johnson has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump talking to overflowing crowds in indiana after landslide victories on the east coast last week. a new nbc "wall street journal" maris poll shows trump ahead of cruz by 15 points among voters. trump says if he wins it's over. >> cruz has nothing. >> reporter: cruz predicts a contested republican convention and refuses to say he'd ever back trump. >> are you going to support donald trump if he's the nominee? >> i'm going to beat do
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no difference between trump and hillary clinton. >> the greatest fraud in this entire election is donald pretending he is an outsider. donald and hillary are the ultimate washington insiders. >> reporter: many voters see trump as a nonpolitician. >> he has his own money for the campaign and not a washington insider. >> he's run businesses. least he's hired and fired people. >> love you, hillary. >> reporter: the polls show a tighter race for the democrats and despite being behind in the count, sanders says their a race is not over. >> we intend to fight for every vote in front of us and every delegate remaining. >> reporter: sanders believes the democratic convention will be contested too, after predicting he can win california's primary on june 7th. the sanders campaign says they raised $26 million in april, way down from march but still plenty enough to keep the vermont senator fighting. jen for johnson,
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washington. a man is under arrest after leading police on a chase through the district and in to montgomery county today. this all start aed when a park a police officer spotted some sort of drug transaction. the suspect took off and then at some point when the park police officer pursued him, the man allegedly rammed in to the officer's cruiser and took off again. the driver was eventually spotted in bethesda and taken in to custody. president obama bringing down the roof at the white house correspondent's dinner, but that's not the only thing people are talking about tonight. we will reveal the two reporters who got in to a fight and why. and look at this. a black bear forces a man to lock himself in his own bedroom. we will have that story coming up. and we will show you why this carnival cruise is so historic and why it is stirring so many emotions. it's another sunday edition of
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tonight matt scherzer making things sweet in st. louis. after dropping game two, they tri to win in the steel city and redskins draft pick.
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a priest says he felt he was in a might mary today watching this massive fire
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engulf the orthodox cathedral. the historic building is in new york city's flat iron district in midtown manhattan. parishioners just finished celebrating easter services. orthodox christians mark today as easter sunday. no one was inside at the time of the fire and no one was injured. new tonight, a historic cruise underway right now. carnival corporation fathom adonia is heading to havana, cuba. it's the first time a cruise ship traveled the route in 50 years. not everybody is heralding the journey. [ horn sounds ] >> yes, the first time in 56 years. i came when i was 5. >> there she goes. the ado na cruise ship, the next stop, cuba. the woman's voice you heard is isabelle. she has a story
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her family left cuba when she was young for a better life in america. today she is sailing for the family that could never return to their homeland. >> i am going for a pilgrimage to my dad. >> he is seeing a chance to learn about where he was born. >> i'm an american citizen and proud to be and an american. i want to learn about my heritage. >> reporter: the couple born in cuba a were worried they wouldn't be able to go at all. it is part a of the fathom brand of carnival cruise line. >> reporter: at a news conference, ar a nold donald says that is no longer an issue. >> we have total cooperation from cuba in that regard. >> reporter: what's on the adonia that makes it unique to cuba. >> we have cuban products. we have cuban music, cuban film. >> reporte s
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about the first american cruise ship to cuba in 50 years, mothers are excited, too but it's anening a aer. but it's in anger. are you looking at this? firefighters scaring off a black bear that a made it in to someone's apartment. the bear made it all the way to the second floor and then somehow got in to a man's apartment making himself at home. the bear started to rummage through the fridge. the homeowner locked himself in the bedroom until help arrived. hillary once questioned whether i would be ready for a 3:00 a.m. phone call now i'm awake any way because i have to go to the bathroom. obama out.
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dropped the mike and brings down the house at the white house correspondent's dinner. the commander in chief got rave reviews for his speech and steve from comedy central not so much. some critics thought he was too harsh during his routine, even using the "n" word to address the president. meanwhile, one of the reporters involved in the after party plans to address the issue tomorrow night on fox news channel. things got a little testy between jessie waters and "huffington post" washington bureau chief ryan grimm last night. they say grimm was filming him. they say he was getting back at waters for doing something to a colleague in 9:00. when waters took grim's phone and a fight ensued as grim tried to get the phone back. president obama and first lady proud parents. today their daughter malia announced she will go to
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university. she won't attend school right away. she plans to take a year off. she will start college in the fall of 2017. harvard encourages students to defer enrollment for a year to travel or pursue another interest. her college choice has a lot of people talking. you can join in the conversation and be sure, of course, to like them on facebook, as well. now, your storm team 4 forecast. we will be tracking rain and areas of fog overnight tonight. you want to keep that in mind tomorrow morning, the fog that is. there could be thick fog in spots throughout the day tomorrow. it will be mainly dry, warm and muggy. something we haven't felt for many days. as we move to the afternoon, there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, but it's really tomorrow evening and overnight where we will track more rain, embedded thunderstorms and potentially severe weather. this is much-needed rain. so far today, the or
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over a half an inch of rain. that's putting a dent in our rainfall deficit. since march 1st it is just below three inches. after tomorrow, we cool back down. we will stay on the cool side in to mother's day weekend with some showers at times. tomorrow the weather having a low to moderate impact on your monday. again, dealing with fog during the morning hours an then some rain and storms later in the day, especially after sunset. so the severe storm potential tomorrow evening. my biggest concern is heavy rain. moderate to high risk of heavy rain and if we see slow-moving storms. that could lead to flash flooding concerns. of course, veronica and doug will be in tomorrow updating the forecast. chuck is in tomorrow morning. after that the focus will turn to potential for hail, low to moderate. there low risk of damaging winds with any storms we are tracking in the evening. future weather, 8 a.m., cloudiness, mainly dry. noon some sunshine breaking out.
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forecast tomorrow. 3:00, lone shower, not so much the placement but the fact it is there. as we move to the evening hours, here we are at 7 p.m., we are tracking scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially in southern maryland. as we move to midnight, this is heavy. widespread rain impacting the area that lifts northward overnight. 3:00 a.m. on tuesday. still tracking pockets of moderate to heavy rain impacting the area a. we will start off at 55 degrees. by noon in this low 70s. 4:00, most of us are dry. temperature around 80. that's going to be our high for the day. 8:00 in the evening scattered thunderstorm and temperature of 75. currently in the mid to upper 50s is where we will stay overnight tonight. on tuesday, a high of 59. some rain is likely, especially during the first half of the day. on wednesday, mostly cloudy with a chance of showers by the evening hours. not too bad on wednesday, high of 68. you can have lunch outdoors. thursday occasional showers.
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friday. activity on thursday and friday looking light in nature. saturday, as well. highs in the low to mid-60ss. i'm keep middle easting mother's day dry. i'm holding out hope the disturbance on saturday fizzles out and we will see a high of 71. that could change. >> thank you. tonight, we are getting a rare look at princess charlotte. ksington palace released these adorable pictures of charlotte celebrating her first birthday tomorrow. both are just incredibly precious. looks like she maybe stealing some of the spotlight the next couple of days. still ahead, big punishment for one of the caps biggest leaders.
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well, game two left us wanting more and thankfully there's plenty more ahead. far from over. >> machinety more ahead but no more brooks orpik for the meantime. the capitals made it a point to highlight how much bigger and more physical they are in comparison to pittsburgh. that a physical play may have crossed the line last night. the nhl came down hard on the capitals. they suspended brooks orpik for three games for his hit on ma yac ya niet /* /- -- maat ta last night. he comes in and will come in late. orpik received a two-minute minor for this hit. after a hearing with the department of player safety they deemed it a three-game suspension f. it goes to
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six-game series orpik would be eligible to return. maata has a history of suffering concussions. game three tomorrow night in pittsburgh. moving to baseball, the diamond, the cardinals swept the nationals for the first time in franchise history. bottom of the third, man on for steve and scherzer gets him to go down swinging. later in the fifth, randall says good-bye. scherzer had it going today. robinson in for zimmerman. mr. robinson with his first home run of the season. his second on the year. the nats not finished. right after robinson, danny espinosa steps up and crushes a home run. nats go back to back homers. the nats are up 4-0.
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plenty of support for scherzer. nine strikeouts in the game. four hits through seven innings of work. he gets melina to go down swinging. nats complete the sweep 6-1 the final. over on the hardwood, first round of the nba playoffs. game seven between the heat and hornets. going up against the block and starts the break. nice spin move there. watch it again. he had a game high 25 points for miami. fourth quarter, heat up 32. gerald green knocks down the three pointer. he scored 16 off the bench. miami takes this one easily, 106-73. the final, they advance to the eastern conference. >> thank yo, sir. stauy
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we are counting down to olympic games in rio. tonight, a special ceremony was held in fairfax for swimmers hoping to make the olympic team. the swim club hosted the ceremony and olympic sendoff. we sat down with gold medal winning swimmer katie he deck i can to find out how she is preparing. >> it is heavy training. i train nine or ten times a week in the pool ar two or three dry land sessions outside of the water. that's what i have been doing all year. last couple of years and just working toward my goals for the
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nbc washington app for everything you need to know as we count down to the games. we have created a photo gallery from the past games. just search olympics in the app. that's our broadcast this evening. we want to take a quick moment to congratulate amelia siegel who's taking a few days off because she is getting married. our girl is getting hitched. we love you and wish you a world of happiness. >> thank you so much. i will be getting married next saturday an i
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tonight on sports final on the eve of game three the caps confidence. >>. >> the nationals slug their way to history in the house of cards. >> i can't remember ever coming in here and sweeping the cardinals. >> reporter: plus, holy smokes. talladega is flipping unbelievable. go ahead and celebrate because "sports final" starts now. ♪ welcome in 0 to "sports final." carol maloney is in pittsburgh for game three between the capitals and penguins.


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