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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 2, 2016 4:30am-4:52am EDT

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e previously conthrgh t distranwhat t start trying to convince jurors that steven briel was insane at the time he killed a university of matter washington student. briel goes on trial for the murder of grace mann. briel was mann's house mate. the trial is expected to last three days. a developing story out of seattle where a handful of officers hurt are now recovering. this following a mayday protest. take a look at some of the video you see. you see officers using pepper spray to break up a crowd. many of the people were dressed in all black. people say the marchers threw rocks, bricks and as well as molotov cocktails. we know that at least nine people were arrested. that's the latest from
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desk. back to you. it luncheon ely engulfed. no one was inside at the time. images from people close to the creep show the intense flames and smoke pouring out of the building. firefighters say the building which dates back to the 1850s is in danger of collapsing. breaking news on the roads bottom of the beltway already seeing serious backups because of a crash there overnight. inner loop at ice hour avenue, right now just the left shoulder and far left lane are getting by this crash. and we have real delays. only going about 16 miles per hour through that area this morning. other problems around town, outer loop just after georgia, the right lane
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a tow truck on the scene vill r. the crash is out of the d morning, mr. chuck bell. tell me you have better news. i have better news than that, i suppose. a lot of clouds and fog out early on a monday morning. very low visibility in spots. so slow down and as we get toward the time the kiddos are headed to the bus stop. much warmer today. some spots near 80 this afternoon. spine could lead to a chance to stronger thunderstorms this afternoon into early this this evening. visibility here the lowest now across parts of loudoun, montgomery and frederick counties. not much rain out there just yet, but there are thunderstorms here in west virginia. nothing severe, but some rumbles of thunder possible both this morning a
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evening hours. but thick asthpper 70s. again interest places might be 80. i'll let you know who coming up. today the maryland man accused of fatally stabbing his 95-year-old neighbor will go on trial. montgomery county police say 60-year-old eric die son oig said he stabbed hechl after unwanted sexual advances. he's also convicted of stealing his credit cards. this morning investigators are trying to figure out how a man found in trips run died. someone reported a body in the creek near dashville d. someone reported a body in the creek near dashville road. the medical examiner is still determining the exact cause of death. right now a historic voyage cuba is under way for the first time in more than 50
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it wican cruise u cu l arrin today andll people be aboard are excited for the journey. >> my dad wanted to come because he had never been able to come, but he passed away recently, so i'm coming in his name. like a pilgrimage for my dad. >> carnival secured approval back in march to offer these cruises. it is the first time since the u.s. beganize relations with the island nation. voters in indiana weigh in on the race for president tomorrow. a new nbc news maris wall street journal poll show the vermont senator slightly behind the fntrunner 46% to 50%. voters in indiana control 92 democratic delegates. it's a very different story among gop hopefu
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aheadsich 13%. t aargi indiana is aofrs 57 republican delegates. trump he's choice of words may be getting him in trouble again. tracy p tra tracie potts has more on that when she joins us at 4:45. against man brooks orpik oig is suspended for the next three games for this hit will. take a look. he sammed olli maatta down in the first period saturday night. maatta was out for the rest of the game but may not play tonight either. the teams will be at it again in pittsburgh, the series tied 1-1. tonight's game
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if the it's not a good game, right? >> clean hits are part of the game. breaking news right now on the bottom of the beltway. inner loop at eisenhower avenue, only have the left lane and left shoulder getting by. very bad crash there. big delays are building. he's accused of killing his wife and a rookie police officer. today a pivotal decision in the case could be made. what we can learn in just a matter of hours. and we're also an okay start this morning temperature-wise. chuck bell says warmer weather is on the way. a look at that
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unfolding situation in detroit where more than 40 schools will not open this morning because of a teacher sickout. the teachers union urged members to call in this morning cause the district will not have enough money to continue paying the teachers throughout the summer unless the state comes up with more funds. there were sickouts earlier will it year and tens of thousands of
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it. that's the latest from the live already this morning. 109 at barnesville, the road blocked because of wires down after an earlier crash. we're also going to take a look at the situation on marc this morning coming up. off to a relatively quiet start on a monday morning. a lot of fog out there. not much in the way of rain just yet. a couple sprinkles in southern maryland. a few rumbles of thunder in the mountains of west virginia if they keep holding together, they will be in frederick, maryland in about the next two to three hours. so we'll watch that for you here. that is probably the best chance for rain in the morning part of the day.
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the week ahead ternoon, a and start looking at the weekend yourself. a in corhe middle of it waocol then it was too hot. firefighters think the bear got in through an open window or door. posted the video on facebook as warning to other eagle county residents.
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guy. theyst fires, rescuing people? i don't see bear in there. in indiana now. but could recent comments by gop frontrunner donald trump hurt him? the rapeom s was sent to lp. thehe
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bottom of the beltway is jammed because of an earlier bad crash this. so right now inner
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it's the grea pristlays indiana. >> reporter: godonald trump goi with a lot of confidence and with the numbers. 15 point advantage according to our polling. he says this is a wrap, it's over. that the other two republican candidates have no chance. ted cruz hoping that is not the case as he makes information stops in indiana today. this could be make or break for him even though he's not naming donald trump. he's telling the people of indiana that their vote is critical as he puts
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in in to evil he's only down four points ins mentioning clinton in his last event last night. clinton is focusing on appalachia, she'll be in west virginia and kentucky today, but still fighting for indiana where bernie sanders is hoping to make a tstand and talking about the fact that it will have to be superdelegates that he has to pull over to his side in order to win this thing. tracy potses live on capitol hill for us. virginia is throwing more support behind ted cruz. 10 of virginia's 13 at large delegates will go to the texas senator in the case of a contested republican convention. the state's republican party selected the delegates at the stat
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weekend ineit convention. a bad situationt painful. he said the territory didn't have the money to pay and keep up public services like schools and hospitals. >> it is very difficult at this very moment. right now we really have a crisis. we're hanging on the cliff already. >> this default could impact american investors who have retirement accounts filled with puerto rican bonds. in all the island has a staggering $70 billion in debt. the bill to better oversee its repayment plans has stalled in congress. we're waiting to find out whether capital murder charges will be broug
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accused killer ofjud when they responded to the tm be setthen. an ambulance cras assaulted by a patient in langley park. the family of the teenage male patient said he had, quote, too much to dripping. both emts were able to get away. no word yet on whether any charges will be filed depends that teen. and this accident comes just weeks after the deadly shooting of a prince george's county firefighter during a could lear man will be charged with after leading police on a chase through the district and montgomery county. this all started yesterday when a park police officer alledgedly spotted some sort of
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the driver was eventually into custody. fi> that sparked more than two weeks ago. the "washington post" reports the fire has been fully contained. a portion of the appalachian trail will stay closed until workers know the areas are safe. the fire stretched across more than 10,000 acres making it one of the largest fires in the park's 80 year history. investigators are still looking into a cause. now to even's favorite panda cub, especially mine. this week bei bei will begin training -- >> training? >> i guess with the panda
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the very to do. early stages, so todas bears. seeoday. and fog after what was a very gray and gloomy weekend. today won't be a whole lot better to get you started. gray and gloomy here early this morning. there is a big surge of way warmer air that will come rushing in herur
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so a big tim risk of thundst th. soso you can help stay ahead of the weather. yellow light here this morning, a lot of thick fog and moisture around. so not a pretty morning. and again, this evening scattered showers maybe a rumble or two of thunder a possibility. and then tomorrow rain much of the day especially in the morning. so out door plans tomorrow likely going to be brought back indoors for sure. rain chances today only about 30%, 40%, but one or two of those could be a strong to severe thunderstorm. tomorrow rain chances back up near 80%, though. still a shower chance on wednesday and then more solid rain chances later on in the week. so we're a lot of things, but we're not going to be drying out any time soon. right now visibility
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later today w daytime there big if the sun is out before noon, we might make 80 degrees. otherwise mid to upper 70s for today. have your umbrella ready to go just in case. you'll need it again tomorrow, wednesday, and again solid rain chances for thursday and friday. as of now, melissa mollett, we're keeping rain chances out of your weekend. >> sounds good to me. breaking news right now, again bottom of the beltway, molette green is on the scene and she's speaking with the trooper, it sounds like this may have been a he-o
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wrong wayenuee left shoulder and left lane, as well. as far as the situation from the derailment yesterday near rhode island avenue, really affecting marc this morning. so only going to have 892, 878 and 880 running today. the rest of the trains will not be running. you can see bottom of the beltway is quite slow here this morning because of that problem at eisenhower avenue. 109 old hundred road at barnesville, we do have the road blocked still with those wires down here this morning. and 270 at montrose looking good northbound and southbound. starbucks slammed with a lawsuit over the amount of ice in a woman's drink. and wait until you hear how much the plaintiff is asking for. she's a hometown favorite and she is on her way to rio. how katie ledecky is preparing for the summer games in my exclusive intervie w.
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if you are just joining us, we continue to follow breaking news at 4:56. is this this is on the beltway where police are investigating a deadly accident on the inner loop near eisenhower avenue. molette green just arrived on the scene and she'll bring us a live update in a few minutes. today the governor of alabama will hand over documents and give testimony in his own defense. governor bentley faces
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impeachment after accusations of corruption andditois also planng ut his relationship with a y former aide. today's testimony will be open to the public. >> reporter: we're finishing up our news 4 iteam investigation for tonight at 11:00. we found a new series of so-called car cloning crimes in our area. in virginia and maryland. the crooks not only steal your car, they give it a new vin number, new tags to create a new identity, allowing them to resell it. there are huge profits for the crooks. and huge problems for the victims. everybody we're dealing with in the vin cloning operations are for-profit thieves. they're not just stealing a car to get from one place to another. >> reporter: what kind of vehicles are car cloners targeting and how are they stealing them? all part of our news 4 iteam investigation tonight at
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too much ice, t is complaint filed the class action law sought because of the amount of ice she says starbucks uses in their ice bevera beverages. the suit alleges that starbucks is purposely tricking customer there is to paying for more product than what they're getting. starbucks did that immediately respond to requests for comments made by nbc news on sunday. i ordered ice drinks at starbucks before and you can ask to have comply. p. >> yeah, like at mcdonalds, no ice, please. >> no ice in your iced coffee? >> i don't do iced coffee. when my coffee gets colds, i pour it out. >> just have iced coffee. >> let's move on. >> the faces you make
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sorry, it's monday. but something you need. >> buying life insurance can actually be confusing if you're trying to figure out how much you need and why. experts at the insurance say if no one is counting on your money or assets, you don't need to purchase a policy right away. parents with young children and other dependents however need to consider setting up a life insurance policy immediately. >> if the parent even one of the parents are not the there to provide an income or to provide child car, that really throws the whole family's financial situation off >> expertsug year term picy because their he's the least expensive and have a face value of at least ten times your gross annual income. while you are counting down to rio, we want to say a big thank you to the nation's capital swim club ass of able to emcee their event for the
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club. swimmers from allroour own kati. fr year, and ol wo orad thenl compete in the olympics. and then going to head to stanford for college. so she is very, very prepared. she already won an olympic gold medal. she holds multiple swimming records. she works so hard. not only that but she's such a good person. that's i didn't love her so much. and you can check out all of our olympic coverage including a photo gallery of the best moments. and "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.


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